Godzilla IS GOD



actually people with extremely high IQ’s

are more anxious on average and less happy…

It’s really not ‘normal’ to have extremely high IQ’s…

And yes.. i speak from life experience..on that one too…

Standard IQ tests measure crystalized intelligence..

moreover than fluid intelligence…

The greatest challenge of my life..

was knowing less..

as far as crystalized knowledge goes..

and to explore fluid intelligence of being free RIGHT NOW…

I think the battle really is to lose intelligence not gain it..

per crystalized intelligence..

and really most folks in our western countries

see intelligence as crystalized intelligence rather than fluid intelligence.

But fluid intelligence is more often relegated to visually thinking humans ..

over verbal thinking humans..

Particularly when there is an imbalance..

per example of lesions of the right hemisphere of the brain..

that are yes.. associated with non-verbal learning disorder..

and Asperger’s syndrome..

as previously diagnosed in the US..

and seen in scientific studies as such…

Humans are created by evolution..

every now and now to adapt to change and survive..

really nothing more or less…

The greatest problem for human unhappiness in life..

is actually instant gratification..

and the lack of real environmental challenge..

in REAL LIFE for adaptive change.

HUMANS ARE evolved for intermittent gratification..

and happiness is in the looking forward not the reward…

And the greatest looking forward is when one strives for the best now possible..

simply as now is the reality that exists..

and yes.. now can be imaginary or real…

The greatest real challenge..

is the full flesh and blood experience..

that does most definitely revolve around challenge..

whether that challenge is a material one..

per the Sun revolving around the challenge of a black hole..

or a human foraging and or hunting for food…

The problem really is..

humans can’t touch the ‘products’ they are hunting overall..

In other words..

they often don’t see the product of their constructive efforts to live..

when pursuing them in a flesh and blood way..

A source of great unhappiness is not being REAL…

i don’t know much more common sense would be necessary to understand that..

but to Truly live is a flesh and blood existence..

away from illusions of culture.. like books…

Now don’t get me wrong..

i like books…

but they are nothing compared to fully using the brain..

through 360 degrees of dance..

where the whole brain lights up..

not just one narrow area of thinking…

Yes.. we know a lot these days..

But truly like Socrates said..

we know nothing too…

i understand that more fully when I dance FREE..

WITH no instruction from anyone else

but my instinct and Mother Nature true aka GOD…

i know dance..

but it is far from crystalized knowledge..

it is fluid intelligence on the move…

That is unless someone else is giving the lessons

and one answers to any judge except Mother Nature TRUE aka GOD…

Yes.. the Apple of knowledge and instant gratification..

truly can be a poisonous one for human beings…

One need look no further than a third of school age children

who are pre-diabetic now and record numbers of folks..

on pain killers and antidepressants to see the effect of culture..

yes.. the poisonous apple part.. and crystalized knowledge…

i’d rather be free and all natural…

ain’t ‘kNOw’ doctor sticking their finger up my genetics…

This is the worst possible human scenario in my experienced opinion…

We TRULY live for challenge..

not for having it made and cushy by someone else…


it doesn’t have to have anything to do with money..

or the collection of materialistic goods…

Humans truly thrive when they are both challenged and share the fruits..

of their constructive productivity..

that they can touch and feel

and yes SHARE TOO..

for the whole dam species to survive…

No.. not a selfish gene..

a gene that is shared for survival.. as is..

of course.. without the poisonous apple….

The ultimate truth though is in the Godzilla movie:

“The error in man is thinking nature is in our control and not the other way around.” Godzilla (2014)

And it’s obvious everywhere one looks.

One third of pre-diabetic children means fewer children over all produced by them as Diabetes reduces the ability for folks to reproduce.

People on painkillers don’t reproduce as much.

People on anti-depressants don’t reproduce as much.

People satiated by Pornography don’t reproduce as much.

