IMG_1928 IMG_1927 IMG_1926 IMG_1925 IMG_1924 IMG_1923 IMG_1922 IMG_1921 IMG_1920 IMG_1919 IMG_1918 IMG_1917 IMG_1916 IMG_1915 IMG_1914 IMG_1913 IMG_1912 IMG_1911 IMG_1910 IMG_1908 IMG_1907 IMG_1905 IMG_1904 IMG_1903 IMG_1901 IMG_1900 IMG_1899 IMG_1898 IMG_1897 IMG_1896 IMG_1895 IMG_1894 IMG_1893 IMG_1892 IMG_1891 IMG_1890 IMG_1889 IMG_1888 IMG_1887 IMG_1886 IMG_1885 IMG_1884 IMG_1883 IMG_1882 IMG_1881 IMG_1880 IMG_1879 IMG_1878 IMG_1877 IMG_1876 IMG_1875 IMG_1874 IMG_1873 IMG_1872 IMG_1871 IMG_1870 IMG_1869 IMG_1868 IMG_1867 IMG_1866 IMG_1865 IMG_1864 IMG_1862 IMG_1861 IMG_1860 IMG_1859 IMG_1858 IMG_1857 IMG_1856 IMG_1855 IMG_1854 IMG_1853 IMG_1852 IMG_1851 IMG_1850 IMG_1849 IMG_1848 IMG_1847 IMG_1846 IMG_1845 IMG_1844 IMG_1843 IMG_1842 IMG_1841 IMG_1840 IMG_1839 IMG_1838 IMG_1837 IMG_1836 IMG_1835 IMG_1834 IMG_1833 IMG_1832 IMG_1830 IMG_1829 IMG_1828 IMG_1827 IMG_1826 IMG_1825 IMG_1824 IMG_1823 IMG_1822 IMG_1821 IMG_1820 IMG_1819 IMG_1818 IMG_1817 IMG_1816 IMG_1815 IMG_1814 IMG_1813 IMG_1812 IMG_1811 IMG_1810 IMG_1809 IMG_1808 IMG_1807 IMG_1806 IMG_1805 IMG_1804 IMG_1803 IMG_1802 IMG_1801 IMG_1800 IMG_1799 IMG_1798 IMG_1797 IMG_1796 IMG_1795 IMG_1794 IMG_1793 IMG_1792 IMG_1791 IMG_1790 IMG_1789 IMG_1786 IMG_1785 IMG_1784 IMG_1783 IMG_1782 IMG_1781 IMG_1780 IMG_1779 IMG_1778 IMG_1777 IMG_1776 IMG_1775 IMG_1774 IMG_1773 IMG_1772 IMG_1771 IMG_1770 IMG_1769 IMG_1768 IMG_1767 IMG_1766 IMG_1765 IMG_1764 IMG_1763 IMG_1762 IMG_1761 IMG_1760 IMG_1759 IMG_1758 IMG_1757 IMG_1756 IMG_1755 IMG_1754 IMG_1753 IMG_1752 IMG_1751 IMG_1750 IMG_1749 IMG_1748 IMG_1747 IMG_1746 IMG_1745 IMG_1744 IMG_1743 IMG_1742 IMG_1741 IMG_1740 IMG_1739 IMG_1738 IMG_1737 IMG_1736 IMG_1735 IMG_1734 IMG_1733 IMG_1732 IMG_1731 IMG_1730 IMG_1729 IMG_1728 IMG_1727 IMG_1726 IMG_1725 IMG_1724 IMG_1723 IMG_1722 IMG_1721 IMG_1720 IMG_1719 IMG_1718 IMG_1717 IMG_1716 IMG_1715 IMG_1714 IMG_1713 IMG_1712 IMG_1711 IMG_1710 IMG_1709 IMG_1708 IMG_1707 IMG_1706 IMG_1705 IMG_1704 IMG_1703 IMG_1702 IMG_1701 IMG_1700 IMG_1699 IMG_1698 IMG_1697 IMG_1696 IMG_1695 IMG_1694 IMG_1693 IMG_1692 IMG_1691 IMG_1690 IMG_1689 IMG_1688 IMG_1687 IMG_1686 IMG_1685 IMG_1684 IMG_1683 IMG_1682 IMG_1681 IMG_1680 IMG_1679 IMG_1678 IMG_1677 IMG_1676 IMG_1675 IMG_1674 IMG_1673 IMG_1672 IMG_1671 IMG_1670 IMG_1669 IMG_1668 IMG_1667 IMG_1666 IMG_1665 IMG_1664 IMG_1663 IMG_1662 IMG_1661 IMG_1660 IMG_1659 IMG_1658 IMG_1657 IMG_1656 IMG_1655 IMG_1654 IMG_1653 IMG_1652 IMG_1651 IMG_1650 IMG_1649 IMG_1648 IMG_1647 IMG_1646 IMG_1645 IMG_1644 IMG_1643 IMG_1642 IMG_1641 IMG_1640 IMG_1639Image



This post IS dedicated mostly to myMaternal Grandmother

born on913/1903..

My Maternal Grandmother IS Fearless Love..
My Maternal Grandfather is barefooted Hobo..
My Paternal Grandmother IS Fearless Businesswoman..
My Paternal Grandfather IS Fearless Intellect..
My Mother is Love..
My Father Is Fearless..
I am all of these things as they are what they are…

This is the gift from the ancestors…

always making in parts the total ingredients of ONE…

The gifts of them travel always with me…

and now in these words this new E-World

as I will have no children…

as far as I knowNOW…

continuing physical feat on this planet earth…

and again my born day..













…esrev-INU eht ni erehwemos tnemmoc modnar rehtona tsuJustTS another random comment somewhere in the UNI-verse…

2nosrep eno tsael ta ot detcennoc i wonk yllanif i em llet sreat ruoYour tears tell me I finally know I connected to at least one person2
rof reat A tear for
4 or 3 eMe3 or 4
1 ..1 ..2…ooToo…2..1..1













?yrc srebmun oDo numbers cry?
!od ip seYes pi do!
!sseldne yeHTHey endless!













The beach pictured here is not only a beautiful place of paradise..

IT IS also one knownow formed through nature’s forces in the early 2K’s when the powerful i Letter 9 storm IVAN in 2003 damaged the dunes and primed them for the most powerful storm of ever in total damages done in the US gulf coast the powerful K letter 11 storm KATRINA in 2004 along with a mighty punch from the D letter 5 storm DENNIS…

IN THE 7 MONTH JULY WITH the other two in September for the 9 Month…

My reverse naturally reading mind found IT amusing that the two storms that directly impacted my house..IVAN..DENNIS..IS..NAVI..SINNED…

Did the US NAVY MAKE some kind of SIN to deserve THIS…

likely not as Hurricanes are only here to cool the beautiful mother earth from severe hot summers for the balance that IS…

Pious preachers too busy blaming IT on HOmosexual lifestyles in NEworleans…

2even take notice @those backward words…

and even so…


is Usually seen as SUPER Kool.. if one fundamentalist leaning folks in the US…

SO SO sad…


but they ARE all on the BUSH bandwagon…

for A ‘little’ LIE for the true extent AND EXPANSE of defense warrantING contingencies…



obviously well aware of the domino


of the true US psyche overall…

The cold hard dark reality is 911 as horrible as IT IS Leading to…

World Peace noW..IN TOTAL EFFECT……

IT allowS an almost impossible phenomenon to happen in the US…
An African American President with a Muslim origin name becomeS…

LEADer of the free world for ultimate PEACE as far as peace can be in this very…

sometimes brutal world…

The signs of greater love and light are everywhere…


global NEw WoRld OrDER…

IS NOWone fast approaching…

Even World WAR II and Hitler are the ingredients ever so dark..
to make this totality in greater worldwide peace..
a real and present potential of reality..
For those fortunate enough!
to Share IT…

All will not…



IS the

Potential for WORLD PEACE…


Where some people will never see that LIGHTLOVE…





Hope you enjoy this most amazing beach where

the Hurricanes have fully



horizons of EAST..NORTH..WEST..SOUTH



most beautiful place of PARADISE…



And here are two OF THE most beautiful earth music peacefulpieces

to accompany the splendidEARTHASONE..







IMG_1639 IMG_1640 IMG_1641



IMG_1980 IMG_1979 IMG_1978 IMG_1977 IMG_1976 IMG_1973 IMG_1968 IMG_1970 IMG_1967 IMG_1966 IMG_1965 IMG_1964 IMG_1963 IMG_1962 IMG_1961 IMG_1960 IMG_1959 IMG_1958 IMG_1957 IMG_1956 IMG_1955 IMG_1954 IMG_1953 IMG_1952 IMG_1951 IMG_1950 IMG_1949 IMG_1948

IMG_1947 IMG_1946 IMG_1945 IMG_1944 IMG_1943 IMG_1942 IMG_1941 IMG_1940 IMG_1939 IMG_1938 IMG_1937 IMG_1936 IMG_1935 IMG_1934 IMG_1933 IMG_1932 IMG_1931 IMG_1928 IMG_1927







































































































Ithe Father

ithe Son

!the Spirit


















*NOWwaves hand with five fingers and says HI!*

*then says DA?*

*It’s elementary my dear Watson*











































the most aUsome




‘trust me’

About katiemiafrederick

I like to write.
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41 Responses to FRIDAY THE 13TH i92BK1113M

  1. White Pearl says:

    I am loving all the pictures of this beautiful beach !!
    The post was too long….It took about 15 mins to load….
    I read your concept about the peace thing….
    And your sister is gorgeous 🙂
    Love xx


    Here is a post I made at the Wrong Planet website in reference to one of the beach photos above that appears to have an interesting optical illusion of what looks like a shadow star or planet behind the sun…all the details are described below…

    I also made a post on the Wrong Planet Website highlighting the picture in this post where I am at burger King calling a little wild kitty that kinda looks like a miniature Lion to me…there is what looks like as a faint image in the lights in the parking Lot of Burger King of a huge lion there..if you will…too..other people have described IT as many other things described in the link for the post at Wrong Planet if you care to click on that link here to see the greater details that I will hold off on including here more fully as to not inundate with way too much I already do that any way as a course of my regular behavior..of a ‘mind exploding with information’…if you will.. after a long stint with reduced sensory capabilities with eyes and ears…and my atypical trigeminal neuralgia chronic face pain..described often through the course of my writings in the last several months…so here is the link to the Lion post here and the ‘niribu’ post is copied and pasted below with all the original links described at the WRong Planet website…

    Nibiru..PlanetX..AT THE BEACH! OHNO! WTF AGAIN…!

    OKAY FIRSt of ALL..I know..that headliner is just a little bit or more HYPERBOLIC…but IT was mainly 2GET your attention…

    Well..we all know this is the Wrong Planet..

    But..what about PlanetX..this Nibiru mythological….prophetically described..DEATH STAR….if you will…kinda like STARWARS and the FORCE…a newer age mythological big screen way of presenting IT…the ONE..GOD or WHATEVER…

    OKAY second of ALL just to let you know I AM truly a skeptic of the first degree…

    But I keep getting these WTF pictures with my new iPhone hobby of PHOTOgraphy..

    So here are three pictures for you..

    One not WTF at all..

    Another…okay that’s just a optical reflection of the iPHone lens with maybe another reflection off behind thAT optical reflection

    But then there is WTF again..only a perfect spherical planet..a ghost of a sun..or maybe an invisible sun…making a candid camera appearance..if ONE really really want to go out beyond skeptic land…

    I’ve been scouring internet images for something like this caught on an iPhone as an optical illusion…

    But have yet to find anything close to IT other than science fiction and photoshop…

    So for you camera experts out there…which yeah.. there should be at least one or two here in special interest autismland…like me aND…

    KINDA LIKE me and my new photography special interest.. and close to two thousand pictures in the last 2 weeks…

    So please have a go with me at figuring out this ‘planet X’ thing…

    I’m looking for a technical explanation or another picture like IT anywhere…

    To make IT feel like it is just another ‘run of the mill’ thing..

    I’m using Flickr links instead of trying to embed the pictures here..

    As it is likely higher quality where you can easily stretch the picture to fit your entire computer screen whether it is 4 inches like my iphone.. or 27 inches like my iMac…or even 60 inches like my Samsung Smart TV..

    That’s pretty awesome new technology BTW.. that blows my mind away since I missed it at BEST BUY….

