Monsoon tears



pouring as ocean blues
bring lighting floods of Love in eyes
that dream like water..Oh tears
Monsoon floods reign too above
below Seagull’s wings fly high
low as flow in all of this
as they know now
is no
of soul
tears soar as Love








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34 Responses to Monsoon tears

  1. Monsoon is a lot like tears.. A lot.

    • Ah.. the word Monsoon is used so much in commercial ways to describe something awesome and all encompassing.. powerful.. and life changing.. i choose to turn the dark into light and what better way to do that.. than to make a Monsoon of Love.. and the full version of this.. much more comprehensive in scope.. visual and sonic imagery.. as well as in Monsoon of poetic expressions.. will come around midnight on wee hours of Thursday morning.. and perhaps a shorter one.. of different.. to meet that prompt.. will come for dVerse again.. on Thursday Night .. if i have time then.. to meet that prompt in a much shorter way.. but for now the song goes on.. from my heARt.. wherever ‘she’ and ‘he’ may want to flow as one force with a Monsoon LOVE THAT i for one feel for NOW.. smiles.. thanks for dropping by.. and hope your nows continue to be.. extraordinary.. as well..:)

  2. X says:

    And it is in the shape of a cup,
    perhaps to catch a bit of the water or tears.
    Those tears can def relieve the weight
    and give you the lightness of a gull
    on the winds.

    I would so love to fly like a bird,
    with wings – not like Superman,
    would be cool to feel the currents
    through your feathers.

    • Oh the Archetype of the human cup.. starting with the cup shape of two palms faced toward the heavens collecting life giving water in any collection point for basic survival for humans for thousands and thousands of years..

      Oh Goodness.. it is no wonder the archetype of cups/chalice in Tarot Cards stands next to swords..pentacles.. and wands.. as symbolic meaning for Love.. Intuition.. Happiness.. Psychic abilities.. Emotions.. and overall Spirituality that encompasses the whole of the before mentioned 5 for 6 magical ways of life..

      And the amazing thing as mentioned before in another comment with you.. these shapes come on their own.. all intuitively without planning from me.. and the chalice is a common one as well as pyramids shapes of up or down triangles as well.. where the cup shape is often associated with Love words of mine.. and pyramids with action.. and bells too.. for messages..

      tHere is a much greater force that lives within me than conscious mind and yes.. it is GOD.. and the more we practice our ‘eyes’ of God the greater they grow in connection with GOD within.. outside.. above so below.. and all around us.. as truly a magical force of life..

      NO less than a myth of fairy dust or a white unicorn with horn.. my atheists friends will scoff at metaphors like this.. but there is no science that can touch the power of God that lives within me with no little steps of a scientific method alone..

      AS I AM A NON-REPEATABLE SECOND FOR EACH LETTER AND WORD THAT COMES.. as they are not analytically controlled by conscious mind.. so yeah.. automatic typing here she comes..

      And my grandmother in her eighties did it by pen in the lucid dreaming state of mind known as theta wave way between waking and sleeping in twilight time of now.. with many predictions of life that still are coming true..

      No published poet is she.. but the source and FORCE OF GOD IS GREAT IN HER.. in her Cherokee roots as well as her husband’s grandfather’s full blooded Sioux roots as well.. that come to me.. in my ancestral blood.. as a ‘ghost dancer’ myself…

      Ancestral blood is a real deal.. and most all of us share these greater human potentials.. but as soon as one scoffs at greater ‘magical’ human potential the DOOR SLAMS SHUT IN THEIR FACE..

      And they will never try or feel bliss in the feathers of my skin from head to toe… as i float on terrestrial land and become not just the water as Bruce Lee recommends.. but frigging air itself…:)

      If I can develop a pill that will equal how i feel when i do that.. i will be rich enough to feed the poor forevermorenow.. but.. the naysayers live in a tiny hole of a needle and i am the biggest camel they can imagine that fits through that is invisible to them..

      So yeah.. i am the invisible man.. and that calls for a little celebration to celebrate the way i experience life from Freddie Mercury that only the young can even see in the aisles of Super-Walmart.. or the Rave Dance halls of younger adults asking me what i am on.. with a mouth watering look of OH GOD PLEASE CAN I HAVE SOME..


      I CAN SHOW THEM THE ACTION.. BUT THEY CAN ONLY FIND THE POWER IN THEMSELVES AND PRACTICE IT TO EVER feel what i feel after spending literally 40 to 80 hours a week for two years practicing the art of song.. dance.. and free verse poetry.. as a way of life now for almost two years.. in the end of July this year..

