Chase of the Sauntering Goose

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Oh.. goodness.. the 6th again.. already.. and yes.. time does fly
when one lives in the heaven of now.. mind and body balancing..
feathering one’s way through air on terrestrial land..
Oh.. the power of Allah.. lives within.. heArt
expressing spiRit in balance as above..
so below.. inside.. outside.. and
all around US.. in Golden spiraling
flowing soUl
if we dare
to reflect
the dance
and song
but anyway.. hope
you are doing well..
and doing whatever
it takes to
bring you
in life..
my old
friend in

Very Nice..
sauntering Goose Chase..
and for me.. a call of the wild that both
freer wolves.. and humans share.. faint whisper is..
or bellowing yell.. through the course of life.. and yes..
I fly as air.. now.. calling present.. i heaRt it.. express it..
wITh spiRit of soUl.. air becomes music for dance.. i in
return.. become dance heir.. flowing current breeze
feather landing.. light in air.. i continue
feat of feather air is me
All Now..:)

Thanks for sharing your paintings.. ‘Grebel’..
the way you paint migratory geese.. blend into
patterns and colors of nature that some of us see..
and some of us miss.. not unlike Neo.. escaping Matrix..
now.. wHere we come one with Nature in flow wITh heArt..
and spiRit in expression of soUL.. wheRe shades we wear..
open up mindful awareness..
forever now.. escaping lies
in clothes
of Art..:)

The power of prayer

works just like the placebo effect.

And the cited study is based on secret prayer;

not acknowledged prayer, in positive social connection.

The number one source of human happiness is social connection
IN HUMAN EMOTIONAL connection In ways of ‘oxytocin nurturing
neurohormones’ and bonding, as well, through
mirror neurons and affective empathy.

Not all human beings share these attributes evenly
and that does influence the placebo effect as well;
as science shows that only about
a third of folks benefit
from the placebo effect.

And if one wants to go back to New Testament scripture to get this stuff all figured;
even if the words attributed to Jesus are not his; he makes it clear that his power to
heal does not work for people who do not heal themselves through the real emotions
of faith, belief, hope; which are precisely what is the healing effect and affect, per the
PLACEBO effect. Stress kills; yes, that is an established scientific fact now; fear and
anxiety is the father of stress; positive energy is just positive emotions and folks
who gather together and share the emotional contagion of love thrive as opposed
to psychopathic leaning minds who cannot drink the TRUE ‘holy’ water of human
emotions AKA heart expressed in cognitive empathy ways of words, song, dance,
etc. AKA SPIRIT; FOR FOLKS who have a soul; otherwise known as a mind
and body in balance with emotions properly working to connect to other
human beings to truly thrive as humanity; and not an approximation
of a zombie or a robot; who is separated from both their emotions
and their body; living in a head of textbook or science; instead
of REAL FLESH AND BLOOD human connecting life now.

My doctors still cannot explain how I healed myself of
19 medical disorders without their help; and can
now parallel leg press 930 LBS with my arms
raised in the air 25 times; like no male
on YouTube can do at any age;
or level of anabolic steroids;
as opposed to my level
of naturally occurring
testosterone at 221
off the chart of low,
of a 75 plus year old man.
However; my doctor works by medical science;
and not through the power of belief, faith and hope;
as well as the physical intelligence of TAI CHI like movement
for greater balance, agility, emotional regulation, sensory integration;
and greater cognitive executive functioning in focus and short term working
memory. But here’s the deal; I have ZERO NEGATIVE EMOTIONS; ZERO STRESS;
AND THE Power of CHI, which is JUST a metaphor for precisely THAT; IN THE
WORLD OF FOLKS WHO HAVE not yet attained ‘NEO’ status; it is a world of thriving
that does not exist; when the placebo effect becomes all the time now with human
relative free will; GOD exists ALL THE TIME NOW as the FORCE of the INTERDEPENDENT
RELATIONSHIP OF ALL THAT IS in balance; Humans are one of the few animals that are
WHACKY ENOUGH to let illusions of a whacky cultural environment devolve them through
epigenetics in just one life time; as functionally disabled creatures who live their life out
of mind and body balance in an almost constant state of fight or flight stress; or dismiss
the flesh and blood necessity of human connection for online activities, instead; even
when common sense dictates that human connection for a social animal; any normal
social animal is what success in social survival is all about; GO by the rules of
Mother Nature AKA God or pay the consequences as that NATURE
IS MANIFEST AS HUMAN NATURE; most doctors do not have
a frigging clue about this; as their job is to prescribe
medicines and rarely do they get to the simple
root cause of the FACT THAT MOST

THAT’S too simple for most
doctors to even fathom; as of course
in life spent in mechanical cognition; neither
do they; and it shows in how they age at incredible
rates from human stress, as only an incredibly blind animal
for common sense would subject themselves to the stress of
what doctors endure everyday; until they ruin their own health along

the way.

