Mines of Canaries


Ah.. yes..
the clever one..
always having just enough rope..
to avoid the stringing up..
the fox that never sweats..
the hen that never runs..
the clever one..
who hides

The sights.. smells.. and sounds.. of bar diversity..
in human.. pheromones.. alive as same.. dripping alcohol off bar glasses..
finding how males really feel about women in pissing rooms.. and women
knowing and now coupling up with each other instead..
oh the battle of the sexes..
one in bar life.. and women are on top.. with each other now..
amazing how much humans have changed since the 80’s..
everything goes now.. and perhaps that’s good
for over-population that
separates the masses
from each other
in big city life..:)

Ah.. the bright of June.. even the word is four of magic five
of now.. 18 today.. as Summer becomes adult.. at 21..
the promise of the longest day..
in Northern Hemisphere way..
oh.. the days never end
when the green of
life lives

Ah.. the sacred purpose of poetry
to make sign language of paper
organic.. the words become
emotions.. the emotions
become flesh..
the flesh
in the

Ooh.. mirrored lakes of cream churn away
the skies of ice cream dreams.. a pleasure
it is to melt away the long summer day
with memes.. of living
dessertStressed noway..:)

Ah.. the songs of Nature so often provide the background
message of country westerns of my past.. watching
the balance of nature.. with eagles and snakes like
this in the continuing play of life.. where
people become snakes and eagles
and the two will dance a dance of
life or death.. or in between
of dwelling
dance alike
or different in
red and
white men
and women

Dream of the feral cat inside outside
or indoor cat.. is to breathe it all
in.. climb and spin around
in cat tail dreams
among the
leaves of
grass and sandy
hills of Summer delight…
Oh to lay inside can be a sad
cat way of life.. but getting fed
is always the incentive that strays
the call of the wild in whiskers of free..:)

Ah.. the grass is a beauty as leaves hold together but
the beach of sands and sparkling diatoms of gulf
with humid puffy skies of night painted clouds..
bring love and sand together on breath of
two intwined as one.. beach of love..
Oh God my youth is magic..
and best of all is i can
go there again in
words and
water on
sandlit nights..:)

Soil of SoUl.. memory of Love..
dig the soil.. expose the sOul..
heArt alive.. expresses spiRit..:)

Ah.. life on river.. where home and water become one..
there is a power of water that ionizes a mind and body
in balance more alive.. as swirling air above the dreams
of river become us in flow again.. be the water.. float..
in dreams come true..:)

Ah.. to the north us skies are never lit by cities..
the quiet is deafening unto itself.. and the
frogs sing on humid nights.. but oh so sad..
is where have the fire flies gone.. it seems
years since they flew so free in my area..
disappearing like the bees now.. where
away.. but anyway
there is always YouTube
and Google photos but
never the magic of
lighted wings
in quiet

Dreams of twilight mixing words do delight..
Oh.. images of daylight do bring
sounds of dreams in night..
oh just to bring those
dreams alive
is sanity
life.. is
a play of life
for me.. as well..:)

Ah.. the Judas often bleeds the most..
the anti-hero seldom celebrated but
brings the change.. the dark comes
first and then the light ends where
dark brown leaves come in fall to
rise again.. in seed of sprout..
loving grains are gray and
white.. sometimes
black.. and blood
and blue

Oh the sitters and the rovers play their roles..
to adventure.. to go.. in Star Trek way no
human goes.. is to feel the Universe
still expanding.. outward..
as.. i’s..:)

Oh.. the deadbolt of the closed mind
heart.. can be such a cold place to
be.. oh the key can be as close
as a dance step away
in free of soul
and spirit

The day before the longest day of Father’s day
is my father’s birthday passed away a year ago
last month.. sadly i never got to know him
even in the same room.. but yes there are
worse things.. much more horrifying
stuff than a parent that is quite
without emotions.. null
and void definitely
beats verbal
or physical abuse..
and TG my mother
is an unconditional love
as without two.. you are
certainly a gift from GOD
as the kind and courageous you
that inspires these words of life..:)

Oh my God.. emotions fully experienced are the
glue of loving.. crying .. fearful.. and all
memories in between.. to lose
emotion is same as heart..
or expressing that as spirit..
and without heart and spirit
expressing now the soul
dies a lonely
death as


Humans develop logic to reason events of the past in forecast of the future..
A neo-cortical rather new development that sets humans in an illusion of past
and future as well…

The Past and future illusion
can sink a person to the lowest levels
below an ocean floor..

