Raccunis Dancer


Planet very much like ours it is..



Planet temperate in temperature with a true Paradise


abundant resources of natural

foraging and hunting food..

in complete




the name of this planet

from the constellation


On this Planet a peaceful easy loving

species of upright


and amazing








flourish together as ONE



it is not always this way..

at one point there are clans of males and females

that fight against each other



The females are the stronger part of Raccunis Society..

so they keep the Kits

after birth and through maturity at this time in

Raccunis history..

but as the Art of Love flourishes..

 amazing abilities of Telepathy come..

along with the Raccunis way of chatter of voice and song..

but something else happens..

the Raccunis

peoples learn balance and increasing balance in everything they do..

as they live by instinct and intuition with never the need to create


collect materialistic goods..

they begin to live a culture of True Unconditional Sacred Love..

and in doing so they find the feminine and masculine spirit lives in all

and finally the warring clans of males and females

accept that they are truly similar





The change in consciousness is AMAZING and then Love really takes off..

through the art of dance and song..

they find through

looking within


powering their subconsciousness through

instinct and intuition that at core..

they can create their own reality through

the atomic energy that is they

at core of Raccunis being…

At will they can

shape shift

into whatever it is in their environment that is alive




At this time they develop greater and greater powers of empathy and

they becomes so loving that they can feel pain and suffering on

other planets with no limits of space.. distance..or time…

So they yearn to help others

and yes..!

they finally find a way to escape time.. distance.. and travel

in spirit and shape themselves into the form of beings that need their help…

They hear a call.. a struggling call.. a desperate call for help…

There are peoples on a planet very much like Raccunis

with mostly ocean and about a quarter land..


much more volatile planet it still is.. though…

The ghost dance of the American Indians call to them..

they are praying to the Great Spirit that help will come to

save their loving way of living with Nature from



The Raccunis come and tell them that they will help but it will not be easy..

they must dance together as two different peoples at core of heart..

and yes.. they must love each other to produce a spiritual

hybrid Human/Raccunis at atomic core of  being..

with LOVE naturally at genetic core..

to awake when the time of

change comes


a ONE world order of LOVE…

Then the Raccunis Telepathic..



 will awake in humans of all colors..

as the Raccunis gene is spread all over the world..

instinctually and intuitively they will

know they are different but yet the same..

as all others.. and they will teach others..

through dance and words of Raccunis Love..












this is not the first time the Raccunis people come to earth..

they also come in the time of Pyramids..

both in Egypt and Maya..

in India and China..

and yes..

they come around 2000 years ago..

and attempt a revolution of Love then..



it is time

for all


Dance and Sing










IMG_6625 IMG_6626 IMG_6627 IMG_6628 IMG_6629 IMG_6630 IMG_6631 IMG_6632 IMG_6633 IMG_6634 IMG_6635 IMG_6636 IMG_6637 IMG_6638 IMG_6639 IMG_6640 IMG_6641 IMG_6642 IMG_6643 IMG_6644 IMG_6645 IMG_6646 IMG_6647 IMG_6648 IMG_6649 IMG_6650 IMG_6651 IMG_6652 IMG_6654 IMG_6655 IMG_6656 IMG_6658 IMG_6659 IMG_6660 IMG_6661 IMG_6662 IMG_6663 IMG_6664 IMG_6665 IMG_6667 IMG_6668


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29 Responses to Raccunis Dancer

  1. http://brudberg.wordpress.com/2014/09/30/the-divinity-of-gossip-for-dverse/

    Ah.. the oral tradition of Gossip.. once a place of deeper stories told.. now a place where instant gratification rules the day and night.. and love is at times..

    no longer light… the dark the night.. the voice.. the song.. the dance.. a way of life.. where hope still lives…

    In LIGHT.

