24 Hours on the Wrong Planet

Coming down with an upper respiratory virus


and a right strained ankle from

bracing a left hamstring spasm on a bus

ride to a Casino.. Saturday..

it slowed me down enough..

to end up writing on the Wrong Planet like

i used to do for over 3 years..

from 2010 to 2013 with 19 medically documented


An attempt to escape the pain of reality..

it was then..

And just an escape from difficulties walking and breathing

yesterday and this morning…

Anyway it just goes to show how many directions my brain can go..

in one day..

standing still.

i finally get my wish

of a Guardians of the Galaxy shirt..

provided by my wife Katrina of course..

as she does all my shirt shopping

to accompany my dance walking everywhere i go..

it’s kind of like a temporary tattoo that changes greatly everyday…

My favorite character from Guardians of the Galaxy is Groot..

sound and self secure in his identity…

per his mantra of i am GROOT!..

also secure in the interdependent relationship of all things..

in sacred unconditional love aka WE ARE GROOT!









but as you might guess..

more on that coming in this blog post subtitled here

with words to the TOTAL EFFECT THAT













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    Yes, in my opinion it all comes down to balance. Metaphors for Yin and Yang, Reason and Emotion, the divine masculine and feminine, all fit with this.

    And any martial arts; most commonly TAI CHI, can achieve this balance in body and of course in reality mind and body are one; when body balances mind automatically balances in flow of balance, anxiety melts away, and positive energy remains.

    Not unlike the planets above; and the waves below.

    A balance is the wave to go; for full field of effect, if one considers our human being particles.

    To use a physics metaphor too. 🙂

    It’s all connected; the more I learn and stay open minded, the more I know this in practice and true affect and effect.

    A balance is key in all things; inside, outside, as above so below.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    Yes, I am aware of that, and I believe it is part of the Issue here. As countries provide greater social welfare there is a correlated drop off in organized religions as indicated in research into this area of interest.

    When people do cooperate in relatively homogenous societies where subsistence is provided there is natural love shared and no need for anything else but love.

    God is love in my opinion and this is how GOD naturally works per my classical pantheist beliefs.

    The three letters GOD is meaningless to me, without that natural cooperation and sharing in unconditional love.

    But now poorer folks from Muslim nations are immigrating there, and things are changing.

    They are becoming pariahs not unlike the African Americans imported into the USA for slavery.

    And yes, they believe in reproducing with no bars held so things will likely eventually change in the percentage category in the Netherlands; simple math there, as the reproduction rates among the indigenous population of the Netherlands is relatively much lower, as a cultural way of beliefs.

    There’s a good reason for fundamentalist folks to be afraid of health care who make their lively hood off of religion in the US, but no; not likely that they get into niche information like this in a country of specialization rather than renaissance like knowledge.

    The role religion plays in America, is one of gluing the heterogeneous subcultures together. One sees this in African American churches. One sees this in Catholic churches with Filipinos and Hispanic individuals as well.

    The key issue is knowledge.

    And in this case knowledge and scientific research indicates folks participate in these fundamentalist literal beliefs with extremely irrational literally believed myths for social acceptance and social support.

    Science also indicates that people who have autistic leaning minds, including the broader autism phenotype can be very literal systemizing thinkers lacking cognitive empathy.

    These challenges make it that much more difficult to gain social acceptance; the major factor of causal relationship in human happiness as researched by science.

    Where autistic folks are people who perhaps are not diagnosed but think they may have this challenge are socially accepted in some very fundamentalist structured and organized churches where nerds are the norm instead of deviation; long dresses; thick glasses; etc. and robotic looking moves from a life spent not dancing as metaphor if you will; the environment is ripe for autistic leaning folks to be relatively happy there; who are not science oriented.

    And yes; while there is a myth that folks who are diagnosed with higher functioning Autism are all the Science Technology and Mathematic leaning major types; this is far from the truth in science as science indicates actually only 33% are; many of the other folks are in the church pews on Sunday morning.

