Holy Saturday Third Blood Moon



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busy lately,

reflecting the Creator,

per Creation AS IS.

I am not allowed to provide proof of

that in direct links here anymore.

But the path is still allowed to that in my signature line;

For those with ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ to ‘see’ and ‘hear’.

For others there apparently is simply not as much reflection of the Creator
in ‘their’ ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ of ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ truth and light.

And truly that is okay in truth and light too.. as the false and dark.. only inspire in spirit

the truth and light

greater than


We live in an evolving IS.

Some folks evolve.

And others do
And that’s the way of the
‘world’ so far, for NOW AS IS.

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !





my GOD;

that’s literally truly silly;

That’s NOT literal;

THAT’s metaphor,

per evolving spirit.

Not a corpse of spirit.

At least not for me..;)

God ‘speaks’ ‘within’ human beings, intuitively.

Science at most is a poor attempt to scribe GOD on the ‘outside’.

The universe of human lives within. And that’s a fact too, per science, ironically so, too.

I am ‘simply’ here, as this is the most challenging place on the Internet to PROVE THIS TO NON-BELIEVERS, (NIHILISTS) WHO DO NOT
HAVE the innate and or environmentally influenced ability to believe at all, per the emotion of belief. Without the emotion of belief there is no human spirit. And that’s a spiritual reality, fact or not.

Anyway, after conquering this difficulty myself; I can only say I love challenges; even the relatively impossible ones of
having a horse ‘drink the water’ when a horse has no ‘idea’ what water is. It’s hard to make ‘a pig prettier with lipstick’, per metaphor too; no offense intended, literally as such, either.

All I can do is provide A path, as some horses may never ‘know and feel water’ in one lifetime, of course, and truly that’s sadder than any reality, I for one, who goes to ‘both places’ of reality in one life, can imagine, now.

And that’s why I have not given up yet. I already have the gift of the all natural empowering emoting emotions of faith, hope, belief, and relative human free will to regulate those emotions, and additional human emotions regulated AND senses integrated, where I can make all my dreams in imagination and creativity come true, in a real flesh blood practice of life, as evidenced over and over, ad-nauseam, in this thread, already.


AND that can be the job of JOB as well.

But that’s OKAY; already been there and done THAT with the documented worst pain known to mankind, type two Trigeminal Neuralgia; worse than crucifixion; on this crucifixion weekend for reference and comparison, for over 5 years from wake to sleep.

I am capable of anything and everything now. That’s what hell under a belt can and will do for a human being.

And I have already evidenced the irrefutable results of those human real life miracles here, again, ad-nauseam, for anyone who still is not ‘asleep’..:)

I’m kinda like the dude; ‘the dude’ man..;)



This is

Close to

a perfect

explanation here,

one provides for Nirvana.

Yes, hell yes, HEAVEN YES! Nirvana is real.

I catch just sparks of it at times when I am much younger,

perhaps for an hour here or a minute there.

But since the end of July 2013, it is my state of being continuously with real human miracles evidenced here, on this site, continually, as I increase my human spiritual and physical potential with no limits or expectations seen.

IT’s total ‘BS’, to suggest that

Nirvana is a state of nothingness of no feeling.

That is total opposite of the bliss of Nirvana that is 10,000 times greater than any human orgasm imaginable, and CAN last forever now, as evidenced irrefutably in my life now.

Trust me, if ‘zillionaires’ can feel just one second of what I experience in the ‘heaven of now’ that has been described and forecast by various philosophies and religions for Aeons, the ‘zillionaires’, will realize that a zillion is nothing in comparison to the never ending story and experience of true nirvana in the bliss of heaven now.

They will give away most of their money, as they will no longer see the need for money. It’s as simple as that; however, almost impossible for a rich person to achieve who is looking on the outside for happiness in things instead of the emotions and senses of human within mind and body balance.

And when a human being attains enlightenment and awakening like this they have the energy of a nuclear bomb-like Titanium force of being that no human can weaken or distract.

