IT’s NOT like























my goodness..

of course that GOD invented in Abrahamic religions..

beyond the mystical Kabbalah and Gnostic ways..

does not exist..

That is only a patriarchal tribal GOD

invented to support the tribe

of old.. way.. way.. way..

back some 3500 years ago…

Meanwhile the scribe of GOD..

aka Science..

has figured out the


IS aka GOD..

is so much larger

than that noun of a GOD

and is instead a verb of action

in all of being as is..


down to the quantum level of physics

wHere the same measures

of interconnectedness

are found on the macro galaxy level..

in the golden-spiraled mean of 1.618…

And sorry your prayers do not come true..

Back when i did not have FULL usage

of the emoting power of emotion

that does connect us better to the entire world around us..

my hopes and prayers did not

come true either..

IN fact..

i had no hope..

as hope is emotion too.

And when I gained full use of my emotions again..

amazingly all my prayers starting coming true

almost magicKally on a daily basis.

And they still do..

and hell yes..

i have proof of that too..

as to not go into the details here..

But upon request

i can even provide the photos

that show my prayers DID COME true…


the tribal GOD does not exist..

but no..

many of the special features

of the interdependent relationship of all that is


including the power of prayer

or hopes and dreams

in what one wills to happen in this life..

in either a negative or positive way..

is a real proven thing..

for those who either believe in great things

happening in their life..

or those who don’t..

whose prayers are never ever answered…

It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy

for those who do not understand the inherent nature

of the real all-natural Mother Nature

true power of the real human emotions of faith..

hope and belief.

But as they say on the Internet..

photos or it didn’t happen..

and nah..

i DO come armed with proof

for all my assertions i make..

upon request. 🙂

i’M DEAD serious on that part..

particularly now that i am

alive again in life..

instead of being dead in life..

for all practical intents and purposes

for five long years of not having a soul…

And the soul thingy is a metaphor

for a person whose emotions are dead..

And that is a fairly common thing..

seen in clinical practices in the psychology field..

particularly with folks diagnosed on the autism spectrum

with Alexithymia..

estimated in research at around 85%

of all of so-called

higher functioning cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder.

AS human beings we connect to everything

with emotions

even our self.. at ego..

and core level of human being…

It’s a completely different view of the world in COLOR..

so to speak with them..

in full force..

as opposed to an old black and white TV..

for metaphor without them.

Truly the difference is day and night..

for one who has experienced both ways of life.

One without GOD


Not experiencing and FEELING

the interdependent relationship of all things..





can and do happen on a daily basis.. again..

as per evidence I have documented in my life..

to prove it to all the disbelievers

in the simple ALL NATURAL power of HUMAN WILL..



THE REAL powers of GOD

aka the interdependent relationship of all things..

that most definitely do exist

for those who have and use these REAL emoting powers of Life!

OH.. AND while I’m at IT..

while it’s not so easy to describe tHIS in words..

the folks in ART of HEart and emotion..

yes.. the interdependent relationship of connecting force

of communication that allows one to connect

to the interdependent relationship of all that is..



PROVIDES excellent metaphorical visual representations

of this in the art of theater

and the following video presents this point well..

FOR those with Eyes of emotion




ALL IT IS or allitis..

And no..

the little three letter abstract worded symbol of GOD..

is not even necessary to understand this..

nor are even words required.. again..

for those who see the deeper meanings of life..

without even words…

But as science shows..

some folks can only think AND NAVIGATE THE WORLD

with words..

THIS IS A common issue with non-verbal learning disorder too..

as per the studied symptoms

in around 50% of folks diagnosed previously

with Asperger’s syndrome in the US.

Truly the challenge of JOB to understand GOD with this limitation.. it is.

But no one.. has proved GOD is FAIR..













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21 Responses to ‘NEW GOD’ EXISTS

  1. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postt269041.html

    Well the truth is, now as proven by science the interdependent relationship of all things also known as GOD per the words as reported by the dude Jesus, aka Yeshua, in the gospel of Thomas, does now most definitely exist.