Yes.. as an example for the point above..

science shows that in Japan younger folks..

no longer even care to have sex with the opposite sex

and are adopting dogs as a cultural way of having families instead..

even strolling them in baby carriages all dressed up…

Men are adopting feminine ways of grooming themselves in South Korea..

and losing interest in women too…

And that’s just a drop in the bucket of how Mother Nature deals..

with disobedient humans…

There is a whole Novel I could ‘wRite’ now

that not many people could read no matter how interesting I make it..

as a culture based on the dopamine producing impact of instant gratification..

gives many people the ‘attention span of a gnat’..

as they are looking for the next big ‘hit’ of something new…

Hell yes.. frigging mother nature aka GOD is STILL FRIGGING IN CONTROL

and ‘she’ is as AWESOME as ever.



GODZILLA did his job and got the hell out of HELL..

And that was an awesome movie…

What one really has to understand to appreciate the movie is


aka Mother Nature TRUE…

He gets the job done for survival and MOVES ON…

He doesn’t linger around or pay attention to the games of fools…

My cat feels the same way about human culture..

But I keep him locked in the patio..

so he will not injure himself by TRULY LIVING in the wild..

So yes.. i am the devil too…

He doesn’t know he has feline leukemia..

but should he really care…

i can’t ask him that..

but if he could he would tell ME please GOD..

please let me go outside..

just one more time..

really I don’t care if I live or die.. I just want to live FREE…

SO YES.. IN MY LIFE I play the role of GOD..

and Devil for my cat.

But by GOD.. it is just a role…

GOD is outside.. inside.. above and so below per Mother Nature True…

And yes i finally find GOD as Mother Nature

and now i Live the dream of my disabled CAT FREE ONCE AGAIN..

A child of Mother Nature True…


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43 Responses to Godzilla IS GOD

  1. Mary says:

    Ah, knowledge of intelligence & what it means is definitely always evolving. I do think there are many kinds of intelligence, and that is fascinating to contemplate.

    • Hi Mary..so do i..and i think the best way to study it is with folks who have plenty of this or that intelligence but not enough of that or this…

      A balance of art and reason..and logic and creativity is wHere i wanna stay..so i bounce back and forth from reason land to poetry land..to keep the balance brewing..but never cooked..:)

      Thanks for stopping by and i hope you have a very nice day…:)with another smile too.. of course..on course of the path of happiness….and balance2….

  2. kelly says:

    knowing less is still one of the great challenges of life… the more i learn, the less i know, the less i want to know… but learning is living so we just keep right on, don’t we?

    • Truly i think it’s a kind of trap that culture promotes for our comfort..and there was absolutely no way for me to escape it until I re-TIRED..put the rubber back on my wheels..and once again became human like nature..and not the expectation or limitations of culture..that are insanity in many ways to me now.

      The true blessing though is the fact that legally we can be free with reasonable standards per the laws of the land in the USA.

      The problem is really just doing it..or even figuring out what IT IS..EVEN IS…

      Hope you have a great day..of free and knowing joy…..:)

  3. Gabriella says:

    Changes can be for better as for worse, I guess.

    • Yes..change is the constant and what we do with it..is what makes the difference…

      Determining what is truly bad or good..that is the hardest part of all in my estimation .. and by GOD of nature TRUE..i move 180 degrees on many of the truths i once think ARE true…. BUT i keep an open mind..and that TRULY makes the difference.

      THere is a part of my heart that knows truth..that screams I wanna be free..

      i finally learn to listen…

      And the ultimate prize IS FREEDOM..@least for me now..

      But change is the constant..

      So tomorrow may be different..but now is all i worry about..as tomorrow will come on its on..without any help from me…..

  4. Grace says:

    We can all pretend to play God but we are not God ~ In the end, we are all frail and will end up as dust ~

  5. MarinaSofia says:

    Ha! I liked this: we know a lot these days, but we know nothing too…
    Seems like the more we read, the more contradictory opinions emerge, and it’s who shouts loudest in the end who gets heard. An indignant poem, I think, rightly so.

    • Hi Marina..i was planning on posting something much softer..but a quick jaunt to the Wrong Planet and some folks saying they think humans should escape the frailty of nature..got me yes..in an indignant state of mind..;) Thanks for coming by and hope you have a great day!

