Psalmets of Nature


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Ah.. yes.. beauty does not think.. does not remember..
does not forecast.. nor even feel.. beauty exists..
as art is art human or not..:)

Ah..the eyes of rain do cry in drops of joy..
ah.. the glistening colors..
do shine through
drops of

Ah.. the sad tunes.. of a human cocoon..
wrapped in blankets so secure and warm.. never venturing
to precipice of fear.. never finding imagination to grow..
a rose.. of butterfly wings.. so far
as far does go.. in Creation Activity..
nectar of life awaits.. fear is
cut off wings.. to arise..
in light from fear.. is
to arrive alive now..
with Butterfly Wings..:)

Ah.. yes the entire earth is a ball of confusion of Yin and Yang..
where material reality of west of Yang.. meets contemplating
Eastern ways… Where the human mind and body becomes
balancing Yin and Yang.. is igniting a passion
play of flesh and spirit alive as fire and love..

I Just imagine the earth dividing
Yin and Yang.. in east and
west hemispheres of being
like the
mind and
not yet
as one..

Ah.. humans
as neurons and
the earth as brain..
Put it all together and
what will come next..:)

Truly it’s amazing ‘our’ children
can see the face of the moon..
but ‘we’ call them down from
church pews…
i notice that now..
it’s truly sad
it takes
so long..
but happy
is only now..

And the children
dance with the
face of moon..:)

Decades pass by soil.. calling me..
sparkling in grain of healing..
to spray a dust of light on me..
Ah the years.. the years..
there is no sand for me..
the growth is gone..
no nourishment for soul..
will come again.. but..
with grain of sand.. i do arise..
as leaf of life.. once more.. reaching to..
sun of heArt.. and spiRit released.. in grain of eyes.. as green..:)

The breath of me.. is bark of trees.. the bark of i.. stands tall and straight..:)

Ah.. yes… many petaling stories.. flowering.. insect connections..
do lay at feet.. of nectared spector.. as cycles do tale..
spinning wheels.. of life.. beyond most eyes of
larger reach..:)

Owls of grass.. i never see.. they certainly are.. a delight..
in leaves so green.. the tree of owl.. is who at night..
and owl of grass.. is green owled wise..:)

Yes.. the scum of pond is earth’s delight.. the green that comes..
is Sun’s.. great.. synthesizing.. photo light.. the smart camera
of pond.. glistening.. in pale grades green.. do tale a
deeper story.. of amphibian stools.. in pads of

How.. sweet the owl.. of orange glowed glove.. holding
eyes so wise and warm.. the Universe.. sings refrain
of who.. so who.. so who.. rings true in
capture of love.. returns.. in
owl of orange glove way..:)

Hummingbirds please.. airwaves
for me.. singing zinging
‘copter wings.. of small
joy are they.. in nectar
songs of purple

Beauty of the worm
and purple tongued
Iris.. do work A
way into.. soils
of soul..:)

Ah.. the old coot.. and truly when i first go dance my style is different than
all the young folks.. and i do not even care to notice the difference..
not unlike the coot of concrete human parks.. it’s too bad
the folks of concrete cannot change.. but haha!
now the youth of dance halls
do copy coot..:)

Ah.. the skies of blue.. and rivers of ocean cool.. do swirl about
in eyes of deeper blues and lights of being..
to curl about as feather in
flight.. is where i for
one.. do go.. in comfort
and delight..:)

Ah.. i am always drawn here
as words.. for no feeling other
than sands.. and scopes of
beach.. as to view life
as whole of beach
is to live..
as squirrel
of life..:)

Ah.. the vision of the quick turns
of hummer buzzing
to feel that
each turn in life
does result in
newly found
nectar of
life is
a joy of life
as long as
the balance
nectar is

Ah.. the curiosity of the young of nature..
and the motherhood of protection..
that runs strong with love..
of nurturing wild and free
with safety..:)

The song of dinosaur.. still exists in bird.. time memorial..
time of old.. time of valley tropical.. time of lore..
time is now.. bird is now.. song is now..

Water in the sea.. water in the thunder.. water in the rain.. is all
sea of life.. tear drops.. reins of love.. endeared.. in
reign.. of Nature’s muse..:)

Umbrella of love.. sinking self within.. Umbrella
breaks.. of sweat of reign outside.. Umbrella
sees in love outside.. when connecting
heArts dew rain..:)

Dedicated to a child born 18 years
ago.. who still lives
in the song
of my








Tonight is my 61st Rave Dance Week Celebration..

and as an ongoing documenting process..

more fun photos of dance coming

sometime after dance


with all the cool college

age folks at Old Seville





FREE VERSE poetry is


most favorite

free verse




Not a word

and dance DOES











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44 Responses to Psalmets of Nature



    Ana, one of the best ways to approach this
    is to approach the most creative of artists;
    not just Sci-Fi Fiction writers, to how the
    creative process works for them.

    For some folks it is a paint by numbers process.

    For other folks it is totally innate, instinctual and intuitive.

    There is a huge difference between the two; as one is all art;

    And the other can be mostly systemizing science and no; far from

    science fiction.

