My Philosophy of the Kiss of KALI

I like you. In fact, I like everyone on this Internet site.

It CAN BE a place for exploration of ideas. The only Devil I know
for sure are folks who stifle THAT human freedom of expression.

My lines are only food for thought; I do not do the personal judgement
thingy; I just attempt to motivate folks to more fully express their
philosophies of life by opening both mind and heart in
potential body and mind balance.

Mission partiAlly accomplished; haha, and winks friend.

I am a degree holding ACTUAL ANTHROPOLOGIST;
who is here to do a little Participant Observer
Anthropology stuff; No hold barred for me
baby; I am TOTALLY FREE..;)

This is kinda how I look
at the whole enchilada as
described below; tHere is

(:..and for any non-metaphor thinking folks out tHere;
it is directly on the topic at hand of “Beliefs Based On..?”
and hopefully enough ‘technical’ references are
given; so it will make some kinda sense..;)

So many human cultural archetypes for ALL THAT IS..

so little time in a lifetime now to explore them all in depth..

but KALI or as Beyonce spells HER in ‘her’ latest video named 711..

KALE.. emulating HER in dance.. while she sticks her ‘New Year’s

Tongue’ out for the year of Light.. 2015.. at the end of the video..

IS DEFINITELY ONE OF my all time favorites..

the Egyptian MIN morphing

into PAN and Baphomet..

and even Peter Pan is cool too…

Yeah.. it’s all over modern pop-culture

when Miley sticks her tongue out like KALI

and Michael Jackson and others grab at their crotch

with their left hand like MIN.. there’s power in human archetypes..

always has all the symbols for THAT.. always will be.. as long as human lives…

But the bottom line for me is.. any time human attempts to chain

GOD in three letter words and such as THAT..

the TRICKSTER GOD sticks A MIN or KALI tongue out..

and MIN is equipped with ‘that’ stiff ‘tongue’ below..

AT silly little humans.. who think he or her or in between knows IT ALL…

Anyway.. when i dance like KALI.. all 230LBS of muscle me..

at the RAVE dance hall.. THAT is when I attract

the most gorgeous females of them all…

i ain’t afraid of KALI..

i let HER ravish

my mind..






and do whatever the hell sHe wants to do with me.. everyday..

AND especially tonight in my 67th rave dance week celebratory night of LIFE!..:)

HeR message is LOVE FREE PASSIONATELY TOUGH AND WILD.. tHere ain’t no time like the PRESENT of NOW.. live it to the max.. F**.. YES.. FUN nothingness and control.. live every moment PASSIONATELY IN TOUGH FREE LOVE.. kinda like a BIG BANG that keeps going off like a Firework Cycle of Infinity.


KALI IS THE EMBODIMENT OF ALL OF THIS in the continuing FREE Dance of Moving Singing SOUND existence in all the shades of dark and light and colors of Passionate TOUGH FREE LOVE in life that DOES COME

AND as one might remember.. Aleister Crowley’s description of this Force is kinda like KALI too.. only problem is Aleister Crowley tortured small animals as a child.. so his expression of ‘KALI’ then is a ‘GOD’ without compassion.. reflected in human being.. so yeah..

IN this way.. Aleister is a little like a demon.. but that’s ‘his mama’s fault’ for not giving him all the touchy feely love in the first couple of years of life.. and then blaming him for it by calling him the beast.. when he is a naughty little boy.. who never gets a ‘proper’ nurturing mama..

LIKELY related to ‘his’ issues
with substance addiction
NOW AS science suggests too..
overall now.. for children who do not
get that touchy feely love in the first two years…

Love is the greaTEST FORCE of humanity.. the real glue of social cooperation that makes human both a devil and an angel.. as an apex predator and prey unto itself in the balance of nature.. teetering in a balance of dark and light here on earth..

Human.. the creator and destroyer.. certainly a reflection



Reflecting ‘them’ both as a human
being.. in just one day as i will
do as i sacredly do on
every Holy
dance day
and night.. for me..
is beyond bliss
and ecstasy..
it is

HA! BUT just let me try to
explain this to a fundamentalist
Christian or a militant Atheist
who are both the lemon
of a Dawkins
or Hawking…

They will laugh at me..
call me insane.. a fool..
a lunatic too..
but i embrace all
these labels
AS human
reflected as human being..:)

Most people are afraid to live..
MIN and KALI give me courage
to live as human archetypes
of reality.. as human freedom..

Smiles AND thanks for
the continued inspiration..
old and
new friend










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31 Responses to My Philosophy of the Kiss of KALI



    Oh God.. this is right up my alley.. can’t miss this one for all the money in the world.. welcome back Brian.. and i too can relate to being the nice guy as floormat.. in the work world of government service.. the go to guy.. that does it all.. and has no idea how to get angry.. or say no..

    This can kill any Angel or Super Hero and change them into a Devil or Demon or worse.. as may be the case…

    Anyway i survive and plan a rather light hearted.. yet heavy dose of reality for my input of philosophy today.. with fairly limited words and just one iPhone photo.. smiles..:)

    Be back with that shortly.. with “My Philosophy of the Kiss of KALI”… after all..
    it will be somewhat unique..;)

    smiles.. bigger smiles.. and perhaps some frowns here or there before
    all is
    and done..
    but that is the price of freedom as you know my friend..
    a mix of
    and light..:)

    A real life lesson i learn all to well
    in the greatest darkness
    and light of life..:)

    And a very busy day for me..
    i will be reading on all
    and commenting on all..
    but that part may not
    happen until tomorrow..:)

    but like i said.. i will
    make time
    for this.. particularly
    as i do miss

  2. x says:

    We all have to find our way. For some it is the rigidity of belief. For others it is the fluidity. Def nothing wrong with connecting with all aspects of our nature. Both masculine and feminine. Can’t watch the vid right now. Be back in a bit.

    • Oh.. X.. there is something so familiar about you.. it feels like i’ve known you for two years.. instead of a few weeks.. you always seem to visit me first.. and i do appreciate all the thoughtful comments you bring here.. AND YES X..

      Rigidity of belief and conservative views as opposed to open mindedness and liberal views is actually a TED TALK thingy.. as illustrated nicely in the video below.. when you get back to view the videos in a bit.. very interesting.. and explains

      about 50 percent of the population
      and the other half..
      and 20 percent
      or so..
      of ultra
      folks who tend not
      to be to friendly to change..
      and associated of course with
      introversion and extraversion and
      poets are often introverts.. where
      us extraverted poets can kinda
      be the minority and make
      the introverted poets
      a little uncomfortable
      here and there but
      as you have
      stated before
      it’s a great
      big world
      and we all have
      to accommodate each other’s
      differences and that is why
      i still go to the Southern
      Baptists Gospel singings
      even IF.. they talk
      down to homosexuals
      and OR anyone who
      exists a little
      tiny weenie
      bit out
      side there
      X BOX
      or B
      may be the
      case where
      X meets
      B UT
      as always
      nice to
      see you
      X again!!..:)
      friendly GREGARIOUS extraverted
      people online
      are so
      NICE TO
      Each human being is
      a unique experiment
      that is NON-REPEATABLE
      and I love them
      wherever and whomever
      they are off
      and online too!..;)



    “Tsunami of LOVE”

    I like you. In fact, I like everyone on this Internet site.


    “Thank you…
    But on second thoughts, that kind of devalues the word “like” if you like everyone… 😛

    BTW, What are you on?
    Can I have some?”

    Here’s the thing friend. You know that stuff that the so-called Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, and all the really
    great poets and philosophers are talking about when they talk about a bliss on earth.

    Well, it’s a real deal. Problem though for Modern Christians overall, and even secular folks, Atheist
    or not; is they think it is some kind of pie in the sky ideal, or a thought of after life, or just
    a quick recitation fix of John 3:16 or something of that nature in literal rigid meaning.

    Well, the real deal, is it is an all real natural phenomenon that our distant ancestors have no choice
    to do to conserve energy for survival. It’s mind and body balance friend; and truly sitting still
    and meditating in achieving it in a state of nothingness is overall bullcr8p, more or less.

    Our ancestors moved, moved, moved, all day long foraging for food, food, food, and counted
    on each other in matriarchal leaning AKA egalitarian cooperative ways. To survive
    means then, to be invisible in mind and body balance floating on terrestrial
    land like a REAL NINJA; as to make a noise means capture by predators or
    no capturing of prey; in stealthy ways of cat-like hunting.

    There isn’t much of this modern materialistic jealousy crap;
    ’cause the village is required in
    total effort in social cooperation
    for survival.

    So what this means is the more Jack and Jill do the wild thing and cooperate; no matter
    who or what they do it with, spells life for the village; and yes, Bonobos still
    do it all like this; as they know how to REALLY STICK TOGETHER TO

    OH, WELL, first comes agriculture and a sitting still way of life; AND abstract written
    language, with a prehensile thumb and sticks sketching imaginary angles
    in connections OF stars and spirals in nature, in sand, to make sanskrit
    the written reality; and then of course collective intelligence
    that helps with the agriculture thingy; and soon humans
    make tools that become an extension of their human
    being; ranging from shelter to weapons to
    transportation enhancements to
    get from point A to point B;
    then we have the Industrial
    Revolution where humans become more
    distanced from moving feet ways of life all day
    long to now the Information age where folks sit still
    static with their eyes glued on a screen hours upon hours
    each day stagnating in mind and body imbalance. Well you
    see or not; the human emotions are regulated ALL though-out the
    human body from vagal nerve in throat down to gut to oxytocin
    receptors to connect to the dirt of life on the bottom of one’s
    feet; and back in them olden days the child is attached
    to the mommy in close touch comfort for survival;
    kinda like a kangaroo baby in a pouch;
    now the children get carted off
    to places and spend nappy
    time in solitary cribs or on cots;
    and oh boy; next thing ya know, ya got
    canaries in the coal mine AKA as higher
    functioning Autistic folks ringing the alarm
    bell of human being that this cultural experiment
    in constant process and change now is quite frankly;
    and I am not intended this as derogatory; but literally
    a source of human misery, suffering; AND overall NOT well-being;
    with Chronic social and nature stress of disconnection in SEPARATION.

