ChaSinG Tales

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Hi Leah.. it never seems to fail..
right when i think about writing to
you to make sure you are okay.. i hear from
you.. but oh my goodness thanks for sending
the second Email asking if i am still watching
the Lucifer show.. as i totally missed your email
sent on Thursday.. and did a search on your
user name to find this one.. oh God.. i get so
much eMail that i never open up.. and if
i did open it up.. i would never have
any fun.. smiles..
but alWays glad to
hear from you.. my friend..
and to stARt off i guess i WiLL
reply to your last OBTW question..
to say.. yes.. watching every Lucifer
show and really enjoying the
humor of human archetypes
set free.. where the devil
becomes the angel
and the angel
becomes the
devil and so ironic
that what is free and Loving
per no money.. moving.. connecting
and creating.. is what is termed as
more likely evil in most fundamentalist
viewing religions.. including human
sensuality that is what sets our
closest primate cousins.. the
Bonobo.. mostly free of
violence and
most tribal
warring ways..
yeah.. monkey business
could teach humans a whole
lot on how to be peaceful easy
Loving joyful primates once again..
but people are too smart to feel
the truth and liGht of that
iN LuciFeRED way iT seems..
as cynical of the liGht
and afraid of the
and sorry to hear
you are having problems
with the Romanian consulate
in passport issues and so glad
your sister is okay in Brussels..
as another darkness that comes
from so called Gods turning
into Devils.. of the
dark of human nature..
and of course.. the U.S.. in admin..
ways is just as bad.. in false
wars for lies.. like the
Iraq fiasco that iN
real has opened
up this Isis
crap like
a rotten
can of
Ignorance Kills
the same as Lies..
and Love only Lives
when it tOuches heARt
more than words in a big
of so many
lies as well
and not so well..
And speaking of the Devil..
yes.. my birthday is 6660.. also
known as June 6th, 1960.. not a problem
sharing.. and whenever i used to visit the store
cashiers over here in red state fundie town..
the cashiers literally showed fear
when they saw the three
sixes on my driver’s
license.. oh the
price of
runs deep..
even for
a beer..
and ha!
that story is hilarious
about the guy in Scandinavia
asked to prove that he was a male..
if that ever happens to me.. i will not
have to unzip my pants.. i’ll just give ’em
a link and say.. i’ll do it in a poetic and all
artful masculine with graceful mixed way…
Naked freedom is truly awesome.. as
truly there is nothing to hide
when more than skin
deep becomes
real.. without
the clothes of culture
covering up what is REAL
in beinG human.. for now..
And HAx2 at the American
Political Scene.. it’s Karma.. the colors
of the Tea Party’s evil way has come to pass
COMB OVER FULLY in toW as well.. Trump has
zero chance of winning the election.. as even
some Republicans won’t have anything to do
with him.. it’s laughable.. and truly not
even worth watching to me..
as the dirt comes true
in hateful ways
and lies
of ways
are exposed
for what they truly
are.. pure division and hate..
of us vs them.. and build us a
bigger castle away from them..
And they call themselves Loving
Christians.. the Devil rears his
and Lucifer
Lives on in liGht
in human archetype
metaphor of course..
as it is the essence of what
is real that is real.. end and beginning
of story now.. and even science proves
out how the altruistic Jesus
archetype.. lives
in human
when free
and balanced
away from cogs
of mechanical cognition
stuck in a file cabinet of dead..
And sorry to hear about your husband’s
troubles at work.. it is an insane work world
as is.. as far as i am concerned.. and when i
didn’t have to go back.. i truly hit the lottery
even with the worse pain known to mankind
from wake to sleep for those 66 months..
and truly i can say.. the only real
bright human moment
on the ‘Wrong Planet’
was meeting you..
as you are
and in essence and
what was left of many
folks there.. far from human
to me.. and if hell exists.. for
many.. it exists there.. like an opaque
window to what is real.. in human
heARt.. SpiRit.. and SoUL.. ReaL
as emotional being.. yes..
it is/was the opposite
for me..
but finAlly getting
iT all balanced in emotional
regulation and sensory integration
albeit at a cost of 166 miles a month
in dance walking.. but it’s truly interesting..
i am in complete control of my thoughts and
feelings now.. whereas before.. they were in
control of what i loosely named me.. before
for all those decades in life.. and my wife
has the same problem i had
then in controlling unwanted
worrisome thoughts..
but truly i do not
believe i could
have ever accomplished
this if i worked at most any
job now that culture deems
normal.. just to live 3 minutes
of the way i live now then..
would have been
beyond belief
as where i live now..
is a place of mind and
body balance that matters
not wherever i go now
to rest or walk.. iT is aLL
free.. a UniVerse within..
Real.. as all that
heaven and nirvana
and bliss stuff ‘they’ talk
about.. as sages of the ages…
Worth all the pain and suffering
to get here.. my friend.. as all thaT iS
real iS now.. and iT aLL feels eternal
to me for
and somehow
i feel for sure it
will always be that
way.. just like the pain
will never come back
and if it does
i can
make it go
away.. as i do
with the structural
arthritic issues.. still
clearly visible on cat
scans and MRI’s..
and i hope
the same
for you..
my friend..
as i’m sure the
paths are many but
i feel sure the journey
iN long iS samE for potential
free.. back to the heaven of now..
No worries.. about not reciprocating
communication.. once i kNow and feel
someone they alWays live iN me.. no
matter if theRe iS direct contact
or not..
but alWays a
happy now when
i hear from a friend..
my friend Leah..
and my latest
word play
yes.. a
Fred in Friend
or vice versa sAME..:)


It’s worth noting that science now shows the only
thing that really separates a Yellow striped cat like
Yellow boy from a Tiger who is feral in the wild is size…
iN terms of killing in hunting skills..
both are equivalent for their
relative size and strength..
and for two Years before.. Yellow Boy
made his entry into our life.. as a wild cat
living in the woods snagging squirrels in lightning
fast action.. in a dry spell of weather.. crying under
our shed for water in his emaciated state of around
7 or 8 Lbs then.. vs. 15 Lbs now of solid body builder
skin tight muscle cat.. even after ‘the operation’ years ago..
when a Feline Leukemia diagnosis.. forced his entry inside
as a totally inside cat.. AS opposed to our other cat
who succumbed recently to challenges of diabetes
and arthritis.. a year or two younger than Yellow
Boy are like two different animals all together..
one raised with the hunt
of life in total state of being..
and the other waiting for
the next meal to be
hand delivered..
the lesson of
domesticatED vs. ferAL..
iN terms oF health and
well being.. is one of
much greater brain
and body power noW
iN general spRrit oF
Force iN Living aS
BUT WHAT is even more amazing..
is how Loving an all natural killing machine
can become.. when provided kindness in return
in way of pets and predictable subsistence.. Yellow
Boy interacts with purpose.. and there is no question that
he is at least 10 times more mindfully and bodily aware
in balance still of his environment in 360 degrees..
never taking predictability for granted.. always
alert for the newest environmental change..
and challenge.. alWays waKinG to
spring into action on the screened-in
porch while the sun shines on his golden fur..
he.. taKing iTaLL iN.. in smells and sights of
Nature full and whole as one and he of God of Nature ONE….
Anyway.. the doctors many years ago now.. with the diagnosis of
Feline Leukemia didn’t have much hope for him.. but his wild nature
of healing himself trumps anything a vet can say or do.. as he is
the healthiest looking and acting cat i have ever come across..
and this cat has been my greatest teacher in my efforts
to un-domesticate myself back into a mindfully
And bodily aware animal.. wild and free..
seeing that we share much of the same
DNA as mammals and the thing that
makes us truly aLL sAme iS wE are
aLL A maniFestation of NatUre as Star
duSt bRinGs uS heRe oNe and sAMe..
from the point of the origin iN cycle oF
what iS alWays noW dARk and liGht..
deaTh and LiFe.. Winter and
Summer as Fall Springs again..

To bE one with Nature iS to
Be one wITh God as sAMe..
no BLacK Books required
to be God ONE aS SamE..:)


SMiLes.. my friend.. iN my teens i lEarned
that once my footprints were all that was
left in view after the condos disappeared
on the beach..
the lies were gone
and free was real..
as peace..
but i stopped
going after i was married..
to wife.. mortgage.. car loan..
credit card bills.. a zillion unrelated
to life associated facts with a quarter
of a century attached to one employer
as government.. rules and regulations..
and after all of that took my life away..
arriving back on that beach.. 18 years
later in 2008.. i swear it felt like i had
a comet tail attached to what was
real.. and shaking that tale/lie off..
was the best thing
i could have
ever imagined
that i could not
imagine then..
once again the
beach lives as me..
no illusion.. JUST REAL BLISS
WELL.. in moving..
connecting.. creating
giving.. sharing way..
i say thank you to God
as Nature aLL real and sticK
my tongue out aLL StiFF
At human
lies in big
sort of like ‘Kali’.. or
the Fred Character iN
that movie calLed.. ‘Big Hero 6’..;)


Ah.. the gun issue.. almost as fun as discussing abortion…
and whether or not God exists.. and truly debating these
issues will all the egg head folks like me on the Wrong
Planet website.. during my 66 months of dentist drill
like pain in my right eye and ear..
that no drug would touch
is all that kept me going..
and truly my greatest wish
before i tolerated hell would have
been to have any gun i could operate
then to end it quickly and as painlessly
as possible.. but wait.. even dousing myself
with gasoline and getting all lit up in heat
was preferable to that pain.. that was
beyond any imagination in migraine
way before hell
came knocking
in my right eye and ear..
So.. with that and loss
of all of my emotions i can
understand the challenges
of living dead as alive.. and
when i discuss these things..
i never fall clearly on one side
or the other.. as my mind tends
to spread out in all directions as it
were and is for now.. sTiLL heheRe..
but living as a weak and defenseless
person relatively speaking with not much
user gained instincts skills in abilities into
how to operate my body in full three dimensional
space.. no matter if my legs pressed a quarter of a ton
then.. vs. a half a ton now.. when i lost the ability to even
go into a Whataburger for 5 minutes.. or even make it
to the shower for a bath as i was so weak.. i came
to find out why some folks wanna have
more protection than fists of fury
and kicks of feet.. and generally
speaking ninja sKills
as not all folks
are cut out
to earn
that way
all naturally
like i have now..
with zero doubts..
i cannot have a gun..
as a gun could spell a quick
end to me.. if that pain ever came
back.. no matter what i might say/feel now..
as pain and loss of emotions can change
all about a human
being.. except
perhaps a strict
moral code..
like mine sure..
that prevented me
from acting out on any
dead heart/spirit/soul way of being
alive then.. but anyway.. guns are not
for everyone.. and when human beings
live in large enough groups where folks don’t
know each other that iS really insane considering
how we are naturally evolved to be to connect
to 150 to 200 friendly eyes.. the super
altruistic nature of human beings..
more than even Bonobo when
free.. becomes one of
closer to devil
than angel true..
in large ‘civilized’ cities..
eyes look down and away
instead of bright connecting
and shiny stars of cooperating
for survival.. and we become
killers of humanity rather
than lovers together
for survival..
so the gun is
the equalizer
for hearts grown
to stone.. and sadly enough
the equalizer that makes love unknown….
as always survival is the bottom line.. so yes..
GUN.. a necessary
evil as tool
no different than
the written words.. cultures
and religions that take Love
out of the word HUMAN.. and
the other deadLINE.. as long as
human is human iT iS
easier to kill with
fist.. wheRe
only life lives
WeLL.. wITh HeARt..
and yeah.. the fAct that all my
so-called redneck neighbors are
armed to the hilt with guns and i live
in a state where property trumps life..
they pay the price for me to live fearless
in a neighborhood.. that is safe enough
to leave the doors open… as only a
person who would welcome
death.. would enter
one of these
baby.. as hell
yes this is the wild
wild west.. where gun
draws are real in drawers..
and hidden
ending life..
i live fearlessly now
with zero anxiety and
aLL Love ALL n ALL..
iT works for me..
and the new
style thugs
in bar parking
lots after seeing
what i can do with
my body.. move away
from me.. in smart phone eyes..
and pudgy fingers that rap tap now..
particularly as i look like i would carry
a gun
and be
sKiLled with
it as Law enforcement
heads will often do..
and so often
wherever i go..
ah.. the privilege.. white
of the male.. the muscle..
and the fearless looking
alpha head dude.. it even
trumps Trump one on one..
if ya add in the brains and heARt wONe..;)


