Bowling University and Curious Ted Forrest

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senses.. FEELING
emotions.. passions.. soaring
when practiced freely.. as fruit of eyes..
regenerating creativity and imagination
in all that feels and senses.. when free
to balance all of it best we can..
a mix of lust and love makes
human passion for life
go ’round.. and
upside down..
in just the nick of time..
staying on train of living life..
they don’t teach that in school..
it’s a poetry thing.. and not
the kind that queen’s sing..
A Lesson of life for me..
is never leave
low brow
for some..
but highest
inside of me..
expressing outside..
as Passionate Tough
Unconditional LOVE!

Ah.. so sad..

a Cordova Mall Dance

and just a faceless nameless

dummy to take a selfie with

but WAIT.. drum roll..

next Facebook

Profile Status thingy..coming..;)



Yes.. Thanks God yes.. a pleasant

and pretty blonde haired face..

don’t know the name but really

Super Kool Bear HEAD

to top her off!..

and if all else

fails on

Sunday metro area

dance walk.. drum roll.. coming next..;)


Yes.. Yes.. Yes.. triple X..

i mean YEX! tHere is always

wife Katrina as an easy fill-in for a selfie

day or night.. but i do love to meet stranger

than her heHE!.. as well.. she is kinda normal..

and i am.. well.. you know..;)

But anyway wearing

my Curious George Shirt..

with relaxing monkey.. pictured..

with the words ALL DAY EVERYDAY

and yes always now.. is a Curious George

PLAY DATE FOR ME!..wink emoticon WITH


NO BLOG POST Sunday.. 14,333 words shared on my other blogs

at 3:16 AM will most definitely suffice.. while the next one brews..

living in print wRite here..;)

Hmm.. i almost look ‘Joker Happy’ but hmm.. not quite..

i am kinda high today.. though.. like most days.. as heaven is

literAlly now all the time for me.. as promised by the really

cool dude Jesus.. in his reported words..

about the kingdom of heaven..

with GOD inside us..

outside us..


around us..

with a key word(S)



one will not get tHere with any magic incantation

of a John 3:16.. as GOD gifts us with great stuff..

but GOD is also a GOD of merit.. requiring

us to meet challenge in life.. adapt..

and change in continuous practice

from birth to death.. the cost

of the Kingdom of Heaven now..

is truly like a biggest camel or even

Blue Whale fitting through less

than an eye of a


but possible yes..

for those who seek.. find.. and exercise

a way that works through practice.. practice.. practice..

all now all life long! in mind and body balance..

to regulate emotions.. integrate senses..

increase cognitive executive

functioning as well in focus

and short term working memory..

and hey it can be as simple as free style all innate..

instinctual and intuitive DANCE! as i continue

to flow with GOD like AIR in everynow dance..

i get closer and closer to the all powerful spirit

of unconditional tough LOVE..

and fly higher and higher..

no different reAlly

than ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’…

me.. now.. smiles.. and biggest smiles.. i feel and know now..:)


I just have to have another reminder photo of that monkey

kicked back in heaven.. named curious..Fred.. and truly back

in the Summer of 2007.. after about a year and a half

of continuous Chronic.. adrenal gland

stuck on flight or flight work related stress..

my body is giving out.. where i am chilled in July

in 100 degree heat when.. a breeze crosses my skin..

and I am already having problems viewing colors on

TV screen without pain in my eyes.. and I cannot

even bear to listen to talk radio anymore.. and music

hurts well before then.. yes.. i am falling to general

adaptation syndrome AKA  human exhaustion..

as described by Hans Selye.. as school

and work does not teach one

what chronic flight or fight

stress will eventually

do to a



where all the bodily systems from

cardio-vascular to respiratory to nervous to yes..

all the systems are literally slowly destroyed by poisons

of stress hormones circulating through the body

day after day that turns into 2 years for me..

where i literally almost die…

Fear is the parent of most

all stress and human hate..

and i have 100% faith that I will not go back

to THAT PLACE.. of 2007 and 2008.. ’cause I know how to

control my emotions and senses now.. in relative human free will.. so the Monkey or more

one aptly describes as Bonobo that is me.. thrives now.. in all emotional.. sensory.. and

rational areas of life in standard IQ status..


for us Curious

and Curiouser George..

and now Fred

as well


always now..:)



Oh.. Lord.. 29 years old.. 1989.. Wild-EYED..

DELIRIOUSLY HAPPY Bowling Center Worker..

behind the counter serving up rental shoes.. Summer courting wife Katrina.. and spending close to two decades of working at Good ‘Ole NASWF Military Bowling Center.. a ‘third place’ of life away from home and work/church.. so fun.. that i quit church as Bowling Center becomes church and home.. all the same as work away from house..

Bowling Center’s may be low brow to some folks.. but they are highest heArt of human being and GOD to me.. and i also find a wife there who lasts 25 years.. plus.. 19 years old then… yup.. 10 years younger.. it is a place of treasure.. no matter what the high brows say in life.. people often tell me then.. I can do better than THAT.. but truly those are not people at all in my estimation.. of what people wholly can be.. as human being with Love instead of eyes of dollar bills or mathematical equations of LIFE.. LOVE! the greatest toughest unconditional power of them ALL!

And associated of course with this now  blog post titled

University of Bowling and Curious Ted Forrest..