    And yes, they inhabit many other areas of this forum; but obviously not here as they are not accepted and treated and referred to as ‘morons’, ‘idiots’, trolls, etc.

    Well the truth is they are just naive autistic folks who need social acceptance more than most folks and are here to get that.

    They have no idea what the environment is here against so-called GOD.

    And actually that is a myth here too, in this PPR forum per science too.

    Boston University did a peer reviewed study on atheism and higher functioning autism using data from this forum; which I will link here, and found only 26% of the individuals in this forum were atheist as compared to 17% in a so called neurotypical similar forum online.


    The beliefs here are diverse; but the common element is still that most people even in this sub-forum of PPR, believe in or the possibility of some type of higher interconnecting force aka GOD in some circles, including me.

    I believe the issue here is; most of the moderators are atheist as far as I know; and the commonly understood top ones are both atheist and from countries in Europe with better social welfare programs.

    There is a catch 22 here; obviously I think, as relatively speaking there is an issue with cognitive empathy among many autistic folks as well as literal thinking non STEM major minds that are fundamentalist Christians.

    Taken all these factors into account that I have taken some time and effort to both understand per my own lifelong struggles with understanding why folks don’t think as ‘smart’ as I do and the reality I live in, in the US, as well as presenting it here, in a way, that the STEM major, if you will, might understand to gain a greater cognitive empathy of what the whole picture is.

    It’s very simple; many autistic folks are fragile; as they live a life of difficulty in gaining social acceptance; this includes both the folks who have been rejected in Christian churches as well the non-STEM major folks who retain a seat in Christian churches.

    They deserve a little more respect and understanding in the human being kind of way, in my opinion, on an Internet site designed as a support site.

    Science is a bridge to that, as well.

    I was always a scientist.

    But I am a philosopher too.

    I’m in good company with folks like Einstein and Steve Jobs too. But the apple does not fall very far from the tree.

    My grandfather was a relatively noted philosopher and speaker in his time; and yes he was actually acquainted with Einstein and had dinner with him as both men were in a relatively socially unaccepted field of political belief per socialism at that time in the New York, New York area, per the common welfare of the common man.

    I try to bridge understanding. And yes, that definitely takes thinking and being different; and presenting the information in NOVEL ways.

    I started writing poetically to get my readability statistics down. I’ve moved from around a 19-grade level per Microsoft word indicated readability levels statistics to around 9 now.

    I’m finally learning how to communicate with the so-called common man.

    It’s taken over 50 years to get there. It hasn’t been easy. But that is part of cognitive empathy and I do what I have to adapt as yes, I like being social accepted in the real off-line world and never expect to be accepted here as we generally do our monologues and real connection is very rare in this sub-forum, but abundant in some of the others were the non-STEM major types play in chit chat of small talk. Something I still have some difficulty doing in real life.

    I like to talk about deep things, huh. 🙂

    Obviously; and somewhat surprising to me; way too deep for some folks here, even in this sub-forum where one might hope there would be some plasticity toward different ways of thinking. But there’s not very much of that; and that is part of the beast of narrow literal type thinking, that is a challenge here to overcome.

    But I’m used to challenges. I am no longer ever scared. I am scarred enough to no longer ever be scared, for now at least. 🙂

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    Named redacted, I’m not sure if you know or not, but Autism is a challenge of reciprocal social communication.

    Dumping a monologue no matter what the topic is and not participating in the conversation is a textbook description of Autism.

    It happens here in non-religious topics as well, if you haven’t noticed, all the time.

    I notice stuff like that; as a detail oriented photographic memory type of person.

    Not posting or responding at all and just reading what other folks write is also a textbook description of Autism.

    This is Autism.

    Plain and simple for those who understand what the textbook definition of Autism is.

    And not understanding intent of other people is also Autism.

    I mean no disrespect to you here. I am just trying to bridge understanding.