    The technological evolution of IT.. that is… while I was out of the seeing world with my vision problems..for 5 years…

    ITS kind of like BACKK TO THE FUTURE for me in just being out of IT for 5 years…

    I’m serious about that…

    Technology is really moving fast..IT’s hard to FULLY notice IT unless one escapes IT for a significant 5 year like period of time…



    Here’s the pictures:

    First picture taken in sequence without the optical illusion within a matter of seconds…

    JUST the SUN at the BEACH…

    ON 9112013 in the late afternoon approaching TWILIGHT…

    Almost directly between Pensacola Beach and Navarre Beach at the National SEASHORES..THANKGOD FULLY PRESERVED area of this..

    One of the most beautiful beaches on the entire planet EARTH…AND ANOTHER..obtw.. in case you didn’t catch my post on ‘Friday the 13th…’

    There is over 300 beautiful pictures of IT captured in that link here:

    OH CRAP! there goes the ADHD again..

    Finally..Here’s that first picture I was talking about without any substantial optical iphone ‘imperfections’.. if you will…IMAGE 1963:


    And the second picture with perhaps two optical illusions in one? Per time sequence It was taken last as IMAGE 1976:


    And here is the picture of what looks like another planet or star of some kind shadowed by the Sun…likely an optical illusion..huh!heh?…IMAGE 1966:


    And is a link to the Nibiru Cataclysm mythology from Wiki..for those of you who like to explore stuff like that…
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!
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  3. More comments from Cabrogal’s excellent post on Aleister Crowley that was Word Press Fresh Blogged…at this link below.

    katiemiafrederick permalink
    I agree with your comment up there about dance but will certainly include songs and music with it I’m quite sure you will agree..

    Sometimes I thought God was the Sun at the beach along with the azure blue skies starting around April or March…Mr. Blue Skies..if you will..particularly after my first philosophy class in college with an associate professor called Dr. Hunt..who turned me on to culture as illusion…

    But the bigger spiritual awakening for me was at the ‘rave’ like atmosphere of a Bar club called 2001..a kind of mecca for the Disco of the late 70′s and early 80′s…and then the electronic high energy music obtaining frequencies of sound not found earlier in acoustic music..

    ‘Tomorrow Land’ the pricey initiative for ‘rich’ young kids that can afford that type of the largest rave of all I guess in our modern times…but just viewing IT from the habit of my wife’s television life….there is even an incredible ‘mirror neuron’ experience of energy if you will..the light energy..the positive energy that comes at a frenetic like African or you likely know.. ‘primitive’ ritual of gaining the emotional contagion of two or more humans engaged in ‘sacred’ trance and/or dance…

    The mirror neuron thing is not new but with the science there is ‘certainty’ that what we watch in the imaginary vicarious realities of other people on TV or other modern electronic media ‘chariots of light’…are making a dopamine like positive light energy increasing in the world…world wide..if you will..

    So Technology in a way is God too…2…if you will…


    katiemiafrederick permalink
    And finally… if Aleister Crowley was alive today…as a younger person…he might have just been another ‘raver’…and nevereverwrote anything..of too much substance…or ventured into the mystical realms of writing..

    That’s the problem I think…when IT comes to free…the loss of individual creativity…

    But I guess Aleister Crowley could have been a music Artist for electronic music like Ronan Harris of VNV nation…Hmmm…in a way he favors his basic bone structure…and even his ideas and symbols are similar…OMG!…maybe that’s him reincarnated today…I guess he’ll never know for sure…HAHAa!A.A.or mA I joKing?

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  4. OBTW…for any of you reading here now that read my ‘Oreo the Meaning of Life’ post..

    The ‘Mystical’ Oreo cat finally showed his ‘face’ in my neighborhood…again..and I was able to iphone him and have him captured ‘forever’ in my ‘flickr photostream’..if you will…and or care to check that out in the right column of my word press blog for that flickr widget…

    It doesn’t look like that 6LB cat has gained any weight but he is still wild and free and sure he is still a lean mean killing machine with a most compassionate appetite of love for human beings..not the tasty kind..that IS…just affectionate…that IS ALL…

  5. And for any of your super intelligent Autistic Folks that are silently following in the background.. if you are having difficulty in opening my main posts in WordPress I also copy and paste the main post on the blog and the blog.

    There are advantages and disadvantages I think for WordPress and Blogspot blogs so I try to incorporate both the best I can for anyone that might find any of the information I present informative, unusual, inspirational or who knows a combination of all three..

    I am using Word press most dominantly as I need an efficient commenting more than anything use myself.. to keep track of all the different avenues I am pursuing on the internet and creative efforts…A kind of electronic media palette if you will for digital art of pictures…and much more that I am recently finding out is me…if you will2…

    And if you wonder why there are so many flickr pictures of me…with different expressions…I use the symbols of my shirts to express deeper meanings sometimes…along with the ‘expressions’ of ‘the day’..if you will2..but more than anything with my eyesight gone at middle distance and locked in front of a computer to escape the severe chronic pain of atypical trigeminal neuralgia face pain affecting both my hearing and seeing…I am literally like humpty dumpty getting off the floor putting all his pieces back together again…don’t think humpty dumpty ever got that opportunity but I guess I may be more fortunate than heShe…is…

  6. Comments From a thread called the YIN and YANG from the Wrong planet website linked here..

    All religions have their positive and negative aspects..the true measure of how well a religion works is in the measure of the love and cooperation among it’s members and others in fuller society..

    Christianity and Muslim religions have serious drawbacks on this issue.

    MOst notable is that neither main course of the believers will move into what science understands now as reality… Most salient is the refusal to understand that homosexuality is normal part of social animal nature that is just not as prevalent as other types of sexuality…

    Muslim religion is ‘supposed’ to be the religion of nature..but man is only slightly aware of the much fuller reality of what IS still…

    The major limiting factor and biggest mistake of both the Muslim and Christian religion is that a myth has been made out of the men instead of more amplifying the way of efficient and successful living in greater levels of ‘light’ or positivity and cooperation if you will..

    Both religions refuse to bend and change toward the future…so know with modern technology and the information age…shared freely among countries that are not censored…All the Abrahamic patriarchal religions face a certain slow and progressive death for future institutionalized purposes..

    The method that has been used by both religions in the past is a painstaking regimen of controlling followers with nothing less that what is understood as ‘brain washing’ in modern science..

    The saddest thing I find though is that this refusal to move toward the future and refine the religions with science is leaving people…many people out of opportunity to find ‘golden’ truths of essence of Universal knowledge that never changes as it is in alignment with the essence of human nature and a further reflection of the entire known Universe to it currently is understood and or knowNow…

    But back to the Yin and Yang this is an extremely important philosophical concept and most interestingly can almost be measured accurately with the AQ TESt or the Aspie it measures the emotional-social life as opposed to the logical-introverted life…

    What I find know that have trained myself in a regimen of ‘right’ brain activities if you will…that there are empirical measurable results that might indicate I have actually cured myself of what the negative aspects people relate to autism are as far as ability to communicate that is..reciprocally socially communicate with people in real life..

    Starting up conversations about the weather at the gas station as a most elementary example…

    I scored in the upper 30’s to mid 40’s on the AQ test most of my life and the highest at 44 or 45 about 6 months ago…

    I score 11 now…and when I am in eleven mode most autistic people cannot even understand my communication..whereas other people who are very social understand iT with no problem…

    So I live in balance now able to move across the entire spectrum of YIN AND YANG now at WILL..where some people noticing me in the YIN world may have the preconceived notion that IS the only world I exist in… Absolutely not though as I can blend in seamlessly in almost any social environment now..

    I challenge preconceived notions here so other people may bend their minds a little to more fully explore the land of YIN..if you will..

    The differences are extremely easy to spot …but the most disconcerting thing I find is that people like FNOrd and Reuvyn although extremely logical and the first ones to debunk any myth which is a very valuable skill have this style of ‘YANG’ thinking so extreme that they cannot see the simplest realities of life such as 911 or a terrorist act is not representative of over a billion people on the planet that think not too different than we do on issues of terrorism and core issues like compassion for their fellow social animal beings..

    This is human nature.. a religion can try very hard to change human nature…but this will never happen as this is inherently what we are…

    So religion is going to stick around from now on probably even organized religion to some degree…but the thing that is changing now through technology and electronic media of all types is true liberty.. the kind where anyone who has uncensored access to information can find the answers for themselves..regardless of what type of bullshit someone tries to feed them…

    Praise God Aman is all I can say to that as I raise my hands to heaven and say thank God to the IS that really IS…

    Freedom finally arriving in bigger doses for anyone to have faith in anything that rings true to their heart in this life…The biggest for the win of my little true will love light opinion…
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!

  7. Another comment on this link:
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Joined: Nov 26, 2010
    Age: 53
    Posts: 5143

    Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 1:21 pm Post subject:
    Per Yin vs. Yang..I think it was in the general sense of west vs east…left hemisphere of the brain opposed to right hemisphere of the brain etc…

    While there is a greater practice of religion incorporated into everyday life…I don’t see any real substantial differences between fundamental Judaeo Christian religions and Muslim Religions…

    NOw when we move to India…China..etc..that’s where we see stark differences…as those religions better reflect the universal nature of all that IS..

    It seems to me that the more materialistic an overall culture more fear of losing materialistic goods reflected back in the religion between heaven and hell…death and life..and all of that in the temporal sense instead of the eternal now sense…if you will…

    Once one removes material and carnal desires overarching from their view that will naturally occur with poverty for material desires and more naturally occurs with the aging processing for carnal desires there is certainly more room for the eastern philosophies among those in the west…but…

    the big thing is while we all age..the materialistic desires often remain extremely strong until the last ‘perm’ for metaphor is done on the ‘oldest’ lady in the hair salon in the west..

    Of course this western materialistic way is spreading in the EAst so IT is only a matter of time..before more people will be living on the fleeting high of the materialistic rat race that never finds rest…if you will..

    When desires leave and there is only now there is only bliss of course as now IS the eternal REward of Now if you will…
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!
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  8. I always like to think we can find the answers we are looking for in nature as analogy with the American Indian folklore here in the US…synchronistically my mind has been on the spirit of the wolf quite a bit lately..and a person i KNow shared a wonderful poem about wolves too.. that is passed down through Indian folklore..

    Of course there is no copyright on most American Indian folklore as the lessons to be told by nature are naturally shared by all in verbal words passed down from generation to generation…

    I am watching the Mimosa flowers turn to autumn for the first time today and I always wonder at the tree of life in our the Hurricane Ivan destroyed it only to have the tree come back from a twig on a stump about 30 FT high some 9 years later…

    What was left for awhile was only open sun and wide being replaced by umbrella of leaves and branches and shade once again…everything human lesson of real consequence to be found in my backyard along with the wildlife that visits there…

    There is a most beautiful youtube song about the wolves that I will link on my blog but here is the very short wisdom story from an unknown Cherokee grandfather here your poem inspires me to share it here too..the lyrics are provided on the youtube song as well..on my blog..

    “One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. “My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all. One wolf is Selfishness. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, superiority, and ego. The other wolf is Selflessness. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, and compassion.” The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather “Which wolf wins?” The old Cherokee simply replied “The one you feed.””

    And finally for some reason the last lines of your beautiful poetry remind me of the ‘old’ Beatles song where Paul McCartney sings..’will you still Love me when I’m 64…i suppose my wife had him beat as she still loved me when I was living in Hell..

    Yes..I do think unconditional love is where IT’S AT..such an easy concept..but a lifelong challenge to accomplish…

    Your writing continues to blossom with Autumns of yesteryear as others your age may give up on live….

    Sacred words THEY ARE…SMILES…

  9. Where does Love go after the end of the breeze..only breeze-n-one end and ALL

    I AM so tired that is retarethelocal ones smile..and you the both describe more eloquently as life love true will and light…

  10. My father’s side of the family is all English, German, French, and Spanish, but my mother’s side of the family is ENglish but Cherokee through my strong faced grandmother and barefooted grandfather with Sioux Indian running through his blood…

    This is the spirit that sets me apart so much from others running through my blood more than any Asperger’s spirit generated from my father’s side of the family…

    The logic remains but the spirit of mother earth through my mother’s side is what is born into me as one with greater spirit of this planet…

    There is no religion but nature for me and this can be no other way ever for me as there is only one that IS for me in mother earth and all dimensions of reality farther than the visible eye can see.. Humans and their language are an expression of the mother earth…but the stewards we are as responsible for this planet have grown weak in our totality of respect for this great life giving force which is the mother planet…

    I could have easily as written the script in the video of what is provided above…there is a universal tide of human spirit rising in this great human indigenous race that is not only limited to the great spirit of the AMerican Indian ‘race’…the spirit is among all human beings that know where their true home lies with mother earth…

    All is sacred of which is nature…all the tools we have to save mother earth and reciprocate her love are also generated by technology if we can put these tools to mother earth life saving use…

    We don’t want to see mother earth angry..but we most forgive those who know not the serious nature of their transgressions against her..and move on as one to save the human race and the greater light of the great mother earth…

    While my eyes my be translucent blue and my hair may be blonde in the sun the tan and redface that is my skin..big teeth, canines and stronger lower jaw, is the face of who my ‘greater’ ancestors are…The truer strengths that is me is the will to survive by generations of ancestors that lived as one with mother earth..without the creature comforts in losing respect for her greatness…

    Many of my posts have been generated by this great spirit of mother earth..particularly Sixty Nine One ninety six..the next one is going to be an urgent message from the ancients in respect of the great message that one of my indigenous connections provided me here recently and the great message that this message led me to and I am sure others will lead me to before I make that post..