1:28 pm..
and back to dVErse
two weeks ago Monday
pursuing the melting
prompt.. in verb with
object.. verb without
object.. and noun
way.. oh my FREE
God i never
learned any
of the rules
of grammar and
stiLL made straight
A’s in English classes
as i did iT all natural without
instructions of this or that
or the other thing in speed
limits of
55.. and yes..
the Quadrille
form of this
prompt is actually
44 words.. but hell
no i can’t drive 55.. baby..
and expect to be free
no matter if
it is 44
to clip
my Wings
Short of aLL i can
be for now as Free..:)

Spring Loves with
or without eYes…
melt of hate
melt of anger
fear of melting
heArt.. lives in Spring..:)

Funny how humans
make imaginary
of stars in
into alphabets..
words.. and books
of lore..
and no
longer look
at sKeYes oF Real..
greater and more
mysterious than
any lore.. book or
for REAL..:)

Ah.. muse of words..
Muse of Statue stones..
Muse of flesh uncovered
wins the game of Muse..
and real
melted ONE..:)

Hidden MocKing
bird watches waits
and sings back A

A SinG without meltED
heaRt.. no matter
vocal chord..
or other
iS no SonG
SpiRit Free..:)

Ah.. recently.. a poet
named Lillian did say
that boys and men remain
Pan when free.. now that
i’m free
i totAlly agree..
as melting
ALL oF i..:)

Ice crack bergs
cavern long deep
froZen and worn..
Tunnel oF vision
melts real..:)

Waters oF Nile
fLow alWays now..
PyrAmid dust
aWay.. ’till
duSt cOmes
aGaiN.. aS Free..:)

Ah.. this reminds me
oF childhood iN free..
play outside and the
dark means dark instead
of lies In

Ha.. i’ll go in another
direction as this reminds
me of.. oh no..! ice
and steak
oh.. the challenge..
oh.. the thrill.. of
and sTart..
and yes
for soMe feeLinG
i thInk that’s how
iN sweet
and sOur
UniVerse way..:)

Oh.. Center Balance..
a star’s true liGht now..
You SinG a SonG
so warm
and true
yoUr arms
oF bliSs
iN mind
and body
balance.. i Dance..
i SinG yoUr SonG..:)

Ah.. the blisS
oF seeing..
no separation
iN TwiLiGht
and i..:)

SMiLes.. onlY reAl
difference between
most folks
iS A sNowman
soUl iN

eYes oF aLL..:)

SMiLes.. i neVer
liveD unTil i lEarnEd
To enJoy chocoLate
and otHeR
waYs oF SoUl..:)

about online..
i never figUred
out unTil i cAMe
to thiS ceMeTery..

Ocean soUl
withIn.. hidDen
streams river
out seas
oF sKeyes
liGht aWay
froM oCean
as SpiRit
heARt onCe AGaiN..:)

UniVerse withiN
foUr seaSons
ouT.. faLL

SMILes.. vacaTions
trUly mAde for
Lovers to
more than
staYcation Love..:)

Oh.. to welcome
Spring with featheRed
Ah.. SaD oF
WiNter onLY
SpRinGs foRward
iN noW
Of i.. Green PiLL Love..:)

Truly sAd
whaT iS Love iNside
often fAils to
iN fAll..:)

SAdly.. humans are not
evolved to live in groups
of more than 150 to 200
Friend eYes.. more thaN..
wheN gRain iS stored..
means greed.. envy..
power.. status
and rules
gaiNinG higher
now but how can
wE look aWay
Misery noW oF
humaN iNsaniTy..
for what makes
hUmaniTy CaRinG..:)

Oh.. gosh.. this reminds
me of college and only
two things i made..
Tuna and
butter sandwiches
and melting cheese
in my only microwave
tool of cooking.. ugh..
hot tuna and cold
butter.. oh
No.. school
years were
not the best to eat..;)

Quick side note..
it’s like Karaoke..
it’s just for fun
and feeling
foR! FReEDiN!
Dance and SonG..!
as side note ends..
wITh IRish eYes..
wiTh not
a pint
to gEt mE
thrOugh aLive..
poeTry LiVes aGaiN
iN onLine heRmes bar..
In thoth Of thot of i..;)

LiFe Of flAMe
joiN mE noW..
i wiTh uS..

Sadly.. greaTest control
humans have over
others iS finding
ways to harden
from head
to toe
to Loved
ones near
to cut tHeir
oF heARt iN fEars..
saDDer.. perHaps noW
are those who have
opportunities to
Love as
iT iN spOils oF
Plenty Soils Free..:)

Well.. oKaY.. 3:30 pm..
25.. and a note and more
me iN 122
minutes now..
noW for sAnd
dance and eat
and what comes
next as maY..;)

Yes.. do the math
now Fred that’s
4.88 minutes
per poetic
even without
the side notes
added.. ha! science
and art bedfellows of fun..;)


Hi.. just dropped by to say Hi and
thank you for the Peter
Pan song.. a couple
of weeks
ago as i
catch up to
it now..
you are
doing well..
now.. Raman Mauve..
aka Shawna iN current expresSinG..:)

And here is a two week in advance
response to Shawna’s offering
for today’s dVerse prompt
for ‘Shimmer’ poems..
at 11:42 pm..
and i’m
for bed
now.. more
fun Nature
photos coming
iN ‘morrow way..:)

SMiLes.. people
who like humans
and yes..
there are real
people in the world..
i’ve met a few.. here and theRe..
it’s a soUl..
oF wE..:)

Yeah.. baby.. S..
ya kNow we’rE
deep wheN wE
can see so much
iN juSt
one word
or letteR


Facebook Rafiah sees my
current Yellow Boy Facebook
Profile photo.. and says Kitty
Love with one of those
big smiley face heARt
eyes sticker..

And i say..

Yes.. my friend.. Rafiah..
Paws and eYes of Love..:)

And before that she says..

Hunger pangs when you wake up in the
middle of the night… unsure emoticon

And then i say..

Yep.. i had those last night too.. about 3 am.. sTill
writing.. ending.. and too tired to grab a bite
to eat for empty stomach..
roaring.. feed me
now Freddy

Rafiah says..

I drank a big mug of milk
then. grin emoticon

i say..

Ah.. yes.. mug of milk.. and
they say if you warm it up
it makes you sleep
even better..
with warm
milk dreams..
my friend.. Rafiah..:)

Rafiah says..

Tonight I’ll have warm milk with a cardamom
in it and a bit of sweetener. smile emoticon
Have you ever tried cardamom milk?
It’s the best thing ever.

i say..

sMiLes.. My friend..
Haven’t tried it but will
certainly pursue what it is
with Google.. Winks..:)

And now i say..

Just practicing
the so-called small
talk that socially binding
friends do.. instead of making
it all into a science project of fActs..;)


Rafiah provides a selfie of her
teacher and her from school..
and i go on to say.. then..

Ah.. a photographic memory..
blessing and curse.. but yes..
mostly blessing.. and this a fine
tribute to your teacher.. my friend..
Rafiah.. but truly this is your noble
look.. as was in the first of five selfies
you have shared here since i’ve known
your Facebook presence.. and remember
your first Facebook go around with your
Seagull presence from the beach on my
about section.. and now you’ve
moved from Seagull
to Queen yourself..
i suppose Allah
smiles when
Allah’s children
express the beauty
of themselves.. so a
prayer is your face.. my friend..
Not unlike the seagull on beach..
prayer of selfie.. no different reAlly
than photo blessings of Supper true..:)

Rafiah says..

Know that you have very special place in my heart.
Your love makes me all cozy and baby like
all over again. I like you a lot Sir.

i say..

WeLL.. thank you.. cozy baby..
Same here.. Too.. And that feeling
is oxytocin as chemistry will do..
With real human friends..


Hmm.. trying to
get my game face
on to work-out
changing gears
drasticAlly from
writing heARt felt
SpiRit SoUl iN
balance WiTh
writing poeTry..
and the Lucifer TV
show from Fox takes
a break tonight.. so we watch
a History of God on National Geographic..
with Morgan Freeman Narrating the story..
and while i’ve heard that Morgan Freeman
is an Atheist.. he just doesn’t belief in one
official version of God in One Book..
he has experienced his own
near death experience..
and discounts little..
in the realm..
of unknown where even
science is showing now that
human awareness lives on
after the brain technically
is no longer showing
signs of electrical
so yeah..
it’s wide open
to interpretation..
but probably wise to
live a Loving Life if for
nothing more than Loving
Now and all others and the
rest of Nature aka God too.. FeeLinG
it’s the best way i kNow and interesting
that the ancient pharaohs from Egypt
left their own style of Facebook
memoirs for posterity purposes..
in keeping what they cAlled
the KA of Spirit going
iN instance for
3000 years
later.. anyone
refers to his name
and life then.. which
is still a common one of
course sTiLL continuing
on in the 10 commandments
annual TV show noW too..
so let it be written..
yes.. so let it be
done and
modern technology
provides an edifice online
of even more of what folks
show as they would in words
in real flesh and blood life..
as often can be the
case.. we live iN
interesting nows..
wHere soUls live
online as long
as servers house the
Souls of nows expresSinG
that shalLow or OMG.. aS
F iN Deep
as mE..
heHE.. thE
soUl liVes oN..
onLinE.. iN server waY..;)

Yeah.. and spEaKinG of
uploading soUls and
beauty on line..
it’s hard to believe
at least for me….
from the olden
14.4K modem
days that i can
F iN take a photo
like this with a cell phone
camera.. and upload iT
in an instant.. wHere i used
to watch photos slowly slowly
scrolling down the square for
up to an F iN hour to download…
Technology moves
ahead iN soUl..
oF hUman
waY.. liGht
and trUe too..
for noW..
oh yeah..
and that
my friend(s)
iS a Florida
Native Azalea..:)


Aha!.. so Himali drops offline.. to become an
accomplished e-Magazine writer.. yes.. that
is wonderful news.. dear Himali.. as
to pursue yoUr creative
dreams in
is alWays
a ‘great perhaps’
and a way to growth
in moving connecting
and ‘passionately’
creating ways
of being now..
i’m not sure how to pull
up all those happy emoticons
for congratulations
and success..
but i’m
get the drift
and flow hehe..
and SMiLes.. i am
so happy and proud of
you as creater.. my friend..
and am looking forward now to
both your online presence again..
and your new stories.. shared as well..:)


Ah.. Florida.. yes.. “Florid AHH!!” alWays
State of Flowers and Beauty.. Prajakta..
and you and your sister certainly
add to that on your trip along with
your handsome fiancé..
and of particular
note.. your
mixed heritage
brings such an
exotic shade of
eye color..
human beauty
is the greatest flower
of all in my opinion
as i see it here..
Your trip looks like so
much fun.. and i really
feel fortunate to live
somewhere like
this for
a lifetime..
my friend..
and yes! Harry Potter
and Magic.. it can be
real for sure when what
we imagine is what we create
as real.. fearless.. passionate and
Lovingly so.. when free as human..:)


Another thought here.. after watching
the History of God with Morgan Freeman
last night.. particularly uncanny and creepy
was the transhuman singularity attempt
of a very rich woman who is attempting
to make her partner eternal as robot..
but no.. there is more to human
than flesh.. or words.. theRe
is real soul
of eYes
and feeLinG..
and if i have any
goal of after life here..
it is to keep Loving with
words.. photos.. and other
stuff.. when folks randomly
stumble across me.. years and
years into the future online..
as i have created many
paths back to Love
the best way
i feel
and kNow
how.. to help others
find the greaTest potentials
of Love and Fearless Balance that i for
one feel blessed with now… tHeRe
are general ways to approach the
metaphor of getting awake and enliGhTened
iN thiS life.. but not many people have tOld
it from an autobiographical REALiTY..
with tHeir own peN and more.. iS..
wITh photos and videos to
accompany that to really
get a better feel
of what
iT’s aLL about
iN reality out of
just a book less..
It is better to make
liFe organic with words
than flesh that someone
else other than the creator
makes.. but trUly iN mY opinion
that takes poeTry over just words
for concrete stuff.. and that took me
an entire lifetime to develop any
potential for that.. well..
5 decades at least..
and truly there are two main
ways to create iN liFe.. one is
with offspring.. one is with
art.. and of course
both can
to a legacy
of liFe.. as whatever
inspires iT makes It
real from now to
now alWays
Love never
ages when REAL..:)

