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underly all rational decisions of human beings

and are considered the core underlying force of cognitive executive functioning.

People who have poor regulation of emotions, including repressing pro-social emotions; most often have poor cognitive executive functioning in terms of short term working memory and focus to get almost anything done in life.

Human emotions emote human action;

same as emotions emote actions in other social animals.

Although in distant past, ideologies of the philosophy of emotions

have been defined as weaker aspects of human nature;

science today, shows with little to no doubt that

emotional regulation is both important for

cognitive executive functioning

as well as overall health

to moderate

the ill effects

of Chronic stress.

Somatic pain ranging from headaches to stomach aches

are more often caused by a mind and body out of balance,

as emotions do flow throughout the body in feeling

and sensing the world as an integral whole.

Eastern Philosophies have practiced arts of mind and body

balance for thousands of years; and the results have always been clear that these folks enjoy a much higher quality of life in healthy well being. Science as slow as it can be in the clunky scientific method is now just catching up on what truly wise human beings have known all along.

A spoon-fed culture of mechanical cognition ways, as science now also shows, represses the social cognition mind of human beings that does most definitely regulate emotions in ways of non-verbal intelligence and reciprocal social communication.

And now movement and art therapies are being used successful in helping autistic children better regulate their emotions and integrate senses, and in doing so increase focus and short term working memory to successfully integrate into larger humanity; that has lesser issues in successfully regulating emotions and integrating senses, through much greater physical intelligence.

The worst possible thing any autistic person can do, who has difficulty reciprocally socially communicating with other folks is to discount the absolute necessity in life to increase emotional intelligence in life through greater physical intelligence in mind and body balance.

I’ve cured the reciprocal communication deficits of my Autism, as verified by doctors, through a practice of ballet and martial arts style dance walk now closing in on 3700 miles in a little over 21 months, through irrefutable evidence on my blogs, for the naysayers in life who say Autism cannot be cured.

Other people can do it too; but sitting behind a computer still, and not trying to do it in real flesh and blood life, will never allow one success in real flesh and blood life. And to be clear that’s okay with me if that’s all folks want to do in life.

But yes, there is so much more that folks

are missing out that they could be experiencing in life;

that makes an online life pale in comparison.

But don’t take my word for it.

Try it. One might just like it

OR not, or whatever…

And ironically, per the ‘OP’; just in ‘your’ words here, ‘you’ display an ‘incredible’ amount of ‘negative emotionalism’; that vary from threatening people by reporting them to the moderators and personally attacking them by calling them trolls.

I’ve been posting here for closing in on 5 years now; and never in my life have I seen an overall group of people who are so controlled by negative emotions that they cannot even control their own language, as written word.

At least they have time to look out at it, and reconsider the negative emotionalism of personal attacks; as it is clear in the science of debate that personal attacks are the lowest level of critical analysis and debate in life; however, ‘they’ prove time and time again; that they themselves are controlled by negative human emotions.

And this is where emotional regulation comes into play; eliminating the negative human con-social emotions that CAN control behavior into dark; and instead, increasing the positive human pro-social emotions into light.

And this is where the bio-feedback, in the physical imaginative and creative activity of the much greater potential of physical/emotional intelligence of movement comes into play, as the emotions do run through the entire body; and to gain mastery over one’s body in balance, is most definitely to gain mastery over one’s regulation of emotions and integration of senses;

Like the Ice princess in the ‘Frozen’ movie does

when she dances in the snow; she lets all the con-social emotions go; including false guilt and shame; and literally swirls in the positive flow of pro-social emotions..:)

It works for folks who practice it, in real flesh and blood physical action.

For those who just talk about it; little is ever accomplished.

Thinking is not enough. Moving and feeling is required.

I don’t mean to be patronizing.
But just in case you are not aware,
frustration is an emotion.

A very difficult emotion for some folks. But never the less
possible to completely eradicate from life with mind and body
balance, and there truly is science behind that now.