    When human beings create by intuition the conscious planning mind
    of past and future AKA the reasoning mind is put to rest; this creative
    mind is a mighty metaphor of Quantum human mind and body unleashed
    and released that can make leaps beyond logic of what scientists do with
    a ‘tricycle’ instead of a ‘sonic blast’ of human creativity fully set free and not
    bound by rules of ‘mere mortals’ who only think in systemizing ways. There is
    ‘a song of human creativity’ that comes from a soul that does have mind and body
    balance that has no ‘eyes or ears but now’; that ‘sings a spirit of heArt’ that is free
    of the restrictions of culture that says no, ‘ do not believe in more than what is in
    front of my normal six senses of just seeing, hearing, touching, tasting,
    smelling, and proprioception as believing’. Ah, the creative mortals ‘see’
    so much more than mere mortals will ever perceive with just six senses
    of ‘normal human way’. And truly words of the bible are not more
    revolutionary or ‘revelationary’ than a sit-com or slap-stick
    comedy produced by the minds of ‘greater humans’ who
    do tap into much more than reasoning human
    mind and or the six senses combined.

    Carl Jung’s, et al, ‘view’ of Synchronicity
    comes true in direct proportion to the
    ‘velocity and magnitude’ of this
    freest of human minds and
    bodies in balance. And any
    truly creative person will
    tell you all about
    the amazing
    that grow in life when
    in the state of growing
    intuitive creative mind.
    And even science shows
    now that the human artistic
    side of mind away from systemizing
    neocortical methods of analyzing past
    and present are repressed by any problem
    solving way of thinking. The poet or the painter
    who paints by numbers will never ever ‘see’ this way.
    Nor the scientist that even proves that creativity is repressed
    by mechanical cognition state of mind. And the beauty of it is
    that human social cognition in general is associated with human
    creativity and freest intuitive art; in general, Free spirit artists are
    among the most kind and loving nonjudgmental people as intuitive
    artists flow with ‘Uni-verse’ instead of paint by number minds. And to
    flow as human being is to cooperate with all others for survival. A painted
    war face or dance face of primitives that is not by numbers is a more advanced
    art than a systemizing mind will ever be now; as there are no instructions; just the
    human soul, heart, and spirit fully set free, and this is the way our ancestors do live
    in the dream time of lucid ways of ‘thinking’ WIDE AWAKE. Ah, so much is forgotten
    by systemizing minds; but ah, so much is remembered by the intuitive creative mind
    that even tells amazing synchronous stories of the future; with no intention needed at
    all but the records of arts of the past that view the future in now, as truly now is always
    now and time is the illusion for the mind that enters into the dream of GOD manifest in

    The bible is child’s play compared to what the modern mind can do in measure of
    synchronicity and developments of the future to come to play. Nah, God does
    not play with humans; humans play with each other; and the eyes of GOD
    manifest AS HUMAN BEINGS, DO COME TO FRUition in ‘laughs’
    of GOD that are both amazingly funny
    and amazingly

    And here is just a little example from
    one of my favorites from the
    Big Lebowski movie;
    note the man
    on the TV
    and the
    God is not a prankster
    but the human
    mind in
    flow is beyond
    the mind of science
    all alone without
    a shadow of
    for those
    who never ever travel
    to the place of the truly
    human creative mind.:)

    We can keep it as ‘our’ ‘little
    secret’ if ‘you’ like; Truly the
    naysayers have no clue;
    and truly science
    is just starting
    to figure out
    what ‘we’
    have known
    all along, my friend..:)

    And for the most creative of minds in this intuitive flow of being;
    sychronicities can be observed in the score of scores of numbers
    and not just

    Anyway, have a nice now;
    and may creativity
    you and
    GOD aS
    ONe, ANA.

    The most amusing thing about organized religion
    that attempts to chain the ‘gifts’ of God all within
    ‘their’ selfish religions is
    they FAIL; yes, FAIL
    to realize;
    God is an ‘EEO

    There are no pre-requirements to be a prophet.

    Even scientists can be prophets with or without profit;

    Homeless folks; and rock and roll musicians like Led Zeppelin.

    One of my favorite songs of ‘propheTRY’ is done by Led Zeppelin;
    perhaps, with the help of some ‘chemical’ additives; but the point remains

    as much
    as ‘devil’s, and
    ‘Led Zeppelins’,


    And the so-called person on the street
    that the religious right suggests should
    pull up ‘their’ bootstraps, even if they are
    bare foot, food-less, and homeless.

    Truly we live in a sick society;
    but folks with ALL REAL EYES
    of GOD can get past this
    with a little help
    from their

    My wife and I never pass a homeless
    person without giving at least something;
    as traffic allows; but for me I know something
    much worse than being homeless; being without
    a soul of mind and body balance; being without a
    heart of emotion; and being without a spirit to feel
    that emotion and senses of others, including all of
    nature aka GOD; and to express that emotion and
    senses WITH OTHERS and nature aka GOD.

    The ‘science’ of the human soul, heart, and
    spirit is just now coming under purview
    of science, as the last and most
    important hold-out of
    human knowledge
    in both reason
    and most

    Religion uses metaphors like soul,
    heart, and spirit to attempt to describe
    the internal universe of human beings; that
    has no consistent method of science to measure
    that, as each human’s internal experience in how ‘they’
    perceive the Universe is truly a non-repeatable unique
    experience of ART; and that is pArt of why a person who
    receives a degree in stuff other than what can be properly
    empirically measured is ART and NOT science, in terms of
    acronyms of BA, BS, MA, MS, and yeah, then there
    is doctor of PHILOSOPHY of STUFF; most of
    the internal life of human being, in terms
    of how humans get depressed, get
    un-depressed, get anxious, get
    un-anxious is still a mystery,
    in terms of human beings,
    as rats do not make
    good lab subjects
    in this way.
    But anyway; religion
    and philosophy,
    and poetry,
    and music,
    rock and
    gives ‘ITS’ best shot;
    as well as all other
    associated arts.
    Perhaps one
    day science
    for me to watch ‘nerds’
    attempt to describe
    the ‘hows’, ‘whys’, ‘whens’,
    and ‘who’s, of how GOD
    works; and yes; that
    includes fundamentalist
    religious ‘nerds’ too; when
    GOD just is as is NOW; truly
    all the rest is less than flesh
    and blood existence AKA just living
    in balance with nature AKA GOD, AS IS.