But it pays well; and most humans are under the
illusion that money brings any happiness
at all; when the flesh
and blood really
hits the roads
of stress
in life.

God is NOW;
GOD is Nature;
It’s as simple as that;
GOD is the Interconnecting
Interdependent Relationship
of all THAT IS; THE GREAtest
Human cultural and or religious
illusion is separation from THAT;
a life of excellence in practicing mind
and body balance; as freedom with GOD
is neither free or

That is beyond sad
and stupidity; there
are no words to
describe it; other
than separation
FOR THOSE who have a clue
of what that even is
per forgetting
what life


“So you’re saying that god is exactly as powerful as a sugar pill?”

Only if you are suggesting that a sugar pill is the emotion of belief.

A sugar pill is a symbol for faith, hope, and belief; same as Yeshua or Jesus.

Emotions mean EMOTING HUMAN ACTION, friend; and faith, hope, and belief
are powerful human emotions that emote human action; but only for folks
who experience the spectrum of those emotions ranging from almost
nULL AND VOID to a full rainbow of the TERM LOVE.

Sadly or not; some folks

do not literally
or metaphorically
get that as religion
and science adequately
evidences as same; science
is just a scribe of GOD; and
the scientific method cannot repeat
the emotional experiment that even science
shows controls rational human decisions; to
understand human nature and use it to one’s advantage
is to thrive; but yes, it takes a practice of mind and body balance
in lifelong excellence to get one there; and any real YOGI can show ya
how that’s done friend; and even science reports their excellence in practicing
human relative free will; in ways of regulating emotions, and integrating senses
down to controlling body temperature and brain waves from Alpha to creative THETA.

THAT’S HOW I PRESS 930 LBS ON A PARALEL LEG PRESS, my friend, with my arms raised
in the air, twenty-five times with the ease of a butterfly singing a song of fluttering flight
on terrestrial land; machine with 20 loaded 45LB plates and 30LBS for the weight
lifting mechanism or not; and how I muster up the ease of focus and cognitive
executive functioning to write an epic free verse poetic expression of 11,135
words in speeds of typing up to 130 words a minute with the assistance
of my natural occurring reading levels of 10 to 15 times faster than
the average human being; the difference with me and
the Jesus of the Old TESTAMENT
AS science
and technology
provides the empirical
tools to document all
real human miracles,
as they happen in
real time now.

Anyway; if no other human
being ever does what I can do,
baby; it is simply ’cause they
never believe they can
and never just
do it;
me and
Nike just does
with the help of GOD;
as the Nature of GOD
in much greater human
potential exists for those
who frigging understand
and use their human nature
to their advantage in just doing it NOW..:)


“Aghogday’s ‘god’ is essentially Pantheistic.”

YES, essentially; but one will have to add some
metaphysical flavor through literal
metaphors of the quantum
human mind and body
unleashed and released
in balance to come
close to get to the
place in state
of mind AND
I live friend; ALWAYS NOW

It is a state of mind and body within;
not something anyone can
purchase with dollars
or grades in school.

And truly nothing new;
eastern philosophies
have been reaping
the benefits of mind
and body balance in artful
activities for thousands
of years in monasteries;
but no; no lessons for
me; I find all my answers
within by looking to nature;
above so below; inside outside;
all around; totally innate instinctual
and intuitive; in an ongoing practice
of human excellence; and that is
what I mean by the metaphor
for Quantum human mind
and body balance
unleashed and
released; religions
TRULY JUST do a big
talk; but no action
of practice to do
much of
but TALK.

