MagicK Flute 2017

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As i stand




March 17..2017

close to midnight..

i look back on 2015

with both joy and sadness..

joy of the bringing of light

from the magicK












Before you come out as

a mischievous Leprechaun













mean really..

all you have to do..

is to keep the werewolf

facade and how hard can



considering that Leprechauns

are not SUPPOSED
















And now look where i am in 2017

captured as Leprechaun having to grant

three wishes to everyone


meet in

real life







Having to explain to each and

every gift seeker that they already

always have the gifts



their human being

just waiting to be released as the higher

power of human being in accordance with

Mother Nature



















this tradition has been passed on from

the ‘first



the seventh now’..

starting with Krishna

passing away that magicK

Flute sometime between

February 17 and 18th

in 3102











hope you enjoy









a pot of











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63 Responses to MagicK Flute 2017

  1. I think once the magic flute turn into warehouse muzac the leprechaun’s magic is lost.. a sad situation really.

    • Yes.. i am dancing to the tunes of ‘NSYNC’ with lead singer Justin Timberlake at the Santa Rosa Mall in FT. Walton Beach.. FL.. and some of the bystanders ACCUSE me of listening to Beethoven.. as my graceful free style ballet moves LEADS them to believe…

      But little do THEY know.. that just before THAT at Super-Walmart i am listening to Mozart’s Magic Flute Symphony at least three times to the tune of 21 minutes or so of spinning like a 233LB 6FT or SO BALLERINA.. confined between the meat aisle….

      Making ‘NSYNC’ into Beethoven to inspire a ballet dance comes naturally to me now.. with the magicK of Human Being ‘Quantum’ MIND and BODY balance MORE FULLY…;)

      THANKS for stopping by Bjorn.. i kinda did the photos.. or the light..FIRST… the dance.. or the movement SECOND… and the song OR THE SOUND third.. that inspired the Poetry of life Fourth… IN WORD.. and i suppose that is how the big creation thingy happens too..;)

      BUT ANYWAY… gotta get back to being a mischievous LEPRECHAUN TOO.. AND OH BOY.. that ‘GOlD” is getting harder to protect than EVER beFO!..;)

  2. Prajakta says:

    Initially I was enjoying this and then midway I realized the turn this took. A magic is so precious, yet slipping out.

    • Yes.. truly Prajakta the magicK of human being is already inside us instinctually and innately so.. intuitively as such.. and it can be all the instant gratification and or chronic stresses of modern cultural illusions THAT TAKE that AWAY….

      I DOCUMENT that reality.. but i am no longer REALLY in THE illusion part of now.. that i am FREE..:)

      Thanks for dropping by.. and i hope you have a ‘Quantum’ mind and body unleashed day.. to merry your way! the simple joy of living life asNOW..:)!

  3. MarinaSofia says:

    The leprechaun disguised as a hairy werewolf, the magick lost and being forced to grant three materialistic wishes… and snow on the beach… don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Interesting mix!

    • Thanks MarinaSofia.. i always attempt to add a flavored mix of ‘Quantum’ mind unleashed to spill in ink and photos on these digital pages here…

      And that is actually not snow pictured above… that is MagicK Navarre Sand comprised of Quartz Crystals in what is commonly called the Sugar White Beaches of the Western Panhandle of North Florida.. where i live..

      And that Magick Sand is so special that it will NOT even dirty one’s feet as one leaves the beach.. with diamond like sand.. per the feat of feeting beach!..:)

      And on top of that it has magiKal properties to make even Leprechauns grow TALLER.. AND SPROUT HAIR all over their body.. and i don’t know.. maybe that has something to do with all the BIKINIS!.. HA! HA!…

      Anyway.. it is certainly a wonderland of sand to walk the youth of my years.. and still doing so now.. with or without people.. in 38 degree mid-day temperatures in Wintered North Florida way!..:)

  4. Grace says:

    The magic is always within us, waiting to be discovered ~

  5. brian miller says:

    dude, you area leprechaun….well you are certainly the tallest leprechaun i have ever known….hmm…i really got to think about my wishes now…

    1. no one ever go hungry again
    2. …

    • Yes.. i asked the attendant at the phone selling booth at the Santa Rosa Mall.. if he expects this 233LB.. six foot or so.. ‘Leprechaun’.. to ballet dance an exhibition at the mall.. before.. when i was chatting with him about the weather.. and then i break OUT like a ballerina spinning all over the somewhat empty cavernous shining floor mall in dance!