And i feel truly blessed as
in this post i will be able to pay
tribute to 8 extremely inspirational
people i have met online since arriving
back in 2010.. who are still with me
now.. in words
here.. and those
folks are chronologically
speaking.. in terms of
meeting these folks
online.. Leah.. Lala
Rukh.. Prajakta.. Rafiah..
Shawna.. and as of
late Himali.. and
And of particular
note.. of two people
who no longer
visit back
is Brian
Miller and
Claudia.. as truly
i might not have become
the free verse poet i am now..
if not for their acceptance of free
writing that is as extreme as mine..
Brian Miller actually commenting on
my first very abstract free verse 6K
poem titled Revelation 66..
yeah.. the revelation of
my 66 months
in hell..

actually at the
time i named it that
as it was my 66th post..
but deeper meanings can
always come if we imagine
them real and make them real now..
And yes.. Brian Miller and Claudia
were the originators of the dVerse
Poet’s Pub.. i still enjoy it but it
was a much more open and
friendly place for creativity
and human interaction
before they left..
but that’s what
free likes
to do..
away from rules..
and someone has to
do the dirty deed for human
groups to function cooperatively..
however the community decides
the social norm will come..
but sadly creativity
with too many
science over
art.. and that is
wheRE i too.. pArted ways
from linking my freedom tHere..
and would love to thInk that both
Claudia and Brian are like Himali
and offline still creating in tHeir
own way free of
the distractions
of what online
can become
in terms of
human politics
and strife of discontent..
O N E a n d S a m E..
and yes.. there are literAlly
hundreds of thousands of other
folks.. likely millions.. and even
billions.. and more.. including
the UniVerse and More
as God that have
the art and
science of i
now.. nOne any
less important
than the
gRain oF
sAnd that holds
up the mountain
of i.. mE.. We..
and uS


SMiLes.. what we sense and feel iS real..
Words are a concrete/abstract illusion..
vehicles and vessels as home
for what is real..
Knowledge iS
experience.. aLL
else iS second hand
stuFF.. as iT were and Is
for now.. wE are raised In
a fArm/Zoo Of words.. no less than
fish or birds imprisoned/bred iN wires/
jars as words.. i keep that iN feeLinG
and Senses when i Dance and
SinG liFe without written
words oF symbols
for what
iS REAL is RA eL..
wITh KA for SpiRit..
as the experience
of aLL that iS thaT iS..
i.. and pARt of aLL
i FeeL and sense
aS real.. N o W..
and A best thiNg
oF aLL.. iS.. while words
stay the same WitH various
interpretive meanings..
and feeLinGs/senses
and also change NoW
as attached iN noW..
Feeling and senses
eXpand and contraCt
no less or more now
than metapHorus
as liGht noW iN
BLack hole S0Ns
and Galaxies
Of LiFe..
come from
rEaches oF EiTHeR
hUman AND duSt..
So iN other
wE create goes
On for Now.. REAL..
when wE become
creators.. wE are
a Creator.. oF aLL..
Nature is THE creator
oF aLL wE see/feel no
doubt aBout
for folKs
who are pARt
and parcEl oF aLL..
IF i accomplish anything
iN liFe.. i hope thaT iS
to convince
a few folks
are not HUman..
God.. or NatUre alOne..
allone iS bigger than Roman
Numerals.. and accompanying empire..
and State..:)

sMiLes.. my friend.. iN mY work/school-career.. the onlY
TIME for introspection and self kNoWleDgE in 42 years..
From age 5.. was mowinG grAss and driVing to
Tallahassee on the Interstate..
twice a year.. to visit
my father..
Yes.. noW..
therE are some
folks who try to own
the earth as oyster oF
tHeir own.. but tHeRe
are others oF uS who enGage
iN Life and Earth aS Pan oF noW..
As an epic pLay and gRound Of ReAL…
Culture.. Religion.. and Politics.. are
priSons but Nature reMains fRee
and uS who
fiNd A wE
practice as never
ending perfection as practice
iN liVing great.. and as alWAys
the hardest priSons are those
of senses and emotions
aLL barRed up..
wHeRe moving 360
degrees can free iT aLL
as so much more for N0W..
when liFe becomes more art than science..
i WiLL to bE the change i seek and that’s enough..
and i’m 5
works for me..
as Pan of I..
As alWays REAL..
happiness iS an iNside..
ouTside.. aBove.. so beLow..
aLL aRounD practicE oF
iN balance..
trUly simple
withoUt aLL thE
eaT.. dancE..
sleep.. and take
a crap wHere no
one steps oN iT w/pisSinG…
i find iT works withouT fAil
butT i’M a dreAMer wHo coMes trUe iN liGht..;)


saY iT aLL..
iN RiVeR walKinG
GOlden CroWn
oF Love
aLL thaT iS


Ha! get me out of ‘this’
Target Dryer..
theRe’s no
iN hEre..
Or maybe i’m a

Katrina says ‘they’ should
make ‘this’ a permanent
graven image of
me on the Target
Big Red Ball..
and better
yet.. i should
do iT aLL
New Age Male Renaissance
Nude Art style.. and of
course.. not everyone
can imagine that
as well.. as
some folks


Dimensions of LiFe.. not limited
bY science for sUre.. as ‘they’
are not repeatAble
for anyone
but one
and trUly
not even onE
aS noW alWays
changes from n0w
to nOw.. but oh thE
diversity of experience..
C H A N G E iS delicious
withOUT illusory fears..
and of course
are what
leads to neatly
edged sidewalks
of one way highways
to heLL of sAMe away
from growth and different…
Miracles exist beyond the ‘norm’
of belief.. as i as cynical as any
IN thE reaSon of noW.. and the
more dimensions of human
potential that i experience
through n0w.. the
more i realize
iS both
real and me..
iN juSt anotHeR
dimension oF course
mY F R i E n D
aS iNner
liGht iS eternal
now.. and the ego
can bE Zen arT
per se
i directing
I in Play
Of liFe
a sImply
awesOmE liFe..
but aGaiN sTiLL
worKinG oN the
pILL that changes
otHeRs.. thirst step
and inTo
liGht of change
for different bEinG
LiFe iN moVinG
wHere graVitY
iS floAting pi
iN I sKeYes

SMiLes my friend..
gigoid.. in regard to CRAZY..
i’ve been Baker acted
twice in life.. once when
i was 21.. after a severe
depression.. precipitated
by the break-up of a first
Love.. and a lonely life of
a janitor’s job at night
in isolated buildings
and college
life with then
few friends
or money..
breaking out
in mania out of
depression.. 3 days
without sleep.. and
my mother insisting
on getting my head
checked and me
raising my
at some
without the sleep
and them thinking i
might be dangerous..
and yes.. after 40 sleepless
days of 2008.. and wanting to
jump off a bridge.. but the thing is
while the first go around i had plenty
of imagination and creativity to get me
through.. emotions were dead the second
go around.. and i remember not having
motivation to do anything.. and the
so-called schizophrenic folks
in there.. while i was
numb in pain..
having a jolly
good old
they were someone
else.. i would have given
my life for just an ounce of
their so-called crazy imagination
to escape a world of pain and numbness
then.. after all.. more than anything.. i just
wanted to escape the pain and
even if
it meant
life altogether..
anyway.. i fucking
value crazy now as it
was fucking hard for me
to escape logic and make
life magic as what we make
it is
what it
is and i fucking
make it awesome
as i kNow what death
iN life..
all too well
from what no
longer exists as now..
my friend.. i have nothing
to hide.. and that’s a good feeling..
along with everything to give and sharEfree..:)


April 6th.. 4062016..
as you may remember
i love numbers and all
symbols.. as they reflect
the human mind and the
order/art all that is.. aka
God.. Allah.. Kundalini
R i S i n G.. the..
Force.. the Dao..
the Ki.. the Qi..
the Ka
the Chi..
Indian spiRit
as some oF
my ancestors
and i sTiLL say
for now
mY friend
Lala Rukh
of old of new
of now and sAMe
as Love can and WiLL
be to mE.. as those gifts God
sEnds and beGiNs are aLWaYs
real iN noW aGaiN i say my friend as REaL..
oh yes.. all the life’s one can live in aLL the
experiences that modern liFe bRings both
flesh and blood and iN mirror neuron way
oF aLL giVinG and shaRinG Media
that comes our way over
seconds.. hours.. minutes..
decades.. centuries and
even to the point
of the origin
oF aLL oF
and ending
noW iN Life..
anyWay.. wHeRever
whAtever and whenever
you are doing n0w.. hope
iS alWays iN change iF and
when we can.. WiLL and Do
fear behind
my friend.. as
hope kind and Love
WiLL alWays defeat
fear anger and hate
as a course oF
Nature as
as US
when set free..
sUre.. easier said
than dOne but mY
Life iS proof that God
iS possible iN uS.. iF
wE as mE as uS..
give uP
iN NoW
as trUly
and miracle
my F R i eNd..
wHere God iS
hook and
we are bait
Fishing ONeNoW
UmbreLLa LOVEsWiLL..:)


back to dVerse
Poetry prompts
iN two weeks ago
Tuesday prompt
about words for
groups of birds
and other animals
same.. everything
iN Nature inspires me
Most.. all that is.. so
inspiration WiLL
not be hard
for me
to find

2:35 pm..

DArk oF moon..
BriGht Of Sun
Day dreAMs
NiGht sHares
so long to reaSon
Jack Rabbit’s SonG..:)

Scare crows..
smARter Crows grow
tools.. moVinG to out
smArt hUmans

SMiLes.. peaCocks
floWer briGhtest
sImply ’cause
job doNe
iN flYing colors..;)

Birds Words….
all that
counts as Flying
without letters
iN book..:)

Gravity.. friend oF
birds lone.. toGeThEr
dRag feet
comes all0ne..
one right bird
foot balances
lives On..:)

Spiraling sky
Spiraling words
Spiraling waves
Bird moves..

Ah.. a UniVerse
of Birds..
of words floWinG
flying freely among
that move
no less
that fly hiGher
than lower.. my friEnd..:)

Humming Bird
brides Nature..
feeds nectar..
Ocean Free..
never fear

of death
human way..:)

ugh.. yes.. rules.. regulations
city council
election all the same
birds fly
free of human insane..;)

dreAMs hAIRy
real and stINKy..;)

SpiRAling Hawks
and Seagulls
see the
Sun for
whaT iS.. exalTaTioNs
flYing ’round
and ’round..
now.. free

Mocking bird
Tyrannosarous Rex
and yet a hairy yeti..
As Wookiee too..
mE iN one word..
otHeR than freddie…;)

Lake kNows no
gravity wHere
Swan Lake
with gravity…

Bird kNows
no words..
no fear
iN NatUre..:)

So many birds
but never any
one says
iT aLL
bacK AgAiN..:)

Birds SinG attraction..
soMe hUm SonGs oF nectar
STiLL otHeRs withoUt feAthErs
grOwl for strength and focUs..:)

no food..:)

Ah.. birds
hOld the
of liFe..
with gravity..
and trUly hUmans
frEE WiLL do this too..
invisible from prey and
predator.. human flys land..:)

Side note here..
language is not
just a tool for
me.. it is play
and too..
as side

God’s greAtest
beauty iS iN
the muse..
and today’s
women are
up to date

Oh.. my God..
procedure of Owls..
sitTinG down the
law of
just iN now
hoot hoot..
who cares..;)

TheY fly
TheY fly

Art and muse
one iN liFe
as death
iN art
oF paint
and words..
and yeah.. baby..
i take advantage of
iT too.. the max.. and
It sHows In word
and photos
trUe.. tHeRe iS
a science to creatiViTy..
leave out the sex..
and tHeir
Is not
of what
iT aLL..:)

Birds above
Human murders
and cRaven illness
Crows kNow
than fAll..:)

One wiTh hummingbird
challenging gravity
One witH
gRound hUmans
partner gravity
dance free iN
eYes oF feet..:)

oF no..
can be LiFe..
And smArt
heroes Live
to do more noW..
too many folks..
are waiting…
on dead

SMiLes.. i’LL
go iN anotHeR
and say..
A nEst..;)

Oh tweet
oF birds..
gosSip tAils
Of hUman
‘we’ live
truth iN FLiGht
OF sKeyes..:)

Just dropping by
to check
out the
deserts.. sweet
on top.. and
iT aLL
any more
words of
and vaLLeys

yes.. trUly
iT’s simple
goes.. fly
RoBin fLy..
iS juSt
a stiFF..;)

Ha! SMiLes..
aLL birds liVe
iN Heaven..
In fAct
tHeRe’s HeLL..:)

SMiLes.. my friend..
aLL birds tEach
a lesSon to land
mammals like
uS.. FLow wITh
gOlden spiRAl
and FiRe oF
wAves iN ocean
sAMe.. inviSible
to preDator and
pRay.. masteRinG
God iNow..:)

WeLL that ends
mY fliGht oF
poeTry for noW..
Now for dinner
a work-out
a pARt
here aGaiN..
with “ChaSinG
Tales” coMinG
tomorrow aS WeLL..:)

5:05 pm..
150 minutes..
32 poetic
in effort
each.. not
side notes..
including this..;)


Real Life.. Flesh
and Blood Facebook
Friend aLL the way back
from college..
over 33 years
ago.. yes..
shares a
poster saying..

