Dancing Buffets

















Food Trough of Dancing Buffet

is what it takes.. to fuel a 232 LB
body through.. distance and space..
in Martial Arts.. Ballet style all around
the metro area world.. 3714 miles now..
approaching 22 months.. in serious ART..
of both fun.. and more athletic abilities that
are required even in sports.. overall.. at least…

Nah.. the questions come.. is it LSD.. Cocaine..
Molly/DMT.. or even Mushrooms that one smokes..
but oh no.. it is the “Ryan’s Buffet”.. Casino Buffets..
that yes.. do replace at least 6,000 calories burning
for 9 miles on Saturday on Casino BLVDS.. and a real
dance of marathon for 23 miles.. at mall and beach
on Sunday.. through afternoon and evening sea
breezes.. of everything from old rock and roll
to modern electro trance music..
where i truly breeze ONE
body with air
of Beach.. warm
Gulf waters.. yes..
as similar.. walking
on water is not nearly
the feat as dancing air
on terrestrial land feet
but anyway.. without ALL
the all you-can-eat buffets..
we will surely spend more on
groceries to feed the hungry of
dance.. that raves through me from
head to toe lightening ways of energy
display… a far cry from the olden days
at Burger King.. half-a-day senior i.. at high
school.. when all my friends munch so freely
on high price fries paid for in complete by parent
allowance.. while me working as a Janitor still cannot
even afford a crispy salty delicious fry.. mouth watering
they are then.. but the benefit of now.. is fries can come
or go.. i can afford them.. and all the food i do.. makes the
dance of life.. possible.. in Nike ways of just doing flight on land!..

Ringing the Dinner Bell and bringing on the dance.. sleep.. write.. repeat..










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29 Responses to Dancing Buffets

  1. X says:

    Ha. 32 miles of dancing…or 3700, you area beast and I imagine it takes quite a few buffets to fuel that kinda energy. Not sure if I ever pointed it out, but I like the symmetry of your lines, I see a bit of an angel in this one. I will take whatever is on that first plate, and sit back and enjoy the live music.

    • Ah.. thanks X.. i just go with the flow.. and Love what Comes what may.. in meaning and form.. Chalices.. Bells.. Left Aligned K’s.. and oh my God even ‘PhAllic’ and ‘Vertility’ symbolism does come.. so i guess the ‘strange’ human archetypes of connections do flow AND grow through the subjective unconscious mind without conscious reflection as well…

      even in word forms.. and that’s both Super Kool and proof enough of GOD
      for me in the InterconnectING Relationship of all stuff in and out
      of man made nature.. whether it is a computer Algorithm or
      LILY OF THE NILE NAMED LILITH.. HEHE.. 911.. or what
      not.. when the Nile floods.. as well with THOTH AND ALL..

      Mysterious.. poetry can be VERY MYSTERIOUS..:)

      SMILES.. and see you over at your place..
      when i get back from pecking on this
      frigging smart phone.. with
      fingers not cut
      out for THAT..;)

  2. http://dversepoets.com/2015/06/16/poetics-you-are-my-caviar/


    A prayer for me for food in blessings is a photo of the food to savor forever on blog way.. out to eat.. for close to two years now.. from recovering from shut-in illness without ever a out on the town dinner.. for 5 years.. yes.. just out on the town blessing.. but never the less…. one day just for fun i might make a blog blessings photo collage of two years of out to eat meals to appreciate that.. even MORE AS BLESSINGS.. i suppose there is around 100 photos of meals to discover on my blogs or more.. but it takes a lot of fuel to power 232 LBS in 32 miles of dance last weekend so that is where i take inspiration for this general theme of food.. it is a very interesting prompt and will be back to read and comment on all after getting back from town..:)

  3. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    I loved the flow of this exquisite piece 😀

    • Hi Sanaa Rizvi.. thanks for stopping by with a visit.. and those are very nice words of appreciation.. flow is my favorite thing in life..as it goes on forever now.. more..:)

      Hope your nows are great as well.. in flow too..:)

  4. Glenn Buttkus says:

    293 golden fried, perfectly ripe, packed with protein words; poetics slimmed down, & great shaping of the lines/stanzas/ideas–very much aligned with the dVerse prompt/ food porn imagery married to manic & muscular willful ballet, martial arts, & dance. You persevere, seem to thrive, push on into your own parameters, continue to amaze; with one video & 25 images, but no cats, gulls, backyard or Katrina; damn.

