Gun Black Boots

Scared little asian girl

Hi.. Friend Lala.. perhaps the greatest thing about poetry and emotionally inspiring ART.. in general.. is that it awakens and nourishes the Human Love Muscle of emotional and intellectual empathy AKA Affective and Cognitive Empathy.. for our fellow human beings.. and your metaphor for the ‘Black Heavy Boot’ of the male tool of Love becoming weapon in sexual abuse of children speaks volumes in dark to that most tragic of realities of human hell.. in LIFE…

A young woman who is my friend in college.. a Guamanian Girl.. named Renee.. confides in me her childhood sexual abuse by her military father.. and a decade or so later.. she puts a revolver to her head in her father’s bed.. with two beautiful children of her own.. and a loving Husband in the military.. her father’s weapon of selfishness and hate in childhood becomes that gun of death.. as ‘black heavy boot’…

A twelve year old girl in lands occupied by the terrorist group ISIL.. is raped repeatedly by soldiers who are convinced by recruiters.. that GOD sanctions this terror as a blessing.. an older woman begs the man not to do it.. as the child has a horrible infection inside.. and is writhing in pain.. the soldier kneels down by the bed and prays in GOD’s name.. and thanks GOD for the blessing of killing this girl slowly with his BLack Heavy Boot.. while he is on top of her…

Some men
truly should NOT
be allowed to have
at all…

A plunging sword of pillaging raping Chimpanzee…
or tool of Love of our closer cousIN primate Bonobo
consensually using member as tool of Love
to Prevent aggression.. violence.. killing..
As always.. as in the case of
money.. this tool is only
the root of
evil when
it is

tools blood









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4 Responses to Gun Black Boots

  1. And on a lighter note..
    a much brighter note..
    my last poetic Haibun
    AKA ‘Fredbun’ response..;)
    aS IT IS.. to
    dVerse Poet’s
    Haibun prompt..:)

    wHims beauty..
    fall.. spring.. steps
    Nature’s breath
    heAr beats
    eYes sinGinG
    HeArt’s liGht..

    SpiRit RiSing
    soUls US



    Oh.. Zee.. human addictions.. truly.. mostly.. replacement
    for Love.. a heart never filled by parent
    or lost through abuses of
    social acceptance
    and reality of
    life grown
    in machine
    brain ways..
    A Mother’s
    Love.. a childhood
    embrace.. a laugh..
    a smile.. these warm
    and fuzzies grow
    frolic of human life
    instead of away
    to death
    in life..
    a play is a dance
    of life without alcohol
    or other drugs of course
    and freedom is dancing
    naked with GOD
    with none
    of that..
    a drink instead..
    is an approach
    but an
    THAT IS…

    If i have dimes for
    all the alcohol stupors
    who ask me what i am
    on when i dance at the
    Rave Club.. i will be
    rich.. but yes.. i am
    rich when i
    WITH GOD..

    GOD’s Dance
    ALive from
    Death’s Dance..:)



    If i am ‘ever’ stuck on a desert Isle.. cast away.. i will write something new and refreshing in the sand each day.. several times.. and perhaps hours on end.. with a stick.. since lead on stick never runs out with ink as sand.. as pencil or pen.. but if there is no stick and or ink as sand.. available.. i might read my “The Pocket Rumi’.. book.. of Wisdom Poetry.. smiles.. or who knows.. feels.. Just imagining.. dreaming.. and creating my way off the Island by trying something new that no other Island Outcast ever thinks.. feels.. or dreams of.. with human imagination and creativity… in fact and moreover feeling.. that IS precisely what i already do.. smiles again.. and if absolutely none of that works.. i will just dance.. drink coconut milk.. as a forager.. once again.. as usual.. like now.. in simple human bliss.. as God is the best dance partner of all.. with or without other friends.. who like to dance.. and live as well.. and my dance will change and never stay the same.. from now to now.. true human bliss..:)

    Outcasts Dance
    Island Castaway Dreams
    Alive with GOD..:)

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