    If no one ever reads it…it is only respect from me to mother earth..a prayer if one wills from me to her…Laying close to the planet on the belly… like my cat Arthur in his old age at close to 20 hugging mother earth in the grass to his last dying day…respectful as all he is to be here alive even one more second to love his mother one with all..requiring no logic to be one with mother earth…

    White Pearl I hope you forgive me for providing this one video here again but I truly think IT is too beautiful not to are welcome to delete it if you feel not appropriate..It is simply love for mother earth…

  11. Some of the theory below rings true for me after almost 3 years of interacting directly with thousands of neurologically ‘different’ individuals in what is described as online ‘nuerodiverse’ communities..

    Most unfortunately though..I think many of these people are closed off from reaching there ‘truer individual potentials’ either by conforming to society’s expectations…drugged into oblivion if you will…or hate and bitterness without forgiveness for those who have transgressed against the differences in human nature that those individuals who transgressed for fear as though know not anything but fear of human differences..challenging their comfort zones of order and ‘normality’…

    The wisdom is in accepting oneself and others…growing and forgiving all transgressions against oneself…including those initiated by oneself…i think…

    Anyway here is the theory in whole as provided only for educational purposes for those peoples in full…that may have censorship to this information..that might gain access here through WordPress…in this opportunity…perhaps..

    What the Ancient Wisdom Tells Us About the Incoming 6 th Root Race Souls

    By Matthew Thompson

    “Then there will emerge a new race, with new capacities, new ideals, new concepts about God and matter, about life and spirit. Through that race and through the humanity of the future there will be seen not only a mechanism and a structure, but a soul, an entity, who, using the mechanism, will manifest its own nature, which is love, wisdom and intelligence.” 1 Djwahl Khul

    In our society there is a growing recognition that certain unusual characteristics in our children are coming to the fore. These characteristics can seem alarming and strange yet are causing a new interest in the way human evolution is perceived. Parents are reporting exceptional brightness in their off-spring, not only intellectual acuity, but a seemingly high intuition and sensitivity about their environment, people, and the other children with whom they interact. There are cases where this interaction appears to go beyond the five senses, as some children more and more frequently display what would normally be called imaginative qualities, or even so far taken as psychic gifts or powers. Seeing and talking to “ghosts” is one example, picking up on the thoughts and feelings (telepathy, empathy) is another. Other examples (2) show children demonstrating precognition of places or events. Another trait appears to be a sense of purpose or direction which many adults would like to possess. Observance of various cases reveal children that seem to know exactly what to do or how things should be done (by way of improvement) and so act in accordance More often than not, they act with convictions, even if they cannot fully explain it to their parents or teachers. ­Labels have been given to these children and the most commonly known is “Indigo Child”.(3) Others are “Rainbow Children” or “Crystal Children.”(4) We tend to refer to them as the “6 th Root Race” souls.(5)

    Those who disagree with parents that associate their children with such phenomena, yet readily see that something is occurring, might be compelled to explore this social controversy via the scientific route and would easily ascribe a medical condition, such as ADHD (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), (6) in most cases to help avoid a social catastrophe. Generally, reports of what the child may be seeing, hearing, or feeling are ignored, because for many adults who reject these ideas, they do so more often than not for the sake of just having an opinion based only on what they know, or out of fear of public retribution.

    This poses the question: Is there an actual link between ADHD and the 6 th Root Race souls? The condition ADHD is not new though the term “ADHD” is a relatively recent one. To summarize, ADHD is a psychological condition of which symptoms include impulsiveness, hyperactivity, inattention, etc. From 1902 to the present it has passed through many stages of identification. It started out as being called “Defect of Moral Control.” In 1937, Dr. Charles Bradley introduced the use of stimulants to treat hyperactive children. The well-known Ritalin treatment was introduced in the 1950s. Ritalin is now the most common medicine given to treat this problem. The disorder passed through a few more decades of name changes and in 1980 the American Psychiatric Association gave it the term ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Many people now use both ADD and ADHD terms interchangeably, but it must be remembered that with ADHD there is a strong tendency toward hyper-activity as well.

    This brief history is meant to illustrate that these ever-increasing behavioural problems have been around for a considerable amount of time. We do not advocate that every child or person diagnosed with such condition is a 6 th Root Race soul, but we would like to make parents and caregivers aware of behavioural conditions that could be grouped with medical diagnoses similar to ADD/ADHD which, in fact, may be a reaction of a child toward an environment that simply does not accept his or her abilities, not observed in previous generations.

    How ever one might wish to label these children, there are many who say that these characteristics are simply a product of the global society in which we live in, and that all these so-called psychic powers etc. (in an un-investigated sense) are just a psychological reflection of the over-indulgent and glamorous world at large. After all, many child entertainments are of the fantasy genre where children and juvenile actors play characters possessing some sort of paranormal ability or another. With the children’s young and impressionable minds engaged in endless hours of sitting at the computer or TV, playing games, watching movies, or surfing the internet, how could we expect them to not be influenced?

    One could also argue that these children wouldn’t be interested in, say, Harry Potter movies, if there weren’t some content or quality in them to attract them in the first place. On the other hand, the counterpoint might be – “Well, they just take and absorb what we give them.” To some it may just be a case of “the chicken or the egg,” but that doesn’t alter the unarguable fact that whether a child has psychic gifts or just an over-active imagination, she or he still requires common sense and discipline all the same. Rather than concluding to prescribe medication for these children, we at the Sanctus Germanus Foundation would like to offer a point of view that combines a practical parenting guide with a firm belief that these children (and adults) do represent a new race, as part of humanity’s ongoing Evolution. They experiences life with more than just the five senses and are , in fact, on their way to fuller manifestations of the transcendental qualities of the soul. We only offer this point of view as “food for thought” and no one is expected to take on board any of this information unless it appeals to his or her own sense of reason or intelligence.


    Naturally the questions then arise: “Where do these children come from?” “How is it that they possess these extraordinary gifts?” “Why are they being born at this time in our civilization?” and “What can we do about it?” The answers to these queries are to be found in the Ancient Wisdom (7).

    Just as a person may in one life learn to become skilled at and even master a thing such as a certain sport, or musical instrument, or some particular field of study, the Ancient Wisdom teaches us that souls can spend many “life-times” learning and acquiring abilities which are then carried over into subsequent lives – a process that continues until an individual lifestream masters all lessons on the physical plane. This is known as reincarnation – or the cycle of rebirth – a concept widely accepted in the Orient, but introduced into the Western world in the 19 th century through the spiritualist movement. (8)

    Through many incarnations, a soul is given a multitude of opportunities to learn and to perfect itself to the point when it will attain the level of its Godhood – which is the ultimate goal of each soul’s evolution. This is a slow process during which each soul is given absolute freedom of will and of choice. This process and the ability to express freewill is guaranteed because a veil is placed over the soul’s memory at each birth into the earth plane. This makes him or her believe that that particular life is all the soul (clothed in flesh) has.

    According to the Ancient Wisdom, (9) souls do not incarnate as often as popular thinking would have us believe. In fact, a soul can sometimes spend as long as a thousand years between incarnations. We spend far more time ‘out of the body’ than actually in it, and there is far more learning and evolving in the inner planes of existence to be had than what might be generally supposed. If a soul progresses far enough along its path within a Sub-Round (see below) or indeed perfects itself so that all the requirements of that Sub-Round are met, it usually has to wait a very long time before it can incarnate into an environment more suitable to it’s level of progress. Even during these ‘intervals’ the soul is constantly studying and learning in cycles of activity and rest. An interesting point here to make is that these soul types may have progressed far, but not so far as to dispense with incarnating at all. There is always some facet of the diamond that as yet needs polishing. Considering the needs of this current minor pralaya we are in, many advanced souls from the ranks of Initiates and disciples of the Great Brotherhood of Light have chosen to reincarnate many times within a shorter period of time to assist in this next step of humanity. In essence this assistance is also what these 6 th Root Race souls are here to do as well as attending to their own spiritual paths.

    There is an implication here that the majority of people are slow to develop. A person’s evolution is delayed because of the choices they make from life to life. If a person chooses to live a materialistic life (with little of the spiritual) then that individual retards his or her growth where evolution is concerned. Evolution waits for no one. In the book “The Mahatma Letters,” the Master El Morya tells us, “The deviation of each one’s course, and his rate of progress from Nirvana to Nirvana is governed by causes which he himself creates out of the exigencies in which he finds himself entangled.” (10) In this case, if people choose to develop themselves spiritually, and at a greater speed than normal, then those people approach the perfecting of the requirements of a given Sub-Round and so “qualify” themselves for the next Sub-Round. An example analogy to be found is that of the school system. A child makes an effort to meet the requirements of a certain grade, and when these are met satisfactorily then that child can proceed to the next grade. Those children who struggle to meet the requirements of a particular grade can be ‘held back’ to repeat the same grade until progress is made to enable them to move forward. Yet all these children belong to the same school, thus there is a real inter-mixing of levels of progress. This is the case with the situation on Earth right now on the physical plane where there are those who are quite advanced spiritually living alongside people who aren’t as advanced. As the schoolroom of Earth itself is advancing quite a substantial step then it will be even more difficult for un-advanced souls on Earth to handle the new vibrations, therefore, being “held back” will be most likely in the form of relocating to another planet that is more suitable for their current level of development. There is nothing personal in this as there is nothing personal about Evolution, but there is an indication here that we are far more connected to the Earth than we can imagine.

    Many of these 6 th Root Race souls incarnating now gained a level of development required from a previous Sub-Round and have been waiting to develop themselves further. In order to do this, they had to wait for an advancement on the Earth’s part before they could reincarnate again into an environment that would suit their respective evolutionary levels; that time is now. And, it is the same with the schoolroom analogy. The next grade provides for the incoming student all that is required (educationally) for him or her to get on with their learning. There are also opportunities for each of these souls (whatever their levels) to interact and learn from one another just as on the playground at school during the breaks the children will mix together regardless of where they go next when the bell rings.

    This “mixing” will become increasingly difficult as the years go by in that the one determining factor that so categorizes us all is our development and the vibratory effect that creates. The good and the bad may have been able to live side-by-side up until now, but as the vibrations on earth are increasing this will put all those living on this planet at relative and vibratory positions to one another. Like-attracts-like, and a certain vibrational level must be attained to withstand the immense cosmic and planetary forces at work here. However, there will be certain areas on Earth that will accommodate the different levels of evolution amongst soul types – to a certain extent – and it will be more like a classroom situation at school where students are somewhat restricted by their own individual progress as to which class they can attend.


    “.the progress of mankind takes place in no haphazard manner, but the formation of the races with their special characteristics, physical, emotional and mental (serving as classes in the great world-school, for the development of special qualities) is as precise and definite as the curriculum and time-table of any modern college.” (11)Leadbeater

    Root Race is the collective term for soul “types” that are incarnating to any one particular period or cycle of human evolution, and which will set the ‘tone’ for the next Sub-Round of earthly experiences. These new soul types, manifested through the growing number of these children, are the precursor of the new races to develop on Earth over the next several centuries. Already some of these 6 th Root Race soul types have incarnated as early as two or three hundred years ago. Einstein was probably a 6 th Root Race soul but not necessarily the most advanced of that type. Many people in history, whether well known or otherwise – and who have in some way contributed to advancement of human evolution, may have been varying 6 th or even 7 th Root Race souls.