    • Hi Glenn.. interesting how those salty crisp delicious fries mean so much as a Senior in high school in exquisite taste for fries.. but when it is Steak and Ice Cream everyday.. the fries just don’t mean as much…

      I keep pushing the envelope to keep life fresh.. to do things the same way.. is when the fries get stale.. and lately food has lost some of that old appeal to me.. and become more of a chore for calories than taste.. bulking on the calories..in a buffet is not nearly the experience and taste of a fine serving restaurant.. but those plates just do not go far enough.. for bulky dance.. so the calories keep coming in like a gas pump buffet..:)

      I watch your comments on other folks sites.. and I marvel at your memory for detail and your obvious open mind to all the flavors that poetry comes in..

      I learn from that.. but i don’t have the practice yet.. to remember all the fine details and nuances of poetry the way you do.. in written expression.. as you certainly are a ‘poetry savant’ at that…

      And the best thing is you find sincere ways to encourage and inspire folks.. and i can’t think of any greater talent of any coach of life than that..:)

      As always.. thank you..:)

  5. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=287998



    “Life is What YOU Make it”

    Is it possible; yes.

    Is it easy; hell no.

    Been to both places;

    possible is the hardest place of all;

    But worth all the hard every now; as
    truly it is a practice within; and not
    one administered by culture or any
    one else but me; but I cannot speak
    for anyone
    AS I’VE BEEN TO both places now;
    and the me before; wouldn’t know
    me, if me then met me now. Change
    is possible; both negative or positive.

    Truly, at least for me; it mirrors the
    Matrix fictional myth almost eye to eye;
    but after all, the Matrix is based on all
    world philosophies of what DOES WORK
    IN LIFE; To be ‘Neo’ is always to BE FREE..:)

    I am the director, producer, and actor of my
    OWN DAM PLAY; most everyone else and
    culture as whole will employ one to their
    way if allowed. I make the rules now;
    ’cause i can; from emotional
    regulation to sensory
    integration through
    exquisite focus
    and greater
    short term
    working memory; along with
    controlling brain waves sliding smoothly
    to theta wave state for creativity to dancing
    in the snow in my underwear; where I control
    body temperature and the climate where i live
    never controls me now; in either rains or snows..:)

    Yes, Possible; not easy; but never the less possible and REAL
    as Neo come to life for the first time ever then and Now, and Same and Sane..:)


    I WAS evaluated by doctors

    as worse OFF THAN most

    Nursing home patients at age 80.

    I was beyond repair by these doctors; and considered a lost cause.

    I could not move without almost passing out; even raising my arms in air.

    No therapy or drug was offered that could touch the misery of type two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia; the worst pain known to mankind named the suicide disease from
    wake to sleep.