“I’m so glad i grew up
in the 70’s and 80’s…
i did so much
stupid stuff..
and there
is not
a record
of it anywhere..”

And i say..

after i check the
like button of course..

But on the other
handS.. ‘crazy’
no longer
out..wink emoticon

And truly that is why.. iN my opinion
as side note here.. why this is the
greatest era ever to drop
out and tUne iN
iS aS iT
weRe and
iS iN creation
activity now..
yeah.. baby..
folks like Miley
Cyrus and so many
others pave the way
for human freedoms unlimited
with little room for i ain’t eva’
seen that before.. iN expecT
ATiOnS noW..
and even iF
iT iS something
brAnd new.. kinda
like some oF
the stuFf..
i do..
iT juSt goes
along with the mEMe
Of Now.. oF crazy
as the
trUly freE
iN noW..
for those who
can afford to be FREe..
of course.. as the system
for bucks.. overall.. yes..
sadly enough..
sTill frOwns..
oN thE
among uS
for more totAlly frEE..;)


Hi.. again.. the other Mary..
and haha! speaking of infinite
“pi’s” my website is kinda like that..
averaging around 20K or so words
including the comments section and
somewhere around 3 GB of photos
on each blog post.. in latest style..
and up to around 100 poems now
from dVerse too.. as i am coming
up on my first annual milestone
this April of poeticAlly responding
to every single prompt and every
single link.. and making my
third blog style free
verse Novel.. where
this one will be well
over 100K words..
or perhaps even
200K.. i stopped
counting long ago..
and let the Word Press
engine do that.. and yes.. technology
is just now catching up to my brain.. hehe..
as the iPhone 6s.. with LTE Broad Band
access and iMac computers with fast
Broad Band access will open me
up.. but even before i purchased
my latest iPhone 6s.. i could
not open me up
on Mobile
technology is
slowly catching up..
but it becomes more questionable
as time goes on.. if many other folks
will even be interested in what i am
doing.. as it is pursuing human potential..
which means moving ahead and not looking back..
anyway.. if you are ever interested in what i am doing..
my two blogger blogs are basically a copy and paste
of what i do on Word Press.. and they are much more
streamlined and open much more quickly and my views
are somewhere around 300 to 400 there a day.. much
more than what i get on Word Press.. for obvious
reasons.. but anyway.. the fastest blog
is at:

And i also occasionally provide this
information on my Word Press blog
and will use this as a copy and
paste to explain what
i’m doing there..
as well again..
anyway.. i’m basically
a traveling blog anyway..
responding iN poetry way..
and the responses i get are
kind enough for me wherever i go
now .. when folks have time.. i’m retired..
extremely healthy now.. after 66 months of
shut-in severe illness from the years of 2008
through 2013.. and after a 40 year drought of
creativity.. basically during my work/school career.. i am
gonna make the most of this creative spurt as i kNow/feel
what it’s like to have no idea how to be creative.. liFe
iS much
and creating..
without iT.. truly..
iT is dead to me..
anyway.. thanks again..
The Other Mary.. you have
always been a very nice person..
whenever i visit you.. and i appreciate
that very much my friend.. God Bless..:)


“A coward is much more exposed to quarrels than a man of spirit.”

This is a particularly wise one from Thomas Jefferson today..
friend gigoid.. as truly to walk tall and fearless is to avoid
conflict.. and to be confident
is to not need conflicts
for spirit
that does not
regularly exist
as vibRant bEinG oF LiFe..
And it remind me of Yellow Boy.. the
feral one vs.. our cat Moby.. the
big domesticated one..
as he hid from any
male stranger
into the home..
but Yellow boy moves
directly toward the stranger
and sniffs his hand to see what
iT is.. human.. those hands that feed..
that’s all
he needs
to smell..
as cats
are for fights
and reproductive rights..
As you know i Love the written
word.. and the more i play with
it the more i engage my
imagination and
in fuLL of now..
in floW.. iN ZoNe..
but no.. that’s not enough..
as gaining this state of beinG
oF miNd.. helped to cure me of my
pain.. but it was the dance of lifE
that set me free with the
rest of humanity
and trUe
iN liGht noW..
wiTh ultiMate
fearless confidence
i never experienced before..
and iT is true.. when a human walks
witH strength and confident grace..
eyes do not challenge as much..
and often look
unless it is the
female of the species
who is bold as well.. hehe..
i Love being animal more than
a human.. i truly do.. as before
i lived in ideas in my head almost
and now
i life as wild
cat free.. and that
is the best feeling i can
imagine.. being comfortable
in my own furry skin..
i never ever had that
before in my life..
after age five..
but the photos
before that
a child
of Nature
comfortable in tHeir
own skin.. and that my friend
is what is also increasingly evident..
among a population that is now assessed
by science as having the attention span of a gold
fish.. overall.. a population where there is a disconnect
between mind and body balance.. is a population who will
at any
national crisis
or catastrophe of the future..
and yes.. inevitably.. it is coming..
as i have seen the hatred from where
it comes from.. up close.. and personal..
and unlike.. when Hurricane Katrina
came.. this go around..
i for one will
be comfortable
in my own skin..
thAT iS a huge plUs
iN enjoYing liFe.. as i live
in a place that has no
value to
be destroyed
by others.. iN fAct..
they would probably
Love the Nature oF iT
so much.. they would
drop the bomb and
embrace the God of Nature FREE..:)

Ah.. yes.. synchronicity.. my friend..
back in the dead zone for those 66
months it was non-existent but
continues to accelerate
now as i stay
ZonE oF
floW as a practice
oF art as the tapestry
Of allthatis naturAlly
streams along as no
separation ‘tween iT
and i..
and that my
friend iS trUly
greaTest magic misSinG
then.. back in the dead zone..
and noW iT seems when one
goes wiTh tHeir trUe WiLL Now
for each individual.. that iS when
liFe SinGS the most beautiful SonG
oF aLL my friend.. iF you WiLL.. a perfect
practice oF SonG iN Fearless Unconditional
Love.. theRe iS no way thiS whole thingy could
fiX iT self to mE.. iF not for real aLL natural magic
mY friend..
with the hUman
miNd and BoDy balance
coming with the metaphorical..
Quantum bEinG WitH the rest
oF Nature.. unleashed.. released..
and sIMply
and complexly
iN Balance.. a
feeling and sensing
gAMe that iS beyond
words oF i.. mY friend..
yet as real.. as any label or
symbol.. i for one.. feel or sense
or even
for REAL..
So in other
words.. i have
great hope.. faith
and belief the whole
thing WiLL work out..
iN caring way.. but no..
i kNow not how that
WiLL be.. iT
iS beyond
mY FriEnd..:)

SMiLes.. My friend..
i never play the lottery
Either.. But some how
i won it beyond all
Reasoning odds..
ThaT iS my
Magic and
Most ironically
For me.. At least..
It would be unreasonable
To not have hope with my own
Personal evidence at hand now..
But no.. i still refuse to
play the lottery now or
gamble.. as money is a
Tool that no longer
Rules me.. i’LL
Stay wiTh


SMiLes.. my friend.. SOHEIR
iT’s True.. Allah iS WitH uS
when wE humbly ask
in terms
oF Love
iN fearless
way.. even iF
tHere are no words
to completely describe
iT iN hUman Language
way.. and ha!.. jUst wrote
about this a few minutes ago..
somewhere else.. as the tapestry
of God fLows when we Flow as oNe
iN ZonE
Happy Friday..
mY friend.. and may
aLL yoUr prayers worded
or not be fulfilled 10
fold for noW..
iN fearless


SMiLes.. my friend.. the feathered sleep..
this reminds me of my own real struggle
with illness.. depression.. anxiety..
shut-in agoraphobia
for 66 months..
a perfect
of dead
human living..
and this is hell to
escape.. iT truly is..
i didn’t think i would ever
escape.. the darkness.. the
anxiety.. the river of hades
iN pAint
oF pain..
that only
and deeper
into darkness
of dissolution
of alL iT meanS
to be alive.. moving..
connecting and creating..
but truly i imagined myself
out of that place in the written
word first.. and what became word
became living life.. and reality now..
beyond my wildest dreams
then.. but what i kNow noW..
iS we do create our own realities
iF and when we are able to find a
path to make iT happen..
and blogging trUly
was A blesSinG
to me.. as
all i could
find was
dark everywhere
i turned online.. so i made
my own liGht.. my own truth
and my own liFe more real than ever before…
Most people cannot understand in the flesh
and blood life.. how anyone could be as
happy as i am..
but the fAct
is i aM
i wiLL and Can….
WiLL and Do iS aN
ultiMate truth and liGht
oF liFe.. and more beautiful
than ever when ruLed bY Free
and Fearless Love.. mY friend.. the
Feathered sleep.. may yoUr WinGs
liGht iN LiFe
wheRe trUe paTh
oF JoY iS alWays noW..
or perHaps wE WiLL
Dance iN spiRit
and fiNd
mY friEnd..:)

the feathered sleep says..

“You have already turned so much
around by being the luminescent soul
that you are as well as a prodigious
empath and all round good person, the
world sorely needs more
people with your heart”

And i say..

SMiLes.. mY friend..
Believing iN sprout
oF seeds..
And thank you
That rates
As one of the
Most eloquent
i have
As you are
A gift.. My friend..:)


Put on a Happy Face..
Wait!.. i did that
in the last
anyway.. celebrating
my 105th week of dancing
at Old Seville Quarter tonight
with all the cool college age folks..
who will be dancing theRe.. and yes..
here in a way.. more fun dance photos
coming around the wee witching hour
of 3 am on Friday morning.. but
meanwhile.. OMG.. the latest
post.. ‘ChaSinG Tales’..
is reAlly getting
long.. so now
to gatHeR
thAt aLL toGeThEr..
and publish online..
before the rave of
dance staRts and
goes on and on..
until the new photos
arrive in ‘ChaSinG
Tales’ soon to come..:)







IMG_3249 IMG_3252 IMG_3253 IMG_3254 IMG_3255 IMG_3256 IMG_3257 IMG_3258 IMG_3260 IMG_3261 IMG_3262 IMG_3264 IMG_3265 IMG_3266 IMG_3268 IMG_3269 IMG_3270 IMG_3271 IMG_3272 IMG_3273


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15 Responses to ChaSinG Tales

