Red Blue and Black Spidermen


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The Catholic Church is growing
eyes of wisdom; and leadership can
flow from the top in Climate Change
remedies for continuing survival,
as well in balance of
human nature,
the rest of Nature

A far cry from days of EVIL Hurricanes;
instead, a true revelation of Nature in Climate Change;

Oh, if only the First Baptist Church can follow;
but solidarity at the top of the largest Christian
church of all; can be a direction to take the
world whole perhaps one day in a
true Catholic Church of Nature;

instead of human
dominating alone..:)

But yeah; Francis
is a Saint come
before that knows
Nature as one and
whole with GOD..:)

The Catholic church, other than
a few old myths rehashed, is coming ON
Strong into the 21st Century as a wave of LOVE
for all and hopefully all the considered lesser, including
homosexuals, one now soon as well;
as Nature grows one set of eyes of
ONE GOD for ALL..:)

Anyway, I have not missed a service since September of 2013,
my old Tennis Buddy, Monsignor Mike sings a message of LOVING
HOPE from the pulpit; and will neither tolerate deacons with
songs of Evil Hurricanes or comparing Evil Hurricanes to
Homosexual ACTS and Single Mother potential of raising
loving children; science mixed with Kindness of Love
and Courage in human nature sOul of heArt of
emotion expressed as spiRit is a REAL WAY
the most powerful
force of human
nature granted


Ah.. yes.. to fly on terrestrial land.. in balance of feet.. legs.. arms.. hands.. torso.. and hips.. is close to the flight of the Seagull in air.. as well.. with patterns of shore when dancing on sands of beaches that echo the waves coming ashore.. and leaving as well.. in golden spiral PHI mean.. 1.618..:)

AS above so below..
the connections
are endless..
the reality
is Truth in


“That’s” a fact, OVERALL, and as a person who lives in the deep south in a red state area now can tell ya; in work, school, church or play; one of the best ways to get ‘voted off the Island’ is to start voicing dissent about the hate against gays, poor MENTALLY ILL panhandlers, wars, tax cuts, business rights, expanding social welfare; BUT overall, other than mental illness, disabilities are considered off the table of dissent at work, school, church and play;


in the corners of ‘red neck’ play land almost every place one goes.

I guess ’cause I look like a ‘tough white dude’,

another so-called ‘tough white dude’ comes up

to me in line, waiting to go dance, last week,

just to tell me the old black joke about

why Stevie Wonder can’t read;

’cause he is black’.

I assessed this dude’s IQ at

well below Stevie Wonder’s IQ;

he didn’t have a clue; as my response

befuddled him and went right over his head.

I do the same thing at the

First Baptist of up North, in the county,

family ‘holy’ get togethers with conservative

Republican Fundie, in-law associated folks,

when they make fun of blacks, poor mentally ill

panhandler ‘type’ folks, and do ‘homophobie’ ‘type’ stuff.

Wit conquers ignorance every now,

at least in the ‘shallow’

Republican Red State South.

But again; ON the table for the other stuff,

particularly at work, if ya wanna keep your job and be promoted.

And no; it’s a good ole’ boys closed-door policy thingy; the law doesn’t do MUCH OF A thing to help behind closed ‘boardroom’ doors. The laws of tribalism and shared beliefs rule the same as they do throughout human history.

And as ‘Ted Talk’ shows this Conservative opposing Liberal leaning thingy, goes far beyond just culture; it is an innate issue per more open minded folks who are not as averse to new experiences and DIFFERENT VS more closed-minded folks who are more closed to new experiences, including different.

Black folks=much darker pigment of skin when they arrive as slaves WITH a much different indigenous culture.

White folks of the conservative leaning pre-disposition, back then, still go,

Meanwhile, open-minded folks can see theses folks are fully human;
just a little more ‘tan’, with a much different indigenous culture.

