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i celebrate Veteran’s day

by celebrating FREEDOM..

THE greatest gift of human being..

that many soldiers serving this country

as Veterans of Wars gave

and continue to give..

sometimes their life as well..

for the continuing FREEDOM OF HUMAN BEING



many folks seem not to understand what human freedom even can be.. when fully exercised…

Some folks truly believe that exercising the ability for Instant Gratification is freedom..

but that’s not what Mother Nature True aka GOD ‘suggests’ IS the truth

of Human Freedom as we are Evolved for Intermittent Gratification..

in human adaptation to meet the challenge of struggle

to make human being as strong as IT CAN BE..

as well as extension of exercising environmental tools

to make that Strength a REALITY…











SO i celebrate my passion for life..

both in challenge..

struggle and adaptation

for strength of human being..

in Survival and Sacred Unconditional Love..

From ways of poetry to connect to growing friendships

across the seas.. to martial arts/ballet style dance walking

almost everywhere i go.. to yes..

the Art of Male Nude Renaissance selfIE Photography..

to JOURNEY OF LIFE of 54 year old guy..

where potentially no man this age has gone before….

But that is passion of FREEDOM IN LIFE..

forging ONE’s own path..

and never ever waiting

for someone to go First..:)…

And truly it’s why we continue to exist on this planet..

as someone picked up the NEW BALL AND DID NOT DROP IT!..:)














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I like to write.
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11 Responses to VETERANS of Human FREEDOM



    If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to start a blog with your poetry, as there is almost unlimited potential on the Internet now to publish and share poetry with others with similar and MUCH DIFFERENT diverse minds.

    It’s fascinating to me to connect with people around the world like this.

    What I find is there are many people like me, but who are undiagnosed somewhere on the AUTISM spectrum OR broader AUTISM phenotype, per 10 to 15 percent of the general population, writing poetry, and yes very out of the box poetry per free verse style.

    And for me, if it were not for a total breakdown of humanity, both physically and mentally, in mid-life, I would still be churning away in the grind of the 9 to 5 lifestyle, administrating programs and supervising folks, with no Autism Spectrum diagnosis, with no poetry and truly No REAL life to SPEAK OF.

    And no, I would have likely gone to my dying bed, never dancing again like I did in my teens and 20’s and more than ever before NOW, as my major special interest is free style interpretive dance, done in a ballet/martial arts LIKE style now over 2600 miles in a little over 14 months by measure of Nike GPS Sports watch THAT no one CAN duplicate, not even me as dance leads me, now, always now, to new frontiers.

    I do not lead the dance of life, anymore; again, the dance of life leads me.

    And not only that, I can leg press 810 LBS now, but not cause I’m a tough guy; moreover, INSTEAD, as I learn THE True Power of human being is in the Divine Feminine in Grace of flow of movement in 360 degrees of all body parts moving in tandem, and Sacred Unconditional Love with no Illusory Fears.

    Of course I’m not the first Philosopher/Sophist, to come to that conclusion, by far, and on COURSE, convincing people that IT WORKS in REAL life, per action, and JUST DOING IT, IS truly the job of ‘JOB’ or maybe NIKE, ha-ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I cannot even convince my wife of almost 25 years, that her life is in HER HANDS, IN A RELATIVE FREE WILL WAY, and not some imaginary sky GOD, alone, created by a tribe wanting to hold on to land and food AND THE REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS OF WOMEN AND MAN ALIKE.

    The mind CAN be like a steel trap and existence in A LITERAL HUMAN HELL, for those who REFUSE TO OPEN IT, and live in what CAN BE A LITERAL HUMAN HEAVEN.

    I’ve truly lived in both places, and I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist, to live in heaven, in fact, standard MEASURED intelligence may be a road block, and religion can certainly be the biggest of road blocks, to truly seeing the GOD of Mother Nature TRUE, i to EYE AS ONE LIVING FORCE OF LIFE. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So I continue to write epic poetry here, but in disguise as when I remove the standard intelligence punctuation, grammar, and form, it becomes organic; YES, alive, in shaped form as well, per the Universal patterns of the fractals of the Universe in Golden Mean Spiral of 1.618.