      And then he says HELL NO..! DUDE.. you shocked THE hell out of me…

      And as the youth workers in just another store.. applaud at the end of the exhibition.. they just say.. i ain’t never seen anything like that HERE IN SANTA ROSA MALL.. a first for ‘Leprechauns’ in heavy.. tall.. ways.. of ballet like dance! like you….!..;)

      Thanks for coming by.. and joining in on another one of my dance and song.. AND wordfuLL..routine.. days!..:)

      i’ got gotta get going soon.. i still got goLd to protect!..;)

      Oh and by the way.. after existing on a diet of plain peanut butter and bread sandwiches through four years of college working 3 part time jobs at some points to make ends still not meet… i do appreciate ALL that Golden Corral food.. of life.. as an all one can eat.. heaven come true.. buffet.. for animals placing feet anywhere in this Universe now.. as far as i for one now.. know…

      The challenge though.. is to dance enough.. to keep my youthful school boy figure..;) After eating ALL OF THAT human.. gold digging find of food.. in the kitchen of human being animal life…:)



    So sad it is.. that so often.. the good old days are often only seen tomorrow.. truly these are the best of times as they are the only times that truly exist.. as now.. i like to believe the future will be better.. the present is the best.. and the past is something to rarely think of at all.. and it seems to work the best for me.. at least for.. NOW..:)



    Truly space travel is considered the progenitor of modern computers.. and the eventual rebirth of poetry in the blogosphere of digital life.. So to go to space CAN be to live in poetry too…:)



    Yes.. i think there is a caution.. a danger.. in relying and relaying the photos of yesterday to cherish the fanfare of today…

    i use technology to assist my human being.. but never ever to allow it to stay still.. a new profile photo on Facebook everyday.. to know there is never a day that is the same.. and there is never a face that is one for me.. alone….

    To wonder today.. is to wonder tomorrow.. to keep the crayons of the child of life.. is to paint the photo of today.. in living color of now..

    rather than the drab or bright grays of the past….



    Ah.. the growing life of human mechanical cognition.. the pathway of the brain to computer human.. robot.. AND THE growing growling ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ made true like ‘Terminator 2’.. in the dying hearts of human in machine and flesh and blood cyborg life….

    So i dance… i just dance.. and i escape..

    While others walk and tow.. a growing machine of life.. all too often…as NOW FULL STO0P….

    i feel.. i feel.. i feel…

    ThinKing is so today..

    but FEELing is so REAL…….NOW.



    Yes.. to BREATHE is to live.. anything else cannot be real… and to be human is to live a life of breathe instead of think.. i’m only human and i relish that feeling in every word and step of song and dance.. wHere i only BREATHE ALIVE!..:)

    i DANCE AND SING BREATHE WITH EVERY dance STEP of life i take…

    And thank you for reminding me of THAT!..:)

    The NIGHTMARES OF BRAINS that no Zombie can even touch…

  11. claudia says:

    that would be tough – to have to grant everyone three wishes…and oh what strange wishes they come up with sometimes… and mostly we don’t really need the things we wish for

    • So true Claudia.. one thing i know for sure… now is.. to be careful what one wishes for.. as wishes do often come true.. and sometimes wishes can be darkest days in now of all..:)

      Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a nice day.. in now..:)



    i guess it starts with a flint stone somewhere.. TOOLS.. extension of human life.. where human life.. becomes more TOOL than human life….

    A arrowhead.. a slingshot.. a gun.. a nuke.. and then there is potentiAlly none…
    and then there are shades of ashes.. gray and clouds of dust and then unto dust human makes dust again….