  2. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postt268000.html

    Oh, I think the answer to that is simple and really not much different than the Star Wars Trilogy. They would simply say there is an atomic like force at the core of all being that we all share called the Force. Some others might call it GOD, but NEVER the less it IS FORCE. 🙂

    And perhaps some others would call it Unconditional Sacred Love, USL, as it exists, whether people see it or not. 😉
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


  3. http://www.wrongplanet.net/posts267874-start30.html

    Off topic, but just stopping by to say thank you, Ana. Your imagination and inquisitive mind has in some way rubbed off on me it seems. I have not been able to write a fictional story since 1979; a story at the time of me at 19, to my first love that I got back with, a forbidden love then with parents. So I wrote a fictional story in a place of ‘mind’ of hope beyond reality; an Island get away, with an accepting friend, so welcoming that my Love believed it and for a short while, we lived in True hope, then.

    And now, ha-ha, I even include Aliens too, of sort, in my latest 35 year hiatus of fictional story written.

    This is reciprocal social communication Ana. When people appreciate the help others give them, no matter how small, they simply go the time and effort to say thank you, and that is what i’m doing here now.

    So again, thank you.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


  4. Mary says:

    Hard to scroll through so many pictures to get to the comment box here. Indeed a strong modern myth.

    • Thanks Mary..:)

      Sorry you had trouble scrolling through the photos.. Part of my target audience is non verbal autistic folks who are not verbal thinkers as well as others who are verbal thinkers.. I am truly blessed now to enjoy both and to effectively communicate with both audiences..:)

  5. Glenn Buttkus says:

    A mere 619 words, brevity for you of the many thousand word poems; what an exceptional take on the prompt, K; your message is clarion, inner truth, for WE are all ONE, part of the gang of entities that were whelped by AllThatIs, co-creators of the Universe, of this plane/planet of existence–& now, it seems, co-creators of its corruption, corrosion, & possible demise at worst, & disfigurement at least. Another sterling effort by you. And I, for one, always dig scrolling through your images which create yet another poem.

    • Thanks so much Glenn for the Words of Appreciation and i am so happy you dig scrolling through the images.. as truly for me as a person who lost effective use of my hearing for music and eyes for beauty for 5 long years of human hell.. this is my place to celebrate in both music and images.. with only words that come as a result of loss of both effective use of hearing for song.. and seeing for beauty…

      Additionally… yes..the loss of my ability to coordinate my body through time..distance and space through those five years.. is also human hell.. without even the ability to navigate the make of a TV dinner.. or move into a place of backyard Sun.. without stumbling and spilling the TV dinner all over my lap and legs…

      BUT..Most horrifyingly the inability to emotionally connect as a human being either emotionally or passionately in any way…IN REAL LIFE THEN…


      AND NO..THERE ARE not enough words in infinity.. to describe what all of humanity can be in the restricted link.. FOR An assessed medically and legally so-called permanently physically disabled male at age 54….

      The bottom line IS We are truly MagicK beings when we use the innate magicK that is WE and US..:)

      And i seriously AIM to prove it IN REAL LIFE MYTHOLOGY..TOO..;)

      SMILES AND i already know you are having a great day..as you live one with both an inquisitive nature of child and WONDER TOO..:) still at whatever age you are..now.. as i think you said around 70..but a living human spirit truly never grows old…

      My Aunt Jettie at age 94 taught me that TRUTH before she died.. and when i was DEAD in LIFE..NOW! THANK ALL OF THAT AND ALL IT IS.. i am aLIVE! again!

  6. Sumana Roy says:

    such a strong story-line and so interesting…this modern myth has an intense message for us all..that we are one..a nice write…

    • Thanks so much Sumana.. i am hoping folks can see the TRUTH housed in the Myth.. i refuse to pooh.. pooh.. myths of past too.. as even the GODS of ancient Greek Mythology teach us so much about being human.. that.. can be so hard to understand without any CATCHY SYMBOLS OF ABSTRACT TRUTH THAT humans can understand at core of being.. simply HUMAN…

      i for one worship beauty.. and beauty and GOD are ONE AND same to me too!two!2!

      Smiles.. thanks for stopping by and HOPE you have a great day2!..:)

  7. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postt268000.html

    Interesting as manipulating energy through conscious WILL is part of the mythological story I just wrote, per the comment in the other thread. I cannot factually describe it with the scientific details but I know at least in my life, I have been able to do this to some extent, where I do continue to practice and increase this REAL LIFE SKILL through instinct and intuition as time goes on.