      And being cured with 19 medical disorders in at least remission.. as my covenant with God continues on now.. to share it all with the world.. whether anyone wants to listen to it or not.. in practice of the task assigned me from within.. with eyes of GOD.. powering me all now..:)

      Thanks for the visit X.. i feel a strong force of God within you.. and that’s


      If enough people are reborn again like this.. with UTL Unconditional TOUGH Love for ALL OF CREATION .. Sky is not the limit.. Space is not the limit.. as LOVE has no limits.. as eyes of


      Have a great now.. friend..always..:)



    Oh.. i love the rain.. and in North Florida.. just yesterday i captured a photo of the beginnings of a truly incredible Thunderstorm with a power of rain and wind that stopped a low profile Honda Civic on a bridge.. with winds strong enough to feel the car trying to ‘sway’ off the bridge.. branches of trees everywhere reminiscent of stronger hurricanes.. but the rain and thunder and knee deep water is certainly not something that is rare in North Florida in the Summer days of extreme heat and humidity..:)

    Anyway.. off to stores.. with wife duties today.. dance walking.. and picking corn and peas at a relative’s farm.. disconnecting from the hive of Internet for a while and will be back to read and comment on all.. as this is a great prompt to describe the human condition and interconnecting relationship with the rains of Nature overall from sprinkles to the heaviest monsoon of tears.. in my case today..

    And.. only time for a short jaunt of 52 words in chalice way.. two photos including the beginnings of yesterday’s short monsoon.. and the gulls that fly through the greatest of storms with ease.. and confidence in a rainbow new day.. oh and a song too.. as life is a song to me.. always now.. along with poetry and dance of course.. as me.. smiles..:)

    My real Monsoon of poetry will follow the next day in full rains of words and feelings.. and many more images of poetic photos to accompany that as well.. totally separate from today’s effort.. as well..:)

    Today.. now.. and here.. is the inspiration for THAT.. smiles..:)

  4. claudia says:

    monsoon tears and the bird’s flight – what a moving image that is

    • Hi Claudia.. yes.. truly.. the water.. the rain..the air.. the earth.. the fire of life in passion lives in me.. moving through these words as well.. thanks for coming by.. and i hope your nows are all now seriously enjoyable.. with smiles..:)

  5. tamekamullins says:

    The images, words and music all bring this to a lovely place. It makes me wonder what birds think of the rain. Is it as magical to them as it is to us?

    • Ah.. i believe all animal life.. and in some cases human life.. is what humans might describe as metaphor with the world magical all the time.. as to live.. now without the worries that comes from human abstract language.. collective intelligence.. and complex cultures.. can be nothing less than heaven in now.. and as water is life giving force to all animals.. with us comprised of around 90% of it.. ourselves.. it is not only magical to birds and all other creatures.. it is a way of life.. to be with water and live.. and no wonder 90% of all human populations live within 10 miles of a substantial geographic body of water to survive alive.. and hydrated as cool.. smiles.. and glad you come to a lovely place with this.. and hope your nows are as lovely too..:)

  6. Truedessa says:

    Wow, I wasn’t sure I was at the right place..this has to be your shortest post..I am smiling here as you know I enjoy reading your words. that dream like water…I can relate to that ..the water of tears..

    • Thanks Truedessa.. and in sharing with dVerse this ranks second shortest with 50 words as the shortest.. and one for 66 words above this one.. as well.. but OH GOD yes.. they do grow up to 11,135 words in poetic expression itself.. as well as over 16K words in one blog post.. including comments too.. actually shared with dVerse.. with the longest actual poetic expression weighing in at around 8.5K words or so.. the 11K post is too heavy to post on Facebook.. so it lives here still.. all alone.. in blogosphere land.. along with several other 7, 8, and 9K posts in a creative explosion from me.. starting this spring.. and i go with it.. as i know what a 40 year drought of creativity feels like from age 13 to 53.. it is a gift that i will not relinquish.. by my control for sure.. in long or short and the shortest poetic expression of mine is in one word Palindromes like this:


      or self descriptive word STUFF like my recent:


      Yes.. i have a huge head.. a very tall forehead..
      and lots of stuff comes out of it..
      as that’s what big brains
      do.. hehe..!..:)

      But most of all.. I’M always fascinated
      by Dinosaurs.. but no.. not my wife..
      i will be watching Jurassic Park
      World all by myself..
      and that’s okay..
      as i for one
      am allone
      and never

  7. kanzensakura says:

    I once saw birds playing in the rain….hopping about, fluttering their wings. Amazing. The pic of the sky is ominous and I can well imagine rain tears coming from such. Good work here. Concise and full of meaning.