Prayer is cool;
but action is where
the big RESULTS COME..:)







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8 Responses to Chase of the Sauntering Goose



    Now IS whatever
    One creates as Life.
    Origin matters not.
    Now, creates my Life;
    Keeping in mind of
    Course that this is
    An Art of Human
    Philosophy; no; not
    Systemizing science,
    The two are related;
    But different concepts;
    Not unlike me, us, and we;
    And all other human beings;
    Life is a multifaceted human
    Abstract concept as is each
    Unique and non-repeatable
    Experiment named human
    Being; continuously changing
    Everynow, with/without human
    Greater potential of excellence
    In practice of relative free will;
    Freely showing everyone Water
    Of creation activity that is me now;
    Certainly expecting no human ones
    To drink my water of life; no matter
    How blissful in the heaven of
    Now it is forevermore now;
    Not unlike a fairy tale but
    Related human abstracts;
    Me verses Peter Pan or Egyptian
    Min, etc.; per human archetypes.
    And no, one cannot possibly fully
    Understand this point, unless one
    Imagines, creates, and experiences
    The similar AKA drinking MY Water..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    I walk on a desolate pristine sugar beach;
    True, no empirical proof of an Abrahamic GOD;
    ALL, empirical proof of a Pantheistic GOD as Nature.
    Our ancestors did NOT need written language or collective intelligence in recorded
    language to figure that one out; in fact, written language, collective intelligence, and religion/culture
    abstractly constructed by humans to control other human beings through a system
    of carrots and sticks and make order come in larger
    societies is what leads to the current confusion;
    I walk on a desolate pristine sugar beach.

    I need no written proof of GOD;
    IT’s all inside, outside, above so
    below; and all around ME;
    no different than
    how the Gnostic
    Jesus describes
    the KINGDOM
    no matter if
    those are ‘his’
    words or not;
    As ONe GOD NOW.


    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    I think the first thing society NEEDS, as obviously American society is most definitely still based on basic Christian rules of life through pre-conceived notions of lawmakers through-out American history; ranging from blacks and women voting to abortion to homosexual marriage, IS AN ADEQUATE PICTURE OR PORTRAIT OF WHAT JESUS IS TODAY.

    START at the feet and the bottom of the legs and one has what scholars suggest is the 18 percent or so of what remains of the flesh and blood man’s original ideas, then most of the rest of the body can be painted with faces of Catholic and Protestant revisionists to whatever the hell they decide is the flavor of Jesus of the moment to suit their desires to control the congregation and or society through carrots and sticks of subjugation through the creation of punishments and reinforcements ranging from hell to heaven and purgatory, in between.

    BUT ANYWAY, the most popular real portrait of current cultural Jesus is a female with a beard; no doubt representative of the diversity of Gender ID and Sexual Orientation of the priestly folks who approve these portraits of androgynous pretty boy effete Jesus; no table turner.

    Restricting human marriage to one man and one woman is only different in measure of female genital mutilation and removing around twenty-percent of human flesh of the foreskin of a male baby’s ‘member’ discount in life TO SUIT

    Human being’s closest cousin, with 98.7% identical DNA, the Bonobo,
    regularly engages in homosexual behavior to reduce
    Bonobo aggression and violence; including death.

    There are no reported Bonobo killings of each other as
    long as they are freely allowed to do the
    ‘Wild Stuff’ with whomever they so desire.

    Chimpanzees, on the other hand,
    a more distant cousin of human being,
    regularly engage in violence, rape, torturing,
    and even killing the same members of their species
    in ways of domination, instead of social cooperation; AKA LOVE.

    SO, there are human Chimpanzees and human Bonobos.

    no doubt Jesus is a Bonobo human being and not a frigging
    Chimpanzee human being
    who blows up
    other human beings;
    just to reconstruct buildings
    to make more money for cold hard
    non-altruistic power grabbing materialistic
    alternatives to the real power of BONOBO ALTRUISTIC
    LOVING WAYS of really connecting for social cooperation,
    per real tough love of getting the job of survival WELL done…:)

    And on top of that Jesus does not believe that humans will
    even be married in the Kingdom of Heaven; and on top
    of that Jesus believes the Kingdom of GOD is all
    around us now; as still remaining in the
    New Testament lore THAT IS;
    as psychopathic leaning folks
    rarely understand
    well, or
    use them
    at all, in content
    of dead sounding
    language with little
    to no emotional metaphors.
    And yes, the Latin mass is a most
    frigging dead way that can put any child
    into a lullaby sleep; of mumbling words to death.

    And the cold eyes of Popes are still pictured in Anti-Christ
    photos of power grabbing eyes that are same as corpses of Zombie Souls.