Train the body in balance and the mind will follow.

The body is emotions and senses and the body does lead
the mind without cooperative effort
with both working in a cooperative

There is a time in my life where I have little
regulation of emotions or senses OR focus.

Now, I have almost total control of emotions
and senses, as well as laser sharp focus
during all waking hours, including
control of thoughts, emotions,
senses, and by GOD, even
bodily temperature regulation
and brain waves to stay in a Theta
mind of creativity whenever I

THIS is relative free will my friend,
Same stuff that any Yogi will show
you is
like me..:)

This is true, if the mind is not wired properly in the first two years of life for social connections there may be no answers. Science shows that there may be no therapy that can work for children who are not properly nurtured during the first two years of life.

I hope there are exceptions; but there may not be. Anyway it does show how important the nurturing of children are, and to be clear this is just one example there are many other forums of social abuse, witting and not witting throughout life that can cause major damage to human beings that may in some cases may not be repairable. And yes, the issue can be inherent as well.

That’s wonderful that ‘DD’ finds Natural Horsemanship to work. There are many different ways that may work for different folks differently; but the important thing is to keep looking, and never give up looking for potential answers THAT WILL WORK..:)

Also, too, for a little more information;

for decades I am an avid exerciser and played the piano,

although I will not say I was very creative, as I had to use sheet music to play.

It kept me going; but I had a great deal of anxiety and difficulty with reciprocal social communication along with that.

It took me to retire and get away from the stress of work and to focus sole on mind and body balance, to make it work.

If I still worked as an administrator over scores of people; multi-tasking financial management duties, and a myriad of other unrelated duties, with an open door policy; with questions and answers that must be provided by me, on a now-to-now basis; everyday, non-ending; I most likely will be a basket-case again..:)

I am not cut-out to do what I am eventually required to do,

in my federal service to stay alive, in employment,

and it eventually comes inches away,

from literally killing me dead, from chronic stress.

My movement therapy, is a creative one that is entirely innate,

instinctual, and intuitive.

And in the homophobic land I live in,

it is considered a grave and mortal sin to show a soft side of a man.

Letting those so-called soft feelings out; for a man of muscles at 230LBS; in raising my arms delicately to
the sky, has made me, for one, stronger, than ever, moving from lifting a quarter-of-a-ton to a half-a-ton
with leg pressing strength.

Many people don’t believe the reason I can out do all the marines at my base, at age 55, is ’cause of the feminine
side of me, unleashed, and released; but yes, it’s true; power is in grace of total positivity AKA Unconditional
Tough Love, at least for me.

It takes a lot of courage to do it in front of people, when I first do it; but I am no longer under the ‘strong
armed rule’ of employers other than me.

And now people may giggle behind my back;

but they never giggle face-to-face with me, in flesh and blood life;

with the visual knowledge of both the power of my legs and grace in martial arts kicks.

I used to have to watch my wife walk and copy it to be comfortable walking in Super-Walmart.

Now, I dance walk there solo, in a ballet and martial arts style; without any anxiety, whatsoever.

Yes; obviously I am an outlier, considering I am the only one who does this in a metro-population
of several hundred thousand people. People may not miss me when I am gone. But chances
are, they will remember me until they die..;)

It’s just ‘stimming/flapping’,

with an artistic flair that some folks think is amazing and other

more conservative
leaning minds think is insane.

But the bottom line is; yes, it does work for me; and as fearless as I am
now with zero social anxiety; It matters not what anyone else thinks about it to me..:)

Anyway, I sincerely hope you find something that improves the way you want your life to be;
not matter what that may be..:)

This is true; and proven by science. Emotions and ethics are most definitely directly related.

Some psychopathic leaning folks torture small animals, as they cannot feel affective empathy for the emotional discomfort and pain of these animals, and the same often applies to all other humans and the rest of nature too.

