HIgH way to Dance


Hi.. X.. Love your poetic free verse response here.. as number one is a peaceful mind.. relaxing and taling one’s subconscious with positive thoughts to make desires of life come fruition in our terrestrial sphere.. and yes.. most importantly.. what so many new age and old age prophets totally leave out of their advice is to move baby move.. thoughts are empty without the moves associated with emotions to take one higher and higher into emotional power..

And the ideas that emotions are weakness and human desires are to be repressed is the highway to robot hell.. either monks or nuns or priests in convents and monasteries.. the cold brick look.. is just a place in hell.. no matter what so-called sacred words are attached to cold heArted zombies.. and yes.. one can see IT in their shuffling robotic feats of dead soul dance..

REvolution Human
Dance HIGH way









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  1. http://dversepoets.com/2015/09/07/haibun-monday-1/#comment-100056


    i am looking for just the most important part of Nature to
    write about.. and X brings just the inspiration
    this morning and of course it is about the part
    of Human Nature and all animal Nature who move
    Dance all
    Life dances
    that lives in moving ways..:)

    Providing this comment just
    in case someone doesn’t
    think human
    dance is

  2. http://dversepoets.com/2015/09/07/haibun-monday-1/#comment-100026


    Lovely Summer Air continues.. North Florida
    Humidity Breeze.. Grills deLight meaSure in
    heat’s afterNoon sun.. bikiniS thrill men eYes..

    Dreams.. cold front.. haunt Lovers eYes..
    whEre bikinis roam.. it’s just too dam hot
    and sweatY to get a loving hug or kiss…

    Short paragraphs
    Haiku Kool..:)

    Seasons never start or end in Hospital Duck
    Ponds soothing ill of heart and spirit in Big
    Hospital rehabilitation ways.. ducks comfort…

    Quack Quack all
    one feels Duck
    Buffet Free..:)

    Ah.. standing on ocean shores.. after 5 long
    years.. boy’s dream to be a beach.. comes
    again.. in middle age years.. waves wash
    as i dream in sands of me.. seat oats waves
    a Summer’s Emerald Gulf clear bottom now…

    Wash in Wash out
    as i am me..
    me am i as out and…:)

    Standing quiet inside a Universe of mind..
    often quiet to other eyes.. swirling colors
    of minds and feels do grow.. death to ears
    and eyes of ears and eyes who do not see…

    Universe within
    no limit here..
    expectations there..:)

    Elite so lost among fears control..
    Free aloof.. Elite does not exist as US..
    at ALL.. when we escape control of
    systems rules.. but where is one country
    under effective rule of sharing GOD..
    NO rules there in Towers Trump ruiN Love…

    looks eyEs
    dream free
    eYes looks..:)

    Winding roads faster and faster
    deer crossings ahead slower and
    slower.. two cultures meet in head
    on crash.. deers and humans kiss
    windshields flesh and blood same..

    Bambi.. i cry
    Bambi cry i..
    Don’t shoot..:)

    Steps of Mountain traveling pack
    Rams hold true in sideways walk..
    Humans stick to sidewalks way..
    falling down.. to science move
    in cold dead feet.. moves one way..

    Bootcamp Lives..
    outside Now’s
    Sidewalk Stuck..:)

    Brown leaf falls through blue
    south skies.. fall tender long
    away cold skies.. HeArt warm…

    Blue Leaves
    sky heaRT

    Old uncle fishing on river front
    no relation really is one really
    necessary is one necessary
    really.. kind fish Uncles catch..

    Nurture lives
    eye felt fish..:)

    Labyrinth of Garden needs no
    path where all things live path
    grows green.. garden alive now..

    Labyrinth Bibles
    no escape..
    no equal Rules..:)

    Walking world feeling heArt
    deeply most arts misery.. Feeling
    eScape past foot prints.. human beach
    delight.. Farms travel on past relatives
    nose.. oxytocin receptors on feet will
    connect to earth for those baring feat..

    Naked beach
    lives home
    of US..:)

    Ah.. new Vlad the Impaler on big screen
    way.. becomes hero.. as greaTest
    heroes.. take role of devil himself..