    The number “6” implies that there is a sequence and order to spiritual evolution and this is true. Our experiences on Earth, from beginning to end, are part of what is called a “ROUND”. In fact, it is the 4 th ROUND that we are in now and this is part of what is called a GRAND CYCLE that contains 7 ROUNDS. The Earth is the host to the 4 th ROUND. Other Planets make up other ROUNDS as well. Each ROUND is divided into 7 Sub-Rounds. We are practically at the point between the 4 th Sub-Round and the 5 th Sub-Round of this 4 th ROUND – this transition point is called a minor pralaya. A large portion of people on Earth right now are in fact 5 th Root Race souls yet we began incarnating on Earth about halfway through the 4 th Sub-Round. There are also 7 Root Races to each Sub-Round and each of those 7 Root Races contains 7 Sub-Root Races, plus many and varied branches. The ‘last’ of the 5 th Root Race souls should leave the Earth about half way through the 5 th Sub-Round and this is when the majority of people on Earth will be 6 th Root Race souls. The Earth in all it’s variety actually contains not only 6 th Root Race and 5 th and 4 th Root Race types, but is also host to the remnants of the 3 rd Root Race types as to be found, for example, in the aboriginal tribes of Australia. These 3 rd Root Race souls are remnants of the great Lemurian era.

    The diagram below illustrates the soul’s involutionary journey through the ROUNDS and its current position being on Earth as it continues its evolutionary path.(12)

    In the Mahatma Letters, the Master El Morya describes the Monad’s journey through the seven ROUNDS: (13)

    “1 st ROUND: The monad is an ethereal being – non-intelligent, but super-spiritual. As its evolution proceeds, it will grow more and more into an encased or incarnate being, but still preponderantly ethereal. During the ROUND, it develops monstrous bodies corresponding to its coarse surroundings, as do the animals and vegetables.

    2 nd ROUND: (After a period of pralaya), the monad lands on another planet. Its form is still gigantic and ethereal, but grows firmer and more condensed in body- a more physical man, yet still less intelligent than spiritual. The development of mind matter is a slower and more difficult evolution than the physical frame.

    3 rd ROUND: On yet another planet, the monad is now encased in some sort of concrete or compacted body; at first the form of a giant ape, and more intelligent (or rather cunning) than spiritual. For in the downward arc of the Grand Cycle, he has now reached the point where his primordial spirituality is eclipsed or over-shadowed by nascent mentality. During the last half of this third round his gigantic stature decreases, his body improves in texture and he becomes a more rational being- though still more ape than a Deva man.

    4 th ROUND: Intellect has an enormous development in this round. The races on earth acquire human speech. Language is perfected and knowledge in physical things increases. In the first half of ROUND 4, sciences, arts, literature and philosophy are born in one civilization and reborn in another, civilization and intellectual development taking place in cycle after cycle. By the halfway point of ROUND 4, Humanity teems with intellectual activity but its spiritual activities decrease. During the second half of ROUND 4, the spiritual Ego will begin its real struggle with body and mind to manifest its transcendental powers.

    5 th ROUND: – The same relative development; and the same struggle continues.

    6 th ROUND.

    7 th ROUND.

    Of these we do not speak.”


    Each Root Race develops and “grows” its own civilization/s and, as with the case of all evolution, it is about refinement. The best is taken from the previous civilization and used to build what is necessary for the following civilization. The soul always aims at progress and the more refined the body the better able to manifest the qualities of its level of progress and our societies and communities should reflect these qualities as well. The 6 th Root Race souls represent the next step in our soul’s development. Being about as low as we can possible go in the GRAND CYCLE, we are now proceeding up in the evolutionary scale (by choice individually, of course, but none-the-less part of a larger scheme). We have become as materialistic as we can get and it is time for us to move up in our spiritual growth.

    The 6 th Root Race children being born today are here to help us in this move, for their abilities allow them to see and interact with other planes of existence, abilities which will prove indispensable down the track. This is why it is of the utmost importance for us as caregivers or parents of these children to develop an understanding of the situation through what the Ancient Wisdom teaches us to aid in the ‘switch around’ where learning is concerned. We as their ‘elders’ with so much more experience in this material, concrete/fact-thinking world must teach them the value of practical thinking and all the best of the values that our society has to offer . They, in their turn, can teach us about opening our minds to other, hopefully higher, dimensions, for they can more readily see and feel the connectedness of life than we can. They can “move” between worlds, as it were, and so illuminate our minds as to the workings of the higher planes of existence, and if they are raised in the right conditions, surrounded by purity, harmony, love, and a healthy dose of common sense in everything we do, then they can show us and teach us about those qualities as they exist beyond our perception. We will show them the very best of our world and they will do likewise for us with theirs.


    Let us now consider these soul types as to how they are being perceived in the physical world.

    There are more or less two schools of thought regarding these “new souls” phenomena. The much-criticized new age movement, and certain older spiritual schools, have, from our point of view, intuitively got it right. The proponents of this group are at least trying to see it all from the inside looking out, whereas the scientific community still regards everything under the sun as chemicals, hormones, and physiological happenstance and from the point of view of physical dissection they are virtually infallible. What most of them fail to grasp is the underlying cosmic forces of evolution. They know so well the plane upon which they choose to work, but choose not to reconcile it with those forces. Add to that the potential for public mockery or dissent over the socially catastrophic implications involved in suggesting that waves of psychic children are being born and only the bravest and most open-minded of scientists will stick their heads above the generally accepted trends.

    The new-agers will readily believe that there is indeed a new wave of “different” souls incarnating on Earth, but their crutch is that they often cannot ground their beliefs to be of practical use in the modern world, hence why so much of what they say seems unreal or incomplete. To say and believe a thing is not of necessity to be wise about it. There has also been an unfortunate tendency towards pride in this knowledge, which can be equally as damaging to the ’cause’ as disregarding it altogether.

    The concrete thinking parents of the world who look to their doctors and scientists for answers are thinking in 5 th Root Race modes of thought, which more often than not preclude anything deeper, and so their 6 th Root Race children suffer through lack of understanding and intuition. These parents will look to social causes such as schooling and education, limitations of modern parenting, economic problems, eating and dietary disorders, popular life-styles, media films and computers, or in fact their governments, but these are all 5 th Root Race creations, in many instances gone awry.

    Basically the environment that a lot of these children are being raised in (or as adults independently living in) is not conducive to their mind-sets. The best of them come with ideals about peace and unity, abundance and evolving consciousness, yet they are born into separateness, intolerance, greed, poverty, war and dogma. Is it any wonder that the friction alone from these opposing mind-sets causes them agitation? Could this agitation result in current medical, psychiatric, and scientific prognosis such as ADHD? Their sensitivity to our present state of affairs must be driving them mad, and so, as madness often begets the final tragedy, they sometimes take their own lives as a final solution.

    The conventional minded 5 th Root Racers look to outer solutions for inner causes and the hazardous route of drugs and pharmaceuticals, in general, become the ‘easy way out’. These drugs once they become part of the body’s system are hard indeed to break free of. Is it any wonder so many of these ‘diagnosed’ children in later years turn to other kinds of substances to ease their discomforts? As stated earlier, we are not saying that everyone diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, or any behavioural complexities is an advanced being. Some are still 5 th Root Race souls who are caught up in the mire that the present world manifests.


    At every new cycle we must take into account the vast cosmic energies used to ‘spur’ on this activity of change. In our particular case right now, going from the 4 th Sub-Round to the 5 th Sub-Round, the feminine cosmic forces are being filtered into our sphere to help balance out the over-dominant masculine energies present on Earth. This involves a sort of cosmic acceleration . This is a special dispensation awarded to us – via the Ascended Master St. Germain and the Great Brotherhood of Light , a dispensation that will rid the world of the Dark Force regime and allow souls to flourish as the case should have been all along, hence: Soul Liberation.

    With these higher vibrational energies playing upon our sphere, anyone of a lower vibration will be filtered out while those of a higher vibration will survive. This is how a Root Race begins or comes into being. The majority of the souls to be the pioneers of the 6 th Root Race are those who are the most advanced of the 7 th Sub-Root Race of the 5 th Root Race. Remnants of the older Root Races and those of the lower Sub-Root Races of the 5 th Root Race will experience much in the way of difficulties and will in all likelihood be filtered out to continue their evolutionary path on other planets.

    Let it be said that ALL SOULS achieve the goal of enlightenment at some stage. It is simply that not all souls evolve at the same rate. Souls can take the slower path towards this goal, by incarnating through all the Root Races and Sub-Root Races, whilst some souls proceed more quickly and so the Path of Initiation was introduced (14) to allow these souls to pursue their respective goals as to their inclinations. And as a matter of course, depending on how far along the Path of Initiation they managed to travel, they must then wait until the inception of the next Root Race, which ideally should provide them with suitable bodies for them to then continue on their journey.

    We hope that through the reading of this and subsequent articles, as part of the New Race Education Project, it is recognized that humanity is not left to chance and unguided. On the contrary, we are very much more looked after and assisted than we could possibly imagine. It is hoped that the phenomenon of the Indigo Child is respectfully and intelligently handled with the wisest and most practical minded endeavours, for the safest and happiest route humanity can travel is one which keeps at the forefront of its journey the One Great Law which is UNITY and a real understanding of our Evolutionary path.

    We mentioned “other planes of existence” and this in itself requires an open mind for those thinking to follow further with us as we offer our points of view regarding 6 th Root Race children.(15) Humanity is part of what the Masters of Wisdom call the Divine Plan. And that plan is EVOLUTION.


    1 Bailey, Alice . The Soul and Its Mechanism

    2 Please see Parent’s Accounts in the New Race Education Project section of this website

    3 The name Indigo Child was given by a woman in the seventies called Nancy Ann Tappe. She claimed that she could see auras and noticed that a growing number of children being born were entering into incarnation with indigo-coloured auras and concluded that these children represented the turning of the ways of mankind to better purpose or rising of our consciousness.

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    15 Of course some of these 6 th Root Race souls are older now being in their 20’s, 30’s etc. as well. Many 6 th Root Race souls were born in the 50’s and 60’s and by now many of them have begotten children of there own, so there are also 2 nd generation 6 th Root Race souls out there!

  12. With one of my new special interests of numerology and letterology..if you of my best sin internet friends was extremely nice and provided me a reading of numerology based on birthdate and name…using the teaching and guidance from Edgar Cayce of my all time favorite guys…last name xx’ed out for keeping my ‘pen name’..Katie Mia Frederick, but if one really wants to know and understands numerology it’s not hard to figure out really…if it really matters to any now no one is paying attention anyway that much I think…haha anyway…again…

    There are one or two billion bloggers…my understanding is.. so it’s not hard to get lost..disappear in the Internet blog soup…if you will…

    But anyway my mother and wife had a good laugh on my weaknesses for my numerology report and I am certainly humble enough to agree with that fully2…looks like I got lots to live up to for a shoe attendant working at a Bowling alley for almost 2 decades…hehe…better catch up before it’s too late for my soul..haha1