    Problem being though, is that it is impossible to do this without escaping the illusions of culture that are truly myriad, as well as control over emotions where no con-social emotions exist including the emotion of pride, or ‘big headedness’. And yes, this is the pitfall of fame, on relying on others for energy rather than producing it, one’s self.

    It is why I have complete FAITH AND ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT IN THE GOD OF NATURE that I simply Know AS IS. IT IS SO MUCH more than can ever be learned in A TEXTBOOK, PER THE SPECIAL FEATURES OF GOD, so far today, but I do have trust that science is still OPEN enough to find the answers one day that as a human being I already know to be both TRUTH AND REAL. 🙂

    And in my opinion, there is no way that an advanced species, advanced enough to escape their own planet to another solar system, can be anything but ethically advanced, as they would have killed each other off, well before they left their own solar system, without what I know to be the most POWERFUL FORCE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE: THE FORCE OF UNCONDITIONAL SACRED LOVE. Relatively RARE YES, here, but yes It most definitely does exist, STILL, among the minority of folks here on THIS earth ‘right’ now. 🙂 AND I DO HAVE COMPLETE faith it will continue to GROW this way.

    As it simply feels good, and human innately eventually do what feels good, in negativeLY, but most importantLY IN POSITIVE SACRED LOVING WAYS TOO!
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


  8. Gabriella says:

    Interesting and original take on the prompt. Myths still have so much meaning.

    • Yes! i truly think they do.. and wonderful that movie makers like Disney do TRULY still make them anew and bring them to life on the big screen to relay Universal truths that adults and children can enjoy too!

      i can’t wait for the Next Disney created mythology movie.. as i cannot get enough of…

      Universal Truth..
      and glad that children are getting at least some appropriate doses of it too..
      from Disney at least if no where else!..;)

  9. claudia says:

    hey – that cat is sweet – many myths are pretty much alive as through all the years, the themes are always the same

    • HI! thanks Claudia.. my cat says you’re sweet too.. but he takes my word for everything..without much choice..;)

      And truth the themes of TRUTH ARE SAME.. but the message can never be said enough times different for the TRUTH to TRULY be heard..

      i think…

      Smiles and have a great day 2…:)

  10. MarinaSofia says:

    I only wish the Raccunis really did rule the earth… not just come on brief visits with their message getting lost in the meantime…

    • i think it IS all our responsibility to make the Raccunis a permanent member of the human race.. and it starts with the RAccunis spirit in us first.. and then shared with all others..TRUE..we know..now..and the beat of Love goes on.. and on… and on…
      In Raccunis TRUTH!

      I Believe is the most important TRUTH.. i think..RAccunis or Not!
      To alter reality for TRUTH
      FINaLLy Now!


  11. brian miller says:

    cool story…that they did not start off as love but as a divided people that battled is at least a bit of hope for us…i think it might take something like a visit from them to get us to even be open to such a society….

    • Hi Brian.. in metaphor i like to think we are the Raccunis but some and yes.. unfortunately still many of are still unaware.. the first step.. may even be teaching folks to understand metaphor.. to understand at core of human we have always been Raccuni.. and it is just a matter of looking within.. escaping the current illusory aspects of culture.. and once again freeing ourselves as TRUE Raccuni.. but as the metaphor said.. it will not be easy.. never was.. never is.. and likely never will be.. but for those who are liberated with Unconditional Sacred Love the True Joy is in sharing it.. and watching the light of Unconditional Sacred Love light up in those.. too.. who awaken2..:)

  12. I enjoyed this story very much and the message in the poem. As Brian, says, if another planet managed the transformation of consciousness, ours could too. But we had better hurry up!

    • Ah.. the GREAT transformation of consciousness.. first in balance of human as the metaphorical Yin and Yang Brain of Right and Left Hemispheres finally communicating with each other well enough to Awaken! and become one force of balanced human being.. Reason and Logic.. and Science And Art.. and Masculine and Feminine and all the other Yin and Yang elements of mind..body..heart..soul..spirit.. and beyond with Allitis become One..

