A woman’s opinion on GOD


i like your way

of looking at GOD

through the ‘woman’s’ eyes…

For thousands of years

GOD is literally created in a ‘male’s’ image…

And truly more women than you

are finally creating GOD in ‘women’s’ image…

When the two balance

and become one in the world..

perhaps there will be balance AND peace…

In my opinion..

it is Patriarchy

that is responsible

for most of the world’s conflicts.

Too much Yang

and not enough Yin

can cause some serious suffering..

and yes.. VICE VERSA.. as well… 🙂

But whether anyone wants to admit IT or not..

we all create GOD

in our own image..

whether it is personal or cultural..

by or ‘buy’ design…

And no..

that’s not surprising..

as ‘those’ are the ‘eyes’

we are blessed with..

to create GOD with..

as truly a fractal of the whole..

as science now shows…

GOD is Science and GOD is Art…

Too much of one and not the other..

is where many problems start and end.

i know all too well

from personal experience..

GOD does not exist fully without Art..

in one’s own life..

no matter what culture

and or religion says…

And yes..

i find GOD everywHere..

very often in the Movie Theater

and Youtube videos too. 🙂

IT’s just a matter of finding GOD

that FEELS like the ONE for one.


some folks don’t understand..

at core..


yes IT..

as metaphor for GOD..

TRULY IS..ALL up to US. 🙂

You are part of a vocal minority..

but never the less..

i see your words as TRUE..

as you create GOD that is right for you…

i’m sure that GOD doesn’t mind. 🙂

In only my opinion..

of course..

i think GOD is smiling on you..and probably winking too. 😉



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7 Responses to A woman’s opinion on GOD

  1. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postp6228805.html#6228805

    Your premise here seems to be that nature is being compromised when males are not allowed to spread their seed in this way that pleases them, with limited penalties.

    But no, this is not in alignment with nature, as women inherently are more cautious of who they share seed with as the repercussions are years for women, and only for as little as a few moments for the male.

    And actually our culture is a very free one now, as far as sexual liberation goes, by the widely available and easily accessible avenues for porn, with almost any vicarious, voyeuristic, virtual reality of fantasy at ones fingertips and keyboard ready to go.

    As far as I know, you have similar access in England to all of that, as well as your escort friends.

    Mirror neurons work well enough to get a thrill and fulfill any fantasy one wants to fulfill behind closed doors in the privacy of one’s on shelter.

    Sexual assault is not a logical, legal, moral, ethical, or even natures way to go, from the act you describe here that is of a highest sexual assault nature to any woman anywhere at anytime that does not welcome this horrifying act of perversion, yes perversion, as it is not naturally, legally, or socially acceptable within the guidelines of what it takes to live peacefully and cooperatively in life, like all social animals must do, well enough, to survive with basic subsistence.

    And yes, there is most definitely a cultural double standard here, that also goes along with natures way.

    I’ve been rave dancing, yes me at age 54 as a noted extremely good dancer, at my metro area RAVE club with hundreds of college age students, all who are at least legal age and the age of consent.

    Almost every time I go, at least one woman will approach me with her rear and bump and grind me on my front.

    To be honest, it depends on if the woman is attractive enough, as to whether or not I find it acceptable, and am willing to tolerate it, as no I don’t really find it appropriate as I am a married man with ring fully displayed on finger.

    Does it hurt me; no.

    But quite honestly some of the women don’t give up when I protect my private parts with my leg, as no I don’t want some of those butts rubbing up against that part of me, and I at 230 Lbs of solid muscle, at times have leg butted them a few feet farther away to get the point across, that no their butt is not welcome ‘there’..

    But the thing is I am a man and weigh 230Lbs and can lift 720Lbs easily with my legs, at my local military gym with free weights.

    No hell no, I will never approach any of these women, with such behavior, whether I am married or not, or no matter what my damn fantasy might be, as BY GOD THOSE women are human beings, and in their nature is the fact that men overall are stronger and capable of exerting their will physically no matter what their defense might be against the sexual assault.