The Sea Gulls of the air have no worry for this.. as they simply connect to
GOD and leave the issues of what will be greater than they to GOD..

totAlly without thought or consequence and that is what GOD
has it be.. as GOD just IS.. and not a thing
that tiny humans will ever fully
comprehend..as long
as humans
keep their
tiny eyes
which make
them human too..:)

Humans think they are smart..
but for the most no they are not..
that’s easy to measure in the misery
of eyes.. everywhere i go.. even in the
Land of the Free.. Free is not free.. free
is without worry.. worry free is life.. in now..;)

The answer for me is simply.. trust God that lives
within the human soul.. heart.. and spirit.. and let the
negativity of others go.. no matter how confused they are
as mired in darkness in both sunlight and moonlight ways..:)




The problem starts by defining reality

with concrete words like reality.

It is what it is.

Without words it is what it is.

Without is it…

Science definitely shows though that some
folks experience, feel, and sense aspects
of reality that others have no part of IN their life.

It is as simple as some folks experience nuanced emotions;
have a depth of ability to imagine images in their minds;
and have an ability to feel the emotions of others through affective empathy;
and other folks feel, sense, and imagine little to nothing of this; so yeah for those
folks these real physical aspects of life for some folks are not real to them; but that
does not negate the reality of the experience of other folks, at all; a common issue
with Autism is not understanding non-verbal language, deficits in cognitive empathy
as well as affective empathy in some cases; to the point of viewing other humans as mechanical
aids and nothing else; sad but true; different realities in physical realities or not, for different folks.

And no, there is nothing deranged about that; it is the state of the art of science in art of understanding human
emotions; science is just now touching on the Universe that exists as the internal human being that is almost
entirely subjective as far as how that internal experience can be described in words; words will never fully
capture all of the external reality nor the internal reality of humans, as humans are much too diverse to
ever put into cookie cutter molds of life experience, feelings, and sensory experience.

I have even had some folks here suggest that faith, hope, and belief are mere words and not
emotions; I do not have that issue and in discussing it with my Asperger’s therapist just
today; she states that this is very common among folks with Asperger’s ranging to
not having any idea what facial or eye expressions mean; that is a serious
reality difference that is non-existent for many folks on the
Autism spectrum. If one doesn’t experience it, it is
a non-physical thing to them; that does
exist fluidly for many other folks
where they can almost
take it for granted
as long as they
keep connecting
in flesh and blood relationships..:)

AND YES, these are just a very few examples;
there are myriad others; that scientists
are studying as we speak DIFFERENTLY OF COURSE..:)

The dog of reason has spoken.

The dog of reason has a closed-mind.

The dog of reason has an issue wHere

The dog of reason cannot see

with eyes of ‘US’..;)

Yes, the DOGma has spoken
with few words of wISdom yet;

In other words, there is always hope for THOSE
who experience THAT emotion along with Faith and

Belief with the PREcursor, of course;

JUST another area of reality that is
as foreign as a Wrong planet to some…

And yes, again, science provides evidence for
this in poetic form or


Anyway there is more to life than
reason; I mean duh; totally rad dude;
Life is FUN; much more fun with the
real world of Imagination and


by numbers
either; smiles..;)

The greatest achievement of humankind
is imagination and creativity; the dog of
reason is here for survival, yes; but not
the Heaven of NOW..;)

That’s a gift friend; that not all possess
or develop; sadly enough;
would love to see something
new from you and not
just the same old

Honestly your little ‘sly’ attempt
to insinuate that Tech has a
deranged mind is the
height of childhood
folly of bully
boys who
have no
or spirit;
otherwise known as
that science identified
cognitive and affective
and that’s
just the truth;
but I forgive you;
as obviously you
KnowNOT what
you do and yes
live in a much


“Be succinct for a change, please.”

‘Horatio’; you can’t possibly understand the power I have.

It’s real; it’s all natural; but it is as far beyond your eyes; as the eyes
of dust as opposed to dust…

Yeah; been to the other place of dust; and I know how limiting
that can be as just a human extension of a tool; instead of ‘Lion on the Savannah’.

And trust me or not; no film has captured all of what I am more than
capable of

I don’t give a crap what you think;
and yes, I am willing to listen to crap
over and over as folks can learn from crap too.

We live in different worlds friend; Hopefully that is succinct enough and
impossible to explain to you the difference; I can talk forever; but until
you experience life the way I do; you will NEVER EVER be fearless like me.

AND YEAH; I can do stuff that no one is brave enough to do in the entire
world; and evidence that at least once a week. IN not just poetry
BUT fully NUDE visual poetry of the greatest art that is the
human form fully wild again like our ancestors as powerful
as ‘Lion’ in Human form..:) TO BE CLEAR THE ONLY
history of Poetry.

Yup; got the proof baby;
if YOU are strong enough to LOOK
at it square between the eyes of

The greaTEST WARRIORS through
history have been totally naked
and you owe them your existence;
and yes, I am talking about your
distant ancestors that are
a lot like me;
after all classical evolution
is a slow process; epigenetics
in negative style is the reason
so many humans need guns
to gain some illusion
of comfort today;
guns are mostly
a pacifier to
reduce anxiety.