    It might help if nameredacted could recruit some neurotypical moderators; but I do know how hard that can and will likely be, so I have cognitive empathy for that too.

    And no, considering the administrative environment here, I do not blame you if you don’t give a f**.

    Note: two asterisks not three. 😉

    I do not think you are intentionally being mean to folks. But seriously, whether you realize or not, on a cognitive empathy level.

    You are. Seriously, you are.

    That’s my opinion, but I’m certainly far from the only one that holds it here, yes here.

    I’m just not afraid to express it, as you hold no power over me, other than your threats to ban me, if I do not conform to your expectations of me, per going on with my rambling way of monologues; that is also inherently autistic as well, per my hyperlexic form of Autism.

    And that is no power at all as I am only here to attempt to bridge understanding and help folks.

    There are plenty of other places I can spend my time doing that, as well; if you cannot handle on a personal emotional level what I feel is a relative objective scientific truth, too.

    That yes, I do provide documented evidence for too. And can certainly provide much more, on request, if you like.

    That could be modified and improved, but that’s all up to you, at least in part, as moderator.

    This is a place for all autistic people; I can only hope, If folks understand how diverse a spectrum it truly is.

    Sincerely and respectfully, me; in hopes of providing a bridge of better understanding aka Cognitive Empathy.

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    Remarkable, yes; interesting, most definitely to me; coincidence, absolutely not, as some type of structured belief to guide the tribe is consistent across tribes since recorded history. Languages are different and people do become attached to their native language and religion is simply an extension of language for greater metaphors to understand human nature and be successful in life.

    Human archetypes once thought to be an antiquated way of psychological science per the work of Freud and Jung are gaining ground again in science.

    Interestingly, the broader autism phenotype and the relationship of difficulty with language and emotion per Alexithymia may be the source of much religion, per difficulties in understanding complex emotions, and providing external symbols to better understand and express complex and powerful human emotions.

    The Gods of Greece and Rome, invented by intellectuals were symbols of human emotions, the struggles, and love that are part of the full human condition, of course with wisdom, dance, song, and poetry true per the GOD of Apollo, for example.

    Stories of heroes have always been motivators for the human emotion of hope.

    The lists goes on, but the highest power of emotion known as love, yes, fearless love, can be the most difficult emotion of all to understand or feel for some folks in life.

    No, school doesn’t teach young folks about being human, per the philosophy of life; that comes as a potential elective in college, instead.

    But the great thing about philosophy is it exposes folks do different ideas about the human condition from culture to culture.

    The consistent belief across cultures is the golden rule championed by the historical man Jesus, Buddha, and Muhammad too.

    And of course there are tribal archetypes ingrained in our mind for war too; and that’s where the not so nice stuff comes in, in so-called sacred text too.

    But really the core of all religion is to give folks some guidelines to live the best life possible, mixed in with the frailty of human ignorance as well.

    One of the greatest things about the Internet, is it allows us to understand the beliefs and cognitive processes of folks around the world, much better than what we hear of second hand on the news.

    The truth is we have much more in common, than in differences, as after all, we all share basically the same genetic material; it is mostly differences in the languages of culture and yes, religion, too that bring about the differences that cause conflicts.

    But just complaining about it in a condescending way as Dawkins does here, is more or less Mental Masturbation, producing no effective change at all.

    Potential change will come from dissension and positive constructive understanding of the similarities that most always revolve around the Golden rule in most religions.

    Love others as you love yourself.

    But for folks that don’t like themselves, it’s almost impossible to get to step two.

    This is why the new wave of selfies is so important to potential greater world peace.

    Believe it or not; it’s just human nature; people who are happy with self are generally happy with other folks, and at least can tolerate and accept the differences that do result from culture and religion, among other folks. I see that everywhere I go, online and off. And of course it’s a common refrain heard in the world of philosophy too as well as the science of psychology too.

    There is a narcissism scale with the high end including lack of empathy and intentionally harming other folks.

