GOD enLiGhtens the boy with a Star in hIs sKeYe


The following post on the

Wrong Planet website..

in support.. mostly..

for  folks with

Asperger’s syndrome..

as linked

and quoted below..

inspires the rest

of this


for me..

(note: aghogday is my user name)


xxxxx  xxxx wrote:

I absolutely believe in God and Jesus Christ. I didn’t become a Christian until college, though. I was raised Christian Scientist, but never really “clicked” with it (actually, I questioned it until I was asked not to come back by a couple of churches) and in middle school became an agnostic. When I reached college, I started with extensive Bible study and eventually had a spiritual experience that gave me the evidence that I needed in order to believe.

I am considered a “liberal” or “progressive” Christian, as I believe in marriage equality, I do not believe that homosexuality is a sin (and even if it was, it wouldn’t be my business to cast judgement upon homosexuals), I believe that the universe is 13.8 billion years old, I believe in evolution, I don’t proselytize, etc.

I also understand why people do not believe. If I had not had the personal experience that I did at that point in college, then I most likely would still not either. As it stands, I did and so I have unshakeable faith in God’s existence.

aghogday wrote:

Precisely the same for me..except i will go one step further..that while i found a path to GOD through the teachings of Jesus..i respect all other paths equAlly as potential ways to gain that 100% faith that you speak of…

God speaks to me through incredible synchronistic events..that have no current rational explanation..per sequence of statistical possibility..of the psychological meaningful..events.. that i have even actually recorded now as proof in the last 6 months..some with my iPhone5…camera….

There was a period of my life of over 5 years..where through the worst pain disorder known to mankind..type two atypical trigiminal neuralgia..i lost almost all my emotions…and all hope and faith..and there was absolutely no synchronistic events i was aware of then..but i’m sure they were still happening…now as i look back..with my full mind working with emotions..including hope and faith….

But what i think..is too much emphasis on mechanical cognition..with almost a complete escape from social cognition..numbs the mind’s ability to discern synchronistic events..that many people in life .. experience .. as their personal proof of GOD…

And there is scientific research that suggests that when one path of cognition..is used in the human brain..per the environment of mechanical cognition..as opposed to social/empathic cognition.. the other path is repressed….

So throughout history people have been sharing their synchronistic events..with others..in hopes to spark some type of faith .. hope or belief .. for those folks..but it is so hard to do for the person that does not experience..’this proof of GOD’ .. up close and personal…

Well ..some of my ‘synchronistic proof’ is recorded with my iPhone 5 here in the last 6 months..as i am receiving more incredible proof of the existence of GOD ..far more proof.. than ever in my life before..and more than i could imagine i COULD receive…

It’s going to be my next post here..

and it will be titled:

GOD enLiGhtens the boy with a Star in hIs sKeYe….

Having 100% proof that GOD exists..is an incredible feeling of confidence..in this life..
that brings no fear of death for me..although..my experience of heaven is in the NOW..
and i need no more promise of that to be 100% happy in life..i look no further than NOW..

And i believe GOD is fully natural..even with synchronicity..as humans simply only have
one small part of understanding ..through science.. of how the whole dam thing

I too..am 100% sure of that..
Just for the incredible documented experiences i have in the last 6 months..
That defies all explanation..by the current state of science…

But i’ll let everyone make their own minds up about my proof…

When that post comes..if they care too..:)

i cannot impose my will on anyone..

All i can do is share
my experiences..

and hope..
it sparks something in someone…

And yes..i do know this can be a life saver..
And no.. i am not alone in that thinking here..
Although.. it might be an unpopular one to state…
For the overall herd of thinking…here….

Where i live..there is relatively little doubt that GOD exists..
Churches are everywhere..
And atheism..although yes..it most definitely exists here..
Is rarely ever spoken of…anywhere..where people meet..
and talk…they are the odd folks out by far there..
whereas folks like you and me are the odd folks out..
relatively speaking here in this online environment..

And no.. i too.. do not blame them for feeling that way at all…
i too..am still disillusioned by the total effect of many structured
religious efforts..that oppress folks..whether it is homosexuals..
or folks from other religions…




Well.. first of all more than anything..

what motivates me to

write and illustrate this post..






that whether or not GOD EXISTS..





WELL..IN trying to witness one’s Proof

or experience of GOD on this site..where

the disillusionment over religion..IS WARRANTED..











