Testing Echo


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5 Responses to Testing Echo

  1. https://anarmchairperfectionist.wordpress.com/2015/08/15/the-terminal/


    Ah.. yes.. friends old and new.. most often make Emotional
    Baggage Lighter for all whom are consumed
    about that..:)

  2. X says:

    Ah, well – since I did not do the prompt and so did not read most it was interesting to see the range through your eyes. I may have to go back and read a few more now that I trimmed through this.

    Hope you had fun dancing last night. Peace go with you man.

    • Ha.. this was kinda like Mary’s Mirror Poetry prompt.. didn’t think I would like it first but it ended up being so much fun just in flow.. I am starting to look forward to the more challenging prompts now.. and as you may remember before.. there is a time when I did nothing but open link for the first year with dVerse.. live and learn.. expand and grow.. and meet the challenges that come both light and dark.. is my mantra of life now.. the more i don’t like the more i may like it before all is said and done.. so now i breathe easily… just let all the worries go.. and flow my friend.. and actually the dance is from Thursday Night.. copied it again here.. as it relates to some of my thoughts in this post.. and yeah.. it’s always worth a smile to me to see other folks smile.. and part of why i document the dance journey in photos every Thursday night and consolidate that into yearly posts so far titled ‘God’s Muse of Dance’ and ‘666 Months of Dance’ as it is hard to look at hundreds of smiling photos from my past life and not smile again.. and trust me without the memory of what a smile felt like or looked like on my face for 66 long months or if I had ever felt a laugh or smile in my entire life.. I do value smiles.. laughs.. and most importantly life.. and count my blessings fully in a visual prayer.. that some word folks cannot see as equally and more beneficial than just saying a verbal prayer at night or day.. and nah.. sharing never hurts anyone.. as the off button online.. is easy to do.. if sharing offends.. except for folks who will control folks to no end.. just to suit.. their way of seeing life.. and online is free territory.. with no religious or cultural rule on blogs for the most part.. thank goodness.. a great way of freedom.. where one can be a community of one.. if no one understand where one is coming from or going.. there is a lot going on with this blog.. that i still do not consciously understand.. but i feel and sense it.. with heart.. spirit and soul.. with eyes of GOD as a willing Instrument of GOD in LOVE and FLOW.. synchronistically so in GOD’s Language to me.. and with that i can never be alone.. just ALLONE..:)

      And that my friend is a mighty peaceful go
      to be.. with GOD

  3. First world problems under roofs
    Third World smiles outside
    Truth is inside

    (The 19th link and 18th
    poem i respond to
    excluding my own..
    to the Dverse
    prompt.. 5.5
    hours left
    to check
    for more
    if coming i will
    add here.. later..:)

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