    And then there is a low end of timid soul; which often results in a person who is not successful in life.

    The middle balance or way, to paraphrase Buddha; moderation to paraphrase old texts of new version bible is the common well-traveled and successful way that works.

    That’s what religion is all about, finding out what works in life.

    It’s not always correct, but there’s still plenty of time to make it better.

    My religion is dance, song, and love.

    The real man Jesus is not substantially different than John Lennon in true effect; neither believed in the necessity of marriage and both believed that heaven is now, not some fairy tale after life, invented later, as a way to control the masses in a poverty of life now, instead of telling them that now is all there is.

    Well, now we have the information age; and for folks who truly have love and altruism for the rest of the human species; each person can make a real contribution to make a change that can and will eventually change the world.

    After all, even a butterfly can make a difference; it’s all connected in the interdependent relationship of all things. Making it work is often love aka as the four-letter word GOD.

    And yes, Dawkins is recently quoted as suggested the abortion of Down’s babies is a morally correct thing to do, per their potential contribution to society.

    This reminds me of John Nash and his game theory; later he admitted that it was incorrect, as he did not have the emotional intelligence to understand the love factor in human relationships.

    Obviously, Dawkins doesn’t realize the power of love in what happy well loved Down’s children can bring to the rest of their family and folks they interact with in society too.

    And obviously, Dawkins does not realize the real power of fearless love, that yes does change the world that most religions do include and get correct, but no, sadly, not all.

    But a person, reasonably, considering the true power of fearless unconditional sacred love, cannot throw that baby of love aka GOD out with the dirty so called sacred water, and expect to get a good result in society.

    Otherwise you have folks suggesting that children who love others and aren’t intellectually smart, don’t deserve to live.

    That’s not the world I want to live in. No, I do not want to live in the world of Mr. Dawkins. Sadly, many folks do, including folks who attend religious services on a regular basis.

    It’s love that counts; yes the four letter word; not the three letter one called GOD that’s been twisted in some circles to mean the other four letter word HATE, in harming others.

    Yes, harming others with selfish intent is the way of the symbol for the real devil of human archetype; GOD IS ALL; Love is a way for a successful human species.

    It’s in our genes; a gene called the empathy gene that the free loving, hippy like Bonobo of the early 60’s to use that phrase as metaphor, shares with us.

    The chimpanzee does not have it; the chimpanzee pillages and rapes.

    It appears that some folks genetic inclination for empathy is either mutated out or environmentally shut down through the potential negative impact of epigenetics and neuroplasticity during the course of just one life time; abused by parents or bullies, etc. as potential causal factors. But whatever the actual biological mechanism, it’s fully documented that it happens all the time among members of the human species.

    Love will help; but hate will just make it worse.

    That’s just common sense, in my estimation.

    My Catholic church calls GOD Love, and only demands people love themselves and love others the same as well as the whole thing called GOD, from the pulpit, not the structured stuff of past.

    But I’ve a got a smart priest, and old tennis buddy of mine from school, at the top of his class then, who still does his homework for the GOD of nature and Love now; the same one that Jesus talked about before the early Roman Catholic church and Constantine and friends turned love into hate, per the uncovered texts translated into English shortly before 1960.

    Love is truth; Love is God; there is no doubt about that, at least, in my opinion.

    But no, given culture and some religions it’s not guaranteed at all.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    Interestingly, Nuclear wars could be a self-fulfilling prophecy of that ‘thought’, at the levels of decision making terrorist folks, in some small fashion.

    But, actually death in general means the end of the world, and we in the USA have an amazing track record of avoiding that.

    Additionally, specifically, overall, death from wars are at their lowest levels ever according to research, and yes, we have nuclear war technology to thank for that,
    at least in part.

    So realistically, war being the way most lives end per historical record, other than accidents and diseases, it’s less likely that your life will end, in this way; but still, driving a vehicle is the most dangerous thing any of us do, on average. If you are really scared about the end of the world, you might consider walking instead of driving if you can, but it’s not a realistic option for most folks in society these days.

