ELton Jesus’ and Yellow Brick Roads

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ActuAlly.. ‘the shirt’ is much more
colorful but sure.. wInks.. i like
to leave something open
to imagiNaTioN..
and wiTh that said..
celebrating my 100th week
of rave-like dance with all the
cool college age folks tonight at
Old Seville Quarter which is yah..
kinda a milestone.. even IF i wasn’t
55 and dancing mostly solo all niGht..
with of course a ‘little’ help
from all my dance friends..
namely Charlie’s Angels..
approaching 2 years
of friendship with them..
and yes.. i am a little behind
on copying and pasting all my
dance photos to my yearly blog
post currently titled “666 Months
of Dance”.. along with the first
year blog post titled “God’s
Muse of Dance” both
googable by the way..
if ya wanna see many
more fun dance photos..
but the third year title that
i will always do at the beginning
of Official Spring like any Pan creature
all Free iN Nature would with the FoResT
nymphs aLL free and WiLd iN Dance too..
Hmm.. yeah.. maybe that one WILL BE
titled “Pan Am Dance Free”.. kinda
catchy huh.. and i just caught it
and WiLL keep iT.. yeah.. baby..
like Austin
Powers or the
Wild version of
Steve Austin
from the 6 Million
dollar man or 11 Million
word and 5000 miles
in 30 months dance
man might say..
oh yeah..
5,000 miles
of dance blog
post coming soon
in March as well and
my third ‘GodsUniVerse
Novel3’ celebrating and
copying and pasting an
unabridged anthology of
all the poetic responses
i have freely done in
response to every
single frigging
dVerse Prompt
and link over
an entire F iN
year.. but i don’t
work and hell with
money.. Pan plays
with Nature allthatis
Oh yeah and
i am2..wink emoticon



Well.. the topic of homosexuality comes up on SOHEIR’s
blog and anyone who has followed my blog
will forecast what happens next.. sMiLEs..

SOHEIR provides the standard Islam
stuff about homosexuality
being a sin as dictated
of course by the
so-called last
prophet Muhammad
and the so-called last
religion that is named Islam..

And yes.. i say..

This is the part I hate the worst about Islam
’cause a Lesbian woman was buried to the top of her body..
and stoned in Iran for just practicing her God Given Nature
and science now proves this to be true
as well as our closest primate
cousin the Bonobo who naturally
practices homosexual behavior to alleviate
any chance of aggression and violence..
obviously more civilized and Loving
God beings than someone who
would murder someone
like my relatives.. But
trust me or not..
‘they’ WILL feel
GOD’s wrath for
the ultimate sin of MURDER…

And then SOHEIR goes on to
tell me that homosexual
behavior will destroy the
world.. if it continues
to spread and
all religions
are against
it and tells
me not
who do this..

And i say..

In this way all religions are ignorant
and evil against God’s only law that is
Nature and irrefutable in science already
that homosexuality IS part of Nature no Matter
what ignorant men and women think or do and how
dare you ask me not to defend my relatives.. God will
be ashamed of you friend.. i come to this Earth to speak
the Truth and no man or woman will stop me as the God
of Nature and Laws of God Given
Human freedom are behind me…

And then SOHEIR goes on to tell
me that my relative
needs to see
a psychiatrist..
i should not
my relative
and science
can go to hell..
and then i say..

SMiLes.. Trust me.. This is the final proof that
Islam or any other religion is not the final word of God..
i already knew and felt of what your reaction would be when
this topic came up as it is the same way with many Christians
and even Buddhists.. i will ask for God’s forgiveness for all people
who Know not what they do but that will ultimately be between God
the Master and human who can yet figure out how not to Overpopulate..
Kill each other.. And destroy the Earth.. Many of God’s children have
enough God given empathy and common sense to know the
answer is in folks like Elton John and Yellow Brick roads..
In other words.. folks who don’t make babies
and do creative works to help humankind..
SMiLes my friend.. it is culture and religion
that is the virus.. Not God loving and Living
Human beings who Love without fear of God’s Nature..
Truly i feel sorry for you friend but my relative is no
ordinary Human being.. She is an Angel like my
wife and will just giggle at your unwitting
cruelty but i for one
shed a tear for humans
who are ignorant by the
hand of culture and or religion..:)

And for here.. another sad point now..
is most all of your free spirited American
readers will feel the way i do but i venture
to say none except gigoid will express it and
that is still a problem with the world.. My friend..
People who are afraid to make waves as God is not
just a peaceful Field.. God makes Waves.. is an Atom
and pArt Homosexual too.. And Loves Yellow Brick roads
too as they teach humans valuable yet difficult lessons..:)

SOHEIR tells me only God judges SOHEIR.. and again tells
me my relative needs to be warned against homosexual
behavior.. because it will harm them..
and they need help away
from homosexual behavior..

i say..

SMiLes.. we are all part of God and yes parts of God
will be ashamed of you for this entire blog post..
i am not ashamed of you.. as i say.. i shed a tear
for your religious education as in part against God’s
God’s Nature and the wrath part.. That will come from
other parts of God who are human and not remotely
as nice as me as the parts of countries that will
eventually destroy this ignorance through weapons of
destruction.. i would rather use words my friend but if
no one lends a hand.. weapons will speak louder and no i
do not like the dArker parts of tribal nature
and try my best to stay iN
the LiGht.. My friend..:)

And then SOHEIR asks
me what weapons and
who will use them..

And i say..

SMiLes my friend
that’s all God has
revealed to me at this
point and Love can prevent
it from happening but only
if it is fearless

SOHEIR goes on.. asking
if i am threatening
her and asserts her
blog as her
with her
freedom of speech
in full tow of course..

i say…

SMiLes my friend.. It’s a revelation
from God.. No where close to a threat from
me and i always welcome all opinions from you
anywhere you go.. SMiLes.. there is nothing anyone
can say to me to hurt me.. As I’ve already
been to real hell my friend..:)

questions hell
and why..

And i say..