Trust me or NOT.. IT WILL make sense before ALL IS SAID AND DONE..;)

Hmm.. and per reference of two Facebook profile status photo thingies above .. I almost look ‘Joker Happy’ but hmm.. not quite.. i suppose i am born almost a ‘Happy Joker’.. after all is said and done..:)



And tHere is wife Katrina.. as stunning as any Ms. America..

or Universe or Isis or Cleopatra or Indian Princess that ever walks

the earthy stage.. poor as dirt.. and she thinks the other girls bully her in school.. ’cause she is poor… but i feel better.. as I know how mean girls feel.. where jealousy reigns where tHere exists Universal beauty of Light and Love as one person living now or then.. but anyway.. she looks not much older then..

at 19 as she does now at age 45..

tHere’s something

magic going on here..

and i do not KNOW what it is BUT

i FEEL WHAT IT IS beyond words alone..:)

I hate to sound crude but she can look gorgeous when she picks her nose.. and no.. i’m not suggesting she does that as she is equally aggressive as beautiful.. as well.. and i make sure i stay on her kind side.. if at all possible.. or else.. the military drill sergeant comes out in her..:)

Truly it is the

chronic repressing

of emotions that ages one.. she let’s all

THAT OUT in NO uncertain terms with me.. as the empirical evidence still radiates from her face.. so i enjoy the full range of THAT up or down.. knowing it is healthy too..:)

And she is mistaken for American Indian.. Hispanic.. East Indian.. Middle Eastern.. farther away from her actual half paternal Pacific Islander roots mixed with some American Indian.. English and Irish roots on her maternal side.. a thin nose for arid lands.. instead of wider nose for jungles of life.. are what makes her a diversity of human beauty all in one.. from west to east.. equally as such..:)

Okay.. my scientific study

of Wife.. Katrina.. done for now!..;)


First of all, welcome back;

and even though I do not often comment here it is more for the fact that i tend to take the oxygen out of the room with my wordiness; but I see your creativity as an enigma of sorts and of great value to others so when it seems you may be weathering choppy waves i bring in some prevailing winds from the other direction, if you will, as inspired by the voiceless force that lives within me.

I find this poem of yours very inspiring for personal reasons

that I will share a little with you, hopefully for inspiration;

but I promise it will NOT be the 14.3K SIZE

of my last epic free verse poetic expression on my blog, smiles, and winks..:)

Straight A’s are my goal through school.. 11 out of 381 tying with my best friend Lynn.. then on to college and a triple major and three degrees.. but for some reason I cannot do the output of creative communication.. including writing and speaking in verbal way.. i manage that at age 13.. but the repressing environment in my ‘red state’ area.. turns me into a more quiet ‘real man’ boy.. plus i already have issues then.. with not speaking to age 4.. stuttering.. social awkwardness.. and general issues associated with what i become professionally diagnosed with at age 47.. in terms of something like ‘Sheldon Cooper’.. with Asperger’s Syndrome..

i am kinda like the higher standard IQ version of Forrest Gump.. as well.. as i kick my legs out strange when i run.. and people say that Fred sure can run.. run Fred run.. and eventually at work later at the Bowling Center where i work.. running down the middle cross walk of the lanes to gather up ‘dead wood’ pins.. folks literally do bellow out RUN FORREST RUN!.. yes.. an ‘interesting’ life i lead.. smiles again..:)

Problem after college is even though people literally name me Superman for attending to 3 part time jobs.. poor as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday.. still reining in top grades.. gaining triple major degrees.. i still have problems speaking and writing.. and in them days it’s mostly multiple choice.. even in college.. in the input stuff i’m good at..

So the Military Bowling Alley becomes my job.. for a young man who can play a ‘weird’ style of Tennis with super curving balls.. but who is still not coordinated enough to roll a ball down the middle of the lanes with body in flow to score more than 98 or so.. out of the 200.. A.. grade of Bowling.. but although i am very underemployed there.. technically speaking.. i start to thrive in social cognition.. doing funny exploits.. making people laugh.. watching children grow up.. having an extended village ‘third place’ home away from house and church.. for almost two decades..

It’s a life of Cheers.. and i am ‘Ted Danson’ less or MORE FOR ALMOST 2 decades.. the best job in the world.. as i gain my heart.. spirit and soul.. as bright as the noon-day sun.. but then toward the end computers come and my mechanical cognition grows again.. dims my social cognition skills.. and slowly become an office robot.. government cutbacks.. reduction of force.. and eventually the smiling boy that i become again.. after being silenced in school of red state boys and girls.. loses his grin for five years as Computer Support Assistant.. Community Activities Director.. and then Athletic Director of the Military installation for the boy who still has no idea how to PLAY team sports.. but watches a little football here and there with dreams of being coordinated in movement like that one day… and is assessed as a vital commodity for his computer skills then.. over what it is he is actually administrating..

As part of my Autism Spectrum issue.. i cannot bear to touch manmade stuff.. i have extreme emotional empathy where it is like i am the other person and cannot separate myself from their emotional pain and physical pain.. and yes.. i’ve been feeling that from you.. even though i do not know you well at all in real life.. and truly that empathic nature of mine inspires so many words of beauty from the GOD force that lives within me.. as i travel around the online world of ‘scientists’ and poets.. but i cannot write legibly.. per issues with dysgraphia.. and this device created and promoted as art.. respectively.. by the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.. becomes a wonderful accommodation for creativity of the stellar lights that live within some of us.. that will never be seen in the underemployed world.. if not for this tool For Hive of Global Interaction now..

And oh my GOD.. i learn so much while being disabled and cut-off from culture for five years.. all innately instinctually and intuitively.. but the best part of that is i can escape a stuffy no-window office and prison of mechanical cognition.. that almost literally kills me from chronic work and related social stress.. and then one day GOD tells me in GOD’s dance words DANCE FRED DANCE.. INSTEAD OF RUN FORREST RUN.. SO i close into almost 3900 miles in 23 months now.. in dancing like ‘David’ everywhere i go.. with shopaholic wife.. and then GOD says in GOD’s way.. WRITE FRED WRITE.. AND this is the result of that.. and the caring eyes and all other emotions and senses that are once mine in flesh and blood life.. become words as eyes of love AGAIN in PASSIONATE unconditional tough way.. SO the smiling 13 year-old boy who writes a little poetry and play then.. become the Ted Danson.. Forrest Gump.. Bowling Alley guy again.. in words my friend..

