A Thousand Years of Sacred Love

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The start

and the end of beauty

begins with LIFE

i make a desert..

and YES! desserts!..stressed..never..NO..!

YES..In my backyard..

in the midst of paradise TRUE

of Mother Nature aka GOD2!….

And dance to connect with GOD that IS ALL..

yes! i and Mother Nature

become ONE and same when i do this..

to escape all the dramas in my head….

Without US..and yes..

all other animals..2..

TRUE tHere is no beauty..

as beauty is emotion.. not the parts of atoms..

that make BEAUTY come TRUE….in FEELING

NOT just parts of the whole THING! DISCONNECTED!

So i rotate and spin like electrons around my soul..

the core being of nucleus in spirit.. i am in

One whole human being..in body..mind..heart..soul..spirit..and beyond with ALL IT IS….

True beauty is seen so much easier..

without so much stress that can come from culture of ILLUSORY FEARS..







SO i SPIN..i ROTATE..my body..


as above..so below..WITH… INSTEAD! OF AGAINST GRAVITY..

Then.. WITHIN.. i become ONE @CORE!




THAT i hold TRUE wITh





There is a time i am not connected..

A lightness of being..and not being heRe @ALL…

And then a time of no feeling @ALL…

Where only logic.. to escape.. resides
in a place that is once soul… of being

at core of this being…


The escape is not escape


i wanna go home..

but wHere is home…

The home is within..FIRST..

THEN outside..above..so below….LAST

and forevermore





with AND ONE with ALLAH

Yes!.. i love being human..
the pain..
the yellow leaves..
the cramps and blisters..
the eyes of the sad mother..
the sobbing children..
even the lack of empathy that some
do have..



‘Story of the being that bathes

in the moonlit nights under

flaring silver skies of its darkest desires

that burn in their own sweat’!

All of this is what makes us human..

And i embrace this being…



Hi! Lala..always enjoy it when you

As usual nice to visit with you..
and look to my next visit with you..
of course…ONE COURSE!


Glad you celebrated

a harmonious Eid..!
And in ALLAH GOD’s sKEyes

that see ALL as important..

woman is equal to man in freedom..

and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

sees women this way as well in TRUTH…!

in FaCT! Prophet Muhammad finds great strength

in the very strong woman..

a trade business leader in this first marriage..

without her his ministry likely does not grow the way it did…

Yes..women! deserve to walk free without any shame

for being woman.. with veils lifted walking tall and free!…

with arms swinging freely..

without being closed up with emotion inside

for not FEELING FREE as GOD IS as our loving creator.. made us to be!

My hopes and prayers for you is to one day be able to walk free like this in harmony everywhere you go without fearing judgmental eyes..!

As only GOD can judge his children.. for his children are ignorant of the freedom other children deserve!

This is not Islam.. this is prison.. this is not what Muhammad wants.. Muhammad wants to help set people free as children of THE GOD OF MOTHER NATURE! like the prophet Jesus aka Yeshua (peace be upon him)…..

Both religions twist the words of the prophets and make women prisoners in chains and bonds as inferior spiritual beings to men….

The time is coming in your culture..too..

For both prophets.. wishes.. and hopes…

TO FINALLY RING TRUE.. in walking the walk…

not just talking the talk…

Freedom is walking it..
not just talking it….

And i hope one day you dance FREE with the Light of Allah in your eyes always..and feet of fleet footing FEAT! in total balance on terrestrial earth floating dance!



So many faces we are in the
Book of Life..
and so many books
in only

IMG_7431 IMG_7432 IMG_7433 IMG_7434
IMG_7437 IMG_7438 IMG_7441 IMG_7442 IMG_7443 IMG_7444 IMG_7448 IMG_7449





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18 Responses to A Thousand Years of Sacred Love

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  2. http://vbreverb.wordpress.com/2014/10/07/embracing-america/

    FREEDOM i think is the greatest human need.. it can be covered.. it can be subjugated.. oppressed.. repressed.. but the nature.. dwelling WILL rise given the ‘Kundalini’ opportunity to once again..COME ALIVE!

    So the snake falls and rises.. but does want to be free.. and the will to survive does require compromises.. and sometimes the compromise.. is a prison.. that holds the snake back.. from regaining freedom..

    One step at a time.. sometimes a step back.. a step forward then a step back…

    But a taste of freedom.. is worth the journey back and forth…

    And i see that struggle in REAL LIFE.. AMONG my Muslim girl/women FRIENDS.. AS THEY DO STRUGGLE FOR THE LIFE BLOOD OF FREEDOM.. IN every crevice of LIGHT THEY CAN find…

    And if this is anywhere close to nonfiction..you my friend.. are a light of that.. even with the step back.. the light is hard to forget… and that truly is what our country leads.. through all the conflicts.. freedom rings..