    But there is a bright SIDE NOW.. A COLOR FILLED one i refuse to leave.. for NOW..:)



    Ah.. the big picture of beauty IN heaven now.. lost in the devil of details of illusion of real…

    If i can go back and tell myself something in my younger years.. the first thing WiLL be to TURN THE TV OFF…

    AND probably not as hard.. with only three black and whites then…;)

    But oh.. so much harder without a fearless dance of life.. at anytime now or then..:)



    As the snowman melts.. time.. time.. as distance and space.. travels a river flowing to an ocean of infinity flow.. ebbing and tiding in and out.. in darkness and light.. moving with dance and singing with sound.. the reality of now.. to go with this is to be free.. to look back or forward in dismay.. without courage and brave for the present.. can be time.. an illusion that’s time…

    Without time.. almost anything is possible now.. Without time.. is truly reality…

    NOW. 🙂



    So true.. as i look out my back window and step outside into nature’s ways aWay from the city.. country life comes true.. that forgets all the toils and troubles that real human witches and warlocks cook up to brew.. this illusion.. this human nightmare.. is never true.. whEre Birds fly free.. Squirrels frolic.. and Butterflies and BEES sing.. and float.. wHere i dance step too.. in the sands of MOTHER NATURE TRUE! simply alive and FREE!..:)



    Ah.. trees.. trees. trees.. that beautify oxygen and CO2 IN perfect human breathing balance..

    Ah.. humans.. humans.. humans.. who forget about how important breathing is..

    And cut them all down..

    Hmm.. trees.. trees.. trees.. you are so intellectually smart and leaving free!..

    What happened to humans..

    and the tree of life….

    with razors sharp enough to trim beards…

    and remove trees that are too large for those eyes and balded beards to see…:)

    • Thanks for your wonderful comment! You have me smiling! Smiling through your photos and poem too………you are very entertaining. I enjoy the humor.

      • You are very welcome Sherry Blue Sky and thank you for your kind and appreciative comment here.. as well…

        And truly there is a time in my life that a smile is a dream.. and certainly to be able to allow one person to smile a smile with me.. is what i know as heaven now..TRULY NOW…:)



    NOW is reality and time is NOW and time never exists as tHere is only NOW.. how much harder it is to maim and kill others over now than time.. as the fear of past and the hope of future.. often clouds the fruit of NOW…



    Yes.. there is a time when my future self tells me too.. to save and use all my P’s And Q’s.. in control of living now.. for a future that will not be bright as the now is now.. and then the now gets darkened to a less colorful hue.. and finally the P’s and Q’s make all the dots of i’s in now.. go away to then… and then.. there is no now but then.. and future promises to always change…

    So yes.. the past is gone.. and my future self matters not.. as to relish now.. and to live thEre wholly as holy is certain the pickle i will TO be in for NOW!..:)



    Ah.. the Nautilus shell too.. knows nothing of human contrived past.. or future.. or even so-called presents of NOW.. the Nautilus ‘hears’ the call of the Wild Golden Spiral flow of the Universe.. without ever Knowing a history lesson.. or a math equationed mean of 1.618 TO ‘hEar’ this call in action for the Golden Spiral Flow of life….FOR NOW.. as time or even space and distance.. is nothing in the world of NAUTILUS designed SHELLS that still exceed and reflect THE TRUTH OF Universal pattern NOW IN ART past the bone of human knowledge…



    Yes.. just when human begin to think they are larger than the rest of Nature.. Nature often has an answer for that.. not always calm and soothing.. but results that GET THE JOB of balance done.. without the consent and written approval of humans that are not nearly as SMART AS THINKING CAN MAKE THEM THINK they are…

    The meek shall inherit the earth.. and no doubt viruses will number that.. with or without human hosts to serve their life….



    i believe in hope and positive change.. and we humans are always stronger together when we work together for the greater good.. there is an element of divide and conquer.. that the ‘gray hairs’ do still live.. but there is truly a growing younger culture who connect with the rest of the world in knowing ways of heArt as well.. as greater avenues for creating hope continue to expand for change and truth…



    ThEre is no greater power than human love consisting of relative free will.. faith.. hope.. belief.. in living now.. with TRUST in the rest of nature..and tHere is a growing Truth and Wisdom in the power and beauty of life.. and with that comes appreciation of the blessings that CAN BE GRATITUDE FOR LIFE.. that is the contagious power of the Karma of loving coming FULL CIRCLE TO NOW..:)1!