    The greaTEST illusion is to make something
    so beautiful and free as ART, as the GOD of nature IS
    INto something as ugly and plain, as a scientific method.

    That’s just disgusting to me; and I find great pleasure that
    ‘the moderators’ have decided to ‘set me free’ from speaking
    to ‘these folks’, in words of poetic justice that God of Nature
    most definitely
    I even wear
    a white watch
    and white shoes
    to my dance
    last night;
    they are
    to celebrate
    my release
    here; smiles,
    and have a great day;
    you don’t personally attack folks
    Janissy; I appreciate that; it proves
    your humanity here; like I said, GOD
    is an EEO employer; and some atheists
    and scientists are much greater citizens
    of the God of Nature, than frigging Pat
    Robertson, who talks about acts of
    GOD destroying gays; and all the
    other examples of psychopathic
    leaning clergy; AND just another
    way of human darkness
    plain to see for
    the archetype
    of human
    ‘angel’ or

    Anyway, my time here on this
    site, continues as a very
    ‘prophetable’ one;
    in terms of

    Smiles; no, not
    just smiles;
    And Winks from God
    of Nature too; AKA
    W The
    F or FUN I T
    Comes AGAIN

    Yes, in someways, I’m a lot like
    the stone statue on that Beatles
    Album cover; other than it
    is like a pre-stone replica
    of my face; long head;
    broad shoulders, and
    all of that;
    or Not..;)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    “How tall does the Sycamore grow;
    if you cut it down you will never Know.”

    – Colors of the Wind


    That’s a clue.. smiles..;)



    You are welcome Rafiah.. and i am happy.. yes.. a little sad too.. as this would have been my child’s 18th birthday today.. so i write a little poetry today.. to dedicate to that…

    But anyway.. it’s good to be alive.. and to celebrate life.. is the best way to celebrate
    the short 51 day life of my son.. in the song of my eyes.. of love for all others too..:)

    So yeah.. i will just pretend that you are my surrogate daughter today.. and i am saying hello to her.. and oh.. my birthday is coming up on Saturday the 6th.. making it to 55.. feeling as young and vital as I do.. when i am 5.. so happy BD to me.. as well.. hehe!..

    in advance now.. why not celebrate everynow as joy.. no matter BD or not..

    is what i for one..

    sing always..


    now in JOY of LIFE..:)

  4. The black heart fires of the soulless raven know no
    tears of forest trees.. the green is black.. the
    earth is scorched.. but a leave of of hope
    comes to take the
    spirit alive..:)

    The bride of nature knows no no’s of life
    or pleasure.. the bride of nature pleases
    all with soft and course ways of fire..
    the groom comes ill prepared but

    In the greatest depths of misery.. sorrow..
    emptiness.. piece of paper existence..
    the seed of hull of hell is
    is anti-matter to
    create.. to grow

    A zillion star neurons spinning
    biggest organ procreating..
    finding ways of
    sexy living..
    soUl and heArt..:)

    Oh Lord.. the posturing of manhood..
    Where silvered pride dollars become
    worth more than tiny
    shards of rooster
    I never have any
    bar stories to tale..
    but now i too.. have
    collected some standing
    silver dollars.. in tail
    between the rooster
    balls.. in

    So true.. not stop..
    not destination.. most importantly
    not competition.. life is live
    in movement and creation activity..
    doing IT
    now.. and perhaps
    a stepping direction..
    more now..

    True words of the tiny
    are words of the strong…
    living worlds instead of words
    are the strongest
    of all.. as Universe
    at low grows highest
    of all..:)

    A human without a devil
    is a human grown cold..
    the fur of devil does
    drive the reptile
    of survival
    that lives

    Seas and trees and home of skirt..
    all do please around ankles
    or not of heart well
    sung.. oh.. the
    soul of me
    does sing
    the sound of home..
    in seeds of be..:)

    Ah.. eyes of stars look down
    on heavenly eyes.. wishing
    to feel the depth of
    human heArts
    and souls..
    oh the spiRit
    of human rises
    and the desire
    of stars

    Little drummer boy sings
    a song of higher trombone
    notes.. with lower sounds..
    in greater growls.. jawbone
    rumbles human phones…

    Oh Goodness.. the science of poetry
    can become so complex
    i forget to write..
    forget the rules
    and never learn them..
    for me is lucky as rules are my thing
    so much
    of life in ruling it..
    but anyway.. instructions can be fun…:)

    Ah.. the blessings of counting the
    gifts.. and oh.. the gift of taking
    no more than one needs..ah
    the greatest gift of sharing
    so all can stay alive..:)

    Ah.. the tears of the truest scream
    i know.. is a dry tear of horror
    i know all too well..
    when all is left of life is
    scream.. i hope that tears of
    joy do come your way..
    for what is left
    in loving life..:)