    AND NO, THIS IS NOT JUST AN AUTISTIC THINGY; like I said, Autistic folks
    diagnosed as such with reciprocal social communication difficulties are mostly
    out of balance in mind and body balance, as physical intelligence and moving
    is what regulates emotions, integrates senses, and greater enhances cognitive
    executive functioning; which is more or less the driver of relative human free will
    through much greater focus and short term working memory to orchestrate the
    emotions and senses in concert to make a human being run smooth as a FERRAI
    additionally, when one is comfortable in their own skin; there is little to no
    anxiety and no demanding reason to do repetitive stuff in restricted
    area interests to escape the emotion of anxiety and fear of
    being almost totally lost in mind and body balance; well
    friend it takes me 53 years to cure my Autism; millions
    of words of research, decades of real life Rough and
    Tough Trial and Error Experience; but haha!
    I did it; I cured my reciprocal social
    communication difficulties
    and retarded ways
    of robotic
    movement; and now I am
    recently named as a literal ICON of
    dance in my entire metro area of Pensacola, FL;
    in fact, you can call almost any place in public and
    just ask ’em if they know about the big guy who dances
    everywhere he goes with Kool FBI looking shades; and they
    will tell you; “Hey! that is the dancing guy; OH GOD he is Super Kool”;
    or if it is a Fundie Christian; they might tell you “he is evil and the spawn
    of the the devil as no one can dance like that unless they are frigging possessed!”

    Yes, friend; like I tell all the folks in real life who are simply amazed when I dance
    like a ballerina martial arts dude on meth, molly, cocaine, LSD or whatever they
    imagine I am on for hours; I just tell ’em; if I can bottle my BLISS and positive
    energy in a pill; I will be a Trillionaire; and will be able to make
    World Peace a Reality and Feed the poor ALL over the world;
    well here’s the Real Deal; if tHere are more people like ME in
    the world; it will be no problem; ’cause when you experience
    life like I do, friend; one totally understands that loving oneself
    and the rest of the Universe; down to a grain of sand or an
    atom or less; is all the same; just imagine what that feels like.

    Yes, Imagine a place where there is no wish for heaven
    as heaven is real all the time now; materialistic goods
    mean nothing; the connection to other humans
    and the rest of nature is all that counts;
    and there you go; that’s the solution
    for World Peace and feeding all
    the hungry from shore to shore;
    just consider me A Tsunami
    that is gonna help make
    that happen friend;
    there is no nappy
    bin that is
    too dirty
    the real
    LIKE Me; Hell this is just the best place
    for folks to disagree with someone in Heaven;
    if I can convince the canaries in the coal mine
    it is the real deal; there is hope for the rest of
    the coal mine

    Anyway, I am doing this to help folks,
    whether they want it or not;
    but when one truly
    writes it; what is
    written most

    and yes; jealousy
    reins here now;
    sharing that is
    no longer allowed
    here; but it’s documented
    all over my blogs; until
    I am totally censored here for trying
    to help folks; with all my literal and metaphor might;
    but as in times of old; I simply dust my ‘sandals’
    off and go to
    the next Town;
    or Dance HALL!
    heHE! with an all powerful
    Spirit of Unconditional
    Tough and PASSIONATE

    I truly hope you can
    drink of that WELL friend;
    soon; I intuit that possibility
    for you; and that is why I am
    making this effort here; whether you
    or anyone else appreciates that; the

    I for one; am just a grain of sand; or
    wave(S); with a message of sorts..:)

    with an

    close to two-thirds of folks
    on a site for Autism look
    to the reasoning systemizing science/
    mind instead of spiritual emotional
    mind/heart for their beliefs about life.

    Should that be a surprise for a syndrome
    where systemizing mind rules over empathic
    mind; per the science of Simon Baron Cohen, et al;

    No it should not.

    All Spirit is; is human empathy for
    other humans and the rest of Nature
    AKA GOD, particularly expressing IT;
    and no;
    many so-called religious
    folks experience little of this, as well;
    particularly, little boys in macho red
    state patriarchal states and localities
    where expressing Emotion AKA Spirit;
    is for sissies instead of so-called Jesus.

    Oh the hypocrisies of knowledge and
    human heArt, as ART AND science never
    cease to amaze me; but hey I understand
    the whole thing; and not half of the thing;
    with smiles, of course; as WELL..:)

    Even with the aid of so-called science;
    it’s hard enough for even scientists to
    understand human emotions AKA
    human spirit; but nah; considering
    that the systemizing mind itself
    represses the empathic mind;

    no wonder.

    The Emotional Intelligence of human
    beings overall is dwindling to deficit;
    and even studies show this; where
    college age adults have 30 percent
    or so lower levels of empathy AKA
    Human spirit expressed for others;
    as compared to several decades ago.

    Blame more focus on mechanical cognition
    activities; i.e. screen ‘addictions’ on that;
    it’s like 1 plus 0 equals 2; No it does not;
    Use it or lose it applies as in all stuff
    fuller in greater potential of human being.

    The human heArt is just as much of a metaphorical
    muscle as my legs that now press half a ton 25 times;
    I exercise my human heArt just as strongly; and
    so-called ‘normal humans’ tell me I have a best
    personality; quotes and links for proof available
    upon request; or just check out my latest blog
    post if one likes..;)

    And I communicate precisely like this;
    that’s not surprising
    at least
    not for me..:)

    I can predict who believes
    in God or who does not
    believe in God here by
    empirical measures
    of emotion in
    metaphor of
    human language.
    Duh; considering
    emotion expressed
    as empathy in spirit
    is what GOD is;
    Duh; no surprise
    for me; but Human
    Being is my all
    encompassing special
    interest as a REAL LIFE
    AS WELL..:)

    And to be clear fundamentalist
    Christians use a systemizing
    mind in conservative close-
    minded ways, as well;
    they looks at the bible
    as science rather
    than multi-meaning
    metaphor of poetry;
    people are alike
    all over;
    The Twilight
    Zone is correct;
    Truly the personality
    for a fundamentalist Christian
    and militant Atheist is almost
    identical; main difference one
    uses a bible for science and the
    other uses science for science;
    but in either case the systemizing
    mind is ruling over the human
    heart or spirit; clearly why
    these folks can pass
    by a homeless
    person and
    complain about
    ’em not pulling their bootstraps up;
    even if they have severe mental illness;
    heARt is a muscle and or gift; that not all share;
    even science explains this fairly well now; food for heart..:)

    But at any rate; have a good night; it is getting kinda stuffy in here;
    and it’s time for me to out in the crisp warm gulf air of night
    near the beach in one of the top 100 dance clubs in
    the U.S.; to help lead the dance there among
    100’s of college-age folks;
    But I’m fresh out of Togas
    to wear
    in the Twilight
    Zone of TRUTH
    AND moonLIGHT..:)

    Oh, CR8P; a new black
    moon last night;
    means I’ll be the
    one who must
    provide the
    tonight; seriously;
    light heartedness
    is the cure for
    all human
    stress related
    illnesses; and a great
    exercise for a MORE powerful HEART
    expressed as human spirit of SOUL;
    I got this down as a science baby;
    isn’t that ironic
    or NOT..:)

    Well, seriously; I don’t need any books.

    In fact, I ‘talk’ directly to GOD when I am three
    looking across a river; before I can speak;
    as no; I don’t have the ‘normal’ Asperger’s;
    I have the Gillberg Criteria Asperger’s that
    can include a language delay until age 4
    like me. And interestingly, the Gillberg
    criteria better reflects the case-studies
    of Hans Aspergers, back last century.

    And just for a quick reference
    offering up someone’s virgin
    daughters as rape victims
    instead of having someone
    ‘soil’ a man human is
    evidence enough that the
    Old Testament is a dirty book.