    So yes, I can truly say, I have been sexually assaulted on the dance floor where I go by women, to dance RAVE STYLE, technically as it were, but no, I don’t have to go again, if I do no want to risk it, and no, there is no chance a woman is ever going to get me pregnant by doing this if I’m not in the mood, no matter how much she bumps and grinds me, so I let it go, and keep dancing and just keep that leg up there, that can lift 720Lbs to protect myself from foreign butts that I do not care for bumping and grinding me.

    The key point here, is, it is impossible for a man to understand the full vulnerability a women feels unless they have been in this place, and unfortunately some men who are not as strong as me are raped by men too, and yes, they have a better understanding of what this vulnerability feels like.

    My feeling here is there is no way I can make you understand that, unless you are reborn a woman, and face the same day to day vulnerabilities a woman faces all the time she lives, and eats, and attempts to breed with who she wants to breed with, and not have stuff forced on her, that she does not care for by men that may be able to physically dominate them.

    Fortunately, we as humans beings for the most part have enough empathy not to abuse other folks like this, no matter how much stronger and bigger we are as a potential dominating force.

    But unfortunately some of us do not have empathy for others.

    And that is at least a source of many sexual assaults that you describe above.

    Humans without empathy for others, who only care about their own selfish needs.

    And yes, some of the girls at the dance hall I frequent may have this issue too.

    And no I am no prude.

    I do fully nude renaissance style male nude art in the flesh.

    But all my work on the Internet is behind a restricted link.

    A person doesn’t get to flash their penis around where it’s not wanted or rub off on a women, without going to jail and getting a
    permanent record as a sexual offender to follow them around for decades, publicly identified for everyone to see.

    And that’s a good thing in my opinion that these laws are on the book where I live.

    I have zero tolerance for sexual assault, except for when it happens to me, by the fairer and so called weaker sex, if you will, that yes does play into
    the equation of the true nature of what we are as human beings in the social animal kingdom, as is, no matter what culture says.

    So to summarize, as I do get rather wordy; your premise of nature is your answer already that no, the act you describe, is not acceptable at just the level of a bullying offense and should be regulated as the crime of sexual assault even when the laws of nature are fully taken into account, with culture and existing laws.

  2. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postp6229012.html#6229012

    Here you go Ana, apparently there is a science to this more than is understood today, in the case of Coral Castle, with stones moved larger than Stone Henge, by a solitary man, a little over one hundred pounds, with some basic tools from a junkyard.

    No solitary person can replicate this, or even science to this point in time.

    Yes, in much smaller sizes and weights, but nothing of this measure, per solitary effort.

    Human potential of yesteryear is at times underestimated of what is all of we think of what we know about human potential in our present day, where technology leads innovation more than human beings do now.

    As a culture, as a whole, we are not nearly as smart as individual unit, as we think we are, generally speaking.

    This guy had some time on his hands, yes an entire lifetime, and found a new way, separated from the preconceived notions of current science and culture to come up with a radical new way of doing things.

    But the key is, he created a magical inspiration for himself, to believe in, to inspire him, just to do it, and make it happen, with all the focus and energy that can make human potential what it truly can be.

    No ET’s required, just the true full potential of human being, fully inspired, as such.

    No matter what, it is an incredible and inspiring story, well worth spending a few minutes of time to watch.

    And no doubt, there is a little bit of the broader Autism Spectrum thingy going on with the guy who has made his life mission and focus to study this genius like achievement that is now still, Coral Castle.

    • http://www.wrongplanet.net/postt266044.html

      You are welcome Ana, and i too can relate to this. As a loner much of my life, inspiration for me often comes from a place where no conscious logical mind exists, for language, whether it is telepathic in literal metaphor or not.

      It is real, yes, and evidenced too, in my life, for sure now, but even when I use logic as simple as placing a comma or semi-colon here or there, or even shift line single space in word Press online editing software, the intuition of insight tries to escape, so I accommodate it the best I can balancing logic with the dreams of lucid dreaming in real life, when necessary as I do now, as this instinctive intuitive insight is as real as any materialistic thing we see in life as instinct and intuition can be another continent of reality, that people rarer and rarer visit today, including me, not too long ago.

      I don’t leave IT; with relative free will I exercise that choice.