    Yes, down to the Quantum level of physics, GOD EXISTS. 🙂

    The problem is convincing religious LITERAL THINKING fundamentalist folks that GOD otherwise known as Mother Nature true, and or the Interdependent Relationship of ALL THINGS per ALL THAT IS, and or GOD, if one gets the ALL INCLUSIVE LIVING BOTH INANIMATE AND ANIMATE NATURE OF GOD, PER THE smallest units of fractal measure in the UNIVERSE STRAIGHT AND GOLDEN SPIRALING, AT THE golden mean of 1.618 AS ULTIMATE TRUTH AS the Interdependent relationship of All things, once again, aka GOD and or Mother Nature TRUE!

    And the problem with Atheists is much the same, they are often literal rather than metaphorically thinking folks that can’t get the simple metaphorical LOGIC, YES LOGIC, that GOD and the nature of all things as is, is simply the same dam thing.

    But here’s a quote attributed to and from that real man Jesus aka Yeshua who simply GETS IT by spending 40 or so days in nature in the desert separated from the conspiracy theorists in dogmatic religious ways, as quoted here, for those of you who can understand simple metaphors.

    Not all can, and that’s also a fact of life, as is, and yes, part of GOD aka the interdependent relationship of all things; both atheists and fundamentalist Christians, overall (means not all) have the same general literally thinking issue, and are quite the same, (once again, overall) per their basic human nature, in different ways of thinking and understanding metaphors of life, both emotional and existential, in nature, per the interconnecting interdependent force of ALL THAT IS AKA GOD.



    And it’s pretty hard to miss, for those who can read between the lines of life, and true as same with atheists and fundamentalist religious folks (overall) it’s like the eye of the needle and a camel attempting to enter it, in trying to convince them of the simplicity of it, inside, outside, as above so below, per the fractal nature of ALL THAT IS.


    37) His disciples said to him, “When will you be visible to us,
    and when shall we behold you?”
    He said, “When you strip naked without being ashamed, and
    take your garments and put them under your feet like little
    children and tread upon them, then you will see the child of the
    Living, and you will not be afraid.”

    YEAH, Jesus it ‘appears’ IS a stripper, so it is no wonder he ‘hung’ around prostitutes, separated from culture, as pariah’s, as they too LIKELY ‘better’ escaped the illusory forces of an imaginary CULTURALLY CONTRIVED MYTHOLOGICAL GOD, as opposed to the REAL LIVING GOD, THAT LIVES WITH US, INSIDE, OUTSIDE, ABOVE, SO BELOW, IN OTHER WORDS THE WHOLE DAM THING AS IS.

    And now that science is finally catching up with Freud and or Jung per the human archetypes of mind, in our instinctual animal memories, that the Greeks and Romans measured concretely through their mythological GOD’s of emotions, so humans could better emote these powerful emotional sources of energy in their life, by abstractly describing them, and more concretely measuring their effectiveness in real life measure of usage, by the abstract concepts to better measure the realty of emotions in real life day to day, now to now, as a true emoting energy force:

    Yes now science will likely eventually catch up with the reality of synchronicity, in big picture thinking and conceptual reality of the tapestry of fractal nature as is, in communicating reality as is, to all of us, amazing as it may be, as reality too, but only when we are emotionally connected to reality, fully as possible as is, as emotions are the fuel of all understanding, focus, and even executive functioning in life.

    And yes Emotions are the glue of life AND MIND. Without full usage of them, one simply does not have full usage of human potential.

    It’s no wonder the Greeks and Romans, looked at emotions as Mythological GODS, as truly they are the greatest force that humans have access to for emoting the only thing that counts, in REAL LIFE, LIFE, YES, LIFE, AS IS, WITH GOD, once again, the Interdependent relationship of ALL THAT IS, that one finds when stripping down to core of human nature, without the illusory forces of a culture gone truly insane, in many ways, of both rigid and illusory thinking.

    Humans are the only animals smart enough to describe GOD, or ‘smart’ enough to miss GOD altogether.

    Overall, other animals have the advantage, as is, with GOD, throughout human history as it stands.

    But who knows, with freedom of information, anything is possible, as long as it stays uncensored.

    THE truth is out there for those who seek, and well, for those who ignore it, it is as is, too.

    The bottom line is, one cannot change what is, but one can think they can.