    The New Testament is Okay;
    and if you wanna take it
    as the truth; heaven is now;
    and there should be no
    marriage now; if Jesus
    has his way, then;
    that’s okay with me;
    I am naturally monogamous
    with my wife; and can handle
    that without having any license;
    smiles; There are no special humans
    anointed by GOD as any greater than
    any other human; Jesus reflects himself
    as a humble servant and clearly states others
    will come after him who will do much greater stuff;
    and if He wasn’t sure if GOD has forsaken him on the
    cross; it dam sure cannot be possible for Constantine
    and his Catholic Cohorts to elevate him to the soldier GOD
    of the Universe; the Universe is a plot of Land back then;
    now we have stuff like ‘multi-verses’; and Jesus if he comes
    back now, will be steaming mad that someone elevates him
    to a position that is well beyond any human’s pay grade;
    or perhaps he will just laugh at humans for literally
    being so ignorant; considering HOW MUCH further
    we come now to view more of what reality is and is
    not; problem with taking a book of poetry
    as science, like the bible; is it is fallible
    and created by poets who are in
    a creative state of mind; where
    truly anything goes; and some
    stuff makes sense and some stuff
    is literally cr8p; like the raping virgin
    daughters stuff in the OLD testament;
    but like Thomas Jefferson; if one separates
    the gold from the garbage, the New Testament
    is as worthy a document for wisdom, as the TAO
    and other books of old that speak the same
    Universal Truths; and seriously, when I am
    three and GOD ‘speaks’ to me; GOD just tells
    me GOD is here forever and forever is
    now; then and now; and for all practical
    purposes; i am here forever now; as well;
    and as far as I know, other folks are too;
    if they can get past the illusion of the
    FUTURE AND THE PAST; humans and
    books are not required for GOD to
    exist; the most basic common sense
    of any human should be to understand
    that GOD exists on the ‘beach’, with or
    without humans; there is no evil on the
    beach, only merit for survival; and the
    rest of nature; all the other stuff is
    just BS created by human imagination
    and creativity; capable of great dreams
    as well as great nightmares; evil is a human
    creation; GOD is real all the time; in pain
    and pleasure; GOD is reflected in us; and whenever
    we hurt someone else or hurt ourselves or do not live
    life to its fullest as gifted by GOD innately instinctually
    and intuitively as the TRUTH WITHIN; then GOD gets
    PISSED OFF AT US; MORE OR LESS, as metaphor; and
    we pay the piper the piper’s dues; and that piper is
    GOD too; I’ve been to hell already friend; and I live
    in heaven now; the place that the man Jesus promises
    is real; and for those who get through that needle;
    they live in paradise always now; same as my cat
    when he rolls in the sand of the midday sun;
    or hugs the grass on a warm moonlit night;
    Just living life as
    ‘GOOD’; smiles;
    it’s too bad humans
    develop written language;
    non-verbal language does not lie;
    but my form of Autism has no problem
    with human empathy or non-verbal language;
    just problems with verbal language that truly
    gives me that direct conduit with GOD from
    the age of three; that for most folks with
    verbal language is drowned out by
    the illusions of culture, as is;
    GOD speaks to me loud and
    clear, as I have no more
    lies of culture or religion
    to drown GOD
    TO THEN.

    I could be wrong; but I have
    100% trust in GOD; so
    I seriously doubt that;
    however, like Jesus; I
    am not so big that I cannot
    accept that someone else may
    have a new truth that I may not be
    aware of; some of my greatest lessons
    in life are from folks with IQ’s around
    70 or so; and some of the darkest
    issues of life are with folks with
    astounding IQ’s who relatively
    speaking are impoverished
    in human heart, spirit
    and soul; but that
    is the price of
    book learning;
    separation from
    empathy and GOD;
    as even science now
    partiAlly shows is correct;
    per the empathy thing; but
    it’s all connected; there is no
    separation but in the minds of
    humans as illusion; or in some cases
    apparently for innate reasons; but no
    one proves GOD is fair in just one life;
    and before anyone thinks they can escape
    GOD and just cavalierly treat folks like dirt
    all their life; just imagine being born a cricket
    and being stepped on a million times in a million
    new lives in infinity as present; anything is possible
    with GOD; and i know Karma is real; at least in one
    lifetime as we reap what we sow; beyond that
    I’m not taking any chances of being that
    cricket; as I don’t mess with GOD;
    I respect all of creation, including
    me and nature with the
    same unconditional tough
    passionate love as with
    a grain of sand;
    me, my wife;
    and literally
    hundreds of female
    dancing friends; i will
    hang out with prostitutes
    too; but hey; my wife draws
    the line somewhere and hundreds
    of female dance friends is reasonable
    freedom and relative free will to allow
    GOD who lives within me; to experience
    this divine life
    with me;
    I take GOD to places
    that GOD may have never
    been before; and that is what
    Jesus is speaking about when he says
    folks will do stuff greater than
    he; for the Love of GOD to
    show GOD what GOD creates
    is ‘Good’ and
    for amazing
    and with that
    said here is another song;
    but what one must understand
    is it’s not about a man; it’s a woman
    showing God A good time; through
    her eyes of GOD; and that
    my friend
    OF NOW
    IS; and yes
    i appreciate the reasoned
    and civil human conversation
    as well; that’s always a breath
    of fresh air here to talk to
    someone who can feel
    and express feelings
    for other folks
    in reciprocal
    social communication;
    I think I’m the only person
    here who has randomly just
    told a person they are liked;
    at least in this forum;
    and truly a human
    issue here exists
    that needs
    some kind
    of remediation;
    and overall; that is
    an online thing;
    as online allows
    the devil to
    come out in
    those who truly
    have this metaphor
    human archetype
    of life in cold
    hearts, souls,
    and little to
    no expressed
    human spirit
    in connection
    with other
    human beings
    and or the rest of nature

    that lives within me that good time;
    in just the last 22 months; oh,
    passionately loving GOD
    in tough unconditional


    “It totally slipped my mind to ask this. Can I base my beliefs on bass?”

    Of course.

    First there is dark;
    then light;
    then movement
    or dance; then
    sound or
    music and
    then song
    with lyrics
    of human
    verbal poetry eventually;
    with sound inspiring
    the cycle of movement
    in infinity forevernow;
    in bass as well as treble;
    along with the infinite
    emotions in sound
    and music of song
    with poetry of lyrics
    as well
    human movement
    that is inspired
    by sound OR
    MUSIC that
    is equal to
    and that movement
    unto itself; as whole
    that is GOD and human
    as reflections of both
    in infinity now;
    with all other
    and inanimate

    And no; you are not the first BASS leaning person who doesn’t
    wanna go to any TREBLE OF BELIEVING in higher sounding
    stuff; in reference to “Fnord’s” comment and not yours;

    But yeah; BASS can be
    very deep


    “I appreciate your consideration…

    I like who I am, where I am and where I am going…
    Keep on dancing, bro…;)

    Imagine” is one of the bestest songs out there…
    However, Lennon struggled with it’s message and his personal lifestyle, so I have heard…
    Puts a little wrinkle in the overall effect, wouldn’t you say?”[/quote]

    Thanks and smiles; I just offer words and not DIRECTion..:)

    But in regard to John Lennon and the reported Jesus;

    Of course not; just like Jesus; he is inspired by GOD; and then
    doubts his faith like Jesus is reported to do on the cross;

    the story stays the same;
    and so do Universal Truths.

    words as metaphors change;
    but the essence remains.

    Learn to look deeper
    than words as tool;
    and TRUTH and LIGHT

    And to be clear;
    words here,
    are a metaphor
    for the systemizing
    mind as opposed
    to a soUl expressing
    spiRit in heArt of human
    ONE with ALL Natural Force of GOD..:)

    Yes, you are correct; I’m not about the malice thingy;
    and truly my concept of heart, spirit and soul is all natural.

    I consider the heart as the feeling of empathy/emotions and senses.
    I consider the spirit the expression of human empathy/emotions and senses.
    And I consider the soul as a mind and body balanced human, fully feeling
    and expressing empathy/emotions and senses.

    And truly there are not terms like cognitive and affective empathy
    in the days of the bible; so they do the best they can to develop
    metaphors for the human experience in balance, connection, and happiness.

    Material items are tools for survival; and truly it is possible
    to make those tools, including words, reality, instead of the
    essence of human connection to each other and the rest of nature
    as All That IS, as metaphor for the all natural GOD as Nature.

    When I suggest someone does not have a soul, heart, or spirit expressed,
    it is not a moral judgement; in fact, it is an empirical assessment
    in their ability to feel empathy/emotions and senses, in balance;
    as well as expressing empathy/emotions and senses in balance.

    There is no woo to this;
    it is human nature as gifted by Mother Nature
    as another synonym for ALL THAT IS as GOD.

    Problem with human disagreement between militant Atheists and
    fundamentalist Christians, alike, are semantic differences in
    the language of Science/Nature vs. the language of Religion/Culture;
    but the real essence of balance or strife is in all natural imbalance,
    in regulating emotions and integrating senses
    for a human soul in mind and body balance.

    You are able to communicate on this site and stay
    light-hearted enough to express your feelings and
    not attack others in peace; that makes you as holy
    as my Catholic priest. The words are just idols
    to me; it is the human feelings and senses
    that are felt and expressed in balance that is a soul to me.

    It’s so dam simple; but culture and religion, along with
    the ever present nature of the human instinct for tribalism
    is what makes the world such a hateful place to live in
    with someone’s special quarterback of their team as
    Jesus or Muhammad or Richard Dawkins or Stephen Hawking
    if one happens to be ‘Sheldon Cooper’, for pop-culture metaphor.

    IN general, the reason humans cannot get along is they cannot
    come to a tribal agreement on the meanings of words as
    that applies to the human experience. AS an outcast in
    youth, I develop my own natural beliefs by looking within
    and at nature; as above so below, inside, outside of
    me and all around me.

    My life is balanced and
    simple; but sadly enough the simple can become convoluted to the
    extreme when it is as simple as reciprocal communication received
    and delivered as empathy/feelings and senses with
    and for humans and the rest of nature in balance.

    It’s taken me years to put what is so easy to feel
    and give into words; but my form of Autism is not
    an issue with non-verbal language; as discussed
    earlier on another thread here; it is an issue
    in the areas of output
    in both writing
    and verbal language.

    So now, I have both parts of the human pie;
    and am simply enjoying life and attempting to
    provide a bridge of understanding as the bridge
    of my mind, body, emotions, and sensed are balanced
    in heart, spirit and soul..:)

    Understanding is valuable.
    Not easy in a world of diversity;
    but well worth the price of providing understanding
    in as many ways as possible, as each human being has
    a unique language of a Universe unto themselves
    in feeling emotions and senses and expressing
    emotions and senses in mind and body balance.