    Yes, the Golden Mean Spiral of the pyramid, the vase, the chalice, the bell, the wave and the word BECOME ONE, with human being as well as phallic and fertility symbols inherent as such, and last but not least Galaxies, Hurricanes, Tornados, and Nautilus shells that have been around so much longer than human being.

    So YES, the word is born of flesh AND the flesh is born of word, ‘ABOVE so BELOW’.

    For me this is literal truth of life NOW as well as metaphorical truth.

    But no, it’s nothing new, at ALL aka GOD.

    There is nothing sadder to me in this world, than Lost Fractals, and humans are apparently one of the few if any animals that can attain this separation from Mother Nature True aka GOD.

    Seriously, it makes me cry, as the answers NOW seem so simple to me but so far away for most people, for sure, who walk as Zombies in a life, BOTH LITERALLY AND METAPHORICALLY that IS EVOLVED TO BE FREE ‘VERSE’ AS ‘UNI VERSE’ in DANCE, SONG, AND POETRY OF LIFE. ๐Ÿ™‚

    First tHere IS dark, then light, then movement or dance, then sound or song to energize movement or dance in infinite loop, and then some humans invented poetry to attempt to describe emotions that power human beings the same, in fractal way.

    And then thEre IS science NOW that continues to be the scribe of GOD.

    To suggest that any of this is separate from GOD is at LEAST in PART, evidence of lost fractals of life, as far as I see now.

    This perhaps, brings a whole new LIGHT to the words lost and savior, huh, per Abrahamic religious reference. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    It’s both science and COMMON SENSE.

    MY CAT LIVES THE COMMON SENSE PART OF IT, easily, like a C’aTman’ NAP. ๐Ÿ™‚
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!



    Interesting how some human beings separate their emotions from the natural world, as well as their interpersonal relationships with others.

    All human beings are made of star stuff and are the cosmos unto itself per paraphrase of Carl Sagan Wisdom.

    The patterns of fractals in nature seen throughout from the Golden Spiral mean of Galaxies, Tornados, and Nautilus shells equate out to 1.618.

    The veins in our body are patterned like the rivers that lead to oceans and the same patterns are seen throughout the cosmos as well.

    Science has only recently gained an eye sharp enough to see the SCIENCE BEHIND THESE REALITIES OF ONE LIFE WE LIVE WITH THE UNIVERSE AS WHOLE.




    Now as to why Astrology does work better than coincidence, there is synchronicity in life, that flows when emotions are in full swing, but for those who repress their emotions like rivers that no longer make it to the ocean, the result is plain to see, for those who see deeper than eyes alone.

    It’s why poetry works so well to express Universal truth, it describes emotion and emotion is what motivates us to live, again, it is as simple as that, once again it is, for those who can see below as well as above, and inside as well as outside their limited view of eye.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    I agree, very possible for you, but not for me.

    Interesting it is, how different minds work and perceive the world.

    I am a statistician by knowledge in college, and also in the decades long grind of working for the government in collateral duty and there is no way the things I personally experience in life are the result of coincidence alone per the science of statistics as studied in college and applied at work.

    Truly I pay little to no attention to astrology, but numerology bends the class of statistics beyond narrow school ways of thinking, for one example I do ‘play’ with.

    And it only stands to reason, that when a child is born, the time of season along with dopamine producing environmental factors like more light in summer, are environmental factors that CAN stimulate potential epigenetic change and different personalities.

    It would obviously vary by mileage of course per individual and environment beyond that ‘simple’ combination of factors per dopamine, light, and epigenetics, and for ‘the pattern and visual thinkers to figure out by extensive observation, per the current ‘science’ of Astrology.

    That’s one ‘simple’ answer but the synergy of additional environmental factors for the answers as to why Astrology works, is no easier to pin down, than one cause of Autism

    And synchronicity like human archetypes is real.

    Science has caught up to the Jungian ‘science’ of human archetypes, but they just haven’t caught up to him yet on his ‘science’ of synchronicity but truly it is no surprise as science by its very nature stifles what humans can be per FULL HUMAN POTENTIAL motivated by FULL human emotions.