I don’t have any anxiety;
therefore I do not
need a pacifier; smiles.

Truly it is as succinct as that:


Have a nice day or make my day..;)

Dude, we have different opinions.

This is a forum subgroup specific to
topics of Philosophy, Politics, and Religion

I am more a more a less a naturalist
than tool guy now. So my opinion
on this is squarely in opposition
to yours.

I have as much right here to express
my opinion as you do; and yes, time
and time again the moderators here
have tried to squash my freedom of
expression; because it isn’t the
cup of tea of others, even though
I have never directly attacked
another person in malice;
yeah; sarcastic remarks
are allowed here according
to the sub-rules and that
is a better art than a direct
personal attack, instead in WIT.

And yes, I moderate my communication
somewhat myself, in recognition of trying
to get along with folks; but moderate is the
key; not blindly following the heard of herd.

Alex, is an artist not unlike me; so he understands
the value of neurodiversity and minds that think
much differently than the herd. I mean Jesus
H. Christ THAT is why he made this
frigging place for freedom of the
neurodiverse who are not
afraid to ‘JUST BE ME’.

I’m not afraid to live on the Planet
that IS ME; no matter what anyone
else thinks differently in the planet
they live on; can you see that now..:)

I AM NOT DODGING the question, I am continuing
to present my unique imaginative and creative
philosophical opinion on the topic at hand;
and simply ignoring the intellectual bullying
of both you and Dox of trying to impose
the will of personal opinions on others.
I will die for freedom of expression;
no one will nullify either my freedom
or opinion through disagreement
or failure to
understand my


“A deadly COMBO”

Or a ‘shy’ racist kid who doesn’t like black folks;

‘Brave enough’ to shoot 9 innocents down in a church;

I don’t suspect to see that thread here; I wonder

WHY; Guns CAN surely be disgusting
no matter who
believes what.

Yes, a timely
issue; YES…:(

Human beings; ones with NORMAL empathy, have a built in aversion to killing other humans with their
bare hands; that alone is what is sad about rampage killings and guns or other bigger tools of killing
named bombs; without that distance, and tools, including swords or other tools of killing in Chinese
Rampage killings, humans are more likely not going to be under the attack of a rampage killing or
killed by a frigging nuclear bomb; in other words, I am not picking on guns alone as
an equalizer; all tools of killing are a negative equalizer to avoid the human
empathy of aversion to killing among one’s own species.

Yes, it is a tribal adaptation by way of cultural tools
to kill the opposing challenge of the other tribe,
or prey to better survive; but the sad
consequences of a culture where
social roles are so vague that folks
join a culture of conspiracy theories
or white supremacy is that is a cocktail
of disaster for just the right recipe of
catastrophic numbers of rampage killing;
and yes, it is rare; unless one is on the other
end of the one who has lost their real social
role, never gained one, or has anti-social roles
of conspiracy theory, or other, against whatever
system of social-norms that are in place to work
the best that society can to thrive and survive;

A society that does not provide social roles
is A REAL PROBLEM; and Rampage Killings
with GUNS OR OTHER TOOLS of killing
is a barometer of that problem; that
comes and goes; as mileage
varies on killing but

More on that here, per
social roles and rampage
killing and GUNS AS
equalizers for


And yes, the absence of clearly defined social
roles is a major factor in the development
of mental illness; the two work together
for human misery and suffering; overall.

And yes, sites like Info-Wars, are just
fuel for the


“I am still convinced that the numerous photos

hinder our reading rather than facilitate it…. It’s a shame.”

The greatest shame my friend  is that ‘you’ can come here with only ‘that’ to say..
considering the great time and effort I take to be a team player with
dVERSE taking much time and effort to treat everyone with the
upmost respect and care and most always doing that
poetically in every response I provide on
every link I go to..
you might
be able
to discourage
but it is a waste
of time trying to discourage me..
Every new form of almost anything
in life gains resistance from conservative thinking
minds.. and that is only human nature that I have empathy for..
however.. honestly dear.. if no one moved out of the box art will
still be limited to caves.. there is poetry in my visual imagery.. whether
you can see that or not.. and truly it is a well known medical fact that
some folks cannot interpret symbolism in visual imagery of photography..
so while I do not know why you as an individual and a few others here are
so averse to what I do here in creativity that other folks laud.. I will accept
that and ask you after so many times.. to please tolerate differences in
imagination and creativity.. as truly you could be the one to discourage
a REAL Whitman from never becoming a Whitman here in the future..
with this closed minded way of artistic thinking…

I am not trying to become a Published Poet dear.. I am
just a humble artist working in a Zen Art of Now..
It certainly cannot be too hard to just ‘hate’ me
by not coming by if that is
But seriously this is a highly
discouraging way of being
that you are
AND I do THIS for the
weaker people you may
come into contact in the
future who are similarly
adventurous in art
like me..
who may not be able
to stand up to this repeated
discouraging behavior
time and time again..