    Dysautonomia, a so-called incurable condition where the nervous system no
    longer controls the heart rate and blood pressure in autonomic sync; Fibroymyalgia;
    Sjogren Syndrome where eyes quit making tears like swimming with eyes open
    in salt water; Spinal Stenosis and Severe Degenerative Arthritis associated
    with a congenitally fused C-6 vertebrae; and congenitally blocked sinuses
    in septal way from birth where the ENT asked me how the hell have you
    breathed through the course of all your life (duh; through my mouth);
    yes; that is related to the Trigeminal Neuralgia as well; it gets
    complicated as doctors don’t even know fully how it comes or
    goes; and yeah other stuff like PTSD; Anhedonia; Alexithymia;
    Severe Depression; Severe Anxiety; Coat Hanger Pain;
    ADHD; PDD NOS aka Asperger’s in Sweden
    in Gillberg Criteria with language delay
    until age 4; and problems with both
    written and oral communication
    most all my life;
    and oh folks
    mistook me for
    female at age 13
    or so; what THE F
    does a person do
    about that;
    OG if it wasn’t
    for BELIEF IN
    F I CAN DO
    REAL emotions
    of faith; hope; and
    an overall TRUTH OF
    of relative free will; I will
    still be sitting in my underwear all shut-in and permanently disabled behind this frigging
    computer, instead of living large; leg pressing 930 LBS with my arms raised in air on parallel
    leg press machine that is twice as hard as vertical leg press machine; like no man in the entire
    world can do on YOU TUBE; nicely illustrated 14 times with a quote of ‘930LBS leg press’ searchable
    on YOUTUBE; and then there is two blog posts found similar with quotes named ‘God’s Muse of
    Dance’ and ‘666 Months of Dance’ illustrating well over 300 gorgeous women smiling ear to
    ear with me by the muse of dance I bring to them; named by THEM AND OTHERS in titles
    of human ranging from Boss of Dance to Hero of Dance to Legend of Dance to the
    my most latest favorite one of SPIRIT ANIMAL; by two of the newer lovely girls
    I do inspire in their young life freer; And yes, 3714 miles of dance walk all
    over my metro area in all the public stores; as documented on my blogs
    on a daily; 22 months; empirically measured by Nike GPS sports watch;
    and to top it off I am the only middle aged male anywhere in the
    world to do all new age Renaissance Male Selfie Nude ART;
    freer than most males can imagine in their life;
    to share as well with all my friends in the
    dance of FREEST HUMAN LIFE;

    But NO hell NO; it ain’t easy; there are no
    CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS; and perhaps others
    will have to go to REAL HUMAN Hell before
    they can make their life a miracle as I irrefutably
    evidence, I have in all natural HUMAN WAY; There
    is a higher power of GOD that does exist in humans;
    and perhaps the only true chosen ones are the JOBS OF LIFE..:)

    To be clear this post is in direct communication to my friend up there
    who never gives up either and most importantly BELIEVE IN HIMSELF;

    PLEASE frigging ignore it if you don’t believe in Miracles; all Natural Style;
    as for the chosen ones of life who do BELIEVE; MIRACLES DO COME TRUE..:)

    And to crystal clear; GOD IS ALL THAT IS OF NATURE; ALL REAL ALL THE TIME..:)

    Oh yeah; by the way Spider Man exists; in metaphor only of course, smiles;
    almost anything IS possible for at least some of us; yes, mileage varies there
    is no Fair in one life;
    as far as I know; sad for others
    about that; but yes, i for one have
    found the secrets of life; mastered
    them; and prospered more than any
    dream I can imagine, sitting behind this
    computer like ‘Breaking Bad’ without METH..:)

    It is possible; but not likely for everyone;

    All that is left is hope, faith, and belief;
    real emotions; that emote positive
    action for those
    who can master

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  6. Ah.. the Fried Green Tomatoes of life.. tangy and crisp.. tomatoey and fresh..
    but ugh.. slimy too.. like okra slices of life.. oh.. i still try them now and
    then.. as the movie is too good to pass them up in nostalgia of taste..:)

    Ah.. the silky smooth jellowee tongued peach of processed way..
    but ooh.. that fine fur just rubs my tongue raw.. in fresh
    peach way.. strawberry goosebumps do arise
    in peachy clean ways of rubbing nose..
    juicy yes.. and acidic oh!..:)

    OMG.. potatoes.. the most boring staple of life of all..
    when served plain of course.. but oh goodness.. the creamy
    sour and buttery bacon delights and so much more
    that can be added in on vanilla

    Oh my.. dates remind me of eating cockroaches for some strange
    reason.. never eat those cockroaches by the way..
    but still the dates break apart in this spiny
    leg way.. that remind
    me of hind quarters
    of cockroaches
    come loose
    in my
    mouth and ooh..
    if i ride a roller coaster
    after eating bacon wrapped
    ‘roach legs’.. i don’t wanna know
    what comes next.. and know you don’t either..
    smiles.. dates or not.. now is good.. no dates for me.. but thanks..:)

    Ah.. food.. predictable and delicious… fruit of humans
    not always fresh.. nor vegetables of eyes..
    crisp and clear.. it’s like pets..
    food is always there for us..
    no matter what..
    not so
    or crispin
    and pets..:)