It’s incredible stuff. I am not allowed to evidence it anymore, directly on this site. But all the evidence is in my signature link, including pressing 930LBS with my legs 14 times slowly with my hands raised in the air; not getting cold and dancing in the snow of around to below 20 degree temperatures,

with just my underwear on; dance walking a martial arts and ballet style of dance walk now over 3300 miles in 19 months, all around my metro area, with my ‘shopaholic’ wife; and dancing with 20 something year old gorgeous girls, at my age of 54, attracting them like honey with a photo collage of over 250 photos.

Before awakening and enlightenment in July of 2013, I am almost a complete shut-in with the worst pain known to mankind, type two Trigeminal Neuralgia, assessed in medical literature as worse than crucifixion,

from wake to sleep for me during all of those over five years, along with 18 other serious medical disorders including Sjogren’s Syndrome, Severe Degenerative Arthritis in my spine, Spinal Stenosis, a congenitally fused C6-vertebra in my neck, Dysautonomia, Fibromyalgia, AND etc., etc. etc…

After awakening and enlightenment

all disorders disappear like they never come into existence,

to what some of my ‘doctors’ call a religious-type miracle.

And I experience literally hundreds of meaningful


on a daily basis,
evidenced in the documentation of my blogs, as well.

This is precisely what the so-called historical man Jesus, whomever the metaphors of poetic expression can be attributed to, IS referring to as much greater human potential in life.

It is like a human being reborn out of cocoon and becoming butterfly in relative metaphor, as such.

Truly resurrection and being reborn is precisely this. I evidence the reality of it everyday of my life, for folks to view both online and in real flesh and blood life WITH me.

I have been named both a miracle and a legend of dance in my metro area, with literally hundreds of videos recorded by others and shared on various social networks, of a dance routine in the general public that no one has seen before, as it is all innate, instinctual, and intuitive powered within the higher human potential that CAN BE human resurrected from the ashes of lower human potential and reborn as ‘butterfly from cocoon’.

And of course, there will be people cynical of this truth and light, as always, as well as people who are afraid of the darkness that CAN BE required to attain this miraculous way of achieving much greater human potential in one evolving life of spirit expressed in the flesh of human being way..:)

I retain and expand these higher human potentials by a perfection of practice IN PHYSICAL INTELLIGENCE of never ending goal other than unconditional love, faith, hope, and belief, through human relative free will that are all real life human emoting emotions that do regulate emotions as well, and integrate senses increasing focus and short term working memory for a ‘perfect’ practice of mind and body balance

All of ‘these’ lead to mastery over one’s body

with mind in balance in an experience of life

that is both literally and metaphorically, LIMITLESS.

FOR ALL PRACTICAL INTENTS and purposes, I am now, ‘Titanium’.

There is absolutely nothing like it, in the human experience; rarely sought, found, greater employed, utilized and practiced in real flesh and blood life; but never the less, perhaps the realest thing in human experience that can and will exist for those who experience it.

And, oh no, I’m not the first one. This is mostly meaningless to folks who do not experience this but similar experiences for those who are interested in it, are recorded all over the world, in metaphors of philosophies and religions,

of this realest part of existential intelligence expressed in flesh and blood, not imaginable, to most folks, and again, rarely realized, these days, as complex abstract language and cultures, makes the ‘eye of the needle’

smaller and the ‘camel’ bigger for most folks cannot find a way to escape in, in a culture outside instead of inside human being.

My illnesses are truly a blessing, as losing effective use of my eyes and ears for over 5 years, is just the ticket of escape I need to now live in the kingdom of the heaven of now in Nirvana and Bliss all my nows, now..:)








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7 Responses to Holy Saturday Third Blood Moon

  1. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=279561


    What many people fail to realize when they ‘channel’ the voice of Socrates here in defense of rational discourse is that Socrates is equally a mystical/esoteric leaning individual, as reported with hearing inner voices and leaning toward mystical/esoterical deities as well.