Honestly dear.. at this
point you are boring me..
and I ask you to
desist from this
type of
behavior here on
what I try to make
a positive environment
for all who come here to
read with open minds..
and soul..:)

In other words can’t we just get along..
accept or at least tolerate each others
differences without insisting on
changing each other just
cause we view and
do the
world differently..
i for one cannot fathom
how something so loving
can become something
so hating in spirit.. but my
Mama raised me to say nothing..
if nothing good is available to say..
But I for one have always found something
good to say about every single poem I have
encountered on dVerse.. even if I have to read
it 15 times to understand it and find that something
good to say.. and dear that is why my heart is now 20
something times bigger than the Grinch Heart gifted
to me

Try it.. you might like it
too.. as much as me and

Sincerely.. with CONCERN
for OTHERS..


ANYWAY.. with what you’ve said..
to hell with poetry tonight..
i’m going dancing
with the wild ones..
be by to be inspired
again tomorrow..
as i shake off
your negativity
dancing tonight
with the free spirits
of Art in GOD’s greatest


When people come to home and see my wooded back yard they say this is God’s country;

In other words, wild and unscathed by human hands. Yes, I provided input at first; but then
I let it go; don’t water; don’t fertilize; just let Nature take ‘her’ course;
And yes, I have the best looking yard overall in the neighborhood
as plants that meet challenge flourish and the weak die and go away.

It’s the same, overall, with Nature.

Hurricanes are naturally occurring weather phenomena that
redistribute the heat of earth giving many species a better opportunity to survive.

However, humans who insist on living right on the coast instead of safe miles away;
still drown in large numbers by taking the risk of living on BARRIER Islands
and such as that; Barrier Islands are a first defense for further inland areas;
ALL natural occurring; but never the less, barrier Islands save life inland.

There is an amazing FORCE AND balance in Nature that is much more complex
and almost ‘magical’, than any dream of some sky daddy with a beard in the sky;
or some after life on clear gold floors or what not of material ideas of fancy wealth.

Religion finds metaphors first in oral tradition; both for bonding purposes and
to reduce existential angst showing there is order in Nature; but religion just
uses the word GOD to describe the force of Nature that allows order in the
balance of Nature including human nature. This is important to reduce FEAR.

For instance, as a timely issue, most folks have an aversion to killing members
of their same species as part of human empathy; and one sees this through
many other species of the animal kingdom; so in a way a rampage killing
for a person with empathy who distances their self from a strangling at
a distance with a trigger is an act of science as that trigger would not
be possible without modern science that leads to byproducts of
humans that make life easier, including killing other humans
for necessity or sport. Acts of God AKA Nature are even often
kinder that the scientific byproduct of modern medicine as
a child born with multiple congenital anomalies like my child
who cannot breathe at birth does not suffer for 51 days out of
human made rules that say that death is not a sacred right of the suffering
organism; even dogs get relief that humans suffer through, as death is not understood
as the same kind of blessing that those who live in wild nature understand it to be; as an
escape from the real suffering that is part of life, naturally. Yes, Acts of God are often kinder
than acts of science; and one need look no further than with Japanese eyes in Nagasaki last
century to see the real life misery that the science of atomic bombs can bring to humans clearly.