    Judas most
    often bleeds
    now most..:)

    And that’s
    12 folks..
    as bugs
    in Nature’s

    3:15 to 4:30 pm..

    commercial break

    commercial break


    Oh.. to worship each step as sacred..
    as step can be vine.. as each movement
    can be infinite in diversity of art.. ah..
    to delight in now.. where arms and feet
    of moves.. becomes spring year ’round…

    Sacred steps
    worship Now

    And a river and gazebo is mine..
    but no formal wedding.. formal
    is never me.. hehe.. but any
    way.. what lasts does last
    and for me 26 years from
    hooking up like thIs now..

    Brides maid
    lives Love
    maid in LOVE..

    WED thiS..
    reAlly HaiBUN
    FUN! GETS!..

    oops..! broke
    sings Yoda..;)

    Dogs of Love singing songs
    day in day out nighttime
    alltimes.. oh humans can
    you hear songs of Dogs..
    of Dogs.. they howl alone
    please.. Dog humans cry..

    Dogs breath
    sweet kiss
    cHow Life..:)

    HEart spangles shiNe on Summer’s ease..
    shade comes.. cool feelings sing.. oN Breeze
    cHairs connections.. mood breaks.. Lights come..
    PeacehArmony amonG US.. bLeeds heaRt aLive..

    Chairs Love
    Fires Chariot
    HeArt Rides LiGht..:)

    Fire of life burning deep
    within souls move
    inspiring energy from
    above so below alive

    Moves Fire
    Moves Soul

    A zombie apocolypse of fears arise in a nation..
    Aisles of Super Walmart feet waddle shuffle buys..
    i dance pass in martial arts and ballet style.. and
    they look pass ignroing Neo.. in colors of human life..

    Neo explores
    Walmart shuffles
    Life moves Living..:)

    Ah.. a World that lives in a state of worry.. Alpha waves rule..
    Oh.. a place transcending enters.. Beta waves relax..
    Wow.. a place of endless creativity Theta waves magic
    How.. to get here.. meditation works and trance dance oceans..

    Dance waves
    trance creativity’s
    light ocean blue..:)

    Oh.. to take hate out of religion greaTest escape
    to bring heaven out of heal best respite..
    Oh.. religion will never go away..
    change comes from within…

    Aylan’s tears
    God’s eYes
    tale FEAR

    Before the days of HDTV.. colorful crabs
    move through crystal waters of backyard
    river.. ancient creatures of survival liKing..

    Humans boil
    beauty callous..
    hearts.. eYes cold…

    WHere the heArt song travels prevails
    on horizons of human soUls.. spiRits
    grow.. out expand.. escaping shades
    of sea blown grey.. time escapes.. NOW

    Horizons Now.. fly high
    horizons low.. pass
    no go..:)

    Vultures fly high as
    hawks fly low each
    with a mission of
    Earth’s delight in
    Saving balance Light..

    Life’s vulture
    Truth as Dark..:)

    Paradise of deserts green in eyes of
    brown.. smiles so bright covering
    sensate delight.. the deep of brown
    speaks in eyes and teeth of love..

    Cover Love never so
    Cover below so

    Mother of Earth Storms her brew.. sitting
    quietly at the table of man.. women loving
    nature more.. gathering instead of hunting
    in patriarchal way.. Matriarchy saves the day..

    Once again..
    Mother eyes
    live above below..:)

    So true again at the end with Lynn..
    touristy often reigns at price
    of human slaves.. where
    amusing ways price
    above human blood..

    Aylan’s ashes live
    in places
    far away…

    Oh.. for me his name is Elwood… a gray and white
    tuxedo.. for years in trenches of heartless work is my..
    connection to the heart of love that lives inside of me..
    Only his touch will bring that warm feeling of Love again..
    he is not an inside cat.. not even ours.. he comes and
    goes and spreads love.. and when he goes for good..
    i wait for him at the door of my patio.. and remember
    he is gone for good and i feel lonely inside.. i cannot
    bear the thought of another cat.. but what i learn after
    that when i repress my emotional tears too much is
    i lose the ability to love at all.. and i will never ever
    grieve too much.. over the loss of anyone not to love
    someone else.. whether tree.. dog.. cat.. or blade of
    grass my friend.. the more we Love the more we’re Love..:)

    Blades of grass
    loving cats
    alive as Grass..:)

    Oh.. yes!.. fresh air of cycle wings are a joy for me as well..
    but oh goodness.. keeping that head down and cycling
    those legs the same way over and over.. and there is
    chronic issues of repetitive injury from doing it that
    way for decades over and over and over.. and
    now i always move different and am totally
    pain free… hope that never happens
    to you but if it does.. perhaps
    that will be the cure for you2..;)

    Bicycle head down
    legsAme moves
    aches saMe..;)

    Yes.. always Love to see your smile friend.. Himali..
    and much Love and hugs to you as well..
    with those ‘kisses’ that travel
    Light Years of sMiles without
    lips and cheeks..
    known to God and US
    as Unconditional Tough and Passion Filled Love of Life..