SMiLes my friend.. Perhaps God
sent me to hell and made me the Devil
for a thousand years in one second as
that is what God does to make folks fearless..
Anyway.. that is neither here or there now as i
live and Love in heaven stay cation.. God’s gift
of surviving the ultimate human test.. My friend..
In other words hell and devil iS God’s greaTest test
and gift to me.. Let’s juSt say it puts the rest of
eternity in perspective of only now iN Heaven.. My friend..:)

SOHEIR.. goes on to say.. we
are different and she
thinks these arguments
are useless and
we will never
meet as she
is east and
i am west..

And i say..

Yes.. my friend.. of course we are different
but it is not an east or west or even Muslim issue
as i discuss this issue with other Muslim folks with
zero arguments but their modern education away from
religion may play a part in that my friend as well
as realizing science doesn’t belong in hell
and is not perfect either.. Anyway…
you are free not to respond to my
opinions of course at anytime in our discussions..
my friend.. As i come here to speak truth but yes
when it comes to actual arguments.. Online history
proves i am always the last one standing as God IS
behind my voice.. and no of course i do not expect you
to believe that as some little Silly Human fleas will think
and feel they can shut God up from actually having the last
word over human.. God giggles at human fleas my friend..
The history of God’s Nature proves this as irrefutable
proof.. As metaphor of course.. Enjoy.. the rest
of your Friday.. my Friend.. i am blessed
to only work for the God of
Nature as truly staycation..:)

SOHEIR says.. and i quote..

“Have a great day Fred!”..

And i say finAlly..

Thanks my friend and i Love you…
Thanks for being my friend.. And
by the way my mother totally agrees
with you on this issue but i Love her no less..
another lesSon of devil and hell.. My friend..
As yes.. this applies to all humans present and
history as there is no greater evil or dark place
than hell and devil.. That’s why the Devil becomes
the greaTest Lover ever now.. At least.. My friend..:)

She likes the comment and we live happily ever after for now at
least.. as friends.. and yes.. that is a revelation from God too..
sMiLes.. and sure Ynot.. wInks as WeLL.. yes.. at least for NOW..:)


And one of my other Muslim Friends..
Facebook Rafiah from Pakistan..
has a simple solution
that is..
she sees
one of my
beach photos
with a mix of
birds frolicking
in warm
of Gulf
waves meeting
peaceful shores of
harmony now then..:)

She says..

I wanna go to the beach
and lay there for a while
and take the peace inside.

Rafiah is from the next
generation of twenty-something
Muslim’s and as social scientists
predict now.. the Muslim culture
will finally catch up to the
reformed Christian
that allows
more freedoms
for all human beings.. by 2050..
albeit with words of dissension..
but never the less no longer burying
folks to their neck and stoning
them for just
being different
flavors of
Rainbow liGht
of God’s children free..:)

Anyway.. as that side note ends..

i say in response to Rafiah..

SMiLes.. My friend Rafiah..
You would Love the Beach and i would
Love for you to visit the Beach with Katrina
and i.. It is truly SO peaceful away from
ALL human conflict..smile emoticon

Rafiah doesn’t argue..
she Loves calmly..
and tolerates differences
of opinions in a peaceful way always..
of what i know and feel of her to this point..:)


Star dust that walks and cares for other
star dust beings.. again that’s an
incredible gift.. at least to me..
and i for one
use iT.. sMiles
as greaTest gift and
truly that for now.. iS
all i need to understand..
the gift oF now and use iT
to my ultiMate potential
as a really cool
oF Nature REAL
aka GOD REAL2..
hmm.. some folks look
forward to death and something
after thaT.. i feel every now as
sacred and never ending
or beginning..
makes no logical
sense.. perhaps..
but it is as
as now
and the
magic i for
one feel.. and sure
sacred and holy fits
it as metaphors just fine..
with i as Director.. I as
ego Actor iN relative
human free
WiLL wiTh
the rest oF
Nature GOD..
i wiLL continue
iN exclamation! spiRit!
oF now.. iN focus and
just do iT..
as the
of Victory
Nike says best..
along with an almost
infinite number of other
prophets of doing now the
best they can.. whatever creatUre
they may be.. they too are star duSt wE..:)


Yes.. i continue to get by with a ‘little’ help from
my friends.. in fearless way.. and sure..
even the devil too.. all
as metaphor
of course
as all human language
at core is metaphor for
truths and liGht iN liFe..
slicing through the B.S..
WeLL that’s a Job of JOB
too.. the photographer
too.. yes..
of course
iN metaphor2..
and MockinGJway..
Okay and yeah.. i know..
this is the third version of ‘that’
song in three blog posts straight..
but yeah.. sometimes the same
song.. has very different meanings
depending on how it is sung.. wiTH
modern MTV-like video portrayals
of deep.. deep.. metaphors
that yes.. like all poeTry
can be interpreted
differently as
sure.. like
the Old Bards
do.. with hidden
meanings too.. but
by second hand writers2
of poetry.. including
lyrics and music
of modern
older SonGs..
but anyway that ain’t
the stuff of the 5 to 8
dinosaur step oF
scientific method..
this iS Art baby and
iN art aLL iS heARt
and free for aLL..
yeah baby..
at least iNaLLFReEDArT..:)


Typical before workout photo with standard
work-out.. registered No. 11.. K shirt..
alpha-numerical as such..
hmm.. was thinKinG about
starting the Haibun
prompt from
last Monday..
that continues on
iN expiration date
for lInking folks
until Sunday..
for a weeks
worth of
Haibun poems..
with response by
me iN my own
Fredbun style
of poeTry
trip coming early
iN the morning with
the Catholic Church
gamblers bunch.. and
for me this means spanning
the entire beach area and
other Casinos with my
usual style of Martial
Arts and Ballet-like
dance walKing
so yeah..
i think i’ll do
the night night
thingy now.. and
perhaps catch up on
some poetry on the
2 hour Bus ride to
Biloxi on iMac Pro
Notebook 10 finger
way or perhaps
do something
to refresh the
creative mind and
body balance ALwaYs
FreeiNoW oF Course..:)