    And so sad it is that some still today escape the ravages of human nature unscathed in brilliant light.. while there are so many who live in the war zones of human hate.. and this is earth.. already heaven and hell.. location.. location.. location.. rings for whomever the BELL TOLLS…

    Perhaps one day.. there will be Love for all.. and no doubt that price will come with a tag.. that is never seen before..:)



    And so true.. it is only likely the human animal that sits and worries and even meditates about death….

    When most all the other animals simply live in existence now forever.. never ever seeing death…

    Amazing we will be afraid of something.. we will never see..

    And the only animals sing a brave tune of free.. never afraid of a dark they cannot see..:)

    Ah. the imagination of humans what dreams and nightmares it brings to the illusion of past and future and even the present of now.. in dreams of illusion…come reality for not even now….

  25. Mary says:

    Ah, the leprechaun dance would be quite a thing to witness indeed…, and oh for a pot of gold to make its appearance as well.



    Yes.. humans casually and creatively often create the nightmares of life.. the darkness in notes of books paraphrased 3500 years ago.. in lynchings of slaves of different color trying to be free.. and flogging youth to death for sexual orientations expressed not representing the patriarchal norm..

    Mean.. while.. the rest of nature flows to no concern of human nightmares except for the end and destruction of life.. that human nightmares can and do bring to that part of nature too….

    And as always nature out of balance.. brings misery and pain to those who imbalance..

    And please do continue your poetry here.. as i for one.. have the time retired and the bandwidth too.. to comment on most all without ever expecting a comment from another..

    That is a blessing that not all share.. as of course we are all unique.. and never just one expression of humanity through the journey of life as is NOW…

    There are no chains in the ways of creativity to me…

    friend.. neither known or found.. as words are friends to me..:)

    No expectations OR LIMITATIONS is the freest way to go.. as i know now… so do as you please and i will comment.. as your words do please…:)



    Ah.. yes.. the intelligence of human being bringing order to the unknown AND bringING chaos to the known.. a divine comedy and a tragic one it is all rolled into one paper of fist.. and caring.. happy.. and apathy.. delivered like a headless fish of Mafia Lore….

    But i for one ignore the whole fish.. of illusion.. and swim free instead…;)

    FOR NOW…..:)



    And yes.. there is the beast of human nature to contend with in balance.. as even the greaTEST DREAMS lived out of human balance can fail with the most positive thoughts driving imbalance.. at least in my case HA! ha!.. and now i just dance and sing.. and write.. and settle for that.. but yeah.. financial independence does help that.. as long as it does not end thIS..:)



    The poetic expression here IN HEaRT reminds me of dreams but truly nightmares of the mechanical mind translated to flowers on Sci-Fi.. spaceships that travel MILLIONS OF miles with only screens of bright lit nature.. without THE emotional and six senses of contagion including proprioception that plant and animal life REALLY LIVING NATURE only brings to LITE A HUMAN heArt as HEART!

    WHEN HUMANS BECOME avatars INSTEAD OF HUMANS.. life already ends long ago.. and for some that already happens and they do not even realize the REALITY OF LIVING IN HELL IS the reality as they live it FOR NOW.. then and future more in a hell all lit up.. by stuff other than animal and plant flesh and blood living LOVING life….

    And the darkness of not knowing that is beyond terror to me of knowing that darkness and that light OF REAL LIFE TRUTH.. in exercising human being…



    Ah.. true i love the status quo of now.. as to know the future can and WILL remove totAlly relatively speaking free WILL.. to live NOW.. is free.. to create is divine.. in never anything but NOW..:)



    Shh.. the future.. shh.. the past.. only the present of now.. is allowed in sweet dreams of now…:)



    True.. one cannot change the past or future if free is part of that solution..:)

  33. Gabriella says:

    I wonder whether it would make one happy, having to grant three wishes (not more, not less) to people.