    So that is a self-fulfilling prophecy in science itself for the weakness of science to understand this true FULLER potential of human life.

    Mechanical cognition represses this human potential, and science has caught up to that, per peer reviewed study, ironically, but the folks who do science and live a life in mostly mechanical cognition, are not immune from the repression of social cognition and associated factors of human empathy and pro-social emotions.

    And no I do not expect you to understand this, if you haven’t walked in my shoes, but some people will understand it, more likely in the listening audience, than the folks who post here, simply as the forum is skewed toward higher verbal written abilities and lesser toward pattern AND visual thinkers for the obvious reason that it is a text forum.

    And yes, recognizing patterns has everything to do with it, along with FULL USE OF human emotion, and not just the con-social kind as synchronicity is of evolutionary benefit to the group that survives together in sharing and cooperation using pro-social emotions.

    During the period of five years of my life, where there was no emotion there was absolutely no synchronicity.

    Before and after it was beyond the science of statistics per coincidence alone.

    People thought the earth was flat too, before science caught up, so it’s no surprise that science still lags behind, on the full potential of the human mind. The human mind is still truly a relatively unexplored area of science, not unlike the full ‘face’ of GOD AKA Mother Nature TRUE.

    Perhaps the poets will figure it out first, they most often do, per historical record, as is.

    To be clear this is only my opinion, but alas this is Philosophy forum, not a Science forum, and Philosophy does often lead science as well, per historical record.

    Life is way too short, to depend on Science alone for answers to live a full and happy life.

    That’s for sure, and a Yogi can tell you that, for sure, who controls their bodily functions like body temperature, steaming heat off of robes in icy water, and controlling alpha and theta brain waves, without even any bio-feedback machines.

    And yes, science has finally measured this, per the scientific method, evidenced as true, and no NOT someone’s imagination.

    And for all practical intents and purposes, I am a Yogi, as in real documented life; I have gained mastery over my bodily functions as well. I don’t own any long pants, not even when the temperatures dip down into the teens, here in North Florida, as I have undomesticated myself, per real true human effect and AFFECT per regulation of brain waves, body temperature, and emotions as well.

    If I had waited for science to tell me how to do it, it would have never happened.

    I just looked within and found the answers through intuition and instinct, the same as our ancestors did, before they were functionally disabled by complex language and culture.

    True story, by the way, that is, as science now shows that folks who live like our pre-historic ancestors have similar morphological stronger features as them per density of bones.

    I figured that part out too, and can leg press 810 LBS now at age 54, as opposed to before I healed myself through instinct and intuition, and could not raise my arms up over my head, after eating or walking around the block without almost passing out.

    Let’s just say, I’m passionate about human potential per much more than science knows now, by evidence of my life for sure, for now at least. ๐Ÿ™‚
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    Personally i like it the way it is.. and i too enjoy visiting the way my mind worked in the past.. through words of the past.. now that i finally have them over the last 4 years or so..on Internet sitesโ€ฆ:)

    And this reminds me that we are all much smaller microcosm Universes of the Big ONE out tHere and in here.. above so below.. we do know..nOWโ€ฆ

    And now that i can spiral my arms and legs with torso..hips.. and finger/toe tips..

    I at least feel like a spiraling galaxy balance in gravity wherever i goโ€ฆ

    And all the trillions of neuron connections in my brain.. and trillions and trillions of atoms throughout my body.. along with all the molecular body systems.. make a microcosm-like being of Universe inside of me.. as well..:)

    So with good conscious control of the seat of my being.. or soulโ€ฆ

    Perhaps that is evidence enough that GOD exists.. on the macrocosm level as a type of navigator ALL knowing consciousness as compared to the small view i see for all that is.. aka GOD2..;)

    But truly the feelings and emotions you word here.. are reminiscent of what i do feel now.. when i do dance freely in 360 degrees.. like a spiraling galaxy in action of gravity balance working with GOD and gravity instead of against IT.. as such..:)



    The way the Iceman accomplishes this by:

    “Hof seems to be able to raise his cortisol levels and lower the amount of cytokines (inflammatory mediators) just by using his meditation techniques. A different study on Hof while immersed in ice showed that Hof suppressed the cytokines by 100 percent.[9] In September 2011, Hof also ran a full marathon in the Namib Desert without water. The run was performed under the supervision of Dr. Thijs Eijsvogels.”

