Discussion with an





Wrong Planet
















anything like that..;)

to get kicked out of

so called reason land again…:)


you certainly picked

a great place

to start that debate..

as almost everyone here

has different viewpoints

and that makes sense…

No human views the world precisely the same..

we are all subject to the power of our emotions

our memories..

and the restraints of what culture

and or religion teaches us

about what culture and or religion considers reality…

The problem is

that culture and religion is used very often

to subjugate and control people

generally to control reproductive freedoms

and collect material goods

for greater success at subsistence…

This issue appears more salient

as earlier humans move from a hunter/gatherer way

to agriculture and storing/collecting goods for a rainy day..

if you will..

and humans who have evolved to live

in relatively small groups

with around 150 to 200 social contacts..

requiring greater restraints

when living in huge social groups

for social order..

preventing anarchy

that will certainly arise

if proper controls

are not put into place.

Culture and religion..

particularly when

the government does not provide

adequate social welfare..

is the glue that provides a workable solution

for human societies to co-exist..

not always peacefully

but again a workable solution…

First of all..

i personally think..

a working definition of GOD

must be explored

before this topic can even be discussed.

In my opinion..

a concept of GOD

most definitely exists

at the the core element of all science..

as an example

the golden spiral mean..

of 1.618

that is seen all throughout nature

from galaxies down to the Quantum physics level.

In my opinion..

a working definition for me

for GOD

is the interdependent relationships

of all things everywhere all the time now.


a person may say..



science evidences that..

so what…

i agree with everything techstepgenr8tion says..

and have personally experienced

the higher human potential

through relative free will

of looking within..

deep within..

and finding the non-verbal abilities

to control my emotions

and empower myself

with what some people might understand

as supernatural abilities

if i tell someone

what i have been able to accomplish

in the last year..

factually as such…


i do not believe in the supernatural…

An analogy i use

is the used car analogy..

where one buys a car

and there is no manual

and one must learn the special features

of this car

by trial and error…

When one works with the patterns

of the interdependent relationship

of allitis..

another analogy i use for GOD..

tHere is incredible power of human being..

i.e. a higher power
to be gained..

but again..

nothing supernatural..

just instinctual

and intuitive abilities

that to this point..

no college or textbook

can bring a person to

other than finding it

within in their own path.

Sparks of inspiration

from the paths of other folks..


But each individual

must find their own way

to this higher power..

per their own

unique experience

and perceptions of life..

that will never precisely match

the life of anyone else..

no matter disorder..


or language/culture/religion of origin.

So at this point one might ask..


all that talk is just talk..

put up or shut up.


here’s the thing..

i’ve painstakingly documented

the benefits of finding

this higher power

and real life effects

that many people

would likely enjoy..

whether they admit to or not.

Obviously this GOD

i believe in



is totally a GOD

that is

an interdependent relationship

of ALL of nature.

And the evidence is this..

concisely put…

And provable

for anyone

who wants to

research that

for themselves.

i lived 5 years

with the worst pain disorder

known to mankind..

type two trigeminal neuralgia..

the moderator here..


can tell you how severe that is

if you don’t believe me

when I tell you that modern medicine

considers this disorder

the worst pain known to mankind…

Best analogy

if you’ve experienced it..

is if you’ve had your teeth drilled

and the novocaine does not work.

Except in my case

it was like someone was drilling

my right eye and ear..

making the use of my sight

and hearing effectively useless

for 5 long years.

i was also diagnosed

with a total of at least 18

other medical disorders..

including Sjogren’s Syndrome

(my eyes quit making tears

with this auto-immune disorder)..


and Dysautonomia

(where i could not raise my arms

up over my head

without almost passing out)…

My doctors gave me no hope of recovery..

and since no drugs would help me..

basically sent me home to suffer..

yes they gave up.


i did not give up.


i did carry a metal chain in a Bicycle basket..

not that I wanted to commit suicide..

but if the pain got to the point

i would have to hang myself

with that metal chain

on a tree where no would find me..

for two long years..

with the relative necessity

of that task looming before me…


i accommodated myself

enough to the pain

to turn my computer monitor down

all the way

and start typing to escape the pain…

i went on an inner journey of the one..

techstepgenr8tion, speaks of..

that no one

will ever

fully understand

but me..

as it for the most

was a non-verbal journey..

that cannot fully be put into words.