    Seriously, there is more to worry about in driving a vehicle than what religious conspiracy theorists propose in history or today. It sells seats in pews, and that’s about it, other than causing worry, or a common topic of fear for folks to discuss who are overall dissatisfied with their life, as is.

    Yes indeed and in deed, misery loves company; that part never changes as it is human nature for those who do not understand their nature, and practice it as such, with understanding.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    Yes, named redacted, I have and actually provided the link to the actual text earlier in the discussion, as linked here again:


    The chances of any written text coming close to what the actual man Yeshua said in his life, is not likely. In oral tradition around a table the story can change in less than thirty minutes. But, at least the text is based on oral tradition as early as any other reported version and much more trustworthy to me, than an early religious council of power brokers, not unlike a corporate boardroom, which does reflect the inner workings of the Catholic Church for centuries. There is a great deal of improvement now, but still a long way to go, before human nature is reflected in the Catholic Church official teachings.

    What I see in the gospel of Thomas is a great deal of metaphorical truth, regardless of who originated the text. The saying of as above so below, certainly rings true in science now, as we see the patterns of nature in the golden mean spiral of 1.618 from galaxies down to the Quantum physics level.

    But of course those patterned elements were in nature then too, for those who had the time on their hands to observe and note the similarities.

    Additionally the focus in the Gospel of Thomas is that of living now, per greater human potential.

    Modern Christianity is about a fairy tale, with reality as not the real story; yes, a good way to gain control over the masses promising heaven after death, and promoting poverty in life, but no way to live life in the heaven of now, as reflected in the Gospel of Thomas.

    Also, the similarities of these metaphorical teachings are very much like the traditional way of the Yogi, in looking totally within the human being to exert will and control and mastery over one’s bodily functions down to control of body temperature, emotions, and basically bliss by controlling neurochemicals and neurohormones through the nuances of will. Sorry, but the English language does not have effective words for describing these abilities, that yes I have gained myself in this life now, and documented along the way. Describing how to do it, is a much harder task that I continue to attempt to do, but am a long way from being successful in relating this to folks who do not have these abilities, as before I had no ability to regulate my emotions, my body temperature, my neurochemicals and neurohormones, or strength of fearless will, or even physical tension.

    I think the reason for that is obvious. I spent a life in academic pursuits stuck in my head, instead of pursuing human potential from within.

    I escaped culture, and found my human potential, a much greater reward than any possible materialistic reward as it all starts and ends with what we will and believe in life, and what we value in life.

    We are in control, we can be in control, but many folks are not in control with will in their lives; culture runs it instead of human will.

    The matrix analogy is similar to the Yogi way and Gospel of Thomas too. These metaphors ring similarly true in many world-wide philosophies not tainted by folks who want to gain control over others by making them weak through fear, repression, and oppression of their human nature.

    And finally my favorite verse is verse 37 found in the older limited version and the longer version translated in English in 1959.

    37) His disciples said, “When will You become revealed to us and
    when shall we see You?”
    Jesus said, “When you disrobe without being ashamed and take
    up your garments and place them under your feet like little
    children and tread on them, then [will you see] the Son of the
    Living One, and you will not be afraid”

    Believe in yourself, and find your human potential that is above so below, inside and outside of what is reality now.

    This is not much different from the philosophy of Aleister Crowley, John Lennon, or Thomas Jefferson; or the way of Luciferianism other than the mythical belief of a fallen angel.

    The world would be a different place if Thomas 37 took the place of John 3:16, but obviously that would have totally contradicted the needs of power of the Roman Empire and what was the early Catholic Church then.

    But with the worldwide selfie craze and smart phones; that reality is coming true; Thomas 37 or no Thomas 37.

    The truth is hard to hide, when freedom of expression rings true.