    TRUTH.. AS ALWAYS… before.. and now too..:)yes FREEDOM RINGS..!

  3. http://adwellingbythesea.blogspot.com

    i think the metaphor for taking one’s shoes off and sinking and rooting into the sand of life.. is such a great one for the connection of life.. that does grow cold.. in a metaphor of clothing.. iN what is free and natural as we do connect to mother earth.. and as always science attempts to come up for the reasons why.. like the bacteria in dirt increase serotonin levels and such and such as that..

    But when we look within.. we find the truth.. after all 14.5 billion years of growing evolving beings we still do share with ALL as ONE.. from that ONE point of beginning we all do share.. in the scientific way of scribing this with knowledge in genetics too… for the imprint of life so far in the past.. is written in our genes…

    Ah.. separation.. the saddest illusion of all culture and religion too….

    We are gifted as ONE.. and cursed with the ability to separate ourselves in illusion away from ONE..too…

    So i bask in the comfort of sand between my toes.. and know that the grain of sand and i are one.. still at the same atomic core we ARE.. always are.. but it is not science.. it is emotion.. and feeling that brings me tHere.. to the place of connection that the toes..
    and sand

    do know…in instinct and intuition.. emotional and physical intelligence..

    the greatest intelligences for ALL..as always too..:)

  4. http://freshnessfactorthreethousand.tumblr.com/post/99445157579/theres-a-bookstore

    Haha.. similar to the ending in common i write in a much longer epic large piece of pied poetry in words and photos too..

    Nah.. not the short one linked for dVerse but the one before….

    So true there are books in the corner of the eyes of people we connect to…

    But so true.. we do.. avoid these corners.. and perhaps in poetry too..

    as our heart speaks truer at times.. without preconceived notions of the other one….

    As the cover can be deceiving too.. and the stories we make in the corners of eyes.. can be..

    preconceived from all the other books we do know too…in the corners of so many other..


    Is it a wonder why… people avert eye contact more and more these days…..

    It’s less messy.. less challenging to seek the truth.. in the corner of REAL EYES..

    OF other’S TRUTH….

    But i love mysteries more than most i guess.. to pursue the TRUTH.. IS AN EXERCISE
    in delight.. for a love unconditional for the souls of others TRUE…

    i am not afraid to live..
    to love.. to disappoint.. but i am afraid of the prison of the caged bird’s soul…

    So i fly too..so high.. i flow.. i let it all go.. in freedom’s wings.. in the most remote corner of universal truth

    of eyes.. that waiver here and there.. but are all connected as ONE.. in parts of whole that do make ONE what ONE
    is NOW..;)simple and complex but never the less..

  5. http://awesomepoetry.com/walks-death/

    It’s hard to be an artist.. so innovative and free.. so sensitive.. to the feelings of others.. all that feeds the artistic soul.. is like an archetype of human being in subconscious flow.. of feeding the others with band-aids for soul….in artistic creative efforts that do flow.. more from subconscious freedom.. than inhibiting Neo-cortical frontal lobe control….

    Why are you so happy.. my future wife did say..i think i want some of that.. as yes.. most truly creative artists are hypo maniac too.. at around 5 to 9 percent of the population living that way true…

    To cull the crazy from the sane.. can be savior of logic inspired mind.. a balance can be sought with activities to feed both the mechanical and heart filled empathic ways of life’s soul….mind..in body.. spirit.. wITh BEyond…

    Such a challenge it is to truly be different.. think different.. and produce the same….

    The casualties can be with loved ones who cannot see as many colors in life.. or for those who see far too many colors.. and eventually get suffocated by the MULTI-colors of life…..in ART…

    Now if we can just make this a science.. we can cure human suffering.. but the problem is the root of all suffering is in the emotional body of soul….

    And to cure that.. is magicK..

    That only the artist yes Magician of HEaRT knows


    as the artist lives in heART.. and to live tHere is to know TRUTH OF HEart!

    and try.. try.. CRY.. TO inspire others.. to CRY passion for LIFE ONCE AGAIN!

    without hate and discontent….. to LOVE LIFE ONCE AGAIN..!

  6. http://dreaminginsatellite.blogspot.com/2014/10/selected-for-participation.html

    Ha Ha.. i can relate as a ballet dancing martial artist in flow of rhythm and blood at over 2300 miles.. in a little over a year.. dance walking like this in stores while my wife shops…in her shopaholic ways.. as i dance the drink of water in life….

    But as free style i fear not food or weight.. at around 230Lbs of ballet flair.. from warrior dance to graceful flowing ballet weight….