    Yes, per the link you provided as quoted above, this is similar to the way that Tibetan Yogi Monks that Ms. Lizard linked to above do it.

    In our westernized worlds our minds are focused mostly on problem solving through the course of school sitting still behind a desk either staring at a computer screen or a lecturer.

    If one can imagine our ancestors living as foragers they spent their time living with Mother Nature True aka GOD as ONE, as required to capture prey, and gather other available food subsistence in wild plant life. Their life was one of constant movement and experience was one of connection with others and FEELING THE ENVIRONMENT and responding to environmental challenges in kind through instinct and intuition.

    When I worked with the general public for almost two decades, social connection, the natural human way of life, per our ancestors was my way of life every day all day long,

    I lived in relative bliss as for the most part bliss is simple animal homeostasis or peace of mind and no it wasn’t easy for years at first, until I adapted to the environmental challenge of this social environment.

    The definition of a Yogi is one who keeps peace of mind, with regulation over bodily functions, and the goal of most every normal animal is homeostasis after meeting challenge of fight, flight and subsistence in general, moreover.

    I developed 19 medical disorders including extreme sensory integration problems like a severely autistic child, because of one thing and one thing only, stress, unrelenting chronic stress and the overwhelming causal factor of that stress is I never learned how to control my mind through emotional intelligence and my body that carries emotions down through the vagal nerve from brain to gut.


    But when emotions are repressed tensions replace the emotions in the body as negative REPRESSION IN TENSION rather than positive FREE LIVING PRO-SOCIAL EMOTION.

    When one frees their body through positive meditation in moving the body and mind together per one example of the formal practice of TAI CHI that can be gained through instinct and intuition alone without lesson, the body and mind again works in harmony and the result CAN BE INNER PEACE.

    The doctors gave up on me, and told me there is nothing they could do for me, as their drugs would not work for Trigeminal Neuralgia, ASSOCIATED ILLS OF Sjogren’s syndrome an Immune system disorder, and Fibromyalgia.

    The doctor told me there was no chance for recovery to have a productive life, just per the SEVERE CASE of anxiety I had developed as well.

    I looked within with instinct and intuition and proved them all wrong.

    And seriously in real life, when I go without water in a marathon effort for rave dance for 3 to 4 hours without a drink of water, every Thursday Night now coming up to 33 weeks tonight, some people think and REMARK TO ME, I have to be on some kind of drug to do it, but I tell them I’ve mastered control over my mind and body, and live in bliss all the time.

    And yeah, they give me the WTF look in disbelief but we don’t exactly live in an ‘ENLIGHTENED’ society in the US, and it shows in the population’s medical record overall, with one-third of school age children who are now pre-diabetic, a nation approaching 50% of its population on some kind of pain killer, as well as the use of anti-depressants sky rocketing.

    These are all cultural symptoms of a society that has lost its grasp on basic human nature, and the TRUE ART, YES ART OF INSTINCT AND INTUITION OF SIMPLY LIVING FREE WITH MOTHER NATURE TRUE aka GOD.

    And as in the video below, if anyone’s interested in learning more about the Tibetan Monks in how they achieve inner peace that almost anyone CAN DO who gains escape from cultural illusions and finds the power within with instinct and intuition, the Dali Lama uses Jesus as an example of an historical figure who has gained this basic human instinctual and intuitive state of being.

    ADDITIONALLY, Jesus as reported similar to Tibetan Yogi Monks, teaches the instinctual and intuitive ways of living in cooperation and sharing with others as brothers and sisters, rather than dominating folks through the brainwashing of culture that says collect and compete instead of share and cooperate.

    We overall, as human beings, innately do this when living in balance with Mother Nature True aka GOD and our GOD given Human Nature, instead of illusory brainwashing from cultures using the tool control tool of subjugation through fear for materialistic gains, and oppression and repression of our basic human nature per emotions and sexual nature that when fulfilled provide the opportunity for the greatest potential in human creativity and productivity.

