TWiLIGHT of Mother Nature TRUE

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the twilight that separates day from night..

and reality of dreams that separate dreams from reality..

to lie in their sleep is to often know truth as well…for NOW…

And this morning i am dreaming a vivid dream of visiting

an old friend in an old building of workplace i never enter


And then i find an exit out to a beautiful beach..

outside of the old dreary and dead building…

So i take my iPhone5s camera with me

to capture ART of MOTHER Nature True and Free..

And then a face of a friend and i that i never see


are enjoying the beach view and beautiful

horizon where twilight of sky and sea meet..

and then there is a Titanic wave coming..

breaking the peace of that horizon

to sweep it all away..

it seems..

And then my new face of friend and i climb higher

until we are on the precipice of a beach mountain..

and then we pray we are high enough on Unconditional Love



the coming wave…..









About katiemiafrederick

I like to write.
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