Androgynous or homosexual..

hate all religion..and most unfortunately

in what i see..too often..

even the idea of GOD

existing at




So it’s an uphill battle attempting to spark

faith or hope for someone for the idea of GOD..

when religions so clearly bring a message of hate..

to many of those folks..who are the way they are..

simply ’cause that is the way that GOD makes them..




And even becoming disillusioned with any idea

about GOD!

So this is my little effort out of respect for them..

as i cannot convince religion..on my own..

to turn a different course..

But if they do not..

with freedom of information..

and simple common sense exposed..

Organized churches are on the pathway..

of destruction..of the ability to keep the doors

open for people to share faith..belief..and hope

with each other..

That is for them to figure..out..i  AND OTHERS cannot turn

the ‘TITANIC’ around ALONE…nor even it seems..

with the help of the pop music industry..who are

doing such a great job..in promoting equal respect for people..



This iS my little effort of sharing my personal experience..of my own

proof  of GOD..and nah for me GO
D is everywhere in every religion..and oh my GOD..

even in songs of so called secular musicK artists..

When i AM A teenager..i hear the song above about the boy with the stars..

in his eyes..by Alan Parsons..and oh my GOD i do not kNOW why..but in my mind..

a spark of thought comes..that tells me one day i WILL

see a star in my eye..


Well..i use this song in a post..called

‘Temple of GOD in the TWiLIGHT”

as it comes to mind randomly..

as meaningful..and sure enough..

in looking at the post after i inserted the video..

there IS a star in my right eye..that is quite discernible

to most naked eyes…that are reviewing it so far..

Now to be clear..i’m sure there is a natural explanation for it..

But this i see ..is how GOD and Synchronicity..(the ‘ACAUSAL’ connecting

principle brought forth to light..by Carl Jung)


I LOVE and COMMUNICATE with GOD through the practice..

of TAI CHI incorporated in dance..along with Chakra Belly Dance..YOGA..

in a type of walk dance including reverse walking that i do everywhere i go..

NOW.. and in fact over 500 hundred miles..

in the last several months…

miles documented by my Nike GPS sports watch..

But i am completely sure that God’s way .. the power and force..

that connects us all..and is in all things..

communicates with me..



AND YAH..the eye in the sky..otherwise known as

‘Sun Dogs’ in the sky..and the Lion in the lights..

of Burger King with the yellow lion looking cat..

and the heart of star..that is the sun in the sky..

are other examples of so many more synchronistic

events that iAM CAPTURING with my iPhone5 camera..

in over 27K pictures..since September 2013..

But the greatest synchronistic event for me is the return

of a pain free existence..on or about July 22nd of 2013…

i predicted something special would happen that day..months before

that ..and other folks did too..as it IS the date for the

‘Star of David Planetary Alignment’..and yah..

while a prince of England IS born that day..

i AM reAlly happy..

to finAlly be..

pain free again..and move

to a bliSs of existence..th@IS

simply still..unbelievable to me..

except for the fact that i



But here’s the other thing..while i feel cAlled by

this all encompassing power and force that i know as

GOD to take all these dam pictures with my iPhone..

i AM also cAlled to photograph my self completely nude doing

TAI CHI in front of my bathroom mirror..as ya see..strange things..

happen when i practice TAI CHI..lights flickering..off..AND ON…alarms going off..

and yes..even transformers exploding.and YES there are witnesses to thIs..

But when i do my nude photo shoot with TAI CHI..

in one photo what looks like a lamb’s hoof Is protruding out of

my leg..and yes in the next pictures.. a series of many letters..that

did not exist..anywhere but in that photo..

WITH one word clearly cursively written too..



Well..i will not link that photo here..

for obvious reasons..but it exists..and can

be found on my blog..which it might be better.

if yah take my word for it..

as it IS not easy..to do that..


Facebook family friends..over my underwear

photos doing TAI CHI..

But..here’s the thing..i have bliss..

and there are other folks…contemplating..

putting bullets through their head at the end of the..

day whose faith might not be as strong aS TItanium..

like mine..

So i do not give a f**..if someone tries..to embarrass..

me.. or hates..me.. or calls ..me.. evil..or whatever the f**..they do..

as a POTENTIAL life..

is much more important..


the little annoyance…of anyone trying..

to alter my BLISS..





























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21 Responses to GOD enLiGhtens the boy with a Star in hIs sKeYe

  1. Discussion on the topic from the Wrong Planet website..per the link and quote below..
    Disclaimer: This information is provided for educational purposes only .. with no commercial interests..under fair use..per any potential copyright concern….


    naturalplastic wrote:

    I confess!