Oh, and first there is foraging in ways of hunting and gathering; Industrialization and manufacturing;
and now finally the Information Technology age. In each step humankind distances itself further and
further from both ‘regular nature’ and ‘human nature’, through the clothes of culture ranging from
never communing on grain of sand through oxytocin receptors of feet to bond with Nature better
to literal clothes that are part of shoes that do not receive the same nourishment from the sun
in ‘happy’ and ‘strong’ neurochemicals and neurohormones that allow humans to thrive and
survive better, overall; and then there is anti-bacterial soap that can lead to greater heart
disease; hormones in cows leading to boys with high voices and girls that mature earlier;
one-third of all school age children now assessed with pre-type two diabetes; around
50% of the country of adults on some type of pain medication often for somatic
pains from chronic stress and repressed emotions for a life of fight or flight fear
internalized; to skyrocketing rates of anti-depressants for children who no longer
even have physical education to learn mind and body balance to have greater
imaginative and creative physical intelligence to better regulate emotions and
integrate senses; as well as increasing focus and short term working memory.
Even science is finally catching up to see the folly of modern human culture as
children who exercise even one hour before taking a standard IQ test score on
average 10 points higher. Humans are devolving per the real process of
negative epigenetics in not meeting the challenge of the natural evolving
environment also common known as the natural force of GOD that is
the cosmos itself working in balance from above in the nature of
space to below in the environment of earth to inside the human
nature of emotions and senses that motivate humans to do
anything at all; so yes, while the neo-cortical development
of the reasoning human mind that can remember the past,
make critical analysis, and predict the future in terms of best
course action is a very important development for thriving surviving
apex predators; but on the other hand when written language is developed
by copying imaginary angles in connections of stars with sticks scratching in
the sand, aided by the all natural development that started with a prehensile
thumb; once we have collective intelligence and complex culture the human made
experiment begins beyond the balance of the previous GOD that is really never really
been more than a metaphor for the forces and laws of nature where kindness and courage
act together for social animals to thrive and survive. We live in an unwitting experiment of the
systemizing mind of human being in living in the past and predicting the future and we are the
guinea pigs of that experiment and truly many of the canary in the coal mines of that experiment
MOSTLY for the Canaries in the Coal mine; and I have been listening to the canaries sing carefully
over the last almost five years now; and I have learned much about human nature I never knew before.

So keep singing; I am listening; I’m not sure what I will be able to do to help; But I am listening; Yes,
I clearly know what the problems are now but the answer is surely the job of JOB for anyone who wants
to tackle
answer part.
It is up to each person to do what
they can to be the change they want to see.

I choose human;
I choose ART;
I choose Nature
AND refrain from getting
lost in the manmade god of
abstract language, collective
intelligence and tools of resulting
complex cultures; I learn the lesson
of the wild plants of my back yard
and simply go back to the OLD EVOLVING

YEAH, life is my all encompassing special interest
along with Nature aka GOD. And sometimes I persevere
on that and do lengthy monologues; so perhaps the canary
has a long song to sing outside of the coal mines of real HELL.

In FACT, and

The saddest pArt
is the canary who
no longer

I sing a free song…

untethered by human-made
mines and mind of HELL…..

4 5 8 6






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5 Responses to Mines of Canaries

  1. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=287817&start=45


    Tree of Summer Solstice

    Yep, the Tree of Life is a metaphor for the gifts of innate instinct and intuition
    that all animals and even so-called lower organisms receive directly from GOD;
    as all equally important children of GOD; where children are metaphor for all
    of creation as is now as the sentience of GOD in ‘eyes and ears’ of all of us.

    The Tree of Knowledge is just the metaphor for what humans create with
    abstract written language starting with scratching angles in the sand
    copying imaginary and creative connections of angles of stars
    in sky, next thing ya know; ya got sanskrit alphabet, words
    paragraphs, and recorded written ways of collective human
    abstract intelligence; and complex cultures starting with
    Agriculture, then Industrialization, and now the
    Information Technology Age where the Tree
    of knowledge that is human made is
    convoluted to the point where some
    folks don’t even feel like they are living
    on a right planet anymore; and well, in large
    they are not; as we are separated now outside
    of the Tree of Life gifted to us by all natural God;
    by a culture that is so far removed from the gifts
    of all natural innate instinct and intuition that most
    humans never find the heaven of now that the gnostic
    so-called Jesus promised is there for those who escape
    the tree of knowledge and get back to natural gift of the
    tree of life that lives inside us, outside us, above, so below
    and all around us. Truly it’s as simple as that for animals in
    the real feeling of innate instinct and intuition that eat of the
    I live wild and free again like the other free children of GOD who are
    much smarter than the typical sheep led by cultural illusions producing
    much human suffering and misery around the part of the world that is hell
    now; instead of the heaven of always now that I live in as escape from the
    Wrong Planet NOW that starts with a full cultural plate, almost from birth NOW.