  6. claudia says:

    you know..i think it would be really interesting to do a study on happiness…among people with different intelligence and background and in different parts of the world as well…probably we would be surprised by the result

    • Yes..i do too..and actually such studies have been done..and one indicator is rates of suicide..which are much higher wherever there are first world countries..that in reality are last in the most important indicator of happiness of all..

      Simply wanting to live. And being able to appreciate life…

      It is the challenge that teaches the most..not the success…

      but again..mother and human nature…


      SMILES AND have a fantastic day..I HOPE!..;)

      Oh and one interesting note before i go..

      In a study of self esteem per demographics in the US..the poorest demographic per economic success per African American males had the highest levels of self esteem…

      Factors cited: ability to physically defend oneself and reproductive prowess..



      We can run..but we can’t hide….

  7. vandana says:

    Natural selection and survival of the fittest

    • Yes..and interestingly culture can be a virus..that reverse nature in that way..not a popular viewpoint or politically correct..but real is real..and hard to escape..:)

      Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a nice rest of the day.:)with smiles 2…

  8. annell4 says:

    So many words….they dropped and splashed like in the coffee maker, everything is nature, where everything comes from, even manmade things start as nature, we aren’t Gods, we can’t make stuff from nothing….a great cup of coffee, to think about…..

    • Hi annell4.. glad you stopped over for coffee this afternoon..:)

      Yes..i agree everything is nature and some people truly don’t understand that we cannot make something from nothing..

      The Interdependent Relationship of ALL IT IS..IS how see nature and GOD as same…

      It’s humbling just to be a part of it..

      And that is all i need to KNOW for now at least..with hope for future too..:)

  9. I often think that everyone who thinks outside the “normal” parameters of the bell curve have a difficult time fitting in–and most creatives have a difficult time–and maybe that is part of whaat we need–

    • Yes..that is the danger of the type of genetic enhancements that led me to this place of post today..discussed in another way of thinking on another internet site far far away from the so called norm of human being…

      But interestingly enough they are not usually the creative..as the forgers of new ways of life..the structure and routine is what they are often bound to in life..yes..as i once was there too..

      i lived a life for all practical intent and purposes.. devoid of human creativity.. and some thing in my heart was calling for a change..

      To be balanced in both creative and analytical ways i find now as a greatest human freedom for me..and to move easily between both places..gives me a bridge of understanding i truly appreciate in life..more than any other.. i think…

      Ahh..but it took work to escape a mind of mechanical cognition…

      But every step up that mountain..is worth the peak of creativity i feel in my life now….

      And yes… i was often jealous of creative folks..before.. when i could find none..and to feel a kinship with them now..in all almost areas of life..

      IS a freeing way of unconditional love..with no negative emotions for me now..@least..a nice place of humility to be..not to be lower or higher than anyone else..:)

  10. The mind sorts and separates – the real, the imaginary, the abstract, the fantastic, and the routine. An intricate and quintessential organ that keeps us alert, functioning, and engaged. Can’t imagine any but the one I have but I appreciate others have different ones.

    • So true..but i can also see that in one life too.. in effect per nature and science and experience too..i have experienced more than one mind in life both empirically measured..and real life effect too..

      This gives me perhaps more insight than some others..

      How different we can truly BE as mind.

      And an empathy so large..that i can even love Adolf Hitler as man and not only monster as i know he did not make himself alone…

      As none of us do…truly at core..of nature and nurture..of life..in seconds..minutes..hours..days..months..years..decades..a full life..

      yes..it all adds up

      for change…

      Some positive and some negative…

      But all real.. that is the bottom line for me.. 🙂

  11. I fully agree,, the happiness is often reduces by understanding.. and that intelligence runs orthogonal to other measures of what’s needed to be human.. alas the only one that master both is the psychopath… so the rest of us has to compromise…

    • I find the subject of human being, in general, fascinating and interestingly there is some research in the psychology field that suggests the only thing that really separates a hero in terms of fearlessness, impulsivity, novelty seeking and breaking rules from a psychopath is empathy in being able to put oneself in the other’s shoes (the affective emotional empathy type of empathy instead of strictly cognitive empathy).