    And your shining lights always brighten my light as well..
    together with all othErs WE WiLL BE THE FLAsh LiGht
    to change the world.. and before i say
    this the light comes on.. on the
    back of my iPhone5s for
    no reason at all
    my friend

    YES! wE WiLL.. Himali..
    Quest bRiNG LiGhT
    sMiLES LOVE PEace..:)!

  3. It’s all about how to move your feet.. and it might lead you either way.. into the furnace or to heaven seventeen

    • Oh yes.. so true.. Bjorn.. dancing can take
      one to many places including heaven
      and hell but when one truly gains
      human relative free will.. free
      WiLL rules with individual
      ethical code..
      and most
      people don’t believe
      that until they get tHere
      so sad that
      some people never
      gain relative free will
      as that is all about mastery
      over one’s mind and body
      in balance through
      one’s emotions
      and integrating one’s
      senses through real
      imaginative and creative
      movement not ruled by
      cultural or religious
      sidewalks of
      live.. Running
      in one direction.. on
      a treadmill or ellipticals or bicycles..
      of life.. True PURE human Imagination
      and Creativity in all stuff life never pays
      mind to rules of the past.. and always
      moves in new ways to create
      now as always now
      pure in
      ways.. always
      changing always
      new.. where Heaven
      is always LOVE sMiLES NOW..

      Never ever will that come from
      sitting still or staying in
      forms of the past..
      in bricks
      of human
      and that my friend
      is why so many people
      cannot understand what i
      amDO.. i live as a stream
      and they are often..
      with tears.. fears..
      scene or unseen..
      FREE IS

  4. From Facebook Friend Sherri’s page (one of my 50 something now.. dance partners from the early 80’s at Disco Dance Club 2001)

    sMiles.. and i set the floor on fire.. just like The Weeknd-Can’t Feel my Face Video.. and honestly when the haters ATTEMPT to throw drinks on me.. wherever I go.. to put out my fire.. JUST like that video.. THAT sets my fires of dance and creativity higher than ever.. so bring on the haters and i will only dance higher and brighter.. and same with my poetry.. there are as many haters in poetry life against some thing new as there are in the aisles of Super Walmart.. friend Sherri.. and when i see that.. it’s hard to believe.. but people are truly alike everywhere and even science shows this as some people can accept the new.. and some folks refuse and cling to the past.. through the fear of truly creating now.. as new..

    i’m glad.. i can accept new stuff.. and blessed beyond belief to actually do stuff that has never been done before.. that i truly believe most humans have the ability for if they will just let the negative stunting emotions of the past go.. and move by MOVING.. WITH the power of positive emotions that comes brighter than any Super Moon.. and yeah.. the song Frozen is old.. and played over and over.. but this inherent message of human being in meaning and metaphor cannot be repeated enough as far as i feel.. as we all can create ice castles.. not unlike the real man Jesus.. my friend..:) 

  5. https://lifeconfusions.wordpress.com/2015/09/04/searching/comment-page-1/#comment-9783


