Days of New old Age GOLD


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IS whatever
One creates as Life.
Origin matters not.
Now, creates my Life;
Keeping in mind of
Course that this is
An Art of Human
Philosophy; no; not
Systemizing science,
The two are related;
But different concepts;
Not unlike me, us, and we;
And all other human beings;
Life is a multifaceted human
Abstract concept as is each
Unique and non-repeatable
Experiment named human
Being; continuously changing
Everynow, with/without human
Greater potential of excellence
In practice of relative free will;
Freely showing everyone Water
Of creation activity that is me now;
Certainly expecting no human ones
To drink my water of life; no matter
How blissful in the heaven of
Now it is forevermore now;
Not unlike a fairy tale but
Related human abstracts;
Me verses Peter Pan or Egyptian
Min, etc.; per human archetypes.
And no, one cannot possibly fully
Understand this point, unless one
Imagines, creates, and experiences
The similar AKA drinking MY Water..:)

I walk on a desolate pristine sugar beach;
True, no empirical proof of an Abrahamic GOD;
ALL, empirical proof of a Pantheistic GOD as Nature.
Our ancestors did NOT need written language or collective intelligence in recorded
language to figure that one out; in fact, written language, collective intelligence, and religion/culture
abstractly constructed by humans to control other human beings through a system
of carrots and sticks and make order come in larger
societies is what leads to the current confusion;
I walk on a desolate pristine sugar beach.

I need no written proof of GOD;
IT’s all inside, outside, above so
below; and all around ME;
no different than
how the Gnostic
Jesus describes
no matter if
those are ‘his’
words or not;

I think the first thing society NEEDS, as obviously American society is most definitely still based on basic Christian rules of life through pre-conceived notions of lawmakers through-out American history; ranging from blacks and women voting to abortion to homosexual marriage, IS AN ADEQUATE PICTURE OR PORTRAIT OF WHAT JESUS IS TODAY.

START at the feet and the bottom of the legs and one has what scholars suggest is the 18 percent or so of what remains of the flesh and blood man’s original idea;  then most of the rest of the body can be painted with faces of Catholic and Protestant revisionists to whatever the hell they decide is the flavor of Jesus of the moment to suit their desires to control the congregation and or society through carrots and sticks of subjugation through the creation of punishments and reinforcements ranging from hell to heaven and purgatory, in between.

BUT ANYWAY, the most popular real portrait of current cultural Jesus is a female with a beard; no doubt representative of the diversity of Gender ID and Sexual Orientation of the priestly folks who approve these portraits of androgynous pretty boy effete Jesus; no table turner.

Restricting human marriage to one man and one woman is only different in measure of female genital mutilation and removing around twenty-percent of human flesh of the foreskin of a male baby’s ‘member’ discount in life TO SUIT

Human being’s closest cousin, with 98.7% identical DNA, the Bonobo,
regularly engages in homosexual behavior to reduce
Bonobo aggression and violence; including death.

There are no reported Bonobo killings of each other as
long as they are freely allowed to do the
‘Wild Stuff’ with whomever they so desire.

Chimpanzees, on the other hand,
a more distant cousin of human being,
regularly engage in violence, rape, torturing,
and even killing the same members of their species
in ways of domination, instead of social cooperation; AKA LOVE.

SO, there are human Chimpanzees and human Bonobos.

no doubt Jesus is a Bonobo human being and not a frigging
Chimpanzee human being
who blows up
other human beings;
just to reconstruct buildings
to make more money for cold hard
non-altruistic power grabbing materialistic
alternatives to the real power of BONOBO ALTRUISTIC
LOVING WAYS of really connecting for social cooperation,
per real tough love of getting the job of survival WELL done…:)

And on top of that Jesus does not believe that humans will
even be married in the Kingdom of Heaven; and on top
of that Jesus believes the Kingdom of GOD is all
around us now; as still remaining in the
New Testament lore THAT IS;
as psychopathic leaning folks
rarely understand
well, or
use them
at all, in content
of dead sounding
language with little
to no emotional metaphors.
And yes, the Latin mass is a most
frigging dead way that can put any child
into a lullaby sleep; of mumbling words to death.