    Our closest primate cousin the Bonobo as now studied by science that has the similar empathy gene and an associated empathic brain structures as us does the similar as well, in the wild with no complex language or culture.

    The chimpanzee on the other had, still rapes and pillages. A common fallacy is that we are like chimpanzees at core of our temperament for survival. The truth is we are more like Bonobos and if let run free act more like the free love movement of the sixties.

    Seriously that’s us, overall, in a nut shell, free loving, when set free from subjugation, repression, and oppression per cultural means mostly by power of the tool of cultural illusory fear.

    The only places where historical Yogis fail in my opinion, is the belief that expressing sexual nature is counterproductive; to me that is obviously still the result of a post forager to agrarian to industrial to now information technology way of patriarchal leaning culture, rather than the matriarchal leaning cultures of our hunter gather aka FORAGER ancestors.

    True power is in the grace of the CAT or Instinctual Martial artist WHO learns that ‘invisibility’ is the way to escape the predator and capture the prey. And Unconditional Love, per helping others rather than dominating them, is the true path to human power also, as this is WHAT WE ARE overall EVOLVED TO DO PER MOTHER NATURE TRUE AKA GOD.

    And it’s not surprising that some of the repressed and or oppressed subjugated through FEAR Jews walking like a robot in the streets with tense bodies, did SEE Jesus as a GOD, as he was likely just another YOGI leaning guy regaining his human nature and natural place as GOD’s true child, and not a child of cultural lies, instead.

    Chances are he too, could do amazing things, like me, and I am more excited about the amazing things I can do that I DO DOCUMENT WITH THE EVIDENCE THAT I HAVE THOROUGHLY DONE FOR PROOF, as if I can do them, after being so sick and weak, AND ALMOST DYING, with 19 medical disorders and overcoming ALL OF IT at age 53 AND 54 most everyone on this forum could do it too.

    BUT ONLY for the most part, IF they CAN escape cultural ILLUSIONS and look within for the answers, PER THE FOLKS WHO HAVE THINGS ABOUT THEMSELVES THEY WISH THEY COULD CHANGE.

    Without the Passion, Belief and Faith one CAN CHANGE as well as Trust in Mother Nature True aka GOD, the path to inner peace is truly the eye of the needle and culture is the Camel, overall.

    ALTHOUGH the Christian Catholic religion I was raised in was far from perfect, it laid a basic foundation, not too far away from the natural Yogi, for me to forge my own path for success in inner peace, much later in life. After gaining it, many of the teachings of Jesus that do ring true, make perfect sense to me now as before it was hit and miss.


    BUT THEY are inherently based on Mother Nature and careful observation of human beings PER the patterns that DO TRULY exist.

    There is no separation OF HUMAN AND MOTHER NATURE TRUE AKA GOD, from the smallest microcosm particle known of our bodily functions to the largest macrocosm of the Universe THAT SCIENCE DOES NOW EVIDENCE AS TRUTH, and elements of Truth often DO exist where science cannot see the TOTAL TAPESTRY OF LIFE AS LIVING IT TRUE WITH MOTHER NATURE AKA GOD.

    Some folks see more of the tapestry and some folks see the details clearer, but that DOES NOT mean that EITHER OR does not EXIST.


    And if one wants to view more of what the true MAN YESHUA AKA Jesus looked like when he lived, the video linked above, is a POSITIVE path to FOLLOW OVERALL, in my NOW MUCH BETTER educated opinion TO FIND THE TRUE ANSWERS for one who seeks TRUTH rather than what their peers and relatives told them is truth through potential cultural illusions PER THE EFFECTIVE AND ‘AFFECTIVE’ TOOL OF SUBJUGATION THROUGH FEAR, REPRESSION AND OPPRESSION OF OUR GOD GIVEN HUMAN NATURE.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!



    Perhaps we are living in a matrix now, as POTENTIALLY encoded in our genetics.

    But per Mother Nature True aka GOD, NEO and the Oracle, not the Architect of Cultural Illusion with little emotion to drive instinct AND intuition in the true dance and song of life.

