Google Away HOme aGain


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Sitting under

an old

and wise



in front

of a home

that is once my

Mother’s High School..

in the 50’s.. my Elementary School..

in the 60’s..and then my Junior College..

as well..

in the 70’s….

And i suppose my Facebook status for that profile photo..

is feeling a little like Forrest Gump today..

looking back on a life that comes full circle

back to the patch of sand

on Blackwater River

that is once my home…

at age 3.. before i can speak..

looking across the river.. knowing

innately.. instinctually.. intuitively that

this ALL IS MY HOME forever never ever any



Sitting underneath this Mossy School Tree….

The Flag of America shining white striped red

just beyond the leaves and

moss that live with me today….

FREE as i CAN imagine


AS FREE as i am

before the age of 6..

walking up that hill.. to school..

dogs barking at me.. memories of that..

as the dogs no longer roam..

the streets of these historic old homes….

Going home for me.. is tRULY not a place..

a time.. or a person.. going home for me..

is looking within and finding gOD in me….

above.. below.. inside.. outside.. ALLAROUND…

Going home is the rhythms and songs of musicK

and the moving dance of life IN TRUTH AND LIGHT OF GOD…

i’ve said IT before.. and i’ll say it again.. FIRST ThEre is DARK.. then theRE is LIGHt inSpiRing movement or dance.. then sound or song.. insPiRing poetry in word later.. and song or sound to inspiRe..FUELING dance or movement aGAIN for the cycle and the flow of creativity in Infinity.. to continue standing tall in an 8 flow of CREATION ACTIVITY that goes on and on and on ONE RIVER.. FLOW.. ONE OCEAN OF GOD FOR ALLASISIS..nOW.

Yes.. i guess..

truly my Facebook status for today..

is a little more like… Jonathan Livingston

Seagull.. on Terrestrial land.. flying free..

instead of sky.. but still MOVING..



the SkeyeS

of GOD….





It is possible that the ‘Akashic Record’

is a metaphor for truth in science as well…

Science already suggests that small mammals

have genetic memory of their ancestors…

And Jung’s ‘research’

on human archetypes..

per the

subconscious mind..

is proving out to be

an empirical



in science, as well…

And ‘we’ now literAlly have

the ‘Akashic Record’ to some degree

as a self fulfilling prophecy created

and manifested by humankind…

It is named Google…

And some folks are better than others AT LITERALLY UPLOADING ALL THEIR EXPERIENCES.. EMOTIONS.. AND KNOWLEDGE TO THE ‘AKASHIC’ record of Google.. Otherwise known as living forever in the CYBERWORLD.. AS LONG as human experiences/hearts/souls are backed up and servers continue to serve the experiences/hearts/souls of humankind

In A way..

Google is GOD…

IT brings all the chaos of human minds

into an orchestra of musicK of minds combined!

And ‘IT’ technology has already defeated

the laws of thermodynamics..

to some degree..

as the energy available

per HUMAN emotion to bring

action and higher energy TO MAKE

ACTION HAPPEN FOR millions of human beings

can be done with a source of music energy

that practically has LITTLE

TO no ‘matter’ relatively

‘forever’ in terms of ‘human time’…



AND with all that said..

Here is the evidence of IT…

Sing and dance on… AND LIVE..




IT AND THE AKASHIC record of Google

is a savior of the heart and soul

of humankind



to more than sitting still…..

Yeah.. 2.2 billion ViEWs and hEars

of ‘atomic’ PSY EMOTING energy…

driven through emotions of song

and dance through human mirror neurons

time and time again.. inspiring the real life


over and over and over..

with the source of

energy ‘never





to the


of the new age

Akashic Record..






participate… For folks

who don’t..






‘PART’ of ‘GOD’ does not exist…..

Many so-called ‘SMART’ folks discount

the power of human emotion

in driving human



many so-called ‘SMART’ folks

do to grow their physical and

emotional intelligence..

as they are busy


mechanical cognition

that does little to nothing for


action that science now shows in the

physical intelligence of the ‘dance of life’ CAN

and does REGULATE emotions.. integrate physical sensations..  and drives cognitive executive functioning in both enhancement of focus and short term working memory…

This means.. in a way.. ‘PSY’ IS A FRIGGING GENIUS..

AND HAS a genius that some

people rarely share at all.