    But there are exceptions like Pope Francis, better reflecting St. Francis of Assisi,
    who understands that even animals are equal with humans in the eyes of the God of Nature;

    The question now for the official Catholic Church, STILL IS, do homosexual human beings rise to even the level of
    other animals in human freedoms; women do not have to cover their heads anymore; so yes, change is possible;
    and likely to follow with the secular world as it always has in the Catholic Church; slowly but surely
    humans become what they are still evolved to be; and that includes a full light spectrum
    of both gender
    and SEXUAL

    AKA Illuminati, as
    Madonna nicely
    illustrates here
    in music
    and video
    ART; Yes,
    Madonna, if
    one wills.

    The hypocrisy sings
    a song of discord
    in Pulpits of homilies
    in Catholic churches;
    meanwhile, the words of
    unification are accepting
    all humans without separation;
    are mumbled along with Anti-Christ
    words of human separation; if it is not NOW;
    so sad STILL; it will be hilariously incongruent
    Face-palms are all over the
    place in eyes of

    Truly, still,
    a psalm of
    CHURCH; still outcasting
    the different among US;
    no different then
    the days
    in lies
    IN Catholic
    Church in

    THERE IS NO real Catholic
    church, where I attend Catholic
    Church, as long as these lies
    are propagated as Truth
    and Light.

    Unification is TRUTH
    and so many


    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    Well, at least in Catholic Church I attend; little babies scream
    with discomfort, per water capriciously being
    poured upon their heads;
    it is only a first
    of many
    signs they are
    born into a culture
    of discordant human
    cultural illusions and
    removing that
    foreskin is no
    fun either;
    per volume
    of screams

    Later on they will come to believe that men have rules
    that supersede the rules of GOD of Nature;
    and just part of a life of lies;
    to keep them in
    the congregation;
    with shaming
    and other ways
    of controlling humans
    with illusionary punishments.

    My baby is born with multiple life threatening
    congenital anomalies; and the only thing
    the deacon is worried about is if
    he does not discomfort the
    baby more by pouring
    water on his
    head; the
    baby will
    go to hell;
    I’m really not sure
    why I go to church sometimes;
    but Love is still more important
    to me, along with forgiveness and
    about it outside; and I do change
    stuff through the power of words;
    as I have already stopped ignorant
    words about hate towards homosexuals
    and single mothers; by the power of my PEN
    as is with or without the assistance of a 100% penIS
    thanks to ignorant
    I am baptized once
    as ‘protestant’;
    and once
    as Catholic
    when young; I guess
    that makes me
    a holy
    child of GOD;
    but the water lives within
    me as Baptized internAlly,
    the GOD of
    Nature always now..:)

    One of the best examples of the
    height of human ignorance in what
    religion can do to humans is my stay
    with my child at Shand’s Hospital, during
    his stay there until he passes away in my arms.

    There is a Fundamentalist Christian family there
    with a child who also has congenital anomalies,
    including micro-penis; and they insistently
    argue with the doctor that they want
    the foreskin of their child removed;
    as if the doctor does not already
    have enough to deal with;
    and the Intern raises his
    hands in frustration and
    says OH MY GOD that
    baby has a ‘Won Ton
    Noodle’ for
    a penis;
    sometimes common
    sense flys right
    out with
    the human
    brain; when it
    comes to the illusions and LIES,
    propagated by culture and religion.
    If GOD can laugh at human beings
    AT stuff
    like this.


    “You can start your own church.”

    I’m more of a giver
    than taker; smiles..;)

    Religion, historically,
    is more about taking
    than giving, overall;

    Not; my cup
    of water..:)


    “Dude, I appreciate your ideas and can remember why you write
    in that style. But it is simply impossible for me to read,
    as it strains what poor vision I have left.”

    Well, I can certainly relate to problems with vision, as I endure the worst pain known to mankind
    from wake to sleep, per type-two trigeminal neuralgia, for over five years; making effective
    use of eyes and ears; a torture of every second, and every word I write then; with eyes
    glued right on a magnified dim-lit screen no more than a few inches to see anything
    in incredible torturous pain beyond what medical science describes as the
    level OF pain IN actual crucifixion; my blessing from the GOD of Nature
    is not just three hours or three days on A wooden cross;
    again; over 5 years for me from wake to sleep.

    Most people cannot see life the way I do friend; I understand that;
    what you see is my accommodation for sight here; not likely
    that you’ve ever suffered with your sight as much as I have.

    And on top of that we live in a Twitter world now;
    where science shows human beings have
    the attention span of a GOLD FISH; you
    are obviously an exception there who
    can likely read this as one whole
    wall of text; not broken
    up in bite size
    that I provide here.