    Hi there2 Zee.. i’ve been doing this freeLY as a joy of life online
    since the Summer of 2013.. and for some reason
    and i INUIT AS feeling.. MOST people who
    seem to hear me are from Pakistan
    and India.. Egypt..
    perhaps i am
    born in the wrong
    place.. as i am
    where i live
    except with mostly
    the younger crowd..
    but my spirit of dance
    in life is genderless…
    ageless.. religionless
    ONE race of US..
    nationless.. truly
    it is human
    my friend..
    and if i can
    do something
    to get the world
    to dance as a Universal
    Language of Love Free with
    the Spirit of Human
    Cooperation greater
    together i will
    aim higher
    and higher
    and just
    do it..
    as tHere is
    no positive effort
    in human eyes or
    ears that is too small
    from the little disabled
    boy who waters a sapling
    tree as his greaTest joy
    and a young shy man
    and brave young
    woman meet
    later after
    the boy’s
    can call
    him ‘Aylan’
    for NOW..
    and this couple
    is so inspired by the
    beauty of this tree
    that college educated
    tree scholars suggest is
    one of a kind.. THAT the
    young shy smart man
    falls in love with the
    brave woman..
    and eventually
    the young man inspired SO MUCH
    by this woman’s Love and the
    kind love of all teachers and
    parents who make him the
    strong soul he is now..
    becomes a great
    political leader OF WORLD
    and makes a decision
    and ACTION that saves
    the world from
    sure destruction..
    SO who is the savior
    of the world.. THE Tree..
    Aylan.. the brave young
    Woman.. now wife.. older Man..
    THE parents.. the teachers..
    WELL truly as always the
    IS THE savior.. and when
    WE as leaves branch
    out and connect
    instead of falling..
    or fall and rise
    again AS beautiful
    new trees we
    ALL save the
    world ALWAYS
    i don’t know you friend but
    i Love you.. and i often think
    why is that so hard.. but
    FOR NO
    AT ALL..
    there is no time
    too small or too large
    and you have
    a friend forever
    now.. God willing..
    with no strings
    as you my friend
    prove you can
    hear me..
    so in other
    words i’ll
    be back
    as time
    now goes

  6. http://xpoet73.blogspot.com/2015/09/forget-this.html


    More than anything my first
    and only child teaches
    me through all the
    misery and pain is
    the basic lesson
    is Life wants
    to Live..
    to forget
    that.. is
    a life of
    un ease
    comes as living
    of dying
    in my best

  7. http://dilateandswallow.blogspot.com/2015/09/jaja-and-hailee-put-it-in-bag.html


    I come
    here for
    the title..
    sonG.. sMiles
    and beForE
    it diSappEars
    agaiN.. smiLes
    agaIn.. you
    are fRiggNg
    F iN Hilarous..;)

  8. We
    forgot to
    FEEL.. wee
    Baby linKing
    Mother’s breast..
    gazing blues see
    Loving brown touch..
    We forgot to move..
    sitting still in class all
    day.. skipping recess to
    connect to screens.. We
    forgot to connect.. NO not
    to screams of Screens Lives..
    but human breast.. and hips
    of eyes that move and smile..
    BUTT most of all we forgot Now
    to create ..to play.. a Life.. aLive..
    without imagination and creativity
    with moving feat.. of toes spread out..
    we forgot
    to LIVE
    die that
    in LIfe

  9. X says:

    There are def a few prophets that touch on the act of doing (moving) in association with faith. Probably the closest to your kinda movement is David – who danced unashamed before the Lord. I tend to dance in worship at church on Sunday. I am fairly well known as the headbanging worshipper. Lol.

    • Hi X.. i replace the word philosopher with prophet.. IN hopes someone will respond this way.. and truly they are the same in secular vs. so-called religious ways of life.. True.. dance is touched upon in the bible.. but just in a way describing those brave enough to just do it.. and in the following video about KinG David.. and his dancing before the covenant of the Ark.. Richard Gere portrays what is described as Sacred Chakra dance in modern terms to express all emotions from joy to SENSUALITY/sex to sacred warrior ways of moving.. FREELY.. and today people will call it insane.. shameful too.. in fundamentalist areas of church.. as they have no idea of the bliss that shows on Richard Gere’s eyes.. face.. and rest of body.. that only those of us who experience that will truly feel and it is not something that can be known without feeling it ALL.. around the human body.. smiles..:)


      And in the link above.. Sacred Chakra dance is expressed as the regular limited old view
      of seven chakras in the body in regulated and restricted meditation ways.. but truly that is a metaphor for the Vagal Nerve.. the core nerve that powers and spread our emotions.. and people who repress their emotions develop somatic pain.. most often though chronic stress.. associated with our insane worrying way of life overall..

      From birth to death.. SITTING STILL.. yes.. X… all day long.. BEHIND A DESK AT SCHOOL OR WORK AND HOME SO-CALLED F in ENTERTAINMENT TODAY NOW.. and a true self-fulfilling prophecy of death in life will come slowly and surely in a life.. most likely eventually lived in fewer and more painful days emotionally and physically as known and FEELING and UNfeelLING all too well AS ILL.. from my own ‘expert’ individual unique experience in STress hell..