So basically I just want to say i have empathy


THAT and FEEL your

‘pain’ and encourage your enigma ways

of writing until your last breathing day..

Have a great day friend.. with smiles..

and when you go into rough winds again..

i’ll be back to share a ‘few’ words with you..:)

But as you know I will be reading without fail.. as

GOD gifts me with little verbal and writing skills from birth.. but oh boy does GOD let me read.. around 10 to 15 times faster than the average human.. with a memory the size of an elephant.. as associated Hyperlexia.. with an accommodation by THE LIKES OF Jobs and Gates, et al.. NOW!.. to let my LIGHT SHINE..! IN WORDS OF ME!.. Raining every where i go.. along with a dance with GOD in steps of tough unconditional LOVE!..:)

But most of all i play with GOD like a little child..


With Love,

‘Thanks’, for providing that interesting debate that includes more FOLKS IN IMPORTANCE OF TRUTH; than Craig and Dawkins.

At the time scale of 1:31.11, the young Asian or Pacific Islander woman, has the answer and that is WE are the ‘eyes’ of ‘GOD’; some brighter and some dimmer; and the gentlemen that suggests that the essence of the Universe is vibrational music through 11 dimensions of hyper-space is

SPEAKING no different really than my short free verse poem that I already provide in this thread that poetically speaks to dark, light, movement, and sound as GOD exists now in ACTION VERB, instead of Abrahamic noun; along with lyrics of poetry that sing in music to a core of the human mind and body in balance at highest levels of expressing VIBRATIONAL Truth and Light of reality as ‘Human Forest’.

The rest of the Video provided, is human tribal instinct expressed more or less, in complicated mechanical cognition; where I am right and you are wrong and my team is better than yours; ‘nana nana nana’; I can’t hear what you are saying kinda stuff.

It takes folks who are reAlly LIVING NOW IN


out of some Illusional Academic and or

Theological Ivory Tower, to come up

with the simple answers of Truth

and Light in what CAN and WILL make

this HUMAN Life GREAT as opposed to

suffering and misery and a potential earlier grave.

Human beings can create their own purposes in Life with

AND THROUGH Imagination and Creativity


coming from depths as great as the giants of

Philosophy and Arts, IN GENERAL,

have done through history;

AND potentiAlly MORE.

Some never attain the ‘Forest of Human Life’

for becoming blind for seeing trees WITHOUT FOREST.

My Anthropological study-time on ‘this Internet site’ is particularly fascinating, as I share my philosophical insights (the same exact ones) here with systemizing minds and (the same exact ones) with poets across the International online arena of poetry.

And in empirical evidence, I am able to document where my insights here are described as incoherent and even moderated out of the conversation, as such; whereas, the same insights as assessed by creative poets is described as profound genius;

as documented currently on my latest 14.3K Epic Free verse poetry blog post; that yes, even without linking it to poetry sites is assessed as such by a poet who is able to read all 14,333 words assessing the poem as

THE LONGEST BUT one of the coolest

in great detail in poetic response, as well.

The point is this; some folks create

purpose in life and thrive; and some folks do not.

This overall ACTION force of reality that some folks call NATURE

and some folks call GOD is never before or after; when it comes

to reality NOW; AND what potentiAlly makes life great

in lemonade as opposed to sour lemons.

There is A WHOLE LOT OF LEMONS IN THAT PODCAST; and some lemonade that makes the medicine of life go down like bliss for those of us who master life’s REALITY WITH GOD NOW, as ourselves, THROUGH imagination and creativity in mind and body balance.

It works for me with practice in action; written words describe; but written words are only cultural byproducts as tools. Life starts in flesh and blood away from the illusion of written words alone; as well as other cultural byproducts as human tools that aid comfort or create misery and suffering in life..:)

God is reality as Nature NOW in action VERB, and so am I..:)

Anyway, this is a fascinating discussion and hopefully this

makes enough sense where it does not get moderated out.


Smiles; and with all due respect; no hard feelings from me on the way folks treat me, overall on ‘this site’, for the last 56 months, as they literally do, as I prove in irrefutable fact they simply know not what they do; and yes, some folks here by there own metaphorical poetic EXPRESSIONS in heart, spirit, and soul assess my communication as having no problems understanding me at all.

Problem IS when only one or two ‘types’ of Autistic speaking folks are provided freedom of expression in discussing philosophy as truly the answers in philosophy are poetry and NOT SCIENCE ALONE. However; it is like Plato’s cave; not all live in the same cave and that is the greatest truth of all, when it comes to human beings, WITH understanding in cognitive empathy as well as the affective empathy of tolerating and accepting others for a FULL SPECTRUM OF HUMAN DIVERSITY IN working reciprocal social communication; WHERE communication can be validated and clarified with due acceptance, tolerance, and most importantly PATIENCE TO hear ALL OF WHAT other human beings have to say.

Sometimes folks eyes light up with joy

when I speak to them in real


others just nod and say hmm, OK.

But at least the second group is tolerating me

and not slapping me across the face;

but of course in real life my size and strength excludes that option in

ALL CASES SO FAR; smiles; BEING an alpha male in true life effect

and affect helps a person to speak their mind in terms of flesh and blood.