    Ah.. decadent dreams of deep dark chocolates do relate..
    fantasies.. of delightful melting Easter bunny
    coating nests of bunnies..
    with eggs uphold first
    in chocolate covered
    rivers..do flow
    oceans of
    sweetest blue..:)

    OMG.. Kimchi.. Menudu..
    and Chitterlings.. sounds like
    a boy band trio.. of
    quick steps
    to the
    head of
    Navy language
    for relief.. on both
    ends of the ship..:)

    Oh.. the Mac-N-Cheese of life..
    a wonderful metaphor for the blanket of life..
    where some folks hang in trees and other folks
    are forest.. monkey see.. monkey do.. monkey hear..
    i am u u or me.. we are us.. GOD are we.. hehe haha..
    life’s a blast when floating on mac-n-cheese as a blanket of life..;)

    Ah for me to be 5 again.. as school takes away the peachy life of freshly made
    churning cream.. of river front life.. chairs of old.. flaking paint.. breeze flowing
    cool humid and steamy hot.. over river dreams.. love is in the air.. in
    arms of churning ones.. a peach of life.. is a cobbler road.. of yellow
    brick one for me in Oz.. and yes.. finally..i freely go back..
    whenever i love.. a place called home..:)

    From an early age people tell me i am trash..
    not even trash.. as at least trash is given careful attention..
    to go to a secure place.. i suppose with all that hate i could be
    a serial killer now.. after all.. i can look like the devil
    as well as an angel with an instant expression of this
    or that.. but NO.. Love is more powerful than
    bullies seeing thin little ugly boys..
    with only eyes of feminine
    love and lashes.. LOVE IS
    inside me growing more powerful
    and powerful by the now.. then.. until
    it blinds the bullies with more light
    than they can stand
    or fall so
    they crawl
    away in
    i shine
    a frigging
    ballet dancer
    on the DRUG
    IT IS NOT often that
    a poem brings tears to my
    eyes but if people could see
    the places i have been to they
    will see more of what makes me
    what i am.. the haters make me more
    loving than anyone else.. the lesson of love
    is tough
    LOVE FOR ME..:)


    The chocolate dessert of the west knows no desert
    of African way.. to love is to feel.. we are one race of love
    and hunger.. to feed in mouth
    with spiRit
    of heArt as food as well..
    If empathy dies.. starvation
    grows.. a seed of love
    is food
    of life.. as WELL..
    of watered LOVE..:)

    Oh.. the world of home entertainment..
    when stacks of potatoes of 3 channels of black and white..
    grows to color.. to pong.. to Nintendo.. to XBOX LIVE! to HDTV
    and 4 or whatever comes next
    at BEXT BUY for CHEAP..
    BUT nah.. it will never replace a time
    before AC on front porch way..
    with a neighborly hug..
    and talk of anything
    even the weather
    weather channel way..:)
    Sometimes i miss
    vanilla potatoes
    than all the

    Ah.. soft drinks and potato chips are my dreams when young
    floating on a chip of coke.. drinking and munching forever
    in delight of life.. but oh no.. i drive to the bank
    in hot weather over and over to see
    the temperature rise on ‘cycle..
    until heat exhaustion comes
    and then a nightmare
    of potato chip
    and my
    dream of chips
    and coke is spoiled
    forevermore.. no.. no coke..
    but i still eat more than one chip..:)

    Ah the dessert.. the wine.. of bright red lips..
    so fine is she who delights below
    is above.. mine dreams
    as love defines..:)

    Ah.. the food of customer service is the best taste of all..
    where friendly service of pickles and lettuce
    are juicer than the best
    of root beer floats..
    hell no when
    pre-paid burgers
    come.. i ain’t going..
    i’ll stay at home..
    with a smile or
    not from dear
    wife true..;)

    Ah.. the diversity of food is what makes it great..
    there is no more discriminating palate than
    the one who enjoys all of it…:)

    Ah.. Artists grow for nourishment of heArt.. where Art becomes
    food for sOuls expressing spiRit deLight..
    OH.. tHere is a cure for the loneLY
    heaRt to ART IS food in
    soUl of expressing
    energy calories
    of spIrit..
    IN gourMet