And sadly, folks who seek power to literally

fill a whole in their heart

that can never be filled with pro-social


associated emotions, are the ones

who often run the world; in measure of politicians, clergy,

and Corporate CEO’s. They seek to fill a soul, a heart, and a spirit;

that truly will never be fully consoled by others or comfortable within, by the power of one’s own ability to empathize in comfort and freedom of simply loving the experience of existence.

And to be clear this is just a general statement; mileage does vary between human being that is always a spectrum of every possible combination between black and white generalities..:)

But I for one; will be cautious with anyone

who tortures animals and shows no compassion

for the rest of nature; other than themselves,

and little more than that; if even self, at all.

Ah.. yes..
most beautiful
source of wisdom
is knowing.. feeling
happiness lives within..
And most beautiful
energy of wisdom
is bringing
to others
of requite..
or try
with smiles
of course..:)

of others
can be
so hard
living without..
best enduring
reaching out…

To try.. always living..

Enduring.. without dears.. necessary.. at times..

Yes.. HOPE WITH reaching.. IS sacrifice of LOVE..


Ah.. the disease of ‘man’.. is one promoted by a patriarchal society that says little boys do not cry.. Ah.. the disease of human.. can be a numb one.. waiting for a bottle of escape.. that never truly comes.. at all.. i watch it for years.. in military life.. and in the death.. of repressed patriarchy.. as just another little boy.. waiting.. for a way to cry.. i am alive..

Yes.. sad.. beyond sad.. but manly
truth.. as not human..
much.. at all…


the Greatest










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3 Responses to NOWISLOVEDOM

  1. Black White MIX

    With Blood..
    comes alive..

    Eyes blue
    turn cold..

    dreams die..

    Black Pupils
    with White
    of eyes..

    Blood of heArt lives
    alive.. in Violet LIGHTS

    Black spot Soul

    White Spirit

    to SkEyes of



    in Neverland of Purple…



    The best and safest human equalizer is walking openly with a strong and confident walk.

    And learning to defend oneself to gain that kind of confident walk, as humans are
    animals and will always have anxiety, until they learn to handle themselves for
    defense; and nah, guns do not trick the human instinct into believing that
    as the body knows better innately and intuitively whats up with human nature.

    But of course, not all are cut out or care to take the effort to make that happen,
    so guns make an equalizer for them; but a much more potential dangerous one.

    Yes, just keep in mind that with human health anything can pop-up, including
    the suicide disease, like I had named type-two Trigeminal Neuralgia, or other
    human disorders that are literally worse than death numbering more than mine.

    If I owned a hand-gun, then, I will not likely be alive today. But yes, I prayed for
    one then, heavily as I could; even tried to get one; but the strength is gone then.

    Instead, I am strong confident, and walking tall; and I for one know the potential
    danger of handguns as a quick fix suicide, as nah, getting a chain or rope and
    hanging oneself is not as easy as pulling a frigging trigger, successful or not.

    And yes, I am always noted as the happiest person in the room, almost all
    my life, before I encounter a dentist drill in my eye and ear of pain 24-7,
    during all waking hours.

    Additionally, suicide rates among folks with Asperger’s is calculated as high
    as 23X the norm of folks out in the herd.

    So buy a gun at YOUR OWN RISK.

    My father works in law-enforcement for 46 years and never has to use one
    on someone else.

    Fortunately, I did not live with him, during my suicide disease, with his scores
    of revolvers as a collection of fun or potential suicide, in my case.

    Owning a gun is one of the most dangerous things a human can do; and research
    proves this out, time and time again. It’s just common sense; the trigger takes
    away the normal human aversion that does not allow a person to kill another
    of one’s species. Even so-called lesser social animals have this instinct of
    aversion without the separation of human empathy a trigger can provide.

    That is for humans with empathy. Humans without empathy should be
    regulated with licenses as well, as only metaphor and analogy of course.