      My father when I was younger guarded Theodore Bundy, in the late 70’s as a Deputy Sheriff at the Tallahassee County Jail, when he was held there.

      And my father was certainly the hero type, and good at compartmentalizing his emotions, lasting 46 years in law enforcement but not without feelings for other people in the pro-social emotional type of way.

      But anyway, his stories of Theodore Bundy are what spurred my lifelong interest in Psychopathy. He said Bundy was the first prisoner he had ever encountered that made the hair stand up on his neck just being in his presence.

      He said he had the ability to change his posture to make himself look tall or short or young or old somehow with his facial expressions too.

      Bundy, actually at one point talked the guards into releasing him, convincing them that they were mistaken that he was Theodore Bundy, and a person who was not a prisoner.

      And for me, I have some insight into what it might FEEL to be a psychopath as when i became extremely ill with the pain disorder i had, I lost all my emotions and even eventually fear.

      The first part of it I remember is feeling so empty inside that I petted my sisters cat who always gave me the oxytocin feeling of connection like humans and animals always did before, and it faded away from me, and I found myself feeling like a vampire wanting to suck any feeling out of anyone else to feel anything at all in life.

      Yes, then too, I figured out why emotionally numb folks cut their self, as the adrenaline release that can come too after chronic stress becomes an adrenaline way of life, as that becomes all there is to life. Pain and feeling something is better than the alternative of feeling nothing.

      Most horrifyingly and perhaps the best example of how horrific it can be when a person becomes this numb inside, visiting my mother during this period of time, I as observer of myself found myself gaining some type of pleasure from the fear of my mother choking on a crust of bread, as I could feel something and even that horrifying thing was better than nothing.

      Without human pro-social emotion life is not worth living really to me. And yes in those years, I even almost made the hair stand up on my arms just being the cold me that was me, and even my cat veered away from my touch as I got close then, as the cat could sense that this is the kind of human who is stone cold and was dangerous to be around.

      So, now that I have all my emotions and empathic feelings back and not just the moral code that remained when I lost my emotions that prevented me from doing anything wrong, I actually have empathy for psychopaths as I would not trade anything they have no matter what materialistic gains they have in life for the feelings of Love for all other people now, as they cannot feel love, and that to me is truly a sentence in human hell.

      Most everything a psychopath does, I can understand why they do it; the adrenaline rush is all they have in life, and a cold heart destined to always be alone, without a soul.

      I suppose they remain in the gene pool, for their warrior skills, but it’s a horrifying existence for all I never wanted to know that I do know now.

      I too, will definitely steer out of their way, as all predictability of human aversions to hurting others, are NOT THERE. AND yes they are capable of anything and everything to get their way to feel anything in life, which can be the adrenaline rush of seeing someone else squirm or die a tortuous death.

      But as a naturally born empath type of person, I know when I FEEL SOMEONE with no soul. Words and non-verbal expression not required. Just their presence behind my back is enough for me to know who I am dealing with; and yes in a cognitive empathy way now too.

      And in regaining my emotions I learned to control them one by one as I gained them back, whereas before in my life, I was overwhelmed with emotions and empathy for others as I could feel the stress of folks walking into Walmart, and even feel it on a Monday for the whole town going back to the stress of work, after I retired too, for a little while before the pain took all other feeling away from me.

      I don’t think there is anyway that a psychopath could manipulate me now, even if I wasn’t in a room with them, I could feel they have no soul.

      With the rebirth of my emotions came a shield of bright white light, that does protect me from the herd of human beings now, and so I finally feel comfortable no matter how rowdy or stressed the crowd is that I meet in flesh and blood life. It used to take a six-pack of beer when I was much younger and dancing. Better overall now, that I am free, i am no longer scared of simply being human.