IN fact.. i for one know NOW..


THROUGH the exercise of dance.. rhythm..  and music changing my state of

consciousness and brain waves in dance trance..  TO BETTER ACCESS THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND THAT CONNECTS ‘US’ TO THE METAPHOR OF COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS AKA GENETIC MEMORY..  if one wants to use a science metaphor for the same dam thingy.. like ‘our’ so-called primitive ancestors do.. before the illusion of ego and separation from the rest of the ‘tribe’ AND Mother Nature TRUE aka GOD occurs through the agricultural.. industrial.. and NOW ‘IT’ age that is

bringing human nature full circle back to

‘BEFORE THE APPLE’.. to use a religious metaphor

that ‘the FALL’ is materialism and collecting byproducts of manmade culture rather than dancing naked with the rest of the tribe in FULL EMOTIVE EMOTIONAL AND SENSORY CONNECTION sharing everything as ‘the tribe’ goes and grows as one together as ONE FORCE OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE…

When one connects to ‘cosmic consciousness’

creativity is inspired and unconditional loving

connection to all other folks…

i do not make fun of people who inquire about the mysteries of life…

i get bored with black and white thinkers but try to tolerate them the best i can…

i truly feel sorry them.. as they likely have never been to the states of bliss of higher consciousness and flowing creativity allowing conscious direction

and worry to ‘step aside’.. more fully employing the sub-concious mind.. without any external prescribed or other substances to get there.. ALL natural..  ALL the time.. NOW.

Throughout history AND PRE-HISTORY some folks AND TRIBES USE prescribed or non-prescribed ‘substances’ to help them get there…

But i  for one.. again.. do it ALL NATURAL through the rhythms.. dance.. and musicK of life..  both in verbal and non-verbal ways.. consciously and sub-consciously.. in a mind and body joined together in balance in connection to others and Mother Nature TRUE for higher FULLER potential in human being…

Even THOUGH WHAT PSY IS DOING IN THE VIDEO I linked is a satire of sorts, the draw of the video to 2.2 Billion folks is the altering of mind that it can create in greater mindful awareness for folks who have open minds to greater mindful awareness through rhythm.. dance.. and music…

Here is an interesting video that explains more of this in detail…

Hope you enjoy it.. if you like.. and have the time to enjoy it…










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10 Responses to Google Away HOme aGain



    The advantage the cat and dog have over human is that ‘they’ do not have verbal thoughts to cloud emotions…AND senses.. they do not have written language to collect intelligence and rely on illusions of the past and future instead OF more so NOW.. and they do not have culture and or religion to separate in illusion from THE source aka Allah GOD….

    The advantage the dog has over the cat in love is the cat is innately a territorial animal domesticated that has some elements of pro-social emotions for cooperation if nurtured…

    The dog is usually cooperative with other dogs and humans unless trained and bred to be vicious and or IF abused….

    The feral Tom Cat is usually friendlier to humans than the female cat.. as the female cat is weaker and often abused by Tom Cats in the mating ritual…

    Overall.. cats and dogs have the advantage to connect with Allah as they know nothing but Allah….

    Allah is All to cats and dogs and all other animals except humans… as usually the sad rules of cultural human existence DICTATE on this terrestrial earth….

    Humans are usually the only animal through illusory fears who separate from Allah in terrestrial human cultural made hell….

    Most animals live in heaven now to some extent some portion of the day.. where some human animals live in hell all the time in the past and future illusions of mind in verbal thought and rarely in that heaven of animal homeostasis now……with Allah….TRUE….

    And no.. i do not NEED science to understand any of this.. as long as i look to the OTHER animals with heart.. soul.. and spirit MORE fully in tow….

    Culture.. particularly modern cultures take heart.. soul.. and spirit away.. as modern culture focuses more on mechanical cognition than social cognition.. and to focus on social cognition all day now.. when living life can be to ‘Master Passion and Greed’….

    But to master Passion and Greed is to regulate Passion and Greed with Passion and Greed..