    Anyway, peace to you too;
    everything I speak here is about Universal Human
    Nature and Mother Nature; the metaphors change;
    but the Universal Truth stays the same for
    the majority of human beings; but yes,
    as in all spectrums of life;
    mileage varies for
    the outliers of life..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  4. I. says:

    I love this:

    “Mission partiAlly”

    Mission Party Ally … You’re exactly right; those are the people you should surround yourself with. Your party allies. 🙂 You really have one of the best personalities I’ve ever encountered. I would be over the moon if I could party with you, bro.

    • Hey.. thanks for the visit friend named “I”..
      For five years I spend life as a literal
      shut-in with the worst pain known to
      mankind with no doctor’s hope of

      I am well

      I LIVE.

      I have a message.


      And I am going to scream it as loud as I can from
      UNTIL MY
      FOR ALL THAT IS!..:)

      AND with that said.. here is a little
      song that spells it out
      in music
      as well
      as words..:)

      May all your nows be joy-filled with LIFe..!..:)

  5. Glenn Buttkus says:

    OMG, or your God/dog, or theirs–for AllThatIs misses nothing, resides in darkness & light alike; just one personal image + 3 borrowed images + 7 videos; at 893 words, your brevity is shocking, but then one of your comments soared over 1000 words like a JATO tube strapped to your butt, or your mind in hyperdrive. Brian’s prompt is “right down your alley”. You are the prophet, the sensei, the philosopher among us, spinning our predispositions into the dust of your dancing.

    • Ha! most every poet is a prophet.. as truly the original definition of that term is not one who foretells the future; but just one who is sensitive to the ills of the world and wants to make life a little easier for someone.. anyone.. even a thirsty plant that needs a Lazarus drop of water..:)

      For this world to be healed we must all become prophets.. I think that is
      partiAlly possible..

      and truly the folks who have responded here so far..

      give me



      ‘APES’ WORK

      Angel Fool/Clown OR Demon Fool/Clown
      archetype of human being; YES; NO;

      Not all Fools or apes agree with that;
      sadly enough but hey..
      I am blessed NOT to
      walk in ‘tHeir’ shoes;
      so i will not lose HOPE
      to help them
      on thEir
      as WELL.. SMILES..
      Rave dance approaches..
      but will be by to visit.. read
      and comment on ALLTHEtEAM’S
      POEMS at least by tomorrow morning..:)

  6. Sumana Roy says:

    it’s quite difficult to embrace the eternal feminine Kali, as death is in Her breath…Kali is worshiped as Mother in many faiths….”Who dares misery love, / And hug the form of Death, / Dance in Destruction’s dance, / To him the Mother comes.”…these are the words of a worshiper of Kali….

    • Yes, Sumana, and sadly in western cultures there is a dualistic approach to reality that says do not embrace the reality of the darkness of life; where truly fear is the parent of hate associated human experience. To embody the fear; to embrace the fear; to conquer the fear of death and destruction as fear itself is to live free with the understanding AND FEELING that ALLTHATIS IS required for reality as IS.

      Sadly, the accommodation to what truly is the gift of GOD is a fantasy of golden clear floors for many folks who truly never find the gold of TRUTH and LIGHT in LIFE that allows one to embrace death as a true blessing as DARK in TRUTH of LIFE as LIGHT; But modern civilization sanitizes death; human suffering and misery; where death is no longer seen as the blessing it once is as a grace of escaping human suffering and misery; and perhaps the greatest gift is when the mythological Kali comes to pay a visit with human while alive.

      And in this way ‘ShE’ visits me three times in life to test me; once at age 21; once at age 47; and once at age 47, 40 days later; after only one hour of sleep each night for 35 nights and none for the last 5 of 40, with the worst pain known to mankind, type two trigeminal neuralgia during all waking hours; assessed by medical literature as worse that literal human crucifixion; i meet that challenge with Kali and learn to love ‘HeR’ with all my heart; as now I embrace death, as the greatest gift, as well as destruction of potential human suffering and misery.

      “SHE’ gives me enough strength and courage in perseverance of ‘serpent-like’ human will to survive that pain for an additional 5 years, totaling around 66 months of human hell of death in life.

      I have good reason And FEELING, AS WELL AS LACK OF FEELING, to Love the human archetype of KALI. with all my fearless heart NOW; in ways of illusory fears that keep one from truly living in light, embracing all of dark as well, with multiple arms of

      Smiles, and thanks for helping me to provide an opinion on the darkest and best
      elements of KALI; ignored almost totally by modern pop-culture as simply an
      exotic pleasure rather than the test of infinity in death in life now; as
      the bringer of the greaTEST HUMAN LIGHT OF ALL THAT

      as DEATH AND
      OF THE
      OF CULTURE..:)

  7. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    Quite an intriguing piece.. I love the passion with which you write 🙂
    Beautifully executed!

    • Ah.. thanks Sanaa Rizvi..

      truly passiOn inspires my life..
      and it flows from my fingers
      as free as free can be..
      as far as I feel and know now..

      The execution for me is in the flow..

      a place i love to let it ALL GO..

      IN THE NOW

      OF HUMAN
      with the Sound of
      Music and the Lyrics
      of realiTy as IS NOw..:)

  8. Quote:

    “Build Thee More Stately Machines”

    -Oliver Wendell Holmes


    “!GOD StrIVIng to LiVE!”


    To find the name within that has no word no letter no thought..
    To live the name within that lives eternal without past without
    future.. eternally now.. to be or not to be.. a stupid question..
    for an animal with life.. to live or not to live.. a sad equation..
    for an animal who forgets to live.. to embrace life with all
    emotions.. senses integrated in site.. to be now is life
    is love is light..:)

    A gift for you;
    your friend F or
    6 AND
    once upon a time
    007 visits me..
    now 006 visits
    you.. now..:)

    No sweat.. no fear..
    the mysteries
    of life are safe
    me.. now..;)

    Oh to feed the elephant of life.. sweet peanuts of now..
    oh to forget the elements of before.. trunk squeals horn..
    in alarm of night in darkness before words come..
    The elephant is wise.. all being.. all seeing..
    all feeling.. sensing life.. the elephant
    connects and loves others no
    less than trunk
    and swishing

    Oh words.. feathers of so more.. so deep
    within that lives expressing smaller
    symbols of light.. in terms of
    scratching symbols
    of sand one
    moonlit night
    of stars
    in eyes

    ultimate truth
    of a life

    Ah.. giving.. totAlly satisfying
    giving can be giving
    that lasts forever
    in satisfaction
    love we take
    with us is
    we are
    but possible
    with practice..
    uses or lose..
    as in all
    IS doing NOW..:)

    I watch my mother kind hearted published poet.. open to all..
    age in heArt.. still a beautiful heArt.. but a mind
    less receptive to changes in structure and routine
    of life.. sharp still.. as scrabble plays..
    but less bending to rivers of now..
    i suppose in some way i
    write poetry
    to avoid
    in life..
    been tHere
    done that place
    my mother never
    enters in ‘defruiton’
    i’ll write a million
    or trillion words
    and read ten times
    more.. not to go back
    to death in life.. it seems
    to songs..
    for now.. she quit writing
    after five years or so in the
    prime of her fifties of creation
    then.. my goal is to be like
    you and carry another decade
    or so.. at least.. further.. if so..
    keeping my universe
    the best
    medicine for me..
    is giving.. growing
    in heart of poetry..
    dance and song..
    i suppose that
    is wHere the
    are who flow
    as a feather
    as air just

    I get it now..

    My brain was a monster

    and i finally harness

    it with

    poetry.. dance
    and song..

    Godzilla brain..
    no longer
    fire now..
    that with

    Ha! truly in my formative years my mother
    and father never give me much advice at all..
    single hard working mother.. and divorced
    law enforcement father.. demands of life..
    living miles apart..
    a search alone
    is hard..
    but still
    worth the effort
    for me.. the
    future was
    free and i continue
    to guide it now..:)

    Sitting behind a fence.. other than making straight
    A’s.. hitting a ball with racquet..
    tennis is me… taking a rest
    looking farther than fence..
    having no frigging
    idea what will come
    next.. ah.. i already
    have the answer to
    life then.. just
    live now..
    tomorrow does
    not exist.. and
    i rarely go back
    to that

    The weakest links among us demand the most attention
    to ensure that we as whole continue to link together..
    Even one link of chain discarded disrupts
    the flow of life from grain of sand
    to highest
    pyramid of
    life and

    No.. a treasure.. an oasis of freedom in
    a sea of crashing waves that
    know no freedom..
    NO.. i love the
    yes.. of no..
    and YES
    kills me..:)

    Oh my GOD! peanut butter and jam sandwiches every dam day during college
    for what seems like an eternity driving my twenty-something year old
    maverick in commuting from living home everyday poor as frigging dirt..
    ugh.. i cannot even look at a peanut butter sandwich without
    getting old.. oh wait i’m old.. but dam not as old as i feel
    then.. some 33 years ago in 1982.. those are really
    old peanut butter sandwiches.. but after reading
    this the steak and ice cream will
    taste better
    tomorrow.. smiles
    thanks for the Steak and ice-cream
    inspiration.. in peanut butter
    and jam coloring..:)

    And yes I see your Jaw Maw
    Saw Paw in
    reverse.. for what
    that’s worth.. and
    i’ll publish this
    later on.. just
    for giggles
    and peanut
    butter stuff..:)

    Ah.. yes human reflects pockets of stars in elements
    of blood.. stars look down with human eyes..
    finally seeing the bright beauty of life giving
    rays.. we are the stars with eyes.. finally
    seeing life.. truly a sliver of heaven
    in the greatest reality
    of all

    Love.. writing.. air.. blood stOnes.. swiRling gOlden
    elecTrons of human nuclEus in flesh and hair..
    a grain of sand.. a rock of life.. a connection
    to stars above.. exist.. in brush.. of life
    and light.. in loving nature one..
    as us..:)

    I suppose Unconditional Passionate Tough Love is the one for me..
    tolerating and accepting differences.. including ways of writing
    poetry.. i might add.. in a kind and encouraging way..
    been there to that other place of narrow
    poetry judging view of me too..
    similar as ‘others’..
    i can never judge the
    value of another human
    soul expressing spirit as heArt..
    that range from the brightest star
    to the darkest black hole Sun of light..
    i love people who do not ever respect me..
    i love people i cannot trust in any loving
    way to be what they are.. but no.. i do not
    respect hate in any shape or form that
    refuses to see the diversity
    among human being..
    in words.. of
    dancing or
    grace truly
    lives in love..:)

    Oh.. i almost forgot to tell you..
    i enjoyed your POEM.. very

    Yes.. for me faith guiding the way
    as emotion over words is a way
    to be now…
    to enter into what will be
    for now..
    with words as starting
    point for now..
    as well..