    Oh.. the farm of life.. is a nutritional one..
    where all the pArts of heArt grow
    as one SOUL OF Spirit of
    US.. in seed of us as
    all starts and ends..
    WE are
    Tree and

    Ah.. brown strawberries
    are my favorite
    so tall and perky..
    a delight of tongue
    and other stuff
    that soothes..
    a winter

    Ah.. fresh green leaves of mango seeds..
    There is no more green than
    fruit of seed.. oh.. sweet
    is you orange
    love.. the juice
    of life
    is you..
    my seed

    Oh.. Lord..the sin of food..
    so decadent is sugar
    and fat.. and carbohydrates
    of life.. oh but surely STRESS
    KILLS.. and anything is better
    than dying without a heart
    in life or death..

    Mother at 80.. overweight..
    eats all she wants.. 300
    cholesterol.. no statins..
    no drugs at all..
    her secret now OUT
    in me TOO..
    of worry..
    life flows from
    THAT more
    death flows
    from food..:)

    THAT is LOVE..:)

    Ah.. the cakes of life do lend fillings of icing.. oh the icing of life..
    do feel lesser cakes.. with icing.. but for me the cake and
    icing can go away.. i’ll stay with the feeling..
    and spank the sweet tooth.. of life..
    No.. not easy to do.. sweet is sweet..:)

    So true the pot luck of mama can be so sweet..
    but the luck of pot holes in roads so
    dark.. can stumble the strongest
    of feet.. Oh.. to carry on..
    in dust or not..
    to pain away..
    ’till the sweet
    pot luck of

    Oh goodness.. bread and wine of life
    is shared innately.. no need for
    books.. announcements
    or special guru songs
    to sing this song
    of one life
    for all who
    come to the
    communion of nature
    as human and all other
    animal holy sacred loving life..:)

    Oh.. no.. the reality of the empty hunger of life’s cooks..
    simmering a brew of delicacy to all those unsuspecting
    victims of cuisine.. the cook loves without requite..
    it is the journey of the meal that counts
    more than the meal itself..
    We need more cooks
    and less diners..
    i guess..:)

    The culture of food is one that sticks to ribs
    of nationalism.. flags fly high over
    meals served special.. every
    village has a menu of
    humans served so
    well and no
    not the
    Good Book
    THAT too.. IS A SCI-

    Ah.. small town dreams of suit and tie…
    drives to bigger towns with fancy pant
    meals.. 4 or 5 plates more with forks
    and spoons.. than Village Parkway…
    A prom perhaps.. a sparkling light
    experience.. shining on spoons
    and moons of eyes.. in
    lovely young
    love.. first
    i never noticed..
    the food at all..:)

  7. billgncs says:

    this one made me hungry – and I liked the shape!

    • Hi Bill.. i love to make Art with my buffet food.. arranging it just ‘right’..
      as i am no cook.. but still a complement of colors and shapes..
      can come with food too.. and to truly make food into
      art as everything else in life.. is so much dam fun..
      and sharing it is just the icing on the cake..
      for those who enjoy photos.. like me..
      as words are truly never
      my thing until being
      forced into
      Finally i
      dream in colors again..
      and soul.. heArt and Spirit
      has distance vision as well..:)
      Hope your now is wonderful Bill..
      in all the shapes that now comes..:)

      • billgncs says:

        I have a friend who eats her food on her plate clockwise – completely consuming each portion before touching the next. She’s a mathematician 🙂

        • When i am younger and much more into math
          I do the same thing.. but now..
          no surprise.. i mix it up..
          and that’s more
          fun than
          for me..:)
          I couldn’t stand for
          the different foods to touch
          each other.. it is a miracle in itself
          that i can now stomach steak in collard green juice..:)

          But i have the proof.. as usual..
          for the ‘naysayers’ of life..

