Terminating Ghost Town of heArt

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Human is evolved to discriminate against the different in both positive and negative ways.. the price of existence is hard.. freedom is even harder.. even in so-called free places.. unfortunately or fortunately depending on how one looks at it.. some folks are born close-minded to tolerating and accepting differences and others are born open-minded in embracing differences in fascination of human diversity…

So we live on and take the best of what is.. as is.. hoping with faith and belief that a better now..
is possible for those who keep trying.. and yes.. reaching out for ways of tolerance and acceptance for Unconditional Tough Love.. truly the best friends are as us as i and we.. when Allah sings a song of Love with US…

So yes.. the road of Love can be a lonely Ghost Road of isolation at times.. but truly there is a greater Force of Allah’s Love gifted in human heArts rising above the lower levels of hate and discontent.. expressing positive spiRit.. as soUl becomes regulated in emotions and senses integrated in experiences of moving life over the course of LIFE like a Golden Spiral of Human…

A journey it is.. some of US arriving in NOW before some others.. but never the less.. never too late.. to try a path that works that Yes.. can be a lonely heart’s club breath with Allah Allone.. eventually in Love.. with greaTEST Life as we and i and US..:)

But meanwhile the haters will hate..
as always do.. in the freest of

Yes.. you are far from alone
in your human challenges
at home and far
in hearts that
seek to cry
with eyes

Haha! on my tombstone

they can put in quotes:

“He was quotable”

Smiles.. that’s a nice compliment dear..
and i am praying for your Chemistry test
to be a straight A.. as noted on my blog too..:)

But anyway.. what i really hope they put on my
tombstone is:

“He lived outside the box”

And that is gonna happen as i plan on being cremated..
ashes are good enough.. for a life lived in eyes of Allah..:)


We live in a country where an African American

with a Muslim Middle name of Hussein

can become President.

The United States Supreme Court recently passes judgement
on a federal requirement that Homosexuals must
be allowed civil unions of marriage, in ALL 50 states.

The American Dream is

finally becoming truly free,
as more than likely we will

embrace our first female president at the
beginning of next year as well,

per Hillary Clinton; as she has the
Political experience and clout while most everyone else is disagreeing
with each other battling in the background of political indecisiveness.

Now is the time more than ever to embrace American Freedoms
and the greatest of those freedoms is the right to practice one’s
choice of religion ranging from

Atheism to Pantheism and all between.

Some of the most loving unconditionally loving people
I have ever known in my life are Muslim females.

I judge a religion by the love of those who follow the religion I meet in life.

Islam must be a more beautiful religion than Christianity as those kind of
loving people who truly put GOD above materialism live no
where here in the U.S.A. that I come across;
in fact, I have to go to Pakistan
to truly find someone
to accept
all I am,
as a loving
friend in GOD.

So in other words, the haters are always gonna hate the different among us,
whether that means a covered head; or queer way of walking,
or an androgynous child gifted with a unique in between
beauty that not many other people share;
and no, it’s not just my opinion it is
evidenced in science that some
folks are born close-minded
to differences among others
and some folks are born open-minded
in tolerance, acceptance, and embracing human diversity;
as well as change in exploring imagination and creative ways of
doing stuff in life; the free among us must fight to remain free and exploring
life’s greatest mysteries; but we must not change to appease the haters among us
as when we do that; we too become haters of spirit who refuse to accept the different among us..:)


And ‘that’ is the way it is for the most
creative among us.. a flow that comes
from beyond what normal folks describe
as human consciousness.. a trance like
state of euphoria.. in what can reasonably
be described as divine union with beyond
what most humans even dream
about in
And the fact is
for folks who never experience
this.. it might as well be described as
supernatural for them as it is
most definitely above tHeir
current human potential
and abilities all
natural as is…

So yes.. ahA! some folks experience
more of the natural or super-natural
than others do in the lower
levels of human potential
exercised to the
greaTeSt of all
in creativity
MOST PEOPLE experience
as natural.. so yes.. Imagination
and Creativity expressed in human
emotions of heart of deeper soul as spirit..
is a supernatural way of life in metaphor of fuller
AKA more
of GOD.

Rarely does one
ever come across a
dedicated fully
Atheist in Hollywood;
that’s not surprising
at all to me; and that’s
not even saying that
close to all the folks
in Hollywood ever
attain this
of mind
in greater
human potential.







31 years of Terminator..

hard to believe the first movie actually comes out in 1984..

and T2..  the sequel..  in 1991.. is my first introduction to surround sound..

with the deep bass surrounding my living room at that time.. in truly thundering action beat sound.. an amazing first experience of home special effects.. where the audio becomes like one is in the environment of the actual movie…

I do not have effective use of my eyes and ears when the third movie comes out in 2009.. and never see “Terminator Salvation”..

but it just will not be the same anyway.. without Arnold and his old saying “I’ll be back”.. which he tries to convince the directing crew to change to

“I will be back”.. as his native Austrian tongue of language makes it almost impossible for him to articulate the contraction.. “I’LL”..

