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*!OH!..and a little more on HE ART for ya…!*

My influence will be here long after i am dead…

As i create..

i am not an actor in some one else’s play…

i write my life..

in ALL ways…


NoT letters

or forms…
or words…

The water of the chaliCe is

The chalice holds no water..
‘al one’…





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I like to write.
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1 Response to AL ONE


    starving artist wrote:

    i agree with what you’re saying about heart and mind being equally important–but i don’t think philosofer123 will pay any attention to it. which is a shame, if you ask me, because it sounds like he could learn a lot from you. 🙂

    aghogday wrote:

    Yes i know..but my strength is i never give up..i’m not trying to prove i’m right about anything on this site.

    i’m just trying my help folks be happy..and free as artists..instead of autists..

    It saved my spirit..and connection with what i
    describe as GOD..
    so i cannot help but try…

    but anyway..i flow..i just let it go..

    And with the darkness IS inspiration of yet..greater levels of light…

    This site is my inspiration..unfortunately for the folks who inhabit it..
    FOR the darkness they with He art..instead of heart…

    But if i can inspire them here in i travel to other places to inspire others..
    with greater propensity…toward simple human enlightenment.. that is a plus..

    But i neither have limitation or expectation in life..What WILL be WILL be..

    unless folks develop their

    not that of any other..
    ‘al one’..

    but with that said..
    here’s another copy of an inspiration..a few moments..ago..
    from the darkness..

    i am free!
    and yes! i am a hungry
    with an appetite
    for the FULLEST LIFE..
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!

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