Shadow of a lost child


There is a tall guy

and woman who lose a child..

The tall guy boards a plane

to find the child..

in every country in the world..

As a child that is lost..

Is always a child to find…

Every eyes he looks..

through his expressionless face…

with eyes that have eternity of empathy

written into them by God…

to see a look at him..

with words that sing same as true

for the unconditional Sacred Love

for a found..

or lost child…

The hours..the days..the months..

the years go by..

and some how a gem of Sacred Love

in the eyes and words of a child come true..

He find his child again for some months

that do come true..

the soul mate of Sacred Love

whether in him or her..

is always Sacred unconditional

Love for them…


there are no TV’s or food..

or even couches..

that can contain…

this Sacred Love..

It lives forever…

it is FREE…




OH..hi! Lala Rukh..

i just started dreaming and writing
on your blog..

i’m not sure i wake up yet..

i hope you don’t mind…


do always pray you are

doing ok…

Sacred Lovexx
to ya


About katiemiafrederick

I like to write.
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