Hmm.. second wind..
10:44 pm..
onto the Haibun
prompt for awhile
now.. that is about
traveling.. yeah..
baby.. traveling
is what i’ll be
doing soon

SMiLes.. for me at least
all words.. things..
and subjective
ideas without
words at all..
are prompts
for poeTry and
emoTioN maniFest
dance that flows too..
an exercise of the heARt
Muscle that travels far
within.. perhaps
even wHere no

it’s worth a try..:)

side note hear..
Life is a funny thing..
one can be ruled by the
rules that come before by
other folks or real fools
as it were or is.. or one
can look within.. wHere
aLL genetic.. innate..
and intuitive
and feelings
are stored iN
and sensory
moveS oF Dance..
in genetics way too..
and sure words are
a wheelchair too.. that
can take the place of dance
in an agricultural sitting
still by the candle world
that is now a 4 inch
scream of
screen too..
but never the less
growth iS in Creativity
and sTicking only
to the rules
of the past..
is stagnation
at best and horrible
and miserable depression
of not pursuing new..
that can be
much worse
Sadly.. too many of us
become cogs in the machine
of School.. Work and even home
as modern cultures.. and what is
forgotten and not nourished as a
Garden of Love.. iS Free floWinG
Creative essence of human bEinG
iN all the many nuanced
ways that can come
for being
okay.. 10:54 pm..
now one poem and
side note complete
on Haibun Monday
Prompt and
ready for
nite now!..
yeah a quick
10 minute
oF me..;)


Well.. while i often stay in around a 30 mile radius of home..
today i branch out farther traveling to Casino’s in
Biloxi and dancing all around the beaches..
and hmm.. it appears that ‘someone’
sent me to find some African American Ladies
in their engagement act.. while a crowd of well off
caucasian well doer’s honored them at the bottom of a pier
in sugar white sand while one woman placed the ring on the finger
of her dear.. Love was in the air.. no.. not lust.. juSt Love.. the lust
likely already came and went again.. but the atmosphere of Love
was in the joyous eyes of the total strangers who were tHeir
relatives too.. in heArt of course like me along with DNA..
clapping above on the pier.. while the ring was happily
accepted by the receiving woman who likely had only
a fraction of the means of dollar amounts of
the folks above.. however.. truly stinkin’
rich they aLL were
iN value of Love
at that point..
of humans joining
eYes oF a promise to hold
each other iN comfort of human’s
greaTest gift that iS Love.. WeLL.. i had
a so-called useless discussion with SOHEIR
on her website yesterday where i told her how
dare she suggest i cannot defend my homosexual
relatives.. little did she know they ARE HER RELATIVES
TOO.. east or west.. we are all one FUCKING RACE..
OF human beings… jew or gentile servant or
free queer no more all one humanity under
the greaTest most expansive GOD oF
ALL NATURE FREE.. and ha! no
need to defend anyone now..
FINALLY FREE.. now Jesus can
come back and we can live
happily ever after over
here in heaven
and the
rest can
enjoy tHeir
Hell so
by tHeir
own ignorance..
the word.. and sadly over here in
New Israel and New Jerusalem
too.. but the real dude Jesus
hmm.. let’s just call him
Duke Nukem at
this point..
never promised
a Rose Garden just
heaven for those who
could get through
the whole
of the needle
if they trimmed
down tHeir fear
and hate.. and to be
clear that’s not an insult
to large folks who eat a lot
as these women were not
Twiggy style women they
were baby got butt kinda
women.. with even more
to Love with two
bosom’s to
gain comfort
from aS oNe..
anyway.. who needs
a sword when ya got
words and photos as sweet
and Loving that will be coming
to my next blog post where the
big women get hitched in a Love
bigger that most people who are
full of fear and hate will ever see..
and that’s the news
for now.. as
just another
Duke Nukem
signs off
online air..
and God tWinkLes
iNoW eYes oFaiR..:)

WeLL.. yeah..
i couldn’t find a
Nukem with a pen or
keyboard so if ya will..
please pretend.. and no..
i do not mind it.. if girls
hang on my body
pArts as long
as they

And the song that goes
with it.. as alWays..
sMiles.. my friend

Records are scary..
Before records there was reality..
Now there is whatever words say
to hold people in prisons of
words.. golden
of letters..
fear.. and hate..
but ah.. fearless
poeTry aS WeLL..
but yes.. female
genital Mutilation..
rape and
and stoning homosexuals
for the act of Love with
what tHeir Nature
provided way
they do
with other
human beings..
but the good news is times
are changing.. yes.. we still
have male circumcision
over here.. some
preachers on the radio
and at most grey haired gospel
singings folks trying to send tHeir
brothers and sisters
to hell..
but the pArt i
find as sad as
all is when some idiot
says they won’t see thEir
relative in heaven ’cause
they Loved someone
different than
what they
Ignorance is contagious
but the FACT that freedom
of Information provides truth
and liGht now.. online almost
globAlly and GroWing.. iS
great and good news..
except of course
for censorship..
but hey..
there is alWays
a way to spread greater
truth and liGht for those
who keep typing
and never
give up..
and keep
nuKinG ignorance
with Truth and liGht…
When i saw the two black
ladies today.. in their joyous
sMiLes and ring of joy
to be placed
upon a promise
of Love.. iT brought
a tear to my eye of Love
and the greaTest vindication
i know and feel for those who
fear and hate.. over the ignorance
of words
that are
over the REAL
and feel for those
with eYes of liGht
i Love Life..
and others do too..
without exclusions
aLL inclusive
that’s heaven
enough to me.. friend..
and so glad i could help
someone celebrate that today..
with inspiration to share their story
oF Love.. iT makes wading through
all the sludge and shit of ignorance
worth stocking up on more
toilet paper
and paper towels
to clean it all up..
in strokes oF
iN pAinT oF
Mother Nature Truth and liGht..
and as alWays no rush to see what
i do or comment.. and i suppose
if there is any bad news..
Winter is my slowest
historical time
for creativity..;)
and iN SpRinG
i get all lit up.. but
i have to watch my health
so.. i am going to continue
to take plenty of R and R
breaks off this
keyboard too..
but as alWays ALL
bRings me great inspiration
away from digital keys as weLL…
more fuel for the fire…
and the fingers
as flAme
WiTh Love..
my friend.. gigoid..
eventuAlly ALL MY
or aT lEAst have the opportunity
to bE Free so let thAT bE written
so let iT
bE dOne
YnoT.. i’M a dreamer
after aLL iS said and dOne..:)