      And while there was a time, I believed that extra terrestrial super intelligence likely could never exist as I felt that intelligence is inherently more bad that good, I no longer feel that way, as I have these full feelings of Sacred Love with that instinct and intuition now, that shows me that love is a much higher power, than any math equation for an atomic bomb.

      Yes, the power can be in language, one of sword or love or both; whatever it takes to bring the best out of human being true is what IT’s all about to me.

      For those that believe, exercise faith, maintain hope, and most important of all, move with relative free will for the true will of each human being, supporting it as such, and become all one can be in this great big opportunity of universe that exists always now, greatest human potential can come true, in the now of this life.

      The story is not new, but with freedom of expression allowed the way it is in the USA, there is hope the story will come true again, on a grander scale than ever, for a new world order of greater sacred love.

      The unconditional kind that only loves to grow, and be shared with all others; none excluded, for fullest human being potential. 🙂

  3. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postp6229718.html#6229718

    David Chalmer appears to be a philosopher with a back ground in mathematics and cognitive science with a PHD in Philosophy and Cognitive Science, as indicated from the link below:


    I watched the video and at this point it does seem more like philosophy than traditional science.

    The idea that consciousness is fundamental at the core Universal level, is certainly not a new philosophical idea, and one that I do hold myself.

    The idea that AI is conscious, I do not believe and do not think is possible, as it is emotions and other nuanced experience beyond the verbal and mathematical logical ways of life that make us fully conscious and integrated with relative free will, as I do find now on a personal level, after losing my emotions due to physical illness for five years, and gaining them back, with great artful effort.

    The analogy as far as consciousness I can use is I had the consciousness of a vegetable, less than other social animal mammals, i.e. my cat, before, even though I retained my ability to do equation like language and mathematics.

    The difference is one’s view of reality and how small or how large it can be, and yes this does extend out much further into Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences:


    And also into the theory of what makes true genius as a synergy of all of these intelligences and not the narrow world view of just standard IQ measures of intelligence.

    For example, through a one year wake to sleep practice of a Tai Chi way of balanced movement culminated in skills similar to a Kung Fu expert in movement, my physical intelligence including proprioception and the ability to feel my way around the world without eyes or ears has sky rocketed.

    Before in my life, I was extremely and notably motor/visually spatially impaired.

    But in effect, it was more a result of the fact that I did not exercise this real and improvable type of human intelligence in movement and proprioception.

    And as another example my ability to tolerate cold and heat was extremely low, but adapting with the art of this movement in real life outdoors; my ability to control my internal body temperature and adapt to extreme temperatures has also reached an extreme level of proficiency.

    There are many more skills I have developed by escaping culture, and all the worries that go along with that.

    I find most of my previous life now to be a lie basically and illusion spoon fed to me by all of traditional culture from all media sources and human interaction of what the rest of the herd is fed to believe in culture, and of course the ludicrous heights that the insanity of the social norm can go as far as female genital mutilation in some countries or even circumcision still in this country; and that is just on the physical level.

    The assaults to our psychology as a social animal not unlike other primates is extreme everyday in the way we live our lives in mechanical cognition over social cognition; words that have metaphors that are the similar for Yin and Yang; Systemizing and Empathizing; Science and Art; the metaphors for this duality of human nature go on and on but they are key to much of human suffering when the art and science of human being goes unbalanced.

    And art is in movement and proprioception, just as it is on the painted canvas and poetry of free flowing communication not measured and chained by the rules of modern grammar and physical education of the secondary school and teams sports kind.

    Yes, science is important but art is equally important, which makes the true philosopher who combines art and science, a rare commodity these days.

    Mr. Chalmer appears to be one of those rare elements of human mind, and ironically consciousness too.

    When they say that it is a myth that the average human today only uses 10 percent of the mind; yes it is a myth, based on the science of neurology and biology of the brain; however, the neurology and biology of the brain cannot measure the fully conscious effect of a brain with all intelligences employed in the synergy that can and will result if all areas of the brain are intensely stimulated.

    My IQ measured during my illness was in the 130 to 140 range, and probably still is on standard measure of IQ.