    I did it!

    Blew up the trade center!

    Killed the Lindbergh baby!


    Just…just…just…make him STOP!!!!!!!

    aghogday wrote:

    Seriously .. there’s nothing to be paranoid about here..

    i think..;)

    ActuAlly it’s about supporting folks on this site..
    and yes..in this particular forum..
    that are contemplating suicide everyday..
    with their faith in GOD..however weak it may be..
    in meeting the challenges of another day..
    the only thing that sets them apart from life or death…

    If you are attempting to personally attack me here..
    i hope ya KnoW it is of absolutely no consequence to me..

    i am a little more concerned about the folks here..
    that need a little inspiration to make it through..

    just one more day…

    Been there done it..
    for over 60 months..

    i do not know about you..
    but i have a great deal of empathy..
    about not having any hope or faith in life..
    or IN anything else for that matter…

    So IF YA CARE TO carry on in your banter to personAlly attack…me..
    if it’s not just a silly joke..

    Please carry on..i am a ‘professional boxer’..the jabs will more than likely
    bounce off of me…

    But at any rate..smiles and have a great day..!

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


  2. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postt250984.html

    naturalplastic wrote:

    Thats a worthy cause.


    Mea culpa.

    I didnt really read your post.

    I didnt read it because its such an imposing looking wall of text that it looked like it would be torture to read. So i just made a joke to that effect.

    aghogday wrote:

    Thanks so much for the clarification Natural Plastic..and of course apology fully accepted..

    And yes.. i do realize i ‘gotta’ a issue with too many words..and letters..numbers..symbols..photos..videos and every thing symbolic…

    But my particular form of Autism per Hyperlexia..flavored..makes it very difficult for me to express things..
    concisely ..ergo a thousand words each post..and this has always been an issue with me on this site…

    But it is what is ..and thanks for accommodating me..

    And i do hope you have a great rest of the day! or night! whatever it may be when ya read this!..:)

    And yes..i do tend to be.. very happy! these days..:)

    But it’s just natural..that is all..
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


  3. brian miller says:

    oh def i agree on the anymosity toward religeon….it can be a brutal thing, and one that gets so twisted from love to hate and anger by our small human minds…i feel for this guy as well…it breaks my heart to feel so close to losing it…we oft label the misunderstood to make them fit the box we have in this life…and in many ways outcast…i have to say i believe in a god greater than the sum of our attitudes…

    • Ya..knowNow Brian..i love the study of all religions..yes..that’s not too hard to discern i guess..;)

      And after studying all religions closely for over 50 years..now..seriously since before i could talk..as i perceived it before then at before the age of 4 for a delay in it…speaking that is…

      I am coming to the conclusion..that Jesus is what could be described as a Yogi..per the Tibetan Buddhist way of life…

      They are incredible..and stand far apart..other folks in a crowded hall..
      and are often perceived as Godlike…

      but the saddest part of all..
      i truly think now..
      is most all of us have the potential to be Yogi’s too..
      to discipline their selves..to fall through that needle..instead of the camel being that can continue to exist…

      But.what i feel..is even with a Yogi..
      tHere is not necessarily any formula to get tHere..
      i think it is in our DNA to get tHere..if somehow we can
      escape all the illusions of the byproducts of culture..and all
      that entertains us in life..in mindless varieties..of ways…

      Well Jesus wasn’t kidding..
      when he referred to it as not being easy..

      Somehow..with the desire to make things easy..
      folks pretended
      it is free..
      nothing is free..if life IS taught me anything..
      IS the journey that is the pleasure with pain and all of that..
      The destination..is never the goal..
      as far as i see…..

  4. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Wow, I dropped by expecting to find a few prose paragraphs, and instead was treated to a metaphysical treatise, a revelation of sorts. We all have had, or most of us, our own spiritual journey, and hopefully found a quiet glen to feel comfortable in. Organized religions, regardless of their origins, have never appealed to me. Like you, at four I begin my studies, and now I can see clearly that with each lifetime we are still in lesson, but the kicker seems to be that for some of us older souls, a residue of Truth sticks to our new lives, like ashes in the cremation urn after the ceremony; enjoyed your overwhelming style; thanks.