    Socrates is reported as a non-conformist; walking barefoot through the streets and rarely bathing.

    Honestly, if Socrates is to come into this forum here, the literalists/MATERIAL REDUCTIONISTS/nihilists that inhabit this forum will likely call him insane, schizophrenic, and other pejorative leaning terms, and attempt to shake his confidence in himself by suggesting he is talking gibberish and the scientific method does not evidence the mysticism/esotericism of his expressed heart/soul through human spirit (that empathic ‘right-brained’ stuff that some/most healthy/FREE humans do).

    But per one’s statement here, as a casual observer, here are more words of evidence, quoted and linked below, of what I am speaking about here, referenced as such.

    The reported Socrates is more like the reported gnostic Jesus than any literally, ‘black and white’ thinking person, in this forum for sure.

    However, another common misconception is that all folks diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum have a literally thinking computer-like mind, and are not able to construct and understand abstract metaphors with high emotional content that do connect with poetic leaning minds like Socrates, etc., etc., etc…..

    Obviously, this isn’t a welcoming environment for THAT and these more sensitive, loving, empathic, kind, much MUCH DEEPER THINKING Autistic folks will not usually subject themselves to the torment often brought to folks with esoteric/MYSTICAL leaning minds who attempt to tread here.

    However, there are folks like me who have tough skin and a kind heart, like Socrates, too, who can literally withstand any distraction or provoking online or in real life, without a flinch of emotion or worry, per the inner life of me, as one who masters mind and body balance like Buddha, who is like this too..:)

    Yes, Socrates, as described in recorded text, is most likely at least on the Broader Autism Phenotype, and the only thing that keeps him from being homeless and destitute, per functionally disabled in culture, is his financial independence at that time, too, like Buddha and Muhammad, as well.

    Not everyone gets to walk around town barefoot all day (Socrates); and just sit under a tree (Buddha); or in a cave (Muhammad); or dance walk a martial arts/ballet style of dance 19 months for 3300 miles in the general public, per most metro area stores with a ‘shopaholic’ wife like me (Fred), with all the free time in the world to think about the deeper mystical/esoteric stuff in life,

    AND MOST IMPORTANTLY EXPRESS IT, in human empathic leaning metaphorical emotion (heart/soul/spirit)-fuller human monologue and or dialogue communication.

    My current advantage is modern technology and the tools of multimedia communication.

    And apparently (OBVIOUSLY) Jesus, (the desert freeloader) will be described as a freeloader today, if he comes again too, kind of like the ‘dude’ off the ‘Big Lebowski’ movie too.

    The ‘Cohen Brothers’ in their movies, including the ‘Big Lebowski’, make a satire out of modern Christianity, as a practice of pointing out the hypocrisy from the actual original intent in metaphors of message, in the teachings of Gnostic Jesus that do still exist, consisting of truth and light.

    And of course there are many examples of this in modern artful efforts from artistic folks who REALLY GET THE MESSAGES SPOKEN AT CORE OF WHAT THE METAPHORS OF THE HUMAN CONDITION truly mean in the emotional/spiritual life of human being, in much fuller potential existential intelligence sought, found, employed, utilized and practiced continually in life.

    TRUE Genius does not exist where there is no art of imagination and creativity of mind exercised in physical intelligence driving emotional regulation, sensory integration, cognitive executive functioning including enhancing focus and short term working memory to make real human miracles come TRUTH AND LIGHT where the real flesh and blood hits the REAL ‘highways’ of life.

    Standard IQ ‘has no clue’, to measure TRUE HUMAN GENIUS.


    THE Literal thinking mind by very definition is limited, like a computer
    with bones of thinking only; instead of flesh and blood heart, soul, and spirit expressed
    like Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, Einstein, and that list goes on and on and on….infinitum…

    They are just the ones who make recorded and or reported history, as such, among others….

    ANYWAY, thanks for addressing this.