AND IF anyone doubts I make


for Alpha male, the evidence is more than flesh and blood clear in a special full color link in a blog post of mine titled, ‘Staycation Breeze’, as when I express that side of my human flesh and blood being; even so-called thugs do NOT wanna meet me in a dark alley; but if one is brave enough they can assess that pArt on their own; as I am in this Anthropological study of GOD and human alike IN PROVIDING plenty of documented evidence for clear case-study perusal by the ART AND science oriented minds among us that yes; believe it or not, includes me; for dam sure, still now; even enhanced since I expand human potential mind and body in balance with imagination and creativity AS ART, far beyond my ‘computer brain’; before 30 months or so ago..:)

And no, I do not have to speak anything special to show my strength; fearless speaks with no words at all, in real FLESH AND BLOOD life, at least; it is truly A greatest privilege there in life; as God of Nature is a God of Love and Courage too; in all that manifests in human life; and if anyone thinks they are more than the pecking order of the Animal Kingdom; THAT IS the greatest God Delusion of all; and part of why the Internet is so popular for SOME folks as it allows them to puff up their ‘illusional fur’; smiles; my fur is literally and metaphorically REAL, and yes, I understand my privilege clearly and remain humble in flesh and blood life, without too much satire, AS I am once a fragile and weak pecking order human too, in flesh and blood life..:)

LIFE SPENT twice as such in the same life;

is also an incredible flesh and blood

tool of personal case-study

reference for my life-long Anthropological study,

in ALL stuff human and GOD of Nature, overALL.

But anyway; thanks again, for that inspiring Video

AND have a great NOW in mind and body balance, if you will, of course..:)










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11 Responses to Bowling University and Curious Ted Forrest



    “So Fires below so Fires Above”

    (;..i only need a ‘little diversity to EXPAND MY CREATIVE POTENTIAL.. the whole THING IS
    NOT required.. and i give credit to all my dancing friends..
    for providing a LITTle
    I MEAN
    DUH.. WHAT
    IT IS TO
    TO BE NOW..

    Well, I for one personally do not give a FIG what the naysayers in life say; even one person can make a difference; and I am stuck behind this computer for two and a half years after not even being able to even do that for the first two years in shut-in disability; but as soon as the disability goes away, I get off my butt sitting still in front of this ever limiting SCREAM in screen of life and get out in FLESH AND BLOOD LIFE; and I dance; a little awkward at first; but I do not give a FIG WHO DOES NOT LIKE IT OR NOT; and now in 23 months and 3900 miles of dancing walking a unique all free style martial arts and ballet-like dance everywhere I go in public; including 67 weeks of Rave dance helping to lead 100’s of college age folks every Thursday Night; I am named by the college age folks in entire metro area in terms ranging from legend to spirit animal to the most recent one of an ICON of Pensacola Florida for dance.

    If a shut-in person diagnosed with a synergy of 19 life threatening illnesses, assessed as permanently disabled in both medical and legal terms, with no assessed possibility for recovery; CAN FRIGGING DO That; IMAGINE WHAT a so-called normal healthy person COULD do if they just developed the relative HUMAN free will to exceed the expectations of science, culture, and or religion too.

    I am not going to wait for the rest of the world to WAKE UP TO THE FACT that a human being CAN create and imagine their own life as a purpose of heaven in now; in waking up the rest of the tribe where they locally live.

    I AM THE CHANGE I wanna BE; AND IF ENOUGH PEOPLE grow a SPIRIT OF EXPRESSING HUMAN BEING as I do now; not only the local places will change, one person at a time; the WORLD WILL CHANGE TOO; BUT the reality is there will be NO ONE so-called Savior to do this; perhaps one person might spark it; but it will take entire ‘armies’ of so-called saviors world-wide to make life be what it truly humanly potentially most definitely CAN BE; AS I CURRENTLY PROVIDE irrefutable evidence for on all my blogs every day now.

    I am excited about life simply ’cause I create life to be exciting with imagination and creativity in super tuned mind and body balance; that shines a light brighter in flesh and blood life than some folks remark they have ever seen before in human terms; but hey like they say a mustard seed and all of that; that lives within me expressing human heart, soul as lighting and thunder spirit; just call me Thunder boy; if you like; haha! with some lightening mixed in for brighter measure; heHE!..:)

    Words are cool; but dance can literally
    a little
    bit as

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  2. X says:

    I thinnk we do create our own purpose in life under heaven. We were given these passions and dreams for a reason, you know. And I agree that it does take work / and discipline to life that life now / as if our salvation meant something. I wonder how many understand what we are saved from, and I am not talking about the flames of hell but what it means in the here and now as well, but then again – i like to think on those things.

    Its funny, the logos in your poictures almost form a poem themselves. Which I think would be a pretty cool way to write a poem. I may need to take a camera with me one day and see if I can write just using words I find in my path. What hidden messages will the day give me.

    • Yes.. and then God points my finger to the sky and says in GOD’s skEyES language.. take a picture Fred everywhere you dance the art of life…

      Some people have ability to inspire war and most importantly peace in scale of words writing.. and you X are one of the best at doing that as your soul sings freely through your words in open mind.. and body balanced heart.. of soul.. expressed in spirit kinda way..

      And it is that open mind and body in balance.. wHere emotions and reason work together with the force of GOD within.. and if one speaks of A Holy Spirit filling one with force of dance and art in photos and writing signs or as ‘nicely’ described at church or as synchronicity away from church.. that is fine..

      But if one relates the same experiences with a doctor.. it is just chance.. coincidence.. and perhaps even a personality disorder associated with magical thinking.. specifically labeled schizotypal personality disorder that obviously affects everyone who dances with the spirit and receives the language of GOD.. and particularly those of us who share those signs.. with how sages of the ages relate as eyes and ears who cannot see and hear.. or most importantly heARt for perhaps a better metaphor.. the eyes of GOD that live inside us…

      This holy spirit that does live within us communicating freely when we let our emotions dark and light go.. in flow.. and GOD coming back to us in GOD’s sign language of Synchronicity is never something i witness in cold latin-like mumbling Catholic masses.. with no spark of spirit to set hearts of souls on fire as holy spirit.. and the emotions that help fuel that fire are devoid in Catholic hymns in church then too.. then something happens to the Catholic Church and that light starts to grow.. perhaps it is the women’s hair exposed that start to ignite that fuel.. as human creativity.. emotions and lust.. are all pArt of the spiritual mix of Love in and of life as REAL as it gets.. in this gift of life GOD gives all now…