And the cold eyes of Popes are still pictured in Anti-Christ
photos of power grabbing eyes that are same as corpses of Zombie Souls.

But there are exceptions like Pope Francis, better reflecting St. Francis of Assisi,
who understands that even animals are equal with humans in the eyes of the God of Nature;

The question now for the official Catholic Church, STILL IS, do homosexual human beings rise to even the level of
other animals in human freedoms; women do not have to cover their heads anymore; so yes, change is possible;
and likely to follow with the secular world as it always has in the Catholic Church; slowly but surely
humans become what they are still evolved to be; and that includes a full light spectrum
of both gender

AKA Illuminati, as
Madonna nicely
illustrates here
in music
and video
ART; Yes,
Madonna, if
one wills.

The hypocrisy sings
a song of discord
in Pulpits of homilies
in Catholic churches;
meanwhile, the words of
unification are accepting
all humans without separation;
are mumbled along with Anti-Christ
words of human separation; if it is not NOW;
so sad STILL; it will be hilariously incongruent
Face-palms are all over the
place in eyes of

Truly, still,
a psalm of
CHURCH; still outcasting
the different among US;
no different then
the days
in lies
IN Catholic
Church in

THERE IS NO real Catholic
church, where I attend Catholic
Church, as long as these lies
are propagated as Truth
and Light.

Unification is TRUTH
and so many

Well, at least in Catholic Church I attend; little babies scream
with discomfort, per water capriciously being
poured upon their heads;
it is only a first
of many
signs they are
born into a culture
of discordant human
cultural illusions and
removing that
foreskin is no
fun either;
per volume
of screams

Later on they will come to believe that men have rules
that supersede the rules of GOD of Nature;
and just part of a life of lies;
to keep them in
the congregation;
with shaming
and other ways
of controlling humans
with illusionary punishments.

My baby is born with multiple life threatening
congenital anomalies; and the only thing
the deacon is worried about is if
he does not discomfort the
baby more by pouring
water on his
head; the
baby will
go to hell;
I’m really not sure
why I go to church sometimes;
but Love is still more important
to me, along with forgiveness and
about it outside; and I do change
stuff through the power of words;
as I have already stopped ignorant
words about hate towards homosexuals
and single mothers; by the power of my PEN
as is with or without the assistance of a 100% penIS
thanks to ignorant
I am baptized once
as ‘protestant’;
and once
as Catholic
when young; I guess
that makes me
a holy
child of GOD;
but the water lives within
me as Baptized internAlly,
the GOD of
Nature always now..:)

One of the best examples of the
height of human ignorance in what
religion can do to humans is my stay
with my child at Shand’s Hospital, during
his stay there until he passes away in my arms.

There is a Fundamentalist Christian family there
with a child who also has congenital anomalies,
including micro-penis; and they insistently
argue with the doctor that they want
the foreskin of their child removed;
as if the doctor does not already
have enough to deal with;
and the Intern raises his
hands in frustration and
says OH MY GOD that
baby has a ‘Won Ton
Noodle’ for
a penis;
sometimes common
sense flys right
out with
the human
brain; when it
comes to the illusions and LIES,
propagated by culture and religion.
If GOD can laugh at human beings
AT stuff
like this.


“You can start your own church.”

I’m more of a giver
than taker; smiles..;)

Religion, historically,
is more about taking
than giving, overall;

Not; my cup
of water..:)


“Dude, I appreciate your ideas and can remember why you write
in that style. But it is simply impossible for me to read,
as it strains what poor vision I have left.”