    I think what some folks do not recognize or forget is the prophetic visions of religious prophets, sophists, philosophers and creative efforts of literary, music and other artistic with an ‘R’ giants are similar in the way they are created in theta brain wave trance connecting to our subconscious mind that stores human archetypes as manifested through our genetics as human animals.

    The bee alone does not design the hive, the bee acts on instinct provided by Mother Nature True aka GOD.

    The bee needs no complex language or cultural rules to design intricate ways of subsistence in living life.

    I think people severely underestimate the power of GOD GIVEN human instinct.

    The following video shows an excellent example of the tapestry of what happens when humans work together like bees through instinct and intuition manifested into magnificent creation of tapestry of subsistence by humans in their design of cultural infrastructure as what we see in the ‘natural world’ too.

    From the small view one sees the details but truly the tapestry is magnificent when viewed AND LIVED AS WHOLE.

    We are never working alone, although the illusion can be we are.

    Bees hold no illusion, and they thrive in the hive, when in balance.

    Humans CAN DO THE SIMILAR, but with humans ‘handicapped’ with neocortical and frontal lobe ‘advances’ discipline IS REQUIRED to even live in the PRESENT NOW.

    BEES LIVE IN the heaven of NOW, and yes humans CAN TOO.

    And yes, overall, Astrology is tapestry too.

    But obviously at the detail level, it doesn’t always work, as it’s not perfect, it’s only tapestry.

    Perfect in my opinion, would truly s**K, as the practice is the reward, not the goal.

    It’s just the way we are evolved, and that IS for intermittent gratification, NOT INSTANT GRATIFICATION, AS THAT is the true cause of most of human suffering in our modern cultures, as when we DO THAT, we go against our human nature and Mother Nature True aka GOD too.

    Mother Nature AND HUMAN NATURE ONE and same is STILL our master and there is truly no escaping Mother Nature although some folks DO HOLD THAT ILLUSION FOR SURE, and pay the consequences time and time again, as history shows both at the society and individual level as evidenced for sure.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    And very likely.. in my personal learned experiential opinion..

    those with little emotion..belief in ‘much’ of anything

    or faith AND hope in anything.. much at all…

    Never even feel the stars of life

    in their own eyes..

    and certainly not the eyes of others…

    IN the limited evidence for pre-cognition that DOES EXIST in science..

    Science does show.. that the observer effect (AFFECT) of disbelief and negativity…

    can kill what exists of the life of precognition however small that

    truth may be…

    But for those with great faith.. belief.. HOPE and positive energy..



    perhaps the sky’s the limit..,

    It is for me at least.. and i have the documented evidence for the

    NAYSAYERS of A fullest life imaginable in what CAN BE

    Human potential…

    And truly that IS REAL LIFE MAGICK…

    But no it IS FAR FROM FREE TO BE FREE…..

    IT’S THE HARDEST most rewarding challenge


    sometimes JUST TO IMAGINE….and make dreams


    but is IT possible..

    YES.. a REsounding yes!
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


    The real Jesus as reported in the Gospel of Thomas would probably roll his eyes as Alcohol is part of nature and so is foreskin so no per that gospel if Mother Nature True approves of it; it’s ok. And on top of that the real historical Sabbath is on Saturday.

    There are so-called fundamentalist nutter Christians AND nutter Atheists and that’s just a segment of humanity.

    There are so-called psychopathic leaning Atheists AND Christians and that’s just a segment of society.

    Put a group of any literal-thinking folks together with one or more psychopathic leaning leaders and one WILL get some CRAZY sh88!

    History is full of examples and there are some online autistic communities on Facebook that are textbook examples but I am not going to name them as that is against the rules here.

    And at least 90 percent of the folks were I live are Christians but they too for the most partake of Mother Nature’s “spirits”. And a free market economy IS KING HERE, so closing stores on Sunday as a political referendum, is beyond even ‘Nutter aspirations’ where I live.

    I’m assuming you live somewhere in Scandinavia where the social welfare state works for the majority of people and organized religion is no longer necessary to glue society together.