    The reason ‘Middle-Agers’ do not usually slice their
    fingers off using heavily tensioned steel strings
    on cross bows, in battle conditions is:

    Practice. Lots of Practice and muscle memory;

    The reason monkeys don’t usually fall out trees;

    And humans often stumble on sidewalks.

    Practice does lead to a perfection of practice..:)

    Or without practice, NOT..;)

    Yes, true, the associated tools of the trade are always important.

    But ‘these folks’ likely have thicker bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles
    and skin too. Even science shows that humans who MOVE for a living
    in foraging ways, per modern science have living bones that are as
    dense and thick as our so-called pre-historic ancestors.

    Classical evolution works slow.

    Negative Epigenetics, in just one lifetime, works much faster.

    When I am a book WORM, in middle school, I am a human worm.

    Now that I move to live, I leg press 930LBS on a parallel leg press
    machine with hands raised to air, 14 times slowly like no other human
    can do on Youtube. My advantage is, I know the secret of my ancestors
    to move ‘invisibly’ in 360 degrees; not just in straight lines of 20% of human
    potential, and that my friend is why my much younger counterpart marines
    at my gym leg press half as much as I do on the same machine, even the
    guys who can leg press 1000LBS on a vertical leg press machine, with just
    4 plates vs. my 20 plates on parallel leg press machine; as trial and evidence.

    Seriously, when I am young, I am more of a ‘worm’ than any personal photo I have
    seen on this website to date, of any male here. And yes, there are some ‘wimpy’
    looking dudes in the photos. But the thing is, positive epigenetics is not just a
    mind thingy; it most definitely can be a mind and body balance thingy, in just one
    lifetime, where human reverts back to the much higher human potential of the strength
    of a chimp who can rip the face off of a human being, with ease and bare hand strength.

    I do ballet style dance mixed with soft Kung FU of my own style of martial arts; and
    by the time I finish leg pressing that half-a-ton that no on can do half as much on;
    never an eye meets mine. But that is warrior land, not side-walk talk, where humans
    have almost totally forgotten what they even are, as walking tall Lions on the Savannah..:)

    Lesson learned for me. And there is nothing like fearless to make a life super cool, as can be..:)

    Smiles. I am NOT BRAGGING; I am just providing the human and now scientific evidenced proof
    in how human beings become real super heroes of flesh and blood steel;

    with nary the need for a frigging gun, with piercing eyes of blue of cold hot strength..:)

    Seriously, I used to be terrified to walk in a dark bar room parking lot. People walk away
    from me, now, instead; it’s just human nature; No escape; but truly what can be found again..:)



    “I will stick with my bullet repelling bracelets.”

    Facebook Like 1

    That’s my kind of

    And yes, they
    are hard to find;

    But good to find as hard..:)

    I for one feel blessed to walk tall enough without the need for a gun.

    But yes, when severely ill before, I do understand what totally weak
    and defenseless means. In that case, even I might consider a gun.

    But nah, I have no fear on my streets and I am enough as equalizer
    without gun or even clothes, HA..ha.. and truly that is freedom and

    what it even means to be a human animal walking tall on the Savannah..
    as the Lion I am now again, fearless and strong, and sure that is possible
    for others too, without equalizers bigger than fists and feet, and guns that
    are feet, quadriceps and hips, that are stronger than any arms flesh or steel,
    or dirty hairy, haha.. that truly is me in flesh and blood fearless life, for now..;)

    Anyway, ‘men’ with big online guns
    do not impress me at all; guns are no
    religion for me..’;)

    And I do think others should be allowed
    to create whatever religion they want to,
    whether it is guns or popcorn,
    it matters not to me..:)

    I’m more impressed

    with the gun ‘you’

    are holding up there..

    that’s a really big one…

    yes.. impressive..;)

    It’s even ‘transparent’..;)

    To be clear; ‘dirty hairy’ is me
    and not you; just a joke dude..;)

    Settle down.. now fella..:)

    I still, at times, have problems with ‘normal’ ‘regular’ human metaphors of small talk.

