Leaves of Saving Tree


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leaves blanketing

over entire earth during

Autumn season go to

same place human lives go

when that season is over too..

to make room for new life..

and make old life more fertile too…

Some leaves come

and blow away..

Some leaves settle

in grounded ways..

on fertile souls of soil..

to grow a live again..

So that is wHere

yOur falling




go for now..

embracing leaves

of words to grow

LIGHter in Love

as well


There is a young boy.. a disabled boy..

who cannot speak but loves to water sapling trees…

There is a small sapling the the boy does love to water..

catering to this sapling’s every need until a strong young tree grows..

to beauty amazing to even college educated folks who study trees…

Long after the boy passes away..

this tree that receives so much care in youth..

grows taller and stronger and more

beautiful than ever before…

There is a young couple

struggling through life..

who are single and yet to meet..

until one day crossing paths on the sidewalk

in front of the young disabled boy’s home lived in before..

and the beautiful tree.. standing proudly in front yard view..

The young man is shy.. but he is suddenly inspired

to comment to the beautiful young woman

coming toward him..

how beautiful this tree is…

Her eyes immediately light up..

and a spark then is created that

seals a relationship of unconditional love..

The once shy young man develops into a courageous man..

and with the love of a caring wife does great things in the military..

with all the support of that love..

And then the military man

who has great empathy for others too..

inspired by the love of his parents

and especially his wife too…

Goes into politics

and becomes a leader..

and then the President of a country

that can influence the direction of the world…

Through his efforts this strong and courageous older man now..

helps to bring world peace and to avoid sure nuclear disaster….

So who is the savior of human kind..

the little disabled boy who waters the tree..

the tree that then grows strong and beautiful..

the young man’s parents who loved him..

giving him the inspiration to love others too…

Or a wife who gives him a life of love…

with support that grows a courageous man….

Or even all the education he receives from all the teachers..

and all the assistance he has through out his life…

These are the stories

of the Interdependent





some call it

Mother Nature.. True..

and some people call it GOD..2..

and others call it Unconditional Sacred Love..

but the TRUTH IS…
















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6 Responses to Leaves of Saving Tree

  1. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=274302&start=30


    I like Eckart Tolle’s views and OMG there is not much doubt in my mind that he is somewhere, at least, on the Broader Autism Phenotype.

    And in listening to his hardships of life, they sound so much like many of the stories of toil and trouble here on this Internet site among the outcasts that tell their personal stories here.

    The greatest thing about that per my own life, is, it gave AND STILL GIVES me so much time for introspection with nature walking desolate beaches with only creatures and no cultural artifacts.

    The American Indians had not much problem understanding that they and other animals are expressing the Universe as is, and that the genetic memories that even science now shows exists in higher order mammals were their ancestors speaking to them, by way of Carl Jung Archetypes COMING further KNOWN AS TRUTH, in scientific proof, as we speak.

    The world is such a melting pot of different cultures and languages for the essence of this simple truth that animals express without questioning it with prejudices of complex languages and cultures.

    And in expressing the Universe, we humans have the ability to be our own Universe expressed in unique ways, differing from the other fractals of Universe, making ‘relative’ free wills known, in different expressions of ‘our’ own Unique Universe, as snowflakes similar but not quite the same.

    It’s truly of sad to me that humans can make such a simple and LIVING TRUTH, per humans, as just one expression of the Universe, as is, so complex and divisive, sometimes, only over semantic arguments per Nature, GOD, or Universe being one and same and truly only another housing of word to cover the same basic essence of truth.

    However, our unique ability to create these differences, as unique creators too, does set us apart from other animals on this earth, it seems from external view.

    Sometimes the most difficult thing of all is to know we are saying the same essence of truth, only with different clothes in housing of words.

    If the Gospel of Thomas per gnostic Christianity is any REAL true reflection of the historical man Jesus, there is no doubt in my mind that he was more of a NATURIST than anything we see in the myths of modern Christianity.


    And truly, per that highly metaphorical text, as reported, ‘he’ set out to set folks (who had the ability to understand it) free with the truth about humans as simply expressions of the Universe in NOW per the real potential of Heaven in now, when one lets all the complexities of language and culture go, and just enjoys NOW expressing one’s place in the Universe as the Universe as is.

    That’s why I love to dance so much everywhere I go, to get away from thoughts, as truly they are abstract constructs of tools used to describe reality, as is, and of course to communicate and cooperate as a social animal for basic instinctual human survival.

    I rather live it free, when possible, without attempting to analyze it.

    And that is the essence of Truth that Tolle speaks of.

    But obviously he is not ‘ADHD’ like me. 😉

    Sitting still AND MEDITATING will NOT work for me. He ‘has the robot’ kind of ‘Asperger’s syndrome’, AS METAPHOR of course, as he is NOT diagnosed. 🙂

    I for one, have the FIRECRACKER type, AND I MUST move to escape thoughts.

    Sitting still is TOO FRIGGING BORING FOR ME. 😉

    And regulated dance through structures and guidelines per competition and goals will not work, either for me, or in martial arts, as back TO THINK AND ANALYSIS IS WHERE that to me, takes one again.

    I just LET IT ALL GO AND FLOW with the Universe as TOTALLY FREE, AND NOT AGAINST gravity with human rules and guidelines.