      Sadly as it must be.. after school takes much of my emotional life away in the GOD connecting part of my human being.. i must find this spirit out of the doors of church.. the place i start to see it back.. is in philosophy class 101 in Junior College.. with an open minded world religion weathered and retired X-military and newer aged philosopher.. Instructor Mr. Hunt.. in his 50s’.. as i am today.. and in class he sometimes goes into a trance-like state.. and the words start to flow from a deeper place than books of words..

      i CLEARLY can see THEN this higher power OF GOD in his eyes.. EVEN before he speaks.. and he becomes newly aware of it as well.. and even is so surprised by the words that are flowing through his lips that he asks if anyone has a recorder to record what he does not have a conscious control in mechanical cognition of remembering philosophy facts from books.. yes.. the holy spirit of human creativity is in his grasp.. and GOD speaks deeper through him.. now then.. then ever before.. and now i see his eyes in my eyes of my fifties too…

      And the flow of GOD can go on and on and on.. in my fingertips like they have brains of heArts of Soul expressed as spirit of their own.. but i know it is that we and all are connected and when we reAlly open our minds expelling worry.. guilt.. and regret and all the negative emotions out of our gut.. and the rest of our emotional and sensory bodies..

      the dove or seagull flies in and we fly higher and higher in skEyes of GOD set FREE.. and oh my GOD this accommodation of a typing device like this.. are like mouths of words of philosophy class that flow freely in fingertips.. and do not lose any translation along the way.. for memories of oral tradition and such as that.. like what scholars suggest is left of maybe 18 percent of the ‘good book’ teachings of the original human Jesus..

      So yes.. this avenue for the holy spirit of blogs is an incredible light of the world that is growing greater.. and for those of us who are outcast darker than the darkest refuse of life.. and learn the courage to truly let it all go and express all of GOD in us in words and the other signs of stuff.. like stream of consciousness in taking photos receiving signs of GOD.. in hidden messages there.. too..

      may one day SPARK LIGHT to more people that this life is not the random soup that folks like Dawkins describes as the patterns of nature.. that indeed those patterns are the signs of GOD’s language AND PURPOSE ALL ONE FOR THOSE OF US WHO OPEN OUR MINDS.. BODIES.. in balance with EMOTIONS.. SOULS.. EXPRESSING A HOLY SPIRIT OF THOSE SIGNS COME WHAT MAY.. no matter WHAT the naysayers and critics of life both Militant and Atheist RELIGIOUS folks do NOT feel ALIKE.. in the messages of hope AND FREEDOM GOD BRINGS WHEN

      WE connect with GOD
      and each other
      in freest ways
      of gift
      of LIFE..:)

      AS ALWAYS..
      i appreciate
      the inspiration
      Mr. X of THEN

      Your friend..

      always F..:)



    “A Simple Band of Gold Wrapped Around my Soul”
    “Love Unconditionally With Kindness and Courage!”
    Two years ago.. almost to date..
    i meet a Pearl on the Internet..
    an extremely Bright White Fiery
    heArt expressing Spirit of Pearl..
    and with the simple words
    of ‘i love you more’.. then..
    to stranger some 32 years
    older without a face.. this
    heARt of soUl Expressing
    as spiRit of words.. LIGHTS
    a flame of emotions Bright in
    me.. that the world does not
    see.. since 1997.. or so..
    when the dark starts
    to slowly envelope
    my life of culture
    and work related
    stress.. if i only
    with you just
    that one
    you will NOW
    still mean as much
    to me.. as your Kindness
    and Courage to Love a
    faceless stranger
    gives me life
    still as
    the sun
    shines now
    as me.. greater
    than ever before..
    with a core of White
    Pearl.. still behind it all..
    believe it or not as Ripley
    says.. it is true as Love is Truth..:)

    So.. here’s another song.. and i will
    always be here.. for you.. my friend of NOW..:)



    Well, one thing for sure is selfies are an excellent away to raise human charisma in non-verbal expression; and while everyone is doing it today; still it is mostly the young folks who are doing it; and when Obama does it in 2013; it is recognized as the selfie of the year; for the greatest trend of catch phrase of the year as well.

    If you take a stick up the butt candidate like Romney or McCain is with little Charisma in robot-like communication as compared to someone like Obama who is hip with Charisma; the newer voter, liberal younger folks are naturally gonna get more excited about the hip charismatic candidate; AND THAT is a real plus in the real world of getting to the voting booths and ‘feeling’ in the winner circle with pencil or button push.

    Problem with Hillary, is she comes across stoic and stiff; not too much different than McCain and Romney; with more political clout and experience of course throughout her years of visibility, as well as actual experience now.

    But just the fact that she is a woman makes her a ‘sexier’ candidate and that is metaphor for the ‘NEW THING’ AND NOT
    ACTUAL ‘sex’.

    Interestingly, of course for Obama; the ‘NEW Black’ then is a black President; and now the ‘new black’ now is a female President; just FOR breaking that barrier for a civil rights nuanced feeling for the oppressed, overall, who have to struggle in life with real discrimination; as a real motivator to get out to the booth; no matter how charismatic Obama is or how boring Hillary can be; but you can bet your bottom AND TOP dollar that we will be seeing some selfies of smiling wild Bill and boring Hillary together charismatically before the election is over; and if some stick up the butt religious right dude comes along on the Republican right there ain’t a snow ball’s chance of ’em winning in the new age of selfies, baby.

    Anyway, per my issues with disability and Autism, I have taken somewhere to the tune and photos of ten thousand selfies from head to toe; and my human being expressed as heart and feelings effectively in tune with other folks in reciprocal social communication can be measured empirically, as increasing from start to now, as I Increase the size of my heArt Love muscle by not just thinking about Love but doing it in practice, practice, practice; and yeah; I am probably the most well known person now in my metro area just by face, baby; with them having no frigging Idea I am approaching 11 million words on the Internet, and around 80K or so photos in the last couple of years; since my birth here in E-land words, back here on Thanksgiving day on November 26th, of 2010; without an avatar face, ‘write’ here on the Wrong Planet; amusingly so as well; smiles, in metaphor of course and winks.