    • Ah.. yes birds are amazing playful creatures.. with a long history of that coming from their reptile ancestors.. the dinosaurs.. i have great respect for birds.. as they definitely both know how to be free in flight.. as well as be an ultimate survivor..:)

      Thanks for stopping by.. and be by your place a little later as i start my poetic expressions in response to each poem posted at dVerse in sequential order.. if i can stay awake long enough for that tonight.. otherwise.. like the Terminator says I’ll be back.. and i’m tired of the same old phrases.. so who knows.. i may create more.. before the night or morrow runs out.. to do this imaginatively and creatively.. as that comes for me.. now..then..:)

  8. DELL CLOVER says:

    Ohhhh, this is a heart-grabber.

  9. rosross says:

    Rain is tears of love and never more so than with monsoon.

    • So true rosross.. both literally in life giving rains.. and metaphorically in life giving emotional tears that soothe us into positive action in the darkest nows.. to let the monsoon flow.. not holding back with dams of damning fears over weakness is to grow stronger than the weakest of Grinch heArts to the greaTEST LOVE of UNCONDITIONAL TOUGH LOVE THAT IS ALL THAT IS same as metaphor for God.. AND the song and beat of the DANCE! OF Unconditional Tough Love goes on as reality nowoneforevermorenow.. WITH smiles.. AND WINKS.. as a Sacred Fool grows to tell A Truth..:)

      And yes.. NOW i am a fool.. and take great
      deLIGHT in ART of FOOL.. as
      Crazy as a Fox..
      and ‘What Does the
      Fox Say..

      Prey Tale..;)

      We live in a day and age where the Art of Fool is a largely forgotten human ART and Archetype but the fools of culture live large.. and two of my favorites are Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus.. two highly enlightened human beings who are not afraid at all to be a greaTEST FOOL FOR GOD.. SO YEAH.. in a way we are each other’s mentors unknown to each other.. as it is human archetype.. all natural from the Omega Wolf to ‘US’.. and ‘WE’ still exist.. for those who understand ‘US’..;)

      The bottom line is ‘WE’ show folks possibilities beyond closed doors of imagination.. for human bliss.. and new paths out of cultural prisons of fear.. judgement.. and shame for being human.. and our GOD is as Large as the Flower of the Universe.. and BEYOND that has no name but living NOW.. as Nature evolves us in TRUTH OF UNCONDITIONAL TOUGHT LOVE TO BE.. FOR NOW.. wITh
      smiles and winks of course..
      and thanks for dropping by..
      i love to give more
      than to receive..
      as well.. obviously..
      as tRuly what WE give
      is always what WE take with US..:)

      People have labeled me as clown since middle school and i take greaTEST DELIGHT IN MY SOCIAL ROLE NOW that i understand it is not from human alone.. it is divinely inspired by the God of Nature as divine is as real as the tale of

      But.. I am accompanied

      by a yellow cat instead..

      with no worries..;)



    So true.. unnamed lives in patterns creasing skin.. cob webs..
    starry constellations.. rivers veins.. sunflowers..
    nautilus shells.. spiraling galaxies..
    a fetus.. a curling cat
    all the same in
    golden mean
    spiral of 1.618..
    human reflecting
    illustrating pyramids
    reaching out perfection
    of symmetry

    Unnamed lives in our blood
    living on through all now..
    from dark to i now
    light to dark
    as now..
    are we
    to live
    as now..
    no one naming
    we as

  11. billgncs says:

    you get those crazy rains in Fla don’t you. As close to the monsoon as we get in the states.

    • Oh yes.. we do Bill.. sometimes the Thunderstorms can inflict more damage than a regular hurricane as well.. in North Florida.. particularly in one instance where hail associated.. is big as softballs.. last decade.. around the time of Ivan and Katrina..

