TRUE FRIENDS never die


today is the 6th of April..

and i will ya tell ya this..

from now until the end of my ability as human..

i am gonna come here the 6th of every month..

as long as this potential avenue..

to communicate with ya is available…

And i am gonna tell ya something2..

in hope and prayer..
that either now..

or ‘tHere’..

ya will ‘hEAR’ my words…

So today i will tell ya..
that i pray for yOur peace
and well being of body in health..





And Beyond of Allah…

6 paths of being in bliss…

NO matter what ya challenge is..
Allah is with ya..

and i hope all blessings are coming yOur way


And the best blessings i would love to hear is that ya
are happy and content as ya are…

But if not..

Remember in Allah there is always hope..
no matter how dark now may seem to be..

The now of future heaven is not necessarily the
potential now of present hell..

But regardless…

Allah is always with ya…:)
so best blessings to ya..

Until the 6th of next month…:)

Always remember please..

True friends…

never die..

As long as heart

Love ya..

About katiemiafrederick

I like to write.
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