    And then I get the courage and literal strength, as each word is almost intolerable pain to write in tolerating lights of screams on computer screen; and scan my smiling LOVING baby photo of the Love I hope for in the deepest reaches of my dead soul then, amusingly and coincidently on December 25th Christmas day; of 2010; HA! a dream of a soul is born in WP Aghogday Avatar then on Christmas day; for me; and only psychological meaningful for me of course; as hope that I can only write as empty shell of soul; and not feel as expressing spirit of heArt at all then; beyond any FEELING OF sadly enough, as a tear will be a blessing beyond belief for me then; EVEN JUST ONE tear, like a Lazarus drop of life in hell..:)

    Non-verbal communication comprises anywhere from 60 to 93 percent of human reciprocal social communication as far as reciprocal communication goes; and there ain’t no better practice of it than selfie taking in making the human expression of connection art and not robot stone ways of looking; so haha! I am no longer the stone statue I was for almost a decade looking like the frigging statue on the front of this burial ceremony by the Beatles album cover in remembrance of a stone dead person I am alive then; and with ALL that said I will share both ends of that in video stone album cover and dance for your scientific and heARt perusal with smiles and winks AND science mind fully still in tow as well, for me..:)

    Selfies make love better; they are truly A greatest treasure of folks like Bill Gates and Steve Job; with or without a heart, soul, and spirit; their efforts with mechanical cognition in cold software and hardware ways, then; are making life real NOW in human art everynow with MORE AND MORE SELFIES EXPRESSING THE HUMAN HEART AND SPIRIT INCREASING THE SIZE OF HEART AND HUMAN SOUL IN CONNECTING BALANCE WITH HUMANS AND THE REST OF NATURE; ALSO KNOWN AS GOD;

    AS FOR me I see the
    truth of heart and
    soul as spirit
    the windows
    of human eyes
    as soul; and let
    me make sure
    now I back
    this up
    line ironically,
    as associated
    with that;
    but hey,
    the expression
    with organic
    life of human
    heart and soul
    expressed as
    spirit in organic
    flow of word
    in patterns
    of shapes
    as symbols;
    can still
    be found
    of expression
    rains like the
    waves of a Tsunami
    on my blog site of
    true human
    my friend,
    As evidenced time
    and time again
    in my life, at
    least I adapt
    and survive;
    and if the
    do not adapt
    in selfies; they
    are literally more
    likely to lose; there is
    nothing at all confusing
    about your post Ana; but
    I don’t need stuff spoon fed
    to see basic or DEEPER metaphors
    in reciprocal social communication,
    as I am blessed as such and can only
    feel empathy for those who are not..:)

    Oh yeah; here’s that album cover
    and song; and any dance song
    can fill in the REST OF THE

    Ha! yup; but now as correctly predicted by Timothy Leary; most anyone with an online connection and a smart phone can get way more than their 15 minutes of fame in selfie ways; one no longer has to be a ‘King’ to get recognized in the world; as contributing something Unique/Original in Imagination and Creativity.

    It is simply amazing that I as a permanently and totally disabled person in my underwear, without any connection of eyes and ears or feelings to anyone in the world; locked in my bedroom for more than 5 years; like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame gets close to 1.2 million views on Google Plus in poetry way there, in a span of a little of over two years; as just one of many online avenues I use for communication; and then there is dance walking everywhere I go, 3900 miles in 23 months; with literally hundreds of people video taping me and sharing me across the globe.

    Seriously; that dude on Breaking Bad should have pursued poetry and dance instead of making meth; he wouldn’t make any money; but he could dam sure feel 10 times better than any drug can make any human feel; considering the all natural blissful feeling literally never goes a way when one makes it a practice of life; and it’s so much better than Hollywood fame; as one still can retain their freedom and not be pestered by their real name in life..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    If i am a train cat instead of A Katie KAT..
    what will i do.. certainly no travel on any
    one line of railroad track thought.. or feeling..
    of emotions and senses.. i will be like A flower of the Universe..
    coming out of center balance flow.. with laser cat eyes of imagination..
    dreams.. and creativity spreading out each and every way.. yes.. it’s
    kinda like CATaDHD living 9 lives at one time..
    spreading out.. and befriending all..
    who i might and CAT CAN..
    with cat tales of Love
    that satisfy whiskers
    of ME OW..nOWOnE!..:)

    Oh what a great prompt for inspiration Mr. Bill..
    and Mr. X’s poetry associated with trains brings inspiration
    to me last night for the start of my train of stream
    of consciousness in poetic ways..
    AS ALWAYS.. but tracks in
    rigid way almost kill me
    in the flesh and blood stuff of life..
    so i rarely use sidewalks.. and never stay
    on track anymore.. more like THAT flower than a line of thought..

    And also my train of photos is a little too much.. perhaps for most..
    as wherever this KA cho cho is inspired to whistle..
    the train follows in all directions.. as sure..
    and with a little ‘one direction’..
    added in for multi-media song of..

    Steam engine flow continuing in ALL DIRECTIONS.. but anyway i guess
    one can consider this train of thought my effort here if they like..
    and will include it as my 6th comment for my current train of
    thoughts blog post.. if one wills.. in exploring tracks now..