    Otherwise known, as control, the greatest illusion of all, of knowing as truly:

    We do not know. That’s what Socrates means by that. He was not in control and this:
    GOD thingy IS, which most ironicAlly is, US too, as science now shows too.

    Science just has a different name for IT:



    Amazingly so, to me, as the answer is so simple now, and TRULY AMPLIFIED BY SCIENCE AS EVIDENCED IN THE VIDEO above:


    ‘The imagination of Nature is so much greater than man’; IT’s ALWAYS GONNA KEEP US GUESSING AS TO WHAT IS, IS, PER ALL OF NATURE.

    And please note:

    For clarity, per my emotional intent in reciprocal social communication, when I use caps I am not screaming or preaching, I am just using the literary tool of CAPS to amplify the salient parts of wordy discussions, like a frigging science project; as many people have a hard enough time getting through 140 twitter characters, as science now shows that the average human being has less of an attention span than a gold fish; seriously research now shows that.

    But again, the eye of the needle and that camel thingy, gets smaller and bigger all of the time everywhere we go, as long as attention spans and attention to deeper ways of thinking shrink to more shallow, instead of growing like a river, when instant gratification isn’t a given.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


  2. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postp6308278.html#6308278

    As a member of a Catholic church who no longer adheres to the dogmatic aspects of it, I find no problem at all, in belonging there, particularly as my priest is likely more autistic than I am, and actually a tennis buddy from high school, that was part of a club for nerds/folks with higher functioning extremely high IQ Asperger’s or broader autism phenotype characteristics, as such, not diagnosed then, of course back in the 70’s.

    He just found his niche in a very structured environment, where change is often not an option, to his liking I’m sure; however, with that in his own life experience he understands what it is like to ostracized for being different, so he incorporates that to my actual delight from the pulpit as he keeps the mass about hope instead of hate, per stuff like homosexuality is evil, single mothers cannot appropriately raise children, etc. that deacons have attempted to propagate at the church in their own way, that he has nipped in the bud, every time I bring it to his attention.

    Interestingly too, he does not take the bible literally and is a scholar of biblical history, and incorporates that in the mass as a research scientist of the real true GOD of mother nature, available to all of creation, and yes, that is another part of the Catholic church I absolutely love is the influence of Francis of Assisi, the new namesake of the current pope, who asserted that all animals are equal under the eyes of mother nature true, aka GOD too. 🙂

    On the other hand, I attended a Gospel Southern Baptist singing, with my wife and one of her friends that is of that persuasion where the singing is relegated almost entirely to a dream of heaven after life, instead of the real kingdom of heaven now, in mother nature, as reported by the REAL man Yeshua aka Jesus, AS REPORTED in the Gospel of Thomas, likely censored out of the bible, by psychopathic leaning Roman Emperor Constantine, who changed the Christian religion, with the help of early Roman Catholic Cohorts, of old oral mystical tradition of unconditional love and egalitarianism, to a tribal religion supporting his need to erect a giant statue of himself as Sun GOD.


    And at the same time he made Jesus into a mythical warrior GOD with again the help of his Roman Catholic Cohorts, to support the goals of his ‘Holy’ Roman Empire, with do as we believe per John 3:16 or the penalty can be death ranging up to burning at the stake for those who do not comply.

    That’s the likely original source of all the hate that continues to go on in even the protestant religions as we speak.

    At the end of the Gospel Singing I went to, the preacher of the moment expressed delight that he would be going to heaven and will not give an F in so many other words, his friends who don’t make it will be in hell.

    In the mythical recent Movie “Dracula: the Story Untold’, the anti-hero of the movie, Dracula, makes a deal with the devil for magical powers to protect those he loves, and he is willing to live in an eternity of relative hell, as the trade off for his expression of unconditional sacred love for his loved ones, to save their lives.

    That’s a real Christian, one who would make the mythical deal with the devil for unconditional sacred love, an oxymoron if one wills, too.

    However, not, these so-called Christians who would scoff at their friends in a mythical eternal damnation as such, as in reality in metaphor those folks are Anti-Christ, and if I didn’t place as much importance on loving my so called enemies and staying out of jail, I might want to slap some sense into the dude, and say get real dude, but I just rolled my eyes in the back of my head like a werewolf or beast if one wills, and smiled.