      The Sufi Dancing Dervish.. although limited still in spinning ways make it a practice of religion instead of just a side note.. for Kings.. other prophets.. and such.. BUT AT LEAST THEY MOVE DANCE AS A RELIGION AND NOT JUST A FREAK SIDE ATTRACTION ON A TRAVELING ROAD SHOW…

      And no doubt when King David suggests he will praise the Lord in more ‘vile’ ways to express the freedom of GOD that lives within.. i already fulfill that prophecy on this blog haha!.. in LEGAL TENDER RESTRICTED VIEWS…

      So yeah.. my style is his of old new.. AND I FULFILL IT HAHA! FINALLY AFTER 3500 YEARS.. smiles again.. DANCE ALL THE WAY…

      And science truly shows today.. the specifics in how dance can move into more Creative Beta wave.. and Theta wave all natural ways of mind and body balanced trance if it is done freely and openly without stiff rules.. instructions.. guidelines.. to yeah.. move stiff.. even in controlled ballet moves.. as human emotions flow freely throughout the human body from Vagal Nerve in brain to Gut to all around in neuron and neurochemical and neurohormone receptor ways.. WHEN WE MOVE INSTINCTUALLY FREE.. poetry and science huh.. a strange mix.. but never the less there is science and art to human bliss.. .

      And free flow dance is most definitely an easier way there than confining rules of meditation and martials arts that go the science way.. away from innate.. instinctual.. intuitive gifts from GOD in imaginative creative movement that automatically provides the bio-feedback to regulate human emotions and integrate senses providing an avenue of both focus and enhanced creativity.. with better short term working memory for cognitive executive super human functioning as well..

      What i do is not just art.. it is science as well..
      i measure what i do in both science and meaning..

      And dance is much more than
      just getting down
      my friend
      it is oh so
      getting UP
      in more
      ways than
      one and ONE
      of connecting
      in Universal Language
      with other humans..
      BUT HELL
      NO.. MENTION
      IS NOT
      NUMBER 1 OF 11
      AS FREE
      AS GOD
      BE ALIVE
      IN A BOOK
      THIS WAY..:)

  10. kelly says:

    Dancing is such a soul-felt past time, I cannot imagine life without it. Happy Feet!

  11. Kathy Reed says:

    Prolific contrasts here….I am so touched by the Bambi haiku ;(….and love, love the freedom

    • Hi Kathy.. in January 2008.. i select the ‘user name’ Aghogday to express Another Ground Hog Day everyday in a real human hell.. of 19 medical disorders.. and worse of all the TOTAL LOSS OF MY HEART SPIRIT AND SOUL..

      And then I go to a little online site that collectively is a virtual Hell of mostly lost Souls who also do not have the ability to fully express and desire an emotional life of Human being.. on November 26th of 2010.. when the pain of my eyes can finally tolerate a screen set to the dimmest setting with my weak eyes 2 or 3 inches from screen to see it.. at all.. AS prescription glasses only turn the hatch blade of pain in my eyes stronger..

      Yes.. at this Wrong Planet online Hell.. the human emotional life of a real life heart.. again.. is lost among most folks.. NULL expressing those gone emotions.. where some may have never had this spirit from the beginning of life.. with minds and bodies.. disconnecting.. to the point that they become only words on a screen most of the day..

      Yes.. again.. IN a virtual hell separated from the organic life of feeling touching.. emotional and sensory life in a three dimensional world free and real separate from virtual hell.. and i become like Lucifer eventually.. living in virtual online hell.. but becoming light bearer slowly but surely.. and amazingly the lights in my heart.. spirit and soul.. become flood lights stronger that i ever think is possible..

      And those lights grow brighter now than ever.. starting in July of 2013.. and this Summer.. after two more years in online Wrong Planet Hell.. i finally get banned a month for being creative.. among an army of zombies.. so heaven is finally here for me day ’round now ’round.. as I am not going back to online hell where creativity is banned.. and what comes next.. whatever that is.. has no limits or expectations.. as there is more than the sky is the limit of real dimensions of existence now.. that go far beyond.. three.. my friend.. as real now.. once again..:)

  12. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    I so agree with you! And thank you for your wonderful comment on mine, which I have answered there.

    • Hi Rosemary.. thanks so much and i am very moved by your Haibun about your cats and other Loved ones.. hope your nows are growing great with all the Love that Nature has in store for you my friend..:)

  13. I like the conversation tone you use in the prose part of this and especially the thought of dance as prayer–or prayer as dance for that matter. Nicely done.