Elevator Ninja practice..
continuous art
oF Flying
as water
oN Land..;)


Love Wins..
end and beginning
of Never Ending Story
NOW..smile emoticon

Yeah.. put on a


AND THIS is just the happy look
i give folks when they Fuck with
my relatives that IS NATURE
YEPPER.. the
Duke Nukem
Trust me..
ya wouldn’t
wanna see me
could be a clue..;)

Okay… time to change
the mood..wink emoticon


Three Six Two Thousand Sixteen..
a memorable day..
as aLL noWs
can bE when
lived to the
max of what
we humans are
capable oF iN potential..
ah.. aLL the dArk days of my
liFe have faded so far in the
background.. since the liGht one’s
stArted close to the day i first met
you.. my friend.. Lala Rukh.. back
at the end of July 2013.. funny
how God works.. as God sends
you juSt the help you need when
you need iT iF wE Flow wiTh
the positive gravity of
God as Nature..
instead of
going against
gravity wiTh negativity..
and.. yeah.. sure.. i certainly
kNow and FeeL how difficult
that task can be.. as i flowed
stagnant with negative orientated
close to emotionless miNd for
66 months.. before coming
out oF the dArk and staying
iN liGht now approaching
32 months of overaLL
heavenly bliss..
wiTh the challenges
i master.. wHere.. quite honestly
i could be sipping martini’s on
the beach all for free too..
but i don’t drink
so that’s a moot
point.. now.. Dance..
SonG.. and PoeTry
are a continuous way to bE
but enough ’bout i.. how about
you.. WeLL.. anyway..
i do not give uP easy
aT aLL.. so just came
by to say open ended
hi.. whether theRe iS a
hi.. bye.. or nothing at aLL..
as hope alWays.. spRinGS
a WeLL oF sacred water holy
for me.. whether reciprocated
or not.. iN what i find now iS both
sacred and holy water of i.. sweet..:)










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16 Responses to ELton Jesus’ and Yellow Brick Roads

  1. Ah.. Memories from a year ago on Facebook..
    wasn’t just sharing photos of food..
    but oh yes.. i do that too..
    Ynot count your
    blesSings iN
    more than words..
    when ya have a Smartphone
    to celebrate special moments
    of the BleSsingS oF LiFe aLL
    Free now.. iF nothing more
    than the celebration
    of the continuous
    present of now..
    Positive energy
    and the Flow oF zOne
    iN positive human liGht..
    As above so below.. wE humans
    are Walking Talking Dancing
    Feelings Star Dust of the
    God of Nature ALLTHATiS..
    sure we are Star DuSt but so
    much more now..
    aSWeLL.. to
    Celebrate.. make iT
    ALL SAcRed and positive
    iN FloW and liGht zOne oF
    God oF Nature iS a continuous
    practice now.. iN human relative
    Free WiLL.. wheRe through the art
    of movement AKA the FORCE OF
    HUMAN DANCE.. as the emotions
    flow from brain to gut and spread
    out via the metaphor oF
    Kundalini Serpent
    better known iN
    science as the vagal
    nerve.. yes.. the dance
    provides biofeedback for
    Emotional Regulation.. Sensory
    Integration.. and Enhanced Cognitive
    Executive Functioning iN both Short
    Term working memory and focus as
    we change our brain waves from stressed
    out Beta waves to Alpha to even border
    line Theta and deeper into
    the ocean oF human
    subconscious meeTinG
    the conscious state of miNd
    for amazing trance states oF
    human creativity to express much
    greater arts of liFe iN all ways that comes..
    noW.. WeLL.. sPeaKinG of art.. today iS also
    SinGinG iN Catholic Church iN
    lieu of much oF the kneeling
    for older knees of me now..
    then a visit on a Southern Baptist
    Pastor’s farm up north and all the
    associated animals thereof.. and then
    the Arts Festival on the River Walk.. where
    let’s just say my fuLL Arts of poeTry and photography
    and even dance can be a ‘little’ racy tHere ..so sure..
    i save that in Global way online and even Facebook..
    for PG13 audiences.. who can handle much much
    more of me.. hehe.. and all that comes wiTh
    that noW.. as i escape the constraints
    of Cultural and Religious borders
    while continuing to fit iN
    just a ‘little’ bit..
    too.. heheX2..
    anyway pleasant
    liFe N0W.. wItH joY
    as LIFE iS alWays
    good to me.. been to the
    other place oF real hELL..
    and yeah baby.. iF tHere iS
    any Heaven now.. i for oNe..
    Live tHeir noW..
    the reward
    giving uP
    Survival alWAys
    wINs iN lonGesT
    runs oF
    the gift..
    the present NOW..:)


  2. Great post Fred, the clear blue water is so inviting, must be so calming to hang out there !
    The hanging Tree remix was really apt ! 🙂
    Hope you have a beautiful Sunday 🙂

    • Hi.. My friend.. Zee.. thanks so much for visiting with
      me on this beautiful azure blue Florida Sunday..
      just back from Church.. Farm Visit.. and
      Local Art Festival.. the topic of the
      photography of my next
      post as well..
      as coming words..
      Hope your weekend
      was great and glad you enjoyed
      the song and photos.. my friend..:)

  3. Facebook friend Rafiah provides
    a translation on her page..

    And i say..