    And no I am not saying I am a werewolf at all for those who MIGHT take my statement here literally, and assert I’m schizophrenic or such nonsense as that, as I have experienced on this site before, over misunderstandings over figurative speak, as such, here, now, that I make and clarify as such, to ATTEMPT to prevent such misunderstandings as this now and in the future, as I enjoy participating here from time to time. 🙂

    As per the empathy gene studied in the Bonobo primate sharing a similar empathy gene and associated empathy related brain structures that other primates with more aggressive patriarchal ways do not share, humans innately without the complexity of current very large cultures in much smaller groups evolved as they are evolved for just 12 thousand years ago, per hunter and gatherer societies like the ones current Bonobos subsist in, are innately altruistic and unconditionally loving and sharing IN social cooperation for survival.

    It is the illusions of culture that take us away from our innate social cognition strengths and puts us more into a mind of mechanical cognition for solving problems over empathy, in other words that systemizing vs.empathizing thingy theory of Simon Baron Cohen, and he is spot on, per the latest science that shows their are two pathways in the brain, one for social cognition per empathy and cognitive empathy strengths and one for mechanical cognition to solve mechanical equations of life that are NOT social cognition laden. Use one pathway and the other is repressed. Continue to use one pathway at the expense of the other, and the one that is not used, per the science of epigenetics and neuroplasticity withers away in negative effect and AFFECT OF THESE COGNITIVE WORKINGS OF THE HUMAN BRAIN.

    Jesus, Buddha, and many other philosophers of old and new, have brought this to the attention of the herd of human beings, and even science now shows that the repression of human emotion is at the core of stress and human illness and disorder.

    So in other words science has finally caught up to Jesus and Buddha. But this stuff is instinctual in our genetic memory, as per science now too, shows, as humans have been doing TAI CHI and primitive ‘Praise’ dance to release emotions that are exercised in the body and expressed as such, in feeling and movement through the vagal nerve that moves from brain to belly, also known in Hindu religions as the Kundalini Serpent.

    All these metaphors of ancient truth of the philosophers of old are finally being evidenced in science.

    Mother Nature true, yes aka GOD, most definitely exists, it’s just all ancient metaphors, and different languages for GOD that are different from the essence of truth that lives in our genetics, and can be brought out through positive epigenetics and neuroplasticity, as the vagal nerve, aka Kundalini Serpent reawakens the emotions through the body, by Yoga or meditation, etc. on the body to escape mechanical cognition of abstract language in the head,

    Additionally, per TAI CHI, or Rave dance, with energy producing electronic music, to simply let the most powerful human emoting force, complex pro-social emotion, free again, fully flowing in all of the body of human being, rising up again, as yes, simply a free social human cooperative animal, that shares and loves unconditionally to subsist and survive, the way it was for tens of thousands of years, before Agriculture and a collective rather than sharing way of illusory life is propagated as such in religion and culture, to change humans from what they innately are.

    Yes, again, as I stated before, through negative epigenetics and neuroplasticity, as those in power subjugate others through fear, and repress and oppress basic human nature per human pro-social emotions, often at core, per human reproductive freedoms, with women and those of minority sexual orientations getting the brunt of the hate related divisive separatist behavior, from that.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


  3. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postx268425-75-0.html

    From what I see in popular culture, and I do not mean what I see on TV or hear about on the Internet, as I have developed the ability in extraversion to really get out there and socially interact with literally thousands of people mostly non-verbally in dance throughout the course of one month:

    In my observance of their overt behaviors, it is women who are winning the battle of the sexes that is as age old as any other conflict ‘by miles’ for only one simple reason.

    They are much more balanced these days in developing both the masculine and feminine elements of their human being.

    Meanwhile, most of the guys are basically walking robots, afraid to break out of line, of their polarized masculine roles, never learning the grace of life in both movement and emoting emotions that truly make a human being both strong in physical strength and emotional resistance to actual disease, as the repression of emotions is known in even science now to be a major contributor to both stress and human illness.

    And in the oldest battle of the sexes in pursing reproductive freedoms, whether it be seeding the herd for men, or choosing ‘wisely’ for women, that battle in the dance halls of life, that I do directly participate still on a weekly basis, is being solidly won by women, as they are objectified more by males than ever, and women are getting a handle on the power of their sex over men, more than ever too, and fighting back solidly with it, overall.