There are going to be racists and discrimination,
in general, as long as there is different
and conservative thinking
minds that are not open

THAT’S just part of human nature and

PART OF WHY there are laws to control that;

as left unfettered, conservative thinking minds will


if given the opportunity, as ‘free’ closed-minded

thinking folks to do just THAT..:)

Anyway; just to prove I am not too ‘estranged’ here

‘in the land’ of ‘same thinking’ folks, here is the proof for THAT..:)

And YES, ‘even’ here, it’s highly predictable of who will or who will not get all bent out of shape when I use NOVEL ways of
communication. There is a 95% rate of Introversion in the huge informal Poll that Fnord starts here; that still holds up in other polls, as well, as my understanding is that poll no longer works; and yes, Introversion is directly related to a spectrum of closed-minded thinking opposed to Novel ways of doing stuff; however that is a generality, and exceptions most definitely do apply.

And generally speaking, this particular environment has not been one, overall, friendly to folks who are truly different; not surprising but ironic in a way; per the meme of Autistic leaning folks thinking differently; well, here at least, they are averse to change, overall; and that at core is a ‘same of thinking’, ironically, AS ‘different way of thinking’, in the extreme of analytical ordered mind that refuses to move outside of established boundaries of doing NOVEL stuff in most areas of life.

There are hands on folks and follow the rule folks; I for one can do both.
And no, I’m not suggesting I am the only one who can ‘DANCE’ that; smiles..:)

Oh and by the way; if Fundie Christians truly ‘feel’ how ‘liberal minded’ God IS
they will likely vote GOD off the ISLAND.

AND in a symbolic way,
‘they’, long ago, do THAT ALREADY.

Oh God; THAT is frigging delicious irony and one that goes straight over ‘their head’, most often,
even if I say it straight to their face; as that is a symptom of the issue as well. Racism is
a symptom of a closed mind; the same kind of closed minds that chopped penises off
of great works of RENAISSANCE CULTURES AS ALL THEY COULD see is the penis
and not the rest of the work of human art. Terrified over a Penis; now that
is truly strange BUT fear that ‘their wives’ might just LIKE
DIFFERENT A LITTLE MORE; and yes, in many cases
they do; and now we have lots of white women
interested in well equipped black
males; and to be clear, equipped
with self-esteem; as black
males have the highest
levels of self-esteem measured
by science, per any other ethnic demographic in the U.S.;
main factors cited are confidence in sexual prowess and ability to
defend oneself in a fight; yes, the protector stereotype and successful
reproducer is still a real innate meme that works in attracting the opposite sex.

But like I said;

at least, OVER

Racism is just a symptom of an ‘inferiority complex’, of
humans who deep down ‘assess’ themselves as lesser,
and wanna get rid of the competition; and this
has been going on as long as Nature aka GOD
has been going
on, as well.

I just sit back and watch
the PREDICTABLE play of life;
as it is ordered and ruled by
Nature AKA

BUT Yeah, I learned my self-esteem lessons
from both my feral cats and
my ‘jock black friends’
back in the real
of survival..:)

No one, no matter how ‘smart’ they think they are in terms
of Standard IQ fools Mother Nature AKA GOD; for those
who ‘think’ they do, there are real nature consequences;
Nature will have ‘her’ way with human nature and the
symptoms of that are directly correlated with
human misery, suffering, and premature
DEATH; AND little boys with big
guns in black churches
who are afraid they
alone are
not enough;
without ‘a
Gun’; and to be clear; ‘Gun’ here used as metaphor for tool extension of human being.
AND are out to prove they are someone; where the black
males just strut by in a confident smooth manner
that ‘says’; I know I am a fearless
male; ‘FU’, if you don’t
like it ’cause on
top of that;
now I am
free and
no longer
‘slave’ to ‘your’

But I for one; have no problems reading body language
or expressing it now that I learn in the real hard knocks of life what it
truly means to be a fearless loving animal of Mother Nature AKA Human;

Yes, ‘I am a black SPIDER man’
in Spirit NOW; and yes,
‘black’ ‘wins’
in ‘that’
SPIRIT WAY’ of life..:)

IT IS no wonder that the new youth of
‘Red Neck Land’ listen to Rap so
much now, to me;
they just wanna
Social Role and
Culture AND
RAP has that..:)

Back to Nature AKA GOD, baby;
proven to work; time and
time, always

And to be clear I have the
Monologue kinda Autism;
I talk long and FOCUSED
when allowed to
express myself