    As this locomotive of words is not hard to find either
    on or offline.. all aboard the KMF Train of words..
    song.. and dance.. as wandering locomotive
    here and tHere as free range caboose
    follows close as rear..:)

    Anyway.. i will not miss any poetry here or poetic expressions
    in response for sure.. the KMF train is coming and wherever that goes..
    from this point on.. i only feel and care not to know..
    at all on trackS of FEELING life..:)

    Yes… i grow up on a river only about a stones throw of adult arm away..
    from bridge and real train tracks then.. shaking foundation of home.. this
    prompt means a whole lot of inspiration to me.. bringing memories home..

    i have a video of a home train somewhere stored in iPhone way..
    that i might add before I train all my poetic expressions
    for a really big gain of train.. post..
    sometime after this entire train
    experience runs its course..

    around midnight tomorrow..
    more.. for more fun for me..

    in artful way of trains.. alive..
    and fully expressing train poem tracks..

    Next stop all aboard my Honda Civic..
    will be the dentist office for a little

    cleaning of my locomotive grill.. will
    be back later.. and am looking

    forward to this.. my friend in
    trains too.. choo choo..

    one or two o’s..
    i leave or add sometimes..

    also known as see ya later… howling

    down tracks.. of life free..

    i ride.. i drift..

    without tracks of life..:)



    That’s a nice song.. and a big caution in life for young people with their first loves.. when the entire Universe is blinded between two eyes.. yes.. the best feeling in the world.. but it is important to keep love open for the rest of the world.. as well.. and i guess a lesson every first love must learn.. as i know it takes me a very long time as a young person to find closure with that first person.. and move ahead to truly find what the unconditional divine love of Allah is about.. that is never possessive.. and allows us to give all of ourselves to everyone knowing that each unique relationship of personal connection establishes a new life in the eyes of Allah for joy as Allah wants to feel joy more than pain.. although pain is part of Allah as well.. of course.. hmm.. and it must be so much harder living in a culture where arranged marriages occur.. particularly.. if the two that marry are not inherently suited to each other as compatible as such.. but to love everyone as eyes of Allah.. can make that as much love as well.. as love is action and never receiving noun alone.. and if you are not talking about the song.. as instructed.. i won’t ask for details.. smiles.. my friend..:)

  7. Oh.. emotions can be so powerful.. so complex.. so nuanced.. so overwhelming.. so distant as well.. hmm.. such a conundrum that Greek Gods are even created to provide external symbols of core emotions.. but emotions are not just stuck in one’s head.. not just fuzzy images of comfort and distress swimming in mind.. emotions flow throughout the human body.. and not just at 7 points in similar metaphors of chakras that relate to endocrine glands.. as receptors in neuron ways all around the body.. have happy or sad and all the nuanced sensitivities of feeling inside and outside our entire existence as is.. it’s about time Disney and Pixar come out with a movie to provide symbols for the greatest Universe of mystery that can be human emotions and senses properly regulated and integrated to provide motivation to even get out of the bed in the morning and make breakfast.. find friends.. keep friends.. and almost all activities in life required for greaTEST thriving survival.. but it is a life practice that requires a fully open mind and body balance to keep emotions running smoothly like a train of thought and senses and feelings working in concert instead of head of disconnect.. yes.. most importantly it requires an art of movement in increasing physical intelligence as the body.. again.. is where the emotions and senses exist.. and when the body becomes physically balancing.. the emotions and senses will better flow.. and a biofeedback to cognitively execute control of emotions to aid in life surviving and thriving can be as close away.. as a free style dance step in leverage of one foot and the other.. growing in artful style throughout the lifespan.. as the perception of happiness and age.. is more a state of emotional and sensory being than any number or material thing.. that we purchase in life instead of innately.. instinctually and intuitively earn.. in everynow moving ways of life.. happiness and balance in peace of mind and body ways.. is certainly not free but definitely possible for one who searches inside outside.. as above so the fire of passion in imagination and creativity below lives.. as well. as all around connecting with emotional empathy with others and the rest of Nature AKA GOD.. but for sure until one loves oneself fully with no conditions.. or restrictions.. it is impossible to move into the realm of Unconditional Divine Tough and Passionate Love for all others and that rest of all that is.. AKA GOD.. Anyway.. i have to admit i get drowsy until the movie gets around to imagination and dream land.. and then i wake up to greater things in life.. both in the movie.. and the real stuff.. i verb as life now always.. in simple and complex but effective and AFFECTIVE emoticon



    Ha! Thanks for sharing..
    Almost all and more of that
    is pArt of my P of L.. Good
    to get off Grid and better
    to be off grid when on grid
    and that’s my 11..;(:);

  9. From Friend Ashe’s Facebook page..:)


    “That’s” what marriages are arranged.. for.. most anyway.. through human history.. economics.. everyone in the know of marriage feels that.. less.. AND less.. most.. anyway.. after several decades.. without friendship.. marriage will not last.. it’s truly cheaper and more EFFECTIVE AND AFFECTIVE to be friends… and why i’m only gonna do it once.. as friends..

    AND with that i’ll add another song.. after the Love is Gone.. ya gotta be friends.. or at least economic partners for survival to make it work.. a herculean effort is truly love with or without the wild thing baby.. that is usually only wild at first.. after all as in all stuff human.. diversity is the truth and spice of life!.. even if it stays just in imagination and fantasy.. and maybe i’ll add another song.. for the greatest truth of life.. to dream real.. and make imagination real in creativity.. is to be more FULLY alive! and REAL!..:)

    I do not have to go to see the new Pixar movie Inside i already live that truth.. BUT i go anyway just for fun.. i am the only 55 year old dude that goes in while wife stays home.. but hey.. i still retain.. the eyes of an imaginative and creative child!.. or shall i say.. i regain them now.. yes i shall! the truth will set Ya free!.. even if one is married.. he!heR!..;)

    And the reason i visit ‘here’… is.. this is one of the only places on the Milton Internet part of the Information highway that this comment will NOT LIKELY pass outside the milky.. duh.. way.. of red state local fundamental thoughts.. with nary a feeling of Truth to back it UP!..:)

    OK.. Ashe.. that’s all the Fredisms for the day.. and shared music.. i’ve got more STUFF TO DO.. TO get around and around wherever this Love food and stuff train goes next!..;)