    And when they care not to participate they just gang up and dance with each other, as apparently overt bisexuality is more common among women than ever before, perhaps not to the full degree of actual sexual relations but still very touchy feely with no problem getting intimate on the dance floor.

    Meanwhile guys are playing the same basic gender roles that they have played for the last century of “I gotta be macho and dominate to make my way”.

    Meanwhile, truly, for the most part it is the women that are having their way more and more now, not just on the dance floor, but in the working world and in home life too.

    So perhaps what the world needs more than anything now, is a man’s movement to assert their ability to move out of polarizing gender roles as well, but ha-ha, the culture of homophobia is too entrenched for that ever to happen, except for men who are secure enough in their masculinity to grow as a human being, no matter what the truly weak men try to attempt to do, to hold them back, from being more fully human being.

    I love a strong woman, and hated the old ways of weak submissive women, and love every minute of it, even married now for almost 25 years. Yes, I can appreciate a great challenge still from the sidelines, of again, the greatest battle ever actually participated in, yes, the battle of the sexes.

    And true those women are leading the way to world peace, perhaps eventually, as the conflict between patriarchy and matriarchy/egalitarianism has been cycling in human cultures as long as human artifacts have been around.

    Humans are born to be free, and egalitarianism is the best way currently understood to make that intrinsic instinct a reality for human beings. Even the women in the middle east are getting their taste of freedoms, and it is a powerful thing, that they too, will not likely let go of now, until they too, can exercise the natural masculine elements of their being, greater free.

    And as always it will take a lot longer for men, as sadly they seem to be the much weaker sex when it comes to the will to be brave enough to express their full human being, both masculine and feminine.

    And I was too in my patriarchal upbringing in a red stated repressed oppressed way of polarized gendering culture. But no more, and in expressing my feminine side I have become more of a man than ever before, both in strength and grace and most importantly emotional balance where for metaphor when need be I can cry and kick ass too. 🙂

    Real human power comes from will, grace, emotional balance and most importantly unconditional love.

    Humans innately are evolved to live this way as social cooperative animals that share the similar empathy gene and empathy related brain structures with their cousin primate the bonobo that no other primates share.

    And in observing the primate Bonobo, in the wild they use sex; yes bisexual sex, as a way to avoid violent conflict. This is nature’s way, and humans are still far far away from their nature, as the Kinsey report showed on human sexuality, only 4% of humans are heterosexual only leaning and 96% of the others have some element of both leanings per attraction to both genders, when the truth comes out, and additionally only about a third to half of human beings are actually monogamous at core, which does include members of both genders.

    Culture can mold humans into almost anything against their human nature; history proves that over and over, and in our current cultures too, per example of female genital mutilation, where some women love this truly horrific practice as one to increase their social status.

    People will believe and act on almost anything, if it means social acceptance into whatever social norm is presented to them.

    And that makes perfect sense, as survival for scores of thousands of years, is completely linked to how successfully a person fits in to the social norm of the social group unit.

    Culture and our ability to live less interdependently on others, for our subsistence, allows more people to go against the social norm, and be happier when the social norm goes against their basic human instincts of nature. That is definitely a healthy thing, for those folks brave enough, and free enough to truly exercise their human freedom, in a country that does allow it for a person who truly understands their legal rights as an American Citizen.

    Women better understand and exercise their rights overall, and are moreover taking advantage of them, for their own well being as human beings, in the only game that really counts, survival and reproductive freedoms.

    So yeah, Kudos to women, and men need to pull up their bootstraps, but no, not necessarily in the masculine way, but more in the way of grace and fuller human emotions, the stuff of real human power, that makes us strong both in physical strength, and mental and physical well being in health overall too, over the lifespan.

    All of this is in just my opinion, of course.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


  4. Myrna says:

    Yes the inteconnectednes of all is real. To go further with the thought, consider that we are all one – interbeing. (I’m using Charles Einkenstein’s term.)