  8. claudia says:

    def. it needs a lot of energy to dance so many miles – and it’s so delicious that we don’t just need tasteless fuel like a car – ha

    • Ha! yeah.. that reminds me.. when i am super sick
      with anhedonia and all of that..
      my Uncle tells me..
      it could be
      worse.. you
      could be
      a seagull
      and have to eat raw fish..
      i’m thinking but yeah.. what about the dam flying pArt..:)
      I think i would rather escape the gravity of earth.. now
      that will be super cool.. sushi or not.. smiles ..:)

  9. Be careful or they ban you at the buffet for eating too much… But moving so much you need those calories.

    • OH Lord.. over here in the Good Ole U.S.A. of all you can eat couch
      potatoes.. that is buffet light compared to the 6 or 8 plates
      of my middle 50’s peers over here..
      But.. the bar named Captain Fun’s in the
      photos above.. did ban me from coming
      in at night.. as my dance put the crowd
      into a rave frenzy that the conservative
      leaning manager is terrified of.. but
      I find those kind now and then..
      not the rule though.. the
      exception IN
      it could be my size
      and strength too i guess..
      as it’s not often one sees
      someone my size move like
      i do.. the uncanny valley effect i guess
      comes alive.. for the last thing anyone
      would expect someone who looks like me
      to do.. in the most over the top dance most anyone
      has ever witnessed.. when I really get going RAVE STYLE.. SMILES..:)
      But i enjoy surprising stuff; as folks get a view they’ve never experienced..:)

  10. DELL CLOVER says:

    Apologies once more, as I can’t load all these pics and read the whole post….

    • Hi Dell Clover.. so nice again of you to appreciate my post with a like and take the time and effort to respond here even through your continued problems loading photos here on Word Press…

      I think as i mentioned before.. I only started using Word Press at the request of dVerse folks and other Word Press readers who did not like the commenting feature of the Blogger platform with Disqus I was using at the time.. so I moved to Word Press thinking that would not affect my current readers.. but it did as they provided the same feedback you do here..

      So I started a third blog.. with the regular blogger commenting feature.. with the link below to add to my first blogger blog with Disqus commenting feature.. that also speaks to the condition of Autism.. as i have been part of several online Autism communities that make up a substantial part of my readership.. as I receive anywhere from 10 to 20 times more readers on my blogger blogs on any given day.. than Word Press..:)

      And even I have problems opening up Word Press with my multi-media strong poetry.. on my iPhone.. so i know it must be an issue with the Word Press Servers.. as the Blogger Blogs opens up as fast and smooth as butter.. on my iPhone.. as well as my very fast home computer and Internet set-up.. with ‘fancy iMac’ stuff..:)

      Anyway.. I think last time i just mentioned that the links to this are in the right hand column of my blog.. but you may not be able to get to that if you are interested in reading any more of my blog posts.. through the current limitations.. so I am providing that directly for you below.. just in case your are interested.. and for the fact that you are kind enough to give me this feedback.. as there is usually always another answer in life that will work with technology.. as it is so diverse these days..:)

      And i for one.. don’t mind finding optional ways of doing stuff to make stuff easier for folks who are not as blessed as I am with computer hardware and software at home for lightening fast Internet speed…

      I cannot promise it will work but i hope it does.. if you are interested in what i do..

      Have a great now.. Dell Clover.. and thanks so much for stopping by and giving me that feedback..:)


  11. MarinaSofia says:

    Ah, those all you can eat buffets… are a bit wasted on me, as I don’t think I can ever eat enough to make it worthwhile. As for those meeting of teenagers at fast food joints – why on earth did we think it was so cool back then?

    • Hi Marina.. this is often the case with my wife as well.. and at least for my little town.. in those days of 1977.. Burger King is the only game in town.. for teenagers to meet at… Now believe it or not Super Walmart has taken the place of that.. as the community meeting place for young and old.. as my town is more or less still a bedroom community for a larger city..:) Hope your now is going great.. and thanks for stopping by.. with smiles.. again..:)

  12. sreejaharikrishnan says:

    Yummy pics…….and through food you sketched a life….

    • Thanks sreejaharikrishnan.. the food was definitely fun.. and yummy.. but the sketch of my life that is dance takes the cake and icing and so much more.. smiles.. and i hope you are enjoying a dance of life.. at least in metaphor.. as well.. for now..:)

  13. Pingback: iNto liGht dArKnesS | KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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