  10. Well, although some folks will suggest that Standard IQ folks of Mensa numbers are of genius intelligence; Mensa intelligence is often useless in creating anything new in life; in fact, some Mensa folks are so functionally disabled in areas of intelligence well outside the scope of Standard IQ intelligence that they are functionally disabled in life areas of cognitive executive functioning, like focus and short terms working memory; as well as functionally disabled in the creative and imaginative physical intelligence of moving that allows one to regulate emotions and integrate senses in ways of better gaining existential intelligence in even basic ways of being comfortable in one’s own skin; and able to connect in successful ways in the greatest intelligence of human being social cooperation of Unconditional Tough and PASSIONATE Love for Living, surviving, connection, and yes of course; reproducing; as humans are among the most viable reproducing mammals on earth; when healthy, and yes; also when exercising the intelligence of sensuality as an all around intelligence associated with sexuality that as science shows is an origin of human creativity and productivity; of course balanced with the emotion of human love as necessary attribute to bond and stay together as a village in raising children to be fully human too; as science shows that humans not properly nurtured with kind and loving touch feely Love in the first two years of life, in particular, do not make the proper wiring to ever become fully human in ways of connecting to other human beings successfully as it intrinsically feels good to do that; and much better than not to do that; all naturally of course; in oxytocin ways of bonding reflected in mirror neuron ways of connection in empathic connections and expressions, as well.

    (Note: I have very high standard Verbal IQ; so some of my sentences are long; but I develop a creative way of of overcoming that so some folks can wade through my expression of that; no longer allowed on ‘this Internet site’; so pardon me for my expression of high standard IQ up there; as I do play by the rules at hand, as well, as dictated;)

    And here is an excellent resource on the difference between liberals and conservatives; and in general
    conservatives are more averse too the spicy of human sensuality where muse of life is both
    given and received in full body ways of emotions and senses where the middle
    parts have not cold and dead in feeling as yes; once again, use it or lose
    it applies. So, since there is no real objective test to measure
    creativity consistently as Even Einstein is not good
    at math; and he himself credits imagination
    for his achievement over book learning;
    but almost no one discredits
    him below the status
    of Genius for his
    he does is NEW;

    Close minded individuals
    will obviously never
    match creative
    over open
    minded folks;
    but on the other
    hand closed minded
    folks can have incredible
    standard IQ’s and still be living
    at home; extremes in standard IQ
    are more often an indication of an
    imbalance of human intelligence rather
    than truly balanced intelligence and overall
    effective and affective greater overall intelligence.

    There is no doubt that this rules true in my life as
    I have no problem admitting that I am functionally
    retarded in physical and emotional intelligence
    before I gain that well after the age of 50.
    Recently I am assessed by a poet of an
    online International Poetry
    site as having
    most of my creative
    genius in empirical
    measure at highest
    heights of creativity
    occur the day or so
    after I Rave dance
    with scores
    Gorgeous women
    and practice an
    extremely sensual
    intelligence in
    male nude art
    that some of
    my dancing
    me out
    of interest
    in that ART.

    Yes, there is a science of creativity
    and without understanding that
    the liberal values of an open
    mind for sensuality is
    a sure block
    to gaining
    the greatest
    of human potential
    in human creativity;
    as a balance of lust
    and love in open minded
    ways of liberal being; is
    reported as most
    definitely associated
    by science; there
    is no doubt in
    my mind; as
    before I gain
    my wings of
    freedom in liberal
    freedom of expression;
    my creative wings are clipped
    to the bone; and people call me
    computer head; instead of guy
    with profound genius. Life is
    much more interesting
    when one lives it
    Liberal; but
    of course not
    all humans are cut
    out for that; as even
    science shows in
    the general animal
    kingdom; about 20%
    are born as sitters
    and the rest rovers;
    and of course our
    mechanical cognition
    culture over social
    cognition in the age
    of the machine rather
    than human being bring
    that percentage up closer
    to 30%; but the rest of us
    now thrive in creativity with
    technological tools created,
    ironically, by some folks
    who are effectively
    not liberal
    at all;
    when it come
    time for fuller
    measure of that..:)


    Don’t feel too bad; most folks assessed as LIBERAL creative geniuses; LIKE VINCENT VAN GOGH; are assessed as such after life; as duh; they are ahead of their time and so-called common folks do not understand what they do; until they as a group catch up to understand what they DID.

    I am like Grand MA Moses; as I start later; so I accumulate my riches first; that makes me even more functionally able to create at ease; without satisfying the LIMITATIONS AND EXPECTATIONS IN opinions of others who have no frigging idea what I am doing yet.

    WHAT’S kinda cool about a Vincent Van Gogh today; is there is a clear historical precedence for that; so ya don’t have to feel so isolated and alone; although of course one often is; if one does not play by the prison of cultural norms and regulations; not to get outcast from the herd or sheep at hand; whatever the leader of the group may dictate that as..:)

    Technology and stored riches provide the answer for that; as being outcast now; does not necessarily; though often still does; spell starving to death conversely WITH money in the bank; a retirement; and a steady supply of grocery store, and buffet food as I regularly indulge in and share, as my own personal creative effort as ART, online now..:)

    No telling what Grand MA Moses could of done now if she only has an iPhone, iMAC, iPAD, IPod, and MacPro to deliver the creative goods; with her talent of course, still fully in tow and in the creative know and feeling of THAT..:)

    HELL, WE should all be creative geniuses by now; with all those free association tools for those who expand their mind out of the box of school stuff too..:) If a person does not work and just createS now; the possibilities and potentials over the course of life now are practically LIMITLESS like that movie by the same name too! and Lucy too; that movie is super kool; and OH MY GOD does she increase her physical and emotional intelligence too!..:)

    I love ‘Lucy’ the most i think; of all those trans-human movies coming out now; and just to think; it’s already possible without drugs for the folks in the know and feel all about THAT..;)

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