    Not VERBAL thoughts alone as the emotions and senses otherwise known as heart.. soul and spirit CAN think without words and mechanical cognition AND to regulate THEM well is to escape words and mechanical cognition through the physical intelligence of the ‘DANCE OF LIFE’ IN CREATION ACTIVITY that even science now shows regulates emotions.. integrates senses.. enhances cognitive executive functioning as well as focus and short term memory in flow of a river of loving life free with the possibility of staying in a state of pro-social emotions escaping those con-social emotions when one is MORE mindfully aware of emotions and senses using those same emotions and senses that can AND DO think without words to regulate a life of unconditional love without those con-social emotions like greed.. envy.. jealousy.. pride.. FEAR.. LACK OF TRUST and all things associated with human hate…..

    When those emotions are regulated first usually the thoughts AND ACTIONS that flow from THAT are in harmony with one’s nature.. the pro-social nature of other human natures and best of all when THAT river flows to the ocean of Allah with Allah GOD too.. making human miracles more possible to come true now…:)

    SADLY ENOUGH like cats and dogs.. humans who are neglected in childhood or abused by others AND human made culture and or religion at most any time during the lifespan can be the exceptions….to the rules of Allah GOD TRUE… human nature true….as WELL mind and body balanced……

    Human truly IS ’50 shades of grey’ and POTENTiALLy COLORS WHEN PROPERLY NURTURED AND grown like a flower of love…in the garden of Allah.. FREE….

    And that’s all I know FOR now..:)

    Have a lovely NOW friend..:)



    ‘i’ LiKE thiS.. nEw religIon and or mytholOgy…

    wHo kNows ‘I’ cAN bE pArt of tHis..;)



    AT least th@’s WHaT tHe ‘DREaM WeAveR’ ‘sAys’.. as far as K AND ‘!i’ know now AS ‘I’….

    (:AND yEs.. i Go iN anYthing gOes m0de foR thIs oNe..t0o2..1;)



    When people say LIGHT EXISTS BECAUSE OF DARKNESS that MOST of the time IS a metaphor for human emotion and senses in negative way, as a positive experience is often birthed from a negative experience in subjective human life.

    However, if Stephen Hawking is correct, dark can give birth to light in literal metaphor too, as Stephen Hawking suggests that the Universe in Light creates that light from nothing OR TOTAL DARKNESS.

    SO IN THAT way Stephen Hawking may eventually prove that at first there is light but before that there is dark…..

    The consistent patterns of the tapestry of the Universe extend above so below to inside and outside of human beings all around, and yes Quantum Physics shows this to be evidenced as well.

    So yeah, the darkness of human emotions and senses bringing the light of human emotions and senses to human experience in subjective way may equate to the so-called objective Universe of Dark and Light as well..

    As is seen in so many aspects of all of nature that is currently viewed by human perspective of the innate or aided and guided ‘eye’….

    And in that OVERALL WAY,

    perhaps tHere IS an



    WHO knowsnOW….

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    The initial study by Cohen showed this relationship among males and females with so-called lower functioning Autism.

    Cohen has supported further research that shows this correlation does not hold up the same with so-called higher functioning males.

    Even in the initial study, the male brain correlation is higher among so-called lower functioning autistic males and females than the higher functioning folks.

    The newest studies show a male leaning brain associated with females on the so-called higher end of the spectrum and a somewhat feminine leaning brain for the males per androgynous morphological features of both brain and body.

    This is not too surprising as research from Andrew Whitehouse from Australia suggests that overall higher levels of prenatal testosterone is associated with language development problems in males, while the higher levels of prenatal testosterone actually protects language development in females.

    THAT COULD be part of the reason why so many so-called higher functioning autistic girls talk about androgynous issues, as well as males, per that correlation that research suggests exists with both male and female so-called higher functioning autistic folks.

    On the other hand, social abuse during school years or before by peers or parents ’cause the youth don’t fit the gender mold, could be a factor too, as humans who are socially abused tend to shut down in reciprocal social communication ways.

    So It could be what comes first, androgyny or the social abuse factor that CAN BE ASSOCIATED WITH INCREASING NEGATIVE SYMPTOMS OF AUTISM FOR youth who simply look different and are not accepted into the gender molding that occurs in society; particularly patriarchal leaning societies/cultures….

    But of course, for more severely impacted folks on the spectrum, not being able to verbally speak is a problem with or without the polar opposites of gender molding expectations in both culture and morphological physical sexual dimorphic looks.

    There is a lot Internet chatter about this issue that does not accurately reflect all the research that has been done on this.