NO Twitter
for me..:)

And yeah; humans have
been a long story telling
oral tradition animal;
long before this
quick byte and bit style
of OMG,
I’m ‘terrified’
and ‘lost’,
to limit
minds even
more in oral tradition
AND INNATE Propensity,
in much greater instinctual
and intuitive potential

And yeah; if GOD has a theme song for Human Nature at core;
it will be ‘this’ song;
and it will terrify
the pants
off of Fundie Christian
‘RED NECK’ folks that tHEIR GOD
is both
in indigenous
LIKE India’s

YES, the irony
is both delicious,
But ‘like’ so-called Jesus









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9 Responses to Red Blue and Black Spidermen


    i write in forms of affirmation supporting myself as change i will as I….

    i learn long ago.. that the only solid support where i live will be me…

    all the time now..:)

    It’s not easy living in the most conservative hometown of them all..
    but on the other hand it is safe and the environment is beautiful…

    The best thing of all is I can speak my opinions fully on the
    Internet without fear for my actual life.. as God knows people
    certainly give their lives for the right to speak their freedoms
    both for other people and with their own life at risk just to
    fully express one’s heart in ways of spirit filled soul…

    But anyway.. i pull few punches in what i do..
    both online and off.. and i sleep very
    soundly at night.. when i feel
    the need to sleep..

    in fact..
    i wake even
    more soundly Alive..
    and most importantly FREE..:)

    That’s the God I do not know Desmond.. however.. as science shows people innately are born more open minded to new experiences and different in general.. and others are born naturally more cautious and close minded to new experiences as well as different.. and in all the animal kingdom about 20% of all animals have inclinations as sitters vs. rovers.. as extremely cautious or in human terms extremely introverted… as sitters vs more extraverted Rovers.. and yes.. in some cases.. ‘Super Rovers’ like me.. haha!..;)

    This innate difference flavors all of life in the same Yin and Yang forces of Nature one sees inside us.. outside us.. above.. so below and all around.. however the key for me is both balance and understanding for a peaceful way of being.. and truly on either end of that spectrum.. it is a matter of ‘them’ truly not knowing what ‘they’ do.. in perceived offense.. as it does not reflect the Universe ‘they’ or ‘them’ perceive as living in…

    So anyway we live in a global world of Yin and Yang.. the west typically more Yang and the East typically more Yin.. and the force of nature that is humans is always working for balance.. wittingly or not.. in all the flavors of blood.. downs and ups.. in pleasure that comes in.. red.. blue.. and black.. and in some cases dark purple that flows into the night of infinity always knowing FEELING now.. as all there is now.. the
    bottom line
    practice of
    and never
    so the games
    go on.. the faces..
    the players.. are different..
    but the life that is real remains
    real.. at least for now.. for those who find it…
    ‘US’ is always the journey.. and yes.. attainable.. IN FREE..:)



    “A culture is a way of life of a group of people–the behaviors, beliefs, values, and symbols that they accept, generally without thinking about them, and that are passed along by communication and imitation from one generation to the next.”

    I think the key here is “accepted behaviors”,

    beliefs, values, and symbols, generally

    without thinking about them”, passed from one generation to the next.

    And truly those are the cultural elements fostered by parents and peers in early age.

    So in that case for some folks there is a culture of Barney the Purple Dinosaur around a decade or so ago.

    And now anything goes; depending on what is the flavor of the moment on electronic devices, and such as that.

    Culture is complicated; so complicated that many people flail helplessly in an ocean of cultural differences without
    ever finding an anchor; and a bonding cohesive human force of culture is necessary for that; a great deal of
    human misery, suffering, and even potential premature death results from that indirectly/directly.

    And that’s why we see white folks rapping with baggy clothes on and so-called ‘red-necks’ in rural
    communities listening to RAP as loud as anyone in the city; the hunt for meaning, purpose,
    common beliefs, values, and symbols go on but the key is in SHARING; when there are
    so many variables of culture and places for individual niche; the sharing in terms
    of numbers can be more possibly found; but much harder to share in flesh
    and blood life; as real culture of old with concrete stuff of solidarity..

