NO thingNESS

Hopper wrote:
Hang on – “all life is suffering”? Not for me it isn’t. Though I’m guessing that’s either simplified, or I’ve misunderstood.

Katiemiafrederick(aghogday) says:

i think it’s ok..

to enjoy FULLY what ya have..:)


even want IT..

or need IT…

It’s just the desire for what ya don’t have that..

can cause..

some discomfort..

i think…

but yes..

that’s just my experience…

And Oh my GOD!..


Life don’t need to BE suffering at all..

In fact ..IT..can BE ALL BLISS..NOW..!

It’s just finding THAT balance…

that can BE…


in my opinion…

That nothingness stuff..

is WAY..

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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