    • It’s a beautiful thing when that residue of truth..makes it’s appearance in life..but for me it took great adversity..to escape the illusion ..of all in my mind that is culture…

      To once again..see the core of who am i..that IS so clear at age three and really no different..at 53…

      Yes..i tend to agree with ya here..about old souls..and residues of truth..
      the power and the energy that is possible of human hidden..and controlled through fear..through folks so long ago..to make life easier..

      Yet harder for them too..
      than ever before…

      And at least for me..and it sounds like ya too..
      tRuly the greatest treasure..to make it’s reality known once again..
      as LIFE..simply LIFE.

  5. Rallentanda says:

    Thanks for your visit and nice comment. There is a general animosity towards religious belief in our secular society . Christianity in particular takes many forms with the different sects. I just wish that before bagging Christianity people would read up on some history and realise that the reason they can sleep at night with a reasonable certainity of waking up the next day without fear of loss to limb possessions or life is because for 2000 years our civilisation and laws have been enshrined in Christian ethics.

    • You are very welcome Rallentanda..and while the evidence bears out that there is this great animosity toward Christianity in some other countries..the US broadly speaking by 80% is still leaning toward organized religions..mostly Christianity of course…


      The truthful core of Christianity will remain true..as the essence of truth of the human being never changes..in my opinion..as TRUE

      But in a Twitter world..wHere 130 letters or so ..for a ‘deep thought’ is now the norm..chances of ‘self’ exploration..and ‘DEEP’ expression..of what IS TRUe in life..IS getting more like ‘Camel’..in every day..of NOW.. and the ‘eye of needle’ continues to grow smaller..from the past….

      IN my local area.. religion rules..and yes Christianity rules..there is no church that bares the street in more than a mile in any direction..

      But i even have photographs to prove that the graying heads..are what is left in spiritual events of joy..that did when i am much younger.. house the hair of youth..

      IN my opinion..there is simply too much competition..for attention..where ever may bring..the focus of life…


      So what is left..is Katy Perry ..Lady Gaga..and all their friends..the one common element now..that binds the youth together..pop culture..instead of the good old gospel..
      of the deep south..thank goodness..there is at least some common LOVE in their message to the YOUth of today..it seems…

      and then there is the rest of the internet..and everything else..

      And of course in big cities..where religion is not king at all..it is often laughed at..as simply joke..with no recognition..of worth at all..

      The illusion is..we don’t need each other..and culture NOW promotes this..

      Until the next big disaster..man made or otherwise..with the infrastructure of illusion..
      no longer holding


      and then the front porches..once again..
      mean something..and a bond comes
      once again…

  6. claudia says:

    i think religion is an invention of man and grace the heart of god… we make him small if we press him into our boxes…ugh..

    • Well..as a silly little ant of a human being..i’m certainly not going to attempt to put chains around what i understand as GOD..and ..at least.. i find it amusing when people try to do this..

      It is rare where two people can even come up with a standard definition.. of love..and the last book i read..about love..suggested there are 5 languages.. of love..that did not even include the definition i would describe as love…so i’ll call that one unconditional ‘divine’ love and place in a sixth category i guess…

      And no surprise that an animal evolved for about 150 to 200 max social connections in a global society..would have difficulty coming to a compromise on a common language to describe what i understand as GOD…or any one..of ‘they’…

      But with an increasingly nomadic society..with dwindling extended families for support..where the government cannot provide it..

      Religion i see..as still a necessary societal tool of support..and i for one..found one that doesn’t do the stuff i abhor so much described in the post above..and i suppose as long as it does not do that..with me without much extended family..i will go there moreover than anything else .. for the flesh and blood human connections..that make life worth living to me..overall..:) i can find love there..and ignore the dogma..;)

      i think religion will eventually adapt to the norms of overall culture..and in some form it will always continue to exist..It fills a human need of flesh and blood human connection..that i think ..again..is an overall requirement for happiness..in most everyone’s life….

  7. Interesting theology as a liberal Quaker lots to debate

    • Thanks John..and interestingly enough..i once took a ‘religion test’…and based on the questions i provided .. the answer for a religion..came up for me as Quaker..and as i remember the religion does reflect many of my personal beliefs…

      But .. i find common elements of what rings true to me in most religions..anyway..:)

  8. kkkkaty1 says:

    I think we are all one …a web of life with unique individuality among it’s throngs, and love and faith connect us to god in perpetual grace

    • Well first of all i like your name..any form of what is considered pure as a form of Katheryn..like my Internet..Pen name..Katie..or my wife’s name Katrina…is beautiful to me..always..so again..i too..grabbed the name..and claimed it for me too..:)

      And the theory of synchronicity..per this interconnectedness..of ALL.. IS also expressed beautifully in a book..i can’t seem to make time to finish..’The Twelfth Insight’..by James Redfield…:)

  9. I like your inclusiveness in this and the ability to show our each of us has our spiritual path that evolves over time.