    A grueling life of ballet it must to be for worrying more of form than water that underlies the grace of beauty free…

    Yes.. a little unpolished it is… around the edges.. but the innovative creative spirit.. knows no blood sugar counts.. trimmed edges around the curves.. or delight to run in grace free.. in earthly butterfly flow…

    In the past i’ve dealt with the opposite in hypoglycemia.. but now that i dance everywhere i go.. and do eat whatever feeds the calorie flow of upwards of 4000 in one day.. balancing on terrestrial earth..in flight..

    YES..Is the beauty of feeling free and feeling instinctual and intuitively what’s right.. without instruction or control from others who ‘know’ better..

    i rather walk in new shoes.. of toes stretched out in feeling the sands of freedom…a sweet sandy delight.. that knows no boarders of control….in deLIGHT of Life!..:)

  7. http://incompletecompilation.blogspot.com/2014/10/former-swine.html

    Art of all kinds is so important to regain the human heart…

    It disappoints me to hear folks disqualify folks for the money they make off of music or even athletic endeavors.. as that replaces the human instinct too.. for tribal conflicts that can and do maim and injure in death….

    It is the athletes.. the writers.. the musicians.. the singers.. the directors.. the producers.. the painters.. all of those who cure the dark days of the soul..

    where mechanical cognition a pathway of the brain for solving problems for creature comforts.. runs away from heart.. an imbalance that only ART CAN join with he and her and i and we.. to once again make HE ART into Heart!

    And even science does now show.. that there are these two pathways of social and mechanical cognition in the brain..

    where when one is used the other is repressed.. and out of balance can dry up.. as the pipe of empathic or mechanical cognition can and does wither away..

    dripping instead of flowing in balance of YIN AND YANG mind! with body.. heart.. soul.. spirit.. and BEyond..in balance flowing living thriving ALIVE AS HUMAN BEING FULLEST AND TRUE! ONCE AGAIN! A LIVE!

  8. http://oomelasha.blogspot.com/2014/10/my-back-yard.html

    Ah.. i love the details of nature.. that make a tapestry of flow in nature.. so beautiful from the windows of kitchen life.. where delight comes true…

    It is the hawk.. the squirrel.. the beauty red of cardinal wings that catches the corner of my eyes too..

    But mostly outside.. as my wife doesn’t allow me in the kitchen at all.. and the bedroom window is closed in metaphor by eyes focused on this computer screen….yes even when open.. the prison can be here….

  9. http://roslynrosssmallstones.blogspot.com/2014/10/mundane.html

    Yes.. the dragonfly and roach are two of the longest living creatures on earth today.. one is not quite revered.. but the helicopter wings of colored dragonfly wings.. in body of colors so bright and varied too.. do bring delight as they light on fingers and blades of grass too…

    Ah but the poor roach.. but no not so poor.. as really adapted so strong.. to whatever comes..

    the roach does not care for compliments.. the roach simply gets the biggest job done…for extended survival..

    while the dragonfly does it in flying.. whizzing by colors!

    And yes.. dragonflies and fireflies are truly two of my MOST favorite things.. of joy in the magic of what life can and is.. in the corner of eyes.. that see details of beauty..

    instead of tapestry of ugly human cultural ways.. of live in illusion.. instead of living true to Mother Nature! ways!

  10. http://imagery77.blogspot.com/2014/10/threw-challenge-in-his-mind.html

    Ah.. the challenge of the first step of whatever sets us free is the challenge of the next and next and next..step TRUE!..:)

    Never in the military.. active per se.. but living it somewhat more vicariously as a civilian worker for the Navy.. here.. where i live…

    i come to a conclusion long ago..

    The secret to life’s success…

    Is never leaving boot camp.. in whatever way one can.. with the abilities one has..

    Arthritis.. the common kind that comes with age in a body that will eventually degenerate given enough usage particularly in limited ways.. stops my running to stand still..

    but hell no..! not! dance.. and now even in martial arts Kicks! with body in balance and spinal column staying true.. in balance too….

    Yeah.. at 48 and assessed as permanently disabled both in legal and medical ways..

    telling me Fred you have no chance of recovery.. yes.. diagnosed with 19 medical disorders.. i looked within.. and start to dance.. at age 53..

    and eventually kick my way into amazing martial arts true…now at 54!

    But it starts with one word of inspiration to me.. in writing Internet ways.. and eventually the written word is let it be written so let it be done..

    Yes!..does come true in real life ways.. as one step that starts in reverse.. is now an art of movement in everywhere i go….

    But it starts with belief.. in something much greater than ‘they’ said i can be..:)

    To visual the magicK and write it down..!to reflect on its visual image..is to make it come true..:)2! i now Know now TRUE!