    • Hi Victoria.. thanks for stopping by and i always
      dream of writing A Tree of Life..
      so yeah.. dreams come
      true in small
      trees and
      bigger trees
      but most of all
      when we spread leaves
      of Love and Discernment as well..

      Smiles.. and hope all your nows are going great!.:)

  14. C.C. says:

    Emotions are not weakness and repressing them IS the highway to robot hell! Love the haiku 🙂

    • Thanks so much C.C. for saying a big AMEN with me that FREEST EMOTIONAL EXPRESSIONS IS actuAlly strength and NOT weakness and the path to robot
      Hell IS MOST DEFINITELY REPRESSING.. them and at least for me.. in general.. free verse poetry is an excellent remedy for JUST THAT!..:)

      AND REALLY my only poetry teacher until i come to dVerse and meet all the forms and STUFF THERE.. I MEAN HERE.. I MEAN THERE.. Old small Dude Yoga.. truly is my greaTest and only Poetry form teacher in all natural WITH THE FORCE HAIKU FLOW!..

      SO with all that said i will leave with some actual ‘HAIKU’ quotes from Yoda.. that is pArt of my way WITH A FORCE OF POETRY EXPRESSING HUMAN HEART EMOTION AS SPIRIT!.. BALANCING SOULS IN A LITERAL YIN AND YANG.. THINgY… wAY..:)


      “Powerful you have become,
      the dark side
      I sense in you.”

      HAVE my young

      “You will know (the good from the bad)
      when you are calm,
      at peace. Passive.

      A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge
      and defense,
      never for attack.”

      “[Luke:] I can’t believe
      it. [Yoda:] That
      is why you fail.”

      “Train yourself to let go
      of everything
      you fear to lose.”

      “Always pass on
      what you
      have learned.”

      “Fear is the path
      to the dark side.
      Fear leads to anger.

      Anger leads to
      hate. Hate
      leads to suffering.”

      “Death is a natural
      part of life.

      for those around you
      who transform into
      the Force.

      Mourn them do not.
      Miss them do not.

      leads to jealously.
      The shadow of
      greed, that is.”

  15. kaykuala h says:

    Dancing brings life into the being.It is a body and mind thing that interact and can well maintain some semblance of balance!


    • So true Hank.. and dance as martial arts and ballet free style for me combines the world of Jedi and Sith in harmony of Dark and Light me.. with explosive energy.. as well as blissful peace.. as LOVE.. smiles.. and thanks for stopping by..:)

  16. humbird says:

    Just thinking what would happen if we dance instead of walking…..wow! Great power and high vibrations here, at your site, Fred!

    • ^^^

      Hi.. hum bird..! thanks!.. SO much for coming by with those very kind words of power and high vibraTiOns.. and serIOUsly.. if wE ALL dance.. the world wiLL LiGht UP in positiVe LOVE poWer.. AND SUPER COOL VIBRATIONS LIKE THE SIXTH DIMENSION.. YES.. HIGHER THAN THE FIFTH DIMENSION…

      iT iS The convincing pArt that’s hard.. not so hard at the dance hall as the young folks are dancing more more more there.. but in Super-Walmart.. for ‘some reason’.. SHALL I SAY FEELING.. i JUST cannot get the other 55 year-old ‘southern boys’ to join in.. but the younger female audience.. is more inclined.. emotions.. it’s what’s for dinner..

      ThE REaLLy grEaT stuFF to EaT.. and the baTtle of the sexes in all free country areas is being one WoN one by one.. by strOnG women.. who are not afraid to express their human being fulLY.. while men are seriously just fading away.. overall..

      UNtil the world bEcomes VeNus fuLly.. but stiLL better.. as A place of Love.. as Mars has just become a limp planet with little zeal.. i am afraid.. for them.. yeah.. but not for me.. at least for now.. haha!..:)

  17. lupitatucker says:

    I totally agree and I think you nailed this haibun. just as faith without works is dead, thoughts, philosophy, deep thoughts all need feet to walk it out, hands to play the tunes, and one thing will lead to another.

    • Hi Lupita.. so nice to see you here today.. and i appreciate all the kind words you bring.. i hope you are doing well today.. in just DOING IT.. your own way friend.. sMiLES and see you ’round Poetry Land..:)

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