    • Hi Myrna.. thanks for stopping by.. and yes.. i do agree with your further thought that we are ALL ONE – inter-being.. that has existed from the point of ALL that exists.. and the illusion that we can gain most unfortunately through our complex languages and cultures is that we are not…

      My intuitive feeling is that this is something that the so called ‘lesser’ animals do not have to spend their life breaking through as they live it as is..:)

  5. I too find the sense of God,in the nterconnectedness of things and in that way, fins quantum mechanics, and string theory in particular, fascinating

    • Hi Audra.. i too do most definitely find quantum mechanics and string theory fascinating.. and even more fascinating to me is that the earliest of recorded philosophers understood the concept of as above so below.. without having our advances of science at their back for helpful hints of this interconnectivity of all THAT IS..

      Smiles.. and hope you continue to have an INTERCONNECTED DAY!..:)

  6. A god responding to prayers is so much better than the tribal god. And what type of connections that create him – maybe believing is enough.

    • Yes.. Bjorn i would rather have people take advantage of the special features of what i understand to be the interdependent relationship of all things..aka GOD2..rather than try to narrow down GOD to three letters… or whatever other confusion that might arise.. from symbols for GOD alone..and belief truly inherently is the most powerful force i know.. acting verb as greatest power with unconditional sacred love.. the true human being way.. unadulterated BY complex language and culture.. AND cooperating.. sharing.. connecting.. true.. to love.. is what i hope..have faith in.. and do BELIEVE!..:)

  7. claudia says:

    you know… i love a god that is personal – that i can talk to – who sees me and holds science in his hands.. smiles

    • YES.. i feel GOD2.. as a personal GOD that lives within me.. outside of me.. above.. so below.. where i comfort in knowing i never now.. can be separated from the FORCE OF GOD.. within me.. that glues me to all i know NOW..:)everywHere i am.. i go.. i am..:)with GOD2..;)

  8. brian miller says:

    a god of interconnectedness….and us coming to the realization that we are all interconnected…it is a leap of our understanding…and how can you not turn toward peace then…when you understand you are only hurting yourself…looks like you had a bit of Thriller fun dancing…

    • So true Brian.. when one gains this being not in just words of unconditional sacred love.. but in actual being=in-light-enlightenment..hurting others becomes out of the intentional question.. and instead one seeks to break down barriers to love unconditionally throughout life.. and throughout history this is the commonality expressed by those who have experienced the leap of conscious awareness of feeling of Unconditional Love.. which is more proof for me.. that Universal Human truth of Unconditional Love does exist.. at least for some.. who walk this planet.. and dedicate their life to bringing others closer to a beautiful Universal truth like this..:)

  9. Gabriella says:

    There are times when we feel more connected to God, and others, than others. Which does mean we should not try to strengthen the connection.

    • Definitely Gabriella.. and while music.. dancing.. nature.. and creative writing.. and the creative arts in general.. strengthens the connection for me.. the combinations that work for others is almost.. if not.. infinite ..in combinations.. through the circle of life…

      And this means.. that i too.. am always on the lookout.. for additional ways to strengthen this connection.. every now of every now.. but in a flowing,, flowering way..as i let it all go.. and the next connection finds me.. in synchronistic flow.. which is a way to me.. that GOD connects to me.. through the signs of life.. in ALL i experience in life.. in creative subconscious brimming awareness of ALL THAT IS…:)in light of me and ALL tHere IS..:)

  10. Mary says:

    I liked your comment that no one said God is fair. So true. And “It is what it is.” Good philosophy. Some things we just have to accept! Interesting series of photos as well.

    • In the traditional bible the verse of JOB teaches this well.. i think.. and when i am ill for five to seven long years.. and reach depths of REAL human hell.. thIS JUST IS.. whether i did anything in this life.. or a potential other life if anything resembling reincarnation does exist..to so-called deserve it..as my mother so simply put it.. when all the illness happened.. it wasn’t why me.. but why not..as my child never experienced anything but intense suffering for his 51 days on earth with never a smile..

      and i reconciled that then.. through nature.. and the fact.. that through evolution the darkness of mutations and illness.. and even horrible things that people do like Adolph Hitler..are all together what makes is is..

      particularly when one attempts to separate themselves from pre-conceived culturally based judgements and sees the full tapestry of life..

      at least then although not fair.. and sometimes horrific beyond human empathic understanding.. it does seem to make sense to me.. as i view what IS..further and further away.. from all that culture has taught me throughout my life..