The evidence

of what that journey did for me..

is in real life now..

a year after being a shut-in for five years..

in the bedroom of my home

for the most part…


with the lowest measures of testosterone

of a 75 year old man..

measured at precisely 181

in my most recent doctor’s test

a few months ago..

i can lift 720LBS

in free weights with my legs..

which is witnessed by the folks

at my military gym..

i still have privileges to work out

as a retired federal civil service worker..

now at age 54.

i dance every Thursday Night now

as of tonight for 23 consecutive weeks

at a place called Seville Quarter

in the RAVE dance style

with college kids

mostly under age 25…

If you call Seville Quarter tonight..

and ask them

who the most innovative dancer is..

they will tell you it’s that big guy

around 230Lbs

with the shades on.

If you ask anyone..

that works in the dance area…

People come up to me

and shake my hands and high five me

every time i dance..

and ask me

to come back again

just to watch me…


that’s a miracle of human potential form..

as i was so uncoordinated

before that

i had to watch my wife walk..

to walk in a straight line in the mall..

documented on this website..

long before this change

of what can be described

as an awakening

or enlightenment

occurred in my life

last Summer…

i have developed

a style of martial arts dance walking

that i have documented at 2000 miles

as of last week..

in one year..

on my Nike GPS sports watch..

Beautiful young girls come up

and bump and GRIND with me

on the dance floors..

and yeah i got the photos

of the girls to prove it…


i am monogamous

and married..

but my wife doesn’t mind

if i play a little bit like this.

And yes..

the GOD i know

has no problem

with free human sexuality..

and in fact promotes it

everywhere in life..



if you will…

In fact

the GOD i know

is both the GOD of LOVE..

in social cooperation..

as well as the GOD of excellence

in human potential..

yes totally in alignment

with core elements of evolution

and reproductive success…

In my opinion..

fundamentalist religions

are anti-GOD or even Anti-Christ

if you will..

as some uncovered sacred texts

like the Gospel of Thomas

indicate the real man Jesus

may have been closer to a Yogi

and classical pantheist

than any structured

and enforced


religious text…

The idea that Jesus

is the only Son of GOD

or Muhammad

is the last prophet

is just a way

for psychopathic leaning individuals

to control the herd

for profit

and to control reproductive freedoms

as the two do go hand in hand…

But the potential

for highest human potential

that I have definitely proved does exist..

and none of my doctors

can explain it..

and the religious therapist..

calls it a real life religious type miracle…

i call it an all natural miracle..

that most people

do have potential access to

but never have the same opportunities

i had through

removal from culture..

incredibly difficult medical disorders..

and no choice but to look within to find it…

What I can say is this…




and Sacred Unconditional Love

are the most powerful elements

of human being that exist…

These elements are real tangible phenomenon

for those who experience these powerful feelings

and emotions..

that bring real life results.

The path one finds to use these tools..

and make the best of their life..

is an individual one

that cannot be controlled

by anyone else..

particularly religions

mass produced

to control the big

social herds of humans.

And no..

i’m not going to provide any links

as i have been warned here

not to ‘so call’ promote myself…


in fact..

i’ve only ever been trying to help folks here..

know their is a much higher potential

for human potential..

that can effectively bring a person

to Friedrich Nietzsche’s ideal

of an all natural superman.


now I do nude art..

and even my wife

who has been a naysayer

of many of the elements of my journey..

as she is raised

extremely fundamentalist Christian..

and can’t understand how ‘GOD’

would ‘promote’

free sex and such as that..

admits that my straight male nude art..

i do now in renaissance style..

yes in the flesh and age 54..

is better than the statue of King David..

as far as the male sex appeal

thingy goes..

and my wife

has extremely high standards

for that…

i do it..

to prove GOD exists..

in me..

and what real human potential can be..

at the core level

of what makes any animal strong..