    Every which way but loose;
    in terms, of human flesh and blood connection..:)

    Truly, the village is more the culture of human fostered sharing through the ages.
    Now in flesh and blood terms; that culture of village is growing steadily darker/dim;
    and what is left is a collection of nomads some who have paired up with other nomads
    in the search for subsistence across a nation; with a small nuclear family of two; if
    two can hold out in all this stress of cultural chaos together in a ‘unholy’ new
    human experiment that has never fully been tried before, in terms of
    culture passed down from generation to generation in a village
    of common means, goals, purposes, beliefs, values, symbols as LIFE..:)

    Yeah, in this case, romance and marriage
    can be a mechanism for long term survival
    with kids
    NOT, with significant
    others more important
    than ever to retain for basic help to survive..:)

    Yeah, in this case, romance and marriage
    can be a mechanism for long term survival
    with kids
    NOT, with significant
    others more important
    than ever to retain for basic help to survive..:)

    These overall changes in society make it harder than ever for
    conservative leaning minds to survive and thrive in a society that
    is increasingly more nomadic in functionality
    for survival; this is the easiest on the innately
    naturally nomadic mind from birth otherwise
    known as extreme extrovert compared to
    the other end of extreme introvert also
    used as stereotype for Autism;
    that is only partially
    true across the
    full spectrum of

    But anyway, that is why there are so many ‘angry
    middle-age white conservative folks’, as their way
    of life is changing to a place where they do
    NOT feel comfortable; and an online
    community is nothing like a
    flesh and blood one in
    terms of intrinsic
    rewards for reciprocal
    social communication..:)

    NO, it’s not a good age,
    to be on the other end
    of this carrot and stick..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    Finding flow.. current.. stream.. wave.. rain..
    pouring as Monsoon.. in ocean blues..
    bring lighting floods of Love in eyes
    that dream like water.. Oh tears..
    Monsoon floods reign too above
    below Seagull’s wings fly high
    low as flow in all of this
    as they know now..
    is no
    of soul..
    tears soar as Love..:)



    It’s ‘reAlly simple’.
    God comes first.
    Human comes way later on.
    Then humans attempt to describe
    their experience of God through the
    abstract constructed tools of human
    oral Language, etc.
    Eventually, folks
    compare notes
    and that goes on
    here in a myriad of ways.

    I take language out of the equation
    and go back to the beginning of ‘the’

    God Lives and dies and exists NOW as ALL.
    Humans attempt to describe ALL through
    various tools, one of which is science,
    as a very limited tool to scribe GOD
    as science, as the scientific method
    cannot adequately measure and
    repeat the internal experience
    of each unique human that
    perceives ALL AKA GOD
    uniquely as a non-
    human experience
    that changes every
    second over the course
    of a full lifetime.
    The only thing
    that IS
    real IS

    And no one’s
    NOW is the same;
    yet all that difference;
    is still in totality a Fractal pArt
    of ALL AKA the whole
    Interdependent FORCE
    that some folks
    as the
    three letter
    label GOD;
    on the beach and
    is the beach
    and is the
    eyes that
    sees the
    beach above
    so below inside
    outside and all
    and even my
    frigging cat FEELS
    this if he ever gets
    to the beach; but he
    doesn’t need to go;
    as he doesn’t discriminate
    or any
    three letter

    Anyway, GOD will exist
    long after all these ‘little silly
    human words’ go totally away;

    And as usual those who ‘truly
    live’ AKA ‘meek’ will continue
    to inherit
    and ‘beyond’.
    The Dragon Fly and
    the Roach FEEL
    ALL the secrets of
    in JUST DOIN’
    IT NOW and
    Meanwhile, humans
    participate in ‘mental
    masturbation’ while
    sitting still; often
    suffering in misery
    for their own folly
    of just forgetting
    to Just DO IT.
    ‘GOD IS
    OR LESS;
    IT’ ALL

    or not;
    ‘LAUGH’ AT
    ‘as’ a
    ‘heArty laugh’..;)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    The ‘Daily Caller’ like most tabloid Internet rags will take anything out of context to make another Internet penny off of advertisements.