    However my real life abilities, have skyrocketed just by finally increasing my physical intelligence including proprioception.

    There is synergistic effect, and even in standard measures of IQ, now science shows that physical exercise at the basic level, will increase standard IQ measures by as much as 10 percent just after one exercise session for the simple reason that exercise through dopamine and adrenaline neuro-hemicals/neurohormones brain stimulation are increased by physical exercise, thereby increasing the ability to focus the mind.

    The athlete calls the high scoring test taker a nerd, and the nerd calls the athlete jock, but when the two come together along with other intelligences like musical intelligence and poetry intelligence, and other intelligences of art rather than just science, genius can and will appear in the proverbial school drop-out as is in the case with folks like Einstein.

    And no, not likely that anyone but you will make it this far in my writing here, as they likely haven’t been there and done it yet, and do not understand the places in conscious awareness I have been, as a result of my separation from culture.

    But that’s okay; it’s part of the beast of culture, and what culture tells us is real.

    It’s all based on statistics; culture still tells me I’m weaker in my 50’s than I was in my 20’s per science, but no that is far from true, but based on average human statistics from people that sit around most of their life instead of moving.

    Same with speed of reaction and ability to learn new things.

    It’s simple; use it or lose it.

    We are evolved to adapt; not to sit still, and become a vegetable in relative potential ability in full conscious awareness employing these multiple intelligences that are real and learnable throughout the course of the life cycle for those who believe they can improve them.

    For those that don’t for whatever self or other person preached limitations and expectations, it is simply a self-fulfilling prophecy to use a philosophical term, that yes does have real life implications for neuroscience and biology.

    The main issue is art and science; the Yin and Yang; again all those metaphors for the dualistic nature of our state of human being.

    All parts must be exercised.

    To make this thing called human being, work efficiently and in balance, like any other animal one finds in nature.

    Amazing we have to use so many words to get to the bottom of it, but words are both the source of knowledge and the source of limits of human beings.

    The problem is sifting out the BS and getting to the truth.

    I never give up.

    That is my only secret. 🙂

    Relative Free will; another metaphor for it, that cannot and does not fully exist when any part of human intelligence is limited by repression or oppression, of these potential learnable abilities.

    Of course, all in my self and culture educated opinion. 🙂

  4. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postp6229752.html#6229752

    Yes, modern Satanists make a fool out of the devil and modern anti-Christ leaning traditional religions, but they are among the only so called atheists smart enough to use religion to their advantage, as evidenced in the article linked here. 🙂

    In the sense that they understand that God the metaphor, thereof, exists inside of them, not in a fairy tale of some folks who want to control other folks.

    And so called atheists tend to call it science, that is only a scribe for the metaphor of GOD, aka how the whole thing works interdependently together, in Pantheism.

    Luciferianism, is a kinder gentler version, than Satanists as Satanists believe in selfishness and hurting folks that get in the way, but Luciferianism retains mythology, i. e. the angel Lucifer as a real entity as part of their real world view.

    The bottom line is:

    The truth can and will set one free.

    More or less, along the lines of what the real reported dude Yeshua aka Jesus is reported as saying in words of effect and affect in the English 1959 translated version of the Gospel of Thomas, as a Yogi/Classical Pantheist leaning dude, kind of like me.


  5. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postp6229767.html#6229767

    6FT, 225 to 230Lbs, depending on the day of week and intensity of training.

    720 LBS on free weight leg press; 12 reps.

    I have congenitally fused vertebrae in my neck, so it is the only free weight exercise I do.

    On Nautilus machines I easily lift the max on almost all of 40 machines at my military gym.

    Including 210 LBS on the bicep curl machine using both arms, and 209 LBS on the neck machine.

    And yes I am age 54, much stronger than I’ve ever been in my life.

    Don’t let folks convince you, you will grow old and useless by that age.

    It’s based on cultural pre-conceived notions and average statistics based on folks who sit around and do little exercise in middle age.

    Humans are made for challenge and adversity.

    Lose it or lose it applies to social cognition, mechanical cognition, and yes, most definitely physical intelligence.

    I also am documented as having 19 medical disorders, but I simply don’t let it get me down, through will and simple
    human adaptation and accommodation to environmental challenge.

