Ten Commandments of Child’s Play


Ah.. Love.. an Innate Gift
in small child’s eyes
connecting to
child of play..

Ah.. Love..
a Gift that
grows in
eyes of play..

Oh… World..
you bring routines..
responsibilities that go
so far beyond play and forager way..

Oh.. Nature.. GOD’s hand.. you bring
attractions.. to the opposite sex..

Oh .. Sex.. Confusing.. is it Play..
is it Love.. Yes.. it is Nature’s
greaTEST deLight..

Oh.. Connection..
to raise children..
where males become more
nurturing.. like Mothers too..

Oh.. Play.. oh Friends..
when we look into
our Lovers eyes..

Oh..  Laughs..
oh Differences of
personalities and
genders reign..

Oh.. Tolerance
and Acceptance of
little child’s eyes in play..

Oh..  Love.. Oh Love is in
adult eyes of childhood
Friend and Lover same..

May yOur Paths of Life
and Journey reach
many eyes
like this..
the same..

the same..

as eyes of child..:)

Every new connection
of Friendship is a New
Life in SKEYES of God..

And you my new friend
are the Skeyes of child
who does not

Inspired by
Himali Shah, et al..
Yes.. a New Friend..:)








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13 Responses to Ten Commandments of Child’s Play

  1. Thanks so much Sumana Roy.. for coming by with those nice
    words of appreciation.. and yes.. that is probably
    my most favorite image of Real Life too..
    I’ve lived a long life of 55 years..
    walking those beaches
    for literally
    and i’ve not
    seen anything
    like that and on a Crisp
    Blue Early December Day..
    on a Sunday.. Leaving Church
    feeling drawn to the beach..
    the image coming and
    brightening in
    rainbow colors
    of Life.. and i suppose
    i will be singing the praise
    of GOD’s Nature to it
    in poetic verse
    of life..
    ’till my
    last grasp
    for breath
    with it here
    or tHere my
    friend for me
    it is my NOW
    Burning Bush
    of Skeyes of
    GOD.. with
    from that
    still my friend..
    wouldn’t it have
    been cool if Moses
    has a smart phone
    with him when
    he ‘sees’ a
    burning bush..
    i suppose
    i am
    my friend
    in so
    many ways
    seen and
    for NOW
    at Least..:)

  2. Himali Shah says:

    This is so wonderful Fred ! Thank you so much for mentioning me 🙂 I am truly honoured 😊

    I love these lines :

    Every new connection
    of Friendship is a New
    Life in SKEYES of God..

    So beautiful!

    The sunset picture is awesome !

    • You are welcome.. Himali Shah.. i am honored as well.. to be your new friend.. your kind and loving ways of writing.. will inspire the same in me.. and that is the way it is evolved to be for us human beings.. when we fully express the Love that lives within us.. a open heart.. is the cure for the world’s ills along with a mind and body in balance.. the butterfly effect that makes heart of emotion.. spiRit in expression of heArt.. and soUl of balance in mind and body the connection to others and the rest of Nature AKA GOD as A BRIGHTER LIGHTER REALITY.. my friend.. with smiles always..
      and laugh of relief in being..
      where a Sunset like this
      lasts forever now..
      in Skeyes of
      human too..
      in brightest
      rainbow colors
      of passion for
      Loving LiFE

      I’m not really talented..
      just Alive wITh Love..
      the greaTEST
      for me IS
      Feelings Now..
      and letting
      know go
      to talk is nice
      to connect
      is ART
      is the
      of Human Being..:)

      And that is just my way
      of telling you.. you are always
      welcome friend.. with 55 years
      of practice one should
      learn how to be
      a greatest
      of ALL..
      it beats
      all the money
      in the World..:)

      • Himali Shah says:

        I can’t believe how poetic you are. Your wife is really so lucky. I loved this one as well 😊

        • Ha.. my positive energy is often too much for wife Katrina to handle as she is shy and i am super-extraverted now that i am retired and not a servant to the red tape mechanical cognition of FEDERAL SERVICE IN government WORK.. a quarter of a century.. before i retire.. I transform into a computer brain.. more or less.. i have a poetic heart in middle school at age 13.. and after THAT repressing oppressing red state and military culture takes most of THAT away… i walk the desert of frozen heart then.. for literally 40 years.. and now swim the sea of warm heArt Love.. i will never swim back to that other place.. as long as i continue to grow this Love Muscle of mine.. And back to Katrina.. GOD makes a Rainbow of human beings.. so people like me will not float off into Rainbows.. in other metaphor she is the ground of my Rainbow.. smiles.. I am here for you as friend.. and will never go away.. God Willing.. it’s just the way i am born.. that’s all.. but my energy in both eyes and words.. does not seem welcoming for most.. i am no one but a grain of sand.. i’m not sure anyone believes that or not.. but it is true.. i just have a big spirit to power that grain of life.. that comes from practice as much as grace.. so i practice with you friend and our heArts will grow so great.. that we will shine out to space.. and the Sun will smile back at us.. with rays of Love too..:)