    Rove’s statement about repealing the second amendment is just a rhetorical statement with an easy answer of an obvious no in the U.S. He is just parroting the obvious that everyone who pays attention to what goes in the U.S. knows, is an obvious no.

    Karl Rove loses NOT a smidgen of voicing support for his strong Republican Party line support for guns rights with as little control as possible. After all, if he did NOT, he will no longer be employed by ‘Faux New’, as a mouth-piece correspondent to bring the right-wing hyperbolic news to attempt to divide and conquer through the mighty act of dividing a country instead of unifying it for better STUFF, through limited views of a choir of same thinking ‘sheep’.

    Anyway, the ‘sheep’ of audience sit trancing and dividing, watching all the pretty ‘Faux News’ news girl legs under glass desk tables in black and red dresses that show promising signs of more than just the boring news, and another day
    in hyperbolic division land of propaganda divide and conquer, for the corporate leaders of the REAL SHOW, is the rule..;)

    Oh, the art of news TAKES a downfall to entertainment over substance, since Walter Cronkite leaves the arena in black and white fact of what is fed to him, as well, overall; but at least it Is not orchestrating hyperbole, day in and day out, 24/7, to divide a country.

    But anyway, with so many channels AND SO MUCH to do now away from TV Land, a few million folks who watch it; are just that still; a minority of republican views who can continue to divide and conquer within their own choir of thought; while the rest of the world pays it absolutely no attention.

    And the beat goes on, in the real world and the ‘Faux’ world of news; oh yeah, and the Daily ‘rag’, as well..;)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    After a day now; I find this site is working flawlessly and fast in speed;
    and the features that work are all I really need. It works like a charm.

    Thanks Alex, for your continued volunteer support to make this place
    that so many neurodiverse folks depend on for a connection in life.

    What you do is priceless; and I know you do NOT let the naysayers
    get you down; but never the less, thanks again for all that you do..:)

    Yes, this is a GREAT all encompassing special interest, you develop


    And I learn a lot from what you do here,
    for my own Special Interests..;)

    Keep imagining, keep creating, making Art
    a way of life in all your video productions;
    there is no limit, as long as Art is beyond
    the equations

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  7. In reference to a Facebook post that states that only folks who work in offices can make through their 70’s working full time.


    And these days, BEYOND the world of physical outdoor labor, and such as that; it’s not easy to work in a multi-tasking office of hell either, even for a few decades.

    Stress is cumulative and stress kills; and until the country and the world, in general, gains common sense that humans are flesh and blood and NOT MULTI-TASKING computer zombies; the disability roles will just continue to go up; as humans break down at earlier and earlier ages. It’s just a sign of reality that humans are humans and machines are machines.. 

    And if anyone thinks they cannot break down.

    They haven’t worked hard enough, yet, to FEEL IT.. 

    But yeah, there’s still time; as the multi-tasking
    Zombie roles continue to GROW..:)



    The greatest passions in my life are inspired in freedom of being who I am; and not dictated by others.
    However, I as a so-called ‘normal’ human being find others to connect to; to be a necessity to fully enjoy life.
    The balance of life for me is finding a happy medium to be me and get along with others, as well in flesh life.

    Online is capricious as there are not as many built in flesh and blood inhibitors for folks NOT to go ‘postal’ on
    their fellow human beings, even if only in verbal abuse.

    As long as I can freely express my emotions and senses and physical intelligence abilities greater, the will
    to survive is a piece of cake for me; but put me in a repressive office environment without the ability
    to move in balance, and my emotions will fade away; and the will to survive, although certainly, overall,
    will still be alive in focus; it will grow weaker and make life turmoil instead of bliss..:)

    There are no easy peace of mind answers in life; and to move to easIER
    is to escape the cultural memes of repressing humans emotional and sensory
    capacities for fuller human freedoms, in a greaTEST PASSION, IN Will to live
    as ever noted before; life is a long journey for those who live it fully
    and there is never any knowing what true greaTEST WILL COME FOR
    THOSE who are NOT held back by others..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

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