    And when there is none, I make my own adversity and adaptation to grow as a human being in mind, heart, body and soul.

    They are all connected, go without one, and the others become weaker in potential synergistic total effect of human being.

    And yes I am considered a Kung Fu expert and dance expert, in real life, by others trained as such, dance walking in a martial arts style 2000 miles this year as measured by my Nike GPS sports watch, and never had a lesson.

    Instinct and Intuition, by following the golden meaned spiral pattern of 1.618; seen all throughout nature from the galaxies to hurricanes to fetuses, is the
    way I move everywhere I go, and now even in physical effect my body in form, looks like the Universe (galaxy spiraled form) reflected like this in proportion like a Tiger
    moving through the Jungle in flow and form.

    I learned more about physical training by instinct and intuition, than any PE class or organized sport.

    And the results are true, documented and somewhat incredible, considering all of my stereotyped limitations, that would normally dictate in culture
    that no, I could not possibly have a renaissance-style (yes the old Greek GOD statue mythology form) non-anabolic steroid body at age 54.



    But almost anything is possible with WILL AND BELIEF AKA ATTITUDE ABOUT LIFE.

    And at least 90 percent of the equation of failure or success, in my opinion about life,and all other things, generally speaking is: practice, practice, practice; perfection as verb instead of nouned goal oriented thinking.

    Yes, this is the original Kung Fu philosophy as it applies to a holistic practice of life, well beyond martial arts.

  6. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postp6230996.html#6230996

    Of course nothing new in the findings here; patients with brain injury leading to little or no emotion cannot even decide what kind of socks to wear for the day when more than one color is presented.

    Emotion is the glue of memory, and part of why individuals with greater than average dopamine levels may do better on tests but also suffer from greater anxiety levels, overall.

    But one thing I do know is this, the human being has incredible ability to control emotion given enough time spent alone with one’s emotions and the nuanced cognitive behavioral self therapy that has little to do with language.

    Sorry that’s vague, but again the beast is in the issue, and the issue cannot be controlled or fully expressed, with language alone.

    There are viewpoints that the advanced Yogi is in effect and affect a psychopath as they have the will and control to turn emotions on and off.

    But as long as they do not harm others, it keeps in the mold of the social norm, for the most part and without the potential of diagnosis for the actual sociopathy label as such.

    Yes, as part of a medical disorder I did lose much of my emotion, and it was hard to find an oatmeal and an oatmeal bowl in the kitchen cabinet; executive function is yes, severely compromised, when this happens.

    But with my emotions back in full swing now, my memory is as good as I ever remember it being; if that can be any objective measure, for off and on emotions in one life.

    I think the most depressing news of all, is people who have lost their emotions, have little control over their life, except for self injury for the numbness that can occur in a life with this condition, one of the most horrible of life’s challenges.

    Alexithymia is measured out in scientific studies among 85% of individuals diagnosed with so called higher functioning Autism, and it is suggested that too much emotion, as would likely be the case for someone that starts out super smart by doing well on tests that require great rote memory, finally shuts down, as the emotional contagion of the world becomes too much for them, which is likely part of the case with me, in my past challenges with emotional affect and effect.

    But when one loses their emotions the memories go fast, until emotions come back again; at one point I could not remember what a smile or laugh felt like for almost 5 long years, and now enjoy laughter and smiles everyday.

    Life is interesting, but no, not very interesting to me, when emotions do not run strong and free; considering both worlds in one lifetime for me.

    For the most part I can control my emotions, but yes I am still only human, and of course they play a role in every decision I make; humans, if not able to use emotions for snap decisions in life or death situations, will not last long, in the real wild of the world.

    It’s a survival mechanism, plain and simple, and no, no surprise and certainly not a depressing issue for me, as I see the human condition with this obvious gift, overall, farther away from flaw.

    And why I always consider the source, when someone makes no sense to me as they let their emotions rule their decisions, in such a way that never affects or effects me; but that is life; live and learn or stay the same, rigid, never growing person; that is up to us, and most people can adjust given time alone with will, focus, and positive intention for change.

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