          To connect to
          anyone is the lucky
          pARt my friend.
          so we will
          sing a
          two and much more
          as well being GREAT!..:)

          Oh.. and I must play this video now
          to describe what we and so many others
          WILL continue to DO wITh
          songs of

          I’ll keep it short.. as to not overrun Himali’s blog.. but just a few words
          i will be amiss to say.. if i do not say them.. as all stuff..
          Asperger’s is a spectrum of differences in human being..
          but for me with my ADHD.. free style dance..
          regulates my emotions.. integrates
          my senses.. increases my focus
          and short term memory
          where the real
          for me
          no longer
          exist.. mileage
          varies but perhaps
          that so-called spinning
          and flapping is just another
          of saying world let’s dance and
          just be happy.. with no worries now.

          Works for me.. and OMG so simple to do..:)

          Smiles.. humility is truly the greatest
          strength and pride literally
          will make a person
          weaker.. these
          are not just
          they are
          laws of
          nature.. we
          humans are like
          Bonobos.. we innately
          are evolving to LOVE..
          all those other things..
          make us weak and
          my military gym
          friends do not
          believe them
          when i tell
          them the
          reason i
          can leg
          press 930
          LBS with
          my legs
          25 times
          and surely
          with my arms raised
          over head is because
          of LOVE.. but it is as
          i warm up with
          ballet.. and
          they see
          me as
          they see
          me Press
          that weight..
          i am the
          change i
          want to
          see my friend..
          and as the real
          definition of Karma
          IS.. we reap what we
          sow by what we do NOW
          and if we do nothing
          we have no Karma
          at all.. the ‘Gita’ is
          among my
          by A
          a topic
          for another
          time as well..
          i follow Love
          wherever it
          goes and
          visit hate
          to keep
          IN LOVE
          but online
          most of the
          time HATE
          BANS ME
          I can’t
          go back..
          true too..
          but i am literally
          a “Tsunami of Love”
          too.. with a recent
          free verse epic poem
          of 24K words.. yes it
          truly exists.. you can
          search it on Google
          haha!.. so that
          is why i must tell
          myself to stop
          i drown
          your blog
          with the
          of me..
          the Energizer
          Bunny is Fun..
          but after
          awhile as
          my wife says
          Disney World
          Rides are no
          but i love
          it when i
          feel GOD
          mouth or
          feet.. it’s
          so hard
          to stop..
          after living
          life so long
          without THAT
          my NEW friend..
          and oh by the way..
          as part of my Asperger’s
          in a Hyperlexic form of
          that with no speech
          until 4 years old..
          i read 10 to 15
          times faster
          than the
          and type
          so yeah.. that’s
          pArt of what creates
          a Tsunami of LOVE..
          When i dance.. sing..
          and write poetry some
          folks think it is pride
          and drawing
          attention to
          myself but
          it is just
          Light shining
          from GOD
          that draws
          that attention..
          i WILL Love someone
          to SHINE me with Love
          like this but it is not
          something that
          most seem
          to be into..
          and that
          from not
          our most
          muscle my
          THE LOVE
          MUSCLE THAT
          FLOWS WHEN
          ONE JUST
          LIKE THIS.. YES!
          OMG LIKE THIS..:)

          from now on.. for your readers..
          as i FEEL YOUR LOVE MUSCLE
          with smiles and giggles too.. my friend..:)

          • Himali Shah says:

            Are you living in USA ? I wish you have a lovely warm poetic life. I am so glad you are out of the cold waters and now so happy. Love to Katrina, the ground to your beautiful rainbow 🙂

            • Yes.. i live in Sunny Florida where it stays about 90 degrees into the hours of night with high humidity now.. yes.. it is warm inside and out.. haha!.. and yes.. i already invite wife Katrina to read you.. and she thinks you are a Lovely Person.. but she does not write yet.. and i continue to encourage her to do that..:)

              • Himali Shah says:

                90 degrees! That is too hot and humid.. In our city it gets close to 45 degrees and really hot !
                Glad to know that Katrina is also on wordpress. I too wish she starts writing soon 🙂

                • Oh goodness.. 90F.. in case you were thinking I was saying 90C.. but yes it does get around 18F in the Winter here.. and while Katrina reads my stuff on WordPress she doesn’t actually have a blog yet.. maybe one day..