  12. scotthastiepoet says:

    As I sense you know, we use but a tiny fraction of our true potential and live for the most part within one tiny slice of a vast spectrum of possibilities and energies all around us, just waiting there to be unleashed – would that we could see it and feel it, as we should…

    Our misunderstanding of our significance in relation to the natural world we live in is yet another example of how our skin deep vanity allows to to get things so hopelessly wrong… I think, on an instinctive level – so redolent of deep, inner untouchable joy and release, born of suffering – Marilyn, who the world could never truly violate – much as it wanted too, understood this better than most… She was a luminous goddess for sure and really does it for me too… Always has!

    • Thank you Scott.. i sensed this for most of my life.. and truly only put it into action i could understand in the last year..now at 54…

      There was a time in my life..of horrifying illness where I had a sage like person advise me that my field of life was not where I belonged in all the red tape of government work..

      She attempted to convince me that one day i would work in the field of energy…and truly in real life that is what i am in now.. as far as human potential..hoping to find a way to help others find it too..in some way of helpful hints…

      She also told me the soul always continues to evolve..words that rang shallow on a body and mind..ravished by illness and human exhaustion..then..but I truly know now..the soul grows tired..but no.. never old..:)

      And yes i sensed it with Marilyn too.. for all the jokes about her Standard IQ intelligence..she was a REAL SOUL..:) i could see it in her eyes..that still ring true….

  13. Rafiah says:

    Watching that grill makes me want to have a steak, right now.

  14. brian miller says:

    Humans truly thrive when they are both challenged and share the fruits..

    of their constructive productivity..i would def agree with that…i think in many ways we are our own worst enemy as well…we tie our safety and security to the wrong things and in trying to protect that harm others…and ourself indirectly in the fissures we drive between us…

    • Hi Brian.. i can definitely agree with that too..just in my personal life as when i worked for over 30 years..i was very anal about money and saving my nuts for a rainy day.. yes the rainy day did come..and good to have the nuts now..but i lost the potential for decades of RECREATING my soul..for worry over money..not to mention great discontent by my wife..as i was the budget director of the household….

      After forced to end the analness almost dead from worry when retired medically disabled i gave it all up..and now my wife rules the finances..and i stay free..that is all..one thing i learned is money buys nothing but groceries and roof over my head..and a few other items of subsistence..but for me it’s all it’s worth..other than the fact it has set me free from the control of others..that i once truly made my masters…cowering to their control…

  15. Glenn Buttkus says:

    My wife rules the finances now too; she’s still working, being younger than me. You really deal with several important valid points in this 1121 words; but Godzilla is a puppet, perhaps a puppet god, but I am more comfortable with knowing dog is god backwards. Most of the real knowledge I have did not come from my 8 years of college, it came from conversations, adventures, get-togethers, gatherings, accidents, illnesses. Just learned from Grapeling’s poem & YouTube offering that wolves can change rivers; fascinating facts, Nature realigning itself. We are having a plethora of bear, coyote, & cougar, & coyote coming into the cities here in WA state secondary to overdevelopment & clear cutting of their habitats. Your point about IQ is bang on. I have had little patience with those who are complacent or have faith, unaware of their own ignorance or the big picture, & yet I have been envious of their apparent “happiness”. Knowledge does lead to insight, which leads to discontent. But then I have gotten used to the role of dissident & muckraker, & have found poetry to be a perfect leverage for my views & opinions.

    • Yes..i agree Dog is God too..:) and my 6 years in college did me little good other than facts and figures either… But alas..all this complex cultural stuff is a rather new invention..

      The mythology of the muse of emotion and the dance and song of the musicK of life is where it’s at for me..