    Well, after a long wait, here is your numerology!
    The book I used is Numerology and the Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker. 1979. Whitford Press.
    This is just the very basics of Numerology. Feel welcome to look up the book, it’s very interesting and is based on the theories and writing of Edgar Cayce.
    6+6+(16) = 28/1
    Frederick Arthur Lxxxxxx
    6 9 5 4 5 9 9 3 2 = 52
    1 9 2 8 3 9 = 32
    3 5 8 4 1 5 5 = 31
    Soul: 5 5 9 1 3 5 1 = 29/11
    Outer: 6 9 4 9 3 2 9 2 8 9 3 8 4 5 5 = 86/5
    Life Lesson 28/1
    (Your personal challenge in this incarnation.)
    You must learn to be original, strong-willed, creative, and innovative. You should have the courage and drive to go ahead into new fields of expression and be a pioneer. You should always go forward, never turn back. At times you may be dictatorial and stubborn because you do not like to be restricted or directed. You are a good executive, and work best alone. You are usually efficient and well-organized. You are not naturally domestic but can manage well in any situation. You usually like sports and athletics, and enjoy the thrill of winning. You are sophisticated, not emotionally romantic, and always appear at the head of social and commercial groups. By learning the lessons of number 1, you become intimately familiar with the God energy, that probing, seeking, independent spark that moves all creation. You are creative on the physical plane because your pioneer spirit precedes all others, and expresses your unique individuality.
    Disambiguation 28
    If you use care and good judgment, there are great possibilities for your life. You are ambitious and progressive, willing to lead and take responsibility. You wish to improve existing conditions. Your positive, direct approach to life instills zest in every new enterprise you initiate. You are a person of action with the ability to see things as they really are, unclouded by preconceived ideas or thoughts. You have good judgment because you have a direct link with your source of knowledge and a perfect balance between your desires and your thoughts. You are a visionary with the ability to translate your dreams into tangible products.
    Soul Number 29/11
    (Who you really are, and the potential of who you can be.)
    You have been on the spiritual path for a long time, probably for more than one incarnation. Through spiritual evolution you have learned much of the mysteries of life and death. You have courage, talent, and leadership ability. You are understanding, wise, intuitive, and often clairvoyant, with extremely sensitive ESP abilities and strong spiritual leanings. You also have the fortitude to contend with many changes and unexpected life events.
    Disambiguation 29
    29/11 is a master number and as such requires more of you than the other number vibrations. (Read number 11 and number 2 as you may fluctuate between these two basic energies.)
    This is a testing incarnation in which the strengths you have established in the past must now be put to a commercial use. You are a novice in the business world that now beckons, yet you have all the tools necessary to operate a successful enterprise. The word wisdom vibrates to 29/11 as does the word light. The positive side of the vibration endows you with the vision and foresight necessary to look beyond the ordinary world and see the uses for your many talents. You are the able to achieve wealth and success in the business world. Other business people are willing to help you achieve your goals, and you can enter a profitable financial partnership.
    Just as light is physically unstable and fluctuating, this number indicates uncertainty, indecision and anxiety. This energy can draw you to unreliable friends and contracts which become testing situations. Pride, arrogance, and stubbornness sometimes prevent you from admitting your error. However, once fears are overcome and barriers lifted, you look back into your pool of knowledge and establish again a position of strength and stability.
    You are an individual. You have vitality and a generous nature. You must learn the fine art of cooperation, since you like to have the last word. Learn to make up your mind and stick to it. When you are able to persevere in your goals, you will, after some struggle, attain your hopes and dreams.
    Note: 11 as a personal number vibration
    You can draw upon the cosmic forces for inspiration and aid in attaining enlightenment. Your pronounced intuitive abilities can guide your original and creative mind. You are idealistic and feel compassion for all types of people. The desire to uplift others brings out the teacher, speaker, preacher, and writer in you. You are the specialist who seeks accomplishment rather than glory.
    You feel that the law is important, and are not content to sit back and spout platitudes. Your devotion to the expression of wisdom must find an energetic outlet so that you can actively participate in areas of life where your philosophy can be effective. You are intrigued by ESP, the occult and the mystical; and some metaphysical study or discipline may help you create create objects of beauty that can evoke deep feelings in the viewer.
    You may not always respond to the vibration of 11 and live life as a 2, becoming involved in the details of your work.
    A negative 11 runs the risk of using these powers harmfully. You may be unfair, prejudiced and severe. Beware of these hidden dangers
    A positive 11 can create a balanced life in which all actions are weighed and measured with insight and inspiration.
    Note: 2 as a personal number vibration
    You are acutely conscious of others as opposed to yourself. Aware of others, you gain experience and and ideas though others, and your best service is though cooperation. You often prefer to stay quiet in the background and are extremely aware of pairs of opposites; thus finding choices difficult. You have an ability to see both sides of a situation and this, coupled with your sincerity, is a winning combination.
    The number 2 implies reflection and symmetry. Your imaginative powers are increased because you can see hidden aspects of the beauty in life. Your ability to detach yourself and see separateness gives your creative and inventive abilities room to grow.
    If you are a negative 2 you lack self-confidence and are indecisive, avoiding making decisions. You can be oversensitive and easily depressed if your surroundings are unhappy.
    A positive 2 can be a great service to others, as you have an ability to settle tense situations amicably.
    Outer 86/14/5
    (What you present and what others have come to expect from you because of this.)
    You are a good conversationalist and bright, sparkling, and witty. You are magnetic to the opposite sex and possess strong sensual appetites. Because change and freedom are so essential, there may be a quick turnover in your relationships. You like constant activity, variety, and change; and believe that change is progress. You must be able to do what you want, when and how you want to do it, in order to produce up to your capacity. You have a natural curiosity and are likely to take chances. Overdoing social interchange and desire for sensual indulgences and lead to excesses in eating, drinking, drugs, or sexual contacts. This can lead to your becoming fickle, restless, and undependable.
    Path of Destiny 115/7
    (What you must accomplish in this life.)
    Your depth of character and seriousness destine you to be a teacher of ethics. You psychically separate the true from the false and can discover and reveal some of the mysteries of life. You can become the thinking, philosopher, scientist, mystic, or the religious zealot whose destiny is the mind. Some may see you as strange and hard to understand, but they will seek your aid when they are troubled. Your example and public image could benefit a whole community and eventually the world.
    You find security in solitude, wisdom in moments of silence, and strength in your own knowledge. In ancient days, those born under 7 were placed in the temple to become priests and priestesses because all were aware of their mental powers. Develop your mental powers, and all will benefit.


    katiemiafrederick / September 17, 2013
    It’s okay to miss just means you are human..and some people who miss people for their entire lives create the greatest things in this world based on the muse that is not theirs..I’ll never forget my first girl friend…and she broke my heart..but IT was a gift as IT inspired much greater things in me..

    SO I would suggest to embrace the memory and the muse…for the greater ‘good2′..

    and just be human2…The past is the present too2..two…and the future 3 and or 4…

    IN other words it’s all the NOW…and present of your pastfuturepresence in present…

    But as always…just my always..

    And speaking of muse..and old flames…the coral castle in Florida rivals a great accomplishment of moving stones almost as great as EAster Island…

    This gentleman spent close to 3 decades working from sunset to sunrise…to build a castle to honor his first love who he admits as idealizing into something she never was..but all that IS important is the castle in the long run…the purpose he finds through his life with all the muse one gains in one life or who knows even others…but that is a story for another time…NOW..2..

    This blog is already your castle..but do Nautilus see their shell?

    A nautilus can leave a shell..and a human can leave the structure in words, letters, and or numbers for the essence of the Universe…what a muse can do…is actually incredible…

    The key is being inspired by the muse..rather than falling to the muse…so positive muse is always better than negative muse…in the total muse to balance out for ‘good’ news…and always better seconds to one moves forward in the NOW…TOO2two..

    oh yeah! and also love and all that stuffff to you too dear…2..light to you always..


    katiemiafrederick / September 17, 2013
    And when we are humanly emotionally broken is when we often find the sacred ‘true’ love that needs no emotion to exist..and thrive in lightening up this world..and shared with ALLASONE.. It’s likely you still feel that connection of power of the hurt shooting you off into another direction and yes sometimes a very positive one in overall this blog my friend…so love your hurt and embrace IT I would any love is precious love…at least…even if not sacred love…


    katiemiafrederick / September 17, 2013
    It’s okay to miss just means you are human..and some people who miss people for their entire lives create the greatest things in this world based on the muse that is not theirs..I’ll never forget my first girl friend…and she broke my heart..but IT was a gift as IT inspired much greater things in me..

    SO I would suggest to embrace the memory and the muse…for the greater ‘good2′..

    and just be human2…The past is the present too2..two…and the future 3 and or 4…

    IN other words it’s all the NOW…and present of your pastfuturepresence in present…

    But as always…just my always..

    And speaking of muse..and old flames…the coral castle in Florida rivals a great accomplishment of moving stones almost as great as EAster Island…

    This gentleman spent close to 3 decades working from sunset to sunrise…to build a castle to honor his first love who he admits as idealizing into something she never was..but all that IS important is the castle in the long run…the purpose he finds through his life with all the muse one gains in one life or who knows even others…but that is a story for another time…NOW..2..

    This blog is already your castle..but do Nautilus see their shell?

    A nautilus can leave a shell..and a human can leave the structure in words, letters, and or numbers for the essence of the Universe…what a muse can do…is actually incredible…

    The key is being inspired by the muse..rather than falling to the muse…so positive muse is always better than negative muse…in the total muse to balance out for ‘good’ news…and always better seconds to one moves forward in the NOW…TOO2two..

    oh yeah! and also love and all that stuffff to you too dear…2..light to you always..

    White Pearl / September 17, 2013
    Thank yo so much ! Yes I guess I am human…I am not sure though !
    Thank you so much for all your opinions and wishes.
    Yes this blog is my castle….. You just gave it a beautiful thought !
    Love you too !

    katiemiafrederick / September 17, 2013 are always you are the first love..and your lovers slave to build your castle or hive with you hear.. Here each day you are here…

    So not only are you human you are queen bee..

    IAM only adrone and your slave..humbly one

    The hive is the sacred word..

    And light..

    And love..true will..

    Of 1All…




    An anonymous b


    White Pearl / September 17, 2013
    Haha well thank you ! So nice of you to say that

    katiemiafrederick / September 17, 2013

    katiemiafrederick / September 17, 2013
    And when we are humanly emotionally broken is when we often find the sacred ‘true’ love that needs no emotion to exist..and thrive in lightening up this world..and shared with ALLASONE.. It’s likely you still feel that connection of power of the hurt shooting you off into another direction and yes sometimes a very positive one in overall this blog my friend…so love your hurt and embrace IT I would any love is precious love…at least…even if not sacred love…

    White Pearl / September 17, 2013
    Thanks for your comment

    katiemiafrederick / September 17, 2013
    BTY Iam back at the church the Catholic Church..

    The beautiful hive or temple built by the drones for their first love Jesus is pictured now…

    In my Flickr feed..

    Tell me please…

    If you..

    Love it..

    When you..


  15. claudia says:

    ah – those pics make me wanna go to the beach you know..smiles

  16. brian miller says:

    dude i never know where to begin after reading…ha…love the backWords bit there…i caught it pretty quick as well…i would def love to be at the beach as well…pretty cool as well that your wife has never worn make up…def love the natural beauty…

    • aHA! my words and photos are free knowNow no longer bound by the fist of logic..skirting the boundaries or rationality like me..

      Beauty is beast in disguise.. My wife was the ultimate muse of youth for me… is the inspiration died in someways with that prize of youth…I finally see who she is inside..the wisdom comes last in life a times..almost as laugh..sometimes…

      My father was probably one of the best looking men on the planet when he was..young…

      He did not even have to do his full job as a law enforcement officer as the secretaries always aimed to please in typing up his reports on their own analogy…

      Pain is the greatest gift of muse in my life finally making me fully awake…alive.

    • Thanks so much Shanyns..sorry I don’t think I’ve got to your poem to comment yet but will soon as every other week I have the compulsion to respond to every poem that is written in this new special interest of mine of interacting with all you beautiful d-verse… you…

  17. Laurie Kolp says:

    I had such a hard time loading this… so much, I couldn’t event read it, but the pics are beautiful.

    • Thanks for commenting Laurie..and am glad you enjoyed the photos.. I moved to word press to make it easier for people to comment…but it appears that word press does not easily accommodate my posting style..per software and hardware requirements..

      I’m not having any problem myself..but my computer is new…an iMac and is an extremely powerful computer..

      My old computer does load it slow as my wife uses that computer now..and is actually purchased in only January of this year..

      So what I have been doing all along is copying and pasting the basic post to and for anyone that might be interested in reading my words in an easier downloadable format..with blogspot..

      Much of my writing and even poetry that I attempt is somewhere in all the comments as I use the comments section for an ‘artistic like palette’ if you will..where I’m sure many people also use their comments on people’s sites, also, as a ‘muse to inspire greater creativity’…i think…


    I am Aghogday..a user on the wrong planet website..
    NOte: following information quoted directly from the wrong planet website in reference to autistic burnout and what it means to be autistic…fully autistic that is…to me..

    This is for educational purposes only per ‘fair use standards’ and copyrighted information for those people in various countries that are not allowed to access the wrong planet it is censored in those countries..most unfortunately as the autism spectrum is very complex and varied and does not necessarily mean substantial disability at all for those who successfully adapt to the challenges of their environment…it could be a valuable resource for people in those countries if the censorship is halted one day…

    xxxxx xxxx

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    Location: Tucson, AZ
    Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2013 10:26 pm Post subject: Another analogy…
    I feel like everyone else is getting around in an automatic transmission, and I have a stick shift that doesn’t go higher than first gear. I can keep pace with the others in light traffic, but I’m almost redlining to do it. You can’t run your engine that hard, that often. Eventually it will fail.

    And the times I’ve been shunted onto the freeway (more professional job, a new responsibility in my personal life, anything that ups the complexity) have ended in complete breakdown.
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    Miss Kitty Fantastico

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    Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 12:01 am Post subject:
    I was going to link a thread I started on autistic burnout, but when I googled it, it turned out to be this one.

    I am glad to see people still find it helpful. It is frustrating to see how many people have actually gone through burnout.
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    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    Posted: Sun Sep 15, 2013 5:56 am Post subject:
    I just want to say that I think no matter how bad an autistic burnout may be that with time there is always hope for recovery… It took me a total of seven years to recover but I am back with more energy strength and overall vitality at 53 that I had at my highest previous moment of full life at 22..