Well, I can certainly relate to problems with vision, as I endure the worst pain known to mankind
from wake to sleep, per type-two trigeminal neuralgia, for over five years; making effective
use of eyes and ears; a torture of every second, and every word I write then; with eyes
glued right on a magnified dim-lit screen no more than a few inches to see anything
in incredible torturous pain beyond what medical science describes as the
level OF pain IN actual crucifixion; my blessing from the GOD of Nature
is not just three hours or three days on A wooden cross;
again; over 5 years for me from wake to sleep.

Most people cannot see life the way I do friend; I understand that;
what you see is my accommodation for sight here; not likely
that you’ve ever suffered with your sight as much as I have.

And on top of that we live in a Twitter world now;
where science shows human beings have
the attention span of a GOLD FISH; you
are obviously an exception there who
can likely read this as one whole
wall of text; not broken
up in bite size
that I provide here.

I cannot please everyone;
but at least, I never get all the
TL;DR’s I used to get by writing
NORMAL; SMILES; life can be a bi8ch
but one has to do what they have to do

I am fearless and absolutely nothing bothers
me now; making all that pain the greaTEST GIFT
including story
‘taling’ JOB.

It is what it is.

And yes, it is much easier
to read with the options that
Word Press gives me; that are
not provided here; if you
find my ideas interesting
enough, you can find them
‘tHere’ as well in my ‘signature
link below’, in much larger text,
spacing and comfortable reading flow.

I do provide options, for those who are interested
among around 1.2 million interested folks as assessed
in my Google plus page alone; for what I provide there
in the span of a little over two years now, as permanently
disabled; assessed as such legally and medically; so yes,
I survive with the greatest of challenges well, with the higher
power of GOD of Nature greater than any doctor or medicine


“That’s why you would start your own church –
to make it more about giving rather than taking! Your church, your way.”

For me a TRUE church is Unconditional Tough Love
expressing totAlly free spiRiT in HeArt of soUl
and sharing that
Positive Energy
and Information
aS oNe Force of GOD.

So yeah; I’ve already started a ministry of dance and words all over the
world. I am just not enclosed in walls; and there is no
ceiling to hold me back from reaching

the eyes of GOD
that live within,
so below,
and all around
me with smiles
of course.

Welcome to my style
of church that is
no church with
walls or ceilings;
expanding out
into INfiniTy
ever way one
can see
OF GOD..:)

I think ‘that’ is lovely and symbols for
experiences to make life
sacred are equally
important to
human being,
as the essence
of those symbols are;
and yes, those symbols
do include everything
from Jesus to Church
to Words to Meditation
to Baptism and almost
everything that human
holds Holy and Sacred
for positive
energy expressed
as human heart
of soul in now..:)

The human tribal instinct is innate; and not going away.

Humans discriminating against differences in human appearance
and behavior is instinctual as well; and not going away.

This is what makes sports so great; as humans can transfer
that tribal instinct into a game; instead of innate and
cultural differences; in cathartic human ‘medicinal’
affect and effect. Fighting wars has a similar effect.

Culture and human cognition is the great potential equalizer
over human innate instinct and intuition to
discriminate with ‘the different’
and bond ‘with same’.

The cultural promotion of Unity for all is a good
thing to promote getting along in social cooperation.

But mileage varies, depending on individuals; some folks are
damaged goods, and need bandaging up from
the innate and environmental wounds
of historical discrimination.

IN other words, there is no one answer;
as always there are shades of black
and white and hues of colors
in innate and environmentally
produced human actions
and consequences;
where the
are more
ART in human
than science in

There is a full barometer of
human that changes constantly
as a society; no one can fully
predict where the barometric
pressure of human
and suffering
will move
to next; but yeah,
there is most definitely
an art for moderating it
and fixing it that has no limits..:)

Sports are better than wars; so yay
NFL; even if I never watch sports
at all. Vicarious activities are not
a life for
me. I am
the director
producer and actor
of my own play of life;
And if I am gonna celebrate someone
like me; it will be a one pony show..;)

I choose the third and BEST option
for human unity; DANCE; AND FOR
ME a dance that is
only solo
as me
in Fred ‘pride’;
along the way to join
hands and dance too
or alone together ALLONE
with Nature as ONE FORCE OF
BREAKING barriers
a way..:)