    Yes.. a mind can be a beautiful thing to lose.. on occasion.. but only with a trust for return..:)

    And by that i simply mean meditation.. the trance of free style dance.. or whatever creatively frees one’s mind into feeling pro-social emotions and or other sensory feelings in regulation and integration.. yes.. freely.. without annoying little thoughts..:)

    But of course a return to the verbal mind is a requirement for more concrete thinking for rules and order to get by in life.. in an increasingly complex cultural organism of many human minds….working together as is.. for whatever works now…;)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  35. Truedessa says:

    We all have a bit of magic it is just some of us don’t know how to find it. Oh, and really enjoyed the beach pictures. You are insightful.

    • Yes.. i believe that we all have a bit of magic and for some of us we haven’t broke through the barriers that can hold us back from the magic of human potential greater expressed..

      Glad you enjoyed the beach pictures.. and warm weather shall be replacing our 38 degree daytime temperatures from yesterday soon.. back in the 70’s where Indian Summer in North Florida is almost always an ever present possibility..:)

      And yes.. thank goodness… i find greater insight with age.. as the MagicK Flute is truly a Masonic metaphor among other paths of knowledge using this magic flute metaphor as an INSTRUMENTal way of wisdom and truth.. bringing more light of being energy to journey human being..:)


    kraftiekortie writes:

    I actually don’t believe there will be a “first cause” or a “last cause.”

    I believe in Infinity.

    Aghogday is Walt Whitman reincarnated!

    aghogday writes:

    Me too..innately.. intuitively.. and instinctually i know this too… and i am trying to teach this too.. to Stephen Hawking as well.. but that’s likely impossible too.. but with infinity anything is possible too…:)

    Perhaps we all are in A way….;)

    But any way.. with due humility and about two years of free verse poetry underneath my skin.. that’s quite a compliment.. and thank you very much..:)!

    aghogday writes:

    Yes.. a mind can be a beautiful thing to lose.. on occasion.. but only with a trust for return..:)

    And by that i simply mean meditation.. the trance of free style dance.. or whatever creatively frees one’s mind into feeling pro-social emotions and or other sensory feelings in regulation and integration.. yes.. freely.. without annoying little thoughts..:)

    But of course a return to the verbal mind is a requirement for more concrete thinking for rules and order to get by in life.. in an increasingly complex cultural organism of many human minds….working together as is.. for whatever works now…;)

    DentArthurDent writes:

    I agree.

    It is also good to be able to read your post. Normally I just scroll past your words to the next post.

    aghogday writes:

    I write at least 30 poems today.. in free verse form.. over three thousand words in effort.. over a period of a few hours.. with caps in tow here and there.. as part of an International online poet’s club or pub.. as it is referred to as dVerse Poet’s Pub.. so i guess my caps finger is tired..;)

    But never the less…

    THANK YOU. 😉

    To excel at anything requires practice.. practice.. practice.. and more practice.. and my environment for practice can be almost anywhere with both poetry and dance.. and well…:)

    And truly as history shows there haven’t been too many innovative Artists.. who have not faced resistance to the change they offer.. along the way…

    Science and Art.. is a fabulous MIX TO ME..named Philosophy..AND free verse Poetry.. to me.. as well…

    And it is rare that anyone adds Physical Intelligence to that mix.. and that is the significant change i offer.. friend….

    As that part driving emotional regulation.. sensory integration.. cognitive executive functioning along with focus and better short term working memory.. is the cure for 19 medical disorders for me and full human being status in real life now…

    Most people will GET excited about a REAL LIFE MIRACLE.. and i am nothing new on that point…as history shows.. as well… AND Science driving technology now allows me to provide irrefutable evidence of what it is NOW..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    Yes.. in time distance as space.. faith without positivity is not faith.. to me..:)



    There is truly a day where i write a letter to self.. in future.. in blog at first.. and hopes of recovery from so many ills.. and in that letter i tell myself WELL is to come.. and surely it does.. when dreams in print before.. become reality as real.. when so written becomes SO DONE..:)

    And future dreams become now…

    To fret over past or future.. to dream of nightmares then or later.. is certainly not a way for happiness.. but in imagination and creativity the “Quantum” human mind unleashed can make a dream written in the past for future.. become now as reality too..:)

  39. Sumana Roy says:

    magicK flute reminded me of Krishna and imagine my surprise when i found His name in the lines…enjoyed the first video so much and thanks for your visit to my blog….