    Love.. a multi-petaled flower reaching
    up to higher levels.. in hues of color..
    sometimes even shades
    of black and white
    and blue and red
    for purple

    In my view when we experience life the most..
    we share that experience the most with GOD..
    and mileage varies of course in all the
    diversity of human being.. for some
    fasting.. for others service..
    and still for others
    just surviving
    is gift
    for GOD..:)

    Ah.. the philosophy of human connection
    with other humans and the rest of nature
    needs no words.. as yes words
    do often get in the way
    as idols.. instead
    of essence..
    and essence
    as best for me..
    in a non-verbal
    of life..
    flows for me

    True the core of human being is emotions and senses first with words a
    scribe of that reality in metaphor way.. as well as concrete labels
    to assign meaning to the environment… and then there is
    creation activity set free.. when words flow as
    emotions and senses cooperating
    from a now
    before in now..:)

    Loving children.. tenderly with nurturing Love
    grows a garden of Love deep and
    rich with flowers of trust..
    the closer they
    are to mother’s
    arms.. the closer

    A testament to strength and value of your heart..
    spirit.. and soul.. is the regret.. the anguish..
    the depression.. and the value you place on all human existence..
    as well as your courage to talk to this.. in both secular and
    Christian life.. in public.. for all the world to hear..:)

    And another lesson in this.. not often spoken with courage
    in ‘Christian’ public.. is that in SOME of ‘our’ ‘Christian’
    Churches.. when ‘we’ stand up and suggest that people
    who are natural GOD created homosexuals
    do not have a HOLY right to enter
    into the sacred sacrament of marriage..
    ‘we’ too are aborting human life in heart.. spirit and soul..

    And truly many cases of abortions are an indirect or DIRECT
    result of people in marriages having children.. who are not
    innately cut out to do THAT by the GOD of Nature..
    and would never naturally do it.. if not forced
    by the heavy handed rule of patriarchal controlling..
    subjugating religions.. cultures and churches through fear..
    for power.. reproductive control.. and materialistic gains..
    who do NOT know and UNDERSTAND IN LOGIC
    AND FEELING the ALL natural rules of GOD..

    And to be clear i have no idea what your stances
    OR FEELINGS are on these specific ADDITIONAL issues..
    but the TRUTH will set all of US free to have greater
    potential at a happy.. thriving existence.. in well being
    with GOD.. as social cooperating human animals hand-in-hand..
    no less than Bonobos who in nature.. overall.. Love greater
    in the TRUTH AND LIGHT of what ‘Christ’ really is..
    than human beings.. overall.. sadly enough in THAT Truth and Light..:)

    Anyway.. thank you for your inspiring words OF FEELING..
    as Truth in Light creates greater and greater
    LiGHT in life for HUMAN BEING..:)

    Ah.. the shell of a Nautilus spiRited in message of earth for millions of
    years.. in fossilized Truth of the Art of GOD as Nature.. swirling
    about like galaxies above.. sunflowers below..
    still alive in etch a heArt soUl

    Oh.. the systemizing mind creates with art hand-in-machine..
    so now there are Blogs as Nautilus shells serving
    up unique Light of human soUls as spiRit..
    as sure as most words spoken and
    more.. as human heart survives
    like Nautilus heart
    as spirit
    in markings
    of human
    on earth
    NOW as long as Nautilus
    Shell Servers serve that up..:)

    IT already HAS.. Smiles..
    Love never dies…
    as long as

    Ah.. yes.. hopeless wanderer am i.. as hope is in the
    wandering and wondering of the dance walk
    of life..
    NOT the sitting

    There is no Y in Hope
    for NO

    But.. oh!
    we can be
    CAN BE

    Ah.. PoeTry.. anOther GREAT! MANorWOmanIFestaTion!
    of huwOman spIRit! aLive! expressInG!
    throuGh hUwoman heARt of SoUl.. Oh.. do!
    go oN..!
    aNd wriTe!
    thE fiGht!
    to survIve!
    in worLd!
    LiVing NoW..!

    Oh.. No.. Alone.. the greaTest illusion of all in human being..
    ah.. to connect to the last dying gasp of breath
    to a drop of air.. a pollen of flower if
    only a sneeze.. is cosmic
    oneness of delight
    NOT sadly
    in Truth for
    some.. but
    as long
    breathe goes ON..
    there is Now
    and another
    for potential

    Ah yes! don’t wait EMBRACE! IT ALL..!
    an infinity now is here..
    in imagination of
    ART in human
    mind and body
    in balance
    of creation

    Oh God.. i think
    that sounds
    like A TV

    Dreams.. yes.. dreams true
    Magic of human
    Being delight
    and mares
    in human
    Light and Darkness
    of all Imaginings
    in fuller
    Expanse of
    Who and
    What we are
    as Creative Light Beings..
    Dreams Sing Inner Being
    Escaping into Light of Greater
    Song of

    The greaTest thing I can do in life is be
    an active friend.. whether or
    not there are any
    receiving friends
    is up to them..
    in Unconditional
    yes.. Tough and
    Passionate Love
    for me..
    at least..
    at least
    is best
    for me..
    and I will always
    receive my friendship
    from God who lives in me
    ALLONE and Never alone..
    my Chalice of Love has NO limit
    with GOD aSoNE a child of NOW..:)

    Ah.. yes..! to find sacred meaning and purpose in
    life.. a continual journey for those of us
    who continue to see the holy
    in all that exists from
    a strand of gray
    to a grain of sand
    to the eyes of children
    to the seas of old and new
    to the last grasp
    for breath
    aLive in
    skEyes of

    My wife is Mut
    in pyramidic
    hut.. or can
    she be
    with a yellow
    sphinx as hEr
    lap cat sat..;)

    Hand connection.. leaves of forest drop
    Love in fertile souls of sand..
    a crippled knee..
    a mind unease..
    do we feel
    the connection
    as the
    dirt of
    connects our
    heart in giving
    leaves of spirit
    soil of soul

    EXPANSE of now.. LOVELY place with
    no BOUNDS of time or distance
    or space.. an ETERNITY we are
    when we let all those
    illusions go to
    be alive to
    DANCE for
    now is
    a place
    i’ll stay too..
    certainly now..:)

  9. ds says:

    Archetypes are powerful things, and especially in your hands. Interesting connection between/among Kali, Beyonce, Michael Jackson…We are all anthropologists of a sort, aren’t we.
    Thank you.

    • Oh yes.. we are all Anthropologists witting or not.. and the patterns of nature extend out in to pop-culture evidenced as such for those who see the patterns.. not much different really than the consistency of the Golden Mean of PHI all through nature.. the human mind is part of PHI as well.. and even emotions and senses when integrated for art.. communication in general to even dance.. song.. and poetry..
      truly separation in eyes of lonely humans
      is the greatest illusion of
      what truly
      ALLONE force of nature

      Smiles and thanks for the visit..:)

  10. Ha, I scrolled forever till I could find somewhere to leave a comment and it is too far to scroll back up to quote certain lines……..I admire your spirit and the positivity of your vibes! Shine on!

    • Ha! yeah.. the night after rave dance that creative state of mind
      is burning on all cylinders.. it’s a recipe for
      human creativity like
      a real Tsunami
      of words in my case..
      but it started out as just a
      rather small wave
      then continues to
      grow like a Tidal wave
      of me..
      anyway thanks for wading
      through all haha! and still
      having the fortitude
      to provide such
      a nice compliment
      at the current
      end of
      Tsunami of
      creativity for now;
      and i must escape
      this computer
      now back
      to the creativity
      of dance and martial
      arts.. and extreme
      strength training
      at my favorite
      military gym..
      to keep
      it all balanced
      and moving
      as smooth
      as a finely
      tuned Ferrari
      Fred.. head in
      mind and body
      balance heHE..!..;)

  11. Myrna says:

    Hey, I like you too. You say so many meaningful things but the one that resonates with me the most is: Love is the greaTEST FORCE of humanity. Dance on!!!

    • Ha!.. interestingly, this particular ‘mother post ‘up there with all ‘HeR’ children continuing to grow in the comments section; thriving a such; heHE; is born in the wee hours of Thursday morning well before I read Brian’s prompt in just another run of the mill stream of consciousness comment to a friend’s run of the mill blog post; and then I go to another website for folks with Autism and share that out-of-the-box comment there and do not exactly get any rounds of applause as it is not an area conducive to out-of-the-box, period, as rigidity of black and white thinking rules this wrong planet website; so I make it clear there that I like all the folks to bring the message in a little softer; then what I thought would be the cycle of open link night; and my post before this that I was gonna use for that; changes quickly in decision based on Brian’s prompt; and synchronistically as what seems to always happen with dVerse; my already designed poetic expression almost fully meets the prompt with a little tidying up here and there; as I did for the requirement of the title; but as usual; I over fulfill the requirements of the prompt in the comments section as I strive for excellence in practice for this poetic expression art; i give everything in life my all and I make heaven now by sheer will power, human heart, and soul expressed as spirit; and poetry, dance, and song; are among my favorite ways to do that; along with a dance of martial arts with my ballet like dance.