    But that doesn’t change the ratio of nutters or psychopaths as obviously with the demographics of Christians quoted it’s just a nutter initiative like the Libertarian party in the US. In other words, it is a waste of time thinking it will change anything in THE REAL WORLD as is.

    And by the way for clarity I am using the Einstein definition of insanity not the DSM criteria.

    Doing the same dam thing over and over the same way and getting the same result but expecting a different result never the less, yes, the Einstein definition of Insanity.

    I do the different thing over and over and almost always get results.

    And that’s simply a law of Mother Nature True aka GOD too.

    Diverse ways of thinking and doing things creates results.

    It’s also called adaption to environmental struggle and challenge through change and success in meeting novel challenges and struggles through novel ways of doing things.

    Truly some folks almost never change, and that’s Einsteinโ€™s definition of insanity in a nutshell.

    In other words, these ARE the true ‘Nutters’ of Mother Nature FALSE, both Atheist and Christian, as ‘Nutter’ is a way of life not just a religion unto itself practiced only on Sundays.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


    True and I had a similar class in Physical Anthropology as Anthropology is one of my degrees, but for steaming heat off robes in icy cold waters it is more complicated than simple evolutionary adaptation in physiology to the physical geographical environment, as actual mind control over bodily functions come into play, as per the scientific documentation on Tibetan Yogi Monks and the ICE MAN article as linked earlier in the thread.

    And as a blue eyed German Black Forest descended Individual two generations removed with the additional influence of Northern European on my mother’s side I am certainly adapted to colder temperatures naturally, but no, before I learned to control my bodily functions with my mind, I was not able to do TAI CHI barefoot in my underwear in the snow. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s impossible to do this without actually generating heat through the feet to avoid frostbite through instinctual and intuitive mind control. There are no instructions in a book to get one the desired result alone.

    But no, I did not do it all day long either. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And on the other hand I am also heavily influenced by American Indian and Cajun (French/Spanish) heritage on maternal and paternal sides respectively, so I tan very easily which is almost necessary to live in Florida and stay outside with little to no clothing, without really bad sunburns.

    So yes, Mother Nature gave me the best of both seasonal worlds I guess. ๐Ÿ™‚

    For anyone who HAS studied physical anthropology the height of political correct ignorance is suggesting people who have adapted differently to geographical differences in environment do not have advantage over or disadvantage under other people.

    An example is African Americans handling the heat better than the cold as opposed to folks with almost all Northern European heritage, as well as speed over endurance in running verses percentage of slow twitch vs. fast twitch muscle fibers. And even morphological structure of the skeletal system, per biomechanical advantage.

    And probably the most ignorant thing I’ve ever seen/heard in text is a group of You Tubers making fun of the relatively small size of a Lion’s Penis to the rest of the Lion’s ferocious killing body.

    Killers with large penises are killers with no penises in the wild, as when there’s something to claw and hold onto in the fight, the result is yes, no penis, no offspring, and classic evolution does the rest. End result is Lions and even domesticated cats with relatively very small penises for their size.

    The more social an animal is per the Bonobo free loving ways of sex, as our closest cousin, the larger the testicles and associated apparatus.

    But the alpha male gorilla is another much smaller story of relative sizes, in reproductive equipment.

    Italian men have some of the smallest average penis sizes per studies done world wide geographically as well as middle eastern men, and East Indians per Caucasian men, but they have a long history of tribal fighting, and the Northern European thingy with the cold, and long things freezing off and short things staying warm does come into play in this most human of evolutionary equations. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyway, truly it is fascinating AND TRULY IRONICALLY AMUSING as for some folks the ‘thing’ they worry about the most is the thing that saved their life, per FULL HISTORICAL AND PRE-HISTORIC RECORD OF their ancestors. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s ALL RELATIVE, AND NEVER a REAL CONCERN FOR WORRY, AS illusory fears are illusory fears, mostly generated by religion and culture, instead of instinct and intuition, the God Given aka Mother Nature True instructions to live, WELL.

    “The Cold Never Bothered me Anyway”


    – the movie Frozen
    with a wink of course.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!

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