    • i enjoy wisdom from all philosophies and or religions.. and the Gita is one of my favorites along with the Tao..

      The same Universal Truths are repeated wherever humans live and record insights…

      Glad you enjoyed Mozart’s Magic Flute video and thanks too for visiting with me here..:)

  40. Some funny, some interesting and some beautiful snaps……and a very interesting way of thinking about the future…..the magic flute….the dance……and I wonder what wishes would be asked and granted…….yes of course the true gift is buried inside us…..



    Hmm.. sucking up anxiety and soldiering on.. is not a plan for a long life.. as science NOW shows that chronic anxiety also known as stress CAN lead to an earlier death…

    i used to suck IT up too.. until i learned HOW TO TOTALLY ELIMINATE IT through what some conservatives might consider as woo.. also known AS mind and body balance through the enhancement of physical intelligence through arts like martial arts and ballet.. that CAN REGULATE emotions that lead to anxiety AND enhancing physical intelligence leads to SENSORY INTEGRATION.. and improves cognitive executive functioning including enhanced focus and short term working memory.. Ha HA! aka as the remediation or CURE FOR some forms of Autism… least the clinical symptoms…

    Just a suggestion.. that’s all.. as chronic anxiety AKA stress all sucked up CAN KILL, AS BOTH LIBERAL AND CONSERVATIVE SCIENCE NOW SHOWS….

    Being alive is much cooler than sucking it up… and so-called soldiering on..Trust me…. or NOT…;)

    Soldiers with anxiety often eventually end up with PTSD or worse…

    But anyway.. at least you are not such a ‘tough’ guy that you cannot honestly admit your weakness…

    And anxiety is the greatest weakness of any human being.. to achieve a successful life.. on or off of a hammock.. or social welfare net……

    In the end.. its not worth it.. PERIOD.. EYES WIDE AWAKE or TOTALLY closed………

    TRULY TOUGH GUYS GET HELP AND REMEDIATION.. for anxiety.. and DO NOT take the weak way out.. of just ignoring the problem and sucking it up……

    Again.. take it with a grain of salt if you like.. or totally ignore it.. your will.. not mine………

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    And speaking of Michael Savage he has a similar philosophy.. per the Autism Thingy.. in his radio show ivory tower.. separated from the REAL WORLD and HE believes that folks with PTSD and Depression.. EVEN folks who fight for our military.. WITH these mental disorders.. are weak cry babies.. etc…

    But Michael Savage doesn’t fool me one bit…

    Michael Savage IS once a “San Francisco flower child’.. and at 5 Foot 4 or so.. suffers from an urban version of what the locals in my red state area name as LITTLE MAN SYNDROME.

    All the PHD’s in the world will not eliminate Michael Savage’s ‘Napoleon Syndrome’.. as they cannot make him grow taller.

    IN Other words.. he is a little man and suggesting that other folks are not as tough as he.. makes him a bigger man in the legend that is his own mind….

    i ‘play’ with ‘that’ with folks who do ‘that’…but IT is as transparent as the glass OF A mirror to me.. after being ‘both’ a RELATIVELY fragile looking male youth.. totally and so-called permanently disabled with shut-in disease later.. and an extremely strong older and yes.. technically.. relatively speaking.. big man…for now… and WHO Knows.. “WILL SEE what comes next WILL BE”, as i’ve seen enough change in my life.. to live life.. as change….

    It’s human nature.. the easiest thing of all to understand.. once one understands that humankind are just primates.. and nothing more but abstract concepts…..

    And what does ALL OF THIS this have to do with the topic at hand…

    People with big guns who kill innocent folks.. often suffer from LITTLE MAN SYNDROME… happens all the time….. JUST HUMAN NATURE.. in all its ugly glory that can come up.. at times.. for people without mind and body balance… aka animal homeostasis…

    Calm folks don’t kill….. most of the time.. at least….