      But anyway.. THEY are awesome and beautiful as well thunderous in sound and well lighting.. so many fantastic displays of lightening.. particularly across the night skies of July.. that is as close to monsoon month that we do get here in North West Florida…

      And yes.. the grass can grow grey wilting.. to flourishing green in few hours.. of the most severe of down pour rains..:)

  12. Oh.. a desert of words.. devoid in colors of deeper emotions..
    living death of humans words.. ah.. hues of words gaining depth
    in shades of life.. words come alive with human eyes..
    bright and no longer dead in life..
    Monsoon emotions reborn.. alive..
    Endless Love..Word..:)

    Ah.. Monsoon of change always inspiring
    by first drop of human sweat.. tears.. and blood..
    to fire a storm.. holding back arms of folding close and same..
    when flood gates open.. rains of more do come..
    water holding hands together..
    change of Monsoon is season now..:)

    Angel of rain.. comes clean with ever no ulterior motive..
    washing away eyes of dirt.. cleansing earth.. from deserts..
    powerful mover.. shaker.. life giver.. taker.. Monsoon Angel
    and Devil as one.. all natural comes.. in Monsoon change..
    Angel and Devil reigns.. as one force Monsoon..:)

    Ghosts rains.. past shadow.. quietly..
    in drops of eyes.. respite from steaming
    Summer scorch.. rains soothe.. Monsoon memory waiting ’round
    drops of yesteryears.. living still.. rains past shadow..:)

    Black hole emergency room.. rain not easily escaping..
    parching throats of Love.. anticipating worst.. or best..
    in prayers.. of living now..
    sunlit eyes peak through..
    tear love sharing strangers..
    never meeting on sidewalk streets..
    love lives on in death.. death mends love..
    for those who love life and death…
    as marrying partners of now…
    Monsoon death equally
    ruling Monsoon life..:)

    Ah.. grief.. a rain with no rules
    inside.. oh.. grief.. a rule of showing
    outside.. but grief.. a way of
    living Monsoon sadness
    to each as own..
    a heArt

    A never land..
    drips and drops..
    single travels splash
    in swirling moisture flow..
    oh change.. ah change.. is in the air..
    a drop of life
    is all
    takes as Monsoon
    grows in

    Never a stranger to earth.. for so many
    years until humans erase stranger’s
    existence from the face of earth..
    stranger still lives in mountain
    streams.. in drops of coming
    rain and Monsoon floods..
    all around this stranger
    lives.. with never judgement
    against what this stranger is..
    ah.. to live with this stranger is
    much easier than living against
    the stranger that is i and us and
    we and them.. all together as one
    unnamed before
    the stranger of God
    named human plants
    a seed of

    Ah.. the world waits for saviors.. creates super heroes by the dozen
    for our perusal.. oh.. but each human is a drop of Monsoon Love
    just waiting to explode as seed of living
    naked human life..
    no longer clothed
    by illusions of shame..
    guilt.. regret.. over what we
    are as simple
    strong we are together
    locked in arms of warmth..
    weak we are
    in seeds
    that never
    We Love as
    we fall
    Monsoon Love..:)

    A Monsoon of Love at 2 o’ CLOCK
    angle can be straight A
    aiming squarely AT
    moon.. moan.. Soon..
    or not.. 2 o’ Clock
    is great
    the exam..

    Stark reality of Nature’s Love
    has no limits of building human..
    Love pours down in ways of
    Love far beyond an
    ant of mound..:)

    So many Universes exist in clouds
    of grey.. heaviest rains of Monsoon
    pour.. eyes of love live naked
    in eyes of i’s.. where Love is
    a dream come true
    with floods of
    rain or

    Rains with eyes of forever.. same intent.. same desire
    ever wet with love for all.. oh.. to imply that
    rains are less than Love.. no matter
    how forceful.. soft.. or long
    they fall.. is never to
    know nature
    Evil hurricanes
    or Monsoons
    or puddles of
    nasty mud
    only exist
    in human

    To live with Nature without clothes
    of culture is to know better
    the strength and warmth
    of human heArt.. lighting
    soul.. spirit of strength..
    warmth of arms
    of covered
    Truest human
    Monsoon challenge
    is human

    Storms of eyes tell forever stories
    of heARt.. where waves crash
    high and low.. in Monsoon
    Anger and Passionate
    Love.. Waves of
    emotion go
    on for
    those still
    with lighted
    beacon eyes..:)

    Yes.. Love a strong and
    everlasting storm of rain
    in emotional pelts of delight..
    or a quick change of season
    from Love to Hate.. a multi-purpose
    storm Love makes.. only eyes of Love
    take Love
    in directions
    it takes.. in
    Monsoon Love or

    Drops of words start Monsoon wars.. and smaller
    floods of guns often lead to words.. a stormy cycle of
    forever it seems.. is war.. a Monsoon that
    one day will hopefully hide its
    face and flesh and blood
    toll of the
    heart.. soul..
    And Spirit of Human Truth..:)