      It is perhaps the most difficult thing to understand…

      that the metaphorical devil is friend…too….

      and an interesting cultural lesson taught by the metaphors in the new movie Dracula Untold..;)and surprisingly even in the opening video i provide as Adriana Grande.. recently left traditional Catholicism.. for the Kabbalah mystical ways.. after her church openly demonstrated that her gay brother is not part of GOD in his different sexual orientational behavior..

      And interestingly too.. her song above ‘Break Free’.. is a metaphorical visual theatrical version of this with her as a metaphorical seeming devil chained.. and the other devil of traditional fundamentalist religions.. or what what one might metaphorically describe as the true anti-christ is cast down to the pit of hell..per metaphor of traditional Revelation in modern text version of Christianity..and also the real somewhat unfeeling reptiles or the fundamentalist Abrahamic religious leaning folks.. keeping many humans in prison.. across the globe..presented in the video as well…guarded with gun…

      The tree of life..symbol..which attempts to see GOD as science per se.. is displayed through the video.. and at the end.. as the key to the ship of life.. to ascension of human enlightenment in unconditional sacred love…as she escapes the fundamentalist robot ways of reptilian brain.. without FEELING..for ALL..OTHERS TOO.. AND THEIR FREEDOM TRUE!..:)

      Interesting.. how most people think it is all about Adriana Grande flaunting her body.. when she is just ‘saying’ that all of her is holy with all the blessed functions of her body moving through and through housing the spirit in her too.. of all it is..everywHere she too.. goes in life….

      yes.. this too.. can be the most freeing part of what i understand of living and loving with
      GOD unconditionAlly..:)in accepting ALL THAT IS.. as one force.. of ALL THAT IS..:)DIRTY AND CLEAN LAUNDRY ALIKE..;)IT’S CLOTHES OF HOUSING.. OF WHAT IS..:)all that is…..and yes my stripping is truly metaphor for that too..

      although i do not expect most folks to understand that..

      except for folks like Adriana Grande.. who sees the force of God in all much more important.. to spread.. than anyone’s judgement against her freeing behavior.. as is..:)and no it really doesn’t necessarily take a brave person to do that.. as it can become a natural part of life..to withstand the judgement of others.. when one truly does break free.. from the chains of culturally prescribed human being..:)and simply lives with mother nature true.. aka as what i UNDERSTAND AS GOD FULLY TRUE..:)and FREE1TOO!

  11. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Wow, man, your spirituality explodes like a hand grenade in a broom closet, blowing my mind & my socks off. I always like that fact that your voice, poetically, is truly your voice, that bravely, proudly, you share all the aspects & events of your life; sharing both triumph and/or disappointment. Your knowledge of spirituality, world religions, & metaphysics is awesome, mirroring my own; but your is more dynamic. AllThatIs, damn rights. I like the statement, among so many, that most views of God are tribal, like the hubris of nationalism, patriotism, racism, & all the rest; never letting any of us off the hook, reminding us with piledriver prose & wonderful fun imagery & lengthy poetics that live is to be lived, celebrated in the moment, sans fear, exorcising elitism, ignorance masquerading as righteousness. Always gets me pumped up just to visit your site; thanks.

    • And i say Wow.. back as equAlly to you Glenn.. as a kindred spirit is neither kindred age.. gender.. color.. religion.. or nation.. and etc.. but it is what is inside.. our core of soul of spirit flying high with others.. as in metaphor Jonathan LIVINGston Seagull meeting more and MORE of his kind.. IN LIVING COLOR..! on terrestrial plane.. instead..:)

      Poetic speak.. allows us greater emotive power to touch the souls of others.. even in words that have no form of color.. speaking deeper in the sacred vowels of words that do touch hearts.. and minds.. as WELL.. BALANCED..:)

      When reason and empathy form a bond.. with a fearless spirit too.. and the kind of love of Golden Rule.. does result.. there are no limits i know.. of change for the better.. for all who touch the hearts of others….

      and continue to be touched…

      and yes..

      i am touched.. at dVerse truly more than any other online connection i find in life..:) and appreciate all the folks like you who do touch my body.. mind.. heart.. soul.. spirit and beyond.. with yes.. ALLTH@IS!.. as what i ‘see’ are the six parts of human being..true..:)allaSone2!