    Unlike Socrates, I do not ask the questions.

    I answer them..;)

    With smiles, too..:)

    when AND where
    that is available
    AND allowed….


    Socrates is guilty of crime in refusing to recognise the gods acknowledged by the state, and importing strange divinities of his own; he is further guilty of corrupting the young

    Perhaps the most well known factor of Socrates’ life in respect to his own actual religion is his statements of having a sign or voice, daimonion ti (meaning divine something) (ref. p. 9).[78] Plato and Xenophon writings don’t refer much to the divine sign. When Socrates refers to the divine sign he states it influences his daily life, usually to stop him from doing something.[79] Plato’s writings in Apology state that Socrates thinks that to believe in daimones is to believe in gods.[80]

    Perhaps the most interesting facet of this is Socrates’ reliance on what the Greeks called his “daimonic sign”, an averting (ἀποτρεπτικός apotreptikos) inner voice Socrates heard only when he was about to make a mistake. It was this sign that prevented Socrates from entering into politics. In the Phaedrus, we are told Socrates considered this to be a form of “divine madness”, a gift from the gods and gives us poetry, mysticism, love, and even philosophy itself. Alternately, the sign is often taken to be what we would call “intuition”; however, Socrates’ characterization of the phenomenon as “daimonic” may suggest that its origin is divine, mysterious, and independent of his own thoughts. Today, such a voice might be classified under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as a command hallucination.[81]

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  2. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=225609&start=75


    The first problem with THAT is the assumption that GOD is an anthropomorphic HE.

    God Is Nature AND that is plain as the nose on the face of human beings
    whether that nose can ‘smell’ GOD or NOT.

    To ‘smell’ GOD is evidence of GOD.

    And for folks who cannot understand metaphors or GOD per how GOD works as force of verb rather than noun of thing, there is no understanding GOD and for all practical intents and purposes THE force OF GOD DOES not fully exist in the lives of those folks who



    verb of FORCE
    rather than just

    Any questions..;)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  3. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=279341&start=15


    As much as some religious fundamentalists will love to see that per apocalyptic prophecies of the human world ending, as a self-fulfilling prophecy, World War 3 is NOT GOING TO happen, for obvious reasons.

    The folks with money and REAL POWER
    who are in control, are NOT fundamentalist leaning religious folks
    BASING WARRING terrorist actions on religious ideology or other illusory

    They are all about power and money,
    and are way way way too selfish,
    to ever sacrifice their lives
    for a notion of religion or
    other silly ideological illusion


    Thanks GOD for ‘psychopathic’ leaning leaders,
    AS they are way too selfish
    to commit suicide for an ideology.

    They are all about the money, and ironically that is a life saving ideology
    when it comes to mutual destruction through nuclear war-heads of death.

    Politics is all about human emotions. And while there is ‘ISIS’
    there is the all mighty dollar protecting human life too,
    as well as ‘psychopathic’ leaning minds
    that are totally selfish..

    Where so called dark

    Where ‘psychopaths’
    become the saviors
    of humankind

    I sleep soundly at night
    realizing ‘psychopathic’
    leaders will never ever
    let World WAR 3
    become a reality.

    But on the other hand
    I more fully live and
    understand the human
    condition in just one life
    time to more fully
    understand this
    with both
    empathy more fully in tow..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  4. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=278489&start=45


    The greatest thing about culture is resources and opportunities for learning and freedom of expression, as time goes on.

    The hardest thing about MODERN culture is finding a balance of keeping human empathic connection in heart/SOUL IN EXPRESSING HUMAN spirit, and NOT BECOMING A TOOL OF CULTURE, MOREOVER THAN A HUMAN BEING.

    I CAN DO things for freedom of expression now that my ancestors could have never dreamed of at my age.

    And as far as worrying about if ‘skeletons’ come out of closets, the greatest thing about sharing humanity rather than keeping everything secret and hidden, is skeletons no longer become viewed as skeletons in closet.