      Life is Good.

      And yes, I literally like you; in fact, I Love all the dVerse folks who pour out their heart in spirit of words as whole souls of human being every prompt that dVerse takes me, in freedom of expressing spirit in poetic heArt of Soul..:)

  12. Truedessa says:

    Wow, now that was quite the insightful sermon..I wonder how we make our way through the maze of many forces at play each and every day. Your thoughts are like a stream that continues to flow..sometimes easy and sometimes hitting rough spots as you ride the currents come what may.

    • Oh I love the places words, imagination, and creativity take me; each morning I wake is like exploring an entirely different Universe of Meaning; it is the real Star Trek for me in going where I have NOT gone before; haha! and yes there are quite a few rough waves over at the Wrong Planet Website; but I manage to persevere and stay afloat as I balance the reasoning minds there with the artful minds here; an interesting duality of universes of thought and interestingly many similarities as well; as yes; patterns of human nature are all spread out; everywhere one goes in life; as it ‘should be’ i guess..:)

  13. kaykuala says:

    to motivate folks to more fully express their
    philosophies of life by opening both mind and heart in
    potential body and mind balance

    That is the right thing to do Katie! One often fails to realize how easy it is to be frustrated in our quest to do good!


    • Thanks so much Hank for those kind words

      of encouragement.. life is a journey

      i take with great pleasure..

      a little adversity here and there..

      is just the

      spice of life for me now..

      thank GOD.. and Haha!..;)

      Hope your now is going great..

      and will be by your place shortly

      as a new now

      arises for me..:)



    “getting frustrated with stupid lines of thinking
    is part of who you are, or because you’re a contrary person.
    That’s just how your neurons are arranged.”


    AND no

    Dude, I suggest you do a little MORE
    research into epigenetics, neuroplasticity,
    cognitive behavioral therapy, and biofeedback,
    in general; and MANY other areas of human pursuit.

    Zoology 101 does not cover this or Biology 101.

    Humans are more than robots or parasites, my friend.

    And yes, in metaphor and reality they are pArt of that; as well
    or NOT so well.

    Experience is the WELL spring of wisdom and freedom;
    you are still relatively green my friend;
    and that’s just how reality goes
    with human nature.

    Just means you are young baby and
    and have a long way to go STILL
    to understand
    more of what
    life can bring.

    I hope that helps,
    eventually; but
    for now it seems
    to me that you
    are still locked
    in Plato’s
    first cave,
    with all due respect.

    And if this distorts
    your picture of reality;
    please feel free to
    moderate it out;
    sincerely, with all
    due respect.



    Oh, and in case you missed it;
    Alex, the owner of the site gave
    me permission to type however
    I like on this Internet site
    in the gun thread
    that was locked.

    If that is changed again; fine.
    I follow the rules at hand.

    Or you can make the
    rules as you go;
    this site does
    not belong
    to me; or
    any other person
    who dares to tread
    out of the cave; for
    the most part anyway;
    as far as can i see for now.

    The ONLY WAY to develop
    human relative free will is
    IT AIN’T
    Years of real life
    practice baby;
    flesh and blood practice.


    “Well said Fred. There’s nothing I can add.”

    Smiles, and thank you, friend..:)

    With experience and practice, it is possible to grasp it,
    practice it, master it, and orchestrate it,
    as a merit of human excellence innately
    instinctually and intuitively as
    whole of human continual
    practice over the lifespan.

    A choice NOT to do it is
    weak relative free will,
    others of us become Lions
    or Kings of the Jungle
    as Legend Dictates..:)

    I for one, provided a great deal of explanation in the comment that preceded THAT COMMENT. However; it was deleted as I use a literary device of language to overcome the inability of most humans these days to attend to more than a few sentences written all the way across a page without losing interest.

    The reason that some folks do not like my accommodation for this as A literary device is they actually read it; instead of ignoring walls of text. It pisses them off ’cause they have to work a little bit in life and go outside their comfort zone.

    But IF you WILL see this is the issue of relative free will; moving outside the box; doing what science says is impossible; and that is precisely the comments I provide in my out-of-the box literary device that in the real BIGGER world folks described as passionate and brilliant; quotes and links available upon request.

    I share the amazing things that I do in life to inspire people to the FACT OF MIND OVER MATTER in exceeding what folks ‘think’ or what ‘science’ says just does not happen in life.

    I went on in that comment to talk about my achievements; overcoming 19 medical disorders and doing feats of strength in leg pressing 930LBS, 25 times, slowly and surely, with my arms raised in the air on a parallel leg press machine; a machine that is almost twice as hard that the steroid doped dudes can do on a vertical leg press machine with sled.

    This relative free will allows ME, a permanently disabled person who is a shut-in in their home who cannot even go into Whataburger for 15 minutes two years ago; a person who has to watch his wife walk and copy her to even be comfortable walking in Super-Walmart, before age 53 two years ago; when he could go in Super-Walmart at all, at age 47; NOW who is literally named by the audience in dance at one of the top 100 clubs for dance in the U.S.A. as an ICON in my entire metro area; also named legend, hero, boss of dance, spirit animal, inspiration of dance, awesome dancer, amazing dancer, as well as similar accolades online for the unique style of free verse poetry I write; when all I can write at age 47 is technical writing without error for the government, in one of my many hats there. And of and on course, additionally, I dance walk a free style martial arts and ballet style of dance, fearless in public everywhere I go now for about 3900 miles, closing in on 23 months since the end of August 2013. Before that I have horrible social anxiety in Super-Walmart; now I master social situations with ease; and am ENFP in personality analysis instead of INTJ, before; scoring 11 on the AQ test for Autism a few months after healed as opposed to 44 to 45 before; as well as scoring 95 on the EQ test as opposed to the mid fifties before.

    My point there is THAT IS PROOF OF HUMAN RELATIVE FREE WILL, and the power of epigenetics, neuroplasticity; and orchestrating reality with the power of the imaginative, creative, innate, instinctual and intuitive mind and body in balance with much GREATER PHYSICAL INTELLIGENCE.

    If I have ‘his’ current attitude in cynicism of relative free will; I will be still be locked in my bedroom as a shut-in; in my underwear with a grim stone look of a dead heart soul and spirit instead of so dam fully alive now that my light of human blinds those who have no light in their life, in real life.

    It’s not easy for folks who live very differently to hear this; but it can help folks without hope to know that there is more to this life than a random mix of flesh and blood that is in control instead of US.

    Many Christians think that GOD is in control and they have no will alone.

    And many Atheists, ironically enough, in metaphor, believe the same dam thing.

    And truly it is a literal dam; as the lack of belief in the REAL POWER OF imagination and creativity of human being in mind AND BODY BALANCE over matter that is the flesh and blood human body; is a self-fulfilling prophecy for human misery, suffering, and a potential earlier grave in life.

    This is serious stuff, friend; life or death stuff for some folks in the reading audience; and for anyone to suggest that this is non-sensical or not worth a little extra effort to read when I provide a way to do that; is living in a much smaller world than me for sure; with or without relative free will to the power I have it now; in empirical results that are both documented and provided in visual evidence to help people here; that has now been banned by the moderators along with my attempts in new literary devices to allow anyone with a short attention span to potentially gain the information for HELP.

    THOSE OF US WITH A PAINT BRUSH of RELATIVE HUMAN FREE WILL IN much greater human potential.

    This is the place for the most human suffering and misery for that online; as physical intelligence in emotional regulation and sensory integration along with greater cognitive executive functioning with enhanced focus and short term memory is required for human relative free will; and there are ways I bring to the table to increase that.

    Those are my deficits before that AND are the heart of Autism in misery and suffering and almost a much earlier grave for me, as documented in medical science WITH MY DOCTORS.

    I frigging cured my Autism baby; through all innate instinctual and intuitive abilities of human relative free will; as provided by the GOD of Nature all free in greater physical intelligence in the art of dance in free style way; that is the oldest and wisest art of human being as long as human being has been dancing the earth, instead of walking in the closed minded sidewalks of life; whether that means not able to accommodate a shorter horizontal varying wave of reading on a page, like the Golden Spiral PHI natural way to read and speak; or walking off the frigging literal sidewalks of life, with shoes off to feel the dirt of earth and oxytocin connection on receptors of feet to truly connect with nature much further than a frigging text book in high school or college OR IN A OFFICE WITH no frigging windows; or at home sitting static too, in front of a screen, like the worst dam Twilight Zone nightmare of years before, when folks have both common sense and relative free will and truly live free in a country that allows it.

    You see that paragraph up there; 95 percent of the general public will not be able to read it, as it is too high in reading comprehension and paragraph length.

    IF I break it down in smaller pieces in vertical flow it will not be TL;DR; still hard to understand; as yes, my IQ in both standard IQ, and creative intelligence is off the charts, as THE professional who assesses me just recently measures it as such, in her expert way of providing that measurement; she’s never ever come across a person like me in her years of analysis; but you see not everyone is free with relative free will like me; and folks who meet me in real life may forget my name but they will never forget the amazing stuff, I for one can do in REAL LIFE WITH HUMAN RELATIVE FREE WILL.