    Ah.. yes.. the Monsoon of Nature is out tHere..
    just waiting to hold more than hands..
    if we taste it and pour under
    it we can become
    soaked in
    oneness with All..:)

    i suppose if everyone is exposed to the same
    fears in life.. of Nature’s power and awesome
    story of giving and taking life.. perhaps
    there will be more harmonious
    relations in the gift of love..
    when necessary for
    masses to
    together to
    stay alive..:)

    Yes.. a Monsoon of Love
    comes from years of holding back..
    Love grows in drops of waiting distance..:)

    A Monsoon of Love lives
    in and out of the
    arms of sweat
    and taste
    of Life..:)

    Oh.. to get lost in the Monsoon rains of being..
    a long season to wade in streams of now..
    never an escape.. never an entrance..
    rain goes on in love of Life..:)

    Nature creates and awaits Balance
    in happy families of Earthquakes
    Meteors.. Comets.. Tsunamis
    Volcanos.. Hurricanes and
    wettest giving life force
    of all the distributor
    of wealth of
    Love in
    Monsoon of

    Ah.. yes.. the balance of Nature’s requite from
    harsh sun and desert floors to massive
    rains Of Monsoon girth..
    To find that balance in
    us.. is to also
    be the
    of Nature
    within Us.. outside..
    as above.. so below..
    all around Us.. is Nature
    and Us.. for those who Flow
    in Nature’s Practice of Balance..:)

  13. Candy says:

    ….. lightening floods of Love ….. this is so lovely including the shape

    • Hi Candy… thanks so much for dropping by with those kind words of appreciation for what i do here.. with Monsoons of Tears.. and hope you are having a Monsoon of a good time in now as well.. friend..:)

  14. Imagination.. Dream of creativity coming in paper dolls of Sun and Rain.. Rain.. Dreams of
    Sun.. Stars.. Galaxies.. Super Novas.. and so much more.. for Rain seeding Life to Organic
    SoUls.. in flight of heArt in Emotional and Sensory SpiRit.. bringing
    feeling finAlly to whole Imaginative Creative View
    of Dreams finAlly
    as Life..:)

  15. Kiss your Baby Goodbye

    Hoses.. wires.. PASTED bandages..
    painFuLL deep brown eyes.. blood stained skin..
    an ominous pasted on notice in front of crib bed
    No way to breathe.. born without sinus passages..
    Transposition of great blood vessels.. open heart surgery
    required on 30 day born heart.. no immune system.. extra digits
    for six on each hand.. with two thumbs instead of one.. respectively…

    It is the day of the open heart surgery.. surgeon in his sixties.. huge hands
    tell me at 37.. don’t worry it’s just like when your grandfather gets a bypass..

    and the the nurses say don’t worry you are still young there is plenty of time
    for more children.. your wife is beautiful.. you will have beautiful children to come..

    Baby is wheeled toward operating room.. surgeon says.. kiss your baby goodbye..
    So wife and i bend down.. and after 30 days at the hospital are shell shocked for
    whatever comes next.. father sits beside me in waiting room.. and offers advice..

    Son make sure you raise him as a man…

    My mother didn’t do a good enough job for him…

    he bails after 3 years.. when my mother doesn’t work..

    Oh.. the values we place on humanity.. gender roles

    here or there.. a do or die proposition of static

    roles for patriarchal minds of being..

    I sit back quietly at this point

    and almost giggle

    at a reality


    strange as this…

    And truly feel sorry for my

    father who thinks raising a boy is

    all about being him.. baby survives the

    surgery and as really expected from birth by

    doctors and nurses.. veterans of this show..

    passes away in my arms.. not afraid

    to cry.. i call my father.. and he just

    says oh no.. i don’t wanna

    here any bad


    A 500 mile trip back home..

    ashes will be sent in cardboard box

    by postal service.. the lesson of life is..

    how lucky i am just to be a human

    alive for now.. never ever will

    i doubt my blessings

    in life again..

    and truly a lesson

    i need for five years..

    10 and a half years later

    at the start of my challenge

    of JOB.. but i have the blessing

    of knowing my son survived much

    worse.. with never a smile.. never

    a laugh.. and only pain for

    51 days.. and yes..

    more than

    likely he




  16. sreejaharikrishnan says:

    So beautiful…..awesome pics…

  17. Ah.. the light and rain of love lives on through the worst of storms of darkness.. rainbow of humanity shines through.. in greaTEST of
    Monsoon LOVE..:)

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