    Thanks; now I ‘think’ I understand what Gun Nut, and Wing Nut means.

    Perhaps a Wing Nut is a Gun Nut that is just wound up too tight.

    And yeah, while I never have been much for guns;

    I do know what it DID feel like to be

    wound up too tight.

    Loose is

    FUN; Trust me
    or NOT..:)

    ‘Tight’ is just another
    word for chronic human stress,
    anxiety, and tension; ‘awe’, bliss is
    where it’s at; no tools required;
    but human relative free will..:)

    A place where ‘Flower Children’
    ‘rain, rein, and reign petals’, instead
    of ‘bullets’; a reAlly cool ‘internal place’ to be..:)


    ‘you’ think you know more

    about ‘guns’ here than anyone else.

    And that’s all.

    I can prove I know much more than you about ‘guns’.

    But you are not worth the time or effort, nor or guns, to make much effort..;)

    Just another area of technical expertise; I gET bored of LONG LONG AGO..;)

    You are transparent as your ‘tough guy logo’ that goes knuckle dragging nerd or whatever; in your words not mine.

    This is a general area where you a Know a little bit more about something than most ‘nerds’ don’t give a crap about;

    so it is a ‘perfect place’ for you and ‘Raptor boy’ to feed your intellectual bully egos;
    and before you tell me you are a big man, show me where you
    are fearless enough to dance naked before the world;
    the ultimate expression of manliness is not
    fearing to show your real stuff;

    the real gun is more impressive;

    than metal ones..;)

    Same reason OVERALL;
    ‘rednecks’ buy big trucks;
    to compensate
    for other
    like being
    not as BIG
    AND strong as

    THAT’S truly the part of America
    that still s**KS; IMHO;
    the most ignorant
    of all; guns or
    NOT; but
    guns are most
    definitely a symptom
    EQUALIZING Freudian
    THAT; yeah; Lintar
    knows more about
    ‘real guns’ than
    both of you put
    together; two..;)

    Real intelligence is
    emotional intelligence; the
    rest is just grade school stuff..:)


    “Once again the hog has spoken.”

    But seriously that was funny and made me smile..;)

    All that’s missing is the ‘shades’..;)

    And ‘the gun’ of course..:)

    But trust me; ‘my
    gun(S)’ is/are easily
    a ‘full
    body’ of
    ART work
    fearless in truth
    as such..;)

    Oh and by the way;
    “Spiderman exists”;
    he’s not wimpy though;
    weighing in at 232 LBS of
    Too much hog for you to handle
    friend; without your metal toys for sure..;)


    ‘has spoken…..’

    In that case; go ahead feed me; yes, ‘make my day’;
    trust me; you wouldn’t want to see
    me really angry..;)
    nor would
    anyone else;
    for that matter;
    nor has anyone
    else ever seen
    me angry; except
    for GOD; I joke here;
    and that’s all; life’s way
    too short not to lighten crap pie up
    just a little bit, at least; it’s worth a try..:)


    “As a side note, it’s usually considered bad form
    and a waste of time to respond to the schizophrenic
    hobo shouting nonsense at you, so I’m going to
    display a similar form of discretion here.”

    Smiles and winks(;..I’ll take that as a compliment coming from you..:)

    Would love to meet you in REAL LIFE and have a word or two;

    With or without word salad..haha!..;)

    But this is the INTERNET wHere
    whomever can become a legend
    in their own mind online…

    At least I admit to being
    a poet who knows IT..;)

    I run circles around you
    all day; and YOU don’t
    feel it..;)

    Jesus Christ dude; lighten up and have a little fun.