    • Thanks for the nice expression of compliment..Victoria..it’s truly nice to know..as we grow older in physical form..our spiritual being..can continue to evolve..and actually grow younger..in a brighter light..of LOVE..than be fore..:)

  10. My belief is strong in humanity and nature, and if we can see it through God that’s ok with me.. But religion without humanity toward all human beings is never gonna click with me. Unfortunately most religion practiced in churches is about exclusion … To he it’s apparent from the little I have read in the Bible that this inclusive part is the most important part in what Jesus taught us… Still ostracizing has always been the major part of most churches…

    • I agree with you about humanity and nature..but for me there is no separation of what i understand as GOD from that..and seriously almost every so called truly enlightened person that has or does walk the earth expresses a similar sentiment..

      I see GOD as the all encompassing glue that connects and flows ONE as a river through…

      And me as a silly little ant of a human can really say not much more than that..other than what i intuit as truth..

      But meanwhile .. humans are also tribal in nature..and the biggest hoax of all i personally see in the new testament that was written by several authors anywhere from 40 AD to 200 AD after the birth of the historical man Jesus..is ‘John 3:16’ stating that GOD so loved the World that ‘he’ sacrificed his ‘only’ son for it..’

      Well .. many people have sacrificed their own lives out of love for all others..unconditionally to bring a universal message of peace and love to others..that is certainly nothing new..and what is seen time and time again..in history by truly enlightened folks..

      Gandhi ..is.. an example here i think..he would have given himself up for crucifixion if necessary i think..too..as he was selfless in effort and effect…

      i take what rings true for me..in the New Testament..and discard the rest..as any other human gossip..relayed by one or more humans describing the story of another human in life…

      And what truly rings true for me..is that the Historical Man Jesus..IS what could be described as a rogue Yogi..of the time..who broke out in the ‘wild’ of culture to share his enlightenment with others..highly frowned upon by historical Yogi’s as they protected their secrets of self realization..strongly.. from others out of their group of learning…

      ‘His’ statements.. that the kingdom of Heaven is in the Now..Ye are all GOD’s..and the like..are what rings true to me..and no different..than what a Yogi would relate either..i think…

      Well..what i find now in life..IS what i can describe as this power of CHI..IS..what Yogi’s connect to..IS not really that different than what outstanding martial artists..like Bruce Lee..the 5 foot 6 135 Lb man..who is probably the most revered fighter of our modern culture..connects to ..bringing great respect..and even perceived as supernatural powers by other folks..who have witnessed these type of human efforts…

      And sometimes..even referred to as ‘Godlike’..

      But the meme never really changes in my opinion..Buddha was so revered that the same myths about him walking on water and having a virgin birth were propagated about him..too…

      But when a person who masters the TAI CHI movements in dance..they do appear to float on land..as they counter the forces of gravity with their weight..with enough practice…

      And..while i’m not going to compare myself directly with Buddha..a Zen Master..or the man Jesus..or Superman..who all have the meme of the same humble nature of the mythical super hero..in my life people have been comparing me to these folks off and on..to all my surprise..as i for the most part…just flow and do not analyze what i do..per my abilities..

      But my mother told me..and perhaps many mothers tell their sons this..that i was unique as from the time as a small child all the way through adulthood..i did not have the ability to personally judge other people..or hate them..and for me..i seriously could not understand how other folks could do this..

      But here’s the thing..now being diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum in mid life..at the higher functioning end..i find that this is actually a neurological anomaly that affects a relatively small portion of folks on the spectrum..who have ramped up sensory abilities…as well as emotional contagion for feelings of other people..

      So for me to hate someone else or personally judge them..as an empath..is the same to do this to me..as such..the golden rule perhaps..is more innately built in to me..than many others..for this neurological anomaly that i was born with..per my brain…

      But here’s the other thing..when i succumbed to 19 medical disorders..at 47 including total human exhaustion..it actually damaged my brain..and psychology in a way..where i could finally feel hate..and personal judgement against others..