And for detail thinkers;
barriers like 230LB Law
Enforcement looking dudes
ballet dancing; 55 year-old
dudes dancing in Super-Walmart
like this; along with 21 year-old
gorgeous females every Thursday
Night; and documenting the whole
dam thing, along the way, to prove
just how well dance works for
making human unification
a reality

One person CAN MAKE
I PROVE that in
empirical results
everyday of
FOR ME there
are no limits in
ART of Human Being;
Solo; but still LOTS OF

Perhaps, ‘the study’ is shaky on grounds in reference to Quantum Mechanics of human mind alone; but a source of vibrations as the origin of human consciousness is not unusual at all; music is the last part of memory to go in Alzheimer’s patients and used successfully now as therapy to increase vitality among these patients.

Music is also used for therapy for folks with Autism

who have similar issues with cognitive executive functioning.

A creative mind is the best medicine against

cognitive decline in later ages; the greater depth

of movement and song in prose and poetry

of human expression in imagination and creativity

equals a greater resistance to problems with

emotional regulation, sensory integration, and overall cognitive executive function problems with focus and short term working memory, both in youth and older age; with the brain as an incredible plastic tool that grows with use and dies a slow cognitive death without fulfilling imaginative and creative potential along with movement that is also used successfully now to treat folks with reciprocal social communication difficulties associated with Autism.

Just an hour of exercise before a standard IQ test
can raise the scores 10 Points, according to
research in this area.

Art in song and dance and other forms Art comes in

are identified with mythical Gods and Muses
throughout the history of human being;

science now shows that

common sense is right

from the get go, when it
comes to life long success

in the cognitive realm

of mind and body balance



and creativity.

Studies show

that listening to

electronic music
can release higher levels of

Human Growth Hormone,
as a metaphorical fountain of youth.

Additionally, long term studies

on Nuns evidence this as well;

with one nun still

on the lecture circuit

late in life
with advanced morphological

features of Alzheimer’s in brain scans.

As in all stuff human being; use it or lose it
definitely applies; and stepping out of the box of logic

into imagination and creativity can be the ticket to an older
‘stellar brain’, as well..:)

Studies also show that nurturing in the first two years of life increases intelligence;
or lack of it can lead to substantial functional disabilities in emotional and standard IQ.

Yes, and music is commonly used for thousands of years to achieve higher levels of mindful awareness, altering brain waves to states of theta creative consciousness. And not surprising that feeling good has direct impact on health.

I remember when I broke through in my own form of personal mystical experience my doctor takes one look at my bright eyes and before she sees my blood test results, she says they will be good; and yes, they most definitely are, then; and still are, overall.

Mind and body balance says and moves it all. And yes, to achieve a greater Universe of conscious awareness and perception is a lifelong practice in varying skills that never stay still and evaporate into Zombie ways of life in stagnation of body and mind out of balance.

Good vibrations is what it’s all about.

As above so below; inside outside; all around;
the ‘Beach Boys’, and so many others through
human history from the time of dancing fires
under desert moon winds of earth are always
correct in human
innate instinct
and intuition
in the drums
of human
of human being
from head

Hmm, I’ve been sitting
here way too long; time
NOW to ‘get AWAY’
and practice
I preach!..;)

Trance in song and dance
and poetry too; is a way for me
in stellar creative consciousness as
so below
and beyond…








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8 Responses to Days of New old Age GOLD



    Human is evolved to discriminate against the different in both positive and negative ways.. the price of existence is hard.. freedom is even harder.. even in so-called free places.. unfortunately or fortunately depending on how one looks at it.. some folks are born close-minded to tolerating and accepting differences and others are born open-minded in embracing differences in fascination of human diversity…

    So we live on and take the best of what is.. as is.. hoping with faith and belief that a better now..
    is possible for those who keep trying.. and yes.. reaching out for ways of tolerance and acceptance for Unconditional Tough Love.. truly the best friends are as us as i and we.. when Allah sings a song of Love with US…