      My church is the dance hall.. and go to church for the nice buffets they offer at lunch..and yeah the singing too… Oh.. yeah.. and my gym for the art of movement in martial arts is also my church too… and the rest of the human race all inclusive too.. as leaving any opportunity out to connect to another person..is just the possibility my life will be less overall..as love..:)

      And yes.. i used to be envious of ‘their’ apparent happiness and yes i am finally with ‘them’ on that most important point of purpose of human existence for me now.. but nah..not so much before.. i finally get it and got it good…:)

    • Thanks Steve..they are fascinating to me..as i continue to learn as i go..and can never get enough of new things as long as i leave room in my ‘file cabinet’ to discard the old stuff that is not too important..:)

      Have a nice night and another smile 2..:)4U

  16. Myrna says:

    Interesting. Wish we could know more about the connection between intelligence and happiness. i worked for a while with the developmentally disabled. Their range of happiness seemed similar to ours, (“normal” people). I think so many factors contribute to this. Enjoyed reading your thoughts. Glad about your fluid intelligence. I think mine lies there also.
    I agree we can’t control nature. You helped me consider that the harm we’ve done causing climate change may not really be harm to mother nature, but to ourselves. She can exist without us.

    • Yes..as a collateral duty working for the government I worked with the developmentally disabled as a part time supervisor..too..in a government work program.. and i and others often remarked on how we wished we could be so happy in what often seemed so effortlessly a task to them.. There is no hiding happiness .. it is so contagious.. and yes.. these folks often spread as much happiness as brick and mortar work..:)

      Oh.. yes.. and mother nature.. will let us be..if we decide to be.. but if not.. our bad.. not hers… at least not with culture of our own making and mistakes..

      Have a great tomorrow and tonight and smiles for you as well..again…:)2

  17. Such an interesting write. So much information in it am not sure what I’m qualified to comment on. I am “more anxious on average than happy”, is that a reflection of intelligence or perhaps another underlying cause I wonder, having never had my IQ formally tested. I was fascinated with the descriptions of of “fluid vs. crystal” intelligence. I work in health related field and see effects that medication and illness have on the libido, so definitely agree that in the long run the changes mentioned from pain killers, diabetes, antidepressants will effect our future generations, as we are already seeing. Ever evolving, that is our nature.

    • Hi Ginny.. as a child before i went to school.. other than missing my mother when she went to work.. i was a very happy and secure child. School changed that at about the time of puberty and the complexity of all the expectations of culture that came for me.. and the stress of life continued to accumulate until it created a horrible period of human exhaustion and illness for me…

      Now that i am RE-tired and spend my time moreover on creative efforts and love..instead of solving mechanical cognition problems.. i feel as happy and free as i did when i was five years old…

      i’ve TRULY learned in life that the state of mind of stress.. which really is just another word for anxiety..when negative.. makes the spirit FEEL old.. but when removed as when we work and go on vacation for RE-creation.. we often come alive in SPIRIT once again.. with less anxiety….

      And then there is the return to work..until the next time…

      i have no excuse really at this point to either have anxiety or unhappiness…

      Not unlike my cat who only gets tensed up when there is a real threat.. the threats no longer come for me.. particularly illusory contrived ones i used to create from every source imaginable.. and now i am set free.. and living the life again of a relaxed cat.. thank GOD again..;)

      But i still have problems wiping the serious look off my face.. something i’m still working on.. as i think all those years of worry.. kind of got it stuck on my face..:)

  18. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postx267569-60-0.html

    One issue though is no matter what our genetics are at birth there is the potential for epigenetic effects and neuroplasticity from the environment that can make even identical twins seem like polar opposite people in many areas of life.

    I myself, have moved from 44 to 45 on the AQ test to an 11; 195 to 92 on the Aspie quiz; the mid 50’s to 95 on the Emotional Quotient test; and additionally, a move from an INTJ personality to an ENFP personality in just the span of a few months as a result of novel environmental stimulus.

    And no, there is really no way to control the environment in foresight; it is always going to be unpredictable depending on the cultural changes at hand.

    So in effect, any substantial genetic changes could be trumped by the stress of environmental change required for basic human survival.

    And nah, scientists don’t even yet understand the full mechanism that makes anti-depressants work or not work.

    The human brain is really not something to play around with too much, in my opinion.

    And beyond that, it is the extroverts who are usually, overall, in control, of political leaning policy changes, and they are not likely going to allow something like that to happen, as they know how fun it is to be an extrovert.