    Truly its simple; but as hard for a person who is acclimatized to culture to escape
    as the largest camel in the tiniest hole of needle almost imaginable; It takes me
    life threatening illness without effective use of my eyes and ears; to find the
    same power of GOD in me before I become poisoned by the snake of the
    tree of knowledge AKA all things associated with modern human
    cultures more or less; some things do bring comfort out of
    mechanical cognition but truly the real gift of happiness
    from GOD are all things associated with social cognition;
    from physical intelligence to emotional intelligence;
    to regulating emotions and senses; to increasing
    focus and short term working memory; to finALLy
    live in balance with our nature and Mother Nature
    AKA GOD in a practice of animal homeostasis
    where the illusion of past and present goes
    away and we once again live like our fellow
    animals in the REAL PRESENT OF NOW;
    AND IT IS CRYSTAL clear for those who
    have the ‘right-brain interpreting eyes’
    and ‘ear’s to see this truth in the
    although to be clear it is
    far from perfect as it
    suggests folks
    should rebel
    and hate
    their parents
    and this way of being
    must be enforced by starting
    wars; but the evidence of that is
    provided here for anyone who can
    understand the metaphors of the Gnostic
    Gospel of Thomas with RIGHT- BRAIN thinking
    mind as metaphor for the interpreting visual
    thinking mind of human being capable
    of imagination and creativity, as well
    as interpreting visual symbolism
    that sadly some humans are
    per factors like brain lesions
    on the right hemisphere of the
    brain or environmental factors that
    science doesn’t have good handle on
    to better understand more completely the
    functional disabilities of the human mind;
    in my opinion most of it is environmental and
    can simply be remedied with ‘right-brain’ leaning
    activities like dance, music, and all stuff associated
    with getting out of the box and creating something new
    that no one has ever done before; rarely does one come
    across a truly creative person who does not believe in GOD,
    as true creativity is totally innate instinctual and intuitive
    not unlike the PROPHETS OF OLD WHO ARE the prophets
    of new; as the Beatles are the new prophets for one
    example who art from the creative side of mind
    where rational thinking is not required at all;
    the flow is THE FLOW OF GOD; to be in this
    creative theta wave state of mind is
    the great band ‘Rush’ says
    the word of the prophets
    written on the studio
    walls of concert
    God is an ‘EEO’ employer’;
    GOD doesn’t ‘give a crap’
    about the tree of knowledge;
    whether it comes in a science
    book or big black book that
    subjugates and controls humans
    beings away from the feral freedom
    that GOD gifts humans as ‘goats’
    rather than
    I am a Goat.
    But yes; I am
    a sheep in the past as well;
    Goat is ‘heavenly fun’ as there is
    NO judgement for that other than
    the ‘eyes’ of GOD; that lives inside
    us for those who touch the eyes
    of GOD as Instruments
    of GOD one and

    AND YES, believe it or not;
    I ‘speak’ with ‘eyes of GOD’;
    and the words flow from
    ‘fingertips of GOD’
    AS well;
    same as old;
    new as
    the ‘real
    ‘new age’
    is the
    totAlly free
    from head
    to toe

    No it’s no a sin to seek knowledge
    but to get to addicted to human
    cultures and abstract knowledge
    can be a beyond sad way to
    get separated from GOD;
    but that’s wHere relative
    human free will comes
    to play for those
    who find
    within to free themselves
    from the eye of culture
    that are the eyes of
    the tree of
    I choose life
    over knowledge;
    I am free with GOD
    co-creating in that
    way as totally free..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  2. No.. that’s not my daughter.. that’s my 45 year old.. wife.. Katrina.. one of our niece’s friends asks if she is 18 years old.. oh.. well.. it must be ’cause i keep her well polished.. all my cars last about 15 years or so.. and always look new.. and i do love her more than my cars so no wonder she looks precisely the same.. as new.. or haha! even a year younger than we get married.. her at 19.. me at 29.. she is still an excellent looking model… Katrina.. in great condition.. sporty.. on the beach…;)

    And oh God.. the size difference.. her at 115.. me at 230.. and OMG my head alone must weigh 100 LBS in just the forehead..wink emoticon Yes.. I’m ALL HEAD FRED.. dancing away Summer Solstice EVE like there’s only now and NO TOMORROW ON THE beach and oh boy is it HOT TODAY..smile emoticon HAHA! SERIOUSLY skating in reverse on hot sands of beach around 5 miles or so.. dodging folks as i go.. so much fun! And something some folks may never ever see again..;)

    I am one seriously wild and crazy dude..:)

  3. Ah… a blanket of being.. existence.. moving electrons.. around nucleus.. fire being..
    moving.. ALLways moving.. dancing togetHeR.. singing sound movement
    inspiring.. expanding.. blanket.. more and more.. until it’s folding
    in golden spirals.. coming
    and again..
    deLight US is

    Medicine for muse is certainly cat nature for i.. to smell fresh
    garden air of Summer night’s heArt.. is play of flight
    in furry pause way.. savoring present moments..
    grasping claws soil in soul.. grains.. sand.. spilling
    all around.. dust of me.. musing sparkles life..:)

    Oh.. personification.. woManiFicatiOn.. TRUST
    a perfecting photo of wifey love is truly must
    for me.. Ah.. delightful ways of play in lust
    be free.. making now greaTEST PRACTICE…
    ART CREATION activities.. longevITy TRUSTS..:)

    ImagiNaTion set free.. creativity poetry.. sOul..
    heArt expressing spirIT.. what the cEO will
    never know.. now to be alive.. is their prison..
    but bars removed from heaRt and soUl..
    in walls and bars of coldest.. still cannot
    stop a heart from beating Art
    of spiRiT.. a uniVERSE
    of i.. is finAlly