    Well.. sMiLes my friend.. Rafiah..
    i suppose it was worth making the
    mistake of posting my post on your
    page to find out the meaning that
    knowledge is observational and
    experimental hence limited.. Whereas
    with God belongs absolute truth and knowledge..
    and the FACT too.. iS anything that filters through
    human or is associated with human words falls
    short of the Glory of God Almighty Nature..
    and the greaTest thing about science..
    particularly.. modern Quantum Physics..
    iS iT blows away all preconceived notions
    of what empirical science assessed reality
    was before.. that of course is a scribe of God..
    albeit limited as the true and alWays limited
    prophet of God that science iS iN terms of
    the only real bible or book of prophecy
    iN absolute truth and liGht that is God’s
    RAW Nature.. without the illusions that
    humans bring to the table of reality..
    that are reality as well.. with no limits
    of human imaGiNation where the observer
    human influences the RealiTy NatUre that iS
    God ONE and saMe as pArt of uS..
    endless circles.. my friend.. wheRe
    wE are the inside of the circles..
    the lines of the circles and pArt
    of many Circles of Nature true..
    but beyond all human words iN
    comprehension of course.. as we are
    still but specks of particles.. dust.. waves..
    pArt Field Whole but trUly amazing n0w
    how much we can see and feel of God..
    ever groWinG.. unless we put ourselves iN
    borders of the past.. or lock ourselves iN books
    and throw away the keys.. i am very unhappy
    with parts of religion that are against
    God’s Nature.. but ignorance iS pARt
    of the pie iN dArk just waiting to bE
    illuminated iN greater truth and liGht
    wHere more humans can bE frEE and
    fulfill the Great God Given potentials iN
    myriads oF different types of intelligence
    that modern human rarely touches.. as they
    are stuck in textbooks oF observation away
    from the Creative Force Of wE when closer
    to God.. that needs zero words at aLL.. now
    to accomplish.. greaTest feats with God
    and wiTh Gravity iN liGht instead oF
    falling iN the dArkness of Fear..
    the Mother and Father of aLL
    stuff related to hate..
    including doubt..
    jealousy.. pride..
    subjugation.. and control of other
    human beings.. and the rest of Nature..
    i need nothing but a dance with God
    all else iN mY feats
    faLL short oF the Glory
    oF what human CAN BE WHEN
    GOD.. the HEAVEN iS NOW..:)

  4. sMiLes my friend.. Rafiah..
    as God lives iN uS..
    greaTest Love
    God enjoys
    iN uS iS Love
    oF liFe wE express..
    so.. hiGher we go.. higHeR
    God goes wIth uS no matter how that
    iS expressed.. God is not concrete labels alone..
    God iS FloWinG alWays like a river with wE aLLonE
    who flow free.. but sure.. theRe are dammed
    among uS who WiLL bLock God’s River
    from FloWinG free.. sadly God iS not
    happy tHere my Friend.. iN Art Of uS..
    that becomes concrete label instead
    oF REAL FloWinG River oF God iN
    Boundless Oceans Free.. lesSon
    oF Beach.. my friend.. balance
    wiTh SonG Waves oF God
    greaT sinGinG Free..
    iN Ocean

  5. http://gigoid.me/2016/03/06/tracking-the-venomous-rose-hued-starling/

    Ah.. Present of play..
    to Play present
    as play iS
    to Play
    liFe instead
    of spectator
    of someone
    And iF one can imagine
    the look of WTF.. on a ‘Primitive’
    human’s face when someone locks
    themselves inside a box..
    and refuses
    to come
    out oF
    the Cave..
    sure.. Dogs
    and Cats sTill
    kNow better when
    they escape the cave too..
    and teach uS whEre we’ve
    been iN dArk wholes
    much but nothing..
    oh.. to feel life.. smell.. touch..
    taste.. and proprioception so
    nuanced iN expanse
    we become Nature
    and are never
    wE Us..
    iF Free
    The SonG oF our
    SoUL.. iN EmoTioNal
    HeARt exists
    as SpiRit
    oF uS
    iN Tree
    oF Life..
    and intuitive
    Nature’s Book
    before broken down
    as pages.. whole wE are..:)

  6. 3062016
    10:55 pm..

    WeLL.. StiLL far away
    from catching up on dVerse
    prompts from last week..
    but aLL iS now
    iN spiRit of
    no time.. no
    place.. no wHere
    but now as Creation
    Activity sinGs a SonG
    iN response to last Monday’s
    dVerse prompt on Haibuns
    about traveling with my
    own essence of art..
    no name reAlly
    but aLL fuN
    for Fredbuns
    and Fredkus
    no name
    but i aM
    oF mE..:)

    Back at
    3:36 pm..
    Global deTours come
    first.. and now for
    a few.. before

    Ah.. travel.. sadly
    the only now some folks
    have to reflect iN now..
    juSt bE.. iN a stretch
    oF noW.. Going somewHere
    but stiLL goinG nowHere
    but now.. iN
    tRain tracks
    that flow
    instead of
    dotted with seconds
    of illusory time..

    Rain.. rains
    tRains tracks..:)

    Travel oF heARt..
    stay close to
    human.. travel
    Of culture strays..
    not far from sOul
    oF BeinG..