    IT MIGHT BE BULLCR8P ONLINE if I CANNOT provide the documented evidence but I can; and slowly and surely the folks who see it as self-indulgence rather than the altruistic effort I provide here to help other folks in this environment that literally stinks for any human with a real heart in life; is understandable, as they feel not what I do; obviously as they cannot see past the sidewalks of life; and truly the problem is a deficit in relative free will; which is in many ways precisely what the disorder of Autism is in some higher functioning folks like me; as assessed by doctors and medical science now.

    I am just on the leading edge; sooner or later all of what I am speaking here will be validated by science; and in fact it already is as science now shows that Dance and in general ART therapy in expanding the human muscle of imagination and creativity IN PHYSICAL INTELLIGENCE with greater emotional regulation, sensory integration, focus, and short term memory remediates the symptoms of Autism in some folks NOW, in research in that area.

    Common sense baby; that’s what’s lacking in the world; GOD given as the God of Nature freely gives it to human being in innate instinct and intuition; but taken away by culture and all the distractions it provides so that humans truly never become free in exercising freedom in practice of relative free will.

    This is a deep subject and requires great attention and detail for any possibility of understanding; I do what it takes to make that happen; people ridicule my methods; however, others laud them to the sky; in real life and other places on the Internet where folks are not ‘handicapped’ like they are here. I could stay in the easy places where folks understand all this naturally; or I can still come back here to attempt to help folks no matter how many times folks attempt to knock me down.

    Difference here is I have relative free will; it might seem insane to some folks but yes, it is real; and the real time results of it in amazing flesh and blood abilities ARE IRREFUTABLE FACT.

    THAT challenges the perception of reality of some folks and makes them very uncomfortable; however, for me, I understand it as a potential eventual life or death issue of importance; as I am not just talking the talk baby; I dance the walk of life IN FREEDOM AND RELATIVE HUMAN FREE WILL; AND I COPY ALL MY COMMENTS AND SHARE THEM ELSEWHERE; IF PEOPLE here are too shallow and narrow-minded to appreciate my creative ways of making change a reality in the world that counts now..:)

    I am as powerful as Lion in metaphor OF KINDNESS, strength, courage, and perseverance against all odds in life.

    I am A ‘real JOB’; and NOT just a figment of creativity in a frigging big black book. My life is irrefutable
    evidence of The REAL HIGHER POWER OF the GOD OF NATURE AS MANIFEST in human nature THAT IS

    All these human elements AS ATTRIBUTES are subject to THE LAW OF USE IT OR LOSE IT.

    I USE IT AND DOCUMENT THE RESULTS AS I GO; for other folks to study at their leisure for
    an unlimited number of years to come; as long as servers serve it on the internet
    sites I pay for that will be carried on long after I die.

    That’s altruism baby; I ain’t in it for any money; as I am already financial independent
    in wealth of the greaTEST way in life; and that is in kindness, strength, courage,
    and perseverance against the greaTEST ODDS AGAINST human being
    in developing and using relative free for survival and assistance
    in helping the willing tribe that wants to be helped;
    This is an innate, instinctual and intuitive
    attribute of human life for those
    who gain this human

    Anything is possible with it;
    within reason of
    course and

    Like I told you in the post that you deleted,
    in the gun thread, Alex and I discussed
    my style of writing and he clearly
    stated I can type however
    I like on this internet site
    so I used that liberty that he gave me.

    There is absolutely nothing incoherent
    about my posts; I provide deeper insights
    that some cannot understand yes; but Yes, I
    have over 1.2 million views in the real world
    outside of this very limited area of thinking,
    my friend; just in one avenue that I use on
    Google plus; there may be ten times
    that much in other avenue of communication.

    And before I was asked not to create threads;
    there are still threads that exist on this site
    with much more abstract poetic views that
    have literally thousands of views.
    Links available upon
    request for proof as well.

    Just because someone is not commenting
    on what I write; is far from the truth of who is reading.
    I have been named creative genius on this internet site
    and insane in the span of one post; by different
    sets of eyes; still documented with quotes
    and links available on request.

    I will follow the rules here as they change
    and as they are dictated to me; as spuriously as they are.

    But you my friend are incorrect on your assessment of what I do.

    But you are the authority here; and in my life I am used to dealing with
    that in life and flow with it just fine.

    With respect; but I will defend myself; while you deride me friend,
    on the big board out there; and yes, more than likely at this point
    people have become afraid of your authority to disagree with you;
    but yes, I still have people supporting me here in PM’s.

    Have a nice day;

    And yes, I will do as you dictate now.
    It’s not worth my time or effort
    to pursue this issue with Alex,
    at this point.

    He is the owner of this site;
    and not me or anyone else.

    What he says will ultimately go; one way or the other.

    And yes, for what it is worth; what you say for now is
    the way it will go. I can do that; but don’t suggest
    that Alex did not give me permission to type as I
    wanted to; as that is still documented here
    in black and white; I can only follow
    the rules as published
    or dictated personally
    to me.

    and sincerely in truth.


    Yes, I will find that link

    and provide it shortly.

    I have respected you until today.

    As truly when the owner says one can do something;

    Why shouldn’t I believe it. I don’t have a problem
    following rules; but when they become illogical;
    even I have a problem dealing with that friend..:)

    But for me; I can forgive and forget;

    and still do what you ask me to;
    even now.

    That my friend is a type of relative
    free will that is rare these days.

    It is forgiveness
    it is a tolerating what
    one does not feel is fair;
    and it is acceptance of
    the individual perception
    of dark in life..:)

    It is Love;
    the highest level
    of relative free will;
    the things I say today;
    may truly come back
    to haunt you
    one day;
    and I say that
    with concern
    and Love
    and not


    Page 16; and this gun thread apparently is not locked;
    as I don’t see any mention of that at the end of the thread;
    there were two gun threads of ‘fair’ disagreement..:)

    “Yeah, glad we’re in agreement about that.
    It’s always better to walk away if possible.

    By the way, the use of all caps
    is only acceptable for acronyms.
    Any other use is interpreted as shouting.
    You can type how you want but most people
    view all caps as you yelling at them,
    not as emphasis”

    And yes, if you are going to
    make me write entirely across the page
    I will do that for you; but seriously friend;
    it seems a little ‘anal’ to me; with all due respect.

    There are lots of folks here who write extremely lengthy posts;
    in fact, several in that thread that I was posting in; and in fact,
    many folks who make shorter sentences than the width of the entire page;
    and also regularly use caps for emphasis that
    I can provide quotes and links to upon request as well.

    In fact, the rule about disrupting the format of the page,
    is in reference to the old software where the page
    could actually be stretched without being able
    to read the wideness of it comfortably;
    with a long link or such as that.

    It wasn’t for people who write shorter or
    shaped paragraphs my friend, as that is
    creativity in writing for those who can
    see that to make life
    a little more interesting
    for folks who crave stimulus who are
    autistic and not the ones who abhor change.

    There are different types of Autism my friend;
    and some of them include long monologues
    and out of the box styles of communication.

    You may attract a very limited TYPE
    of Autism by rigorously imposing
    the ‘Queen’s Standard of English’;
    but what you may miss
    is the next Einstein;
    if you care about such as that;

    If you do not; you are not at all like me;
    as I care a great deal
    about everyone
    from below 70 IQ of incoherent
    communication that usually
    I am the only one who can
    interpret here; as has been
    the case in the past
    TO someone like Inventor
    who I understand completely;
    where folks demand he be
    banned at first OVER INTOLERANCE
    AND ACCEPTANCE of his different
    style of Autistic communication.

    The individual Ci who posted here
    some years ago; was the object
    of ridicule for his issue of
    severe Autism and problems
    communicating abstractly;
    where most folks could not
    understand him; but no
    problem for me; and
    he is still my friend;
    as I understand his
    style of Autism.

    I am a code maker and code breaker,
    friend; far beyond the ability of most
    people; that is my speciality that
    not all appreciate; but some do
    describe as genius and
    brilliant and I have almost
    a photographic memory
    for text; I can find all
    those quotes and
    links with
    my skills
    of memory if you
    think I am not being honest;
    as I do satire but I do NOT
    do dishonesty under any
    circumstances; if I say I do
    it; chances are I am being
    humble in real life; and the
    real deal is actually
    much more impressive
    believe that or not
    THAT is true
    in human relative free will
    my friend; there are realities
    in this life my friend, and
    or ‘Horatio’ that I sincerely
    hope do come your way;
    and there will be no
    need for you to
    if and
    when they do;
    as that is what
    I hope for you
    to gain the
    greatest and
    greater human
    potential than me
    in relative human
    FREE WILL..:)

    As always you are entitled to your opinion.

    However, when you personally attack the social communication
    of others here in open discussion by suggesting it is incoherent
    or illogical you are not only being unreasonable; you are being
    selfish and unkind in an environment that by the very nature
    of the disorder that it ascribes to support;
    is just that for folks diagnosed with
    the actual condition who really have
    difficulties like this; that I do NOT
    have for folks with the ability
    to understand me, and some folks
    here have no problems at all
    understanding me; again links
    and quotes available on request.

    I am a rough boy baby;
    there is nothing you
    can do to alter my bliss;

    I just feel sorry for
    the folks who are not as
    strong as I am who will likely
    encounter your style of what has become moderation now.

    I will write as you like; and I will even limit my use
    of caps as you suggested I must limit before;
    and now are suggesting that you already knew
    that Alex said it was okay if I used all caps;
    that doesn’t jive either with what you stated
    before in our discussions
    and that’s okay;
    my great memory
    and all of that you know..:)

    I go with the flow, and will write
    the width of the page from now on
    friend to suit your needs..:)

    And I will retain my hope
    for your growth as
    a human being,
    as well..:)

    With all due respect.

