A day in the life of NOW


i look like the guy who is the statue!
Is that a sign..

well i think not..

i’m alive NOw!

But any way.. at least..

hEre’s a toast to Aleister Crowley and do
as thou wilt under SACRED LOVE and Jesus and John Lennon and
Carl Jung for teaching us how GOD speaks to US
through Synchronicity..AND OF COURSE..etc..etc..etc..in due respect of all
the other folks in

the ‘BAND’…


Sometimes it takes a full team to reach TRUER REALITY!


MORE TO say from me on tHis ..in no commercial vested interest at thIs link heRe..for those of  ‘you ‘ sheep’ who care to explore a little deeper in
the rabbIT ‘whole’..wITh the red pIll..and all of th@..’Matrix’ kinda stuff..;)




Google and or Youtube for making full freedom of expression
in tHis
by the Be@les




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6 Responses to A day in the life of NOW

  1. http://www.wrongplanet.net/posts253687-start15.html

    techstepgenr8tion wrote:

    BTW Ann2011 – I kinda hope I didn’t come off too abrasive with that. Didn’t mean to bash the thread, just that there’s a lot of heat and contention between different groups and hence it’s a dicey subject.

    Some people can be seeking all their lives and feel like they’re maybe gaining clarity on what is isn’t and/or getting the general directions to look in but still have miles to go. Other people feel like the ultimate answer can be figured out in five minutes and if their answer is good enough for them it’s good enough for anyone.

    My own opinion is that Platonic theories of ideas, form, and archetypes have a lot to them. My opinion of course to be taken or left as anyone would wish.

    Ann2011 wrote:

    I think I’m the one who is too abrasive.

    I studied a bit of Plato in university. I thought the forms were perfection and don’t actually exist. I might have this wrong though.

    Sorry to be so long replying. Bit of a meltdown over the weekend.

    Stannis wrote:
    Reality is what exists independently of perception or thought. Many people in this thread are referring to, “their” reality. Subjective reality, in this context, is a contradiction in terms.

    So maybe we can never truly know reality?

    aghogday wrote:

    Well, the truth IS we can know much more of reality.

    And well, the truth IS some folks WILL;
    And some folks WILL NOT.

    IT’s really not that complicated..

    REaLity TH@IS

    But the English language does not provide all the tools
    to find TrueR reality.

    But i try to express it any
    way i can to help other folks
    simply be free and happy human beings.

    That too..is not that complicated..
    But OMG! SOME people do WILL to make IT as such..

    That is the saddest illusion of ALL
    REALitY! that I see at least.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


  2. http://www.wrongplanet.net/postp5953804.html#5953804

    aghogday wrote:

    But the English language does not provide all the tools
    to find TrueR reality.

    Ann2011 wrote:

    I think too that sometimes people use language to distort and manipulate reality.

    aghogday wrote:

    Yes! this is true 2.

    And this IS the crux of the problem in finding reality..

    True reality.
    KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

    Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!!!


  3. brian miller says:

    so maybe you will be a statue? smiles.
    interesting the toast to crowley…read mixed things on him…from his acceptance of others to comments just the opposite, using anti semitic slurs with a friend, to refering to woman and morally inferior…in the next breath saying we are all stars, both men and women.

    • Well..wink;)..been tHere done that for a little over 5 years..OH god i do not want to be a heArt made of stone again:)

      And..i’m not much in agreement with Aleister Crowley other than ..his additional emphasis on the golden rule as core to truth..and leaving the dogma out.

      i have the feeling that in his time spent in the repressed house of fundamentalism..in youth.. he rebounded in ACTiON over the top on purpose..to be remembered as notorious yet to provide some insight to folks who were willing to keep an open mind to all of life..not just a part of it..when the stranger truth and folks come to LIFE!

      And if he were alive today..he might be doing ‘Raves’ instead of drugs..as he understood the power and core of music to making the world of human being inspired to go on to the next moment..and many popular artists of the last century took hold of that knowledge and it is reflected in the music today..that resonates the close to 432 hertz chakra of the core of human creativity and libido in this second chakra..as well as other insights on the sounds of life..in chakras or however one might choose to describe this powerful force of sound to spark emotions and actions in human beings.

      But no i’m not sure i would drink a beer with him in a bar..even if i partook of potions that reduce inhibition..;)i no longer have..:)

      And of course .. Google and or youtube is an amazing source of this power stored potentiAlly for centuries to come for the use of the masses to generate additional inspiration for all types of human action in force of NOW!

      Some of tHe more powerful in a potential energy inspiring verse..IS @least an indirect inspiration from the man Aleister Crowley..

      Good or Bad or all the other labels some freely assign to the actions of others..make for medical advice but not good working philosophy to keep one’s heart like a feather..instead of stone.

  4. claudia says:

    smiles… i prefer reality to fiction… and love me a good beatles song…

    • Well..smiles to you 2CLaudia and what i find in my inhibited now is that life fully absorbed..experienced and expressed is a delicious way 2be…

      When i was shut in..and could only sit in my car while my wife freely shopped at Walmart..i used to watch the younger folks full of frown and furrow and the middle aged to older folks casually breezing in and out with a smile of bliss on their faces…

      Appreciation of what IS..IS All i need now..and knownOW i am simply blessed

      heRe finAlly a balanced human being.

      I suppose that can the greatest blessings of growing older..

      Simple human being wisdom of living life in all it’s darkness..lightness..negativity..and moving toward the positive light of balance being.

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