    You do know I am a retired federal civilian employee;
    financially independent; own my own home;
    and fabulously popular among the young
    crowd in my metro area and can prove
    all of this; I just think it would be
    super cool for you to meet
    me in person; after
    all most;
    everyone else

    INTERNET 101; OKAY..;)

    I always think you are funny as you
    are so frigging serious about everything;
    and can appreciate the fact that you are
    married to a black woman that means you
    are obviously not a frigging ‘redneck’; or
    a homophobe like the gun-lovers in my area.
    So yeah; i wouldn’t mind talking to you; as I
    can frigging get along with anyone in real life;
    who has any common decency about them at all;
    and I feel quite sure you are much different in real life.


    DO you seriously think you bother me; yah gotta be kidding dude;
    I have blog posts with literally 100’s of drop dead gorgeous girls
    smiling eye to eye with me; do you really think the Internet is serious stuff
    to me; it’s just for fun; just imagine me on a ‘Bahama Mama Vacation’ all the time;


    You are just Internet fun. And again; not likely remotely like this in real life; with no surprise.
    As I know plenty of Internet folks like you in real life; that are not even close to what they are online..:)

    Thanks God for that; the Internet keeps folks busy; that are better off that way online; perhaps; but I cannot
    speak for you;
    IT’s only guestimate, and a philosophical gun estimate at that; as far as equalizing goes..:)

    This thread is about guns as the great equalizer.

    My point of view is my expertise in martial arts; mind and body balance; and fearless walking in the streets of nights is a better all innate, instinctual, and intuitive tool as the best possible defense to getting mugged or whatever.

    If you do not experience life in a fearless way like this without guns there is no possible way you can understand what I am fully speaking of and feeling in real life in confidence of practicing these all natural ways of greater human potential.

    I am the equalizer friend. If you do not agree that’s just fine. But never the less it IS irrefutable proof in my life; as I go to wild and crazy bars every week, and meet challenges from other so called macho-head dudes with NO PROBLEM.

    I make my own day; with NO need for metal guns. My guns are my arms friend; and my legs are 5 times as strong as most males; and that’s an empirically measurable phenomenon per force of kicks as well; Just imagine Bruce Lee 3 times stronger and faster in kicks; and perhaps you will get the picture or not; but the males in the bar I go to get the full picture when they challenge me for strength or dominance and I give ’em a quick exhibition in martial arts style dance kick butt style; coming centimeters from any target I aim.

    And then I move back to a softer ballet style and attract the gorgeous women like honey as irrefutably evidenced in 300 or so photos of them with me smiling ear to ear on my blogs.

    I watched Alex do that in the photos here; and I said to myself; why not do that too; even in my mid 50’s with 18 to 23 year old college-age women; so just I did IT and the evidence of my success if crystal smiling gorgeous clear..;)

    A gun will not help you at all in the real game of life; it’s just a last resort that most folks rarely use in real life; that per statistics show is more likely to be in harm of self or other family members than a real ‘Clint Eastwood-like Dirty Harry Stand your ground’. I can do that with my chest and legs firmly planted to the ground. And let’s get real; just possessing a gun inside a bar with a no-weapons policy enforced by armed policeman can get ya in more trouble than it’s worth. Even thugs don’t do it these days; and on top of that even thugs are growing soft, in a world dominated by sitting still hooked up to virtual reality electronic devices almost all day long.

    It’s a great time for folks to be strong and a ripe time for folks to be weak. AS ALWAYS the strong will both survive and thrive with both fearless courage and the kindness of Unconditional Tough Love as one and same IN courage and kindness..:)

    It takes much more work than owning a gun and learning how to properly use it; but the benefits are immense and go well beyond defense..:)

    Using caps is a common tool to

    enhance Language in Internet communication.

    A new tool, yes; but never the less one

    that I learned from a marketing specialist

    who posted on this site, as a new way of literary device.

    It’s only affective for those who enjoy AFFECT in language.

    In other words, its not everyone’s cup of tea to understand online.

    But that’s how new stuff goes.

    It spreads and not everyone understands a new way of doing stuff first.