  1. StaRTinG the process of reviewing the last year’s
    worth of poeTry in response to all the dVerse
    Online Poet’s Pub prompts and links..
    and in the midst of last April i was
    also busy in
    many logical..
    religious and political
    discussions.. on the Wrong Planet
    site.. the last ‘resort’ of sorts.. for
    the outcasts of this world.. also
    known and felt as neurodiverse..
    as certainly i am sTiLL.. hehe..
    rogue maverick
    i am now..
    but flourishing
    flower of creativity
    more than ever before
    simply from empirical and
    artful analysis of where i was
    in the realm of creativity last
    year at this now..
    and Facebook provides
    those memory prompts
    as i record all i do tHere
    as i do here..
    as well
    on two Facebook
    pages and additionally
    my personal Facebook Page
    Katie Mia.. named and originated
    in wife Katrina Mia’s real name..
    as well as acronym for Kind
    Autistics Taking in Everything
    Mindful in Awareness.. as
    yes.. there are the strange
    among us who sTiLL
    have incredible
    amounts of
    empathy.. whether
    iT is expresSinG THAT appropriately iN
    A way externally.. with the common
    sense requirements of the culture
    or not.. as it can be.. will be..
    were.. or is.. Love
    grows wITh
    when real
    and practiCinG
    Love as aRt
    over science..
    so yes.. my therapist
    from way back in 2011.. uses
    me as an example.. to her other clients
    that yes.. it is possible to adapt to Autism..
    ADHD.. and even Bi-Polar and be a super
    empathic.. moving.. connecting.. and creating
    human being.. and i started off with all my
    professionals who were attempting
    to help me get out of the
    dead zone of 66 months…
    with now.. me providing
    them advice
    in helping
    other folks
    get out of their
    deadzones now..
    iN being human..
    as practice of art
    and science in the
    growing.. giving.. sharing..
    moving.. connecting.. creating
    oF now iN real.. anyway.. iN looking
    over the month of April of 2015.. iT is
    sweet and sour.. as i was responding to almost
    every dVErse prompt and most all links and doing
    my best to help
    the folks at the
    Wrong Planet out of their
    deadzones.. but the cynicism of
    both the liGht and the new of making
    art in the 21st century using all of multi
    media in poetic expressions.. was a change
    that the rigid minds of the past.. were not willing
    to allow.. and the brow beating started around
    the middle of April.. with one of the
    dVerse administrators basically
    brow beating
    me into
    my shit short..
    to another administrator
    deleting one of my links
    for missing one required word..
    instead of simply allowing me to
    correct it.. to that same administrator
    suggesting she could not find an 8 lined
    Octet poem.. when i already completed
    18 in a row in the comments
    section ‘write’ where she
    made the
    the real problem was
    it was too much trouble
    to open up my links and get
    to the end of them.. which truly
    there was never a requirement for any
    of them to do.. but anal retentive minds
    will wanna make everyone be like them..
    as that is as big as they wanna see in the
    narrow of life that yes.. i too can relate.. too..
    after being trapped in work and school of life..
    i grew out of it.. thanks God.. so i cannot judge
    another person who is still stuck in the narrow
    sidewalks of what truly can be limiting creativity
    in this life now.. so anyway… the sweet pArt of last
    April.. was with me.. this kind of intellectual bullying..
    is nothing new to me.. in general.. per the art of folks attempting
    to thin the different fish in the Aquarium.. something i am well acquainted
    with.. particularly as a very androgynous looking boy from middle
    school… in a very fundamentalist.. red state.. patriarchal restrictive
    ‘Christian’ culture.. that said back then.. in the 70’s.. boys cannot
    even smile.. ’cause smiling is queer.. and dance.. ha..!
    ya gotta be kidding.. so-called ‘real men’ didn’t
    do that back then..
    well.. nows have changed
    but those who would trap us into
    yesternows.. of how it was done then..
    continue on as does the conservative
    vs liberal mind in closed vs open
    minded ways of thinking that
    influences everything in
    life from the God of
    Nature to
    the God
    of Books..
    and Words..
    to the Republicans
    and Trump and Hillary’s
    and Bill’s freedom road..
    but the bottom line is this..
    when the bully boys tried to tale
    me i was weak and didn’t deserve to
    live ’cause i was a Loving Boy then.. they
    made me stronger than ever and eventually
    more Loving than ever before.. and when the
    folks at the Wrong Planet kicked me off there..
    hehe.. i became even more poetic than ever
    before.. and when the folks from dVerse
    basically said you are talking too much
    Fred.. shut the F up.. i became
    louder and louder
    than ever before..
    and now excluded from
    both places as being free..
    i am F iN Freer than ever before..
    ’cause ya see and feel folks.. noW iS aLL theRe
    iS.. and not to make the most out of your human
    being iN the now that is all that is.. is pure idiocy
    in binding one’s potential to the ideas of someone
    else.. i giggle at tHeir rules now.. ’cause i live
    in a world that allows the greaTest frEe
    of human potential that ever
    exists before..
    but the thing
    iS.. one has to
    wanna be FReED..
    i aM frEE iN Now wITh
    God of Nature.. and no
    one stops me now.. they continue
    to spread the TsunAmi of who i am
    by attempting then.. to prune the limbs of a tree
    that grows stronger and taller every now someone
    attempts to cut me back.. and that is what the Dandelions
    of God wiLL alWays do.. come back more colorful like the
    Sun than ever before.. but anyway.. after reviewing last April..
    i find that my solid response to all dVerse links did not come until
    around the middle of April.. with my Octet.. 8 line.. poetic responses
    and around the Earth Day frame of now then.. so it will be a few more
    weeks before i catch up with that.. to get the full year in.. so looks like
    my taxes in form of words.. as “GodsUniverseNovel3.. will be a little
    later than April 15.. but nah.. no deadlines for me..
    what lives.. lives in flOURishing
    Now as FREE..
    no group thINk
    for me.. THANK GOD..;)

    Oh yeah.. no windows seats
    either.. and that reminds me..
    got another link of photos
    to complete
    oF i
    in restricted
    lInks as such..
    but freer as Jesus
    WiLL ever be treading
    on the clothes of culture’s
    past aka vs 37 from here..:)

    37) His disciples said to him, “When will you be visible to us,
    and when shall we behold you?”
    He said, “When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
    take your garments and put them under your feet like little
    children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
    Living, and you will not be afraid.”

    Yes.. sorry.. Conservative Fundamentalist
    Christians and Muslims.. the TRUTH iS ouT..
    Jesus was/IS a
    FLamInG Naked LIberal..
    can you see “hi’M”yeT..
    look deep.. ‘he’
    iN your
    miNd and
    boDy ALL BALANCinG
    FROM FREE..:)

    oh yeah.. and listen
    real careful to the last
    words of the SonG iF ya
    WiLL.. ‘you’ probAbly cAlled
    Jesus.. a ‘Fruit Cake’.. huh..
    or.. perHaps
    you are Jesus too..:)

  2. Yep.. StiLL got BiLLs
    to pay..
    more on that
    in about three seconds..;)

    Oh.. Facebook.. you are
    an excellent secretary
    to me.. along with
    and its
    child Youtube..
    and blogger blogs
    as such.. all for now..:)

  3. Facebook Friend and really
    cool frolicking dance
    friend Cortney from
    Good Old Seville
    Quarter provides one
    of those.. Urban Facebook
    myth videos.. advertising
    the fake 6th season of
    breaking bad..
    i provide
    the sad fActs
    that it is not true..
    and go on to say..
    thanks anyway for
    providing that cool video
    and go on to say..
    i couldn’t use
    eyes during
    that period of
    time.. so i missed
    breaking bad.. but nah..
    i lived it..wink emoticon..
    but yeah.. seriously.. i spent
    66 months.. in my bedroom iN
    my underwear with no.. not a lung
    disease.. but the worst pain known
    to mankind.. type two atypical trigeminal
    neuralgia.. and 18 other medical disorders..
    in a perfect synergy of human hell.. and no
    i didn’t make any money off meth or words..
    but i god dam sure.. wrote about 6 million
    through the pain.. and about 11 million
    words now.. as pain is an incredible
    and when the
    pain goes away..
    yes.. season 6 iS REborn..
    iN movie fashion or not..
    iT iS real
    oF pain
    iN liGht oF Now..:)

    oh!.. and then Cortney says..

    But this was in October of last year!
    The video I posted was made this year.

    She posted one of those remade
    Facebook version videos so i go on
    to say..

    SMiLes.. same version
    from last year..
    those rascals
    changed the
    date in the one
    you have.. the comments
    section of the 2015 Youtube
    version also explains
    it fully.. but i do wish
    there was a new version
    i think i’ll do it real.. hehe..;)

    i could have been a lawyer..
    but it was too easy and boring..;)

    been missing
    you lately at the
    dance hall/mall
    but NTL nice to
    see your
    thoughts here..
    oBTw3.. my cat
    is cuter than yours..
    Facebook competition..
    stuff.. etc.. haha.. wehappy2..wink emoticon
    and yes.. i’ll shut up.. now1..wink emoticon

    And i didn’t notice..
    but other fraudulent
    Facebook evidence is provided
    that the lie is true.. as Facebook
    resources often do.. for tons of likes..
    and Facebook pennies on advertisement dollars..

    And i go on to say..

    Hmm.. didn’t see all that^^

    For more proof watch the newest
    Godzilla movie and you will see
    Bryan Crayston’s
    character (Walter White)
    being zipped up in a body bag…

    i saw Godzilla..
    it tipped me off..
    wink emoticon

    Video copy and paste…

    And then i say..

    i’d rather be liked
    than correct..
    but oh well..;)
    and i know.. i’ll
    really shut up now..;)

    And now.. as side note here again..

    And Jesus.. if you think Facebook is hard..
    try convincing Atheists.. Christians..
    Muslims.. etc.. etc.. etc.. etc.. etc..
    alike that God is real.. Jesus is real..
    but hell no.. NOT the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON.. oF
    GOD.. Heaven CAN alWays BE noW.. and Hell CAN
    TOO.. and the Bible and Quran are SORTA full of shit
    yes.. (the ideology of last prophet is lie too).. noW
    and CONSIDERABLE truth and liGht too.. in both books..
    and all other religions/sacred texts too…
    Yeah baby..
    i am a lawyer
    straight from
    heaven and hell..
    and Angel and Devil too..
    might not have many friends..
    true.. but THE truth and liGht
    set ya
    free.. and trUly
    alone free iS alWays
    better than a priSon
    of cultural related
    ’cause the essence
    oF living iN Truth
    and liGht iS ALLONE BABY..
    FOE.. or shut the fuck up
    fred.. ALL iS fearless Love..
    And trust me.. if i had a penny
    for every now Katrina told me now
    to shut it up.. i would be richer
    hehe.. now..
    yes.. she never
    gets jealous as she
    knows.. no woman would
    ever put up with me but
    her as that is her assigned
    and yes of
    course i kNow
    iT and feel It
    too.. God tOld mE
    iN so many ways
    that the
    real God
    oF Nature
    speaks to me..


    SMiLes.. as Synchronicity
    continues to brew..
    and magic
    is as
    real as
    the observer
    affect in effect
    of you’s and i’s
    and we’s and me’s
    and uS’ of Allthatis for rEal..
    Anyway.. the naked truth can hurt
    as fully illustrated in the video above..
    but the Nature oF hUman iS beautiful as free
    as at least what science shows of it… in those
    incredible symphony of science videos we also
    share.. It’s hard to go naked in this world.. but God
    dam it’s fun.. Impulsive intuitive actions.. Bi-polar
    and ADHD too.. extreme focus to get the job
    done.. yes.. Asperger’s too.. but the bottom
    line is yes.. crazy than the rest works
    to get the job dOne.. and some
    nows iT takes
    the rest of way..
    the point is.. there are
    many other sprouts just waiting
    to bloom.. to find them and sprinkle
    them.. with sparks may just be enough
    to make the liGht come back baby
    once again..
    iN Free my friend..
    oh the flow.. oh the ZonE..
    should i reAlly care iF anyone
    comes with me.. WeLL.. trUly the
    only way to get here iN the
    first place iS
    the liGht
    of Caring
    and that my
    friend is why the
    Devil’s among uS wILL
    never come.. until they too..
    set themselves free iN Angel
    caRinG ways.. iS iT possible..
    to sit for sure.. to move.. more
    difficult.. to connect after
    moving easier.. to
    create.. the
    for FREE Of Tree
    oF LiFe to spRead
    in liVinG words oF Nature
    liVinG i.. sMiLes.. just brushing
    waves of i.. smooth now across
    shores.. of what iS real.. my friend..
    and yes.. crazy too.. Big Bangs don’t
    go off without a wild and free
    song or dance.. of other
    group thInks..:)

    sMiLes.. my friend.. gigoid.. one of favorite movies..
    “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.. says it real..
    truly a culture that imposes routine over reality
    of change.. is insane.. or in Einstein’s definition
    of Insanity.. doing it over and over again..
    is truly insane.. as Nature
    doesn’t work that way..
    and the quickest way
    to Kill the God of nature
    is to trap her now in words
    or books.. of hidden lies
    to control others who
    wanna store
    more grain
    than tHeir
    brethren or
    sistren to insure
    the beaks of children
    and theiR children get
    thEir fill and more for
    the offspring of they..
    oh God.. a Labyrinth
    of cultural hell.. storing
    grain has become.. wHere
    now the tools.. books.. words
    and other.. are human and God too..
    in idols of other than God of Nature true…
    But of course.. like Jack.. one must find a way
    to escape the camel of culture first.. to arrive
    at thiS destination as free.. and to escape
    the Nurse RatchED.. as Church and
    State and big bLack Legal
    books.. including
    Bibles and
    also rans..
    iS quite..
    of the Needle
    noW.. sTiLL.. no different
    reAlly than the stories oF
    2K years ago.. sTiLL trapped
    iN gRaiNs Of yesternows.. some
    10K or so.. years before that.. so.. yes..
    when you first indicated your postulates
    of truth and liGht.. per main too.. was aLL iS
    change and thou art God.. let’s do lunch..
    that is the real God.. including all of the
    rest of Nature.. that has been
    put down to
    tHis truth and liGht
    of REAL.. and that labyrinth
    of words.. politics.. as state and
    religion.. hides the God of Nature
    In clothes aS idols oF tools iN heLL
    now.. i avoided the lobotomy..
    and still remain
    free.. oh..
    yes.. now..
    give me Liberty
    or give me death..
    onLY frEE iS life.. REAL..
    sADly.. so many others have
    accepted the lobotomy at hand
    in culture.. in state.. in church.. as
    they shuffle by with eYes and hands
    and feat oF feet..
    as iLL
    LiGht reMaiNs..
    and that’s the
    good news..
    now.. mY
    iT’s a heLL oF an
    anchor iN truth for
    Tree Of LiFeNow LiGht..:)