    Moreover I score an 11 on the AQ quiz as compared to 44 or 45 just 6 months ago…so any social weaknesses are completely gone relatively speaking..

    So finally always have the belief in this potential if you can or will…and given the time…yes..miracles do happen..even my doctors admit my recovery IS a miracle of the highest order they have seen in their patients…good luck to anyone who has experienced this autistic burnout..IT is the greatest challenge of my life so far..
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!

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    Posted: Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:32 pm Post subject:
    Verdandi wrote:
    I doubt I’ll ever score 11 on the AQ. Even my most fervent bouts of wishful thinking only got me down to 24.
    Aghogday wrote:
    Recovery is real, although it requires recovery time. Observing myself, I tend to have fairly major burnouts with years of recovery time, and then I have periods of milder decompensation that result in constant increase and decrease of my overall capacity.

    24 is much more balanced I think than my 11…My wife can’t take that much extroversion easily from me..nor many other family members..I give them headaches as they are naturally introverted people who were less introverted than me while I fell ill..

    But now that I am running wild and free again in the flesh and blood general public there are always ’11’s to be found as one can see their extroversion light at a hundred yards away…if you will..

    Interesting living in both sets of shoes so many times in one life time..It is an energy cycle for me IT seems but as long as I do not have to conform I can accommodate the world…

    I am truly a free autistic person now like I was before I started public schools…there was always a smile on my face then…and even when I am not smiling on the outside now there is a smile on the inside…as I can now easily discard the illusions of culture and ‘act IT’ when necessary…

    But..if I had not worked at a Bowling Center around 10’s of thousands of people for almost 2 decades it’s not likely I would have gained that ‘acting’ skill..and now that I am finally off Ativan after over 5 years of taking that amnesic anxiety drug…my memory and skills are coming back like a Hurricane…compared to the deadzone of before for 60 months..

    Best wishes to you Verdandi…

    For those doctors who do not think that adrenal fatigue is a real thing..they are incorrect as far as I am concerned…now for sure…

    My 94 year old aunt was 10 times stronger in vitality than me 5 years ago..and now I feel like I can push a locomotive..but I guess I got that from her bloodline..haha..smiles…
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!
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    Emu Egg

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    Posted: Tue Sep 17, 2013 10:30 pm Post subject:
    This thread is excellent…Verdandi, thank you for starting this and for everyone else who shared their stories. This is exactly what I have been dealing with the past few months, and it’s been really frustrating to try to get my therapist to understand what I’m trying to say. I’m going to print some of these posts and take them to my next appointment. (And hi, I’m a noob btw. Posted my sordid tale in the intros forum. Glad to be here…I feel like I’ve finally found my people!)

    It’s really encouraging (seriously!) to read some of these accounts. For someone like me…my dx is still kinda in-progress, it’s a toss-up right now as to NVLD only or AS or both. I’m being encouraged to apply for SSDI. It’s disheartening, in a way, to feel like I was so successful at “fronting” for so long, but eventually I just couldn’t keep all the plates spinning. I was (am) really damned good at my job, but like others have said, once the additional responsibilities were piled on, I couldn’t keep up and the pressure was just so overwhelming. I had a lot of panic attacks and crying jags in the bathroom, sitting at my desk feeling like I was in a pressure cooker, etc.

    I identified with what a prev poster said about feeling that they “were surprised to not know who they were,” and had to work at putting all the disparate pieces together again. I’ve been trying to explain my situation using pretty much those words to my therapist…I spent so much time playing all of these roles and living behind this facade, and I neglected to remember who I was and what I had initially wanted for myself in amongst all of the struggling to just fit in.

    I’ve always liked that quote that goes to the effect of, “Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” It’s so true!
    *Quiz Scores*
    Aspie score: 141 of 200 | NT score: 75 of 200
    AQ: 32
    BAP: 100 aloof, 90 rigid, 83 pragmatic
    RAADS-R: T 95 (L 6, SR 52, S/M 27)
    Meyers-Briggs: INFJ ftw!
    MDD & GAD (dx)

    Engage in acts of radical love and general badassery.
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    a brat

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    Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:20 am Post subject:
    aghogday wrote:
    I just want to say that I think no matter how bad an autistic burnout may be that with time there is always hope for recovery… It took me a total of seven years to recover but I am back with more energy strength and overall vitality at 53 that I had at my highest previous moment of full life at 22..

    Moreover I score an 11 on the AQ quiz as compared to 44 or 45 just 6 months ago…so any social weaknesses are completely gone relatively speaking..

    So finally always have the belief in this potential if you can or will…and given the time…yes..miracles do happen..even my doctors admit my recovery IS a miracle of the highest order they have seen in their patients…good luck to anyone who has experienced this autistic burnout..IT is the greatest challenge of my life so far..

    Aghogday, could you please give us some advices how to achieve the state you are in now? The more concrete these advices would be the better. I think many of us could greately benefit from them. Thanks.
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    Miss Kitty Fantastico

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    Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 2:33 am Post subject:
    aghogday wrote:
    24 is much more balanced I think than my 11…My wife can’t take that much extroversion easily from me..nor many other family members..I give them headaches as they are naturally introverted people who were less introverted than me while I fell ill..

    It’s good that you can smile again.

    When I said 24, I didn’t mean that was an accurate measure. I based it on things I thought were true, not things that were actually true.
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    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:44 am Post subject:
    OJani wrote:
    aghogday wrote:
    I just want to say that I think no matter how bad an autistic burnout may be that with time there is always hope for recovery… It took me a total of seven years to recover but I am back with more energy strength and overall vitality at 53 that I had at my highest previous moment of full life at 22..

    Moreover I score an 11 on the AQ quiz as compared to 44 or 45 just 6 months ago…so any social weaknesses are completely gone relatively speaking..

    So finally always have the belief in this potential if you can or will…and given the time…yes..miracles do happen..even my doctors admit my recovery IS a miracle of the highest order they have seen in their patients…good luck to anyone who has experienced this autistic burnout..IT is the greatest challenge of my life so far..

    Aghogday, could you please give us some advices how to achieve the state you are in now? The more concrete these advices would be the better. I think many of us could greately benefit from them. Thanks.

    Aghogday wrote:
    Hey OJani, my problems were myriad…

    And most associated with adrenal burnout it appears…and the damage that stress hormones can do to one’s entire physiological being..

    Here are the diagnosed health issues about 5 years ago..when I finally received some diagnoses..which took months and many doctors to even figure out…

    Vaso Vagal Presyncope, Dysautonomia, Atypical chronic Trigeminal Neuralgia affecting my right eye and ear(worse pain studied for human beings), A congenital narrowing in my sinuses so serious that the ENT that looked at the CAT scan could not understand how I could properly breathe out of my nose along with a chronic inflammation of the mucous lining of my sinuses and accompanying swelling that may have been associated with the atypical face pain.. trigeminal neuralgia..likely as a result of the irritation of second hand filled cigarette smoke in the Bowling Center I worked at for close to 2 decades, Severe Arthritis associated with a congenitally fused T6 vertebrae in my neck, carpal tunnel syndrome (moderate), Fibromyalgia, Sjogren’s Syndrome (my eyes stopped making tears which was like swimming in salt water with eyes open), severe tactile, sound, and light sensitivity, hypo-gonadism (low testosterone), Severe Anxiety, Depression, Pervasive Development Disorder (Autism Spectrum Disorder), I could not fully use my eyes or ears (no music, photographs, videos, etc.) until about a month and a half ago…

    I’m completely pain free now and lift more weight than the 21 year old marines at the military installation that I work out at…@53.

    IN asking how I did it the doctors literally say it is a miracle..

    I was almost completely a shut-in until 6 weeks ago..for over 5 years…

    NOw my wife and I go somewhere every day and talk to anyone and everyone I come into contact freely as any extroverted person one might come across…

    The healing process was painstakingly slow and meticulously achieved through adaptations that worked for me..that is not say they would work for anyone else that way..

    My immune system has always been extremely strong…and the only actual allergies I have is cats and dogs…I forced myself to have inside cats after my illness started and I am no longer effectively allergic to cats in my opinion my immune has got some exercise doing something instead of attacking the tissues of my body..and this has eased almost all of the immune system related issues like the attack on the gland that produces the tears in my eyes..

    I’ve been adapting to extreme real life challenges all my life…and ever being at the bottom of the bottom of the pits of human hell..everything is going up…if you will…even in feather like increments..

    But I have the patience of Job…seriously…not sure that many people would put their nose to the grindstone to get healed…like that respectfully speaking…

    The thing is I never got mad at anyone except at the deepest part of my pain and hell..but I never got mad at God or what one might call the seemingly capricious nature of life…which I no longer consider capricious at all after meticulously observing it in solitude and quiet for over 5 years…

    There was no way my body was going to be cured until I regained my emotions..most specifically hope and faith in continual purpose in life…

    That was the key for me..100% that led to physical healing process and moved me from extreme shut-in to extreme extrovert..

    I did it mostly through listening to music and creative writing to reconnect the emotions to my language…after that all the pieces simply fell into place..but I had the will of a ferocious tiger..I rarely see that in reality in anyone..

    On the other hand…as far as I know and the doctors that I talked to know no one has had the tenacity to put themselves through 2 years of adrenal glands stuck in the on position without crying uncle…so in effect i was my own worst enemy…with that Tiger spirit at that time..

    It takes a balance to prevent autistic burnout…and in reality in the real world in the dog eat dog workplace it can at times be impossible as far as I can see to maintain that overall balance and not fall to hyper-vigilance for basic survival…

    No easy and or perhaps no answer there on that point…in the real working world…that IS..

    Along with the will to heal myself in an extremely complex creative effort that I have made on several blogs…and an attitude where I challenge myself to go one step beyond each day in learning or loving something better..this is THE answer for me..but there is the potential that it might not work for someone else even if they duplicated my every step…as we are all so different both on and off the Autism Spectrum…

    Creation Activity is the main force that made me human again physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually..although I never really lost the intellect for very long at my deadest parts of life.. if you will..

    I would much rather be alive and a little less smart than be dead and the smartest person that ever lived on the face of the earth…experiencing and feeling life is where it’s at for me now…

    Since I have discussed a lengthy detailed look at my challenges in life..i should not neglect the positive aspects some of which may or not be associated with Autism Spectrum disorders as correlations..

    I suppose you could say I have even have some ‘autistic superpowers’ if you will..

    I can read 10 to 15 times faster than the ‘average person’..I had the largest head size in my senior class for hat size for graduation..haha..on that

    My little finger is smaller than any male i know past the age of 15…but and a big but..

    The little finger provides approximately 40 percent of the strength of human hand per physiological specifications..

    But I was always extremely strong for my size from the time I was skin and bones at 120LBs 5foot middle school..

    I could defeat all the muscular football playing guys in arm wrestling and was able to do this in midlife still with guys that outweighed me close to 100 Lbs.. for example me at 170 at age 22 and friends at 6 foot 5 and 260 Lbs..

    There is no explanation for that I know of or no explanation that I know of as to why I can outlift the 21 year old marines at the military installation now at 53 years old..IT is what it is but there is proof of the people that work at the gym have witnessed it.

    My head is extremely long for my size at 6 feet tall..It is a full 12 inches long as compared to my friend at 6 feet 5 who still has a long face himself at 11 inches long..

    Don’t know what it means.. it is what it is.. unusual..

    Along with the congenitally fused vertebrae in my neck I also have stenosis in the nerve canals and associated numbness in my body at times..but this does not deter my strength at all…In fact I have the symptoms of Klippel Feil Syndrome as my right shoulder bone structure is congenitally smaller than the left side too along with my right hand as opposed to my left hand too..never the less that is the side of the body I defeated everyone in arm wrestling with my left arm actually even stronger than my right arm…and not many people who opted that option to arm wrestle with me..haha..

    My claims to fame in my little life are unusual too.. I look almost exactly like the photo of the statue in Sargent Pepper’s lonely hearts club band group photo..even down to the suit in my senior class photo in high school..and shiny platinum blonde hair parted in the middle..and I actually starred in a ‘xxxo’ video flick which was kind of comic too, when I was younger..

    And I was in a county leadership class and the Athletic Director at a military installation …the last place the last kid picked on the sports teams usually ends up at..almost like Forrest Gump..if you will…

    Autism the Asperger’s type..’yess’..kind be quite an unusual the most unusual and unpredictable ways in just one human life.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 3:51 am Post subject:
    Verdandi wrote:
    aghogday wrote:
    24 is much more balanced I think than my 11…My wife can’t take that much extroversion easily from me..nor many other family members..I give them headaches as they are naturally introverted people who were less introverted than me while I fell ill..
    Verdandi wrote:
    It’s good that you can smile again.