      But then there is the Planet Gaia.. a living organism not unlike the human body.. with right and left hemispheres of people and other animals that even in continents of left and right as whole are Yin or Yang leaning continents of difference that need balance as one Gaia.. so Gaia can once again as Whole Planet be balanced again.. with the neurons of humans perhaps better firing and even communicating electronically to help make this balance finAlly ONE!

      And even then there are galaxies of stars and a Universe of Galaxies that as above so below.. like the electrons orbiting the nucleus at core of every molecule of our human body.. must interact in balance to maintain stability with gravity too…

      The patterns of alike go on in nature.. inside.. outside.. above so below…

      We only fight against nature when we fight against balance as human being true…

      Nature only demands that we work with the Nature that is one and same with ALL IT IS also known as Mother Nature True..IN BALANCE…as ONE force of Nature.. TRUE!

      OR ELSE….


      THE Raccuni learn this lesson in mythological way…

      And We have the harder part as we must learn it in the REAL WAY…

      WHERE we must forge the path for IT IS yet to come for…



      BUT i have Hope..Will..Faith.. and i Believe i can do my little part..
      and hope to Inspire others…

      YIN AND YANG BALANCE LIKE A 6 AND 9 opposing each other moving from 9 and 6 opposing each other.. to finally a union of 69…

      6 1 9

      the number of words in my metaphor of what i like to think is an analogy
      for TRUTH..

      AND NUMBERS 2…:)

      AND yes.. atoms.. humans.. planets.. stars.. galaxies.. and Universe as ALLTHATIS ALLITIS ALLASONE..MOTHER NATURE TRUE AT LARGEST SCALE AKA

  13. Truedessa says:

    One world under love…that would surely be a magical world..to transcend time, space and distance to break through to the other dimensions. That was quite the picture show. It looked like you were having some fun..enjoy those moments.

    • Yes.. i enjoy now of now.. and i think we already live in ONE world under LOVE and not the four letter one.. it is just that some folks don’t recognize who we truly are at core.. as loving primates..

      Rather than thieves of life..love..TRUE HUMAN connection..and all that makes IT worth living…(:…NOW…:)

      And i think it is a potential choice of WlLL that some of can choose to live tHere and share IT or NOT..

      and perhaps that is the saddest part…

      when only a choice for hell

      instead of heaven…


      i can’t see putting IT off..

      REaLLY i can’t..;)

  14. ManicDdaily says:

    You paint a vivid picture of another world, and you have so many pictures of your world! Very cool cat, and your wish for peace and harmony are so strongly evident. Thanks. k .

    • Thanks so much K..and i am particularly glad you enjoyed the photos..as i do not want my Internet experience to be one..where people never REALLY get to know me… and yes.. i do know some folks value their privacy much more than i do.. but i do consider myself as belonging to the rest of ALL of humanity completely free with absolutely nothing to hide.. yes.. perhaps terrifying to some folks.. but nah.. the GOD of nature and i have much in common.. ONE is free and i and ONE and eveR one else is ALL ONE to me..;)

      Yah.. it’s the RAccuni way or whatever other metaphor one wants to use for SACRED UNCONDITIONAL LOVE..to paraphrase LADY GAGA’S SONG BY THE same name.. as metaphor too for the RAccuni way of being in UNCONDITIONAL SACRED LOVE…

      i AM born THAT WAY.. BABY.. and Now I live again that WAY..

      yah..the RAccuni way…

      Smiles and have a great.. day..and NOW… more adventures coming for me and the God of Nature…
      i can’t wait for now..simply as now is always NOW TO me..:)

      YAH..4 THE 3RD TIME..
      yah.. the RAcunni way..:)

  15. Myrna says:

    Lovely story. I love the hope in it, the model for our own planet. It’s wonderful to think, imagine the possibilities. Thanks for this.

    • Hi..Myrna and thanks for stopping by..hope is the lifeblood for me now..and i truly do have hope for a one world tribe that lives by love instead of separation.. as when humans live a balanced life.. i truly believe Sacred Uncondtional Love is the home for WE..:)

      HOPE you have a great day with smiles 2..:)

  16. Pingback: Black Moon Apocalypse Weekend! | KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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