    I’ll live with truth, and let the others believe in lies if they want to, but I’ll do my best to tactfully show them some light, in the way of knowledge that makes sense with evolved human nature.

    The science of human being is most definitely my all-encompassing special interest at this time, and my evidence of human potential is mounting day by day.

    Simply I do this, and truly I do it, as I do not let anyone hold me back, and I have that ability per the freedoms that the United States offers for those individuals willing to exercise those freedoms.

    Yes, I am patriotic too, as an advocate for the GOD of nature and country too.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    I think overall that is the standard of life; a mix of dark and light.

    Those who are fortunate enough to find a balance are the gifted ones truly in my opinion.

    I don’t think the grateful can truly come without the bitter, in my experience of balance. 🙂
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    No, this is no act. But, it’s really not surprising either as not all people have a mind for science. Part of that is genetic as some people with non-verbal learning disorder, who can really talk great, and write fairly good, cannot visualize almost anything in their mind. Often there is a lesion in the right hemisphere of the brain that will not be caught unless there is a reason for an MRI.

    My sister falls in this category with the lesion in the right hemisphere as well as a diagnosis of Asperger’s in mid-life. She doesn’t believe the world is flat, but overall she is lost in the science, technology and mathematics that come so easily to me, as a straight “A” student in those subjects. Even though she has a master’s degree in Business Administration, she had trouble passing regular mathematics classes.

    I had trouble speaking, and yes regardless of my almost perfect grades in school, that was a huge obstacle in the early 80’s to attain a job, and part of the reason I started out in a Bowling Center working for the military, with three college degrees.

    Non-verbal learning disability seen in as many as over 50% of Asperger’s cases, per meeting symptoms, in studies of the past, is a huge disability for mathematics, technology and science. People make fun of them, but yes, they do have a disability.

    Whether or not this lady has that disability I do not know, but I would not be surprised at all considering the rest of her behavior on the show; she always seems very verbal but a little lost too. That makes her an endearing character, and yes funny too, but she’s obviously not the go to person for logic.

    Chances are many of these folks with non-verbal learning disorder, flock to fundamentalist churches, as they are very literal thinking folks as they have little ability to visual symbols in their mind. They often navigate the world through language moreover than visual images.

    It’s bizarre to me, but yes for me, there was a time that I could not talk at all, the opposite of this condition, and interestingly also often diagnosed as autism; yes, both conditions as issues of reciprocal communication and as you might imagine, that lady in the video would have a real hard time in the real world, in the wild if you will, getting along with lots of folks as she refuses to consider anything out of her world view influenced by whatever literal interpretation of it she might have, regardless of religious influence.

    But, again, on the other hand, she’s quite a talker, and that’s the requirement for that show, for sure; people who do exist in the country like her can relate, and that per commercialism raises the ratings, as literal thinking folks often fall prey to overall commercialism and conspiracy theories as well, kind of like what fundamentalist leaning churches sell to their audiences. Gullible, naive, etc. are all metaphors that may describe them. Never the less they are just human and deserve respect and accommodation for their potential disabilities.

    Yes, there are likely many broader autism phenotype autistic like folks, that are not diagnosed, flourishing in these literally thinking churches; kind of a haven for the non-science and mathematics mind, but accepted socially in their long dresses and buttoned up shirts as a real stereotype for the nerd like behavior that is often attributed to folks with Asperger’s syndrome, who don’t get the visual non-verbal cues in life.

    Yes, that’s a difficulty on this website too, there are folks with polar opposite minds in ways of thinking that have the same general diagnosis. You’ve met one person with Autism you’ve met one person with Autism, is definitely grounded in science, for folks who can understand that. But the literal minded folks will sometimes tell you that there is an Autistic culture, based on similar behaviors and such as that type of literal based thinking, not able to fully understand the visual mind of symbolism very much at all.

