Birth of Dance



A grain of sand..

than to not exist at all

IS what ‘GOD says’ shortly

before the BIG BANG

as metaphor only

as GOD IS both

a verbal









then moving as DANCE..

And then sound cOMES as SonG..

to keep A DANCE of creation going…..

And then the BIRTH of DANCE goes on……







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22 Responses to Birth of Dance

  1. Wow! That’s a lot of pictures! I loved this one- and the imagery of the dance…then the sky pics…then the dance of images one after the next. 😉

    • Ha-ha.. 39 photos and 40 with Katy’s music video above.. is a rather slow day for me.. and with only 69 words and 70 including the last ‘forbidden’ link.. a slow day for words as well…

      But in somethings IN LIFE only one word CAN do and if i could tell the world in one word what it means to live it WILL be..


      In fact.. i tell the world THAT with no words at all THROUGHOUT MY METRO AREA as i dance the walk of life.. and SHOW FOLKS HOW i FEEL ABOUT LIFE AN AVERAGE of around 7 TO 8 miles a day wherever i go..

      So yeah.. i am messenger of dance…2:)


      HAVE A great day enthusiastically DAWN as i know you are…;)

  2. The rhythms of nature are always echoed in the dance. As nature dances around us, within us is born the music that we hear to create our own unique song. Thank you for the fine poem. Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a happy new year.

    • TRUE.. and my mother tells me i GO around and around in my crib making a blister on my right toe.. and WILL almost never sleep at night…

      And then in the little trailer we live in there is a road in the distance.. a few hundred yards away..

      And the first time i escape the trailer my mother takes her eyes off of me for a split second and next thing she knows..

      A man with disgusted eyes stops his car to pick me up and carries me back to her..

      AS i am dancing down the road before i can speak at age 3….

      So yeah.. i am born with a song OF dance in me…:)

      Blessing to you and yours and a most happy Christmas and a VERY Merry New year!..:)

  3. billgncs says:

    we are all gains of sand certainly 🙂

    • i AM driven to take a quick look to make sure i spell grain correct after reading your comment…

      And yes.. i love your play on word as the gain of sand is what we are.. AT CORE OF BEING.. tRuly..

      As dust we are BORN and dust we and the rest of inanimate world will one NOW reTurn…

      And then….

      the dance of life goes on…. and on…..

      and reTurns…

      and on…. and on…..

      to INFINITY…




      IN NOW…..

      FOR who and or i…..

  4. brian miller says:

    oh I imagine creation was a feast for the senses….silent void…light….and then an emplosion of light and sound….and movement….very much like a dance….

    I hope that you have a wonderful holiday sir….enjoy time with your family…and of course…the dance…

    • A feast for the senses is a life OF deLIGHT and i suppose the darkness was a lonely enough place to MOTIVATE THAT dance of SOUND AND LIGHT…!

      GOD BLESS ya Brian for all ya do.. and i too hope you too.. will have a wonderful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.. with yours.. too..:)!

  5. To be born from that grain of sand.. and just to swirl in dance.. that’s the wonder of creation..

    • YES.. AS ABOVE SO BELOW.. and we too.. can be swirling Galaxies of all that is..:)

      And ha-ha!.. there is an evolution of dance youtube video somewhere that i came across showing the evolution of dance.. and the last dance in the series of dances is called the Milky Way.. with spiraling arms and legs.. in torso and hips sway..letting it all go.. just flowing with the gravity of all that is.. rather than opposing it with rules and guidelines of culture alone..:).. instead dancing ALLONE..;)

      Happy Holidays to ya.. Bjorn..:)

  6. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Perhaps you are the true LORD OF THE DANCE; so incredible how you improvise steps which can be watched but not taught. i am sure that you keep angels & spirit guides dancing with you. How cool to find we both have the earthy intellectual Gemini spark between us. I do not, cannot dance anymore (balance issues), but I used to dance as you do; great spiritual joy & connection to AllThatIs.

    • i think we all are.. but we have to look within to find the dance of us… and for some it is two step and for others it is words and so may other art forms of human and all that is alike..:)

      in yes.. the dance of ALLONE instead of going solo alone….

      Truly for me this gift of dance is inspired in more WAYS than what i WAS.. as until 2013.. all my years i never felt comfortable even walking alone as i literally had to watch my wife in Super-Walmart to even feel comfortable in walking at all.. it just did not come natural until last year.. and yeah.. that’s a hell of an old cocoon.. at age 53…;)

      But on a science note as i do love science.. it seems a big part of it was my brainiac ways sitting still in lecture and book way.. AND the last 5 years of work..CHAINED TO A COMPUTER AND MULTI TASKING A MYRIAD OF STUFF.. before my fall to stress related illnesses.. AND an athletic father who left at age 3 leaving me in the hands of cautious matriarchs who kept me close to apron strings with NEVER EVER A PROMOTION of rough and tumble play…;)

      Truly i never even felt comfortable enough to raise my hand and wave.. so i just nodded a little instead… by head…;)

      And seriously.. i personally think that this so-called epidemic.. of at least.. the higher functioning truly socially functional disability of Autism is in large PaRT environmentally produced by video games and other screen addiction SITTING STILL stuff..:)

      My therapist and psychiatrist both agree with me now that THIS RECOVERY IS CLEAR.. but they will STILL have a long road in convincing their other professional friends that it really happened to one of their patients it seems..who simply finds the ART OF MOVEMENT THAT SCIENCE DOES NOW SHOW DRIVES EMOTIONAL REGULATION AND SENSORY INTEGRATION BY WAY OF CEREBELLUM.. AS ‘WELL’.. IN ‘TIME’..:)

      i literAlly never learned to dance the dance of life THEN it seems..but the potential was always lurking.. or truly THIS IS A MIRACLE.. as how else CAN i now lead just last night.. one of the top 100 dance clubs in the US at age 54 all alone solo for 30 minutes before everyone else in their 20’s gets drunk enough to give it a try..;)

      i always look forward to and enjoy your visits to my blog.. as to share in soul.. is to surely share life..:)

      Again.. Happy Holidays to ya.. Glenn..:)

  7. Dance is such a gift…as is, of course, music. There is a beat to all creation and a certain sense of abandon when we are tuned into it. Have a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year.

    • Yes.. Victoria and for me arts of creativity of all kinds are gifts.. that i searched for.. for five decades in my life.. as to not create for me at least.. is NOT TO REFLECT wITh GOD i know now..:)

      Hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas and blessed now.. always for now and years to come..:)

  8. claudia says:

    he is verbal and nonverbal both… most def…. wishing you a happy holiday season…smiles

  9. kaykuala h says:

    then moving as DANCE..
    And then sound cOMES as SonG..
    to keep A DANCE of creation going…

    And that’s how it became known as, a song and dance routine. It can never be better expressed otherwise. Great pics, very generous fare Katiemia!


    • Yes.. maybe dance and song is a religion that everyone can agree on.. but nah.. diversity is great.. AND ALWAYS HUMAN REALITY.. tHere wILL still be country song tribal folks and rap song tribal folks as well as the polka against break dancing.. tribes….





      Thanks so much Hank and I hope your everynow is a HAPPYHOLIDAY NOW!..:)

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