    Ah.. the life of fearlessness
    conquers all.. Oh..
    the soft and fearless

    The recoveries of life are abundant
    in a life well challenged..
    Ah.. the strengths of life
    do come in bounty
    for a life

    Oh.. the prayers of the homeless
    who truly live in home
    of connecting with
    others and nature
    with materials
    second to all of that
    do dream and pray
    the deepest truths
    of all.. there is
    streets.. still
    named Love..:)

    Ah.. know one knows no’s like a
    stuff nose.. on the platter
    of life.. just getting
    to run.. forward
    the skin

    The bird of abscence.. is a lonely soul of flight…
    Ah.. the cliffs of reminisce.. do bring
    bright dreams.. heArt filling
    rock.. so true with
    spirit expressing..
    Love is
    on the
    Stones.. rolling
    notes.. of ocean blue
    of nauts of winds in skeyes..:)

    Ah.. the animal skins of love.. is truly
    a place i love to go.. wild and free
    with clothes on.. but never the
    less.. young *dancers
    do bring ‘subtle’
    Yes.. sex sales
    more than money
    it sales creativity
    and productivity
    even science
    says that’s
    Ah.. with freedom..
    almost anything is
    possible with
    animal skins
    (:*women with
    clothes on.. too;)
    And i am a
    hairy Ape..;)

    Ah.. to speak the mind
    all the way free..
    to do whatever
    ya want.. is
    certainly a
    go for me..
    as long as
    no one really
    loses a nose..
    noise can be
    drawn out..:)

    Ah.. i go to the mall at least once a week and buy not a thing..
    but marvel in all the emotional art of human being designed
    around a motive of selling.. but still the art of it i can
    separate and volume into photos of artistic beauty from
    the ‘T and A’ at ‘Victoria’s Secret’ to
    Dick’s Sporting goods..
    in all the inspirational
    quotes from the REAL PHILOSOPHY
    OF SPORTS that is a microcosm
    of the human being
    Spirit of living
    life wild
    And Warhol will
    be proud
    of me..
    At least.. he will
    like you..
    my friend..:)

    Oh.. the artifacts of life..
    do pale the comparison of
    twinkling stars at night..
    the old of life look back..
    the young of spirit look up..
    to stars of possibility..:)

    Ah.. to feel the life.. from head to toe.. to breath to hair..
    from finger to who.. and i do connect.. as hearts of souls..
    in expressing passion filling spirit.. this way.. do carry
    on a mission of life alive.. for what is life

    F-in Nothing..
    much worth

    To keep the passion
    is never EVER to
    kill the human
    soul.. heart..
    Punk over
    any day
    of now
    for me!..:)

    Ah..a move away from nature.. is always a move away
    from reality.. nature’s truth.. is always true.. where humans
    lie.. as always true..:)

    Roses.. burgundy love.. alight in lips..
    kissing.. soft petals.. beauty.. now..:)

    Ah.. to step forward from loss and grief.. is a tool to move
    ahead.. in positive way of life.. as every second
    can be.. to celebrate.. to write the grief.. and
    loss down.. on paper type.. can
    be.. to truly let it.. stay..
    and let it go.. same..
    as living

    Strawberry eyes go deep into
    soul root ancestors..
    to heArt.. measuring
    goose bumps.. green
    valleys.. past and
    and bones
    Art of Strawberry
    that is us with ART

    i suppose.. one of the most wondrous lights about snow.. are the white
    glory brightening up.. the shadows of dark winter nights.. and
    grey days Winter’s leaves.. in wake of killing cold.. but in Florida..
    not uncommon for blooms and evergreen.. year ’round..
    So perhaps.. snow does not bring
    same delight.. when green life
    lives so fervently.. all around..
    never the less.. i love snow..
    as it is my rare friend..
    of once a decade..
    or so..:)
    Different snows
    for different

    Ah.. the sparrow lives in bird and feather..
    the human lives in skin more than feather..
    but alas poetry is created and not
    born.. by innate means alone..
    in reflecting on how all it
    all comes to be.. we
    reflect in
    of all

    The dream of night can be for fun..
    but the dream of day can be for
    survival.. from scenarios of
    life too much for
    reality.. so
    is evolved
    for just that
    purpose to
    escape reality
    to live.. be strong
    no matter curse of life
    that falls upon from evil ones…

    Ah.. the struggle for life.. from breath to food
    to staying afloat on water top.. is a price
    we pay for life.. but the connection.. instead
    of word.. in senses and emotions.. without
    toil and word troubles.. can come alive..
    in comfort of animal
    sanity.. in feeling
    and sensing
    and most
    connecting to

    Ah.. a name spells truths of ancestral generations
    before.. as the choosing of the name of a
    child is usually the greatest of meaningful
    decisions in life.. but less hand
    picking than copying from
    celebrities these days..
    as what we do
    is what
    and perhaps
    what becomes
    of our children

    Ah.. all the records of life.. strewn about on the highways of life..
    Ah.. now.. ah now.. where records truly no longer exist..
    Ah.. ah now.. is a place
    without littered
    roads of
    eyes of

    Theory of mind.. is an art mine.. ah.. to pleasure..
    is to guess.. or pain.. of pan’O’mind.:)

    Ah.. yes.. to live now..
    is to live forevermorenow..
    as truly now.. is forever.. and
    time is only illusion..
    of past and