    When I said 24, I didn’t mean that was an accurate measure. I based it on things I thought were true, not things that were actually true.

    Aghoday wrote:
    Thanks for clarifying..thatis interesting…and my 11 certainly does not come without many adaptations in life for support…like a wife that will do anything for me…supporting other family independence…iphone, head phones and my personal selection of any music I want to use anywhere to change the energy of my mind and also associated emotions..

    If i was forced to work in a difficult area of adaptation…it could easily change again..but I have too many still diagnosed problems associated with auto-immune issues for the doctor’s ever to release me back in the work force as they do not want to see me fall back out of remission…

    There is no question for me that the remission will last forever in the that is all I concern my self with for the very most part the now without past or future on my list of things to do…like I said my wife does everything for me…smiles..that makes it much easier to smile…my friend. 🙂
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 4:15 am Post subject:
    I guess one thing that I take for granted that others might not ever be able to do as an adult is to actually be autistic at 53..really autistic that does not mean introverted at all to my type of autism…

    What this means is i wander around in spiraling paths completely naked in my completely private backyard with iphones on listening to music.

    I walk in reverse at superwalmart side by side with my wife at and the mall..and quite frankly I do not give a f*****k what anyone thinks and my wife is fairly accommodative to my freedom to be who I this reality of my own true will of my life…

    I suppose not many people find their true will in life for conforming to so many uncomfortable expectations in life..

    But to be who one really the most liberating possible feeling that I can imagine now..

    I’ve got some photographs on my flickr feed in the gravatar link below and youtube videos continuing coming to document the whole process in excruciating detail..that is only joy to me as special interest too.. I am a musician, a photographer, a dancer, a philosopher, a zealot, an artist, an actor, a scientist, a poet, a writer, a singer, a songwriter, a comedian, a DJ, an athlete, a director of my own play of life in totality to answer to no one for my creativity as so I desire…nor any worry to make money at doing it…so it is only joy for me..and a few other people too…

    Most interestingly at 6 FT and 222Lbs of relatively extremely hard muscle…no one even glances my way with a dimissive look but I damn sure can make kids smile when i make an appearance in a shopping store as shopping is my wife’s purpose in life..and I just wanna live…

    And yeah i believe in magick too and even indigo children my intuition and ‘psychic’ abilities exceed any logical explanation known to that ‘side of my brain’…that was the iron fist of logic before..letting loose for full life now..

    I did.. I mention I talk about myself and my special interests too much…well that’s cause I’m autistic and proudly do matter what anyone thinks…it’s just me…that is all..JUST DO IT is my motto..and I like NIKE4…I’m collecting nike stuffhaha 5..and numbers6..letters7…and everything else in this life…8 or infinity as one might describe that symbol…
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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    Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2013 12:50 pm Post subject:
    HomeschoolTrekkie wrote:
    This is possibly slightly off-topic, but what on earth IS networking/leveraging? I have been told to do this to find a job since college, where there were seminars on job-hunting, interviewing, etc. Ignoring the fact that my entire circle of friends consists of my husband, my 4 kids, and my parents, how would I network if I DID have friends?

    I am just starting to look for a part-time job again after full-time homeschooling for over 13 years (plus book-keeping for my husband’s business, and far more phone calls than I ever wanted to make–I HATE phone calls, and my husband doesn’t understand why they are so scary/stressful to me). I have no references except for jobs from 13+ years ago, and I was let go from those jobs (various forms of daycare, despite graduating with honors from college with a double major in education and Spanish) because of poor classroom management skills. I also did some substitute teaching, which was probably a bad idea, because every day was different and I never knew what to expect. I spent every evening and morning terrified that I was going to get a call and have to go in to work–not exactly a good job situation.

    Anyway, I now have no clue how to find a job, but we could use the additional money. My oldest son lives on his own now, but my second son (undiagnosed but unmistakeable Aspergers) will be finishing his accounting studies soon, and is just as lost as I am about how to find a job. We have 2 more children at home (13yo & 11yo), who we plan to continue homeschooling, but I need a part time job to help my husband and to pay off my student loans. I have applied at Target, Walmart, Lowes, and various job search agencies, and have only gotten one interview, by phone for Target. I think I did okay until I was asked about teamwork activities and had no idea what to say. What on earth kind of team is needed to fold clothes and put them back on the shelves (what they said the job was)? I couldn’t actually think of much of anything I have ever done that is really working on/with a team, anyway. I didn’t get the job.

    I keep convincing myself that my symptoms are too mild to get an ASD diagnosis, but then I remember how lost I am in situations like this, and that for the expectations for my intelligence, I really am NOT doing “fine” as I feel I am. I was classified as very highly gifted, graduated first in my high school class, graduated magna cum laude from college, and have never held a job other than daycare for more than 3 months. The daycare jobs never lasted over 2 yrs.

    I even got “dumped” as volunteer Sunday School teacher this February. Officially, there was a re-structuring to have college & high school students teach the elementary students, but after a couple of months several other adults began working in that department, and while I was waiting to drop off my son (before he was promoted to the middle school department) I was told more than once that they didn’t have enough teachers in that department, and that I ought to offer to help. One of the volunteers even wrote down my name & e-mail to give to the people in charge, but I was never contacted, so I assume I am not wanted there anymore. I had previously though I could use them as a reference, but I’m not so sure, now.

    I don’t know if this bafflement/worry/whatever (I’m not always good at correctly identifying my emotions beyond the obvious) counts as the burn-out the thread is actually talking about or not.

    Anyway, pretending I had contacts, how would I network them to get a job?

    wavefreak58 wrote:

    Vastly oversimplified.

    By definition, autism carried with it deficits in the type of social skills that one must rely on during transitional periods in their life. If I am fired or seek new employment, my ability to network and leverage my circle of friends directly correlates to success in finding another job. If, by virtue of my autism, I have no friends (This is not an exaggeration. It is not uncommon among those on the spectrum to have a very limited number, or even zero, friends) and I am inadequately skilled at networking, any such transition between jobs will be more stressful and carry with it greater uncertainty.

    To say “you just have to carry on” is a platitude, one typically used by people that confuse real deficits with character flaws. Giving up is not an option, “carrying on” is the default state. We are all carrying on, to various levels of success.

    Aghogday Wrote:
    I don’t think this is off topic at all..and I think this is one of the greatest ‘hidden problems’ that can lead to Autistic burnout..I will use myself as an example again as like you I graduated at the top of my class in high school at an 11 out of 380 and graduated with a triple major in college with 3 degrees anthropology, social sciences interdisciplinary, and Health science, but I did not have the reciprocal social communication skills as I was delayed in verbally speaking until age 4 and always had serious problems presenting verbal communication..

    IN 1983 without reciprocal social communication skills and very limited accommodations to communicate in computer technology keyboard for written skills for example for people like me that could not write legibly either with any ease there was a great disadvantage as the workplace absolutely required these skills at that time for success in the work place or even making it though the interview process for any job..

    So I ended up working at a Military Bowling Center for close to two decades…finally moved to a more professional position in management there..then toward the end as community activities director.. and finally as Athletic Director at that Military Installation…which ended in total human exhaustion adrenal burnout and all the etc. immune system issues for a 5 plus year I had to go toe to toe with the first ‘tyrant’ of a female captain of a military installation..the ultimate challenge for an Autistic person I guess as I became responsible for over 100 employees work at times…

    Unfortunately there is little to no awareness in the general public about how difficult it can be for people who do not have a diagnosis or access to ADA protections in accommodations in the workplace for sensory issues etc. for success in the workplace..

    But if you have an autism spectrum relation condition by default there are going to be serious issues with reciprocal social communication…

    Social networking is all about reciprocal social communication…So social networking is not only difficult but sometimes almost impossible for a person on the spectrum to achieve..

    Writing has helped my verbal communication in an extreme way to present myself better personally in real life..not that I have overcome the physical health difficulties..

    But I have written over 6 million words on the internet during my disability and shut-in time..obviously this is not a neuroplastic adaptation that most people are going to have the time..effort..or motivation to accomplish..

    The only answer is some type of accommodation in society through better understanding of the challenges that adults diagnosed in midlife face with an autism spectrum related condition..

    My social adaptation skills were so good in the 20 years at the Bowling Center it’s highly very highly unlikely I would have been diagnosed without the total human exhaustion factor at age 47..but with that total human exhaustion factor all my adaptation ceased to exist..if you the raw autism was all that was left to present to the doctors…

    My psychiatrist who was a major in the Air Force and regularly dealt with combat fatigue said it was the worse case of human exhaustion or what some people refer to as a nervous breakdown that he had ever encountered in his clinical experience… But on the other hand he told me early on that sometimes people come out of these ‘things’ better than before…He was correct..but damn it took 5 years..too much time to ever really regain where a person was in the work force..

    You are likely similar like so many other midlife adults with an autism spectrum disorder like Asperger’s syndrome that does still exist in Sweden under Gillberg criteria and the only diagnostic criteria that has ever come close to properly reflecting Hans Asperger’s work lifetime of dedication toward helping people with what he described as ‘Autistic psychopathy’..where he indicated that people who find their niche in life..excelled well beyond the ‘average person’ in life..

    INteresting too… a language delay is part of that optional diagnostic criteria whereas in the US under the ridiculousDSM4 guidelines and non existing DSM5 guidelines for Asperger’s syndrome that never even existed as they were just watered down requirements for what was previously described as Autism ‘proper’.

    This is a real problem.. the fact that Asperger’s syndrome on a technical diagnostic basis has never been properly identified in the US…but it is such a rare condition in reality and one where it is possible to adapt to and have success in life..that the APA quite frankly doesn’t give a crap.. That’s the truth but they don’t want to hear it…

    Gillberg and Tony Atwood are the guys and Lorna Wing and Gould are the ‘gals’ to follow if anyone wants to really understand what Asperger’s syndrome IS and THAT IT exists and it is a significantly different presenting disorder than what LEO Kanner described in many of his case studies of what he described as ‘Disorders of Affective Contact with others’.

    In asperger’s syndrome there is often an extreme affect of contact with others…so extreme…that it is physically uncomfortable to be around others with strong the emotional contagion experienced is XXXXTREMEEEE…

    LIke a SCReAM!!!

    One of my major accommodations to my condition that does tick every box of Gillberg Criteria ASperger’s…is to gain the ability to control my ‘life energy’ as separate from the ‘life energy’ or emotional contagion of other people..

    The iphone, ear buds, and music will block out the negative emotional energy of others in crowded places as i follow the emotional contagion of the music more so than the human physical presence of beings I am around in stress filled human contagion of what one will find in Super Walmart..

    Fairs and places like Disney World were always natural highs to me along with working the happy bowling center as I flyed with the happy emotions of others with my extreme ability to affectively connect with all the other human beings… this is a total opposite of autism disorder proper that LEO Kanner described…

    Wow..I think I finally put this into a way that someone might be able to understand that does not have Asperger’s syndrome…

    Thank you for the inspiration of your heartfelt concern over the difficulties you face in life that are truly a catch 22 situation…as only society can provide an effective answer of accommodation for people in this society that actually have a condition associated with this real and unique Asperger’s syndrome related condition.. that was never even satisfactorily described by any diagnostic criteria in the US. Period..if you will..

    They (the APA) did a pretty good job at hiding and covering their ‘incompetent tracks’ they even have people with Asperger’s syndrome convinced that a separate and unique autism spectrum condition never existed…called Asperger’s syndrome..again…Period. if you will.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!

  20. The revenant of self
    I have an embarrassing confession to make.

    About a year ago I was hypomanically messing around with my own head and trying to mess with my uncle’s head when I had a little accident.

    I broke my moral code.

    I don’t just mean I breached it, though I did, I mean I utterly smashed it and was left in no doubt whatsoever that I was a moralising hypocrite and had been for a very long time.

    It gets worse.

    With my moral code gone I realised that my much cherished self-worship of my own knowledge and intelligence was an utter conceit with no objective justification whatsoever. It was complete wank. The ego I had been relying on for so long to defend me from the contempt of others and of myself just shrivelled and died in my hands.

    It was an incredibly traumatic experience and for a few seconds I was sure that the ten year battle I had been fighting against my own suicidality was lost. I could not possibly bear this. I would have to kill myself as soon as I could.

    Then something happened that is very difficult to admit to others – much less write in a blog – because I know it will be misinterpreted.

