reality IS


babybird wrote:
Reality is chaos.

aghogday (my username on the ‘Wrong Planet’)wrote:

It’s like the stars…

Viewed from earth..

they are random looking in detailed appearance and placement..

but some folks find patterns in angles and connections to fulfill their instinctual need for order and balance in life

…ultimately resulting in myths for meaning..and purpose in life…

But through our complex language..

collective intelligence..

and culture we gain the ability to view the macro existence of the galaxy which is as beautiful and eloquently put together as a nautilus shell..

in full tapestry view…

The human mind is similar..

viewed in detailed points it can appear chaotic as well..

And believing IT as such..

sets a self fulfilling prophecy to make IT as such…

But with time..

and focus..

and belief in one’s self and creative potential to make one’s self balanced and whole..

One can BE like the tapestry of the galaxy viewed AS WHOLE…

There is the potential for tapestry..

and beauty of bliss in life…

for simply being….

like a star..

a galaxy..

or UNI

But to believe is the first step




the vehicle..

the vessel..

that HOLDS


the essence of

This is for you Baby Bird..and for no one else directly here…

If this style of writing irritates you..let me know and i will ‘reform’ it to whatever ‘pleasures’ you…:)

But i suspect that you accept me..

in any way ..

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!

And while i am no longer allowed to post my insights here in highlighted form…
this for you…

as you inspired these words..through nothing more…
than your existence..and honest heartfelt words…
the reality that is

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I like to write.
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