by Lala Rukh


I am in love with that wonderful women who performs on the stage and people hold their breaths, their hearts skip the beats and magic of her glory en-wraps them in ecstatic joys — People say that she knows spell of bewitchment and she makes people unconscious by casting it but I don’t believe this, her magical beauty is mysterious enough to get entranced in.

She has booked a room that was abandoned for forty years, the room that is well known by a story that a woman burnt herself and her child here, forty years ago.

I can hear my own foot steps as I walk towards her room, my heart beats in my ears and I feel shivers while walking through that dead silent corridor but my fear is invaded over by excitement to meet that magnificent lady.

The door opens with an unfamiliar noise, tearing apart the intense silence — There lies a coffin in the center of an empty room and I am in a trance of that glowing beauty again as I open the cover.

I try to pull her out wondering who may have imprisoned my love inside the coffin, when I feel my leg clutched by tiny hands — I turn around and see a small child looking towards me with pain in eyes… Everything went dark.


katiemiafrederick says:
January 17, 2014 at 3:31 pm

woah..that’s what cha call a 360 degree turn..

bliss to misery…

We’ll first of all i love to watch women like this perform on stage…

Currently one of my favorites is Britney Spears..in her song called Work B***H

Well some folks around here call it dirty..and oh my god..some folks even go as far as calling her
a satan worshiper in what they describe as part of a mythological ‘evil’ illuminati…

But ya see..or KNOWnow..human beings have this thing..called a mirror neuron system..where they
can actually experience the actual experiences of others in a virtual mind kind of way when they watch
these other folks..

The greatest thing about Britney is that she incorporates..whether intentionally or naturally.. the TAI CHI
in her dance moves..so when watching her.. folks with an open mind..heart.and spirit..can simply experience
the force..energy..power..peace..of bliss that TAI CHI IS…in a virtual kind of way….

So in a way that makes MS. Britney a prophet or messenger of the power of this TAI CHI that really is not
substantially different that what folks call the DAO..the QI..the CHI..the holy spirit..the GOD..the ALLAH..the great spirit..
or whatever vehicle or vessel any human being can use to describe the essence of WH@IS IS…THIS essence of IS

The force..energy..power..peace..of bliss that simply IS DIVINE LOVE OVERALL

So now back to the 360 degree part…

That is the part i avoid at all costs in real life..and do not let anything like that enter my mind..heart..or spirit…

But not to say it is not effective for SOME people to escape what is truly bothering them at night.

my friend..


OH..and.. by the way..

When i dance-walk through the huge local metro mall..for 23 miles and all of that..

i too..incorporate the TA CHI..naturALLy in my dance moves..

And yes..people tell me they experience..

my bliss..peace…power..and energy..CHI..

when they observe me doing this..

As so…

So..ya see..or KNOWnow..

a few months ago..

When i stated i could light UP a mall…

i then too..

was not kidding at all..

my friend..


Oh god..sorry to keep going on and on..so finally one more thing..

My next post IS titled Dancing with GOD.

And as usual..i could not do IT



but my wife is pressing me on
a few assigned chores of the day…

so a little later

will come2

Thanks for the help LOVE


one other note…

While my wife is still not quite brave 

enough to videotape me 

in the big stores..rules and all of that

about videotaping 

in private stores..

She was willing to do it ON the 

street last Halloween..when my skill set

was still


so here is a little

hint of  what i do up to


miles in the local mall

too..above and beyond the

video of JOE 


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