    Some folks never understand it; and that’s okay too; different strokes and all of that;

    You know; Neurodiversity and stuff like that; smiles..:)

    Using caps is a common tool to

    enhance Language in Internet communication.

    A new tool, yes; but never the less one

    that I learned from a marketing specialist

    who posted on this site, as a new way of literary device.

    It’s only affective for those who enjoy AFFECT in language.

    In other words, its not everyone’s cup of tea to understand online.

    But that’s how new stuff goes.

    It spreads and not everyone understands a new way of doing stuff first.

    Some folks never understand it; and that’s okay too; different strokes and all of that;

    You know; Neurodiversity and stuff like that; smiles..:)

    Of course that’s true.

    But at least where I live, I’m smart enough to avoid folks like THAT.

    I know who to walk away from; but that is a skill that cannot be learned through books or
    even martial arts training. That’s street smarts that takes decades of practice in the real tough of life.

    I’m not saying this will work for anyone but me; but it does work for me; time and time again with success..:)

    I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Some people even here, now use CAPS for emphasis;
    Most people don’t understand it, as it is a new way of doing stuff.

    I’m not saying it is better; overall; but never the less, it works for some folks;

    Particularly ADHD leaning folks who have good response to human affect
    and need stimulus instead of avoiding stimulus; a common difference among
    folks with Autism; the stimulus seekers vs. the stimulus avoiders; and a common
    introvert vs extrovert trait, as well; even the DSM 5 accounts for this difference.

    I can’t take credit for that as I learned it from someone else who posts here..:)

    And by the way; I can’t own a gun; Trigeminal Neuralgia is
    named the suicide disease for good reason; so my only
    possible adaptation was to become a martial artist with
    relatively speaking, in metaphor, ‘superman’ strength…:)

    The Trigeminal Neuralgia is in remission; and as you
    may remember that is the reason I had to turn
    down your offer as moderator here in the past..:)

    I was just biding my time here everyday to see
    if I could make it one more day alive; for about
    2 and a half years; and I do appreciate the
    distraction of this option as it possibly
    could be a factor that kept me from
    hanging myself with a metal
    chain to escape a pain
    assessed worse
    that that even
    literal crucifixion.

    In my case; not three hours; not three days;
    five whole years of dentist drill like pain
    in eye and ear. Autism really wasn’t a challenge at
    All, compared to that; in my case only, of course..:)

    THAT’S why I am only concerned with sticks and stones
    in life and personal attacks don’t phase me anymore
    than a drop of water to quench a thirst of LAZARUS..:)


    Social norms, nationalism, and the human tribal instinct are all one and same with human emotions, associated with social cooperation for survival.

    The United States is spoiled as the closest thing we’ve had to a war on our soils for close to two hundred years, is 9/11.

    And nationalism, the human tribal instinct, and social norms, in general, quickly became the rule over any political
    emotional divide that exists before in going into a totally unrelated war with Iraq; that without 911 would never have come close to fruition as Nationalism, the favorite football team, favorite religion; or Quarter back of Jesus or John Elwood, does bring the bond of social AND EMOTIONAL UNITY for herds of humans as one force of change for better
    or worse.

    Dissension is suddenly quieted like a storm of STFU, for any possibility of going against the grain, both in general public and the halls of Senate and Congress.

    Hundreds of thousands of innocent people do die for the allegiance of the American public in the trust of whatever is told to them from the pulpit of politics.

    It’s no different than Germany really; just in terms of number of people who die for a false speech from the bully pulpit of human tribal nature to get what one wants for subsistence; whether it is civilian contracts to rebuild Iraq once it is torn down and kill hundreds of thousands of innocents, or gas chambers of Germany where millions die.

    The only difference is one is Muslim, and considered by the overall herd when it comes to war, as less than
    human, per the same tribal instinct that rules human from the get go, where love does not exist.

    The game changer now is broad band Internet access and world wide connectivity.