    Oh.. the scream of nature.. not readily heard.. but thundering
    LIGHTENING as spirits of animals living all around..
    is ONE i ‘hear’ at ‘night’.. when Industrial IT world
    ‘sleeps’.. and this nature tales me.. WE are listening..
    WE are telling.. WE WILL make this life
    HELL for YOU.. if YOU do not cOOperate…
    Some of WE are here millions
    more years than YOU..
    and when YOU GO..
    WE for ONE
    BE living

    If I haVE some mixED magazine
    clippingS it will look more like
    a ransom letter for

    AS just another humble
    messenger.. of Mother Nature

    …sorry… that is long…
    but inspiration does that
    to me.. Thank you.. very much..:)

    Sadly.. although MOST human being are gifted with the potential to have hearts..
    it is like a garden that must be nourished in ’empathy education’
    continuously through life.. and the sad truth is.. when..
    for example.. a ‘patriarchal’ mommy and daddy keep
    telling their son.. not to cry.. and to repress all
    the emotions of softness.. OR that comes through a
    lack of nurture in small childhood.. OR social abuse..
    when the heart grows stone instead of flower..
    the spine and the skin.. of the naked woman
    in curling fetal position.. is no more
    than that.. without the colors of
    the human heArt.. the skin lies
    in shades of grey..
    as observed by
    ‘Lesser’ men…

    A balance is required for life..
    as souls.. hearts.. and spirits.. of both men and women..
    to grow.. as garden of love.. to escape Fire Extinguishers of LOVE…
    Seriously.. most people have no
    idea that the
    human heart
    a muscle that
    must go.. almost
    everyday to the

    I learn that lesson a very very hard way…
    There is no pain greater than
    numb.. there is no embrace that
    can take the place of the

    AND when exercised enough..
    ‘that muscle’ can withstand
    any storm

    Ah.. the human eyes do bring blind to truth.. too often when
    clouding through eyes of anthropomorphic culture..
    ah.. the human soul.. heart.. and spirit..
    can come alive.. without the eyes
    of cultural
    eyes of
    nearsighted far..:)

    You are very welcome..
    To connect to another soul..
    even without face or presence..
    is the greatest Art of human heart..
    and to makes words.. organic.. is lasting life of soul..


    And for the archetype of angel.. AKA human empath..
    there is no greater practice than loving forever..
    whether one is here or not…

    ‘Flesh and blood’ men and women

    will never know this

    gift and present

    of the full present

    and future well.. of loving others..

    in watering Love of humanity’s LIGHT..:)

    Ah.. the Hibiscus.. a multi-colored flower.. of delicate beauty..
    a tropical lovely.. is sensitive.. to cold..
    and yes.. wife Katrina.. is Hibiscus
    of women.. oh.. a delicate flower..
    but OMG.. do we fight
    over a..

    Ah.. the spector of beauty.. is a mix of skin and eyes..
    that shines out of feeling.. and not the flesh alone..
    but for a culture that can no longer feel the shine..
    of eyes and skin.. from within.. there are answers..
    but for humanity.. to come again…

    Every new woman I meet..
    eyes i remember..
    the rest
    is just a fog..
    but eyes i am..

    Ah.. silky white sheen.. moonlit gown..
    face of moon.. veil arises.. covering
    paRt of face.. moon a romantic..
    playful one indeed..
    set the sky a light.. where
    stars can’t
    measure up..:)

    Ah.. best of days.. all words am i..
    losing words.. to dance of air..
    water as breeze.. a man ballets..
    as soft as snow.. SWITCH blade..
    knifing feet.. warrior true..
    BUT blade of peace.. ah.. so smooth..
    in soothing light ..mind and body balancing..
    so simple.. balancing one foot and other..
    in melody.. no lessons.. no school.. flowing
    abdominal.. spiral direction.. melting heart..
    softening tension.. water is i.. flow..
    no holds barring.. soul.. feeling heArt..

  5. Ah.. the beauty of what nature’s give..the owls and gloves.. 🙂

  6. claudia says:

    soil of soul – i like that – and nature sings so many psalms – there’s so much beauty around us if we just open our eyes

    • Ah.. yes.. and since i start making free verse photography
      a way of.. art as well.. my eyes of nature grow
      more and more
      in song of
      nature’s ‘polaroids’…

      Smiles and thanks for dropping by and
      sharing some soil
      of soul
      me for now..:)

  7. X says:

    It is an interesting thoguht on the world dividing to yin and yang. We have such a divising nature, always looking for ways to break apart. This is rather like a trip through the poems from Tuesday, I see little hints of all the ones you read. Very cool. Love the pic of the little lizard. I miss them from when I lived in florida. My old cat (now deceased) used to eat them as snacks. Ha.

    • Hi X.. it’s actually a copy and paste of all my inspirations in response to poetic voices from Tuesday as a kind of collaboration of poetry initiated souly by me.. i’ve actually been doing this for months.. and continue to develop a free verse poetry voice.. in a prompt of multi prompts.. haha!

      The best thing of all is it is effortless and fun.. no contingencies for me other
      than the art of life.. as my goal is not just produce art.. be art in all
      i am as living

      Thanks for dropping by and.. ah.. to join the forces of yin
      and yang in one human is hard enough..

      to join it with others
      is the

      But i am not

  8. Glenn Buttkus says:

    The natural man speaks, as the 41 images dance over the almost minuscule 806 words (about the girth of most of my poetry), with a perspective of sky, of cloud round-ups & swirling popcorn cumulus/cirrus sculpture. I like your poetic lines /ah, the sad tunes of a human canon/wrapped in blankets so secure–never venturing/ to precipice of fear/. All that is missing from your unique poetic style is “Recitation”, the actual sound of your voice. Go to Sound Cloud, brother, & make audio renderings of your spiritual existential metaphysical words. That would round out, & balance your performance Art.