Reproductive success…

Fortunately for my wife..

i live among the 30 percent

or so folks

that the Kinsey report suggest

are inherently monogamous…

Otherwise by this point..

i might be in real trouble..

in more ways than one…


Kung Fu experts

have identified my own developed martial art..

as one that comes with Kung Fu expertise..

that I practice openly at my military gym…

But again..

never had a dance lesson..

and never had a martial arts lesson…

All instinctual..

all intuition..

all of what I describe

and define

as the Higher power of GOD

(the interdependent relationship of all things)

I always giggle

a little bit..

when folks

attempt to put chains on GOD..

when they say this dude is the only son of GOD

or this dude is the last prophet.

It’s a big Universe..

and in reality

no one wants a promotion

and responsibility like that…

But there are folks

who create the promotion

to subjugate and control others…

Not surprising

that current scientific studies

put the clergy overall

in the top ten professions

of psychopathic checklist

leaning tendencies.

The story is as old as history..

some folks with little empathy

love to manipulate others

for personal gains.

There are no money making ploys

on my blogs..

It’s all to share

the potential higher power

of GOD..

for evidence that yes..

It does exist…

And again..

no doctor can explain it..

as “REAL YOGI’s”

don’t often visit western cultures..

So yes..

i believe the real man Yeshua


Jesus was an occultist

in the natural sense like me..

and a classical Yogi leaning pantheist

like me too.

Call me a Christian.

But not a modern christian by far.

The original reported version of Yeshua instead..

as true priest of human nature aka Christ priest.

All natural and evidenced as such…









IMG_3334 IMG_3335 IMG_3336 IMG_3337 IMG_3338 IMG_3341 IMG_3342 IMG_3343 IMG_3344 IMG_3345 IMG_3347 IMG_3349 IMG_3350 IMG_3351 IMG_3352


if Darth Vader

chose dance and song

on roller skates or not..

instead of light sabers only..

the Universe could be a different place…






dance photos to come









restricted link








IMG_3479 IMG_3480 IMG_3481 IMG_3482 IMG_3483 IMG_3484 IMG_3485 IMG_3486 IMG_3487 IMG_3488 IMG_3489 IMG_3490 IMG_3491 IMG_3492 IMG_3493 IMG_3494 IMG_3495 IMG_3497 IMG_3498 IMG_3499 IMG_3501 IMG_3503 IMG_3504 IMG_3505 IMG_3506 IMG_3507 IMG_3509 IMG_3510 IMG_3511 IMG_3512 IMG_3513 IMG_3515 IMG_3516 IMG_3517 IMG_3518 IMG_3519 IMG_3521 IMG_3522 IMG_3523 IMG_3524 IMG_3529 IMG_3530

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2 Responses to WTF IS GOD!


    I like your way of looking at GOD through the ‘woman’s’ eyes.

    For thousands of years GOD is literally created in a ‘male’s’ image.

    And truly more women than you are finally creating GOD in ‘women’s’ image.

    When the two balance and become one in the world, perhaps there will be balance AND peace.

    In my opinion, it is Patriarchy that is responsible for most of the world’s conflicts.

    Too much Yang and not enough Yin can cause some serious suffering, and yes, VICE VERSA, as well. 🙂

    But whether anyone wants to admit IT or not; we all create GOD in our own image; whether it is personal or cultural; by or ‘buy’ design.

    And no, that’s not surprising, as ‘those’ are the ‘eyes’ we are blessed with, to create GOD with, as truly a fractal of the whole, as science now shows.

    GOD is Science and GOD is Art.

    Too much of one and not the other, is where many problems start and end.

    I know all too well from personal experience; GOD does not exist fully without Art, in one’s own life, no matter what culture and or religion says.

    And yes, I find GOD everywhere; very often in the Movie Theater and Youtube videos too. 🙂

    It’s just a matter of finding GOD that FEELS like the ONE for one.

    Unfortunately, some folks don’t understand, at core, IT, yes IT, as metaphor for GOD, TRULY IS, ALL up to US. 🙂

    You are part of a vocal minority; but never the less, I see your words as TRUE; as you create GOD that is right for you.

    I’m sure that GOD doesn’t mind. 🙂

    In only my opinion, of course; I think GOD is smiling on you, and probably winking too. 😉

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