                  Oh and i would rather address your comment about the photos of dance here to explain something that may be confusing if you come across it on my blogs.. and not appropriate i think to discuss on your blog.. i do restricted adult nude art and link that here as a kind of ‘PETA’ protest against censorship of freedom of expression as well as censorship of human freedoms around the world to express the sensual side of human nature.. as that is truly a major source of human creativity and productivity..

                  And for human beings not to be able to freely express their sensual side from youth.. is a major issue in repressing human emotions that is the source of much human disease.. suffering.. and even potentially a premature death.. as repressing emotions are a core issue of chronic human stress.. tension.. high blood pressure.. auto-immune issues and of course aggression and violence.

                  Societies that openly express sensuality rarely have aggression and violence.. and one sees this in our closest cousins the Bonobo who use sensuality/ sexuality as a way to offset the potential for aggression and violence.. and they are truly more loving animals than human beings.. and the hypocrisies of what religions describe as evil as human sensuality are actually a great cause for human suffering.. violence.. and yes.. even wars…

                  I don’t know your religious affiliation if any so.. i want to be careful not to offend you.. although I sense that your are a free spirit as i am.. as usually people who unconditionally love others as you express on your blog are.. and no i’m not saying you should dance naked on a restricted blog with selfies like I do.. haha!.. and it’s pretty cool as the Google Algorithm makes the still photos into a GIF so I am actually in a way taking a selfie of me dancing naked.. and yes.. it’s kind of hilarious but many people would be extremely offended if they went to my restricted site.. and this is probably why some folks stay clear of me.. cause they may think I am weird to do this and I expect that as it is far beyond the social norm..

                  Some people though.. particularly younger people I dance with feel it’s the greatest thing in the world that I do this.. and are not offended at all.. and even see it as art.. and yeah.. probably erotic art.. but this is pArt of the human condition that most people are afraid to communicate about openly.. particularly with strangers.. but i hold nothing back from friends.. haha!.. literally nothing.. not even clothes and for folks who see it as art.. i just tell them it is my Bonobo handshake as this is how Bonobos shake each others hands.. all over and not just hands… smiles..

                  Bonobos are truly kind and fascinating animals.. i think if Jesus could really come back he would back as a Bonobo instead of a human this time… as humans are fallen from the Love of Nature… and OH my goodness isn’t that ironic that the Apple of knowledge can be the true evil rather than the TRUE NATURE OF HUMAN BEINGS AS A SENSUAL LOVING ANIMAL WHO MAKES LOVE INSTEAD OF WAR.. WHEN SET FREE IN ALL WAYS AS ENTAILED WITH THAT.. MY WIFE PROVES HER LOVE TO ME AND TRUST BY ALLOWING me to be free like this.. she knowing that lust and love works together as one force of human nature.. and my ethical code of monogamy as far as what they call the ‘Bill Clinton Definition’ of sex is ONEON ONE ONLY.. smiles..

                  Love.. Trust.. Respect

                  are truly
                  a Trinity
                  of Love..

                  and there are an infinite number of other metaphors
                  for that as well my friend.. in all metaphors of
                  human history.. as it is written now..:)

                  Oh yeah.. almost forgot there are clothed versions of me dancing shared all over the world on Facebook and Youtube.. as for the last two years.. people have been videotaping me in public everywhere I go to dance and sharing me as a novelty item.. as I am literally the only person who dances in public in my very conservative area where i live.. I have a few on my youtube site.. but i like to stay humble and just do the funny ones.. where i really dance serious in the dance halls i am too busy dancing and others video tape me.. and my wife does not go as she hates dancing bars.. but every Thursday Night I take selfies with all my dancing friends and put them on my blog as there are so many happy smiles that dancing brings to people.. and truly i am a muse of dance.. to other folks in flesh and blood life.. and it is what I love most.. to bring smiles and laughs to other folks.. and i hope one day they can just smile and laugh at me dancing naked too.. but that time seems still far away in the future.. for society as a whole.. but the time is coming.. and with that said i will leave this music.. as it is some of the best for me.. and just reminded me of

                  the time is coming.. for greater human freedoms of expression
                  of our humanity as naturally evolving now. as LOVE instead of
                  ALL STUFF ASSOCIATED WITH HATE!..:)

