On Seeking, knowing and Loving. On understanding Islam in it’s meaning as a whole.


If we

could all

follow these wise thoughts

from this young Muslim lady

who is my friend..

there COULD be


AND human peace……too…..

My comments in regard to it..

“Well.. this wisdom is

certainly the

best beach of all in life..

and well worth re-blogging

for me for my American friends

to better understand the Muslim Faith

that can be a Universal ONE the way you interpret it here…

For ‘anyone’ who stays in a desert long enough.. a cave.. or on a desolate beach….

The way of the God of Nature is this TRUTH and LIGHT that comes… IN WISDOM…

Many flavors.. many colors.. many textures.. many lights.. and darknesses.. many symbols.. many words.. emotions.. and others senses that connect us to the essence of Allah GOD…

To see Allah GOD as mirror is truly to be reborn again.. in LOVE again… in Heaven NOW…

Glad to shake your hand and hug you tHere in words FOR NOW..:)










White Shadows

love_paintings_fecundity “Love is the water of life and a Lover is the soul of fire. The universe turns differently when fire loves water” Forty Rules Of Love.

I need to arrange this mess in my mind. I need to remind myself once again that I should keep walking no matter what.

There was a time when I read Quran with meanings for the first time. I fell in love with the writer. I started relating quranic teachings with events in my everyday life. I’d pray five times and would stay away from everything that Allah forbade me. I started playing according to the rules. Love was the reason.

Then, with time when I encountered life rendering events, when my vision became broader and I inquired about life more closely, I got confused. Literal meanings and rules of Islam and people following them literally filled my mind with contradiction and heart with…

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