    Sincerely, Fred..:)

    Life is certainly not fair;
    at least in one life time if infinity does not allow more
    sentience cycles than that. I have no illusion that close
    to even what might be described as a minority of people
    can achieve what I have been able to do; however,
    at my lowest point there is not even a reflection of who I am now.

    I was born fragile and weak; and remained that way for many years;
    I could not speak until age4; and had problems communicating
    until my mid 40’s; even though people thought I was
    like superman for my problems solving abilities
    both at work and school;

    For me what folks named as incredible intelligence
    was an incredible handicap for me
    most of my life; and eventually
    my overworking mind
    almost kills me; in ways of
    chronic human stress and what is
    assessed eventually by doctors and legally
    as permanent disability with no chance of recovery.

    I do my best to possibly help others arrive at the
    same point I did in all innately, instinctually
    and intuitively healing myself and going to
    places of bliss and connection with literally thousands
    of folks in real life that before I have no
    idea is possible in feeling,
    in the actual experience of it.
    in existence at all.

    The bottom line is
    there is always more possible in life
    than we think there is; and to feel life
    instead of thinking about it in ways of mind
    and body balance in the physical intelligence of
    regulating emotions and integrating senses is a
    first step for freedom of will for me;
    and truly it is nothing new;
    eastern philosophies
    have been
    singing the praises of
    mind and body balance and acting on it
    for thousands of years; while the western
    world is one of external materialistic pursuits
    that never bring TOTAL SATISFACTION
    IN LIFE.

    I have the worst case of anxiety, then
    that my psychiatrist states he ever comes
    across and he is an Air Force Major who dealt
    with the worst cases of combat
    fatigue and PTSD. I have zero anxiety now;
    and in no way did I think that was possible
    then, as then I
    have little control over my thoughts
    or the feelings in my body; including
    emotions and senses; now I orchestrate
    all of that in flow
    all the time
    now; moving or
    sitting still
    with the experience now
    of the bio-feedback of
    moving creatively in a
    Martial arts ballet style flow
    for literally close to 3900 miles,
    approaching 23 months.

    The answers now seems so dam easy;
    but THEN; I didn’t believe I could get off the sidewalk
    of culture; and honestly had no idea I was even trapped
    in a prison of culture; I never truly
    understood the true message of the
    ‘Matrix trilogy’, until
    I literally become ‘NEO’;
    and that
    trilogy combines
    all of the
    world philosophies
    for singular metaphor
    for that truth in life
    that the empathic and systemizing
    sides of mind must be combined along with mind and
    body balance; and truly we can imagine and create
    our lives by writing it down and visualizing
    it; where what is written becomes what is done;
    it is no fairly tale;
    it is not just
    a movie; the
    Neo archetype
    is a real possibility;
    and I as fragile human being make it there; many more
    can too; If they don’t give up and like the ending
    credits of the Matrix Trilogy state
    in oracle way; ‘I BELIEVED’;
    AS THE moral to the
    entire Trilogy story; I never understood
    that ‘Believe’ is an emotion and not just a word;
    now I understand both the emotion of
    BELIEVE AND the amazing power it
    can bring to greater
    human potential in mind and
    body balance; creating one’s life
    as one goes; as the director, producer and actor
    of one’s own play; instead of being controlled
    by culture AKA the existing matrix.

    Best wishes to you; all I know for sure
    is the answers come from within; trust your
    heart; as the best tool to find and use;
    is my best advice
    for anyone to gain truest
    freedom and satisfaction in life;
    hard to do though; of course
    with all the demands of
    culture at hand; from a
    small child with a plate
    piled up with illusion that move far from
    what human being even can be at much fuller
    potentials of what can be in life..:)


    Mathematics like human language for interpersonal connection
    are abstract constructs created by human beings to describe
    the patterns and connections of nature.

    But all of that starts with one digit; later named prehensile thumb,
    the ability to manipulate objects in the environment with fine motor
    coordination with the other 4 digits named as fingers, in the actual
    painstaking development of abstract concepts as the symbols of letters
    together as words and numbers that identify thumbs and fingers.

    A tool may be associated from nature later labeled and named as stick,
    and our ancestors scratching symbols in sand by copying the
    imaginary connections between stars in the night sky
    as well as copying patterns
    that are observed in the rest of nature.
    And of course that part is even possible by just using
    an index finger or other digit directly in the sand.

    Eventually, the result of that is human abstract constructs
    cooperatively developed with reciprocal social communication
    as symbols of numbers and an alphabet like Sanskrit

    A 6 or a 9 is a approximation in reflection of PHI
    as the natural occurring pattern in nature.

    And any symbols in whole
    or part coming close to
    the shape of a circle
    as an artistically created number
    is coming closer to a reflection of PI,
    as a natural occurring pattern in nature.

    Sacred geometry arises from nature,
    human imagination, reason, and artistic creation.

    And of course it is fascinating how these symbols
    vary between western and eastern cultures.

    The symbols actually reflect the way
    the cultures as whole restrict the views
    of people in experiencing and viewing nature.

    Anyway, what is observed as sacred and holy
    is usually what is shared by the culture and or religion; and numbers
    and letters are among the most sacred of ancient symbols for good reason,
    as much human comfort has arisen
    from the earliest inventions
    of the sacred tools of numbers
    and alphabets to assist human
    beings in gaining subsistence.

    Numbers are a reflection of nature
    at the core of human creation.
    And interestingly, people are like numbers,
    in macrocosm and microcosm way as above so below;
    inside outside; and all around; as human in many ways
    are the cosmos, also known as the ALL THAT IS, also known
    as GOD unto itself, as Carl Sagan eloquently describes
    the significance of the human existential much
    fuller reality that imagination, creativity
    and science allows us to greater see
    with the aided human eye, including
    the aid of artistically created numbers
    reflecting nature as an endless cycle
    of connections in both creativity
    and human perceived
    and created meaning
    in nature.

    The bottom line is it’s not just that we are connected
    to each other; IT (All THAT IS AKA GOD) IS all connected
    and greater observed reality; there are no ‘REAL’ illusions in life;
    not even in the imagination of human being before the word
    illusion is created; it is all a reflection of ‘REAL’
    nature in someway; and not all people have
    the ability to share the reflections
    of nature as whole that each
    unique human is able to do;
    as humans create their perception of
    the Universe as they go with unique eyes;
    not much different than that first human being
    who attempts to copy nature by scratching symbols
    in sand in day or night.

    We can credit a prehensile
    thumb, four fingers,
    and sand for all we know in
    life, now as written language,
    as consisting of alphabet letters, numbers,
    collective intelligence, and culture as whole.

    So a grain of sand is as important as a skyscraper,
    angles or the imagination of angels in sky.
    The moral of the entire story is don’t
    discount the significance of
    a grain of sand; we depend on that grain of sand
    to both stand on what it comprises as whole earth;
    as well as to name earth and imagine, reason, and create the
    ‘number’ of grains of sand as earth with the use of relative
    human free will, as we reflect the grand creator of Nature AKA GOD.

    And no; one will never find all of this in one textbook;
    as creator me; creates it with relative human free will.

    Relative human free will can be empirically proven
    through art and originality in creativity.
    That’s becoming rarer as time goes by,
    as humans become more specialized
    and limited in mechanical cognition mind
    as culture dictates; but never the less,
    human relative free will can be proven
    through the empirical results of humans
    who truly create with originality
    with the caveat highlighted that
    AS WE stand upon the shoulders
    of giants of grains of sands.

    As above so below;
    inside outside;
    all around
    IS more than frigging Haiku;
    IT IS a reflection of GOD.
    To understand all of this
    is the greater possibility
    to live in bliss;
    when exercised
    and practiced with human
    relative free will; of course..:)

    And with all due respect to anyone reading this;
    just because one never sees it before;
    does not mean it does not exist;
    is insane or whatever.
    It is in empirical measure
    of human relative free will
    in human creativity and originality.

    Before humans explain to other humans what numbers are;
    numbers are meaningless gibberish; however that does
    not discount the GRAND Importance of that grain(s) of sand;
    that first finger(s) and or prehensile thumb; or that first
    human who works with painstaking human imagination, creativity,
    and reason; to artistically create what that number is now as symbol
    for patterns and connections in nature; through individual and cooperative
    effort with other humans and of course again that grain of sand AKA GOD, too.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  15. Isn’t it wonderful how the world religions and cultures merge in so many ways,,,if we take the time to listen to others?

    • Quote:

      “Isn’t it wonderful how the world religions
      and cultures merge in so many ways…
      IF we take the time to listen to others?”

      YES.. IT IS! and JUST more proof!
      that GOD
      is everywHere !
      ALL the

      THAT IS what i cALL
      !GOOD NEWS!

  16. M says:

    your cup never empties, good sir… a good philosophy to embrace ~

    • A visit from X.. A visit from I.. and now a visit from M.. thanks so much for the visit M.. and for the kind words as well.. hope you are embracing a wonderful life.. as well for now.. smiles..:)

  17. So much energy, passion, exuberance of life…. wish it was contagious : )

    • Hi georgeplace2013.. it is a little catchy.. particularly when i dance walk like a law enforcement looking dude doing ballet.. with the children.. at Super Walmart.. in particular.. as they naturally copy dance for joy.. and for me i learn ways to regenerate this joy everyday like a science project after living years as a Zombie.. that i find work without fail.. i must share.. i truly have no choice as an instinct of human being.. to attempt to help others gain or surpass this joy of life generated now all natural in me..:)

      Smiles and the best of joy to you.. my friend..:)

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