  12. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postxf269308-0-75.html

    i am impressed by the respectful nature of this discussion on both sides of the God fence.. and it bears out the truth of a study done here in this actual forum by Boston University.. that the actual percentage of atheists here in this forum of study.. is at around 26% as compared to 17% in a so-called equivalent demographic of so-called NT online participants…

    Click to access paper0782.pdf

    But what this thread does prove out as well as the study.. is that people on the so-called higher functioning end of the function do overall at 74 percent have a belief in some kind of potential for a GOD at least..much of that belief comparatively speaking per Christian Percentages in the US general demographic and online demographic.. is alternate beliefs in GOD beyond mainstream traditional Abrahamic religious beliefs…

    And from the scholarly study i have done on the subject of the man Jesus.. per historical man and not mythical version.. is he wasn’t too far off in pantheist views that i see GOD as all that is.. or mother nature true.. and not a construct of human culture that is abstract enough where people can be convinced.. yes even the recipients of it.. that even female genital mutation in some countries is a real cause for FEELING social status…


    And i do think that the GOD of nature.. is more a mystical total equation.. than what science can even imagine at this point.. per just my very small view of life in proof of what a greater power has evidenced in my life.. only in my opinion..of course…
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


  13. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postxf269308-0-75.html

    Yes, I do agree that is impossible as truly the spread of much of Abrahamic traditions have been cored around the tribal instinct of human beings, that is unfortunately one of subjugation, repression, and oppression, of basic human nature, for freedom from the way one walks to the way one chooses to exercise their reproductive freedoms. But that is the price of large human populations where control is a necessity for ‘law and order’, which often is not fair, for all who are concerned.

    Religion is often used as a tool of control to moderate a whole herd of human beings in a society, and it serves its purpose not perfect but well enough for societies of old to continue, in law and order.

    Societies where social welfare is instituted at the political level, no longer rely so much on religious traditions, which have truly faded away in homogenous societies like Scandinavian countries where with greater immigration, and increasingly heterogeneous culture, the balance is changing in cycle, once again, as we speak.

    For the most part religions are used for social cooperation and control, and the world is still such a place politically and economically where religions will be necessary in whole countries and pockets here and there, even in Scandinavian countries, where social welfare brings comfort to the fears of now some ordinary citizens.

    I personally see religion still as a necessary tool, on a global basis, for human survival. And that is key, the human survival part, where religion and survival become one and same.

    But for much smaller so-called primitive cultures, in the 20 most peaceful societies in the world studied as such in cooperation, sharing, and a belief in a unifying force of nature, is most often the natural way seen of humanity in mother nature true, not as adulterated as much by complex religions and culture working together necessary to control large herds of humans only evolved to interact with about 150 to 200 sets of eyes in REAL LIFE.

    My fortune was living and choosing the church environment or the environment of nature on desolate pristine beaches that I wandered and wondered in, for years during my teenage to young adult life, and I a logical oriented person, was not good on what someone else said ‘It was’.

    I had to find proof for myself, so like the American Indian, living close to nature, I found the proof of GOD in the Interdependent relationship of all that IS that I so easily witnessed in hotel-less beaches, with no cars or other foot prints, just the beautiful balance of nature set free, in ecstasy and life and death challenge the way it simply is.

    And then I learned to dance and connect to other human beings non-verbally, that I re-visit greater than ever in my life, now, and what I find is, intellect in the crystalized intelligence sense, complex verbal and cultural way, is highly over-rated, as the greatest under-statement I KNOW NOW, IN WORDS, but truly a necessity to run the huge engines of modern cultures.

    What I know non-verbally exceeds anything I can put into words, and always has.

    But I am not common even here, as a non-verbal child, who stuttered and stammered in life in verbal speech, whose life behind eyes, mouth, and ears, knew much more than I could ever TELL THEN.

    A DISEASE that took away my visual and auditory thinking abilities, is what brings me here, otherwise, I would have never come close to describe IN WORDS, the life of a visually and feeling person and yes, what they (me) SEE(s) of GOD(s). 🙂
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


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