    • Hi Glenn.. thanks again for all the spirit lifting encouraging words.. and actually i’ve started reciting some of theses more poetic works of art with wife and mother.. and my mother an actual print published poet.. who still sings a soprano voice at 80.. at last practice says she is amazed by the sounds i can effortlessly make with my throat.. and truly it is effortless as singing in Catholic church.. as singing is truly more of me at heart than words..

      And as an individual who cannot put words together until age 4.. the piano and emotion of sing song voice is truly how i learn to communicate.. with the ‘little’ issues here and there of growing with an autism that is not diagnosed then.. and yeah.. the ADHD and all of that.. that us all natural nomad warriors at heart do seem to carry across the

      continents.. but yes.. i think i will get to that next step of recitation soon.. and have done a couple of Karaoke stunts on youtube.. the first and last of my life.. for a sample of what is possible with the range of my vocal chords.. and truly it is almost from
      crocodile growl to soprano howl..

      when done ‘properly.. as such with creative or wild eyed flow of course..:)

      Anyway.. thanks for the suggestion and hopefully that will be coming
      soon.. and knowing me.. i’ll probably go back to the old
      stuff and do it too.. but just this more real
      poetic flow stuff i do.. and not the
      thousands of words thingy stuff..

  9. kanzensakura says:

    The little lizard, magnolias, beautiful sky – lovely psalmets on their own with out any words.

    • You know Kanzensakura.. although there are issues of darkness with technology.. we truly live in a wonderful word of digital possible ways of art.. not even imaginable before..

      To think.. that just with a little 4 inch.. phone device.. on a casual three mile walk around
      my home living local area.. i can capture anything i like with no limit of a
      modern polaroid high def camera in fingers and hand…

      If this isn’t heaven for artists of free creativity
      nothing ever will be..
      at least before in

      i ever hear of before.. as
      there’s no telling where this
      freedom will eventually go for
      folks like me who are even much
      younger and older with time and
      at their
      back.. smiles
      and hope your nows
      are all beautiful

      • kanzensakura says:

        I love having that technology at my fingertips, in my pocket! I take a lot of photos of the blue sky. You take so many great pics of what is around you and share them. Instead of having them all in a long line down the page, have you ever cosidered dojng a slide show of them? Putting them all together to unfold in random or set order? It is easy and a great way to showcase them. I have done that several times with the autumn sky from dawn to dusk, flowers, snow. WordPress is easy to do this on. It puts the photos in a whole new perspective and it is wonder to watch them unfolding, changing…it would add movement to your moving poetry. Just something to thjnk about….a slideshow on the happy orange kitty or your bench pressing, water photos, when you went to that gathering/cookout and those two delightful dogs were part of your photos. If I can figure it out, anybody can! 🙂

        • That’s a great idea Kanzensakura.. and i think that could be an additional focus of effort for me.. that i will look into.. as truly i’m not cognizant of that feature until you tell me now..

          The line of photos are representative of the synchronicities i find all in the creative mind of me and the rest of nature.. but there are no limits to that of time.. distance or space.. and it is likely to pop up in any medium of God’s eyes that lives in nature…

          even the digital world.. expressed as such beyond the eyes of



    Ah.. the Kuran of God is gifted to every man and child at birth.. and the separation i find from religion is at the time of my child’s birth when a deacon calls me as my child is suffering and tells me if he does not get there soon.. the child will suffer in hell forever..

    I turn my back on religion..

    And never look back..

    Sure i read.. and visit
    all religions in peace
    and interest
    as well
    as love..

    but God lives
    in my heArt.. my soul..
    expressing in the spirit
    of the eyes of God that
    lives in me.. and my
    child who never has
    the opportunity

    We live in a world so far removed
    from God.. that sometimes my
    greatest wish
    is to burn
    of human

    And leave the humans of course..smiles..:)

    Oh yeah.. and the rest of nature that will
    never read a book.. and is never
    ever separated from God
    from birth to death…

    In someways perhaps
    my child is
    to never

    but for the pain..



  11. Lovely verse, and I especially liked your sky-on-fire images.

    • Thanks for dropping by Madeleine and truly i feel blessed just to be a part of those clouds that day.. the smart phone recording it.. is just the icing on the fire.. of fluffy clouds..:)

  12. So many poetic images in this…both in photo and in words.

    • Ah.. thanks Victoria.. during the period of five years without
      effective use of eyes and ears.. as you might imagine
      i have great love for both images
      and music now.. but without
      the sight and hearing..
      all this is words..
      and yeah..
      they too..
      do keep

      sure NOW..

      Smiles.. and hope your now
      continues.. as wonderful too..:)

  13. Wow! This is an Incredible piece! I didn’t want it to end. I love how the pictures are like a poem on their own before the words even begin. I love the formatting of this poem on the screen is fantastic!

    • Well in the words of ‘Starship’

      and India’s ‘Kali’ who
      i take after in ‘some ways’..
      (on the album cover)


      i Just finish the two-thirds part.. at 8:42 PM..

      and the third part comes after 3AM…

      Life is fun..

      And i for one am ‘killing every second of it’…

      I play for keeps.. smiles..

      And thanks for those encouraging words Katie..
      they mean a lot to me.. as some folks can’t
      wait ’till it’s over.. i’m kinda



  14. DELL CLOVER says:

    NICE, unfortunately doesn’t load well on my computer–sorry.