    And some folks like me who have moved to polar opposites do most definitely agree too. I love being out in the public with other loving folks, more than I can imagine ever keeping myself in a room with either a computer, TV, or even book, now.

    I thrive off of people now; they most definitely motivate me to higher aspirations and happiness in life.

    Honestly, while I didn’t always feel this way, even the thought of your genetic suggestion actually coming to fruition, sounds depressing to me, as for me all human diversity is the spice of life. I try to escape ‘the same’, more than anything else. But that’s just my opinion, from living in both worlds now, and yes, sometimes almost at once, still. 🙂
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


  19. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postxf267831-0-15.html

    Ana, I suggest that you watch the movie the ‘Giver’. To do this means taking emotions away from human beings. It’s impossible to do that and not create human suffering. But this fictional movie will give you an idea of what reality would be like if your science fiction could come true. And to be clear, I know you have good intentions, I just don’t think you may have explored ALL of the implications of what you are wishing for. And no, you are not the first one with this ideology of ‘Utopia’.

    It’s really beyond horrifying. As without emotion people will ‘cut’ themselves to feel anything and that’s also a metaphor for self harm. And the only way to do what you suggest is to take away human emotion. That would OVERALL be human hell, incarnate on earth.

    But here’s a trailer of the movie to give you perhaps a ‘larger taste’ of what you are asking for, below.

    The old proverb careful what you wish for does apply. It takes all kind of minds to make the correct decisions in life, and always a team effort. And that’s why fortunately it will never happen. Mother nature is way too ‘smart’ for humans, to even ‘allow’ them to make such a decision in cooperative effort. That’s what humans do: work with diversity. To work without diversity is A sure WAY for human failure.

    And yes, even at the individual level in just one solitary mind, per using both sides of the metaphorical mind with emotion and reason and yes body too, working in balance, allowing the real glue of the rhythms of emotion, reason and body to make a peaceful and productive life. And yes, science is finally catching up to understand that the Eastern instinctual and intuitive ways of healing in mind, body and emotional balance are real, and have always been real.

    The emotions exist within the body, and a body not used in lieu of a life spent in mind, is a sure way to imbalance and human suffering. Books are not enough, and never will be. Robots don’t thrive. That’s just a metaphor but it’s what we become without a body properly used with emotion, as partial human beings.

    And no, again, it’s not just my opinion. It is the opinion of the scientific method now. The movie below just illustrates it well, as science is finally catching up to human intuition and instinct. Instinct and Intuition is usually correct, as no one lives a human life, except humans. Human being simply doesn’t work without human being balance. And that means diverse minds, A diverse mind, and diverse ways of living in balance of emotions, reason, and body.

    And the coolest thing of all, when ONE GETS right DOWN to it, it’s not complicated at all. The simple answer is dance and human connection. Sometimes people have problems ‘seeing’ clearly though, as they’ve lost their body. Yes, literally physioLOGICALLY lost their body. It’s the same thing really as losing one’s mind as they are supposed to be connected.

    And again, emotions do physiologically reside within the body, and that’s why folks so many folks get so screwed up, these days, spending a life in abstract thinking WITH ILLUSORY CULTURALLY DERIVED FEARS instead of REAL BODY AND EMOTIONS LIFE, CONNECTING WITH others as such with REAL BODY ACTIVITIES like DANCE.

    It’s really as simple as that. But folks have been saying it for a very long time, including the man Yeshua aka Jesus in the Gospel of Thomas. It wasn’t a very popular notion among the ‘GOOD BOOK WORMS’ at the time of his life, obviously. But thank GOD for science. It finally backs him up.


    The irony seriously, is delicious, and that part is just in my opinion. 🙂

  20. ayala says:

    An intriguing write….life is full of lessons and we learn…the more we learn the more we realize that there is so much more.

    • Thanks for stopping by ayala and thanks for the compliment..i always hope to get the positive and negative lessons and move ahead in light of more and more knowledge that truly helps me and others have a better life..and the greatest thing too.. i think..is no..we can never learn it all..there’s always the next step in evolution of mind and experience too..:) Have a nice night and smiles 2..:)

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