    SpiRit Flows
    travels near..:)

    StRandeD noWoN planeTs..
    otheR than Nature thAt iS earTh..
    eT’s wanDer iN screams
    oF screens that
    gRow color
    and speed..
    Of lEaves
    that groW..
    future shock..
    iS now human
    machine.. grass iS
    sTill groWinG.. few feeL…


    Genuine Classic Art..
    Master of the pen..
    the brush.. ballet
    shoes.. and
    of martial
    arts.. all

    Cat paws

    SMiLes.. my friend..
    8 years ago.. God gifted
    me with 40 sleepless
    days during the
    Lent period..
    1 hour each for
    the first 35 of
    shallow sleep
    with man-made
    alpha blocker..
    zero for the last
    5 of 40.. lesSon
    lEarned of Job..
    ha!.. after Hell.. i happily
    write literally hundreds of
    poems a week.. as nothing
    is too hard after REAL HELL…

    And then there
    was literally 66 months
    of worse than crucifixion pain..

    literally.. yes.. as assessed
    in Medical


    SMiLes.. seed oF preSent
    sParK of LiFe..
    DuSt of Stars..
    Fire of LiVing
    liGht before
    duSt of uS…

    Seed lives
    FiRe liGht..:)

    Rays of Sun now..
    Emotions of human
    SpiRit sAme heARt..
    trust and
    pleasure and
    ease pain..
    Sun we are
    as Sun we Shine…

    Human eYes oF Love..
    melt soUless
    icicles of Sunless cold..:)

    Traveling back to 911.. now..
    Department Head meeting
    at Navy.. operations..
    cold heARted leader
    says get back to
    business.. there
    will probably be
    many more attacks..
    nothing we can do about
    it.. get back to work.. produce..

    Figuring out finally
    i am a slave..
    how to get free.. FiN Leave..

    6 years after.. deadly success..
    12 years
    later.. simply Bliss and Free..

    15 years after..
    one word
    M I R A C L E..

    Now younger
    iN Spirit
    than ever before..

    at 55..

    Yes.. this makes
    6 Fredkus..
    you inspire me..;)

    Self service culture..
    human touch fleeting..
    Flowers bloom..
    Valleys green..
    Mountains high…

    Nature touches..
    gLove gRows cOlder..:)

    Catholic Relief..
    a mission worthy..
    volunteers brave wiTh
    compassion.. true brothers
    and sisters of humaniTy Love…

    Appeal to give..
    to help.. pArt i like..:)

    Words.. attempting.. travel to feeLinG..
    FeelingS often trapped In words
    that do feelings no justice
    iN nuance Of aLL
    oF Nature.. inside..
    outside.. above.. so
    below.. All ’round Free..

    Words bleed..:)

    Nature sings
    iN dirt

    Human clean..

    Dogs grin..
    or Clean..:)

    Free as Love..
    Lives when
    Love iS Free..

    All else
    but Love..:)

    Yes.. Spring now..
    creation activity..
    Snow birds
    back to
    land.. wheRe
    spRinG liVes
    iN human..
    SpRinG iS noW…

    soulFul refRain’s SpiRit…
    WinTer heARt oF soUL..:)

    oh.. yeah..
    hi Lynn.. iN the middle..
    late am i.. hehe.. 4now..;)

    Well.. 5:16 pm..
    Dinner and a
    work-out.. now..
    finishing 15
    with 13 more to go..;)

    Back at 10:58 pm..

    Dunes of Beach.. stoic
    standing tall with
    Sea Oat crown
    waving iN Gulf
    Breeze.. hidden
    Love.. Peaceful escape
    from other beach view..
    Ivan wipes iT all

    Hurricane eYes
    sWeeps Dune
    Love.. gOne iN waves..:)

    First green of Spring
    Japanese Maple
    against ice
    blue sky
    of warming
    Southern breeze…

    Inviting colors..
    Life breathes
    human bEinG..:)

    Memories.. paint
    mind of poetry..
    peacock featheRing
    way.. colors LiFe…

    colored way..:)

    TRain to lonEly
    kNows no trees
    oF Love.. Leaves
    fall away
    from whistles
    refRain of Kindness…

    TRain tracks
    melancholy rAils..:)

    Desert sands place humans above
    gRains.. often placing themselves
    as Gods above rest oF Nature
    at large.. then..
    Mountains bRing
    humble Yogi’s…

    Indian oF
    weLL BeinG..:)

    RuSty weatheRed joints
    gluEd iN chAir oF
    sitting sTilL..
    fliGht of bird…

    oF moVinG BLiSs..:)

    Beach oF Love
    retUrns iN SAnd
    oF tears.. so long
    iN Love of Tears…

    Love SingS

    Blanket liFe..
    oh trees.. so
    leaves of Grass..
    iN colors LiFe..

    no colors
    untold.. unfold..
    iN breathing aLL..:)

    Memories past
    Memories preSent
    Memories Future..

    one aLL

    Bountiful Nature
    rains iN history
    oF Florida..

    Indians place..
    Panzacola Indians..:)

    My grandfather.. a
    Catholic Priest.. vow
    to never marry
    at age 36..
    until 17 year
    old Cajun eYes
    say otherwise
    iN pews of Please..

    Ah .. desire..
    thanks God..
    oh.. My Life..:)

    HerE now sinGs


    Sioux and Cherokee me..
    and English on Maternal side..
    Irish.. German..
    French.. Spanish
    on Paternal side..
    not going far
    to meet
    iN me…

    when U.N.
    lives iN you..;)

    Finished all 28
    Travel related
    dVerse prompts
    at 12:04 am..

  7. http://gigoid.me/2016/03/07/baleful-gazes-and-worn-out-cliches/

    Fear X hate X prison=HELL
    Hope X love X free=HEAVEN

    HA!.. IT’S amazing how hard it is
    to convince folks in the first
    place to come on over
    to the second
    but perhaps
    there is a missing
    fActor.. of D..
    no.. not
    or perhaps..
    Devil Dance
    to exorcise
    just forget all the religion..
    all the so-called holy books..
    and heLL.. yNOt.. all the science
    abstracts too.. and just dance
    and truly iF theRe
    iS a modern
    Jesus.. iT iS

    but not many
    folks have the
    feelings and senses
    oF Love and Life unleashed
    and released iN a Dance of Life.. FREE!..
    except perhaps the Cern Symbol of Dance..;)