But anyway.. as age comes for me..

my body grows

squarer in musculature..

like Arnold.. at 230LBS..

and I am no longer a runner..

but a must be fighter to stand my ground..

with martial arts.. just as a fearless confidence builder..

as we are human animals after all.. who will be naturally anxious..

if we are not confident to defend ourselves against predator and prey.. naturally in our own skin…

But if one can imagine Arnold doing Ballet.. which he actually does take lessons for to increase his grace in

body building poses..

it will be quite hilarious.. no matter how graceful the Terminator is..

to watch him do a ballet-like dance in the movie..

so maybe we can see that in the coming sequel

of the Terminator Five installment..

if Arnold is still around until then..

as Governor of California..

and all of that..

but yeah..

probably his last active role

as the Terminator.. i suppose..

But anyway.. i love the

dry humor

of the Terminator..

and sure enough ‘I’ll be back”..

comes again into tonight’s 4th installment..

fast moving.. yes.. predictable.. but still nostalgia for me..

for 31 years of “I’ll be back”.. with Arnold continuing

to deliver on his promise..

and even more surprising to me..

is me.. coming back.. after five years of dead zone..

not imaginable by most folks.. living this life.. now..

So yeah.. “I AM Back”.. once again too..

with my smiley face of ballet and martial arts dance..

after doing it for around 5 miles at Super-Walmart.. tonight..

there is no inspiring joy like dance for me.. and yes..

it is certainly written all over my face..

even with my “Terminator Shades ON”..


And yes.. dance changes me from Terminator

to joyous dancing dude in the

aisles of Super-Walmart..

And my song of choice

to dance with

!all night long!









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2 Responses to Terminating Ghost Town of heArt

  1. Re: Hi… I’m Back

    Ah.. yes.. Peter Gabriel and his senior video.. i believe released in October 2005.. that will make him precisely 55 like me.. as he is 10 years total my senior.. born in 1950.

    And this video brings back fond memories for me back in 1986.. a poor yet happy young man to get his first credit card and purchase
    my first used console TV with fading color.. as before that all I have is a black and white TV.. Albeit a color TV at age 16..at home with mother.. until it blows up in smoke a few years later.. and in 2006.. living with a girlfriend with her two children in a wasting away trailer.. oh do i know.. what it feels like to be poor.. and grasping at straws of modern luxury and comfort…

    And ah.. Peter Gabriel.. such a humanitarian.. bringing the score of the movie the last Temptation.. rightly depicting Jesus as an historical man rather than an ONLY SON OF GOD to the dismay of all the Christian Fundie sheep.. in my metro super-red-state locality.

    Yes.. i shed my frigging skin and pound the truth of freedom IN dance into my STILL FUNDIE LOCALITY at Super-Walmart to the grins of children and GENERAL dismay of ignoring older folks who think I’m fuc8ing crazy.. while I smile and grin inside with my ‘Terminator’ look on the outside.. as big as a Universe.. with truly starry eyes on skin.. instead of ‘normal’ human clothed and hidden cultural skin.. gaining connection to all.. instead of hiding away in a cave of human lies.. IN skin that refuses to see the simple truth of bliss IN Truth connecting existence.. when one is finished foraging food for the day.. coming back to the campfire to dance naked and free under moonlight nights of embeRing campFire ecstasy with others of the tribe.. holding skin together.. as one force of humanity starry eyes twinkling freedom..

    Well yeah.. with the exception of rave dancing every Thursday Night.. i am a tribe of one.. at Super-Walmart.. except for the little
    children who i do inspire to twirl around Walmart the rest of the night.. and harder for parents to say no.. after the ‘Terminator’..
    just does it for an hour or two.. in the biggest middle aisle.. like a frigging ballerina on crack…

    Few there may ever know my REAL name.. but chances are they will not forget the dancing dude
    in red state Fundie-land until their dying day.. gasping their last breath.. finAlly realizing

    hey.. I could have danced..

    why did NOT.. I dance..

    now I understand.. WHY

    the dancing ‘Terminator’
    looking dude at

    Super Walmart.. DANCES LIKE HE DOES..

    (as yeah.. i’ll probably still be dancing..
    when ‘they’ are dying with last breath)

    I am fortunate.. i already die in life..
    for five whole years with a pain
    medically assessed as worse
    than real crucifixion.. not
    not just death..

    how blessed i am NOW
    by the FORCE as IS.. NOW

    FOR THIS great gift of pain..
    misery.. and suffering
    worse than

    to become
    a real

    of life..:)

    The REAL job of JOB
    is convincing other
    folks that heaven
    is reAlly

    But hey.. the so-called
    REAL Gnostic Jesus can’t
    convince folks about that
    2K years or so ago in words..
    so that is why i say fU8k words
    and used the oldest and greaTest
    language of all to minister my message
    of bliss.. in the heaven of now.. DANCE ON…

    Anyway.. Leah.. thanks for the morning cup
    of inspiration.. with this will be the blog post
    of the day.. and last night i am hoping for an
    inspiration to say

    HAHA! THAT makes you
    princess Leah.. and speaking
    of princesses.. Shakira doesn’t
    quite put the ‘intellect’ and
    ‘deep’ ways of ‘speaking’
    into her music
    like Peter
    Gabriel.. AND YOU..
    BUTT.. with HIPS
    she too definitely
    knows how to take
    her skin off and JUST
    FLOW in dance
    with the
    as is

    Biggest Smiles;

    Your friend,

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