    Ah.. the battle of the sexes.. as women embrace more
    of the tough side of nature.. oh the males do stay
    so often stale.. never realizing that love can move
    legs from quarter to a half a ton.. and haha.. i
    can prove that too.. on YouTube way..
    there is no
    stronger than a
    tear to fortress male..
    as strong
    of patriarchy
    back to egalitarianism..
    iceberg too tall for many..
    but yes.. mountain of loVE..
    comes wITh tears..:)

    Truly the only STUFF setting psychopath apart
    from hero.. is heart.. and oh boy do i have
    heArt.. a psychopath will never
    stand a chance
    in hell
    heaven.. smiles..
    my eyes will
    pierce their

    Ah.. yes.. for me.. poems do not think.. mechanical cognition..
    they live aLive.. social cognitiOn.. innate instinct and
    intuitive heArt.. label comes last..
    substance.. soUL poeTry..
    spiRit expressing

    Dancing on sugar whites sands of emerald green
    sea-weed gulf.. these weeds do leave distinct
    waves on soil.. and patterns of my
    feet skating reverse in Nike way..
    wHere golden spiraling swirls
    do follow same
    golden shores
    of GOD..
    ah.. to
    reflect GOD
    in dance
    is a
    way of
    life for me..
    to do it in Poetry
    can be divine
    less or more

    Oh yeah.. it is my father’s birthday on the 20th of June.. passed away a year will be 83.. and truly wonder if even today.. i will be man enough.. for him to NOT tell me.. make sure you raise your son like a man.. for those fathers who are not strong enough to stay around.. for child to become love instead of hardened law enforcement.. military.. or whatever makes polar opposite gender roles ring.. all puppy dog tails.. and no sugar and spice.. well let me tell you daddy.. up there in heaven.. where all heroes go.. i am stronger than anyone as loving as me.. will ever be in this life.. as love is what makes ya strong and if you could have learned that on your own.. perhaps one day you could have made the grade.. of ‘super hero’ too.. and no.. not in your eyes.. the eyes of onlookers .. and no doubt for 46 years of law enforcement.. you are a hero.. but the tears i learn from mama.. is eventually with your strength.. and fearless.. what makes the S come true for hope of miracles in me.. so God Bless ya.. and thank you for leaving.. as honestly that made me more man than I could ever be.. i’m quite sure of that..:)

    Ah.. the core of Capitalism steeped deep..
    in a Patriarchy of repressed emotional
    life of little boys.. growing cold.. finding
    release in sex and not much else.. and
    when that gets boring all is left is power..
    but the whole of life will never ever be
    filled without that heArt.. that fuels a
    spiRit expressing sOul.. wHere
    satisfaction is always now..
    with never a need but
    for the present of
    giving Love..
    Oh.. the
    path to
    hell paving grey..
    with deserted tears
    Desert eyes of hate..
    AND Love wins the
    you lose
    you lost..
    you’ll never
    see lasting now
    satisfaction in
    power or greed..
    or one night
    stands of

    Tree of love.. tree of life.. life of love is Tree of life.. ah.. to grow alive..
    in reaching roots.. to touch.. allow.. a heArt to spend a present
    delight.. expressing all of soul in spiRit spreading bright..
    oh the leaves of spring ring true in love of
    all four seasons
    of human

    Ah.. evil breeds in pews of Southern Baptist white churches.. where gays
    are told.. their deeds are evil.. where boys are told that men don’t
    cry.. where social roles die in spreading Capitalism way..
    where mental illness and drugs are stigma
    that truly are often part of little
    boys without tears
    of joy.. and sadness..
    the answer is love..
    the question is love..
    the problem is no love..
    the problem is no heart
    the problems is no spirit
    expressing soul.. the problem
    child is child with no soul.. or social role..
    the perpetrators are society as whole..
    Love is the
    answer.. the Golden
    Rule is innate.. instinctual and intuitive..
    when human emotions are set FREE!..
    IF only pews of Southern Baptist
    churches could ever get that message
    of so-called Jesus.. A Golden rule guy..
    as Tough Unconditional Love.. perhaps
    of love..
    where i live in the deep
    south of LA.. Lower Alabama..
    AKA as hell.. the panhandle of
    Florida.. literally named HELL as
    territory at one point..
    with the most churches
    per square mile later
    and the most hates
    for blacks and gays
    even later.. it’s still
    that way..
    in Northern part of counties..
    nothing has changed..
    hate is still the rule
    even at the Pastors
    home with his
    family deriding
    blacks at
    the dinner
    of plenty..
    as well as gays..
    It disgusts me..
    but again..
    no matter who calls it.. so-called Jesus
    or the hobo
    guy on the corner
    street all ALONE..
    who is told to
    pull his boot straps
    up and get a job
    by the
    local Pastor…:(
    (;..To be clear.. not
    all SB churches are
    like this.. but i find
    most are.. in personal
    experiences.. visiting
    them as participant
    observer Anthropologist..:)
    Sorry.. this is quite long too..
    but this subject is A HOTTEST
    AND you just inspire this.. from
    me.. so smiles again.. if you will..:)
    AND BE