  11. http://www.barnonegroup.com/2014/10/pictures-of-you.html

    Amazing how love and poetry can grow a heart stronger and firmer to stand against the winds of challenge..

    a heart can grow so strong.. that no negativity can kill a heart so strong..

    the evolution of poetry like all other art is the evolution of heart.. and without the Internet and attention spans so low by the electronic dopamine generating activities of today..

    Poetry can easily die a book on shelves.. but in the electronic way.. it flies across the globe.. and is picked up by random google searches… @least!

    the seeds of love are dispersed in so many energy efficient ways.. that perhaps instead of a singularity of computer technology… eventually a singularity of heart truly my occur…

    There are no 18 month limits for the doubling of heart.. instead of computer horsepower ways…

    Heart potential is endless.. it’s not the percentage of intelligence humans are lacking in.. in standard IQ ways.. it is the percentage of heart that is lacking…in heartfelt ways!

    YES..that poetry.. as one art does grow.. and grow… and grow.. and no telling where Love will go.. after all is art felt in poetry! and other arts.. of heart growing way!

  12. http://biggerthanalasagna.blogspot.com/2014/10/shredded.html

    i think anger is as important a fuel of emotion to initiate change for the better as any other emotion.. and perhaps even stronger in some ways.. in some scenarios..

    but it is anger that festers that turns into discontent..contempt.. and hate.. that is the enemy of love.. that can be hard to simmer.. once anger is not used to fuel positive change..

    and yes to let it go..

    but this comes with maturity.. and with age.. and truly loving life.. to make the best of it..

    where those who do not care about the best of it.. yes life! go with the flow of discontent.. contempt.. and hate.. that is the dark of life..

    That! love of light.. can hope to simmer.. but not likely cure… but yes… even re-mediation of cure.. is better than more discontent.. contempt and hate full blown!

  13. https://insanebloom.wordpress.com/2014/10/08/from-the-corner-of-my-eye/

    Waves of love that come and go.. waves of words that stay and come.. waves of life that further grow.. ways of tolerance and acceptance that makes love grow.. is the message i hear in words…here..true..:)

    where the love of different..

    is the love of same..

    as love is love

    as same as love..:)

  14. http://writingonjusttowrite.blogspot.com/2014/10/imprints.html

    The beauty of play dough or cooking dough

    is never an art to be minimized i think..

    As the dough can be anything that finger prints do grow….

    Where the shape of the soul..can be expressed in kneaded dough flow…

    whether play dough or flower inspired the play of life in heart

    does grow..

    And our personas too.. can continue to grow like this…

    until one day the play dough of our heart…

    is actualized into soul…:)

  15. https://whenspaceissilence.wordpress.com/2014/10/08/the-poetry-of-the-untold/

    “But first I’ll tell the memory, mute the silence, dance the walk, feel the touch!”

    This says it all to me.. to awaken the heart filled spirit within..

    i do believe we can embrace the harder memories of the past.. long since repressed in emotional kind.. to truly process them finally to let them go..

    And then mute the silence of repressed emotions.. perhaps literally dancing the walk as emotion of complexity do live in the physiological body.. in nerve endings all about…

    And to repress emotions often results in somatic tension and pain.. instead of comfort of softer emotions in kind…when fully released.. and set free!

    And then finally to feel the touch.. to really feel the touch of others true.. in the social oxytocin warm ways of loving true…

    This process can take us back to that warm blanket.. a place of security in love..

    that can never be broken.. once it lives again within… to share with others..

    once again….

    These are the thoughts your words bring.. not sure if any of this applies to your life in a
    personal way.. but it certainly does for me..

    And to express these things in life.. are always a path of love.. to share with others…

    Freely.. as there is no telling what experience might help another one..

    In Inspiration along their path…

    to greater peace and passion for life..

    YES! in Freedom’s Light WE CAN dance the walk.. to Love Life!

  16. http://seasideauthor.wordpress.com/2014/10/08/i-will-rock-your-world-bliss/

    “Woulda, coulda, shoulda,”

    Words of the past it seems..

    AS the youth of today are..

    Just doing it seems.. to me….nOW!

    A romantic story perhaps.. of a time gone by..

    where mystery of the unknown is a sure way to

    wonder FULL…

    There is not much mystery in love.. anymore.. it seems…

    The days of slow dance in dance halls are Lone gone…past….

    YES! replaced by bootie dances in raw way..meet..

    of past unknown….BUTT..

    At a restaurant called Bliss there is another world…

    in a twilight zone…of TRUE love..NOw…

    but! why not dream of days gone past..:)IN..

    fan TASTIC

    WAY of love lived as one TRUE now…..:)

    And that’s just wHere the twists and turns..

    of your interesting words continue

    turning in my mind to DAY..;)IN..


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