  15. Truedessa says:

    Always an interesting read here you have some deep thoughts…I enjoyed the pictures of the sky and the bird on the wire. You see with a unique lens. Owls are very symbolic..

    • Hi Truedessa.. thanks for coming by and i am happy you shared some deep thoughts with me.. as well as enjoying the photos.. that i do love to take.. And i capture a photo of a big wall owl tonight dancing that i am going to add to the bottom of this post now.. as I usually do as ‘ritual’ on Thursday Rave Dance Night.. Hope you have a very nice weekend.. as well..:)

  16. Sumana Roy says:

    love the beautiful photos of Nature and this poem of existence….a grand write..

    • Thanks so much Sumana.. for dropping by with those kind words of love and existence.. i love nature.. and existence.. and spread that good news.. in ALL the ways i am gifted by the God of Nature to do JUSTiCe for THAT..:)

      SMILES.. and may all your nows be blessed by the God of Nature.. as gifts in dark and light that come as mix of Love.. my friend..:)

  17. C.J. says:

    I love photography, and yours is breathtaking. You have such an awesome personality.

    “Psalmlets” is a great word.

    You are a trip, man. This is way cool. I love what you did here.

    These are my favorite sections:

    “The breath of me.. is bark of trees”

    “How.. sweet the owl.. of orange glowed glove.. holding
    eyes so wise and warm.. the Universe.. sings refrain
    of who.. so who.. so who.. rings true in
    capture of love.. returns.. in
    owl of orange glove way”

    • Hi.. C.J. .. my wife of 25 years.. Katrina Mia.. in part.. inspiration for my pen name Katie Mia Frederick.. with Fred for me.. tells me i’m a lot like Disney World.. nice to visit.. but much harder to ride everyday of the year.. but she finds a way.. TG for me.. as this trip rolls like the tide.. in and out.. and everywhere..:)

      Smiles.. that is a super nice compliment friend.. thanks for taking the time and effort to express such kindness and deep felt thoughts here.. and may your nows be fabulous.. all the time… as best as ever.. for you..:)



    According to ‘modern science’, LOVE is expressed and received in 5 ways.

    And more than often, the kind of love folks give is the kind of love they enjoy receiving.

    1. Gifts
    2. Affirmation
    3. Touch
    4. Quality Time
    5. Acts of Service

    And then there is a 6th kind of love that is that of the human altruist who gains
    the intrinsic reward all God of Nature given, in terms of social bonding, in science
    associated terms of oxytocin and other beneficial neuro-hormones and neuro-chemicals
    that keep the altruistic love of human beings strong as yes, this intrinsic reward is
    ‘delicious’, in how it feels, when giving and sharing becomes receiving all in one,
    as a Way of LIFE

    And then there is the 7th ‘KIND’ of Love that is the Unconditional TOUGH Love of the God
    of Nature that ranges from mutations that allow a species to adapt to unforeseen
    environmental changes; LIKE Einstein’s Brain anomalies that may directly,
    at least in part, lead to the theory of relativity and scientific advances
    associated with that TO everything from the so-called big-bang and
    after that leading to the most beautiful blue and green orb we know
    as earth now that provides a habitat for the greatest achievements
    of humankind that are imagination and creativity of human dreams;
    and unfortunately human nightmares as well, such as the atomic
    bombs that can destroy much of life on earth; if used without
    discretion. And humans beings in terms of unconditional
    tough love must learn to become not only Lovers but
    Warriors for survival. Yeah; some folks do not think
    of wars to protect human freedoms as Love; but
    never the less; life is messy, the God of Nature
    is messy; and the dark and light mix to make
    what the 7th KIND of Love IS, overall, as is for


    And yes, the ‘science’ of
    marriage counseling classes
    does bring this
    to my wife;
    by way

    at least
    the first
    ways of

    That answer is intended for Janissy.

    I am instructed not to go into the esoteric here by the moderators;

    Other than with a few selected individuals; as it not ‘within’ the ‘thinking’ minds of many folks here.

    But yes, Love is all the things you say it is and more, and I feel like you could handle the answer; but
    you are not specifically among the list of the other ‘crazies’ here like me; smiles; if you care to you can
    PM me if you are interested in more; but yes, Love is vibrations shared between human beings and the
    rest of nature FAR FAR beyond what science can identify is expressed between human beings,
    for dam sure; no doubt, in MY LOVE; for sure; BUT NO, not all humans experience LOVE the
    way I do
    and that’s for
    dam sure too.
    Some do not
    experience it
    AT ALL.
    AND that my friend; if I can call you that;
    is why it is of no use to have this conversation
    them; there is ZERO POINT of reference
    to come close to understanding what LOVE

    ‘That answer’ to be clear, I hope, is not ‘your answer’ to Janissy; it is ‘my answer’ to Janissy;
    to go beyond the emotion thingy; that some folks think that Love is RESTRICTED to.

    THERE is ‘puppy dog love’; but there is much more to it;
    for those who experience it, and of course label IT as love.

    But of course, the four letter word love that some folks do consider a pejorative,
    who do not truly experience much of the nuance of it that CAN exist;
    IT can be just a human abstract term for them; not unlike the real
    emotions of faith, hope, and belief; that while ‘they’ too are emotions;
    ‘they’ too, go far beyond the ‘normal’ metaphor of humans;
    that most westernized folks ‘see’ emotion as, in terms
    of FEELINGS..:)

    In some cultures, there are scores of abstract terms for ‘it’; far beyond a four letter word.