  5. Hmm.. 11:11 pm.. now..
    and quick note.. i’m thInking
    here.. no road to dVerse tRails
    of poetry yet.. as other stuff comes
    up.. but never the less theRe iS alWays
    poetic prompts wherever i go.. thInk.. or feel..
    but i am considering again.. the blesSinG of being
    the last kid picked on teams in school.. and the bullying
    for being androgynous and weak looking too.. and getting out
    of college.. with three degrees but little writing or oral skills
    in social cognition or creativity.. leading to about 18 years working
    at a Bowling Center.. passing out shoes and collecting dirty rental
    shoes back from the customers day in and out.. thousands and
    thousands of feet and eyes of folks i see.. but the
    humility.. empathy.. sympathy.. and compassion
    that becomes me after all of that.. WiLL
    eventually come back.. even after
    living in deadzone pain..
    and numb
    Spirit ..and
    SoUL HeLL for
    66 months.. riSinG
    like a phoenix in the
    cooling fires of waves
    at beach at the end of
    July of 2013.. so now..
    i adhere to the Neo
    school of no rules
    martial arts and dance..
    the Robin Williams Dead
    Poet’s society of tear the
    FiN rules out of the how to
    do poetry book.. for the snob hobs
    who WiLL onLY adhere to Queen Victoria
    rules in words and tight panty hose and such
    as those sidewalks so narrow and false one
    cannot even breathe out of breast free
    So sure.. an
    ode to free this
    iS iN aLL mY style..
    as there is no copyright
    worry for me.. as no one
    tRuLy FREE..:)


    “Earthmen like Ramses, Alexander, Caesar, Napoleon, Hitler, Lee Kuan.
    Your whole Earth history is made up of men seeking absolute power.”

    ~~ Spock ~~

    Patterns of Force, stardate 2534.7.

    “He that feareth is a slave,
    were he never so rich, were he never so powerful.
    But he that is without fear is king of all the world.”
    ~~ E. R. Eddison, The Worm Ouroboros ~~

    QFTA.. Quoted
    For Truth..
    an interesting
    Juxtaposition and
    one i must say Rules
    and Loves the world
    in terms of
    bEinG Force oF
    human dArk and
    liGht.. and when i look
    to the difference of myself
    and my father.. so similar iN
    many ways now but so different
    in the choice for status.. power
    and money.. and truly it starts
    iN a nursery of
    mothers where
    his mother told
    my mother..
    don’t pick up
    that child who is
    crying in the Nursery..
    my Grandmother owned..
    OR that child will come to think
    the world owes ‘it’ something
    and never learn independence..
    hmm.. yes.. that part of my father
    was never filled up as a child.. apparently..
    at least not from the mother as his grand
    parents did most of the raising.. i hear..
    but as they say this is most
    often a cycle of one
    parent to
    the next..
    where my grandmother
    used lots of words that said
    Love.. but the loving touch that
    my mother owned so well.. was
    missing to the point where instead
    of being where the grown-ups were
    a step-up in her home.. when we stayed
    in the afternoon.. living in her city for a year..
    in child rearing duties.. we were relegated to
    cots with the tiny tots.. and i remember feeling
    like i was in prison.. and she was the warden
    locking us in a cot.. me.. an old soul at age 7..
    wITh and where my loving mother
    alWays alloWinG copious
    amounts of Loving freedom..
    bottom line was.. no matter how
    fearless my father was he was
    missing that certain something
    named expresSinG Love.. truLY..
    yes.. to rule one’s
    iN peace..
    iT does take
    Fearless Love..
    as it’s true.. i trusted
    the world completely
    and found out it was
    far away from true..
    the gift of Fearless
    and Love
    iS what
    a so-called
    perfect storm of Love..
    and i think that has to come
    later in life when the Yin of
    Love and the fearless of Yang
    come toGeTheR finAlly and
    shake hands with
    a Willow Olive
    Branch that
    WiLL bend
    yet not
    break.. true i was too
    Loving and soft.. and was
    missing the other side
    that my father
    the best pARt
    that iS Love.. but the
    bottom line iS i have all i need
    in the Fearless Love of Life and
    trUly when one has that one iS
    the King
    of Real
    who truly
    iS the servant of
    aLL ’cause they have
    iT aLL to give.. and nothing
    iN return as necessary to fiLL
    up a space that was never satisfied
    iN the young hugs or school hugs of liFe..
    Love lives.. Fearless Lives.. both thrive iN Now..
    And the truth iS we need aLL kinds of humans to
    make whaT iS
    as there are
    so many kinds
    of humans that
    make the world
    what iT is.. now..
    and no.. i wasn’t
    willing to have the
    chairs broke against
    my back In breaking up
    bar room brawls like my father
    was.. knowing he was asking for
    that in his 46 years of Law Enforcement..
    So.. sure.. Nature provides many kinds
    of temperaments
    to get the jobs
    all doNe..
    but aGaiN.. as i often now
    say.. i for one.. hit the jackpot
    oF Fearless Love.. now.. to be a
    humble servant and truly
    kNow and feel when one
    iS tHe King of fuLLness
    oF empty..
    tHiS tRuLY
    iS NoW THE
    priZe oF the
    sages of the ages
    iN bliSS.. nirVana…
    yeS.. heaVen noW..
    SMiLes but i do get
    carried away iN the
    out put Of liFe n0w..
    and loss count of
    the date.. forgetting
    today was the 9th of April..
    my wife’s 46th birthday.. just reminding
    me now that no King is perfect except
    the Queen who serves him well iN
    So today iS
    “Isis” day for the
    Queen who never
    ages.. and one who
    worships his wife.. iS
    one who has a happy liFe..
    Sadly that iS likely why Spock
    wITh WinKs..
    and Creativity
    iS King and Queen
    iN MoVinG ConNecTaRion..
    wiNninG planEt for…
    And yes.. my father was like Spock..
    married three times.. and truly mY
    financial independence in terms
    of money in the bank..
    was not needing
    it and
    the same
    dam wife..
    for 26 years..
    the best bank
    account of aLL..
    he left my mother
    ’cause she wanted to
    stay home and raise the
    kids.. she stayed until age
    three.. where the cut-off date
    for the brain in pruning the window
    for a liFe aS Love ends.. as scientists
    now say.. so his gift to me.. was leaving
    me with Love and his future dream of
    money too..
    Life is ironic
    and magical
    too.. as dARk
    leads to liFe in so
    many curses and
    gifts iN real LiGhT2..:)

  7. Ah.. emotions.. feelings that run from BRain to Gut
    through vagal nerve and spread out to receptors
    in cells all over one’s body and sure before
    science the limited but sure scribe
    of God carefully maps
    out in someways
    HOW wE FeeL.. and sense..
    there are infinite connections
    as uS iN Moving FeeLinG..
    connecting creating..
    no different
    as above
    so below
    inside.. outside
    all around.. and that’s
    the thing.. Science measures
    repeatable observable phenomena
    and we humans are highly restricted
    from what we can be when set free..
    in terms of all potential emotions..
    senses and sensuality
    as the cAll of the
    WiLd that StiLL
    lives iN uS yes..
    sAMe as cALL oF God
    REAL.. when iN balance and
    Free heaven.. when out of balance
    and prisoned hell on this terrestrial plane..
    Frequencies of vocal chords express human
    moving emotions to connect and create.. Instruments
    as same.. copy and expand human emotions.. the tools
    of human Love and all other potential emotions grow
    beyond the human
    head alone..
    allone.. and more
    creates the UniVErse
    within more.. and more..
    as we humans cooperate
    and expand our potential
    moving.. connecting
    oF liGht
    as Life WiLL
    LiVe when FREE now..
    and hmm.. or humm.. the
    frequencies of humming meditation
    to fiRe and un-repress human emotions
    from lower frequency growls for the fight
    of life.. to soprano song of Love in Romance
    for comforting connections of neurochemicals
    neurohormones.. namely dopamine.. serotonin
    oxytocin and yes.. even aLL natural DMT when
    set free higher and higher as body and mind balance..
    and no for me.. no rules.. just move like wind and water
    free.. and in the video above.. it’s full of rules and points here
    and there on the body for focus.. but when moving free in every
    which way the mind and body balanCinG WiLL.. iN terms of freeing
    senses.. emotions.. and sensuality.. the best way i know iS in sUn
    and sAnd.. and sUre.. water too.. but with rules come the
    mechanical cognition mind.. and reaSon.. wHere the free
    animal moves iN balance
    to conserve energy
    and be invisible
    to both predator
    and prey..
    a prayer
    is trUly free in moving
    dancing humming singing..
    the way to bliss.. nirvana..
    and heaven now.. to feel
    the naked sun and be the
    wind and water.. Is to Live
    free.. no rules reAlly.. balance
    and free expresSinG oF wHo wE
    are when tHe cALL of the WiLd that
    God SinGs true as SonG oF SoUL
    for Free..
    and this SonG is dedicated
    to Yellow Boy.. feline leukemia
    restricts him. in a cave of dead
    things.. where his paws are glued
    to the only thing that lives inside that
    iS uS.. his refuge.. the smells and sights
    of a screened in back patio.. but escaping
    today twice.. just to roll around in the warm
    sands free.. immediately wild and free again..
    in the fiGht and Love for the real purpose oF
    liFe that
    iS FeeLing
    iT aLL as God’s
    eYes and sKin wE are..
    wHere we are the arms of
    God that hugs each other and
    Nature true iN sands of eYes thaT truth
    iN liGht.. and yes.. Yellow Boy cAMe back
    with kind and soothing.. words.. me crawling
    at his level on the sand slowly and quietly
    toward him..
    as one force
    oF SUn.. WiNd
    and Sand true liGht..
    And here’s the thing
    God lives as Nature.. and do
    you really thInk… feel.. or say..
    that God iS happy as astronaut
    coming back from Satellite view
    to planet that is cancer in destruction
    of cultural out of balance human tools..
    God iS REAL and GOD LIVES real iN
    aLL of Creation noW.. to harm any hAir
    out of balance.. iS to bE God dARk and
    deVil way.. and is tHeir a price for
    doing this.. do you see the
    misery and suffering
    iN faces of God
    everywHere you
    Go.. WeLL.. Karma
    iS action consequence
    noW.. and people are paying
    for out of balance everywHere God’s
    eYes of dARk are liVing less that liGht
    of positive flow in ZonE of Balance now Truth..
    to pay the piper iS simple.. to live in balance
    of liGht or out of balance in dArk.. the way
    back is simple.. but culture is complex..
    there is no purpose of dancing
    iN the sand.. sun.. and
    Winds of balance
    free moving
    but Life..
    Just Living
    as God WiLL
    do when FREE..
    So dance.. So Sing
    So Move.. connect
    and Create.. it’s no one’s
    choice reALLy fRee but me..
    we.. us.. you.. and i now FReED..:)

  8. Celebrating Goddess Isis..
    i mean Katrina’s.. 46th birthday..
    and as usual.. ever since her 19 birthday..
    the gift of never aging.. from being Loved by me..
    and Kool Aid of course.. in form oF mE.. one and sAMe..;)


    SMiLes.. mY friend..
    All liGht would bE
    blinding without
    DARk.. as dArk iS
    bOat to liGht.. iT’s juSt
    way iT is.. considering
    aLL dArkness iN UniVerse..
    thAt yes.. iS viSible.. iT’s overAll a nice
    place to be heRe.. iN azUre etheReal
    spHere REal.. it’s kinda hilarious.. reAlly
    to go without lesSons and intuiT fRUiT
    NaTure TrUe through moVinG..
    connecting.. creating..
    farther oNe gOes
    one gEts
    back and forward
    to Natajara..

    iN both dance and
    static form.. ah yes.. just
    some bronze statues from a
    few centuries ago.. to express
    Indian Lore.. but those Indian
    folks are some of the
    and dancers
    theRe are.. both
    sides of the pond as iT
    were and sTiLL iS.. subatomic
    world UniVerse outside inside
    above so below and all around
    flows.. and to becoMe
    UniVerse iS becoMinG
    liGht and
    HaLLs Of SaniTy
    and iNsanitY REAL..
    so here’s to TwiLiGht mY
    Friend and real.. pLace noW
    tapEstry wheRe iT aLL makes
    NeWBronze aGe
    statue(s) iS laughing
    hystericAlly iN blood
    sweat and tEars.. can
    ONE her he.. heRe.. iT’s REAL..;)

  10. “I’m living at a peak of clarity.. and beauty I never Knew existed..
    Every part of me is attuned to the work… i soak it up into my pores
    during the day.. and at night.. in the moments before i pass off into
    sleep.. ideas explode into my head like fireworks.. There is no
    greater joy than the burst of solution to a problem..
    Incredible that anything could happen to take
    away this bubbling energy.. the zest that
    fills everything i do.. it’s as if all
    the knowledge i’ve soaked in
    during the past months has
    coalesced and lifted
    me to a
    peak of light
    and understanding..
    This is beauty.. love… and
    truth.. all rolled into one..
    This is Joy..