    Instead, skeletons become part of the human condition, more fully appreciated, tolerated, and potentially accepted and at most most likely ignored as there is way too much stuff to do, rather than focus on one persons so-called dirty laundry.

    And as far as financial info, getting stolen, I just keep one credit card with fraud protection; problem solved, and don’t use my full name on the Internet, as there are much bigger ‘phish’ to capture than me, who do not use due caution to express themselves as literally fully as they want to, everywhere they go in Internet land, where freedom is possible no matter where a person lives..

    Where a Muslim woman can talk about sex if she wants to, with a pseudo name, and not get ‘stoned’, and all that ‘stuff’…

    It is a great generation for those who discipline themselves in balance and are NOT AFRAID to fully express who they want to be both online and in REAL LIFE TOO..:)

    AND IF A PERSON can avoid getting trapped in a materialistic spending habit world, it doesn’t take THAT much money to get by and have basic subsistence, assured.

    And with the addition of subsidized health care that potential is greater than ever too, for folks who want to have a family too, with all the health issues that do often go along with that.

    The most important thing is to keep an optimistic outlook.

    Attitude is 99% of ‘good’ in life, no matter what the environment may be.

    Without a positive outlook, a ‘zillionaire’ can be miserable everyday, ‘everynow’…

    And what is a positive attitude…

    It is a way of life established by developing mind and body balance through
    GREATER physical intelligence regulating emotions,
    sensory integration, enhancing cognitive
    executive functioning through enhanced
    focus and short term working memory.

    And all that takes is an E for Effort of continual creative and imaginative practice,
    and little to no money to accomplish that part of real potential in human bliss
    in the heaven of now, all the time now, with or without materialistic stuff and
    lots of money in the bank, or not;

    YES, THIS IS ‘The stuff’ that can be totally ‘FREE’
    without even the assistance of modern technology
    in ways of mind and body balance,
    AND is priceless, for those who seek it, find it,
    employ it, utilize it and practice it
    continually to just be all THEY CAN
    AS IS.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  5. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=279576


    Black and White’ Thinking is the ‘child’ of modern cultural ways of spoon feeding rules of culture with ‘objective’ tests to determine proficiency, as future ‘cogs in the machine’ of society, as is.

    ‘Shades of Grey’, and ‘Colorful thinking’ requires ART in empathic social cognition mind.

    Black and White thinking is the systemizing science mechanics of machine mind.

    And not only THAT; ‘scaredy’ cat human beings in an attempt to
    escape existential angst without the ‘trouble’ of attaining
    and maintaining mind and body balance
    WITH NATURE making environment of order
    from a natural environment of ART
    Nature grown wild and free,

    ‘Sidewalks’ of walking are a repetitive restriction of movement that end up
    in all types of ergonomic injury later in life, from walking in a straight
    line rather than flowing with nature’s pattern ‘invisibly’ escaping
    predator and capturing prey by a way of moving like the golden spiral
    of 1.618 PHI in movement without a sound to alarm either predator or

    I not only do this in the ‘dance of
    life’; I do this in the ‘fuller
    color’ of human

    And yes, there are black and white dancers in life, as recently in a metro-wide dance
    contest I attend the ballet students are extremely proficient in lessoned dance
    practiced in advance
    but when it comes to interpretive dance where the song is not known, the mind
    is not fast enough to tell the body where to go AND the truly free dancers
    in mind and body balance WIN, without ‘a lesson’ from ‘Fred Astaire’.

    Seriously, Black and White thinking is so common because humans
    no longer, for a large part, have the ability to employ ISA’s
    Instinct, Skills and Abilities that are derived from all
    Innate Intuitive ways of living.

    Crystalized Intelligence is a ‘new way’ of ‘thinking’ past and
    future but no it is not A ‘REAL WAY’ OF LIVING KNOWLEDGE

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  6. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=279561


    To be a ‘true’ philosopher is to come up with something new.