    And all this conversation I just did, often ends up as gibberish to them. There are two worlds here and more, just on this ‘Wrong Planet’ that are very difficult to intersect. It doesn’t always make for happy folks, obviously, but science is f**ning, yes funning great to understand it and perhaps gain a little cognitive empathy; yes, better understanding of the differences in human cognition; more tolerance and acceptance of differences aka as unconditional, even sacred love.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    I think this is likely more easily done for visual thinkers than verbal thinkers. And potentially impossible for folks who have non-verbal learning disorders as they often have great difficulty seeing past the details to the ‘big picture’, in visual thinking, in what seems as obvious reason to me.

    I can easily do this with music and movement in TAI CHI and other related martial arts flowing movements with no instruction or guidelines, but sitting still as a person who was born hyperactive, it is impossible for me as I get bored and have to at least move in balanced movement to escape verbal language in my mind.

    Unfortunately for many folks like me, with ADHD symptoms, the world is becoming one of more non-movement; robotic like in mechanical cognition living in a computer screen rather than the real world of three-dimensional movement, that can be one of moving in almost 360 degrees with TAI CHI and other martial arts.

    I was an extremely uncoordinated person up until the time I started becoming proficient in martial arts. Now I have no problem with movement at all, and am always relaxed as long as I can move just a little bit, like TAI CHI, almost not perceptible to other folks around me.

    It makes perfect sense. The cerebellum responsible for movement is also responsible for the adrenaline response and sensory integration.

    The quiet hands objection in the so-called ‘militant’ autistic community against the rest of culture really does have roots in neuroscience.

    Unfortunately most therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists are too busy to stay abreast of current research, and haven’t caught up yet to the scientific reason why stimming can be so vital for people on the autism spectrum with ADHD symptoms, comprising over 50 percent of folks on the spectrum, according to research on the prevalent co-morbid condition of ADHD.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    Yes, in the Renaissance time of great artistic and science achievement, it was often said that sculpture of the human form, in all its glory retains and relates more information than words will ever deliver.

    And now of course science finally catches up, with the understanding that 60 to 93 percent of all of human social communication is non-verbal instead of verbal. So much of a disability when folks lack this ability, that there is a disorder named autism spectrum disorder where one of the requirements to meet this challenge is adversity in either delivering or receiving non-verbal communication.

    For people with these non-verbal disabilities in communication, the sculptures likely mean very little; whereas to the visually thinking person, they could mean more than a thousand nuanced emotions and feelings, as well as visual and patterned ways of symbolically interpreting the world around them.

    Brings a whole new interpretation to the chosen ones of mother nature. It’s not fair. It is what it is.

    And increasingly we as a nation, in western ways and eastern ways now too, of doing things, live in a text world far removed from all of reality, only exacerbating the issues that already exist, where nature aka GOD is not fair. The great thing is through. through the process of epigenetics and neuroplasticity, change is indeed and in deed possible, but not when one does the same things over and over, per Einstein’s described philosophy of insanity.

    Adapt to adversity and change, or stay still and stale, pretty much sums it up to me. Still and stale is often an anxious and depressing way to be and go, anywhere in life, in my best estimation, which reminds me after writing close to 6 thousand words on this site in the last 24 hours, time to move on to something different for a while; like martial arts, dance, and song, and other so called ancient ways of truly finding balance, peace, bliss, and happiness like connecting to flesh and blood folks in real life too.. 🙂 If I can just get over this upper respiratory virus that slowed me down enough to bring me here, in the last 24 hours, I’ll be on my way, to full freedom, peace, bliss, and overall thriving happiness moreover now, again. 🙂 Moving ‘baby’; once again; adapting and striving to go on stronger than ever before. It’s a state of mind put into action now; not an expectation or limitation, so prevalent as our overall cultural way today.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!



    this is kind of like..


    mother of all

    blog posts..























    It also shows all the thoughts

    that can go on in a mind that may not

    openly express thoughts in verbal ways..





    very much






    *!6222!and all around!6222!*


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