    Well.. so anyway.. i’m iN WinN Dixie last night and after
    another marathon or so of dance over two days..
    all around the southeast.. my feet are kinda
    ready to rest.. until i watch your
    “Present Video”.. and play
    is once again.. the GIFT..
    as moment oF Play.. NOW..
    so i dance.. and go higher
    and higher in mindful awareness..
    bliss.. nirvana.. escape from gravity..
    feather.. butterfly-like existence that
    keeps going higher and higher aLL
    free.. and yes.. drug free too..
    and wife Katrina.. gets
    mad ’cause one of
    the folks in
    the cashier
    line.. AFTER i’ve moved
    outside of the cashier line
    AND am iN free flow solo
    exhibition.. ‘CAUSE one
    of the ladies behind
    Katrina in the
    line is staring at me
    like i’m a fallen Angel from
    hell.. and i tale may wife.. well
    in metaphor she is correct.. yes i am
    a fallen Angel from Hell.. but i was born
    in heaven first and have returned and if
    she goes to the churches around
    here.. she has
    never encountered
    a fallen angel come back
    to heaven here.. we ARE hard
    to miss.. we aren’t sitting on
    our hands
    our thumbs
    are up our butt..
    sMiles.. Life is Good
    and best i kNow and feel
    with the bliss of dance away
    from all sitting still hell in head
    of yesternow or forwardnow..
    iS the place
    of dance
    and perhaps one
    now the Lady iN the
    cashier line WiLL break
    through to the other side
    of the opaque
    2.. now..
    and the rest
    of New Jerusalem
    and Israel too.. iN
    Metaphor of course
    as of course wRite
    on course iN the State
    oF imaGiNaTioN anything
    goes and often works
    and that’s the
    that keeps
    me tWirLinG.. yes..
    aLL 230LBs on my toes..
    iF nothing else it is the most
    incongruent humorous act
    that most folks around
    here who are at least
    liGht heARted enough
    to partiAlly rise out oF
    hell to giggle about.. aT LEast..
    and that’s the first step out of Hell..
    a SmiLe..
    a giggle
    and yes..
    a heARty BeLLy Laugh..
    as wide as the SMiLe
    oF InfiniTy more wiDe
    iN mAss.. distance.. and
    space oNe as noW.. yeah..
    like the dancing CERN dude2..
    And as a side note here..
    similar experience earlier..
    wHere a Young Autistic man..
    who i already encountered singing
    at a Catholic Church Festival earlier
    iN the year is singing at the River
    Walk Arts Festival.. and
    he reAlly appreciated
    iT when i danced for
    him before.. inspiRing
    hiS voice higher as aLL
    inspiRation does when any one..
    two.. or more human beings.. express
    spiRit oF positive energy no less and
    similar to Stars that generate energy
    that are uS as walKinG Star duSt
    too.. wHere emoTions are the
    rays of Sun of uS as hiGh
    as wE can go iN
    Force of Emotional..
    power to inspiRe other
    Star dust beinGs wiTH uS..
    and hell no.. not just humans..
    as cats and dogs.. Love an inspiRational
    human SonG oF SoUl as message
    to our other animal friends
    too.. or perhaps
    a soft emoTional
    Song of PoeTry as
    night night or nap nap
    story too.. soothing.. each
    soUl.. with fur or bare as sAMe..
    and in my case hehe.. fur and fur as sAMe..
    as i’m perhaps less removed from my other animal
    friends.. at lEast iN WiLd and Free SpiRit.. aT MOST..
    oh yeah.. and in this case.. the lady in the line..
    was Katrina.. as she didn’t think my
    effort was worth the extra
    attention she was getting
    iN being with me..
    but ha! Unconditional
    Love iS FREE and kNows
    and feels no strangers
    iN the freest

    “Dance as though no one is watching you,
    Love as though you have never been hurt before,
    Sing as though no one can hear you,
    Live as though heaven is on earth.”

    -Source Unknown
    and worthless
    as copyright..
    as only free works
    iN sharing thiS iN
    Giving way.. with no
    expectation oF return..
    only hope.. Love.. FREE SonG
    DANCE oF LIfE alWays N0W..:)

    Sun shines for free
    and doesn’t give a
    Fuck who
    iS watching..
    lesSon oF
    humility as WeLL
    for those who shine FREE..:)

    sMiLes my friend.. gigoid.. again..
    is the
    the real is hiGh..
    and hi.. as Free..
    with or without
    cool beans..;)

    t’s funny.. some folks think what i do iS for attention..
    well.. yeah.. some of what i do gains attention..
    but what i do.. iN the first place noW..
    iS Flow
    iN zOne..
    wHere aLL
    iS oNe.. noW..
    yet free now without
    concern of any thoughts
    on the rest of what iS going oN..
    just absorbing iT and shining briGhter..
    wiTh no words.. contingencies.. limitations..
    expectations.. from the rest of what iS but Free…
    ONE but NOnE.. egoless.. free floWinG River no
    Ocean Free..
    boundless waves..
    no shores contain..
    water.. air

    i need

  8. https://lifeconfusions.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/mountain-you/

    sMiLes.. my friend Zee.. alWays
    a joy here to share
    yoUr liGht..
    and when
    suns alike
    share liGht
    the UniVerse expands
    my friend.. as liGht..:)