    I’ll go to the new place and let others stay in the old place, if they like.

    But truly, new places are much more fun for me.

    I too, am no sluggish horse that refuses to move or ‘change’..:)

    Whatever it is that Confucius, Socrates, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and Einstein ‘has’,
    I have ‘THAT’ too, to a large degree, and ‘three’ in my case, hehe!..;)

    Autism is described in terms of reciprocal social communication deficits and RRB’s.

    There is not much doubt that any of these folks have RRB’S, per restrictive interests and repetitive behaviors, per reports of that behavior, now.

    And there is no doubt they had problems communicating their all encompassing and restricted interests, per unique insights, to the ‘common folk’ who lived during the reported period of their lives.

    And overall, people still do not have a frigging clue, as to what their actual intent is in social communication, where there wasn’t much ‘small talk’ either, then, according to reports of their life.

    At least in written words, per the guidelines of the behavioral deficits of Autism, there is literally little difference in their general behavior and the way the Autistic folks talk here in text reporting their behaviors in real life, per restricted and repetitive behaviors, and talking about stuff in deep metaphorical or wordy literal language that MOST other folks don’t give a crap about or have the capacity to understand.

    Monologues are what these folks are about with people just listening without likely getting many words in edgewise, except for the questioner Socrates. But still with him, the majority of the population during his time wouldn’t have a WTF idea of what he is talking about, then, per reports of that talk.

    Talking deep metaphorical stuff or complex literal stuff that other folks don’t understand is almost as much of a handicap as not talking at all when it comes to reciprocal social communication difficulties.

    Obviously, they couldn’t be diagnosed, then, and probably wouldn’t today,
    if they were financially independent and did their own niche stuff, now.

    But never the less, they were as Autistic, as many folks come across, at least in text, on this site.

    And it’s truly hard to judge alone, by written text, now or then, as Autism is as much an issue of difficulties with non-verbal language as well that we have no substantial reports of knowing anything about the non-verbal prowess in language for any of these most well known philosophers, in the history of humankind.

    And the same applies, in general, to folks on this forum.

    Some folks may be very verbose in writing, and have a dead ‘affect’ in personality, per non-verbal language in real life, causing many folks to steer clear of them, as it is not usually social acceptable behavior NOT to communicate with non-verbal language in real life. That is a huge unknown both on this site, and for these famous philosophers of old..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  7. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=275387&start=1440


    In many philosophies and religions throughout the ages in one metaphor or another folks report that GOD ‘speaks’ in ‘sychronicities’ for those who ‘listen’ close enough to ‘hear’ ‘those’ ‘synchronicities’ with more than ‘eyes and ears’.

    And truly that’s impossible to understand until one ‘hears’ the ‘voice’ of GOD like this that is no word alone.

    And as far as what to do with those ‘synchronicities’ that is where the old adage ‘discernment’
    and a ‘personal relationship’ with GOD comes in.

    That’s a lifelong ‘ART WITH GOD’ that no words alone can either define or describe, fully.

    It’s like defining Love;
    no one has defined love fully in words in all the shades of grey and colors

    THAT loves comes in and exists in the human experience.

    This is ART, friend, and not science alone, and so is GOD and until one experiences GOD as both science and ART there is only a bony skeleton of GOD in systemizing science of mind, in relative terms of a spectrum of alone, instead of ALLONE.

    And by a way, Jesus (the so-called historical Jesus) and many others attempt to relay this to others as a message of Love and assistance but no one owns the essence of this message but ALLONE alone, which truly IS Nature AS ALLTHATIS ALLONE AS IS NOW.

    There is more than one ‘world’
    in the ‘eye(s) of the beholder(s)’.

    And even science suggests
    those last
    two lines are correct.

    So this IS at least partial evidence, per science,
    as to ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW’ SOME folks
    ‘hear’ and ‘see’ GOD like ‘this’
    AND or complexly
    DO NOT.

    Any questions…;)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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