    I cannot please everyone;
    but at least, I never get all the
    TL;DR’s I used to get by writing
    NORMAL; SMILES; life can be a bitch
    but one has to do what they have to do

    I am fearless and absolutely nothing bothers
    me now; making all that pain the greaTEST GIFT
    including story
    ‘taling’ JOB.

    It is what it is.

    And yes, it is much easier
    to read with the options that
    word press gives me; that are
    not provided here; if you
    find my ideas interesting
    enough, you can find them
    there as well in my signature
    link below, in much larger text,
    spacing and comfortable reading flow.

    I do provide options, for those who are interested
    among around 1.2 million interested folks as assessed
    in my Google plus page alone; for what I provide there
    in the span of a little over two years now, as permanently
    disabled; assessed as such legally and medically; so yes,
    I survive with the greatest of challenges well, with the higher
    power of GOD of Nature greater than any doctor or medicine


    “That’s why you would start your own church –
    to make it more about giving rather than taking! Your church, your way.”

    For me a TRUE church is Unconditional Tough Love
    expressing totAlly free spiRiT in HeArt of soUl
    and sharing that
    Positive Energy
    and Information
    aS oNe Force of GOD.

    So yeah; I’ve already started a ministry of dance and words all over the
    world. I am just not enclosed in walls; and there is no
    ceiling to hold me back from reaching

    the eyes of GOD
    that live within,
    so below,
    and all around
    me with smiles
    of course.

    Welcome to my style
    of church that is
    no church with
    walls or ceilings;
    expanding out
    into INfiniTy
    ever way one
    can see
    OF GOD..:)

    I think that is lovely and symbols for
    experiences to make life
    sacred are equally
    important to
    human being,
    as the essence
    of those symbols are;
    and yes, those symbols
    do include everything
    from Jesus to Church
    to Words to Meditation
    to Baptism and almost
    everything that human
    holds Holy and Sacred
    for positive
    energy expressed
    as human heart
    of soul in now..:)


    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    The human tribal instinct is innate; and not going away.

    Humans discriminating against differences in human appearance
    and behavior is instinctual as well; and not going away.

    This is what makes sports so great; as humans can transfer
    that tribal instinct into a game; instead of innate and
    cultural differences; in cathartic human ‘medicinal’
    affect and effect. Fighting wars has a similar effect.

    Culture and human cognition is the great potential equalizer
    over human innate instinct and intuition to
    discriminate with ‘the different’
    and bond ‘with same’.

    The cultural promotion of Unity for all is a good
    thing to promote getting along in social cooperation.

    But mileage varies, depending on individuals; some folks are
    damaged goods, and need bandaging up from
    the innate and environmental wounds
    of historical discrimination.

    IN other words, there is no one answer;
    as always there are shades of black
    and white and hues of colors
    in innate and environmentally
    produced human actions
    and consequences;
    where the
    are more
    ART in human
    than science in

    There is a full barometer of
    human that changes constantly
    as a society; no one can fully
    predict where the barometric
    pressure of human
    and suffering
    will move
    to next; but yeah,
    there is most definitely
    an art for moderating it
    and fixing it that has no limits..:)

    Sports are better than wars; so yay
    NFL; even if I never watch sports
    at all. Vicarious activities are not
    a life for
    me. I am
    the director
    producer and actor
    of my own play of life;
    And if I am gonna celebrate someone
    like me; it will be a one pony show..;)

    I choose the third and BEST option
    for human unity; DANCE; AND FOR
    ME a dance that is
    only solo
    as me
    in Fred ‘pride’;
    INSPIRING others
    along the way to join
    hands and dance too
    or alone together ALLONE
    with Nature as ONE FORCE OF
    BREAKING barriers
    a way..:)

    And for detail thinkers;
    barriers like 230LB Law
    Enforcement looking dudes
    ballet dancing; 55 year-old
    dudes dancing in Super-Walmart
    like this; along with 21 year-old
    gorgeous females every Thursday
    Night; and documenting the whole
    dam thing, along the way, to prove
    just how well dance works for
    making human unification
    a reality

    One person CAN MAKE
    I PROVE that in
    empirical results
    everyday of
    FOR ME there
    are no limits in
    ART of Human Being;
    Solo; but still LOTS OF
    HUMAN FUN!..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    Perhaps, the study is shaky on grounds in reference to Quantum Mechanics of human mind alone; but a source of vibrations as the origin of human consciousness is not unusual at all; music is the last part of memory to go in Alzheimer’s patients and used successfully now as therapy to increase vitality among these patients.