    And people ask me to teach them how to do what I do in martial arts and ballet looking dance.

    And I simply tell them I have no F**King idea what I am doing, and I want to keep it that way.

    ‘Copy me if you can.’

    And to date, no one has been able to do that.

    Not even me, to duplicate what I just did myself, as as my snow flake of ballet and martial arts dance walk, IS ALWAYS EVOLVING TO SOMETHING NEW AND UNIQUE IN THE HOUSE OF ANOTHER UNIVERSE of dance.


    AND YEAH, sometimes when I do poetry I do the same.

    No worries over copyright for me. 😉

    It’s like a fingerprint, with no way to truly get away with it, if caught. 😉

    YEAH, FREE VERSE IS ME in every now.

    And I am ‘killing’ every second of now, in bliss this way.

    And yeah, it’s a perfection of practice and NEVER EVER GOAL!

    BUT he he! to explain it to someone else in a way they will understand it IS THE JOB OF JOB! 😉

    And nah, the gospel of Thomas takes REALLY DEEP EYES TO UNDERSTAND, and was never ever designed for the HEARD OF HERD, AND THAT’S FOR SURE!

    I TRY TO be DIFFERent, in this way, I REALLY DO BUT truly it’s not easy to explain in human words.

    So that is why I dance IT to the dance walk of 2906 miles now, everywhere I go in my metro area of hundreds of thousands of folks, to the tune of 17 months now.

    Additionally, including Rave Dance Hall, for 42 weeks, this week, with hundred of college age students, in one of the top 100 dance clubs in the U.S., in Pensacola Florida, per Old Seville Quarter.

    Sometimes the walk says much more than the talk ever can in words alone, at least, in steps that someone can see. 😉

    And truly my message is only FREE ONESELF FROM THE RESTRAINTS OF CULTURE and JUST LET IT GO AND FLOW WITH the gravity of GOD.

    Same basic message as the DISNEY MOVIE FROZEN.

    AND yeah all those other human abstract constructs that TRULY say basically the same thing about that three letter symbol BUT is also the sad cause of division and destruction of so many human minds, bodies, and LIVES just for the vehicle and vessel of different housing of words.

    And that’s the price of human ‘relative’ free will.

    And yeah, it is worth IT, when one TRULY FINDS ‘A WAY’ TO SET one SELF FREE!

    BUT EASY IN THIS modern cultural WORLD..

    ‘HELL’ NO!

    So the Disney MOVIES will CONTINUE TO COME AGAIN IN GLORY TO judge the living and the dead and THE MAGICKAL KINGDOM WILL HAVE NO END.

    yeah.. i like RELIGIOUS satire too..;)

    SO may THE FORCE be with you…


    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  2. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=274535&start=15



    THE only animals that ‘see’ nothing are humans.

    Truly, IT’s that simple.

    No Thing exists.

    Same as the tree that falls with no one to hear IT.


    If you can see that tree now it exists.

    If not, it does not exist.





    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  3. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=274535&start=15


    ‘Believe in everything and nothing’

    That IS the answer I AM looking for.

    Thanks for providing IT.

    To narrow IT down further,
    per what the Oracle says
    at the end AND beginning of
    the Matrix Trilogy:

    ONE word WILL DO.

    But only ONE sentiment WILL WORK.


    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


  4. http://wrongplanet.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=274575&start=30


    If people take good care of their health they can enjoy life EVEN BETTER in their later years than earlier year.

    I for one, at 54, have never been stronger or more full of energy, IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

    In my younger years, I did not even feel comfortable in my own skin.

    IN other words, be careful what one wishes for.

    One’s later life, POTENTIALLY, WITH or without money, can be much GREATER THAN IT IS NOW, AS long as one does not believe the statistics that are based on an extremely unhealthy sedentary society suggesting that human decline after the age of 30, is a sure thing and of course ACT ON EFFECTIVE WORK FOR excellent HEALTH AND well being.

    BAD, sure it can be, and ‘they ‘often feel BAD, if all they do is sit on their butt.

    But if they use IT rather than losing it, sometimes they can lift more weight with their legs than 24 year-old Marines, at age 54, like me, with 860LBS on parallel free weight Nautilus Leg press, at 12 slow reps, and STILL GOING UP.

    AND OUT dance a whole tribe of 200 or more 20 something year-olds, at age 54, like me too.

    And nah, I am a weakling when I am younger.

    I just used my human potential to get stronger.

    People who are innately strong should surely be ‘SUPERMAN’ by now, if they use just half of the human potential I use now.

    I would not trade my entire previous 53 years for just ONE NOW OF NOW.


    TO LIVE IT (now) LIKE THAT CAN TRULY BE ‘DIVINE’, FOR THOSE in the know of SENTIMENT in GETTING that job done IN real LIFE NOW, no matter what their age is.

    There are a lot of miserable young people out there, even, who do not have to work, and have all the money they can spend.

    And sure being financially independent is nice, but I would not trade all the money in the world for the health I have now, as I have truly been in a spot as financially independent with horrid health when younger AND MONEY MEANS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THEN compared to health for me.

    IF folks are truly smart they will focus on their physical, emotional, and spiritual well being above and beyond materialistic desires, OR TRUST ME, eventually, there is a consequence to likely be PAID IN FLESH AND BLOOD/emotional/spiritual MISERY, one way or the other.

    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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