    Too bad the killer didn’t get more involved in Yoga or martial arts.. or even ballet.. than collecting guns……

    That could have saved three lives…



    Yes.. and his choice of avatar of name.. SAVAGE.. is obviously.. to build himself UP… to something he’s not..;)

    i choose KATiE MiA FredericK!iI.. and had a little baby avatar of me.. but i know what is important….


    AND HA! ha! i’m stuck with that big powerful BB rifle.. toting it over my RIGHT shoulder.. until the avatar bug gets fixed and i can go BB GUN gunless….

    AND YEAH.. Survival.. before that period.. and that is PaRt of why i have the ability to do ALL nude male renaissance ARTOTALLY FREE STYLE without a pause to step or pose.. for total repose…

    i am not afraid of being a man and all that entails.. including a soft AND HARD SIDE.. or pose… or step.. or whatever THAT shows… for tale….

    AS.. i for one AM completely confident in my divine feminine masculine side balanced as OnE. 🙂

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  43. Myrna says:

    I’d love to have three wishes. But it would take me a lifetime to decide which three to make.
    I love the beach pictures.

    • God took everything away from me years ago.. i didn’t get mad.. but what i did get is.. acceptance for what is.. and after that it seems that the wishes flow instead of wish… eveNTuAlly at least..:)


      And i’m glad you enjoyed the beach pictures.. i would love to see more folks post photos of snow.. as that is so rare here.. in beach land…:)

  44. Bryan Ens says:

    ha! A leprachaun disguised as a werewolf. Lovely!

    • Thanks Bryan.. it was definitely FUN!..:)!

      WITH the ‘Quantum’ mind of human imagination and creativity unleashed almost anything is possible and more with imagination and creativity is possible.. as imagination and creativity IS more than possible..;)

      Smiles and thanks! for coming by…:)



    You are certainly fortunate to remain alive.. as am i…

    Life is funny and bright…. after the storms at least……….:)

    I’ve been diagnosed with hypomania.. per fearless.. invincibility..

    that i logically understand is illusion.. except for that fearless feeling..

    AND other stuff here and there that harms no one…for about 18 months

    straight now.. but honestly.. i for one am born with hypomania.. it is Culture

    that takes that away….

    Put me back to work in the 9 to 5 grind.. and bliss will likely disappear again……

    Thanks GOD i don’t have to go back to that now.. i’ll keep my so-called hypomania..

    And who ever wants to.. CAN keep illusory fears.. as what i understand to be a true evil

    of life.. IF they WILL or like.. but NOT for


    It is estimated that 5 to 9 percent of the general population exists in a state of hypomania

    and there is most definitely a relationship between hypomania and creativity.. if not.. we might

    still be living in caves…..

    IF that at all…….

    i’ll take the neurochange over the nuerosame any day of now….

    And the neurosame is here.. for an evolved way too……

    Anchors are important

    too… so yes.. THANK GOD FOR MY NEUROSAME WIFE..;)

    BUT i STILL.. ‘feel’.. like i’m.. ‘the’ sane one..;)


    Ha! me too.. but i try to keep my hands on the steering wheel of life.. never the less..;)

    But still.. i do let it ALL go.. and flow.. when not on the ‘highways’ of life..:)

    In other words.. i drive safe… literally.. drive safe..:)

    And if it wasn’t for my wife.. who let me know about the 5 red lights.. i didn’t notice.. the first day the hypomania started.. this go around..i might not be here.. to talk about highway safety..;)

    Again.. the anchor thingy.. PRICELESS.. too…:)


    Oh.. and just a note here.. totally separate from this comment.. for anyone who reads ALL OF THIS FROM poem start to comments finish.. you just did over 6400 words.. according to Microsoft Word..;)

  46. The words
    appearing in one of your photos is a timeless message.
    A message worth paying attention to.

    • Yes.. it is Adriana.. and one i’ve been listening to since youth..

      Truly it is a message for all the ages of life as living love and laugh..:)

      Thanks for coming by.. and i hope you have great weekend!..:)

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