                  I WILL LEAVE my longer comments with you here.. rather than
                  your blog my friend.. but i will write and write free.. as
                  i am inspired to do… by the Love of the
                  World when it comes in
                  human form..
                  like you.:)

  3. Ah.. a life so quiet and open..
    to hear the crickets and cicadas
    of night.. and one of my favorite
    Lights the firefly
    of Nature’s

    Ah.. yes.. the connection.. value
    of human waves.. and for me
    a town once small is a soil
    fertile in soul of that..
    she grows bigger
    hands fall to
    i dance
    i grow LOVE
    wherever i go..
    a bigger wave is
    what i hope to be..
    than hands at side..
    no longer free.. the feet
    of me sing.. in shoes of AIR..:)

    Oh yes.. without the biggest
    waves the

    A danger of a desert IS
    never mountain view..
    where human becomes
    bigger than Nature..
    problems can and
    do arise.. for
    I never see
    a REAL mountain
    Glenn.. i make Hills
    Mountains of woRds
    instead.. haha! but yes
    it’s on my Bucket list to
    do the REAL thing higher..:)

    Life is emotional connection
    to other humans and
    the rest of Nature
    heart as emotion
    spirit as
    and balancing
    of mind and body
    balance always now
    Meaning of Life SOUL..:)

    Yes.. we live our lives searching for what culture
    tells us there is to work for and collect..
    the answers sing to us in birds
    and falling leaves.. snow
    flake crystals.. in
    sand as well
    as beach..
    then one
    day we
    go home
    and never
    go back to
    that other place..
    and a song from
    Elton John is ‘the
    perfect song’ just for
    This named ‘Home Again’..:)

    Honestly.. it brings tears to my eyes..
    as there is A place inside US that never Grows Old..
    It makes me even sadder as people do not feel it any longer…


    And that my friend is a song of three

    And 30 lines is too much yesterday.. But OK NOW..:)

    Oh.. the waves of sea
    wash through refrains of heArt..
    where words become phrases of
    ancient delight of
    Oceans so deep
    living as our
    oh words..
    oh spiRit
    oh heArt..
    oh sand..
    oh breeze..
    we sing.. a field
    a wave.. a particle
    drop of life..
    we are rain..
    a song.. and
    of LOVE..
    wrapped softly
    as blanket of NOW..:)

    Green is the Matrix Pill
    i choose the most as
    both the Red and
    Blue make
    humanity work..
    yes.. we too
    are nature too..
    a hard
    pill to
    but one
    that works
    Green NOW

    Oh.. all the Mountains
    so majestic.. so tall
    so broad
    Nature’s Muscle..
    so humbling
    to tiny humans..
    oh humility
    move mountains..:)

    The rhythm.. the song.. each wave
    sings.. to human breath
    of in and out..
    a word
    a wink.. ocean
    delight of

    Oh.. the route 66 of life.. a trail of
    metaphor too..
    what connects
    us truly

    Weeds are among
    my most favorite
    flowers.. so wild
    and free.. and
    the dandeLion
    sings his
    i refuse
    to cut him
    early to chagrin
    of my neighbors..:)


    Nature holds a key to all of heArt
    of emotion.. expression of that
    as spiRit.. and soUl of
    who we are
    in earthly
    of LOVE..
    to spiral out
    in galaxies of what
    we are inside.. our arms
    swirl outward in what
    we still can be.. we
    are skeyes of
    TO SEE
    stars reflect
    our eyes

    Ah.. the moon of Wolf song
    a lonely one.. reaching out
    to packs of
    LOVE just waiting
    to embrace
    in FURRY

    Perhaps the saddest song of all..
    is the one that sings where is
    the evidence for GOD..
    inside.. outside..
    above.. so
    a Galaxy.. a Fetus..
    a Sunflower..
    a Nautilus
    all in
    so i record
    all of it and
    share it
    A NEW Song..
    from the Mountain
    of my soUl echOing
    spiRit back WitHeArt..:)

    2:56 to 4:51 in response to
    18 poems from
    Poet’s Pub
    on 7/29/2015

    God Paints Songs Nature
    Trees Dance Wind
    Birds Swim Sky
    Waves Shore Souls
    Our Dreams Clear
    Blue Eyes Skeyes
    ImagiNation Nature Free..:)

  4. x says:

    I need to look up skeyes of love. Maybe a play on sky and eyes. I like the progression of this. The physical is an important part of love whether sexual or just hugs abd touches. And there is Def play in love too

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