    -Daniel Keyes,
    Flowers for Algernon..

    Excerpt taken from the
    New John Elder Robison
    Book titled..
    Switched ON…
    A Memoir of Brain
    Change and Emotional
    Awakening.. a 28 dollar
    or so.. book for purchase
    at Barnes and Nobles.. about
    how Mr. Robison.. a man diagnosed
    with Asperger’s Syndrome in middle
    age.. turns on his emotions in connecting
    to other human beings finAlly in full.. through
    therapy of Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation..
    In other words.. magnets lead the way to neurons
    making new connections in the brain firing it all
    up in emotional way.. better than before..
    and hmm.. i fixed my heArt too..
    but it was through the SonG
    and Dance of Poetry and
    Feet.. that yes..
    neurons in holding
    hands together in new
    neuroplastic ways of change
    along with some mighty interesting
    epigenetics.. considering i went from
    a 44 to 45 on the Autism Quotient Quiz
    as general scan for the potential of Autism..
    down to 11.. additionally 55 to 95 on the
    Emotional Quotient test.. and from
    INTJ personality to ENFP.. And
    on the non medical tested
    quiz for Asperger’s..
    titled.. the Aspie
    from 195
    to 92..
    like a polar opposite
    change all from the period
    of June 2013 through August 2013..
    in.. yes.. just a two month period
    of time.. a major change in brain
    and body balance all together
    eventually allowing
    me a freedom
    in social
    and physical
    change at the age
    of 53 that i had no
    idea was possible before
    then.. other than a fairly temporal
    stint of social disinhibition at age
    21.. also that could be termed
    as Bi-Polar in someways
    as it can for now..
    but the question is
    or better put the answer
    is.. this free way of moving
    connecting and creating that
    i experience now.. is infinitely
    better as heaven in now wheRe
    there is no time but now..
    in yes.. heaven now..
    whereas before
    time drags
    on.. yes dragon
    of time was me lost
    in space and distance
    out of emotional regulation
    and sensory integration of
    a miNd and boDy balanCinG
    soUl.. with heaRt pumping
    exquisite emotions true..
    iN SpiRit expresSinG sAMe
    with others as any finely tuned
    ferarri.. soUl… spiRit.. and heARt
    WiLL do N0W in quantum fashion expanse
    and form of unleashing and releasing now
    much higher potential iN the intelligence
    of human moving.. connecting.. and creating
    now.. and of course what i did iS relatively free
    whereas TMS.. Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation
    that my insurance wouldn’t cover when the doctors
    gave up on helping me in others ways.. is still a very
    expensive therapy that definitely helps Mr. Robison..
    and possibly can help others.. but yes.. there are
    other exercises that are all natural
    to increase all associated with
    human empathy
    and emotions
    that are relatively
    free that i feel are likely
    of the same process basically
    in stimulating the neurons and new
    developing pathways in connections
    of all the neural journey in potential
    for now..
    And yes.. i understand
    that this is very deep stuff
    for those who can take tHeir
    emotional health in mind
    and body balance
    of senses in balance
    for granted but some of us
    are basically lost iN heARt oF liFE
    and can sure dam use some help
    in literally
    our heARt..
    and yes..
    miNd and boDy
    soUl.. now.. juSt now..
    school doesn’t do the job..
    church tries.. and now we have
    TMS.. but as always from the day
    of GreeK Gods like Apollo and the
    God of the forest Pan.. there is the
    SonG and Dance oF feet and PoeTry
    that serves that same general
    savior since
    day one of the
    revised alphabet flavor
    of the day as it were then
    and now for PERSONAL GROWTH
    COME BACK AGAIN.. any questions
    and i’d be happy to answer them.. but yes..
    as i’ve been told.. i blow the brains of most
    people up.. with aLL i put out but the truth
    iS.. mY solutions
    have worked miracles
    for mE with the Innate..
    Instinctual.. Intuitive gifts
    provided all free noW from the
    God oF Nature.. the potential
    iS certainly tHere iN coPious
    amounts.. the answer
    tales the truth
    oF Saviors
    YOU.. and me..
    and we.. and uS..
    and i for sure for N0W..:)


    One of my favorite pArts of my 30 or so months excluding
    ‘banning periods’ on the Wrong Planet website is the poetry
    and question and answer session between me and a young
    Muslim male on this website.. as to proof for the existence of
    God.. and this is just the conclusion as the linked full Q and A
    session lasted over the course of a week or so..
    thousands of words that i copied on my
    blog posts as well.. as i better find
    ways to express what i know and
    feel of the God of Nature True now
    sTill.. but to
    write a parable here..
    consider this.. there is
    a desolate beach.. where the
    only human tools without even
    footprints are the bible and kuran
    that fell out of a plane.. for only purposes
    of information here.. sMiles.. the two books
    are laying on the beach.. and a very healthy
    seagull who has been flying higher and higher
    lately.. let’s just call him Jonathan for now..
    for cultural connections purposes.. lands
    a healthy load of bird stuff on both books..
    so then a Muslim and Christian person
    are walking hands in hands in Love
    on that beach.. they come to the
    two books and give the
    seagull and his
    response to
    the books
    curse to hell
    for defacing the idol
    of the book that represents
    God to them.. well.. the bottom
    and top line is this.. what the
    Seagull landed is pArt of God
    too.. a necessary requirement
    for God who lives in and as the
    Seagull too.. and as the Sea Gull
    named Jonathan spirals the Sun
    of God higher and higher.. the
    Seagull continues to live in
    the kingdom of God
    as God forever
    now higher
    and higher
    with and
    as God’s Sun
    One Force of the
    living ONE God
    inside.. outside.. as above
    so below.. and all around.. yes..
    even that STUFF THAT the
    Seagull landed on those
    two dead books.. named
    as the living God.. where
    sure they are an expression
    of all that is that is God but
    only the stuff that the Seagull
    landed on the books is a requirement
    to live as God now.. on this terrestrial
    plane that is THE God of Nature’s greaTest
    gift to uS.. yes.. trUly it takes more work to
    be Jesus than to worship an idol now on a
    cross.. just like it takes more to be Elvis
    or Michael Jackson.. than to be a
    groupie thinker and believer
    in the crowd of
    sheep.. as
    Seagulls named
    Jonathan fly higher
    and higher as Seagulls
    wiLL.. named properly as
    children of the living God
    within who fly higher and higher
    in the eternal heaven that can be now…
    But sure.. like the following blog post asks…
    any questions.. as the new Testament forecasts
    that the meek shall inherit the earth.. heaven is
    all around us now.. and that folks will come to
    do much greater works than Jesus did then..
    yet.. somehow folks
    continue to focus on the
    man of yesterday instead of
    becoming the human potential
    with God like a Seagull named
    Jonathan they CAN BECOME
    NOW.. so many paths..
    so many journeys.. so many
    higher destinations killed by
    the fundamentals of yesterday
    that never learn to grow.. with
    God as God alive for now in higher
    and higher more blissful way..
    Jesus was no dummy..
    at least from what
    was more fully
    reported of him
    in both the New Testament
    and Gnostic Gospels un-covered
    more fully in 1959 in Egypt but the
    thing is.. minus the myths established
    in the Nicene Council in 325 AD.. by
    Roman Emperor Constantine and his
    allies in the Catholic Church to increase
    the size of the Roman Empire by making
    Jesus into a myth of a Soldier Sun God
    in accordance with the Mithra Religion
    in the surrounding area then.. and to
    kill anyone who opposed the idea
    that Jesus was THE ONLY SON
    OF God then.. except of course
    for the Sun God Monolithic
    statue of Constantine..
    so he could become
    the same thing
    in eyes of
    his Roman
    yes.. beyond these myths
    and the Virgin birth and
    Mary.. obviously copied from
    the mythology of Isis suckling
    the Virgin birth of Horus as well..
    thousands of years before the myth
    established by the Roman Empire to
    increase the size of the Roman Empire..
    the same lights and truths of Jesus are
    expressed in recorded history through the
    Tao.. the Budhha.. Lao Tzu.. and so many
    others in liGht of Golden Rule.. that is the
    common thread of science.. as well now
    that humans have this natural propensity
    among the greatest propensities
    of any animal for all natural
    altruism when set
    free and wild
    as socially cooperative
    animals will do for survival
    noW.. by Moving.. Connecting..
    and Creating iN aLL giving
    and shaRing ways.. before
    the gRains of agriculture
    were stored and hoarded..
    beginning some 10 to 12 thousand
    years ago.. and we became more
    of the con-social emotions of
    humans that imprison our
    real pro-social emotions
    toGeThER iN cooperation
    for survival In giving and
    sharing through moving
    connecting and creating
    alWays now iN
    just doing iT
    aLL now toGeTheR
    iN forAge oF hunting
    and gatherRing liFe for A
    AS iS WiLd and Free..
    weLL no.. the
    of Pandora
    has been opened..
    tHere iS no going back..
    but there is understanding
    where we have been iN the
    story of God.. and the potential
    of wHere wE can be aGaiN.. In
    the Heaven of n0w.. at least oN
    an individual basis.. as liFe iS too
    short to try to turn the titanic around
    on a lifeboat of real.. we are the very
    pudgy camels and the eye of the
    needle of culture continues
    to get smaller and
    making us
    more machine
    than free and wiLd
    sociAlly cooperating
    humans to stay alive…
    A saving grace iS human
    imagination and creativity.. adaptation
    to challenge and change.. to make
    the balance of human heaven
    real again.. whether or not
    anyone wants to join
    uS iN Heaven
    or not..
    Difficult.. yes..
    but possible yes..
    and i for one kNow and
    feel with 100% hope..
    faith.. and belief that
    iT iS True for mE..
    aLL i can do iS
    share my opinion
    and experiences iN
    how i arrive and have
    staYcation heaven
    now.. the paths
    are many..
    the journeys
    are different but
    oh! the bliss oF
    iN destination
    oF eternal heaven noW..
    Jesus was correct about
    that for sure.. it exists for me..
    but i paid attention to all he had
    to say.. and discounted the same
    kind of psychopathic intentions
    in church who tried to rule me
    in school and work my entire
    life.. i rule mE wITh
    God now.. i for
    one am
    Free WiTH
    God NowONe.:)

    And sadly.. the modern
    phenomenon of Isis and
    the lies of the Bush administration
    that led to that by dissolving the order
    iN Iraq are no different really than the
    killing order of the day back in 325 AD
    and after.. by Constantine and others
    who went as far as burning people
    at the stake for any kind of heretic
    thinking away from the myths
    then established.. it’s kinda
    sad and hilarious.. Constantine
    made into a saint but a ruthless
    ruler of killing making religion
    into a compulsory way of
    state rather than
    a free wiLL to
    joIn and Love
    God free as even
    the more pure pArts
    of the Kuran suggest
    should be free.. social
    scientists suggest that the
    Muslims of the world will at
    least come around to more free
    ways of being that western Christians
    do now.. by 2050.. but sadly those
    who are different like the Lesbians
    and others here still ostracized
    to Marry and Love by those
    in the church will likely
    still suffer at the hands
    of exclusions away from
    God instead of WiTh God..
    by closed minded ways of
    fear.. anger/violence/wars..
    and hate.. but the saving grace..
    yes.. the world will no longer tolerate
    evil acts like cutting off the hands of thieves
    where the hands of God are less important
    than the material goods and tools of human..
    and Loving Lesbians will no longer be
    covered up to their breasts and
    stoned where they cannot
    protect their eyes from
    Rocks.. and no more
    female genital mutilation..
    and perhaps even over here
    less folks will mutilate
    through tearing the
    foreskin off of
    male reproductive
    organs to separate us
    as different than the rest
    oF God oF Nature.. and maybe
    in Florida again.. the Life of God
    in humans will be more valuable
    than insurable items in the home
    that are only dead things that
    humans make more often to
    store in garages higher.. the time
    is coming.. as the Now of Heaven
    gets closer and more and more humans
    are set free back to Wild oF Balance as Nature
    noW.. GoD oF natUre set free iN/As ALL oF uSnow
    wheRe GOlden Human Rule from God iS practiced fULLy..:)

  12. Facebook Friend Florence.. just a casual
    acquaintance i met dancing at the Earth
    store with her.. in a fun way
    while wife
    Video taped
    uS.. very artistic..
    involved in theater
    productions and
    refreshingly out
    of the box she is
    to me..
    as such.. much..:)

    And she says..
    and i quote..