      I seriously felt like i was the devil in comparison to what i was before..as a metaphor of course as i was never one to read anything..as strictly literal..which is quite unusual for a person on the autism spectrum..too…

      My problem was i could not coherently verbally express the multitude of ideas in my head successfully and who knows maybe i still do not do that..as what makes all the sense in the world to me..is often perceived as nonsensical to others..in how i present my communication…

      Anyway..i’ve been fortunate or unfortunate enough in one life to have the overall fortune to live many lives in one as i think many people do..who experience extreme adversity and challenges in life..

      And now that my brain and overall psychology of mind is healed and i am once again..an empath…with no personal judgement..hate..and the best thing of all now..that i never had before..no illusory fears..
      what i can do in real life..is more amazing to other folks than ever before..per my physical abilities..that for all practical intents and purposes did not exist for this..other than being extremely strong for my size in connecting to CHI naturally since i was a middle schooler..at 5 ft 10 and 120 lbs..defeating..the football players..in arm wrestling with an arm that had absolutely no visible muscle..just skin and bones..from outward appearance…

      Now at 53..i am seriously stronger with this power of CHI..than all the elite military guys that work out at the base where i still have privileges..on the Nautilus machines there…

      But i feel free to practice my own style of TAI CHI in slow movement and free style dance in reverse..in front of all the folks in the gym..weaving in and out of the Nautilus Machines..in this gym that is huge in size…in comparison to most others…

      I have no formal training in TAI CHI..martial arts..or Yoga..

      But i have been observed as a master in all three..

      In my opinion..this is a natural way of the human being..that is lost since the days..of hunting and gathering..in primitive societies..

      And my awakening as such..is seriously just a forgetting..of the illusions of what we have in cultures now..

      To be a natural human in touch with all of nature..and this power of CHI..or open chakras..kundalini..or GOD if one wants to use that word for this overall power..may make any potential normal human being..as a prisoner of culture..appear superman like or Christ like..or Buddha like..or Zen master like..or Bruce Lee like..or whatever ..but the common element..IS..other folks want some of that too..

      As who wouldn’t want total bliss and peace..

      This i think..is what set Jesus apart..the real historical man..from others in the community he lived in at the time..

      Folks saw what he had..and wanted it so much..and perhaps..a little bit of it rubbed off..

      And they were so impressed..they made up myths about the man…

      To keep his name…in the spotlight for remembrance..

      And of course..as tribes go..to use it for fear too..and exclusion of folks in other tribes..to keep the tribe in line..

      Really no different..that the fake terrorist alerts in the 2000’s to keep folks fearful enough..to keep George W. Bush in office..to keep those contract dollars coming in for the cronies..of the folks like Dick Cheney who were really in control of that administration for the puppet..’Dubya’..

      But of course all of this is just my opinion..i take the Jefferson tilt on the new testament..and my outlook is really not much different..than the Jeffersonian bible that he created..to toss out the ‘schizophrenic’ parts as well…

      Anyway..this is a very long comment..but part of my special interest..a life long one at that..

      i seek the truth..and always welcome..other viewpoints..

      As that is always the way.. i find more truth..that rings that way to me..
      as an individual..:)

  11. But anyway..i’ve had Facebook family ‘christian’ ‘friends’..’disown’ me for my beliefs..and ‘atheist’ Facebook ‘friends’..’disown’ me for my personal beliefs..at this point..NOW..

    So i smile..and guess that puts me in ‘good’ company now..:)

    The herd..whether Christian..or Atheist..most often do not appreciate..
    a FULLY open mind..but of course there are always..wonderful exceptions..2..
    and overall i would put poets in that group..:)

  12. I respect your views and your passion. There is a link between all of us and it is life. We are linked to all that lives and we only live because it took time to get us to a place where life could thrive – we need water, light, sunshine, an atmosphere, nourishment (we must eat other living things) and so this was set in motion however long ago one measures and it has come to fruition. Fundamentally, it cannot have been an accident. God lives too and that is why every living thing senses it. That’s my belief and it sustains me as your faith sustains you.

    • Well Gay.. i can truly say that your beautiful comment here is precisely how i believe too ..so we share this belief in connectedness as human animals too..:)

      Thanks so much.. the folks with dverse..make me feel..

      like hey..i’m not crazy after all..

      smiles..and yah..i wanna be crazy..anyway..in effect and AFFECT of not being in the ‘herd’ of cultural illusion..:)Any way..i can.

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