    Music is also used for therapy for folks with Autism who have similar issues with cognitive executive functioning.

    A creative mind is the best medicine against cognitive decline in later ages; the greater depth of movement and song in prose and poetry of human expression in imagination and creativity equals a greater resistance to problems with emotional regulation, sensory integration, and overall cognitive executive function problems with focus and short term working memory, both in youth and older age; with the brain as an incredible plastic tool that grows with use and dies a slow cognitive death without fulfilling imaginative and creative potential along with movement that is also used successfully now to treat folks with reciprocal social communication difficulties associated with Autism.

    Just an hour of exercise before a standard IQ test
    can raise the scores 10 PTS, according to
    research in this area.

    Art in song and dance and other forms Art comes in are identified with mythical Gods and Muses
    throughout the history of human being; science now shows that common sense is right from the get go, when it
    comes to life long success in the cognitive realm of mind and body balance through imagination and creativity.

    Studies show that listening to electronic music
    can release higher levels of Human Growth Hormone,
    as a metaphorical fountain of youth.

    Additionally, long term studies on Nuns evidence this as well; with one nun still on the lecture circuit late in life
    with advanced morphological features of Alzheimer’s in brain scans. As in all stuff human being; use it or lose it
    definitely applies; and stepping out of the box of logic into imagination and creativity can be the ticket to an older
    ‘stellar brain’, as well..:)

    Studies also show that nurturing in the first two years of life increases intelligence;
    or lack of it can lead to substantial functional disabilities in emotional and standard IQ.

    Yes, and music is commonly used for thousands of years to achieve higher levels of mindful awareness, altering brain waves to states of theta creative consciousness. And not surprising that feeling good has direct impact on health.

    I remember when I broke through in my own form of personal mystical experience my doctor takes one look at my bright eyes and before she sees my blood test results, she says they will be good; and yes, they most definitely are, then; and still are, overall.

    Mind and body balance says and moves it all. And yes, to achieve a greater Universe of conscious awareness and perception is a lifelong practice in varying skills that never stay still and evaporate into Zombie ways of life in stagnation of body and mind out of balance.

    Good vibrations is what it’s all about.

    As above so below; inside outside; all around;
    the ‘Beach Boys’, and so many others through
    human history from the time of dancing fires
    under desert moon winds of earth are always
    correct in human
    innate instinct
    and intuition
    in the drums
    of human
    of human being
    from head

    Hmm, I’ve been sitting
    here way too long; time
    NOW to ‘get AWAY’
    and practice
    I preach!..;)

    Trance in song and dance
    and poetry too; is a way for me
    in stellar creative consciousness as
    so below
    and beyond…

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    It depends on where one lives; whether or not Americans take the ‘Hannity Show’ seriously; the show itself only gets several million views out of a population of adults at around 188 million or so in the U.S.; if my memory serves me correct on the estimation of that demographic statistic, in the U.S.

    The Fox Network sadly enough is the standard of public TV on all the time in most restaurants and military facilities, in my extremely patriarchal red state, Christian fundie locality; one has to go to a Chinese restaurant to see CNN.

    I don’t watch TV anymore; and let it go in one ear and out the other at the military gym. I spend around three hours three times a week at. And thank goodness in restaurants they just have closed caption on; so I don’t even have to let it go in one ear and out the other.

    There is a time I cannot not block environmental details like that out, per failing sensory integration; and that was a pain in the butt at the military gym, as the whole dam Fox Network is about divide and conquer against any possible unity for the United States; and it is obviously scripted by and for commercial interests.

    Negativity like that just plain s***S; and is only good for miserable people to share their misery about life with. Yeah, misery loves company; and Fox is just the company for misery that fills the needs of miserable people to bond over complaining about anything and everything in life.

    Anyway, I quit watching TV seven and a half years ago due to illness, and not being able to effectively use my eyes and ears; regained the ability to watch and hear TV at the end of July 2013; but never go back to TV Land, and truly haven’t missed it at all; my life is much better outputting ‘stuff’ than inputting garbage on TV.

    Imagination, Creativity and Moving grows a mind and body in balance;

    where a steady diet of input makes a mind and body out of balance

    a vegetable or suitable to eat or live as death for Zombies..;)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

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