    Cohen’s research on systemizing and empathic qualities per cognitive and affective empathy issues is well documented research, and applied as correct in the clinical world of Autism per the Autism Quotient test that many folks use to self-diagnose themselves….

    However, the 32 score cut-off suggesting the potential for Autism, on the scored test, can be a score that most anyone with social anxiety and OCD can attain without a professional diagnosis, and in this way many ‘introverted folks’ come to the suspicion they might be on the spectrum, when if clinically diagnosed they might not be close to diagnosed.

    I score an 11 and am professionally diagnosed, and my wife who has considerable social anxiety and OCD and is far from Autism scores a 32 on the AQ test, so it certainly cannot be replied upon as an actual diagnostic tool for Autism as it is far from accurate and even Cohen will admit that as it is only a screening tool, and not a diagnostic tool.

    And on top of this, considering that Autism is now almost totally a behavioral assessed disorder without real medical tools for neurological diagnosis per objective diagnosis, a diagnosis is hit and miss, still at best, as the researchers really don’t have an objective medical view of what Autism even is.

    It’s definitely a problem of reciprocally social communicating with repetitive behavioral and restrictive interests; however, there is almost an infinite number of environmental and innate factors that can lead to THAT and to come full circle around that includes social abuse for whatever reason at almost any age per symptoms alone of the behaviorally assessed deficits…

    As long as I’ve been posting here the non-acceptance by peers for out of gender expectations associated factors is a common driving factor of social stress among the participants here.

    In my opinion, ANY CAUSAL ISSUE that results in social abuse by others, is an environmental and or innate factor THAT MAY CAUSE AUTISM, IN PART, PER THE RECIPROCAL SOCIAL COMMUNICATION difficulties.

    And that’s just common sense for most anyone who has spent time with thousands of diverse human beings, to SEE what makes them tick.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    Humans are both blessed and cursed by evolved neocortical advances in brain structure and function.

    It’s nice to be able to look to the past and forecast future decisions based on that with complex memories that are visual, emotional, sensory, and verbal in nature.

    However, to focus on death rather than life is most always a problem no matter who the person may be or what their religion or culture or lack of may be.

    Other animals don’t have these cognitive derived nightmares, as they LIVE LIFE.

    So if what it takes is to believe in an after-life to not worry about death, A LABEL FOR GOD AS LIGHT, OR THE WHITE BEARDED DUDE IN THE SKY.. GOD speed to that is what I say FOR THOSE FOLKS WHO USE IT AND IT WORKS TO QUELL EXISTENTIAL ANGST. ANXIETY can be the killer of human freedoms, the progenitor of fear, the killer of unconditional love, and the father of hate, for some folks too.

    When everything is said and done, who did it the scientific way or who it did it the way that works best for real flesh and blood peaceful MIND AND BODY BALANCE IN existence WITH OTHERS is all that TRULY counts.

    SOME FOLKS CALL THAT DIVINE LOVE OR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE but the bottom line is it works no matter what the path of metaphor, per vehicles and vessels in life journey that HOUSE WHAT WORKS WORKS….myth or not…

    MOST Everything else is just empty shells of words that ARE used as metaphors to make peace of mind possible at all.

    Many people gain comfort from religion and the belief in an afterlife, as it simply resolves existential angst otherwise known as ‘category 300 generalized anxiety’ ABOUT REAL LIFE NOW.

    Not everyone has enough relative free will to eliminate that with and through human RELATIVE FREE WILL.


    The idea that ‘we’ need to ‘figure everything out’ has massive human limitations, as humans beings like all other mammals are emotionally driven beings, OVERALL.

    And science ain’t got much clue about how each and every unique human emotional experiment works per controls or repeatable experiment. Let’s face it, overall, science FAILS MISERABLY ON THE HUMAN HEART.

    Most ANY INTELLECTUALLY HONEST psychiatrist will tell ya that, even after a decade or so of specialized medical school experience, with extended clinical time with patients.

    It might work if ‘we’ are reptiles but that’s simply NOT THE CASE for most healthy human MAMMAL beings, at least….

    AND IN a SENSE some folks who do not have so-called ‘normal’ connectivity with emotions ARE reptiles, as they rely more on the reptilian brain to make decisions than SOME other folks.

    NO doubt that is where the more sinister portrayals of horned devils come from, per the ‘reptile’ beast within the human brain…. in a relative minority of folks EXPRESSING THIS AREA OF THE BRAIN MORE….