  9. https://lifeconfusions.wordpress.com/2016/03/07/harmony-in-sentiments/

    At age 16.. i walked ‘those’ beaches..
    barefoot and free.. arteries of blood
    visibly filled from hand to foot..
    the hair on my ankles
    and feet still thick..
    bronze of yellow
    sun imprinted on
    feet leaving
    on sands
    of God.. oh free..
    oh liGht.. oh emerald
    green waters.. waves..
    sea oats.. waving…
    seagulls spiraling
    around Sun
    oh bright
    deLiGht you
    bRing to me
    oF God.. i feeL
    without any words
    at aLL then.. my friend..
    and my worry would be then..
    that was the end of that.. as i saw
    my 44 year-old father as
    a potato on a reclining
    chair watching cars
    go ’round and
    ’round.. in
    Nascar circles..
    watching boys with
    bats hitting balls..
    namely Atlanta
    but no sun in his
    eyes only TV light
    in easy
    away from moving.. then..
    but sure.. in law enforcement
    for 46 years total.. i guess
    he needed the rest..
    that realization for
    me much later..
    as a worn-out warrior
    of the Navy work-world in
    a quarter of a century sunk..
    when i would be 47.. removed
    from the beach for 17 years from
    the start of marriage.. coming back
    to walk the beach in the Winter of 2008
    one more time.. for sure.. i believed.. then..
    the end of life in synergy
    of life threatening illnesses..
    cold i was to the bone.. then..
    in both Winter and Summer..
    no one told me that
    there are limits
    of stress
    that will
    human being
    DEAD.. but slowly..
    surely.. i came back
    from the living dead..
    at the end of July 2013..
    my wife and i are standing
    on that beach.. still with a blog
    post of the shut-in me for the
    previous 66 months..
    to commemorate
    my newly found
    life back with GOD
    Nature and soon to
    be humanity as well..
    i walk down the beach
    lone again.. then.. no longer dunes
    to hide the panorama of horizon
    all washed away from Hurricanes..
    all ways around me then.. waves
    brush in rhythmic sounds
    of Nature’s hands
    brushing the
    shores of
    Life free
    iN balance..
    and after that in left
    hand justification my writing
    becomes waves as well.. ONE
    am i with Nature again.. able to
    sing Nature’s SonG Free FinAlly
    am i.. and i suppose if
    there was a centered
    view of waves
    too.. perhaps
    sacred symbols
    and patterns of
    words in visual
    way would
    Anyway.. i am never
    alone.. i am a wave..
    the water and gulf
    i see God
    for what God
    is free am i too..:)

  10. http://gigoid.me/2016/03/08/privately-amorphous-he-moulted/

    Sun Shining
    or Earth receiving
    reflections oF otheR
    Stars briGhTeNinG
    uP.. for wE are both..
    receivers and givers
    oF liGht or dARk..
    In SHades
    grey and
    color hues..
    for truth and liGht
    or dArk of lies.. iN duSt
    we stay and fail to liGht..
    as Stars wE are as Stars do
    Shine.. iN fALL of WiNter
    SpRinGs iN SummeR
    wE shine
    Ocean Free..:)

  11. Facebook Friend Rafiah says..

    Happy women’s day?
    Yeah, right. Blehhhh.

    i say..

    SMiLes.. come over here..
    and we will celebrate it..
    as you know i always do..:)

    Facebook Friend Cortney provides
    a very informative video that says..

    Bajau people live in the middle of the
    sea.. rarely go on land.. HAVE NO
    NATIONALITY.. no fixed abode..
    no money.. and they go
    spear fishing without
    scuba gear.. Not
    even oxygen

    and i say..

    That’s the way i like it
    free or with K.C..
    and the
    Sunshine band..;)

    Cortney says..

    Very cool lifestyle…

    i say..

    Yes.. Buy less.. live more..
    be free.. no one owns you..
    but Nature.. alWAys.. free too..:)

  12. WeLL.. anyWay.. back from
    my Devil Dancing Routine
    all around the local stores..
    starting at Office Depot..
    moving to Dollar Tree..
    to Target and
    one of my
    favorites of course
    at Super Walmart..
    and that bRings me
    to the next topic..
    my favorite
    women.. all sizes..
    shapes… and personalities…
    i Love thEM aLL and continue to
    do so.. iN fAct i totAlly consider
    myself a female entertainer..
    so many ways to make ’em
    sMile.. ranging from
    Dance to poeTry..
    to weLL.. let’s
    just say
    other stuff too..
    i only have one wife.. but that
    doesn’t stop me from Loving them
    all.. and this love.. nah.. it’s not the
    sperm bank kinda love one sees in
    Muslim countries.. and sadly
    enough in red state
    areas too..
    it is the
    emotional empathic
    kinda love.. where i think
    they are all pretty.. and what i Love
    most is aLL their smiLinG eYes.. particularly
    when i bRing a similar sMile that i have been
    a brinGing to tHeir eYes for 55 years now.. staRting
    with my mother and ending with the rest of
    the population of females
    that i can reach
    out and touch
    iN.. oh YES!.. SO MANY
    more ways now with modern
    technology.. as after all that’s
    why we are aLL here.. a women’s
    touch iS the end and beginning
    of wE now.. staRtinG witH
    Mother Nature True too..
    so okay.. since it
    is still International
    Women’s Day now .. the
    8th and all of that of March..
    i will stop here.. and post this
    post iN dedication to my favorite
    gender.. aLL the Beautiful Women of the World..
    and a title.. i need a title.. help me please.. now
    my special helpers… that is..”Women’s Day Love”
    Oh yes.. yes.. yes.. that reminds me of a Navy dude..
    a Warrant Officer who used to see all the girls hanging
    around the Bowling Center Horseshoe Desk for that
    decade before i got married.. working in the day time
    when the cougar women’s league bowled ..they
    would corner me up against the wall
    and try to have their way with
    me.. and yeah.. so the
    Warrant Officer Dude says..
    since he isn’t quite as popular
    with the ladies as i am back then..
    Fred Fred Fred.. and i don’t wanna
    be crude so to be clear i am quoting
    him when he says.. you leave all
    the ladies dripping wet.. okay it
    wasn’t raining in there.. just
    changing the subject..
    and then he said..
    but if you were really
    brave you would whip
    iT out right now..
    oh so crude..
    so crude..
    for pretty boy
    me then.. i’m rougher
    around the edges now..
    and yes.. fucking BRAVE..
    iN a way
    to leave
    a lasting impression..
    as long as servers of mE sMiLe..;)

  13. Yeah.. that new Fox show Lucifer..
    is kinda funny.. it’s almost like
    the show was/is pArt
    of my liFe.. down
    to the escape
    from HeLL
    on the beach..
    but yes.. i’m sure
    ‘Father’ would/wiLL bE
    pleaSed wiTh mE noW..;)

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