    Western cultures are sorely impoverished in terms of metaphors for love;
    which of course, is directly related
    to the poverty of love
    of Western
    materialistic ways of life;
    in ways of internal emotional
    and sensory life; as opposed
    to living life, AS A ‘WORLD’
    of cultural extension
    of ‘tools’ becoming
    ‘our’ ‘humanity’
    in metaphor,
    of course.

    And in general; the same applies
    to the three letter word GOD; as truly
    when one expands metaphors for LOVE large enough;
    the three letter word GOD fits securely
    in the four letter word LOVE; but i
    am getting into the esoteric here
    now; otherwise known as metaphors
    for other “culture’s” deeper
    ways of perceiving
    the possibilities
    of all ‘Universes
    HUMAN EYES’..;)

    I don’t think you are what
    folks consider crazy around
    here; at all; that is why I do
    not go into this much wordiness;
    at first, my friend; but anyway.
    I try my best to keep a subject
    as large as love, as short
    and succinct as possible;

    It takes more than one
    ‘Novel’, to come close
    to fully adequately
    describing WHAT
    both a physical
    as well..:)

    The most important point, here is; in regard to Love as manifest of energy;

    Love is like any other ‘muscle’, as far as energy and manifestation of energy.
    as matter ‘FORCE’; use it or lose it, most definitely applies to the ‘Love Muscle’.

    For those who want BIG LOVE MUSCLES; ‘they’ find some KIND of ‘Love Gym’, and attend
    as much as possible. And for those with ‘little love muscles’; ‘darkness’ is not a place to stay.

    The only thing one takes ‘with them’, is the Love they create, and give, in energy and matter
    they leave behind; generally speaking, ‘LIGHT’,
    in terms of spirit of emotions,
    and material, as mass ACTION

    Perhaps that is only in measure of family,

    friends, arts, and such as that.

    But yes, there is more; MUCH more;
    and for now, I will leave it at that; with Smiles..:)

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  19. 55 years to DANCE

    Some people relate the
    song ‘A Thousand Years’
    in metaphors of Vampires
    to Jesus; I relate it to the
    God of Nature and all
    SHE IS from vampires
    to Jesus..:)

    And I for one will not
    let any scientist or
    clergy take ANY OF that
    FROM ME.

    SO ThERE.. i STICK
    OUT AT
    in my
    free verse

    Not unlike
    the Kali
    mix of
    on my

    Yes, my birthday
    is a full three-day
    celebration.. starting
    with a celebration
    of the birth of my
    child on JUNE 4th
    in dance.. commencing
    with this blog post on
    6th of June.. for 55
    years from 1960..
    per 6660..:)

    More to come..
    including photos
    from the actual
    birth DAY.. later..:)

    And i dedicate this
    post to the last two
    young women in
    the photo stream
    who tell me
    they take up for
    me with the behind
    the back BITING
    who can’t see why
    males do ballet style
    dance.. and after reading
    my poetry from yesterday..
    they call me their SPIRIT
    a greatest
    in life.. I never
    ever even
    think of or
    will ever
    receive in
    this life.. as it is
    mostly reserved for
    furry critters.. other than me..
    yes.. and reptilians too.. for other folks..:)

    Who am i kidding.. smiles.. i celebrate my birthday
    continuously on this site without fail; everyday
    throughout the year in the present of now.

    This is like my ‘Big Lebowski Rug’
    that no one gets to PISS ON in life..
    smiles again. The pissing on the
    rug thingy, is like a dog
    that attempts to
    take over the
    of territory
    of other dogs
    by pissing on
    their territory;
    so the rug is
    metaphor for that;
    and yes, cats do
    this too; as most folks
    see them spraying on
    almost everything; particularly
    when wild and feral; like me heHE!..:)

    Anyway what this means is I can invite
    Gnostic Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, mythological
    Krishna, KALI, Egyptian God of Fertility MIN;
    Apollo; Hebes, and 50 Cent; and no one
    can F**; FUN with me; or piss on my rug;

    Freedom of Expression is God’s mightiest gift to
    HUMAN; truly this makes the U.S.A and other
    free countries the NEW ISRAEL OF HUMANS
    IN ART
    AS LIFE!
    First there is dark; then light;
    then movement or dance; then song
    or sound inspiring movement and
    light; and the beat goes on
    in Infinity loops of exist-
    ence for now; to understand
    this more fully is to
    have the greatest kinds
    of physical intelligence
    in both mind and body
    balance in regulating
    emotions, integrating
    senses, increasing
    cognitive executive
    functioning through
    greater focus and
    short-term working
    memory for YIN
    AND YANG to become
    one; with MUCH

  20. kaykuala h says:

    There is so much beauty and one may not realize it. One needs to be sensitive to see how much there are to see!


    • So true Hank.. and the more we see of beauty the more beautiful we become as human beings.. and least minds who see true human beauty of freedom..:)

      Smiles and thanks so much for stopping by..:)

  21. Vinay Leo R. says:

    I loved the nature photography 🙂 Each spoke a verse unspoken. Lovely.

    • Thanks Vinay.. some folks are more into the visual poetry of life and some folks are more into the wordy poetry of life.. but i for one dive head first.. in all ways of human poetry as art and dance of life..:)

      Smiles.. and thanks so much for the visit today..:)

      And hope your nows are as wonderful as they can possibly be.. all the time now..:)

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