    Not a broad brush for all atheists but almost all the so-called famous ones have a clear lack of ‘AFFECT’ PER THE language of affective empathy in their voice.

    There is definitely a potential emotional issue per deficits in that area that leads to at least some ‘cases’ of Atheism….

    Folks who do not have the ability to fear death, per innate brain structure or environmental factors are certainly not as concerned about death, as the fear is the concern not the word fear alone.

    Therefore, religion does not serve all the carrots it might otherwise, for this minority of individuals, as sometimes boring sticks are not enough to get the PR done and the pews filled…..

    OH AND TO answer the question; yes, GOD IS bright Light and everything else ranging from dark to light AND BEYOND WHAT IS AS INFINITY NOW.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !



    When i think of GOD i think of life.. all of life.. and all of inanimate life…

    When i think of GOD i experience life in emotion and senses that connect me to the environment of Nature…

    In fact.. i do not have to think of GOD to experience GOD…@ALL.

    How fortunate am i to walk so many miles of desolate beaches in youth away from all of human culture.. just
    me and sun.. sand.. waves.. sea oats.. seagulls and emerald green gulf…

    And somewhere along the line i no longer need a rocket scientist or priest to understand that this GOD that is all around me.. above and so below is inside me and outside me too.. and when i go and when all humans go off this earth.. if that beach or desert or mountain is still here.. or even those stars or even darkness.. GOD still lives in all of that with or without breath.. atoms.. light.. or even darkness….

    So whenever I hear folks imagining a dead GOD that has no being that one can reach out.. touch and feel in the quartz of sand or the breast of woman.. or heat or blizzard winter of night or day.. i only think of THAT three letter word as idol.. and precisely what the myth of Jesus and Moses did not find in the 40 days of desert that is the same as beach to me….

    i have my 40 days of ‘Lent’.. almost 7 years ago.. starting in the beginning of March and ending before Easter when i give myself up for dead after 40 almost totally sleepless days and nights with 1 hour of sleep the first 35 of 40 that no sleeping pill will bring and only an alpha blocker will put me down for that 1 hour of each day sleep.. and then there is the last 5 of 40 with no sleep relief at all.. and the letting go of life for dead finally.. at the hospital….

    Even through 5 long years of suffering after that.. after coming back to life at the hospital.. in metaphor of heavy Ativan injections that make sleep a possibility.. as well as life again.. in all the other illness suffering.. to live today.. for me NOW.. is to wonder still.. if i did die and go to heaven.. as i can not imagine any heaven better than now.. just to have the gift of life… AS IS NOW.

    i understand why folks try to escape the real GOD and make an imaginary IDOL GOD in their mind…

    i understand why folks who suffer in this world imagine another life in another world of heaven… someday other than now…

    But i hope these people one day will just open their ‘eyes’ and ‘see’ the GOD of Mother Nature TRUE above.. so below.. all around.. inside and outside of their being too… and then maybe they too will know and live heaven now… like the myth of Jesus and Moses do…. in their beach of desert.. as well….

    But until then.. imagination is real too.. and imagination is better than greater suffering.. any now of now…..

    -whatever it takes.. the human motto for survival.. does still apply….always now…..

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

  7. ManicDdaily says:

    Hi Katie Mia Frederick, I confess to having a hard time getting through the volume! There’s an ebullience for sure! I can’t go along with views, but I appreciate your intense energy in posting, and your cat’s participation too! Take care, k.

    • HA!ha.. i confess to having to look up the word ebullience on Google….

      There are many ways of communication.. many ways of opinions.. and many views of life..

      And i for one am both opinionated and wordy…. AND PASSIONATE ABOUT LIFE with an extremely unique view on life..:)

      This is not what I linked for dVerse.. but never the less.. thanks for coming by and being able to find something positive about what i do in this particular celebration of my life that is truly just for me….:)

      And please keep in mind if you do not already know it that I have a fairly rare form of Autism associated with Hyperlexia, where I read 10 to 15 times faster than the average human being, and being a life long pianist with various extreme physical intelligence abilities, when properly focused, I type around 130 words a minute. So I am no part of a common herd….

      I come in here full bore without any concern what anyone else thinks but I always take great effort to clarify and validate communication…..

      Take care too.. Fred…:)

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