    So yes.. the road of Love can be a lonely Ghost Road of isolation at times.. but truly there is a greater Force of Allah’s Love gifted in human heArts rising above the lower levels of hate and discontent.. expressing positive spiRit.. as soUl becomes regulated in emotions and senses integrated in experiences of moving life over the course of LIFE like a Golden Spiral of Human…

    A journey it is.. some of US arriving in NOW before some others.. but never the less.. never too late.. to try a path that works that Yes.. can be a lonely heart’s club breath with Allah Allone.. eventually in Love.. with greaTEST Life as we and i and US..:)

    But meanwhile the haters will hate..
    as always do.. in the freest of

    Yes.. you are far from alone
    in your human challenges
    at home and far
    in hearts that
    seek to cry
    with eyes

    Haha! on my tombstone

    they can put in quotes:

    “He was quotable”

    Smiles.. that’s a nice compliment dear..
    and i am praying for your Chemistry test
    to be a straight A.. as noted on my blog too..:)

    But anyway.. what i really hope they put on my
    tombstone is:

    “He lived outside the box”

    And that is gonna happen as i plan on being cremated..
    ashes are good enough.. for a life lived in eyes of Allah..:)

  2. Rafiah says:

    Aloe vera ❤ wonder plant

  3. Rafiah says:

    Aloe vera ❤ wonder plant

    • Ah.. yes.. I have Aloe Vera.. in tube form.. and use it when I get a sunburn at the beach .. recently.. and it helps very much for that.. but the plant above is actually very big and named Century Cactus.. or Agave Americana.. and it is also referred to as American Aloe for how it looks like the Aloe Vera Plant.. although not closely related to that actual family of plants.. the nectar inside it is used as a kind of syrupy sugar or drink named pulque…

      Even though it is named Century Plant.. it lives 10 to 30 years and has one beautiful flower at the end of its life.. dies.. and suckers grow up from the bottom to make many more Century Plants.. ours is about 10 years old.. so if it makes it to 30 years old.. it could get almost as Tall as the front of our house..

      And the sego palms in the flower bed immediately in front of our home reach around 6 to 7 feet tall when the cold does not kill them back in the Winter freezes.. and the date palms called Mexican Palms on the sides of our house are one of my favorites as the cold weather does not kill them back.. and the one in the backyard is now over 20 feet tall.. i look forward to the two in the front yard getting that tall too..:)

      Anyway.. as you see.. i like to talk about plants.. smiles.. i hope you do well on your chemistry test today.. i say a chemistry test prayer for you..:)



    We live in a country where an African American

    with a Muslim Middle name of Hussein can become President.

    The United States Supreme Court recently passes judgement
    on a federal requirement that Homosexuals must
    be allowed civil unions of marriage, in ALL 50 states.

    The American Dream is finally becoming truly free,
    as more than likely we will embrace our first female president at the
    beginning of next year as well, per Hillary Clinton; as she has the
    Political experience and clout while most everyone else is disagreeing
    with each other battling in the background of political indecisiveness.

    Now is the time more than ever to embrace American Freedoms
    and the greatest of those freedoms is the right to practice one’s
    choice of religion ranging from Atheism to Pantheism and all between.

    Some of the most loving unconditionally loving people
    I have ever known in my life are Muslim females.

    I judge a religion by the love of those who follow the religion I meet in life.

    Islam must be a more beautiful religion than Christianity as those kind of
    loving people who truly put GOD above materialism live no
    where here in the U.S.A. that I come across;
    in fact, I have to go to Pakistan
    to truly find someone
    to accept
    all I am,
    as a loving
    friend in GOD.