    I realised enlightenment.

    I say I realised it rather than achieved it because it was not an achievement and because I now know I have always been enlightened. I just couldn’t see it before because my own over-inflated self-image had been in the way.

    Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think being enlightened makes me wiser or better than anyone else. In fact for the first time I really knew I was nothing special. Neither an ascended master nor a condemned sinner. Nothing at all really. Yet everything there is.

    I have no idea whether my experience matches that of the Buddha or of holy men who claim to be one with God – though I do find it significant that the words of such people seem to have far more substance and relevance to me now. I’m quite sure though that I lack a lot of the discipline and accomplishment that enable such people to not only realise their enlightenment but to live it and emanate it.

    I don’t think I earned it either.

    Not by virtue of almost a decade of paralysing grief and despair nor through my study of philosophy nor my bipolar nor my meditation practice. It just happened. I don’t know why but I’m sure glad it did. If I believed in God I would probably call it an act of grace.

    It didn’t make me wiser or more loving or less of an arsehole. In one sense it changed nothing at all.

    But it does seem to have cured my depression and made me less judgmental and completely changed my perspective of myself and how I fit into the universe.

    Because you see, I’m perfect. Everything is. I don’t know how to explain that in a way that would make sense to anyone who doesn’t already know, but it’s true.

    I guess the key is that I finally clearly saw what my ego is and how irrelevant it is to what I really am. I didn’t just understand it theoretically from a book or say it to myself out of false modesty – I really saw it. And I still see it.

    But just because my ego is down, I don’t think it’s out.

    For about a week after my realisation I walked around in a state of utter bliss, completely open and accepting of everything and thoroughly enchanted by the way everything fitted together and balanced in perfect harmony. A lot of the questions I had long asked about myself and reality were either answered or simply evaporated into irrelevancy.

    But I couldn’t function like that for long.

    I quickly discovered that my mindfulness practice had not been what I had thought it was and I was unable to do anything that required forward planning. And though my blissful state seemed to touch everyone I interacted with I couldn’t hold meaningful conversations about day to day things – I could only respond to what was happening in the moment.

    So I put my ego back on. Which is to say I once again ‘inhabited’ the sense of a continuously existing self and all the social masks I needed to interact with my fellow human beings and carry out my daily tasks. I can still see my ego for what it is and can still remove it at will – though ‘will’ is definitely the wrong word. But it’s ‘sticky’. It’s as if by acting through my ego I am becoming re-addicted to it – re-identifying with it – and I need to regularly find the space to let it go and reground in what I found last October.

    One result of having such a beautiful and life changing experience is that I would really like to be able to share it. I look around and see lots of people suffering in ways I once did and feel overwhelmed by compassion and the need to help them if I can. But there are two problems.

    The first one is that I don’t really know how I attained my own enlightenment. I’m a bit like the 100 year old asked the inevitable question of how she managed to live so long. She might say “Going to church every Sunday” or “Always eating my greens” or “Sex and drugs and rock’n’roll”, but the fact is she doesn’t have a clue. She just knows she’s not dead yet.

    I’m in the same boat. I can tell people everything I know about myself until they die of boredom but I still don’t think I’ll have communicated anything important that will help them realise their own enlightenment. They’re probably in a completely different situation to any I have ever been in and if they are ever going to get there they will have to find their path themselves.

    The essential experience seems completely incommunicable anyway. There just aren’t words for it and when I do try to express it I feel that I am lying no matter how hard I try to speak the truth.

    The second problem is the question of what might happen if people start believing not only that I’m enlightened, but that I might have something relevant to say about it.

    Like I said, my ego is kinda ‘sticky’ and it just loves praise. I’m pretty sure I know what would happen to me if people started treating me like a wise man or a guru or something. It’s bad enough when I get complimented for something I do or get a blog post freshly pressed. My ego just laps it up. It makes me feel good. I start to feel more comfortable in my own ego and reluctant to take it off.

    I think I’ve run across a few other people who’ve realised the same sort of enlightenment I have. I think I’ve seen even more of them on the self-help bookshelves and in the media being treated as gurus or spiritual teachers. With the exception of a handful of very modest private people and two Buddhist monks (both now deceased) it seems to me all of these people have become enmeshed in their own egos again. What may have started as a sincere desire to help others find what they had found turned into self-justifying quest for fame, money and power. I would be very foolish to imagine the same thing wouldn’t happen to me.

    So I guess it’s lucky that I probably can’t tell anyone anything about realising enlightenment that they don’t already know. If I did I would probably create a monster of myself and lose the very thing I was trying to teach.

    Perhaps the only answer is for me to go and live in a cave or a looney bin or somewhere else I don’t have to try to prove anything to anyone. Then I can take off my ego for good and simply bask in my own perfection. As long as the psychiatrists don’t have some sort of injection to cure enlightenment that is.

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    Katie Mia (@KateMiaAghogday) permalink
    Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    This is the second time in my life this has happened to me in my lifetime..and this time if for ‘good’…I would also fear any real recognition in ‘reality’…I play with ALl..L


    Katie Mia (@KateMiaAghogday) permalink
    Please Note: Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    The more enlightened I become the more people inside of the ‘Matrix’..suspect ‘I AM crazy’..which I suppose IS also protection in many ways IT is not that easy to even get psychiatric assistance in the US if one needs it..which means no one really cares what i do outside of the ‘matrix’…as long as no real harm comes to anyone i am associated with….

    Not what sure what that is like in Australia..but i understand it may be easier to actually get diagnosed than in the US for conditions like Asperger’s in middle age…

    Asperger’s presents in extremely ‘odd’ ways varying greatly between individuals depending on how they accommodate their environment..or that ‘neuroplasticity thing’..haha!….

    Anyway nice to ‘truly’ come across another enlightened person in this life…they are ‘extremely rare’..the ‘really’ enlightened ones that ‘IS’…

    No doubt this INdigo child thing is real in my mind now…I have no proof…I just nowKnow…that IS ALL…

    Another extremely interesting post by ‘Cabrogal’..the individual that often posts on White Pearl’s blog…

  21. ANyone that follows this blog..knowNow..I love music..really love music..

    If I had to choose a favorite song ‘write’ now IT would be this song ‘TENNIS COURT’ by says all my philosophy in one if she IS singing my mind now..

    Appreciating the little things in life..treating them every moment to the most as if one second is a thousand years of bliss..

    I’ve been in an absolute state of bliss for over 6 weeks…now…and IT is only growing greater as each second, moment, and day goes by…

    Higher heights each second than what I thought could be possible before…

    But I am reminded that I have been in the total opposite polarity of place with each…a thousand years of hell about 5 years…ago..where lower pits of hell each second occurred than I thought could be possible than a second before…with every sensation of pain growing stronger and eventually becoming one comparison to one with euphoria now…almost always..

    But here’s the thing…I have experienced extreme mania before…influenced by extreme stress and life or death feeling realities…

    This is nothing like that…there is not even any adrenaline involved when I work out at my gym and feel no gravity..

    What i do…do..when I work out is work the ‘Chi’ energy through growls and verbalizations of vowels…not caring what anyone else IT is only positive energy no matter how ferocious or strange IT may seem…

    I also work the ‘Tai Chi’ routine with what is coming naturally to me now..with interesting..’Yoga’..poses that take me to that euphoric sense of slow and ‘endearing’ motion…if you will…

    Finally…yes..I do wander completely naked to feel mother EARTH all over my body in my completely private back yard…my flicker pictures only reflect the waist up…of course…as obviously seeing more would turn people away from what I am trying to share WITH others so they can feel even one second of the bliss i feel know…i cannot keep this to myself and at least not try to share heaven with other human beings..

    It is important to experience nature as our human bodies are intended…I am sure of this now.. and also to walk in ways in reverse and spiral type paths as human beings are never intended to walk restricted in only ‘straight forward’ ways…the ‘sidewalk of conformity’ ..if you will…

    I show my face so much in my Flickr pictures as it reflects my life experience in ways that I could not possibly put in words..i think…IT is just one more method i can only hope might spur some type of feeling that moves someone toWARD A more enlightened path…as this IS only for each individual to determine for themselves as to their own true will light love…and their path to enlightenment or even greater depths of darkness..hate…bending to the will of others..and false will..if you will…

    The consequence is a natural state of bliss or misery…and of course every point on this spectrum between the true points of earthly true heaven and/or true hell for each human being…

    I am in the bliss place and I am loving every second of IT..

    It appears that Lorde and her true will Love LIGHT philosophy in that song and/or whomever wrote IT as i have not checked that ‘fact’ are in the spectrum toward will light..and moving away from hate false will darkness..

    Any song that moves toward the light I recognize and credit in my blog…as these are the hidden messages of help that people…so many…creative people..share with their fellow human beings in always hope to share light with them..and take them to the highest of highs of light humbly before they enter that ‘door’….

    Well…as you might imagine this song is the song I was wandering around in my backyard listening…and finding my greater..and greater heights of bliss..and mindful awareness of the nature of the supraorganism of man…shHE..that IS…IT…for ALL for ONE..the greatest hope i seyesey!

    ..and YEAH!.. this is probably my second favorite song ‘write’ now..and also by LORDE…there are many songs in the ‘Universe’…through the history of my life..lots of songs to pick from…and always the potential of finding a more moving enlightening censorship is gone from the Western World greater than ever before…and creativity is being shared on a global basis through the ‘chariots of greater light’….like Youtube…and yeah…even facebook…IT is connecting that makes human beings ‘great’!…

  22. This is a blog link i found through a shared link from ‘an autistic internet friend’…

    It brings back many memories of youth..and the lifelong challenges that continue to this day…

    I often save comments i make here.. as sometimes the letters, numbers, songs, music, lyrics, photos, moving pictures and other symbols are the only friends that i find who not let me even though my intentions are always what i view as positive in total effect…some people view them much differently…and i understand i can be a challenging person to understand..but it is just me..that is all..i am older now and freer to once again express the nature that i was born with more fully now..i am truly free again as i was when i was a child before entering the world of conformity in school and work…

    YOu see as a person with a mountain of reciprocal social communication..this IS what eventually results for ME after decades of adversity and adaptation to whatever comes..

    And this will also be an introduction to my next post called ‘Rainman and Sunshine’ that will be in total effect only ‘a visionary expression’ of poetry or prose..if you will..

    I was planning on ‘Wisdom of the Ancients’.. next..but the ‘visions’ must come 1st..I guess…

    But i digress here is the comment i made to the link first before the ‘visionary experience of poetry and prose’…if you will…

    As an Autistic male with the Asperger’s variety mixed in with the nonverbal..called PDDNOS in the US..

    This resonates with me…that’s what it’s like to grow up different like this…

    I learned my angry face and stare to off put the laughs off my unsteady gait..with little care for my outward appearance and no desire to live anywhere but my mind…

    WEll..I have a really angry face…now..that I can show the world..but inside I have the smiling face that I had when I was a child and first went to school.. that the other boys told me I could not that was gay…

    My other challenge is i was a boy that looked like a girl…

    YOu see..androgyny is common among ‘higher functioning’…Autistic children..there is even research now that backs up this common anecdotal story that you will see repeated over and over on site for Autistic people..’the higher functioning’ kind like Wrong Planet…

    But better yet.. there is also research that shows that these same children when they grow older retain higher levels of DHA resulting in a life long even into middle age appearance of youth and strength..did I mention i was 53..proof of that is in my photography…

    I learned my verbal language through a sing song pattern of lyrical notes of voice and now I learn to write in the same sing song pattern of lyrical notes..

    It’s like poetry without rhyme some times..if you’s willality too as i now make words freely that suit my autistic nature2…oh! did i mention i incorporate numbers2? as they are my friends letters and other symbols that match the ‘hyperlexic’ nature of my mind…with the echolalia too2…

    This is what the future Fred sounds like from 1964..when he could not talk or write.. only read real really really fast and get all the input.. and the output..was missing then..but oh! no not I found an accommodation through IT.. and have written over 6 million words on the internet…on over 13 sites.. on my ‘gravatar profile’ along with visual and auditory expression through moving anything goes..if you will..

    I write..I visualize..i output now…I invite to you to read my blogs..i don’t belong anywhere..i am the invisible man..not many.. if anyone.. fully understands me still…my out put that is…oh but you can be assured that your son and the other ‘quiet’ Autistic people know much..much…more than meets they ‘eye’..

    Autistic people can be slow bloomers..but sometimes when they finally…bloom..they literally explode..

    like a 6 pointed star..if you will…

  23. Pingback: sigNature sUn arE onE | KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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