    Wall flowers of dark brown eyes.. see only gray of Love
    in black sparks.. where eyes of passion and Love
    do flow among the wanted toys of boys and girls
    of light.. oh.. the hope is Love.. the story is kind
    to never give up.. to courage.. Love..
    to reach out and be
    alive.. a flower
    of wall..
    Dance toGetHeR..:)

    Ah.. the mother who responds
    in like with open mind of heart
    as Love.. a Treasure for
    greater connection

    Ah.. only if the minute lover can
    taste the honey doing of
    Unconditional Love.. tough
    as nails.. soft as heart..
    living always now as
    present.. where minute
    or time is nonexistent
    life living always Love..:)

    Oh.. the Mother’s Love.. not bound by
    weight of courage.. spirit of Love
    light.. loving bright.. star
    of soul sings spirit heart..
    no matter ribs
    of bone
    or flesh..:)

    Fear.. the father of hate.. the brother of doubt.. the sister of greed.. the daughter
    of jealousy.. the cousin of envy.. the citizen of US.. oh Love.. the bringer of Light..
    the mother of time.. the spiral of now.. the Golden rule present..
    why oh why.. just love.. oh Fear..
    Oh.. LOVE
    OH TIME go away..
    onLY PreSent LOVE

    Ah.. the greatest loves are tests without
    requite.. sometimes that is solitary
    love as well.. but a perfection
    of practice.. in sands
    of shaping challenge
    can make the
    as strong
    as shell of Love
    in giving others..:)
    And yes.. it is possible
    to Love the Most.. and
    and separate oneself
    from negativity..
    practice.. practice..
    as always
    step in
    a better

    The blood of love.. no longer red.. or pink
    or even grey.. blood runs black..
    soul stays cold.. heart stold
    spirits withhold.. but
    hope lives..
    in spots of
    heArt alive..:)

    Oh.. to lose my mind.. a target of non-requite..
    so many years.. so trapped in head..
    oh the dance of Love.. does finAlly
    come.. go away thoughts..
    my Love
    here in steps
    of heArt..:)

    Love.. the flight of Seagull wings.. that sees no high
    or hears no low.. oh.. to be alive.. to soar
    so high.. low.. with ‘Jonathan wings’..
    beyond the Sun.. inside the
    moon.. of use we do..
    Love.. to simply

    Oh the dream of death.. the longest dream
    of now that knows.. ah the respite
    of life.. a tasteful way
    knowing delight..
    ah the dream of death
    goes on in knowing
    why.. oh to live in
    death.. is courage..
    is courage.. is never
    ever giving
    will over fear
    over love

    A love that never ends
    exists as now.. no measure..
    a gift.. that never dies..
    alive.. for Nowloveis..:)

    Ah.. yes.. the inner space of water true in oceans green
    of ever life.. so deep.. and spiny spawn of electro
    fish terror.. yes.. alien life is right here below
    us.. just waiting to be shared and felt..
    a source of aliens..
    is just a cup
    away.. beneath
    a dark blue

    Small hors d’oeuvres of pleasure
    after a lengthy stay inside
    the tavern.. is all
    that’s left of me..
    for her to
    my full bank account..
    LOViNG WAY deep..:)

    i have this dream in youth i will marry this
    flower and never grows old..
    so far it is a miracle
    but yes.. it is
    the other side
    is it is still
    a practical Virgin..
    be careful what one
    wishes for with
    or not..
    Love is the
    cure of
    Age.. in
    spirit of flesh..:)

    Colors in blankets of us.. hues of differences
    in grey.. love is a flower without hues or
    shades.. love is a flower with limitless
    petals floating off stems of us..:)

    And the pages of God’s breath breathes effortless
    without tress of bark withheld.. in spiraling way
    of endless ..in power and without… this
    Love is far beyond human love in
    strength and love and
    courage.. just
    be.. and
    never ever

  4. The clever one, indeed! 🙂

    • Haha.. thanks Madeleine.. and truly the only thing that sets a psychopath apart
      from a hero.. is a heart and oh boy do i have
      heArt.. a psychopath will never
      stand a chance
      in hell
      heaven.. smiles..
      my eyes will
      pierce their
      Thanks for coming by..
      and hope your nows
      continue to be
      in Limericks
      of witty way of life and LOVE..;)

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