    So in other words, the haters are always gonna hate the different among us,
    whether that means a covered head; or queer way of walking,
    or an androgynous child gifted with a unique in between
    beauty that not many other people share;
    and no, it’s not just my opinion it is
    evidenced in science that some
    folks are born close-minded
    to differences among others
    and some folks are born open-minded
    in tolerance, acceptance, and embracing human diversity;
    as well as change in exploring imagination and creative ways of
    doing stuff in life; the free among us must fight to remain free and exploring
    life’s greatest mysteries; but we must not change to appease the haters among us
    as when we do that; we too become haters of spirit who refuse to accept the different among us..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    And ‘that’ is the way it is for the most
    creative among us.. a flow that comes
    from beyond what normal folks describe
    as human consciousness.. a trance like
    state of euphoria.. in what can reasonably
    be described as divine union with beyond
    what most humans even dream
    about in
    And the fact is
    for folks who never experience
    this.. it might as well be described as
    supernatural for them as it is
    most definitely above tHeir
    current human potential
    and abilities all
    natural as is…

    So yes.. ahA! some folks experience
    more of the natural or super-natural
    than others do in the lower
    levels of human potential
    exercised to the
    greaTeSt of all
    in creativity
    MOST PEOPLE experience
    as natural.. so yes.. Imagination
    and Creativity expressed in human
    emotions of heart of deeper soul as spirit..
    is a supernatural way of life in metaphor of fuller
    AKA more
    of GOD.

    Rarely does one
    ever come across a
    dedicated fully
    Atheist in Hollywood;
    that’s not surprising
    at all to me; and that’s
    not even saying that
    close to all the folks
    in Hollywood ever
    attain this
    of mind
    in greater
    human potential.


    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  6. 31 years of Terminator.. hard to believe the first movie actually comes out in 1984.. and T2 the sequel in 1991.. is my first introduction to surround sound.. with the deep bass surrounding my living room at that time.. in truly thundering action beat sound.. an amazing first experience of home special effects.. where the audio becomes like one is in the environment of the actual movie…

    I do not have effective use of my eyes and ears when the third movie comes out in 2009.. and never see “Terminator Salvation”.. but it just will not be the same anyway.. without Arnold and his old saying “I’ll be back”.. which he tries to convince the directing crew to change to “I will be back”.. as his native Austrian tongue of language makes it almost impossible for him to articulate the contraction.. “I’LL”…

    But anyway.. as age comes for me.. my body grows squarer in musculature.. like Arnold.. at 230LBS.. and I am no longer a runner.. but a must be fighter to stand my ground.. with martial arts.. just as a fearless confidence builder.. as we are human animals after all.. who will be naturally anxious.. if we are not confident to defend ourselves against predator and prey.. naturally in our own skin…

    But if one can imagine Arnold doing Ballet.. which he actually does take lessons for to increase his grace in body building poses.. it will be quite hilarious.. no matter how graceful the Terminator is.. to watch him do a ballet-like dance in the movie.. so maybe we can see that in the coming sequel of the Terminator Five installment.. if Arnold is still around until then.. as Governor of California.. and all of that.. but yeah.. probably his last active role as the Terminator.. i suppose..

    But anyway i love the dry humor of the Terminator.. and sure enough ‘I’ll be back”.. comes again into tonight’s 4th installment.. fast moving.. yes.. predictable. but still nostalgia for me.. for 31 years of “I’ll be back”.. with Arnold continuing to deliver on his promise.. and even more surprising to me.. is me.. coming back.. after five years of dead zone.. not imaginable by most folks.. living this life.. now..

    So yeah.. “I’LL be Back”.. once again too.. with my smiley face of ballet and martial arts dance.. after doing it for around 5 miles at Super-Walmart.. tonight.. there is no inspiring joy like dance for me.. and yes.. it is certainly written all over my face.. even with my “Terminator Shades ON”.. HA..Ha!

    And as usual.. with some new phrases starting with the next blog post.. “Terminating Ghost Town of heArt”.. in a few too..:)

    And yes.. dance changes me from Terminator to joyous dancing dude in the aisles of Super-Walmart.. reference last Facebook Profile status photo thingy..

    And my song of choice to dance with all night long! tonight!


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