    “I’ve been avoiding watching Inside Out for fear
    that I’d cry like a four year old, less than halfway
    through and I’m crying like a four year old.”

    And i say..

    Good movie.. And yes..
    i cried too.. At this and most Disney movies..
    ’cause they understand/FEEL what it means
    to be emoticon

    And as side note here..
    the fAct that i can go to
    Disney movies now and
    cry tears of joy and
    is miracle
    for me as a dead
    soul who spent 66 months
    in hell.. and whenever i see one
    of ‘those’.. ‘so-called’ ‘rednecks’
    who are ‘so-called’ modern
    Christians who told me
    when i was in middle
    school.. that only
    queers smile.. do
    art and dance
    and boys
    are not
    allowed to
    do any of that
    both in middle school
    and the city park.. back in
    the days where i was all skin
    and bone.. and aLL heARt.. SpiRit
    and soUl.. too.. yes.. ANYWAY..
    LIKE when i am in Walmart
    yesterday evening
    spinning around
    in my three foot
    sacred space
    like a Tai Chi
    feather iN bliss
    with/as God iN
    heaven now..
    a ‘good old boy’ and
    his girl friend silently
    snicker in the distance..
    thinking that no.. of course
    i would not notice in my own
    ‘little’ world that is larger
    than they could possibly imagine iN
    noW.. wITh my SonGs and ear buds attached
    reading an entire book within less than
    a span of an hour’s time.. i decide that
    teaching lessons in mischievous ways now
    is okay too.. so i go from point A to point
    B where they are in a flash down the aisle..
    and at their side all 230 Lbs of me in
    a state of Chi where i could
    push my way
    a concrete block..
    or more.. i say..
    hi.. my friend.. have
    you ever danced and
    read a book… and he says
    oh no.. i haven’t.. then i say..
    well.. my friend that is what
    Navy Seals do.. weird
    stuff like
    this.. and no..
    hell no.. i am not
    a Navy Seal but
    it gets the same point
    through where i did the same
    thing when a similar group of
    good old boys approached me then..
    back at Barnes and Nobles yesterday2..
    And when i’m in the Good Old Seville
    Quarter place.. i just show ‘those’ ‘kind’
    of ‘good old boys’.. my handy dandy
    Youtube video of me leg pressing
    close to half a ton with ease on
    a very difficult parallel leg
    press machine..
    and they
    back away..
    i am for Love
    but they come to
    see iT iS Fearless Love
    when they ask the questions
    as snickers iN the distance or
    to fAce..
    Lion Loves
    without fear and so
    do humans who fulfill
    FruiT Saviors oF Hope
    dO iT REAL N0W..;)

    Facebook Friend Rafiah
    provides yet another.. almost
    full body selfie of her at a
    family BBQ tending whatever
    roast beast they are cooking..
    probably chicken.. i’m thInking
    and i say..

    sMiLes.. My friend..
    There is nothing ordinary about you..
    If i had a daughter And a choice..
    She would be like you.. Angel emoticon

    And then i say..

    And she would also
    make me that BBQ..
    wink emoticon

    Rafiah says..

    If you were near I would have definitely cooked for you.
    In fact I live cooking for my beloved ones.
    heart emoticon I like to feed them. :Dv

    And i say..

    SMiLes.. sounds
    delicious friend..
    smile emoticon

    And as a side note now..
    as truth iN FAct of the matter
    i am human.. a very social and
    emotionally sensitive human..
    no matter how strong
    and fearless i am..
    and i have a great
    longing for the
    human connection
    not limited to any
    one place.. time or
    effort.. so i honor the
    friends who have stuck by my
    side.. and Rafiah.. is among
    the greaTest of those.. and i kNow
    for sure.. if back in the day of Jesus..
    she would be the one standing at the
    cross and shedding tears along
    with the rest of
    his closest
    as that is what
    real Angels do..
    and she looks the pARt
    of that play even then..
    in all the lies of the Nicene
    Council and Constantine and
    psychopathic.. patriarchal
    males.. who made Jesus’
    greatest Gnostic Gospel..
    as reported then apostle..
    Mary Magdalene.. into a prostitute
    in attempts to discredit her high
    and exquisite status as an apostle
    of Jesus.. and truly a prophet too..
    interestingly.. high and exquisite
    is what the name Rafiah
    means in Muslim
    name dictionaries..
    and sure i will share
    that photo in blog way to honor
    both her beauty and innocence too..
    not unlike the purity of my Wife Katrina
    where yes.. the name Katrina.. a form
    of Katherine
    as well
    in dictionary
    definitions as such..
    and her middle name
    Mia.. means either family
    or close to God.. as form
    of Male name Michael but tHiS
    is an aLL gAMe.. mY friends
    wHere the gRain of Sand
    that holds up the
    Mountain of
    iS as
    as aLL the rest
    oF existence that
    hOlds toGeThER REaL
    NOW.. jUsT.. N0W..:)


    As far as i kNow.. tHirst.. theRe iS spArk..
    then flAMe.. and soMeNoW fiRst
    THAT sPark
    aS FLamE
    withiN uS as
    liGht from dArk
    aLive.. but wItH
    what price.. living
    liFe.. but with what
    mercy.. staying AlIVE..
    as Dance and SonG
    from beginning to
    end iN
    now aGaiN
    noW.. inNOW..
    wAves oF BeInG
    dRops oF uS WinDinG
    StrEamS iN riVers oCeaN
    wE.. fLamE reMaiNs i nOw..
    aLL and protector oF LiVinG NoW…
    Struggle to LIVe balance to BE noW
    to LiVe
    as FreeOneNoW..
    SparK for more DArk
    for less Black hole
    soUl or
    wE to bE2
    coMes aGaiN
    liGht truth
    or back
    lies now
    Rise or FALL
    iN lesser

    Yes.. My friend.. i understand..
    As my spark was more or less
    Gone for 40 years.. Ugh..
    Desert of creativity..

  14. Now.. to return to dVerse Poet’s
    Pub.. after a long weekend break
    from Friday to Sunday.. and
    today.. Monday.. Celebrating
    Katrina’s 46 birthday
    as of
    so wHere was
    i.. yes.. all the way
    back to March 24th.. 3 weeks
    ago.. on Thursday.. now 7 prompts
    behind.. but real life flesh and blood stuff
    must come first for the living among us..
    and this prompt is about the
    Octain form of poetry
    that has many
    rules about
    the form
    to go by..
    just spent
    some time.. just
    for ‘fun’ looking at
    now what the Wrong Planet
    website has to offer.. and in
    terms of logic and rules it is
    very much like the Octain
    route of rules and
    to make
    free poetry
    a science of how
    someone else does
    it before.. continuing on in
    the realms of free rules oF Y i.. more
    stream of consciousness writing where
    like Forest Gump says.. ya never kNow/
    FeeL.. what flavor ya miGht get next..
    you miGht even be surprised that
    tHere are new beginnings and
    endings sAMe.. as the
    feather floats
    through the
    wInD of Free
    as the credits are
    real in the movie of Now..
    of course that will not make
    a whole lot of sense to folks
    who haven’t watched Forrest Gump
    but wait! it is free poeTry and can mean
    anything ya like it to mean.. from A to Z
    and beyond
    iN the only thing
    iN life that’s is tRuly
    free.. iN making imagination
    and creativity REAL In moving
    connecting.. giving.. shaRing way..
    ah.. 4112016.. just another way to
    iN magic
    noW iT
    iS for NoW..
    at 4:22 pm..;)

    HA..! main difference.. same as ever..
    between big pArtY pantyantics.. yes!
    C O N servative Vs L I B eral.. GO!
    store the gRain NOW! and YOU can’t
    have any of OURs.. Vs..
    let’S share.. itALL..
    and make
    a new
    Trump has the
    most stored so that
    basically means he’s
    never going to heaven
    now.. as long as tHere will always be
    more grain missing now for him to want..
    It’s really simple math.. more means not’ta..
    no matter what
    Trump does now..
    he loses as long
    as he wants more now….
    Conservatives.. generally
    speaking are the first grain keepers..
    and Liberals.. generally speaking.. are
    sTill hunting for new instead of
    Will human
    Nature change..
    not likely as some
    folks are scared and
    stay the same.. others
    are fearless and continue
    change.. some make rules
    and sure.. that’s
    for huge
    for humans
    still only evolved
    to connect to 150 to
    200 sets of friendly
    flesh and blood eyes..
    so it’s a mix that works..
    a human soap opera of politics..
    religion.. and philosophy that
    never ends.. i’ll watch
    from a distance
    but keep myself
    Free from
    Freedom away
    from Living WiLL
    as Love

    SMiLes.. i for one
    cherish weeds
    and apples
    more than
    culture and
    alphaBet soup
    says iS better..
    beauty In imperfection’s
    change.. insanity
    iN sAMe
    even i
    iT weRe
    possible noW..:)

    SMiLes.. when
    i had my eyesight
    before the illness that
    took it away for 66 months..
    including hearing too..
    i read all the papers
    and did all the
    news on
    a habit
    by 911
    etc.. but TG..
    loss of sight
    and hearing
    truly took
    the illness
    of culture all away
    from me.. i’ve yet to
    turn hell back on away
    from hell.. iN real.. oh
    the blessing of No and
    off switches that can be REAL..:)

    my FriEnd..
    oF Fearless
    LesSon Of
    Jesus sTiLL..
    when REAL.:)

    One thing i Love
    about blogging
    with Facebook
    is it always prompts
    me to see wheRe i was now..
    1 year.. 2 years.. and now..
    even.. 3 years ago.. and wITh
    me of course.. in full reality
    show iN autobiography
    as such..
    like moving
    pictures of STiLLs
    and words of mY Life..
    last April was one of wet
    and this one.. one of dry.. the only
    difference reAlly is the sand leaves
    fewer foot
    but sTiLL..
    i dance as the
    free dancer iS posTman
    who comes no matter..
    the weather.. Spring
    iS alwayS
    iN wordS
    oF stepS..
    tHe maiL
    iS always
    deliveRed iN
    SPring Of eYes
    deliGht noW..:)

    Well.. SMiLes
    Bryan.. pushing
    3 weeks behind
    here.. can onLY
    hope by now..
    that snow
    has melted
    and flowers are
    yours as flowers
    never melted in
    Florida.. overall..
    aT all.. iN the warmest
    WiNter ever recorded
    iN human warming wayS..:)

    SMiLes.. a naturAlly
    more visual person
    than verbal person..
    i am smitten by the
    statues of the male
    and female forms you
    provide.. and pleasant
    to say.. the best way i appreciate
    the softer version of the human genders
    is in a soft to hard dance.. of being
    iN flesh and
    blood.. 11 million
    words.. i would trade
    for just one dance
    step i own
    now with
    of THAT
    gender now..:)

    Easter Egg
    oF NoW.. alWays
    resurrecting change..
    Hope iN courAge Of Love
    Wins over fear.. anger.. and Hate..:)

    Pain.. tRuly a monster
    that lies In wait..
    and truLY
    oF Life
    iN real
    can make
    monsters go aWay..:)

    sMiLes.. i cannot
    imagine how sad iT
    would be.. not to grow
    up with Gulf.. Beach..
    and sand.. so white..
    but i often
    oF mountains..
    snow.. and vALLeys
    deep.. Meadows Of
    Green.. i wiLL continue to Sing..:)

    WeLL that’s 10 with 19 more to go..
    but dinner and Workout first
    as well as other stuff
    5:41 pm…

    Well this is enough
    for a celebration oF
    “FruiT Saviors”
    for now..
    now to
    and continue
    the poetry pARt
    iN the comments
    section of ‘this’
    new blog post.. later..
    11:17 pm..

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