    With the freedom of speech that is allowed now; and access to information worldwide;
    the chances of something like that happening again become dampened as one can
    say WTF they want to online and get away with it with FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    the difference between a gas chamber and an Iraq, or much bigger ‘THINGY’,

    And yes, overall, in real wars of peace for real reasons for subsistence;
    Freedom of Speech and overall expression is worth fighting for;

    Whether those guns have bullets or

    Nerp; research shows the average IQ of folks with Asperger’s, overall,
    is around 98; just slightly below the rest of the herd.

    This Internet site is far from representative of any
    Aspie herd, as well; as the IQ’s reported here in
    informal polls, whether true or not; greatly
    exceed the overall herd of norm; Aspie or NOT.

    Standard IQ, is only a scale of what works
    in school; the ‘smartest’ folks in the school
    I go to of male orientation in the top
    10, never make it out of mommy and
    daddy’s “basement” accommodations.

    I am the exception at number 11 out
    of 381; thank God, I am not in the
    top 10 then; as statistics, per males
    in the top 10 do not look
    good then at all;
    for ‘basement
    instead of Financial
    Independenteers like me..;)

    I learned in the hard knocks of military
    life; while my peers, per other ‘nerd/aspie’
    friends; keep it all going on
    at home; advanced
    college degrees
    and all…

    Standard IQ did not help
    me at all in work life
    or 3 college degrees;
    I use that now,
    just for fun;
    but dollars ride
    all on EMOTIONAL
    INTELLIGENCE, out there in
    the real world of hard knocks life;

    At least as far, as Financial Independence goes..:)

    First of all, to be clear, my last response is directed at Dox, and
    not you; and no there is no evidence at all here on this site that
    Autistic folks do not do that; in terms of emotionalism, overall;
    they do it more; and that’s my point; and you illustrated
    that ‘nicely’ by accusing another dude here of trolling
    and threatening the moderator thingy;
    which he’s never ever done on record
    here, in terms of trolling. Yes, that is ironic;
    but yes, understandable as well; per not
    understanding emotional intent of
    others, per cognitive empathy.

    I for one am immune to this; but I for one
    am rare on this site; I’ve never ever personally
    attacked anyone directly; as is it makes
    absolutely no logical sense to do that;
    in logically discussing an issue; emotions
    are a well known associated deficit
    not advantage, of Aspie folks, in terms of Alexithymia
    and not connecting language to emotion properly,
    in about 85% of cases of Autism; as well as difficulty
    with emotional intelligence, in clinical scales of testing
    that; overall, as well. Anyway, thanks; this is a very interesting
    topic of discussion..:) And that my friend, is part of reciprocal
    social communication; always finding common ground and agreeing on
    it for social cooperation and meeting common goals and purposes in life..:)

    And to be clear, just discussing the overall issue here; I know nothing more
    about you personally here other than than words you provide so far..:)

    Well, science suggests that there is always an ample supply of human beings looking to believe the next
    conspiracy theory, even if the new conspiracy theory thwarts the premise of the last conspiracy theory.

    Powerlessness in life from an environment of social abuse, often takes one to ways of thinking to develop a basic distrust of Authority. And per the article linked above, science also suggests that schizotypal personality types are as likely
    to believe in conspiracy theories as other ‘little green men’.

    Anyway, ‘Info Wars’ will never go out of business, as long as they operate within the laws of the county;
    with a readily available supply of conspiracy theorists all over the world, basicAlly..:)

    And a suggestion that the planes are not really there on 911, is a sad state of cognitive empathy affairs for sure.
    And that is a prime example of it matters not how much logic is against conspiracy theories; emotional hyperbole

    MOST often wins out for those who are more likely to be captured by it; and considering the rate of schizotypal thinking patterns as assessed in informal polls, here, it is no surprise it is sometimes rampant here; although that statement is
    just objective empirical assessment by science, per se, and not just my subjective opinion..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  3. Pingback: SolDieR oF GoD2 FReED | KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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